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Final Hours

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You woke up from a knocking sound at your door, "y/n get your ass out of bed, youre going to be late and i WONT wait this time". You sighed and got out of bed, walked to your closet and got dressed. Its halfway your junior year of high school and youre already done. After getting dressed you go to the kitchen to greet your roommate, "hey sasha, good-morning". She sighed and shoved a paper bag into your arms, "i pre-made your lunch, put on your shoes, grab your bag and we'll leave".

You put down the bag and did as she said. "Sasha, whats wrong?", she turned to you, "what?". You were done tying your shoes and looked up to meet her gaze, "youre acting different today". She shrugged, "connie cancelled today's date". You raised an eyebrow, "wait, you were planning on going to the beach right?". She nodded, "yes we were, but he apparently had another appointment".

You grabbed your bag and left your jacket, it was mid summer so a jacket wasnt needed. "Sasha we can ask a few friends to come to the beach with us?", she smiled, "sounds like a good idea". You grabbed your keys and walked to the door, "shall we go?".

You walked out of your apartment and closed the door behind you. You had to walk to school because both of you didnt have a car and it was far away, maybe a 20 minute walk. You wore black men's shorts with a white and black short sleeve flannel, with white sneakers. You also wore a black bucket hat and black round sunglasses. During the walk to school sasha was talking about new recipes she wanted to try during the upcoming vacation, that is in 3 weeks. You were about to enter the school grounds till you felt someone walking beside you, so you turned around to see armin. He smiled, "good morning y/n". You gave a soft smile back, "good morning beach boy". You patted his head, "oh talking about beach- sasha and i wanted to go to the beach after school, want to tag along?". His eyes widened with joy, "yes of course, sounds fun".

After entering the school you parted ways with sasha, because she doesnt follow chemistry, so you walked together with armin. You walked into the classroom and sat at your desk, which you shared with hanji. They are almost 2 years older and they're supposed to be a senior. They had to do this year again because all they did were their own projects and thats why they didnt get any points. Before you could greet them they already gave you a hug, "heyyyyy y/n how are you?". You smiled and pulled yourself out of the hug, "im good, thanks. How are you doing? Done any discoveries lately?". They smiled in joy, happy someone is interested in their work. Doing science projects with hanji is all you could dream of, they're crazy smart and are amazing in explaining. They also know a lot more then those teacher learn you, so thats gives you extra knowledge that could help you.

After the science period you had english, so you said your goodbye to hanji and went to the english classroom. In the hallway you almost bumped into connie. You looked at him, "hey con". He smiled, "hey". You raised an eyebrow, remembering what sasha had said, "why did you cancel your date by the way?". He sighed, "i already told sasha, i have to visit my mom". You smiled, "just make sure to plan a date again". You play fully punched his shoulder and walked away, "see ya around baldie!". He turned around, "IM NOT BALD Y/N".

You walked into the classroom and sat down, next to the window. "Hey y/n", you turned around to see jean standing next to you, "oh hey parma-jean". He frowned, "i told you to stop mixing my name with cheese, faggot". You fake gasped, "and i thought i told you to stop calling me faggot, faggot". He smiled and sat down at his desk, which was in-front of you, and he turned around his chair.

You smiled, "you free today?". He leaned forward, with his elbows on your desk, "are you finally asking me out?". You put your hand on his face and pushed him back, "no, im going to the beach with sasha and armin and we want to ask more people". He sighed, "no i dont think i have time-", you cut him off, "ill ask marco too". He smiled, "you know what, I'll make some time". You rolled your eyes, "jean we both know you have nothing to do outside of school".

Jean turned around in the middle of the english class, "have you seen the new guy?". You raised an eyebrow, "new guy? what grade?". Jean leaned closer so the teacher wont hear us talking, "he's in our grade and is apparently in your class with mathematics". You smiled, "oh so you found a new guy to like?". Jean shook his head, "no, its just that its weird for someone to just transfer schools mid school year".

After english you had lunch break so you walked to 'your' table, with jean, where you sat with armin, eren, mikasa, jean, marco, connie and sasha. Well, usually, because sometimes some people would join or leave. When you arrived you saw armin, eren and mikasa. Eren and mikasa were arguing about something and armin tried to silence them. Jean sat down next to you, "hey yeager, can you shut up? im not even 10 seconds here and im already done with your bullshit". You laughed and punched Jean's shoulder. Eren frowned, "im not happy to see your horse-face either".

You grabbed the paper bag out of your bag and opened it, apparently it was soba. You removed the lid and grabbed the chopsticks that were in the bag too. Sasha would usually make your lunch because she likes cooking, also because you're almost always late. Talking about sasha- "hey armin, where are sasha and connie?". He sighed, "they were here but left just before you two came. They were having an argument about that date they were supposed to have today". You sighed too, "okay, hey mikasa and eren, do you guys want to come to the beach after school today too?". Mikasa immediately said no but eren was still thinking, "does horse-face come too?" You nodded, "well I guess im not going then". You laughed, "you two are so nice for each other".

Jean spoke up, "have you heard of or seen the new guy?". Armin raised an eyebrow, "i didnt hear about a new guy". Mikasa sighed, "you mean the one in our grade?". Jean nodded, "yes, him. Do you know him?". Mikasa nodded, "yes, he's my nephew". After a brief 10 minutes of eating and chatting, you saw sasha and connie approaching. "Hey sas, thanks for the meal", she looked way happier than she was in the morning. "no problemo y/n".

After lunch you walk with sasha to the mathematics classroom. You turned to her, "how did your talk with connie go?". She turned to you, "good, apparently his mom is sick so thats why he has to go. We already decided a new date". You smiled, "good, else I'll break his knees". She gasped, "oh- graphic". You laughed, "too 80's?".

In your math class you're seated in front of the class, next to the door. Sasha on the other hand is seated in the back next to the window. Atleast you could do your homework in silence without sasha breaking it. The teacher walked into the room and a small boy walked next to him, that must be the new guy. "Good-morning class, please all sit down i have to introduce someone new". You have to say he does look like someone who would be mikasa's nephew, black hair and an emotionless expression.

The teacher turned to the short man, "you may introduce yourself". He scanned the classroom, "im levi". Everyone waited for something more but that was it. "Uh, okay. You can sit next to y/n", he pointed at the empty seat next to you, you totally forgot it was empty. He walked over to his new desk and sat down. He looked at you because you were staring at him, "im not surprised you're mikasa's nephew". He raised an eyebrow, "how do you even know that?". You smiled, "she's in my friend group". He rolled his eyes and opened his textbook. You turned away too and started taking notes of the things your teacher explained.

After the bell rang you kicked against the side of his table to get his attention. It worked, he looked disgusted at the fact your feet touched his table, "are you free today?". He raised an eyebrow at your question, "why?". You stood up and put the bag over your shoulder, "im going to the beach with some friends, mikasa's not coming though. But since you're new it might be nice to meet some new people". He stood up too, "I'd rather not", and started walking away. You quickly ran across some tables and stood in-front of him, "go away y/n". You gasped, "wow you remember my name- anyways, i think you should come". He shrugged, "i think the fuck not".

He wanted to walk past you but you put your foot there and pointed your finger at his face, "you're coming". He sighed, "will you leave me alone after it?". You removed your finger and put it on your chin, "maybe". He sighed again, "okay sure-". He could barely finish his sentence and you jumped out of excitement, "okay great, give me your phone", you put out your hand. "What?", you smiled, "i need your phone number to text you the place and time". He sighed once again and handed his unlocked phone, "here". You sat down on your table and exchanged numbers, and handed his phone back. "I'll send a test message", you did and his phone made a ping sound. He frowned, "what the hell? why is your contact name 'your future math teacher' ". You laughed and put away your phone, "because you suck at math, i looked through your notes". He put his phone away too, "you looked through my notes? When?".

You grabbed your bag and pulled out his notebook, "when you were checking your phone i pulled it out of your bag". He wanted to grab it out of your hand but you held it closer, "i was planning on filling it with notes that could help you but if you want it back so bad ill give it back". He brought his hand back and sighed, "you will give it back tomorrow and i swear- if its dirty i will kill you". You laughed, "okay mister cleaner". You stood up, put the notebook back into your bag and left the classroom, going to the next one.

Sasha had apparently waited outside the classroom, "so, already hitting on the new guy?". You laughed, "no no, i wanted to ask him if he wanted to tag along after school, he said he'd come. I got his number too". Sasha gasped, "you got his number that fast? Damn, i could never". You playfully punched her shoulder, "shut up, else i wont buy you ice-cream at the beach". She turned to you with a serious expression, "please, please, please im sorry-". You patted her head, "i was joking sas". She removed your hand from her head, "you cant joke about that!".