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Lil AU I saw on tumblr! This is completely self-indulgent :)


“yo, it’s a donut.” Benrey watches as the skull rolls away from Tommy, having dropped it during Gordon’s outburst. The man in question is hunkered down with his hands over his head, softly muttering.
“Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me.” He takes a shaky breath in and out before standing upright. “I’m- I’m good! I’m good.” The physicist swallows, running a hand through his tangled mess of hair. “Let’s just.. keep going.” Benrey watches as the group walks ahead and takes out a few more assassins, very helpfully firing a few shots from behind. They eventually walk down a hallway, a room with a med station placed a little bit too conveniently in front of them. “Uh… seems a bit suspicious, don’t you think?” Gordon looks back at the others, and they all disagree as per usual.
“I-I think it’s safe, Mr. Freeman! You know what they say, if you see medical in- in a room… then it will never lead to doom!!” Tommy smiles, and that somehow made Gordon both more relaxed and terrified.
“lil’ paranoid, huh?” Benrey teases. “scared of the dark, gordo?” He pulls a sly grin, making his way towards the room. If the scene went as it was supposed to, the guard would step into the room and be fine. Gordon would believe he’s in the clear, walk into the room, and bam! Knocked out cold. However, Bubby and Benrey must’ve not been thorough enough with their instructions. They step into the room boredly, freezing when the lights suddenly go out. Huh? Maybe this was the wrong room, and he just so happened to walk into it as the electricity cut out. Benrey looks around, thankful to whatever inhuman part allowed him to have night vision. “um. hellooooo?? i thought pranks were for gordon only.” No response, nor anyone in sight. Benrey shrugs and begins to walk out, at least until he’s suddenly jabbed in the side by something. It was sharp, but it didn’t break skin. What? What’s going on? He’s tackled to the ground, and they’re met with two soldiers staring down at them. They’re wearing those weird gas-mask things that probably have night vision. Not good. Benrey kicks one of the soldier’s legs with a surprising amount of force, causing him to stagger back. They try to take this as a chance to run but he’s quickly pinned by the other who is much, much bigger than him. The guard begins to panic, he’s not used to this. This is like.. mega unfair. Shit soldiers went for the wrong person, number 1 in the cringe compilation. Benrey bares his teeth and snarls, blood red sweet voice bubbling out the corners of his mouth. If he looks poisonous they won’t eat him maybe? Go get some Doritos? His plan doesn’t seem to work, because now the other guy is back and doesn’t look happy. One holds him down while the other mercilessly kicks him, earning a few pained groans in response. “bbbuugh.. stop- rrgh- maybe? got the wrong- guy-“ Benrey tries to worm their way out of the soldier’s grasp, kicking and scratching at any available moment. He begins to grow more desperate, digging his claws into the soldier’s arm until they begin to yell in agony. The other guy yanks Benrey back, causing them to leave a long gash along the soldier’s arm. He whips around to face the man dragging him off and lands a swift punch to his jaw. The guard is dropped to the floor and they make a run for it, only to eat shit when the guy with the scratches trips him. Ouch, now they’re just making fun of him.
“Just get it over with.” One of them barks, pinning Benrey again. He hears one of them take out a blade of somesort, and his blood runs cold. Their helmet, which already happened to be on its last legs, cracks as his head is slammed into the cement floor. So much for playing a funny little prank on Gordon. His head slams down again, and the soldiers eventually get frustrated enough just to remove his helmet and hastily knock him out with the butt of a rifle.

Gordon slowly opens his eyes and god does everything hurt. His glasses seemed to be cracked, and he’s… being dragged somewhere?? He rapidly blinks to try and clear his vision, and he can eventually make out his surroundings. A firm grip around the boot of his HEV suit belongs to one of the two guards that tried to kill them earlier. What, where… Gordon turns to the other figure, and is startled enough to gasp. It was Benrey, and their arm was hastily hacked off just below the elbow. They left a trail of blood as they were dragged, and the sight was… upsetting, to say the least. They lacked the usual helmet they wore, which isn’t really a good sign, either. But the soldier must’ve noticed something, because they had suddenly stopped without Gordon realizing. The physicist isn’t even given time to react before he’s knocked out cold.
The harsh New Mexico sun beats down onto two bodies hastily shoved into a trash compactor. They’ve been dragged to a totally different section of the facility, surrounded by nothing but sand and rocks for miles. Not counting the headcrabs or so-called ‘Protection Unit’ littering the area. Gordon is the first to stir, spitting out a mouthful of curly hair that inevitably came out of the ponytail he had put it in this morning. He makes use of the downtime and quickly re-ties it, thankful to finally get it out of his face. The physicist takes in his surroundings, breath hitching in his throat when he lays his eyes on Benrey. He very strategically ignores the pool of blood beginning to dry around their gaping wound and tries to wake him with a shake. “Benrey.“ he croaks, surprising himself with how horse his voice is. Gordon clears his throat and tries again. “C’mon, man.. you better not be dead, I don’t want another run-in with that skeleton. And that’d also mean I’m touching your dead body and—“ he suddenly pulls away, wrapping his arms around himself. “God, you’re such an asshole.” Gordon brings his knees up to his chest and waits, eyes nervously darting around the room. Was this even a room?? Wherever the hell they were, it fucking reeked. He makes a plan on how to get out while he waits, taking note of the boxes piled high enough to climb out. He wonders if he could possibly carry Benrey out if needed. Suddenly, he hears the metal walls groan and begin to close in on the two. Ah. It seems like a good time to test that theory now. Gordon is quick to hop to his feet, the familiar feeling of an adrenaline rush beginning to hit. He scoops Benrey up, making sure not to cause anymore harm to the… creature? Gordon doesn’t know what he is, but there’s obviously something wrong if he hasn’t sprung back by now. “Alright, it’s all or nothing, bud.” He exhales sharply, hyping himself up a bit before hopping up the boxes with relative ease. Thank god for HEV. Gordon spots a ladder across the room and curses, but at least they were out. He watches as the boxes, and what would’ve been them, get crushed by the machine. “Ugh- don’t think about it, Gordon.” The physicist shakes his head and presses on, shuffling along the top of one of the crush-y things to get to the other side. Once he’s in the clear, he props Benrey up against the wall. He begins to chew at his lip when they begin to stir, letting out a groan.
“bbbbbbhbng.. fuuuuuck, gordon..? wha… where..” Benrey lifts their head and winces, deciding to let it fall back against the wall. They feel like they were hit by a goddamn pickup truck. Everything looked too bright, where’d his helmet go? It smells like absalute shit and his arm feels like it’s fucking burning, but when he glances down to look at it—
“Benrey,” Gordon states, voice lacking its usual sternness whenever he says their name. The guard doesn’t hear him, cause someone fuckin’.. deleted his arm. Gone. No more. It usually would be no biggie, they’d just regenerate it and be on their merry way, but even then that’d take a while. God knows how long it’ll take now, because currently, Benrey feels like he hasn’t slept in eons. Sadly, it also means no no-clipping for now. “Benrey.” He hears Gordon this time, and turns toward him. His glasses look cracked.. wait, did he get a haircut or something??
“—at the fuck were you even thinking, man?! You could’ve died or—“ It’s no longer barley held in by a hasty ponytail, instead put in a messy bun with a few stubborn strands sticking out. Pretty. Benrey is joseled from his thoughts by the trash compactor retracting it’s walls, creating a terrible screeching sound. They instinctively slam their hands over their ears, but pain shoots through their whole body when they move their right arm. Tears prick their eyes as they screw them shut, breath beginning to pick up pace.
“—ere the science team could possibly-“ Gordon suddenly stops his anxious ranting, eyes growing wide in panic. “Shit! Um, fuck-“ he quickly tries to calm his nerves before attempting to help Benrey. Trying to help someone with a sensory overload while your panicking is not the way to go. “Hey,” Gordon says softly, but just loud enough not to be drowned out by the trash compactor. “We’re gonna have to move to a better location, ok?” He doesn’t know if the same method he uses for Joshie will apply to Benrey, but it’s worth a shot. The guard nods, flinching when Gordon grabs his hand but he eventually gets used to the sensation. Gordon leads him to the ladder, instructing them to please be mindful of your arm as you go up, and waits until he’s sure Benrey made it to the top. Once they disappear from view, Gordon begins his own ascent. He can see Benrey sprint off to a shaded cliff and struggle to take off their vest and tie, hiding their head in their shirt. Gordon leaves them be, watching with a pensive expression as deep red sweetvoice floats around them. He decides to make himself useful and begins looking around for a med-kit. You could quite literally find them anywhere, it’d honestly be surprising to not find one. What’s up with that? Maybe Black Mesa was just lazy and tossed a few kits outside the facility windows. Isn’t that against OSHA code?? He doesn’t know, he wishes Tommy were here. He should ask him how to properly help Benrey before this happens again. Gordon eventually finds a med-kit tucked behind a rock, and decides to wait a bit longer until walking over to Benrey. Once the harsh tone of the sweetvoice begins to dissipate, he slowly makes his way over. “Hey, if you still need a moment I can go, but I found a med-kit. I’d like to get a look at that arm of yours.” Gordon advises, waiting for a response he probably isn’t going to get. He sits down next to Benrey with a sigh, sifting through the kit for bandages and some disinfectants. He stays where he is, waiting for the guard to stick his arm out on their own accord. After a minute or two, Benrey timidly brings out his arm with an audible hiss. They keep their left arm tightly wrapped around their legs, refusing to poke their head out from their shirt. Gordon could care less, he’s just glad he can finally help clean up the nasty wound. He obviously isn’t a doctor, but he’s confident enough to properly disinfect and bandage it. “There! Man, what they did was really unnecessary. Who the fuck just- cuts someone’s arm off?? How twisted do you have to be to—“ Gordon is suddenly clung to, Benrey having thrown themself at the man in some form of desperate comfort. The physicist sits there like an idiot before eventually getting the memo and wrapping his arms around the other. Tears roll down Benrey’s cheeks as he leans into Gordon’s body, deep blue sweet voice slipping out of his mouth with a solemn tone. Gordon hesitates for a moment, but eventually places a soft kiss atop the guard’s head. He hopes it went unnoticed. Deep blue suddenly turns to pink, the tone pitching up an octave or two.
It did not go unnoticed.
The two sit there for a moment, both enjoying the first instance of contact they’ve had in a long, long time. Gordon rubs small circles into Benrey’s back, eventually pulling away. “We’re obviously not talking about it now, but you have a lot of explaining to do.” Gordon scolds, placing both his hands on Benrey’s shoulders. The guard nods with a sniff, wiping their nose with their sleeve. His gaze drops to the sandy rocks behind Gordon. “.....m’sorry for setting up a super-not-cool prank. but it was mostly bubby’s idea.” They apologize with a weak smile. An apology? From Benrey? Hold on, Gordon might pass out. He thankfully doesn’t, but at least this can help lead to figuring out the enigma that is Benrey. “Actually, y’know what? I’m sorry too, man. I’ve been kinda harsh with everything going on and.. yeah. We should start over, right here right now. You with me?” The physicist lets his arms drop to his side as he waits for an answer. Benrey thinks for a bit, eventually agreeing with another nod. “oh, yeah. yo! what’s up, m’benrey.“ He suddenly grins, a malicious glint in his eye.
“can i uh…. see your passport?”