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all the things i wish you hadn't done

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with every step he took, nazuna could practically hear his heart beating frantically in his chest. he walked with feigned poise, taking a slow and steady walk to his destination.

maybe if i’m any slower, oshi-san will catch up and refuse to let me go alone-

or so he liked to think. he’d prolonged his steps as much as he could whilst remaining dignified - at this stage, nazuna knew he was truly alone. he frowned to himself, but tried to remain composed regardless. out of all of the situations where being collected was important, this was a necessity.

reaching the door, he bit back a sigh. nazuna lifted up his hand, balling it into a fist before knocking once, twice. 

there was a brief silence as he waited. seriously, you called me here so why are you making me wait? he rolled his eyes, only stopping when footsteps on the other side of the door became audible to him finally. the door swung open.

“nito-kun, you came.” a wry smile, “i’m surprised itsuki-kun let you out of his sight.” as expected of a member of fine, tenshouin eichi looked as ethereal as ever. his heavenly glow had nazuna shrinking back instinctively, although a part of him couldn’t help but joke with himself - maybe he looks like that because he’s on the verge of death? maybe he’d taken on shu’s pessimistic attitude a little too much.

he gave eichi a nod, allowing the taller boy to lead him properly into the student council room. when eichi locked the door behind them, nazuna didn’t think too much of it. 

“come, sit, sit.” eichi took his seat at the usual head of the student council desk, waving his hand in the direction of the chair on the other side of the desk. nazuna complied, sitting down and facing eichi. 

it was an uncomfortable situation, all things considered. it was only a few minutes ago that shu had turned to him with a grimace, spitting out in no uncertain terms that “tenshouin eichi, that bastard, requested you meet with him.” it had taken a while for shu to let him go (with mika having to literally hold him back at the end of it) but here he was now. he wasn’t sure how he looked in eichi’s eyes, but he truly did not want to be here.

he waited with baited breath as eichi rested his hands upon his chin, elbows situated on the table as he leaned closer to nazuna, “you seem so terrified nito-kun.” he chuckled, humor not reaching nazuna’s heart at all, “relax. we’re both idols here, aren’t we?” 

that’s even more reason to be suspicious! eichi had yet to give him a reason as to why he alone was called here, but he doubted it being for any good reason. as it stood, fine were tied at the top of the school with valkyrie, the two groups holding their own when it came to group performances, stable fanbase and theme secured. shu wasn’t the type to entertain other groups though, critical of fine and their lack of what he described as 'fine art' in comparison to the vision he manifested into valkyrie’s performances. in return, he had barely given much thought to tenshouin eichi other than the fact something about him put nazuna off...but he couldn’t pinpoint what that was.

he nodded. eichi continued.

“that’s good to hear. you’re so sheltered by itsuki-kun that i was beginning to wonder if that’s simply a fate you’ve wholly resigned yourself too.” eichi grinned, “i wonder if that is the case...if you truly are happy being a member of valkyrie, nito-kun.” 

that was a question he asked himself too. 

he didn’t give any indication of a response, simply meeting eichi’s mischievous blues with his own empty red eyes. 

“i suppose your life has been so intricately molded around being a marionette that it wouldn’t matter regardless…” the words were mumbled under his breath, although loud enough for nazuna to hear. he stayed silent, trying not to let what he took as hostility get to him too much. he supposed if shu hardly had anything nice to say about fine, eichi wouldn’t have much kindness in his heart towards valkyrie either.

eichi seemed to think to himself for a moment, before settling on the question “do you like idols, nito-kun?” 

he nodded without thinking too much about it. it was the sort of thing he had to enjoy if he was at a place like yumenosaki, he figured. eichi looked pleased with his answer, nodding with his own agreement, “that’s good to hear. i like idols too, love them with every fibre of my being even. the ones that are passionate about their craft are the best kind. i can feel myself experiencing their vision, that sort of thing.” as he spoke again, nazuna didn’t miss the bittersweet smile on eichi’s expression, coldness of his tone only increasing the awkward tension between them both.

"valkyrie's leader is one of those idols, isn't he? explains why you're seated so prettily at the top of yumenosaki, doesn't it." he nodded slowly, watching the way eichi's gaze narrowed. 

“the five eccentrics, the oddballs, whatever you wish to label them as - they’re a thorn in my side, to put it simply. i’m sure you’ve heard the whispers at yumenosaki about them, haven’t you? all of the other students who have been put off the idol experience because of them, knowing they can never achieve one fraction of what the oddballs could in just one performance in their entire lives.”

of course he’d heard the whispers, the jeers, the comments spat out between students as he walked the hallways beside shu. some people glared at them, others stared in awe. people who did the former were mere humans for him and mika not to associate with or give the time of day. “they don’t appreciate art for what it is. you have no need to pay them any heed, lest you wish to waste the precious time i have given you.”

he’d learned to ignore it, simple as. he was supposed to be worth more than them, in shu’s eyes, of course they wouldn’t understand the sophistication that was valkyrie’s existence. nazuna...didn’t entirely understand either at times, if he was being honest. 

“that’s precisely the reason i wanted to talk to you, you see.” eichi’s blue eyes were seemingly glaring directly into his soul, grinning devilishly as he spoke, “i plan to rid yumenosaki of the myths created by the existence of the five oddballs, and i’m sure you know what that means, don’t you?” 

nazuna had started involuntarily bouncing his left leg against the carpet of the council room, an action he believed shu had trained out of him. eichi knew the shorter blonde wasn’t able to respond verbally, yet both of them were aware of the tension rising in the room. of course nazuna knew what getting rid of the five oddballs meant. 

shu…oshi-san would be...

realising nazuna had figured it out, eichi’s smile only widened, “mhm ~ as expected of itsuki-kun’s doll, you are rather smart.” the words were only meant to antagonise him, nazuna not even bothering to hide his pointed glare in response. eichi seemed pleased being able to draw out some sort of humanistic response from nazuna at least.

“it’s quite a pity, you know. i find myself enjoying their performances and their talents...but isn’t it too much? normal people like me, or perhaps you, nito-kun, how do we thrive in an industry with people like that?” 

he narrowed his eyes, somewhat sceptical of eichi placing himself at the same level as their other schoolmates. most of them had practically given up on being idols or producers the moment they entered yumenosaki anyway, hadn’t they?

“a normal person could never surpass an oddball, even in they were to put in all of their effort. mm, it’s unfair. of course, life is never fair...but i digress.” he glanced to the side as he said that, the words spat out bitterly before his eyes locked onto nazuna again, almost as if that moment hadn’t just occurred, “i’m rather fond of idols, you know? i’m all for a saturated industry but with people like the oddballs preventing people from even trying to pursue their dreams…”

eichi trailed off, although nazuna already knew exactly what he was getting at. 

“i’m sure you understand then why their existence must be wiped from yumenosaki. for the idol industry to continue flourishing, for everyday people to keep dreaming about a future they ought to be able to obtain. it’s only right. they must be dismantled, nito-kun.” he felt somewhat sick the more he talked about the oddballs, talking about them so cruelly. aren’t they just normal teenage boys like us? he wanted to say that, do something to get that sentiment across but eichi seemed like an impenetrable wall to him. he was clearly dead set on his plan already.

“as for what that means for the state of valkyrie...well, i suppose i don’t need to spell it out for you.” a sigh, fake pity evident in his expression, “i wonder if another group would take you and that eyesore of a first year in?” he clenched his fists, knuckles going white the moment he brought mika into it. 

he didn’t want to hear anymore of this. 

to hell with being respectful nazuna thought to himself, making a point to glare at eichi as he stood up from his chair. he didn’t bother to push it back in, turning on his heels quickly and harshly. eichi didn’t say a word. nazuna crossed the room, getting to the door and turning the knob-

eichi laughed. he'd forgotten that the door was locked.

"did you think i'd let you leave that easily, nito-kun?" the sound of the student council chair being pushed in, footsteps becoming terrifyingly louder to him as they got closer and closer, "we're still in the middle of discussion."

nazuna had little to no time to react as he tried to turn around. eichi did the work for him, grip tight as he held onto his shoulder, turning him to face him before forcing the valkyrie member's back against the door. he brought his hands up to rest on either side of nazuna's head, trapping him uncomfortably between eichi's body in a kabedon-like position.

being made to stare eichi directly in the face like this, nazuna quickly realised he had to maintain his composure as best he could. whatever eichi was planning couldn't have been good, but valkyrie was where he belonged...or so he’d been told, anyway. 

he had to protect it. for shu and mika's sakes.

nazuna met eichi's gaze, suppressing the urge to shudder at the latter's change of expression. whilst his smile remained, the angelic pretense had been dropped. eichi's expression reminded him a lot of the bullies he encountered as a kid - their malicious, prideful grins as they trapped and trampled over his beloved toys was being mirrored right before his eyes. ironically enough, he couldn't say this side of tenshouin eichi was unexpected.

“who would’ve thought someone like you lacked manners?” eichi spoke, face too close to nazuna’s own for comfort, “i suppose i can’t be too surprised, itsuki shu is a rather foul-mouthed person on his own. of course he transferred that over to you, his doll.” 

the other boy had repeated that a few times by now. nazuna knew well he was nothing more than shu’s marionette, a doll to be positioned and play the part of perfection when oshi-san called for it. he knew that, yet the way eichi seemed to be reminding him of this fact had him even more on guard than before. did he really call him here just to berate him? 

eichi’s gaze narrowed, seemingly studying what little he could gleam from nazuna’s expression before letting out a muted chuckle. he hardly had time to question what exactly the fine member found funny before eichi’s face was getting closer to his, closer and closer until-

the feeling of lips on his felt foreign. eichi’s lips were slightly chapped, a little rough against his own. the action was forced, hungry in nature. nazuna stood frozen in place for a moment, brain not quite comprehending what was happening until a few seconds had passed. eichi was still kissing him.  it wasn’t a feeling nazuna could say he enjoyed, not wanted. 

he pulled away from the kiss, forcing up all of his strength to shrug his way out of eichi’s grasp. the cuffs of his blazer were on his lips in an instant, attempting to rub away any trace of eichi as he stared up at the taller blonde - nazuna didn’t bother to hide his appalled expression, face contorting into clear displeasure and shock. 

eichi’s expression hadn’t changed– no, that wasn’t quite right to say. not once had the future tenshouin head’s smile wavered, but for the first time, nazuna was able to pinpoint the sheer malevolence in that expression. 

“what’s wrong nito-kun? are my lips not up to your standards?” he paused before he asked his next question, leaning in to whisper in nazuna’s ear, “or is itsuki-kun just that good at kissing you?”

he flinched, visibly enough for eichi to catch it. 

he didn’t stop to think for a moment anyone else knew about his relationship with shu...if you could even call it that. the maintenance sessions away from mika’s curious eyes, the repeating evenings of shu sheathed deep inside of him, pummelling away through the blonde’s pathetic whimpers and moans, nazuna’s face covered in tears and snot that he couldn’t hide because every part of you is beautiful, even your ugly vulnerabilities, nito, my nito! 

his eyes met eichi’s again, horrified at the knowledge that eichi possibly knew that there was more to him and shu that met the eye, and the implication that if eichi could guess...who else suspected something was going on? 

one of the hands beside his head drifted to his hair, eichi using nazuna’s moment of distress to touch the boy. he ran a hand through blonde hair, letting strands curl between his fingertips. “that’s it. it’s that expression i’ve so longed to see on you, nito-kun.” nazuna could only stand paralysed in a mixture of terror and confusion. 

“you know,” he started, “in my mission to rid of the oddballs, i plan to start with the only other unit in fine’s league right now. itsuki-kun is the first person i’ve got to expel from the stage if i want to progress any further.” 

he’d gleamed as such. what he didn’t expect was the next thing eichi murmured in his ear as he continued.

“but we both know itsuki-kun’s impossible to properly put down. he won’t listen to reason, especially if it’s coming from a normal person like me.” a low hum, “that’s why i called you here. you will be my tool to itsuki shu’s, and effectively, valkyrie’s demise.” he shuddered, eichi’s breath warm on his skin.

“if i want to ruin itsuki-kun’s masterpiece, i just need to ruin the core of that masterpiece, aren’t i correct?” eichi’s face was moving closer to his again, nazuna having nowhere to run, “i need to ruin his perfect marionette, you, nito-kun.” 

the words had nazuna trembling at how predatory eichi both looked and sounded, looming over him with a smile too animalistic for someone in a group as elegant as fine. 

“s...s-stop.” he managed to mumble out, voice shaky and uncertain from how little he truly used it. hearing nazuna’s voice only seemed to spur eichi on further, chuckling low and wolfishly in his ear. the hand in his hair moved to sit on nazuna’s shoulder, grip strong.

“fufu, aren’t you adorable.” eichi smiled, “i don’t think you realise the position you’re in right now, nito-kun.” 

he didn’t. his brain was still having trouble processing the situation at hand in the first place, the student council room quickly becoming suffocating for him. how desperately he yearned to get out of here, run back to the safety of shu’s scolding remarks and mika’s blissfully innocent comments. 

nevertheless, he was here. eichi had him pinned against the door, nazuna being too afraid to properly move. 

“i’ll say it again. i’m going to ruin you, nito-kun. i’m going to make it especially clear to itsuki shu and the other oddballs that their time in the spotlight is over, and that begins with breaking you. do you understand me?” it wasn’t a question as much as a command, spat cruelly into his ear. he shivered, never having been spoken to in such a directly cold way in his life. 

nazuna tried to bring his arms up to push eichi away, but was stopped as eichi let out a laugh. it was a loud laugh, one that he didn’t even attempt to hide the ridiculing laced in it. 

“i’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. the door is locked, remember? you can’t get out of this room even if you tried, nito-kun.” he jeered. nazuna knew that, he knew he didn’t have the strength to break the door down but maybe if he banged on it with enough urgency then maybe-!

eichi had already figured out his train of thought, however. “trying to alert help won’t do you any good either. you already know as well as i do that nobody comes to the student council room if they can help it. i’ve shooed away keito, tsumugi and even isara-kun for the time being so absolutely no one interrupts this precious time i have with you.” 

without realising, tears had started welling up in his eyes, the danger of the situation he was in finally beginning to dawn on him. 

“i wonder if anyone would come to save someone like you regardless. after are nothing but a marionette, aren’t i right?” eichi continued, voice low as his whispers filled up nazuna’s ears, “a simple doll who can’t do anything without his precious oshi-san giving him orders, do you truly think you’re worth the effort, nito-kun?” 

he cursed the fact his initial thought was total agreement with what eichi was telling him. nazuna was already acutely aware that in the eyes of his fellow classmates and fans, he was nothing more than a beautiful doll with no free-will of his own, hardly able to properly communicate with anyone as the words were lost in his throat. i don’t want to be here anymore though! that also rang true in his mind, the shorter blonde about to open his mouth and try to muster further pleas to escape.

eichi’s thumb wiping away his tears was enough to stop him thinking about it any further.

“don’t make me do anything unnecessary, nito-kun.” his words delivered with a mixture of faux gentleness and pure vitriol, “right now, it is just you and i in this room together. alone. no one is coming to save you. the only people who know you’re here would never even consider stepping foot in this room, let alone checking up on you in here. give it up, doll.

as he ended his sentence, eichi moved back to capture nazuna’s lips in his own once again. the feeling wasn’t any more pleasant than the last time, except he couldn’t find the will in himself to push eichi away. nazuna simply stood still as a board, not moving even when the fine member’s hands drifted to grip his shoulders tightly. 

a particularly hard pinch to his skin brought a muted hiss out of nazuna, allowing eichi to force his tongue to invade the other boy’s mouth. eichi moaned into the deepened kiss, the sound only increasing the building discomfort in his stomach. it reminded him of the noises shu would make, tears welling up again. nazuna felt even more powerless in this situation than he ever had during maintenance - even now, he hadn’t a clue what eichi was planning on doing to him other than ‘ruining him.

the kiss felt as if it lasted minutes, hours even to him. eichi only pulled away when he needed to breathe, his own cheeks flushed and lips upturned into a satisfied smile. “you’re as easy as i thought you’d be.” he mocked. nazuna averted his gaze, not needing to be told something so obvious. 

he kept his eyes trained on the floor as eichi pulled his blazer off his shoulders, unbuttoning his sweater with relative ease. as his clothing was dropped to the floor without a care, leaving his top half in only his school shirt. one of eichi’s hands dipped beneath the bottom of his shirt, taking the opportunity to touch the skin nazuna typically hid from the rest of the world. his touch was warm on nazuna’s skin, tracing his side with deriding carefulness before reaching the shorter boy’s chest.

nazuna let out an involuntary gasp at the sudden touch - eichi’s thumb had rubbed across his right nipple, chuckling low at the reaction he was able to elicit. he continued to circle his fingers around his areola, watching the mixture of emotions flooding the valkyrie member’s eyes. nazuna couldn’t say he felt good, not at all, trying to distract himself by imagining he was anywhere, anywhere but in his current situation. 

any hope of that was dashed when eichi slotted his knee in between nazuna’s legs.

his breath hitched in his throat. eichi’s other hand found its way to nazuna’s chin, forcing the other boy to look him in the eyes. 

“mhhm~” he hummed to himself, talking to himself as he seemed to study nazuna’s wide-eyed expression, “your beauty is truly something to compliment. i just wanted to ruin you to get to itsuki-kun...but i can’t help but think of this as fun now.” he shuddered at the revelation, eichi honing back in to kiss him. he clenched his own hands into fists, feeling physically incapable of stopping eichi like the last sense of rationale his brain was screaming at him to do, only able to at least ground himself and not let valkyrie completely down.

in saying that, it was quickly becoming too much - the thumb applying pressure to his nipple had turned into two fingers, rosy bud sandwiched between eichi’s middle and forefinger. he glided both digits across the nipple, direct attempt to torment nazuna with such little action. it hardly helped that the knee prodding his clothed crotch was moving in perfect timing with the stimulation applied to his nipple. as expected of a member of fine. a bastard with unrivalled timing.

eichi pulled away from the other boy’s mouth, instead choosing to rest his face in the space between nazuna’s neck and shoulder. in mere seconds, eichi’s other hand joined in torturing nazuna’s chest, applying an equal amount of pressure onto his left nipple. he suppressed the need to jolt in the fine member’s grasp, shutting his eyes tightly as if not to see what was being done to him.

he wanted to sob. this was already all too much, the shame of growing even a little hard at how eichi was molesting him so apathetically in regards to his own dignity making the knot in nazuna’s stomach constrict tightly. 

the stimulation he was feeling at the hands of eichi was an undeniable fact though. he was attacking nazuna on all fronts, weak friction against his chest and crotch already threatening to break what little composure he was trying to retain in his mind. 

it was then eichi pulled back, hands removed from their assault on his skin. for a brief second, nazuna thought he could breathe easy - maybe eichi had gotten tired of this, realised there had to have been something better than just playing with a useless marionette for a while. he could escape, warn shu and mika, maybe the rest of the oddballs too- 

it was a short-lived fantasy. 

eichi flipped their positions, forceful grip on nazuna’s shoulders making its grand return. no longer being propped up by the student council wall, he realised his own legs felt shaky, terror he’d spent so long perfectly ridding himself of to satisfy his role in valkyrie making itself painfully clear in his stance. 

“on your knees, nito-kun.” 

he blinked, not entirely believing what he was hearing at first. nazuna stared at eichi, desperately searching in those blue eyes for any sort of humor. of course, he found nothing but bitterness, and the desperate need to break the doll standing before him. 

eichi’s fingers dug into his skin, harsh reminder of where he was and what was happening. “i don’t see it fit to repeat myself, unless you want me to make this more difficult for you.” it was a warning, as clear as day. “i’d rather have you back to itsuki-kun broken, but still legible personally...but i’m always prepared to alter that if i need to.” he couldn’t help but call bullshit on the legible part, but regardless, he didn’t want whatever this was to get any worse than it already was for him. 

tears rolling down his cheeks, nazuna sank to the floor wordlessly. 

eichi said nothing either, simply grinning foully as he looked down on him. 

he unzipped his school pants, shuffling them downwards enough to let his cock spring free. immediately, nazuna could feel bile rising in his throat - he quickly tried to push it down, fists clenching again, certainly bound to leave crescent shapes on his hands that wouldn’t leave any time soon. he noted eichi’s size, length bigger than his own as it stood erect in his face. it was definitely wider than the one he usually took on, dread growing the longer he looked at it. 

another suppression of bile later, he wrapped his right hand around the base of eichi’s cock, beginning to pump the taller boy’s length slowly. “mhh...that’s good.” eichi moaned out, nazuna forcing himself to concentrate on the task at hand. he didn’t want to look at the fine member any more than necessary, humiliation already at an all-time high. 

letting himself stroke eichi’s length from base to head, he became acutely aware of the precum already beading at his slit. it felt gross to him knowing that eichi had already gotten off this much on just torturing him alone, nazuna’s powerlessness being his ultimate goal. he sniffed, tears rolling to hit the carpet beneath him. they were quickly absorbed by the material, chances of anyone knowing they were there or the plight nazuna was in being zero to none.

he pulled himself up to let eichi’s shaft slot between his lips. nazuna’s tongue circled his head, occasionally licking the slit and letting the shallow precum hit his taste buds.

“you’re good at this, aren’t you?” eichi mused, hand dropping down to hold the back of nazuna’s head. the praise only served to make him feel worse. nazuna continued to run his tongue across eichi’s cock, using his hands to cover up what he couldn’t take in his mouth. ‘breathe through your nose, just do what oshi-san taught you to do’ is what he had to keep reminding himself, terrified that messing this up would result in the promised punishment eichi had threatened him with. he just had to last this afterall, then hopefully he’d deem nazuna ruined enough.

his actions came to a pause as eichi’s hand ran through his blonde locks. “stay like that. i’m sure itsuki-kun’s done this to you before, doll.” he let his own hands drop, staring up at eichi with a mixture of horror and confusion at what was to come. 

with grip that was enough to force a muffled whimper from his lips, eichi pushed him further down on his cock. he closed his eyes for a moment before they flew open in shock. the other boy’s length hit the back of his throat, forcing a choke out of his mouth. he gagged, though a particularly harsh tug on the back of his head reminded him to try and breath through his nose again.

eichi didn't care for how much he was hurting nazuna, how mercilessly his length was slamming into the back of his throat. he couldn’t do much but kneel pliant. he was nothing more than a hole for eichi to piston his cock in, likely relishing in the tears that dripped from nazuna’s eyes, the terrified trembling of his hands as he prayed for this to be over. 

god...” he breathed out, nazuna’s hair gripped tightly in his hand. the glimpse of the fine member that he did receive made him want to vomit just that bit more, being greeted with what he could only describe as a shit-eating grin. he let out a muffled sob, balling his hands into fists once again. eichi only chuckled, having full control of the situation as he made sure the valkyrie member didn’t relinquish his bobbing across on his cock. 

with a drawn out moan, he pulled nazuna off of his length. “nito-kun…” he sighed, “itsuki-kun’s perfect doll,’ve lived up to that so far.” 

in contrast, nazuna felt like pure shit. he couldn’t hold back as he dispelled the bitter pre-release that eichi had forced upon him, spluttering as it formed a mini puddle beneath him on the carpet. he crumpled as he threw up, hands flying up to his eyes as he tried to mask what little of himself he felt that remained in this situation. 

his throat burned. even shu, who didn’t care much for his consent when it came to maintenance matters, refused to anything that could compromise nazuna’s vocal cords. in a fucked up way, he couldn’t help but think he’d rather back with shu and his forced yet gentle touches instead of here with tenshouin. throatfucking was an entirely new experience to him and one he never wished to partake in again. nazuna sniffed, weak sobs wracking his body as he glanced back up.

eichi was looking down at him. even as nazuna vomited in front of him, it was clear eichi was still hard. honestly, he thought that the fine member was harder now than he was before, but he didn’t want to explore that thought further.

eichi was first to break the silence, his laughter sounding like nails on a chalkboard to nazuna the longer this went on, “what’s wrong nito-kun? was that too much for you to handle?” 

“...” if looks could kill, nazuna hoped his would. he scowled at the other boy, fists shaking in both fear and rage - his thought process was so jumbled yet vacant, he didn’t know what one he was feeling more. the way words refused to leave his mouth unfortunately answered that question for him and eichi, the latter looking overjoyed. nazuna couldn’t say he had the strength to do much else, the realisation of how violated he’d been already beginning to dawn upon him. 

tears welled up in his eyes again. he brushed them away. 

“perfect, this is going perfectly.” eichi spoke to himself, bending down to nazuna’s crumpled form. the valkyrie member flinched, trying to lean as far away from eichi as he could. “show me your face, nito-kun. let me see how broken you are.” he couldn’t dodge the hand on his chin, forcing him to look eichi directly in the eyes. he shuddered at the malevolence reflected back at him, waiting with baited breath for eichi to shoo him away finally. 

another brief silence passed them both, the only noise filling the air being the sound of sobs and sniffles nazuna wasn’t able to repress in time. eichi continued to study his expression, seemingly thinking to himself as he looked nazuna’s body up and down. he was so used to being considered as a mere prop, a simple object for on a stage too big for him for people to gasp and marvel at, yet the aura eichi was giving off had him shrinking away even further into himself. 

finally, he seemed to settle on what his next plan of action was. “you’ve already fallen apart for me quicker than i expected. i hardly thought of you as the type to fight back but this’s something i must give props to itsuki-kun for when i next see him.” a pause as his thumb drifted up to trace nazuna’s lower lip, “mmm. this next part will be much easier then. if there’s no more fight left in you, i’m sure you’ll make a great ragdoll for me nito-kun.” 

there was nothing left in him to throw up, but he felt the need to vomit once again. the implications of what eichi was going to do to him didn’t escape him; it was quite the opposite, nazuna becoming hyper aware of the true level of danger he was in. 

“i-” he was pulled to his feet by a harsh tug on his wrist, thought in the back of his mind that he could’ve potentially broken the bone if he was any more brutal - he knew by this point though, eichi didn’t care. he’d have likely rejoiced if his actions actually physically broke nazuna. 

now standing up, eichi appeared to be trying to drag him elsewhere away from the door. his fight or flight response kicked in, legs still feeling like jelly but his arms working as usual. with all his might, he tried to rip his wrist out of eichi’s grasp, catching the taller boy by surprise as he broke free. his mouth opened in a stunned “o”, though by that point he’d already turned away from him.

nazuna ran back to the door, banging his fists on it as vigorously as he could muster. let me out! i’m being held captive in here let me out let me out let me oUT! it wasn’t as if he believed anyone was coming to save him, but anything to get him out of here.

an arm wrapped itself around his waist, taking nazuna off guard once again. he hardly had time to react as eichi pulled him back, strength way too much for a supposedly dying teenage boy. no matter how much nazuna squirmed and attempted to kick and fight back, the arm around him didn’t relent. quite the opposite, eichi’s grip only tightened as he dragged him backwards.

with a yelp, his body was flung towards the desk of the student council room. 

nazuna let out a hiss as his chest met wood, sharp pain coursing through his body; his school shirt hardly did much to lessen that feeling. the temporary distraction to his own actions caused by the pain left him with no time to escape, eichi’s chest against his back in mere seconds. 

“would you look at that. i was wrong.” he spoke, pushing nazuna’s body further against the desk as the smaller boy was forced to lean against it in order to stay upright, “you do have some fight in you after all, nito-kun. how commendable, really.” he was physically unable to do anything except squirm underneath eichi, desperately trying to ignore the reality of the situation and the way the student council president’s cock strained against his clothed ass. 

eichi lowered his head, voice dropping to a whisper, “but i’m not the type to give up. my mission begins with defiling you nito-kun, so be a good doll and take it, mhm?” 

the cold air hit his bottom half all at once, eichi pulling off the valkyrie member’s school pants with little to no effort. he felt beyond vulnerable, shaking against the taller blonde. his heart sank as the distinct click of a small bottle opening registered vaguely in his mind. he didn’t need to question what it was, answer unfortunately coming to him quicker than he could’ve comprehended.

“a-ah…” eichi’s finger circled his hole, cold confirmation that he had indeed spread lube across his digits. he let his eyes close shut as the finger was pressed into him, disgruntled noises leaving his lips occasionally. the added lubrication definitely made this less horrible than he had expected, but having eichi poke around his insides was not pleasant for him in the least. 

eichi pushed another one in shortly after. nazuna let out a small cry at the suddenness. 

the fine member thrusted his sloppy fingers carelessly in nazuna’s hole, the valkyrie member’s own comfort clearly nowhere in his mind. nazuna could feel himself beginning to come more undone under eichi’s cruelty, his cheeks wet with tears his brain had given up on registering.

“would you look at that? i hardly need to prep you nito-kun.” he chuckled, heavy and subdued, “you’re already so loose. how much does itsuki-kun use his perfect doll as a hole, i wonder.” he shook his head, trying to move his legs enough to kick the fine member away from him. it did nothing to stop eichi, pressing another finger into nazuna’s hole without any warning. he relished in the mixture of pained hisses and whimpered sobs that fell from nazuna’s mouth, pace increasing as he fingerfucked the crying boy into the desk. even the minimal amount of lube he used was doing nothing to help the agony subside, but the familiar feeling of digits pushing and prodding into the warmth of his insides -something he’d been so conditioned to try and enjoy even if it caused him to spend hours in the shower at home praying for it to all leave his body- ; his own half erection rubbed uncomfortably against the desk.

the fingers inside of him crooked upwards, jolt of pleasure undeniable as it coursed through his spine.

the both of them froze, albeit for different reasons. 

eichi pulled his fingers out of his hole, a brief moment of respite. nazuna shuddered, eichi’s chest still very much present against his back. he was beginning to blank out the feeling, brain desperately wanting to drift off elsewhere, anywhere but here. 

he was brought back to reality by eichi’s muttering, words almost inaudible as he spoke, “...perfect. that’s enough of that.” nazuna’s eyes widened, realisation of the inevitable kicking in all at once. no, he wanted to scream, not this, not yet! eichi had hardly prepared him. he knew he wasn’t as loose as the fine member claimed, definitely not enough to take eichi without some degree of excruciating pain. 

“t-t-ten…” he stumbled out in a last ditch effort, “tenshouin-, p-pleash...i, don’t w-want-” 

the lube bottle reopening filled his ears. it was only for a brief moment, eichi seemingly prepping himself over the blonde bent over the desk.

“hush. we’re getting to the good bit now.” 

there was something prodding at his entrance. nazuna knew what it was. 

he let his cheek fall to the desk, sniffling as all traces of hope abandoned him. 

eichi’s voice was loud and cruel behind him, “yes, that’s it. that’s exactly what i wanted to see from you, valkyrie’s perfect doll…!” there’s a hand on his left hip, more there as means of guiding eichi than anything. “that resignation...won’t you show me more of that as i use you for your main purpose, marionette?” 

as eichi pushed his length into his hole, nazuna’s mind went blank. his mouth fell open in a silent scream, eyes widening in horror. he was right - eichi hadn’t prepared him enough. the aching burn as he felt himself being stretched to further limits was too much for him to handle, vision clouding as the tears began to build up again. it’s an unbearable feeling, nazuna certain something inside of him had torn as eichi sheathed inside of him.

on the other end of the spectrum, eichi moaned, prolonged “fffuck….” sounding as if the fine member was on cloud nine. he seemed to be relishing in how painfully tight nazuna was around him, knowing well this was hurting the smaller blonde much more than it was hurting him. 

his hands drifted across nazuna’s sides before settling back down on his hips. “what’s this? does the doll truly have no more fight left in him anymore? you’re taking me awfully well.” he grinned, looking down on nazuna, no trace of respect or basic morality in his expression - nazuna had to wonder if there was any there in the first place. 

he wasn’t able to respond regardless. all he could give eichi in response was the weak trembling of his body against his, alongside the clenching of his hole he couldn’t control. words failed him. thoughts failed him. all that nazuna could feel was the pain surging through his veins. eichi pushed his length as deep as it could go, tearing apart his body and the strings he’d envisioned ruthlessly. 

“go on, fall apart for me. let valkyrie destroy themselves after their star marionette is unable to put himself back together.” 

eichi pulled out of him before pummeling back in, bottoming out immediately. this time nazuna did scream, the pain indescriptly hellish. he focused his sight on the door -though it’s not like anyone would come for him right? eichi had said so himself and who was a doll like him to deny a human like tenshouin?- eichi moaned above him, distinctly pleased noises at nazuna’s pain, shamelessy so.

he hardly registered the way eichi’s hips smack against his thighs, skin on skin noises permeating throughout the student council room. his own hands gripped the sides of the desk, senses growing more numb by the second. 

“so good, itsuki-kun’s raised such a good toy.” eichi groweds, bending down to reach his ears once again. 

nazuna let out a shudder, eichi moaning in response as the vibration extended to his hole. 

the desk felt uncomfortable against his cheek, moist and gross with his excess tears. he tried to close his eyes and drift away from his current situation, proving difficult to do with how painful each one of eichi’s thrusts were inside of him.

somewhere, in the hazy recesses of his mind, he recalls the way shu would stroke his tears away from his face in the aftermath of maintenance. “aah, nito...your sensitivity is a marvel to this world, a wonder that the masses needn’t know about. such tenderness is truly a masterpiece. you understand that, don’t you?” he would always feel numb to a certain degree, but shu was always there actively trying to ground him again. “i love you nito. never forget that.”

eichi picks up the pace, his length hitting deeper inside nazuna’s hole as he shifts positions slightly. “fuck...isn’t this perfect?”

to eichi, nazuna is nothing more than a toy. a mere doll to fuck until the boy pliant beneath him has no more left in him to ruin. 

he notes that eichi has long since stopped referring to him by name. 

nazuna kept his eyes open, though he could feel himself quickly becoming lightheaded the longer this continued. eichi’s grip on his hips tightened, the fine member’s moans like white noise to him. 

eichi’s shift in position had been the decision to mount nazuna more than what he’d already been doing. it was something else the valkyrie member had intended to block out of his mind but unfortunately, eichi had made sure that wasn’t possible. with this new leverage, eichi was able to angle his thrusts deeper inside of the crying blonde, penetrating his walls mercilessly until-

nazuna let out a squeak, throat and mind unable to form much else. eichi grinned, fingernails digging into nazuna’s skin. 

“ah, now you’re getting hard for me, doll.” a sickening realisation for nazuna. eichi revels in his discomfort and horror, “you’re loving this, aren’t you? i didn’t expect to break you this easily’re just that pathetic of a marionette, huh.” 

he wasn’t enjoying this, nazuna wished to say, but after eichi had hit that small bundle of nerves inside of him...he couldn’t say that with certainty anymore. nazuna didn’t think he could say anything with certainty anymore. he could only shudder against eichi as the taller blonde chuckled low in his ear. 

he laid docile against the desk, stiff as eichi continued to brutally piston into his abused hole. the movements of the other boy seemed to be turning laggy. nazuna wasn’t quite sure if he was dying or reaching orgasm. the final slither of consciousness he had hoped it was the former. maybe it’d be easier if he was dying instead. eichi’s still moaning above him, grunting every time nazuna’s hole squeezes around him as he hits his prostate head on. weak whimpers leave his own mouth involuntarily. it’s then nazuna truly wishes he was dead. 

“fuck, fuck...” eichi’s orgasm is on its way, movements less tethered to humiliating the doll beneath him and more hellbent on chasing his own pleasure. he pounded into nazuna callously, splitting him apart as he growled, likely to leave bruises on nazuna’s hips that wouldn’t heal. he already felt beyond wrecked, the light in his eyes having dimmed long ago.

eichi wrapped his left hand around nazuna’s abandoned cock, touching it for the first time that session. the response is instant, shamefully so. he spills over in eichi’s grasp, eyes shutting closed as a broken moan is all his throat will permit him to release. 

it was less of a merciful action and more of eichi doing it so benefit himself. the clenching that comes from nazuna losing control of his own body caused eichi to cum mere seconds later. with a staggered gasp and a flurry of expletives, he filled nazuna with his seed, burying himself firmly into the smaller boy. it’s a dull feeling, the sudden warmth spreading pooling in his insides. he can’t feel it anymore. 

eichi thrusted shallowly in his hole a few more times before pulling out, actions purposely slow and tortuous. 

nazuna is left shaking on the desk. there’s a ringing in his ears, eichi’s cum beginning to drip slowly out of his entrance. he’s fairly sure the fine member did tear his insides too, streaks of blood running down from his legs and seeping both into his socks and the floor beneath him. 

eichi had stood back to admire his work. “ahh…! this is exactly what i envisioned.” he watched his seed drip out of nazuna’s hole, smile wide like an predator who had just claimed their prey, “you can’t even say anything, can you? by the looks of it, i’ve definitely succeeded.” 

eichi clambored back over to him, hooking a hand under the smaller boy’s stomach in order to pull him back upwards. nazuna let himself ragdoll in the student council president’s arms as he picked him up. he carried him to the middle of the room, laying nazuna down on the carpet. 

he opened his eyes, blinking through hazy vision and setting his gaze onto eichi. the boy in question had managed to pull his own pants back up in that short frame of time. his brain was still foggy, but he managed to register that eichi was now holding something in his hands, looming over nazuna’s body with a stifled laugh. he was talking to himself, the valkyrie member vaguely able to make out shu’s name before he gave up on trying to work his senses. 

the moment he let his eyes close, the door to the student council room swung open.

eichi, i hope you have a good reason for keeping me locked out for god knows how long, or i swear-”

nazuna cracked his eyes open, recognising the voice of the person that had broken into the room as keito. he stood frozen at the door, gaze switching between his childhood friend standing proudly and the marionette on the floor. when his expression became in better view, it was the sort of thing nazuna could imagine himself laughing at in another situation. such a horrified expression didn’t belong on hasumi keito, leader of akatsuki’s, face. 

keito was silent as he took a step into the room, closing the door behind him. 

“...what the fuck is this.” 

eichi only smiled, not concerned in the least at having been caught out, “hey keito. sorry about locking you out, i just had to get this done without you here.” he waved, before turning his attention back to the thing in his hands. “if i take a photo of him in this position, will itsuki-kun be able to see just how broken his doll is...keito, what do you think?” 

“...eichi. i-” he looked beyond lost, hands shaking as he spoke, “i’m going to ask again. what the fuck is this?” 

“it’s the first step in our plan, silly. we agreed to dethrone valkyrie first, right? that’s what i’ve done...i mean, look at him.” eichi gestured to his body on the ground, chuckling humorlessly, “i’ve ruined itsuki shu’s perfect doll. all i need to do is send him the evidence and...valkyrie should be finished for good.” he could hear clicking noises, becoming aware that the thing in eichi’s hands had to have been a phone. he’s taking pictures of me. nazuna didn’t have it in him to think about it any further. 

keito stayed quiet. eichi continued snapping photos. 

his head hurt a lot. the bright light of the student council room was becoming more and more painful to witness. nazuna wanted to sleep. he didn’t know what eichi planned to do to him from here...maybe kill him? nazuna didn’t think he’d fight it if that was the case. he didn’t even want to think about the sort of expression shu would pull after receiving those photos of him, the way he’d likely shout the school down looking for him. mika too…

weak tears spilled down his cheeks. 

“...oh nito.” keito’s expression shifted to one of stoic sadness, corners of his mouth downturned into a frown. maybe he pitied him. he supposed he’d feel the same way, looking at how pathetic he was now. nazuna was laid down on the floor of all places, existence insignificant as he could only blink up hazily at keito, throat too ruined to speak a word. blood and cum coated his thighs, seeping out of his abused hole onto the carpet. 

he let his eyes close shut. 

eichi had got what he wanted in the end, hadn’t he? nazuna couldn’t feel a drop of humanity in himself anymore, body ruined and his mind broken. everything shu had trained into him, everything he’d been told growing up about being a beautiful doll completely at the whims of other people, had it all been leading to this? 

eichi and keito began to talk again. he tuned it out. for him, this was the end. maybe of valkyrie, maybe of the idol nito nazuna. 

he wasn’t sure anymore.