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Nothing lasts forever

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“You really think it’ll work?” Jin Ling asked as he approached his uncle who was currently drawing an array on the ground with his own blood.


Wei Wuxian didn’t stop as he answered. “Haha of course it will! Do you doubt the great and powerful Yiling patriarch?!”


Jin Ling rolled his eyes at that. “No but...this is just...too unbelievable. I just don’t want to get my hopes up; only for them to get crushed down.”


Wei Wuxian sighed getting his point and he looked up at his nephew for the first time and Jin Ling could see how stressed out the older man was as well. “I know. I’d be lying if I say I’m not nervous either but...I spent ten years to creat this spell back then, remember? There’s practically no loopholes in it. I know It’s too good to be true but if it really works...”


“we’ll be able to revive everyone who died a thousand years ago. Uncle Jiang; Sizhui; Jingyi; Zizhen; Hanguang Jun...everyone.” Jin Ling finished him as he took a step forward towards his uncle who was now standing up; having finished drawing the talisman.


“And even your parents.” Wei Wuxian added with a bitter smile. His plan when he had started to create this spell a thousand years ago; was to revive the people who died at the Great War with vampires and werewolves.
But then; he had though that if he was actually doing it; he could also bring back the people who had died long before then. And so he had created this spell; his only hope that had kept him going all this time.
That he could see his family and his Lan Zhan again.
That...and Jin Ling who had been the only one to survived beside himself; were the only things keeping him insane and to not lose his mind all this time.


Hearing that; Jin Ling swallowed nervously. “You really think it’ll work?” He asked with such hopeful eyes that even despite being sure; Wei Wuxian said he was.


“Yeah. This is the exact place I drew the first part of the talisman and activated it. Now it’s been a thousand years and the spell is ready to be complete. That’ it should work. If I do it now; I’m sure it’ll work!” He said firmly; giving the younger boy an assuring smile.


“Okay; right. I trust you.” Jin Ling smiled back and Wei Wuxian nodded before taking out a knife and cutting his wrist; letting his blood to pour down on the array. It was one of the ingredients needed for the spell. The blood of a werewolf. And since he had been turned into one back then; he was doing it.


He looked at his hand healing soon after he was finished; before he turned his head towards Jin Ling; giving him the knife with a nod and telling him to do his part which was giving the array the blood of a Vampire since he was one now.


“Even after almost a thousand years; this shit is still weird.” Jin Ling muttered; looking at his own hand healing just like Wei Wuxian’s until the only evidence that he’s been hurt was the narrow ray of blood that was still there.


“Well; it did help us survive for the last thousand years by turning us into immortals. So; I’m not complaining~” Wei Wuxian pointed out and Jin Ling rolled his eyes.


“I never said I’m complaining!” He snapped while crossing his arms and making Wei Wuxian chuckle.
He really wasn’t complaining. Being a vampire; even though he had hated it at first when he had been turned into one against his will; was fun. Despite the shitty ‘having to drink blood’ thing; it was actually cool. And as Wei Wuxian said; it was the only reason they had been able to live this long. And...also the only reason they had been able to survive back then.


He looked at Wei Wuxian who was pouring human blood down on the array from the blood bag Jin Ling had given him from his storage as well. Then Jin Ling looked at the man; taking out the ashes of the people who had been dead for a long time and placing them in the middle of the array. Then he added a few more strokes to the thing; his eyes and his hands glowing red with resentful energy as he murmured some words under his breath.


He stood up; going towards Jin Ling when he was finished. “Okay; give me the script.” He said and Jin Ling took out the long script of that the spell Wei Wuxian had created was written on from his pack pack; giving it to the man and watching him nervously as he made his way back to the array.


“Will you be okay?” Jin Ling swallowed nervously as he asked and Wei Wuxian smiled at him. Well; Wei Wuxian had been the only family he’s had for the last thousand years and even though he wouldn’t admit in to the man’s face; he loved him dearly now and would rather die than have anything happen to him.


“Are you doubting your great and cool uncle again? You’re hurting my feelings~” Wei Wuxian pouted and Jin Ling had the very urge to kill him right there even though his tone did assure him a bit.




“It’ll be okay; don’t worry.” He said before murmuring a small ‘probably’ under his breath but before Jin Ling could react; he started the spell; giving the boy no choice than to stare at him nervously and start biting his lower lip as Wei Wuxian’s eyes turned blood red; much redder that he’s ever seen as he kept murmured the words of the spell; moving his hands above the big array and making the blood on the ground to start moving and covering the whole array and the ashes under itself.


This went for another couple of minutes with Wei Wuxian just murmuring words under his breath until suddenly his eyes turned completely black; making Jin Ling to gasp in horror as the array glowed red before a great amount of resentful energy was shot out of it; sending him a few meters backwards.


Wei Wuxian glanced worriedly at his nephew to check if he was okay before continuing the spell. Even he himself was barely holding himself on his feet and keeping himself from passing out with the amount of resentment that was flowing in his body.
But he couldn’t stop. Not now. If he failed; that meant there would be no way for him to ever see the rest of his family and Lan Zhan again when he had waited so long for it to happen.
That though; made him to grit his teeth with a groan as he continued the spell; not caring about the blood that was running down his eyes; nose and ears now. He could even taste the metallic taste of it in his mouth at this point.


Jin Ling stared at his uncle; panicking and biting down on his nails; praying to whatever god for the man to be safe and succeed.


His eyes widened as he saw the array on the ground starting to rise in the air; going upper and upper to the point he could barely see it anymore. Then it exploded and he could feel; see and hear the resentful energy that shot out of it; going into every direction and turning the sky into a blood red color for a few minutes before it disappeared completely.


He was still staring at the sky; his body still as not moving in fear at the feeling that had suddenly spread through his whole body. He couldn’t even bring himself to move until a loud thud got his attention and he looked at his uncle; only to see the man fallen on the ground; coughing and vomiting blood. A LOT!


“UNCLE!” He shouted terrified as he ran to his side; holding the man up in his arm as he kept throwing up before slumping down on Jin Ling’s chest; breathing in gasps and body shaking terribly.


“U-uncle Wei! Uncle Wei w-what happened? Are you okay? A-answer me! Did it work?! What...what happened to you?! D-don’t die. Don’t you dare die; I kill you myself if you die! Uncle what-“


“God Jin Ling can you just shut up for a second? My head hurts!” Wei Wuxian groaned and Jin Ling let out the breath he hadn’t realized he’s been holding as he hugged the man tightly.


“Then don’t scare the shit out of me!” He snapped but not as angry as he had wanted to.


Wei Wuxian chuckled as he took deep breaths; leaning into the embrace and closing his bloodshot eyes for a few minutes.


“D-did it work?” Jin Ling asked with a doubtful voice; making Wei Wuxian to open his eyes and pull away from the embrace slowly to look into his nephew’s eyes who was still supporting his body with his hand.


“It did. I completed it.” He answered with a laugh and on that moment; Jin Ling suddenly felt his tears starting to roll down his eyes as the hope he’s been trying to shut down all this time burst in his body and he hugged his uncle tightly once more; clinging to the man; sobbing and laughing as the other did the same.


“You did? You really did? They’re going to come back to life?! For real?! You’re not kidding, right?”


“No, no! Why the fuck should I be kidding?! It-it really worked! Now we only have to wait till morning for the spell to get spread throughout the whole universe and create a town where our people will be revived in. Then I only have to find it’s location and TADA! We’ll go straight there!” He explained excitingly as he pulled away; looking at Jin Ling who was openly laughing now.


“Yesssss!” The boy cheered and Wei Wuxian laughed before throwing his arms in the air but the sudden impact made him to yelp in pain and shut his eyes tightly.


“UNCLE!” Jin Ling shouted worriedly as he held the man steadily before smacking his head. “Stop moving around so much after almost dying!” He snapped and Wei Wuxian chuckled; the scolding tone of Jin Ling reminding him of his Shijie using the same tone while scolding him when he was being his careless self. His Shijie...who...who he might actually get to see again.


He suddenly burst into tears as the reality of the situation hit him. His family...all of them...all of them were going to be alive again.


“Wei Ying! Shit what’s wrong? Are you in pain? Oh my god what should I-“


“Stop panicking you idiot I’m fine. Just...Just happy.” He said and even though Jin Ling could completely understand why; he still couldn’t help himself from smacking the man once more.


“Ow! Are you trying to smack me to death or something?!”


Another smack. “YES!”


“Ow ow ow; okay okay stop killing me!” Wei Wuxian pouted while covering his head and protecting it from the never ending hits Jin Ling was giving him.


“By the way; You look terrible.” Jin Ling said once he stopped.


Wei Wuxian looked up at him confused. “Huh? What do you mean?” He asked; looking at the younger boy who took out his phone and opened camera before holding the thing in front of Wei Wuxian’s face and making him gasp. He really did look terrible. Blood was covering his face; his eyes were puffy and tears were staining his cheeks; turning the blood that had fallen from his eyes before that to a complete mess. If anyone saw him at that moment; they would absolutely mistake him with a zombie.


“Wow.” Was all he could say as Jin Ling took his phone away; looking at the time.


“It’s two in the morning.” He announced and Wei Wuxian nodded.


“Okay then; let’s go home. It’ll take twelve hours for the spell to take effect and we really need a shower and some rest.” He said and Jin Ling nodded in agreement; he himself feeling completely drained despite just watching and not doing anything.


Wei Wuxian’s legs wobbled the second he stood up and Jin Ling immediately held him to stop him from falling down; supporting his body as they made their way to their home.


“Okay just wear this and cover your face with the hood. We’ll be absolutely screwed if anyone sees you.” Jin Ling said as they reached the building their apartment was in; giving Wei Wuxian his yellow hoodie and the man obeyed; knowing he was right.


Thankfully they didn’t see anyone in the hallways nor the elevator and they let out the breaths they’d been holding when they reached the door to their apartment which was in the third floor and throwing themselves on the sofa the second they got in.


They just laid there for a few minutes; just taking deep breaths and not being able to stop themselves from grinning like maniacs.


“Okay; I’m gonna go take a shower.” Wei Wuxian announced as he stood up; finally feeling like some strength had come back to his body. Another good point about being a werewolf!


“Yeah okay. I’ll be just laying here until you come then.” Jin Ling answered with his eyes closed and Wei Wuxian gave him a ‘Okay’ before walking to the shower; turning it on and letting the water to pour down on his body; making him to close his eyes with a sigh before starting to wash the dirt and the blood off himself.


He filled the bathtub after that; sitting in it and lowering himself into the hot water; letting it to relax his sore muscles; moaning at the good feeling. This spell was literally the hardest thing he’s done ever since destroying the Stygian tiger seal.


He didn’t know how long he’s sat there but when he came out; the water had turned completely cold. He stretched his body before wrapping his fluffy towel around himself and walking out.


He first walked to hall to tell Jin Ling he was finished; only to find the boy already passed out on the sofa and sleeping peacefully. The sight made a smile to appear on Wei Wuxian’s face as he went and brought a blanket from Jin Ling’s room; covering the boy and stroking his hair before walking to his own room.


He really didn’t know what would happen to him if he didn’t have Jin Ling with him all this time. The boy being his only ray of light and giving him the strength to stay alive and not just kill himself after everything that’s happened.
He loved him with his whole life and after living with each other for a thousand years and always sticking to each other; a strong bond had been formed between them. Something stronger than the simple uncle and nephew relationship they had. He even saw the boy as his son and best friend now. Jin Ling would even call him by his birth name without realizing. Just lie he had today when he was worried. Wei Wuxian loved that and he couldn’t even imagine his life without Jin Ling anymore. He would do anything to him. ANYTHING. And even though Jin Ling was still his sassy and bossy self; he knew how much the boy cared about him as well. They were each other’s anchors. Both of them keeping the other sane and stop from losing their minds when things would get too much to handle. And now...


Wei Wuxian smiled before he started brushing his hair which wasn’t as long as before anymore but would still reach his shoulders when he would tie them up in his high ponytail. Not like Jin Ling’s hair which was half Lind and half shaved now. He really couldn’t understand what the younger boy liked about that stupid hair style but he had to admit that it looked cool on him.


He went and looked at the mirror as he tied his hair in loose ponytail; his eyes catching sight of the big bite mark of a wolf on his left shoulder. The bite mark that had turned him into a werewolf. It’s really funny how he had turned into the thing he was afraid of the most. A wolf. It was practically no different than a dog. Just bigger. And scarier. But now; after being one for so long; his fear had also vanished slowly. Something he never thought was possible.


Actually; nothing that has happened were ever considered possible in his mind. Mostly...Lan Zhan’s death. Sometimes; he still couldn’t believe that when he would wake up the next morning; there wouldn’t be a Lan Zhan laying beside him and already looking at him with love in his eyes; stroking Wei Wuxian’s hair and giving him morning kisses while he would giggle happily at the gesture; teasing the other of having staring at him since five in the morning. And Lan Zhan would never deny his words; like it was actually what he’s been doing.


He really had never thought of losing the other and have him die before Wei Wuxian himself. He had always thought he would be the first one to die; given how careless he always was. And even that was never something he thought would happen so soon. Just five years after they had started their life together. Just when he had actually started to believe that he could be happy again.


He sighed and shook his head; trying not to think about that when he was going to find the other just the next morning. After that; he could just pretend that everything that’s happened back then were nothing but a terrible nightmare. He would once again wake up with Lan Zhan laying beside him and giving him the sweet morning kisses Wei Wuxian had missed so much.


That was the only thing in his mind when he changed into his pajamas; climbing on his fluffy bed and falling sleep the second his head hit the pillow.


The next day; he was woken up when he felt a jolt of resentful energy rushing to his body; making him to jump out of the bed and fall on the ground; breathing in gasps as images started passing through his mind. He could see roads and towns passing before his eyes until they stopped in a certain location and he knew in a second that’s where they should be going. That’s were his family were waiting for them. Alive. And breathing once again.


He smiled and almost shrieked in joy before he shot up on his feet; running out of the room to find Jin Ling; only to find the sofa empty. He soon found out the boy was in the shower when he heard the sound of water; running straight there and banging on the door; probably making Jin Ling to shit himself.


“What the actual FUCK?! HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!” Jin Ling shouted as he opened the door; rubbing his head where he had hit it to the wall when Wei Wuxian had started banging on the door madly.


“It WORKED! JIN LING IT WORKED! I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!” Wei Wuxian shouted back; making Jin Ling to completely forget about being mad as he threw the door open; jumping out and grabbing at his uncle’s shoulder before shaking him and repeating the word ‘where?’ Over and over again.


“I don’t exactly know but it showed me a road outside of Alaska. It’s there and We’ll probably find the exact location when we get there.” He explained and Jin Ling jumped in the air before he suddenly stopped; realizing the state he was in. Wet; naked; clinging at Wei Wuxian while jumping up and down.
The older man also seemed to realize that as he burst into laughter at Jin Ling who had turned into a completely red; screaming while running back into the shower and shutting the door.


“You fucking pervert!”


Wei Wuxian still couldn’t stop laughing. “Eh? How am I the pervert one when you’ve been the one running to me naked?!”


“SHUT UP!” Jin Ling shouted; sending the older man into another fit of laughter as he made his way to the kitchen to start making some breakfast. Not the chili type though. He’s had enough of Jin Ling chasing him around the house because of having his tongue burned off be Wei Wuxian’s cooking.


He was doing his job in peace while humming a song under his breath when he was suddenly pulled out of his own word with the loud sound of music bursting in the house and making him jump out of his skin.


“JIN LING! What the FUCK?!” He shouted at his nephew who just came into the kitchen dancing and sitting down behind the table.


“What?! I have the best reason to be happy and dancing around! Be a bit more excited!” It was really weird for Jin Ling to be the one telling him to be more excited when it was always the opposite.


“Well don’t scare the shit out of me. I was...thinking!”


“Abooout?!~” Jin Ling asked in teasing way and Wei Wuxian; knew he was up to no good.


“None of your business!” He tried to ignore Jin Ling giggling with turning his attention back to the pancakes he was making.


“None of my business Huh? Was it about Hanguang Jun? We’re you already thinking about kissing and fucking him the second you see him? Or maybe...”


“OH MY GOD, JIN LING JUST SHUT UP FOR FUCK’S SKAE PLEASE!” Wei Wuxian shouted; completely flushed red. These times; were the only times he would regret of becoming this close to Jin Ling because the boy could practically read his mind and tease him in anyway he wanted now because Wei Wuxian was his best friend! Not just his uncle who he should be careful and mind his words while talking to.


“Eat this shit and go bring the car from the garage.” He said as he placed the plate of pancakes in front of Jin Ling who was now frowning at him.


“Huh? Why meeee?!”


“Because you’re the one who drove into the wall with it last week?” He pointed out with raised eyebrows; making Jin Ling to sigh in defeat while resting his head on the table.


“Okay; you have a point.” He murmured as Wei Wuxian took his own breakfast and sat in front of him.


“I always do. Now eat and go bring it home. The sooner you do; the sooner we can get going.” He said and hearing that; Jin Ling’s head shot up before he literally devoured the pancakes and ran out of the house before Wei Wuxian could even say anything.


“Huh.” He muttered in amusement before taking out his phone which just buzzed; only to see a message from Jin Ling; telling him to pack everything until he came back and to not forget anything.


He laughed at his phone before finishing his breakfast and doing just as Jin Ling told him. He was halfway through the job when Jin Ling came back with the car; immediately starting to help him pack the remaining things; only taking their important and personal stuff. It’s not like they were going to sell this house or anything. They could come back for the rest of their things whenever they wanted to.


It was already midnight when they were finished but both of them knew that they could NOT fall asleep even IF they were tired. Which they weren’t.


So after checking everything one last time; they put everything in the car’s trunk and the back seat and Jin Ling clapped his hands before making his way to the driver’s seat so they could head to Alaska. Which would probably take them at least five days since they were living in the other side of US.


“Uh uh; why are you going in that direction?!” Wei Wuxian stopped him with raising a hand in the air.


“Because I’m gonna drive!”


Wei Wuxian swallowed. “No you’re not.”


“Yes I am.”


“No; you’re not!”


“YES; I am! Why shouldn’t I?!” Jin Ling snapped.


“Because we JUST get this car out of the workshop?!”


“I’ll drive carefulyyyy.” Jin Ling pouted and Wei Wuxian felt like strangling him.


“That’s practically what you say every time! Then you crash into a wall.”


“I’m still gonna drive. You can’t stop me!” He hopped into the driver seat with that; leaving Wei Wuxian to just stare at the empty spot Jin Ling was standing a few seconds ago; his eyes twitching.


“Well; I hope I don’t die in a car accident before getting to see the others again. That would be embarrassing.” He sighed in defeat as he made his way to the car; opened the door and sat on the passenger seat; tying his seat belt and looking at Jin Ling who was starting the car with an evil glint in his eyes.


“Oh god...” he murmured as he closed his eyes and rested his head on his hand.


“Don’t be so dowwwn. Lift up your spirits! Is this how you should feel when going to see the love of your life you’ve lost a thousand years ago?!” Jin Ling teased and Wei Wuxian just shook his head.


“That doesn’t matter if I die before seeing them...”


“Don’t be so negative!” Jin Ling said as he laughed and Wei Wuxian swallowed when the boy pushed the gas pedal and started driving in a speed too fast that it made Wei Wuxian hit the back of his seat screaming.


“JIN LIIIIING SLOW THE FUCK DOOOOWN!” He screamed as his nephew laughed like a madman.


“Stop being so dramatic!” He said as he drove even faster; turning the car left and right to not hit anything as he played some metal music; not caring Wei Wuxian who was tearing his throat apart at this point.




“It’s the middle of the night no one will see us. And if they do; I can easily outrun them.”




“Then pray that we won’t get spotted~” Jin Ling said in excitement and Wei Wuxian almost passed out when he saw him pressing the pedal even more. Yup; this boy will absolutely be the death of him!