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The Retreat

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Aubrey's Pov

I see the Bellas bus pull up in front of the main cabin. The doors open and the Bellas slowly file out. I feel my heartbeat quicken as more Bellas get off the bus. I get nervous the second I saw Beca. 

"How'd you find this places anyways Chlo?" she says.

"By yours truly." I say catching the attention of all the girls. They all turn to me wide-eyed.

"Aubrey!" they say. I smile. The girls start running at me with open arms. They engulf me in a hug. I notice two girls standing on the side. Two brunettes. One taller than the other.

"Oh! You must be Emily?" I say pulling away from the hug.

"And you must be Aubrey! Nice to meet you." the tall brunette says smiling. I look over to the smaller brunette. Beca. Of course she stayed back. She was looking down at her shoes.

"Becs." I say quietly and she slowly looked up. She hesitated but eventually made eye contact with me. The took a deep breath.

"Hey Aubrey." Beca said with a small smile. I could tell she's still hurt. I see it in her eyes. I mirror her smile just a little more happier. "How long have you been this close to Barden?"

"2 years now." I say and she just nods. "Anyways. Welcome to the Lodge of Fallen Leaves."

"You run this whole place?" Beca says a little less nervous.

"Yeah! I realised I loved to bark orders. And well.. I made a career out of it." I proudly said. "Which reminds me. FALL IN LINE BELLAS! NO SLOUCHING!" I see some of the girls jump.


"Sorry what are we doing?" Beca says as we finish singing the little mashup. 

"We're rediscovering our sound." Chloe says calmly. I nod.

"Really? 'Cause it feels like we're just singing songs that would never go into our set."

"Beca come on."

"No. None of us know how to beat Das Sound Machine. But I know it's not gonna be by doing this."

"This is just an exercise to find your harmony, Beca. Sometimes you have to break things down before you can build them back up again." I cut in.

"I've got more important things to do!" Beca says the second I stop talking. I see Chloe look offended.

"What could be more important than this?" the redhead says. The rest of the girls go to sit or stand by a bench.

"Nothing. Forget in." 

"No don't you think we haven't realised you've been a little checked out lately?"

"C'mon Becs just tell her." Fat Amy says trying to keep her voice down.

"I heard that. Tell me what." the redhead says eyeing Beca.

"Uhhh you misunderstood me I clearly said 'tum pum caka crush mellar'. Listen I don't want you guys to fight. You Beca and Chloe, together your Bloe. And everyone loves a good blowy." the australian says then walks away.

"Okay. I've been interning at a recording studio and a legit music producer wants to hear my work. Gawd forbid I've got something else going on outside of this group." the small brunette says.

"Okay. Why would you keep that from us."


3rd Person Pov

"Cause you're obsessed! You all are. We're graduating and the only one thinking about life after the Bellas is me." Beca says. Chloe scoffed.

"What's wrong with being focused on the Bellas. This has been my family for seven years."

"Cause you're too scared to leave! Sack up dude."

"Okay so you've been lying to us for the entire year. And now you're gonna flake out. Now you're gonna leave when the Worlds are just after gradua-"

"Oh my gawd enough about the Worlds! I can't- I am outta here." Beca says starting to walk to the bus.

"So you're just gonna leave now?"

"We all have to eventually Chloe! Might as well be now!"

"Uh Bec-" Emily says pointing to a sign.

"If you know what's good for you. You'd follow me." the short brunette turns away from everyone and keeps walking.

"Beca the sign!" Emily says warning her captain. That second, Beca gets lifted off the ground by the bear trap with a shriek. Aubrey looks at Chloe not sure what she should feel about Beca trapped in a net and hanging off a tree. The face she makes is a mixture of surprise and anger trying to cover up a laugh. (idk if that makes sense) Chloe walks towards the rest of the Bellas, who stood close to where Beca hung from, with a smirk.

"Well well well look who needs our help."

"Not cool guys!"

"What's not cool is you taking out your frustrations on us."

"Really that's what you're gonna say to me? Help me! I'm dying! I'm dying." Suddenly the net falls a little causing the small brunette to scream again. Now Chloe became concerned.

"We need to get her down. We need a ladder." Emily says.

"Nah we don't believe in ladders." Aubrey says and the girls look at her with a wtf face. Amy walks up the her and tells her stuff on booby traps.

"Okay. If I'm about to die, I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of the stuff I said. I love all of you awesome nerds. And I love being a Bella. I'm just so stressed- AAAHHHH!" Beca says quickly and the net drops a little again. "Jessica and Ashley I don't actually know which one of you is which."

"I'm Jessica!" the two girls say in unison, then look at eachother confused.

"Don't worry we're gonna get you down" Chloe says then starts to tell where the Bellas to go. The net drop yet again but this time Beca falls all the way to the ground. Luckily, Beca falls on top of Amy (well unluckily for the australian), breaking her fall.


Beca's Pov

I lay on the ground ingesting what just happened. I tried to stand up but felt a small pain in my leg so I just sat on the leaves to not make the pain worse. I look to see what's causing the pain and see that my knee is bruised and there are some scratches up and down my legs. Stacie helps me up and guides me to the bench. 

"Hey. You okay?" she asks whilst handing me a bottle of water.

"I'm still alive. So yeah I'm fine." I said then drank water until the bottle was half empty. I see Aubrey come from a cabin with a first aid kit. Once she got to where I sat and opened the kit. She examined me checking for any severe injuries.

"Does anything hurt?" she asks. I simply shake my head no. "Hmm. C'mon let's rinse off those cuts with clean water. Then put some bandaids on them." I nod my head and follow Aubrey to a bathroom. As I pour water over the cuts, Aubrey gets out some bandaids and a white bottle. I dry off my legs and sit on the counter.

"What's the bottle for?" I say going to grab it. Rubbing Alcohol. The label read. "Noooo." 

"It's to disinfect the cuts Becs. I have to put a little on." I whined again. "It won't hurt that bad." she takes the bottle from me and opens it. She pours a little into a cup and dips a small towel in it. She dabs the towel onto the cuts. I grip the edge of the counter top because the sting.

"Jesus fucking shit." I mutter. Aubrey pulls the towel away from my leg. She eyes my hands then then makes eye contact with me.

"Want me to hold your hand?" she says holding up her left hand.

"I'm gonna break your hand Posen."

"I'll be right back then." She leave the room for a minute then comes back with something in her hand. "Here." She gives me a squishy thing. I look up at her with a raised eyebrow. "It's a stress ball. You won't be able to break it." She goes back to crouching on the floor. She resumes to dab the towel on the cuts. I gotta say this ball is addicting.

"Earth to Beca?" Aubrey says snapping her fingers near my ear. I got so distracted by the ball that I didn't notice Aubrey was done. I look at the bandages on my legs then look to Aubrey. 

"Sorry. Thanks." I hop off the counter and walk to where the Bellas sat, by the campfire. "Oh wait! Here." I hold out the stress ball for Aubrey to get it.

"Just keep it. I've got plenty." she said. "Tell the girls I'm getting marshmallows and hot chocolate"


"If you would have said something." Chloe says.

"Yeah I know. But I'm weird about that stuff. I thought I could figure it out on my own, but I can't. Maybe I don't have anything original to say." I pause and look at Emily. " I wish I could do what you do."

"Well, I feel the same way about you. Your're so good it's intimidating." she says. "All I ever wanted has to be one of you. Not a legacy but a Bella."

"You are a real Bella." "You are one of us." We say to the freshman.

"Bellas for life dude." I smile at Emily. Then an idea popped into my head. "You wanna collaborate on something?"

"Wha- wait you're being serious?"


"Yeah! Woah oh man. Yes! Who else feels like a winner tonight!?" Emily said happily and a round of cheers comes from the other girls.

"I doesn't seem like but I'm afraid too. To move on. To graduate." Chloe say fiddling with her fingers.

"Actually, yeah it does seem like it. You're barely holding it together." Amy says.

"Well it doesn't have to be scary Chloe. When I was graduating, I never picture myself running a retreat in the middle of the woods but here I am. Take it from someone who's dealt with some serious control issues." Well being controlling is hot. I thought. I look down to hide my smirk. When I look back up, Stacie looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I just smile at her. "Like my dad always said, in the minefield of life you must be prepared to lose both feet."

We went around talking about what we'd doing after graduating.

"Y'know when I look back on this I won't remember performing and competing. I'm gonna remember you weirdos. It makes me sad that it won't ever be like this again. I'm gonna miss you guys."

I've got my ticket for the long way 'round

Chloe start to sing. The cup song, we've decided to call it. The song I sang to audition for the Bellas.

Two bottle whiskey for the way

I joined to harmonized with the redhead. Then the rest of the Bellas started to sing along too.

And I sure would like some sweet company
And I'm leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?
When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You're gonna miss me by my here
You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone


We stop singing. I look around to smile at all the Bellas, stopping at Chloe. I look over to Aubrey and smile too.

"Did we just find our sound?" I say quietly.

"I think we did." Chloe says.

"My work here is done." Aubrey said and Chloe thanks here.


The Bellas are getting ready to sleep. I had already gotten ready. I sit on the dock looking out to the lake with the stress ball in my hands. There is little family of ducks swimming by, quacking a little.

"Hey you okay?" someone says sitting beside me. I turn my head to see that it's Stacie.

"Yeah I'm fine." I say kicking my feet a little.

"What are you holding?"

"A stress ball thing. Aubrey gave it to me to distract me while she put rubbing alcohol on the cuts earlier." Stacie just nods.

"Still not over her huh?" I just shrug.

"She's been close to barden for 2 years. We would have given it a shot you know." Stacie rubs my back to console me. 

"You coming to the tent?" she says standing up.

"I'm just gonna grab my guitar and come back here." I stand up. Stacie and I walk back to the tent. I switch the stress ball for my guitar and notebook. "G'night Stace."

"Good night Becs. See you in the morning." Stacie said then entered the tent.


3rd Person Pov 

As soon as Stacie got in the tent the girls looked at her.

"Where's Beca?" Emily asked the older brunette.

"She'll come in later. She's chilling on the dock by the lake." Stacie simply responded.

"Should I tell Aubrey to talk to her?" Chloe asked and Stacie nodded. Emily looked between all the Bellas with a confused look. Stacie and Chloe saw this and told the freshman what she didn't know.

"And they broke it off before Aubrey left. A mutual decision. Beca's a little upset that Aubrey was pretty close to Barden for the past two years." Stacie said. Emily nods showing that she understands.


Beca sat on the dock once again but now with her guitar and notebook that lay beside her. She looked out to the lake seeing the group of ducks floating in the middle. The brunette didn't actually know what to do with her guitar. After playing some notes, she started to make up an instrumental for a song she wrote.


Aubrey was getting ready for bed when she heard her phone ding.

C- Beca's on the dock. Talk to her.

The blonde contemplated on going. She sighed. Aubrey grabbed her jacket and left her cabin. She walked towards the dock careful not to step on any of the bear traps. Getting closer to the brunette she heard a guitar being played and lyrics being sung. Aubrey didn't recognize the song.

I used to believe
We were burning on the edge of something beautiful
Something beautiful
Selling a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
On a miracle

Aubrey stepped onto the wooden planks that made the dock. The wood had made a squeak sound. Beca had heard it. She stopped what she was doing and turned around.

"Oh hey Aubrey." the brunette said and turned back around. She looked up at the stars.

"I'm surprised you didn't fall into another trap." Aubrey jokingly said as she sat down beside the younger girl. 

"Very funny Posen. Why are you here anyways?"

"To look at the stars and ducks." the blonde said looking to the night sky. Beca just nodded. She moved to rest her head on the older woman's shoulder.

"I missed you y'know."

"I missed you too Mitchell." There was a long pause.

"Why didn't you tell me you were this close to Barden?" the brunette asks.

"I don't know Becs. I guess I was scared that if I told you, you wouldn't give me another chance. That you already moved on." Both girls fell silent.

"So what now?" Beca plucks a few strings on her guitar.

"I can't now." Aubrey sighs. Beca froze. The brunette looked at the other girl confused. "I'm scared to try again. Once you graduate, you'll probably go to LA. Go pursue you music talents. Then leave me here... alone." 

"Then we try the long distance thing  now. I can drive here every weekend. When school's over you have me until I figure out what I'm gonna do."

"What do you mean 'figure out'?"

"If all goes well with Residential Heat, they'll send me off somewhere. I don't want to be separated from you and the Bellas." Beca said quietly.

"I'm sorry but not now. I'm not ready." Aubrey says tears filling her eyes. Beca just looked back up to the stars trying to contain the tears threatening to leave her eyes. "Good night Beca." Aubrey got up and walked back to her cabin. The blonde still loved Beca. She splashed water on her face so she didn't have the urge to cry.

Beca on the other hand had let the tears flow. The brunette wanted to go back to the tent. But she didn't. Beca had gotten too tired to get up. She had fallen asleep on the dock.

Stacie woke up the next morning noticing an empty spot in the tent. Maybe Beca got up early and went back to the dock. She thought. The tall brunette got out the tent and walked to the dock. Once she got there, she saw her friend passed out on the wooden platform. Stacie went to pick her stuff up and went to place back by the tent. 

Getting back to where Beca lay, she chuckled and picked the small brunette up bridal style. Stacie unlocked the Bella bus and layed Beca down in one of the rows of seats. Stacie took some of her belongings and some of Beca's and put it in the bus. Stacie checked the time on her phone. 8:26. The Bellas were leaving at 9. Stacie decided to put the rest of the girls' things into the bus. When finished, she sat by the unlit campfire. She decided to let the girls sleep for a little more.

Chloe woke up sleepily and got out the tent and noticed that all the luggage was gone.

"I put all of the stuff into the bus already." Stacie said reading the redheads mind. Chloe just nodded. Chloe walked up to her girlfriend and put her arms around her, making the brunette do the same. "I found Beca passed out on the dock this morning." 

"Is she okay?" a small giggle feel out of Chloe's mouth.

"I hope so. I put her on the bus. She's probably still sleeping." Stacie kissed the top of Chloe head. Go sit down while I wake the other girls up."

Aubrey walked out her cabin to see most of the Bellas sitting and having quiet conversations. Stacie and Emily were taking the tent down.

"Good morning ladies. How was your sleep?" the blonde asked. A chorus of goods and fines could barely be heard.

Beca woke up and noticed she wasn't of the dock anymore. She stood up and stretched her arms and legs. Walking out the bus, she saw that the tent had been taken down and the Bellas sipping from travel cups.

"Here's your coffee Becs." Stacie said as Beca sat down beside her. 

"Thank you. How'd I get on the bus?" Beca said a took a sip of the warm beverage. 

"I carried you there. You were sleeping on the dock." Beca laughed a little.

"Gawd that's embarrassing."

After saying their goodbyes to Aubrey the Bellas were back on the road to Barden.