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Allison and Bender's first meeting

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John Bender was grumpy as he walked to the school's therapy office. This shit is pointless, but it beats being home. He thought.

He stopped off at his locker and put some pot he had just brought in it. At least it will make me forget how shit this session is going to be.

As Bender walked back to the office, he heard a male crying inside. Deciding to not completely waste his time, he headed outside to the bleachers and started to smoke.

I will never tell those therapists anything they want to know. I have a plan, and I won't risk compromising that! Bender thought as he continued smoking

It was at that moment, a girl walked up to the school that Bender had only seen in passing. She wore black trainers, gray skirt, black jumper, black scarf and a blue shirt underneath it. She had a bag of candy in 1 of her hands and used the other to eat the candy. She had brown hair and white skin. She paused just before she entered the school and looked up at the sky.

Seeing an opportunity to entertain himself, Bender walked up to the girl and made the only insult he could think of at that moment. "So, are you a sky-girl?"

The girl spun around. "No, but you look like a sky-boy!"

John almost laughed. "But I'm not the one staring at the sky for ages!"

The girl bit her nail and spat it out at Bender.

Bender swatted the nail away. “Watch it!”

"The sky is infinite...I have to watch it for at least an hour a day." The girl said.

"I see." John was starting to get weirded out by this girl. "Well I need to get to therapy before dick eats me alive." He started to walk into the school building.

"Dick? Is that his name? I never knew!" The girl unexpectedly said.

"No, that's what I call the principle." John said, before he realised her wording. "Are you going to pointless therapy as well?"

The girl sighed and nodded.

"All because I swore at teachers, smoke inside and get Saturday detention virtually every saturday." Bender mused.

"And just because they caught me stealing some stuff from some lockers...I mean, it wasn't even stealing, I was just borrowing it..." The girl said slowly.

Bender got suspicious, "You haven't been stealing any pot have you?"

The girl laughed and shook her head.

“Good, otherwise you’ll be at the receiving end of this.” Bender said as he got out his switchblade.

The girl stared at the weapon through her huge bangs of hair.

Seeing that the girl might be interested in the switchblade, Bender quickly stuffed it into his trousers and decided to take the girl’s mind off it. “Why do you steal?”

"Because I'm very good at it! Do you always carry a blade with you?" The girl asked.

“Yeah.” Bender figured that it would make him more intimidating.

“Let me have a closer look!” The girl moved towards Bender.

"I don't think so, basket case!" Bender angrily bit back. Nobody got to touch his switchblade but him.

"Why are you calling me a basket case? And why are you so defensive about your blade?" The girl bombarded Bender with questions.

"None of your business!" Bender had run out of patience and stomped inside the school

"You think it's an insult to call me a basket case? You couldn't be more wrong. I LOVE being a BASKET CASE!" The girl screamed after him.

John gave her the middle finger as he disappeared inside the school.


Josh sat back down outside the therapist's office, relieved to hear a different person crying inside. What a group of pussies he thought

"So you're here!" A familiar voice smirked. "And I thought you were going to do a bunk. Seems you are not that brave, after all!"

Bender groaned as she saw the owner of the voice approach him. "Shut the fuck up Basket case." Bender growled, as to not be heard by the therapist

The girl put her hand in her bag and pulled out a handful of gobstoppers and started hurling them at Bender.

“Stop that!” Bender swatted the gobstoppers away. “What was that for!?”

"The hand gestures, the name-calling...I mean, where do you want me to start?" The girl crossed her arms.

Bender sighed. “Sorry, "I was in a bad mood and needed someone to take it out on."

The girl nodded and slumped to the floor. “And I was the nearest someone, John Bender.”

Bender looked at the girl in surprise. She grinned sheepishly and pulled out his wallet before passing it to him. “Allison Reynolds.”

“Don’t steal my shit again Alllison.” Bender mumbled as he put his wallet away.

Allison shrugged and started to wave her arms wildly in the air.

"What's the hand movements for?" Bender asked.

"I don't know." Allison whispered.

"And yet you're still doing it." Bender pointed out.

"It is strangely relaxing...even though it looks wild.." Allison whispered.

"Right..." Bender was unconvinced.

Allison turned around as the crying in the office got increasingly louder.

"Fuck me, a majority of kids are absolute pussies. The therapy doesn’t even work.” Bender stated.

"Why didn't you just skip it then, what made you come back?" Allison asked.

"I have a plan to restart my life, and I need to avoid being expelled in order for it to happen." Bender grumbled.

"A plan to restart your life? You have to tell me!" Allison looked up at him.

"Why should I? How do I know you won't go squealing to everyone about it?" Bender scowled.

"That's easy...everyone ignores me anyway!" Allison pointed out.

John decided to take a risk. "Once I've graduated, I'm going to take a car from the junkyard and leave this town for good."

Allison was suddenly interested. "So, where do you plan to go?"

"Anywhere that's not here." Bender replied.

"That's too more...specific!" Allison grinned.

"I don't know! I haven't planned that far." Bender threw his arms up in annoyance.

"You must have some it Lyme Regis? Is it San Tropez? Is it Pontefract?" Allison asked.

Bender thought for a bit. "It would have to be in the US, no way am I wasting tons on a passport I'm probably only going to use once."

"Why would you only use it once? You don't want to travel the globe?" Allison asked.

“Why would I?” Bender asked.

"You said you wanted to leave this town...why wouldn't you want to go as far as you could?" Allison wondered.

John shrugged. "It sounds like you want to run away as well."

Allison hesitated. "Well yes, I've had enough of everyone ignoring me, even my parents!"

"Where do you want to go?" Bender asked.

"Not sure...just the globe in general...the globe is vast with endless possibilities..." Allison made a wave movement with her arm.

Bender decided to make a decision. "Let's make a pact."

Allison looked up at him. "A pact? What kind of pact?"

"If we still feel like we want to run away after we graduate, we do so." Bender said.

Allison screamed with delight. "I like the sound of that pact..but how do I know you will keep your word?"

"I won't tell anyone." Bender promised.

"And you already know I won't tell!" Allison ruffled her hair and watched as the dandruff fell to the floor. "Looks like we have a pact!"

Bender nodded.

Suddenly, the therapist popped her head out of the room. “My current patient is going to need much longer than I originally thought, come back at the same time next week.” He said before going back into the room.

Allison and Bender grinned and went outside, where it was night-time.

"It's dark and it's cold...I like it!" Allison stated.

"Yeah." Bender said quietly.

Allison noticed something in Bender’s voice. "Don't you like the dark?"

"It's more dangerous than daytime." Bender pointed out.

"I prefer the night, it's easier to hide." Allison stated.

"Well you are wearing black." Bender stated the obvious.

"A lot of the kids tease me because I always wear black.." Allison mused sadly.

"Assholes." Bender said with venom in his voice.

"I could never wear prissy white or pastels...They can go to HELL!" Allison screamed.

Bender smiled, he hadn't seen anyone with this much spirit and energy for so long

Allison looked at Bender, she hadn't found anyone at that school who had bothered to get to know her. He was the first.

"So, where now?" Bender asked, not wanting to go home and deal with his old man just yet.

“Let's go down to the boardwalk and watch the waves!" Allison said with excitement.

“Sure.” Bender responded.

They walked down the deserted street towards the promenade, the sound of the waves was very loud.

"I love it here, especially when it's deserted!" Allison smiled.

"It's peaceful." Nothing like Bender ever experienced except when he was on his own

"I often come here alone at night, to sort my head out!" Allison revealed. "It's better than that crap therapist!" Allison sat down under the boardwalk.

"I could not agree more." Bender said as Allison laid back and listened to the waves, with Bender doing the same next to her.

Allison observed Bender. He looks very handsome when he’s not so angry she thought. I think he has hidden depths and is so different here when he isn't swearing and acting like an asshole.

Bender observed Allison. She’s very beautiful, too bad her face is hidden by her hair he thought.

They lay there in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Bender spoke up.

"If we end up falling in love with someone before we graduate, then we can go to where they're going to college or uni." Bender said.

Allison nodded, that made sense.

"We could stay at their dorms and get work, which would lead to money, so we could travel the globe." Bender elaporated.

“Maybe I’ll find someone at those idiotic Saturday detentions, I have one next week.” Bender recalled.

“I’ll join you, I have nothing else better to do!” Allison recalled. “And let’s pretend not to know each other, just to mess with them!”

“Great idea!” Bender looked forward to it.

Allison looked at him and smiled in secret agreement. The next detention would be very interesting indeed...