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I'm the one you'll die for

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'Cucumber bro! You really wound this one's heart! It wasn't like  I  wanted to make all my characters one dimensional, but a man gotta eat alright?' Shang Qinghua thought as he read another scathing comment from his number one viewer, peerless cucumber. At this point, after buying all of his limited edition figurines and merch, Peerless Cucumber truly deserved a private message from the author himself, Airplane shooting towards the sky! 


As he was about to send the reader a small bonus coupon for the next chapters, he accidentally sent him his first draft instead. The one with all the plot hole fixing and character depth. Uh oh. Before he could fix it however, in his panic he spilt some soda on his computer and died from electrocution. 


A tragic end, truly. 





Shen Yuan was, as usual, seething about the latest update of his least favourite (absolute favourite) web novel. Trash, that's what the whole thing was. Luo Binghe, can't even your ultimate protagonist get a happy ending here? 


Shen Yuan was, like more teenagers, a villain enthusiast. 


Favourite Naruto character? Uchiha Itachi. 

Favourite BNHA character? Dabi. 

Favourite Death note character? Light Yagami. 


It was something about the dark-haired emotionally stunted characters with trauma that just made him  feel.  Of course, most villains met bad ends but he was used to this form of self-torture. 


And what did Airplane give him? A one-dimensional scum villian. Where's the trauma? The dark past? The reason he came to be this way? The miscommunication? You're just telling him that a successful spoon-fed Peak Lord was jealous of a random disciple and did him dirty? 

It's a shame to all well-written books  ever. 


So he was very,  very,  confused when he got a 1000 page long draft from the devil himself! What was he supposed to do with this? Read more nonsense papapa and jerk off? Still, because he's always bored and had nothing to do, he opened it and  boy was he in for a ride.


Fast forward to three days, three sleepless nights. Shen Yuan was.... enlightened. That's the only word he had. His villain enthusiast senses never fail, he knew Shen Qingqiu had an epic backstory, but this... this was beyond words. The perfect betrayals, lack of communication, hurt comfort, trust issues, misconceptions, it was simply delicious. As with every novel, it left him wanting to read good fix-it fanfictions, which he would've, if he didn't eat expired Ramen and die. 


Tragic ending part two. 


'Oh wait, he didn't die, he's in a coma'


His housekeeper soon found him in this state and informed his family. Who then admitted him to the best hospital in the country. 


'Young people are so delicate these days ...' thought the Head Server as it got ready to perform the soul transfer. 





[Good evening, esteemed host! System assist is here to guide you on your way to becoming a helping hand to our dear protagonist.]


Hold on, hold on, what the fuck? He probably died, Shen Yuan knew this much, but what are these systems and hands and stuff?


[Answering dear host, this one is a system assist program, the user is not dead, but in a coma, when user finishes his assignment, he'll be able to return to his original world, this one is meant to guide the host into his role, would the host like to know his duties?]




[Wonderful! Welcome to the world of PIDW!-




-Host is chosen to become 'Luo Binghe's guide, in the original novel, the performance of all parties did not reach the host's satisfaction, therefore, host can change the plot however he likes to fill his happy ending! The user manual has been provided with full-time free access, enjoy!]


It took some time, but eventually, Shen Yuan learnt he did transmigrate, but not as a full-time character, but as a 'helper', once he reached an ending he was satisfied with, he'd be able to continue with his original life as usual. 


His role was simple-

-He was allowed to reveal his name, but not his origins or the name/existence of the novel.

-He would be present as a voice inside the protagonists head, meant to guide him and change fate. 

-He could reveal spoilers as he wanted, but the ultimate fate was in his hands so he had to be careful. 


This was basically it, he was given a nice room with a huge TV and a mic. 'Is this some crappy version of heaven?' 


As he completed more quests and plot points, he would be able to buy different things like snacks, books, video games, etc etc. Who would provide it? No idea. It's Shen Yuan's first death experience and such y'know. 


Well, better now than later, he thought and switched on the screen, where he could  see  the characters in real forms. Oh My God. 





Luo Binghe was born unwanted, and died unwanted. Or maybe, not quite unwanted, but unloved. Killed by one of his wives, Qiu Haitang. Shen Qingqiu's former fiance. Apparently, no matter what happened, she wasn't ready to see the man she loved die, and took her revenge. No matter that man murdered her family in cold blood. So much devotion for that scum. Qiu Haitang, Yue Qingyuan, Ming Fan, even that Gongyi Xiao... His old master had certainly never done anything to inspire that loyalty. So why, why did he  get to be loved while Binghe was always uncared for. 


Maybe the Heaven's did have some mercy on him. Or maybe this was a punishment, whatever the reason may be, he was now once again a disciple for Qing Jing Peak, in fact, he was walking with Ning Yingying to serve his new master tea and get recognised right now. 


He had half a mind to leave before getting to that bamboo hut, but a larger part of him wanted to stay as close to that scum as possible. To investigate of course. He'll pay him back tenfold once again.




Instead of the kind Shizun Binghe met in the other world, he got hot tea on his head once more. Huh, so much for hope. 


'Luo Binghe, you idiot, that tea is a special blend of herbs meant to heal one's body, an immortal master like Peak Lord Shen was able to ingest it but for you whose body is weak and frail, only external application will heal all these wounds you have.'   A voice spoke in his head and he nearly jumped.