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What a Sight to See

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Alpha walks into his quarters to see Cody sitting on his couch. That’s not an unusual sight when the 212th stops by Kamino for new troopers. The rest of it is a bit less usual, but no less welcome. Obi-Wan is on his knees at Cody's feet, naked. The clone’s fingers are running through the Jedi’s hair. Alpha is very pleased by what he sees. They make such a gorgeous picture together like that. And also one he’ll never tire of seeing. 

"Did you have plans for the evening or is this just how you decided to wait for me?" Alpha asks the younger clone.

Sometimes Cody likes to plan surprises for him. Sometimes, the younger clone just wants them to be ready for whatever he might want. It works for them. The glint in Cody’s eyes tells him everything. There is a plan, or at least part of one, for the evening. And it's going to be good. 

"Obi-Wan has a question for you," the younger clone replies, just a hint of a smirk gracing his lips.

An excellent start.

"Does he now?" The older clone rumbles.

Their Jedi goes a very fetching shade of pink. His skin tone means he colors up so nicely for them and so very easily too.

"Will you fuck me?" Obi-Wan asks sweetly.

The day Alpha says no to that is the day he goes marching ahead. He doesn’t say that, though he’d like to think they both know it.

"It would be rude to refuse such a polite request,” he says with a grin instead. 

Cody's next words go right to his cock. 

"It shouldn't take long to make him beg. He hasn't been allowed an orgasm for three days,” the younger clone says, completely nonchalantly. 

The brat has learned excellent self-control, he would have to give him that.

Alpha's eyes rove over the naked Jedi.   

"Have you been misbehaving?" he asks, just a hint of teasing in his tone. 

Obi-Wan blushes harder.  "No." 

Oh. So, it was a choice. That made this even hotter. 

"We both know how much you like it when he's desperate," Cody says, still totally nonchalant. 

Alpha is a lucky bastard, and he knows it. They try so hard to make him feel connected to them, even when they have to spend so much time apart. These stolen nights are nowhere near enough, but his beloveds try so damn hard to make each one count. He loves them, even if he struggles to admit it aloud. He hopes they know that too.

"Look at you, wanting to give me such a sweet gift, mesh'la. Don't worry, I'll make it worth it," Alpha says as he steps close and runs a hand through Obi-Wan's hair himself. 

The redhead leans into the touch.  "I know you will." 

Alpha looks at Cody. The setup is yielding control over to him and he intends to make use of it with both his partners, not just their Jedi.

"Don't take your eyes off us,” he orders sternly. 

The younger clone snorts.  "You say that like it'll be a challenge."

The older clone grins.  "You always did enjoy watching me make someone else fall apart." 

They had realized early on that Cody liked to watch almost as much as he liked to participate.

"This is better though,” Cody says with a fond smile. 

Alpha had to agree. They hadn't really been anything defined or solid before. He hadn't realized how much he wanted them to be something serious until it was offered. He wasn't prone to fanciful thinking but if he were to picture a future...he'd want Cody and Obi-Wan in it. He shakes his head. He needs to focus on the now, not be wistful about the future.

Alpha pulls Obi-Wan up and into a kiss. The redhead is deliciously flushed and breathless when they part. He realizes that Cody is right. Obi-Wan is going to fall apart for him fast. Not that that is going to be a problem. 

"Get on the bed. On your back. We're going to give our Cody a show." 

Obi-Wan shivers at the tone and heads for the bed. Alpha holds out a hand to Cody who takes it and lets himself be pulled off the couch. He pulls the younger clone close and kisses him hard. 

“I'll take care of you after I make a mess of our Jedi,” he promises. 

Cody smiles and steals another kiss. 

"This is about you, not me. I can take care of myself. I'll have no lack of inspiration,” he assures. 

That won’t do. Alpha grabs the back of his neck and squeezes. 

"Don't touch your cock, Cody. Leave it for me," he orders firmly.

Cody shivers. No else makes him feel like this. He doesn't like taking orders in the bedroom...unless it's from Alpha. 

"Yes, Alpha,” he replies.

The older clone knows how precious Cody’s willingness to yield to him like this is. He knows it's not an honor bestowed on anyone else. He values it, and him. 

"Good boy," Alpha purrs as he gives the back of the younger clone’s neck a gentle rub. "Now watch me take our Jedi apart." 

Obi-Wan watches with rapt attention. Cody is so responsive to Alpha. It's so different from any other circumstance that he can't help but be fascinated no matter how many times he sees it. 

That he loves them both is another matter entirely. 

Cody settles back onto the couch, eyes glued to the bed. 

Alpha practically stalks to the waiting Jedi. He trails a finger down Obi-Wan's cock just to watch it twitch. 

"Hmmm. Where to start?" Alpha muses. "Do I bring you off quickly with my mouth, then finger you until you're hard again and begging? Do I use my mouth on that greedy hole until you're desperate and sobbing for more? Do I use my fingers inside you to bring you over the edge and shove my cock into you as you're still shaking from your orgasm?"

Obi-Wan whines, high and needy. All of those things sound good. He simply needs. He doesn’t care what Alpha chooses as long as he does something and soon. 

Alpha looks over at Cody. "Anything you'd like to see?" 

The younger clone smiles. "He falls apart so nicely when you rim him." 

The older clone grins. 

"That he does,” he agrees. 

Obi-Wan shudders at the dark tone. It means lovely things for him. But it also means Alpha is in the mood to play. This was shaping up to be a long night. He is thrilled. 

Alpha lazily runs a hand down Obi-Wan's cock and makes a considering sound. 

"We do have all night. Plenty of time to make you fall apart until you're boneless and babbling,” he muses, almost as if he could sense the Jedi’s thoughts. He pulls back, decision made. "Turn over. Elbows and knees." 

Obi-Wan does as ordered and waits to see what Alpha has decided. He moans and buries his face in his arms as he feels Alpha's tongue brush against his hole. This is something Alpha only does when he intends to take his time and drag multiple orgasms of his partner. The Jedi whines when he feels a smack to his ass. He should have expected it. 

"You know better. Eyes on Cody,” Alpha chides. 

Obi-Wan turns his head and sees Cody whose eyes are locked firmly on Alpha and where the clone's face is buried in his ass. He can’t say he blames the other man for that. 

"Fuck that's a gorgeous sight," Cody says, a little breathless already. 

Obi-Wan shivers as he feels Alpha laugh against his skin. It sends a thrill shooting through him. 

Alpha enthusiastically gets to work, using his tongue to reduce Obi-Wan to a needy, begging mess in very short order.

 "Alpha, please," the redhead begs. "More. Please.” 

The older clone rubs a finger along the rim as he pushes his tongue inside again. The Jedi squirms at the added sensation. It's good, but still not enough. 

"So pretty when you beg," Cody murmurs from across the room. 

Alpha slips a finger in beside his tongue, and the redhead forces out a breath. It's a bit awkward, but worth it for the way Obi-Wan moans and shakes around him as he works the finger in and out. After several teasingly long moments, Alpha replaces his tongue with another finger, pushing them in deep. Obi-Wan whimpers at the sudden added stretch, though he notes the slickness means the clone had gone for the lube at some point without him realizing. He’s so caught up in his thoughts that he lets out a startled high whine when the clone’s fingers find his prostate. Those thick fingers continue to rub at the spot for a few moments before moving back, twisting, making the redhead gasp. Then they were back rubbing at his prostate and making him squirm. 

“Alpha,” Obi-Wan pants as he writhes on the fingers tormenting him. 

“Look at you, so needy for me,” the older clone rumbles. 

Obi-Wan mewls when Alpha slides a third thick finger into him. The clone continues to rub the redhead’s prostate mercilessly until he is sobbing and begging. 

"Please,” he pleads, “I need to come. Please, let me. Please.” 

"Keep looking at Cody. Let him see you come for us, Ob'ika. I want to feel you shake apart around my fingers,” Alpha tells him. 

Cody squirms on the couch. The display has him hard, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Alpha. He resists the urge to touch himself and just watches. His eyes meet Obi-Wan’s. 

The redhead can see how aroused the other is. It heightens his own pleasure even more, knowing he had that effect. 

A sharp twist of Alpha's fingers and Obi-Wan comes with a cry.

The fingers don’t stop, but they do gentle as they draw his orgasm out. 

“Gorgeous,” Cody murmurs. 

“Very,” Alpha agrees as he pulls his fingers out. “Not done yet, Ob’ika.”

Obi-Wan whimpers as he hears the lube open, knowing what it means. A single word and he could stop it. He doesn’t want to, but it's good to know he could if it really was too much. 

“Just relax,” the older clone murmurs as his cock presses into the other man.

The redhead sobs as the thick cock fills him up. He’s sensitive from his orgasm and Alpha presses in all in one thrust and he’s so full. 

"Shhh," Alpha rumbles. "Just take it, mesh'la. Be good. Keep your eyes on Cody. Let him see how overwhelmed you are." 

Obi-Wan keens as Alpha pushes in as deep as he can. It's so much but he wants

Alpha sets a steady pace but carefully avoids Obi-Wan's prostate. He doesn’t want to completely overwhelm him too quickly. The Jedi takes it beautifully.

The redhead mewls softly as the clone fucks his overstimulated body. 

"Such a pretty thing you are, sweetly taking my cock even though you're already sensitive. Don't worry, mesh'la. We aren't anywhere near done,” Alpha tells him. 

Obi-Wan shudders at the promise in the words.

"Come here, Cody," Alpha orders suddenly. 

The Jedi watches as the younger clone closes the distance, curious as to what the older has in mind. 

"Yes?" Cody asks.

"Wrap your hand around his cock. I want my every thrust to fuck his cock into your fist," Alpha explains. "But you aren't to do more than that." 

The younger clone grins and the Jedi whines. The two sources of stimulation will ratchet his arousal higher and higher, but it will be utterly maddening. The whine turns into a whimper as Cody follows instructions. The next powerful thrust from Alpha pushes his cock into Cody's fist. It's enough to heighten his awareness and arousal but not enough in any other way, just as he feared. He squirms, desperate for more of something, anything to give it that extra push he needed.

"None of that," Alpha growls.  "Take what we give you."

Obi-Wan whines pitifully, desperately.

"You know we'll take care of you," Cody reminds gently. 

Obi-Wan feels slightly chastised by that. He takes a shaky breath but nods. He's lost in it all. He's shaking but trying so hard not to move except the way Alpha's thrusts move him. It's good but not enough and he needs. But he doesn’t want to disappoint them. 

Alpha shifts and hits the redhead’s already sensitive prostate hard, making him gasp. The attention is relentless after that and it pushes him over the edge with a keening wail. He shakes as Alpha thrusts a few more times before spilling inside him. 

"Good boy," Alpha rumbles. 

Obi-Wan is trembling and exhausted but the praise warms him.

Cody's hand is in his sweaty hair then and he smiles tiredly at him.

“You’re so good for us, cyare,” the younger clone tells him.

Obi-Wan’s reply is cut off by a whimper as Alpha pulls out. That in turn becomes a mewl a moment later when he feels a thick plug being slipped into him.

"Gotta make sure you stay nice and open so Cody can fuck you later. I haven't gotten to watch that in a while," Alpha says, nearly conversationally.

Obi-Wan and Cody both groan. 

Alpha pats Obi-Wan's ass and tells him to lay on his side near the wall. Then he settles at the head of the bed. 

"Strip for me, Cody,” Alpha orders. 

The younger clone scrambles to do as he was told. 

Alpha and Obi-Wan both watch, appreciating the view as his body is bared to them. 

"Look at him, Ob'ika. Look at how much he enjoyed watching you be good for me," Alpha says as he runs a hand through sweaty red hair. 

Obi-Wan gives a pleased hum in reply. He’s too tired to offer anything more, but he does like what he sees.

Alpha holds out a hand, pulling Cody close when he takes it. It forces the younger clone to straddle his lap.

"Good," Alpha rumbles. "You listened to me very well. I'm proud of you." 

Cody smiles shyly. Alpha tugs him a little closer and kisses him hard. They kiss for several long minutes before Cody starts to squirm. Alpha grins. 

"Did you need something?" He teases. 

The younger clone glares. It's adorable. Alpha kisses him again before nudging the younger clone off his lap. Cody quirks a questioning eyebrow but moves. 

"On your back," Alpha orders. 

Cody moves, curious but trusting.

“Good boy,” the older clone rumbles. 

The younger’s eyes widen in realization as Alpha settles between his spread legs. Still, Cody shouts as Alpha swallows him down to the root in a single move. Knowing it was going to happen and being prepared for it are two different things entirely. 

Obi-Wan shudders at the sudden, sharp jolt of pleasure in the Force around them. It only adds to his slightly hazy, exhausted but content feeling.

“So pretty,” he murmurs softly. “Both of you.” 

Cody smiles at the tired words and he can feel the quirk of Alpha’s lips that says the older clone is doing the same. 

Alpha is good at sucking cock, but he doesn't do it for just anyone. He hadn’t done it for anyone but Cody or Obi-Wan in a long time. He enjoys the way they fall apart for him when he does it. 

“Alpha,” Cody gasps out, writing under the attention.

It feels so good. Between his arousal from watching and the other clone’s talented mouth, he knows he won’t last. 

“Wanna see,” Obi-Wan mutters tiredly. 

Alpha hums his agreement around Cody’s cock. 

With that final push, the younger clone tumbles over the edge. The older clone is enormously pleased by how quickly Cody came apart for him. 

Smug Bastard,” Cody grumbles. 

Alpha laughs.

“Is that news, Kot’ika?” he asks. 

The younger clone snorts and shakes his head. In short order, he finds himself cuddled between Alpha and Obi-Wan.

"Rest for a bit. We aren't done for evening yet!" Alpha tells them after they get settled. 

Both shiver in anticipation.