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Just Another Transmigration Shenanigans

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Liu Qingge couldn’t help it but be worried. His fated mate was suffering from a fever for days and Liu Qingge was sent outside to gather the rare beasts for the concoction’s ingredients. He was thinking to stay longer to take care of his spouse but then another urgent mission arrived.


So, he was sent out again. There were a sudden influx of urgent missions, somehow.


When he returned, he was greeted by an empty house and no Shen Qingqiu.


Apparently, Shen Qingqiu and his disciples already departed. All hallmasters and senior disciples were sent on missions. He found a few of their martial siblings were examining the entire Qing Jing Peak. Eventually, Mu Qingfang told him that Shen Qingqiu woke up the day after Liu Qingge left for the mission, but he acted differently.


Lan Qinghuan and Xu Qinglian were working on Qing Jing Peak’s defensive arrays and barriers. It turned out that the spies recently tinkered with it. So, Yue Qingyuan sent Shen Qingqiu away to let Lan Qinghuan and Xu Qinglian reset the whole thing and make it stronger than ever.


While Liu Qingge was away, Shen Qingqiu found an odourless incense burner not far from their bamboo house. Thankfully, he immediately alerted Lan Qinghuan and Yu Qingxuan. After that, the other peak lords came over to help capturing the culprits.


Lan Qinghuan found 2 more incense burners around the peak and Yu Qingxuan found several other questionable artefacts in Qing Jing Peak. Eventually, they caught the culprits which were actually their Liu Clan’s enemies.


Yue Qingyuan had the gall to send Shen Qingqiu who just woke up from his fever on a mission a few days later. They knew that Shen Qingqiu promised to deal with the problem before that fever happened. But, Yue Qingyuan didn't have to wait for him to wake up. He could have just sent someone else, instead. 


From the description alone, he speculated that they might deal with skinner demon.  Skinner demons usually targeted pretty people. But, Yue Qingyuan reassured that Shen Qingqiu was strong enough to deal with the demon. And he sent someone else to tail after them, in case things went wrong.


Thus, Liu Qingge tidied up the place for a bit and restocked the kitchen and the firewood. Then, he was alerted that his parents came over to Cang Qiong Mountain Sect and they just arrived in Qiong Ding Peak. He immediately headed to said peak and together, they started interrogating the captured spies.


Shen Qingqiu was his fated mate, and thus technically, he was the only one who could give him an heir. Since Shen Qingqiu married him, he was more targeted whenever he left the sect. Thus, he rarely went down the mountain unless it was necessary.


A few years ago, Liu Qingge noted that his Qingqiu became moodier than he already was and had weird cravings. But, he smelled a bit different. 


At that time, since they didn’t know that he was in an early pregnancy, they let him go down the mountain to accompany his disciples for a simple mission. On the way back to return to their sect, they were ambushed by some pack of demonic beasts, which led to him getting a miscarriage.


They were devastated upon learning about it. 


Then, once they finished with the interrogation, he went over to Bai Zhan Peak and beat up his disciples to pass the time. His parents went to visit Mingyan in her Xian Shu peak. So, they would be occupied for now.


Before all of this happened, he was planning to go into seclusion in Ling Xi caves. He could feel that he was close to breakthrough. He had discussed about it with Shen Qingqiu last month.


Since he still needed to wait for 2 more days until his Qingqiu arrived at their home, Liu Qingge departed to look for some rare beasts to slay as gifts.




When he arrived in the morning, he could already sense his mate had returned home.


Imagine his surprise when he found out that his Qingqiu’s scent was somehow different, once again. Could it be that his mate was pregnant? He needed to confirm it first with Mu Qingfang.




In the bamboo house’s entrance, Liu Qingge was worried when suddenly Shen Qingqiu collapsed. He managed to catch his Qingqiu in time before he injured himself any further. He took his husband’s wrist to check the state of his qi and meridian. His Qingqiu’s qi wavered a bit.


“Liu-shishu? What happened to Shizun?” Ming Fan who just arrived to deliver some breakfast for Shen Qingqiu cried out.


“He suddenly fainted. I am taking him to Qian Cao Peak. Did something happened in his mission? I found a trace of skinner demon’s poison.” He replied.


He hoisted his husband’s body into his arms. One arm under his knees and the other under his shoulders. He tucked Shen Qingqiu’s head into his neck. 


Ming Fan gasped before he spoke up. “Shizun got captured by the skinner demon.”


Liu Qingge narrowed his eyes. “Why he didn’t get himself checked by Mu-shidi?”


“Actually, shizun behaved strangely for a few days. He looked disoriented. He was unwell but he insisted to come.”


“And you didn’t bother to report this to anyone.” Liu Qingge scolded. 


Ming Fan stammered.


“Never mind, just adjust his schedule for the day.”


“Yes, Liu-shishu!” 


Once Shen Qingqiu was safe in his arms, Liu Qingge summoned Cheng Luan and stepped on the sword. In no time, he immediately took off to Qian Cao Peak.



Mu Qingfang was dumbfounded upon seeing Liu Qingge who was carrying Shen Qingqiu in his arms so early in the morning. His peak was kind of busy since they were still treating Liu Qingge's beaten up disciples. Qian Cao Peak disciples made a wide berth for the peak lord to pass through. He schooled his expression.


“What happened to him, Liu-shixiong?” Mu Qingfang grew concerned as he led Liu Qingge further into a special room to treat his fellow peak lords and motioned to the patient bed.


“I just came back and he suddenly fainted.”


Liu Qingge said as he put Shen Qingqiu’s unconscious figure on the patient bed gently. He tucked some strands of hair behind his ear.  


Mu Qingfang immediately started working. He checked his pulse, his meridian etc.


"I noticed that his scent changed. Could it be that he was pregnant again?" Liu Qingge asked while Mu Qingfang was sending his qi to examine Shen Qingqiu's state.


“He is indeed 1 month pregnant. Forgive this shidi for not noticing it way earlier. His symptoms actually showed up a few days ago after he woke up from his fever. This shidi already gave him some concoctions to ameliorate his morning sickness."


"I see."


“There was a trace of poison from a skinner demon in his system, but Liu-shixiong just cleared most of it. Did he say something about his latest mission?” Mu Qingfang asked back.


“I haven’t asked him anything yet. But his disciple said that he was unwell and insisted on coming with them. And he got captured by this skinner demon.”


Mu Qingfang grimaced.


“Anyway, since he is pregnant now. It would be best if he stays in the sect for the time being. We have to be careful with his pregnancy. He shouldn’t get into another miscarriage. This shidi will go now to prepare his concoction.” Mu Qingfang rose to his feet and nodded to Liu Qingge.



As soon as Mu Qingfang was done and left somewhere else to prepare the medicine, Liu Qingge immediately sat at his spouse's bedside.


His plan of going into seclusion was immediately cancelled. It could wait. Right now, taking care of his pregnant fated mate was a priority.


Liu Qingge caressed his sleeping mate’s locks and kissed the top of his head.


'Qingqiu, please wake up soon.'



Shen Qingqiu woke up to find himself in Qian Cao Peak’s patient room. He was still disoriented somehow.


“Qingqiu?!” His brute exclaimed and immediately came into view.


“How are you feeling?” Liu Qingge asked as he helped him to sit up. Liu Qingge fluffed several pillows before letting Shen Qingqiu leaned on them. The room was spinning as his eyes flickered frantically.


“I am dizzy.” Shen Qingqiu said with a grimace. Liu Qingge then hold Shen Qingqiu’s wrist to examine his meridians.


His husband clasped his palm and gave a light squeeze. “Qingqiu, how could you not notice that you are pregnant?”


“Huh? I didn’t even realize it.” Shen Qingqiu raised an eyebrow.


Liu Qingge grimaced. “Anyway, Mu-shidi said that you shouldn’t leave the sect for the time being.”


“I am fine. I could do one mission or two.” Shen Qingqiu turned his face to the side. His eyes searched for his fan, but it was not there at his side.


“It’s not about that. But, we should be careful not to let you get into another miscarriage.” Liu Qingge said as he touched Shen Qingqiu’s chin and turned his face toward him.


“I--” Shen Qingqiu grimaced. “Very well.”


Liu Qingge smiled in relief and kissed him gently on his lips.




It was what greeted Yue Qingyuan and the rest of the other peak lords when they paid a visit to Shen Qingqiu.


Wei Qingwei coughed.


“Qingqiu-shidi! How are you feeling now?” Yue Qingyuan rushed forward, followed by Mu Qingfang.


“This Qingqiu is fine.”


Liu Qingge stood up to let Mu Qingfang sit on the side of the bed. Mu Qingfang then proceeded to examine Shen Qingqiu and gave him the bowl of concoction. Mu Qingfang also took out some honey candies to remove the bitter after-taste for his patient.


Meanwhile, Yue Qingyuan, as always, was hovering in the background.


The rest of their martial siblings entered the room and made themselves comfortable near the middle table. Then, they started talking quietly among themselves.