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3 Years Later

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Beca's Pov

"I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me"

I heard Amy sing while up on the trapeze curtain thing. The Bellas and I are performing for President Obama himself! I look up to see Amy struggling to move. This really wasn't a good idea, I thought to myself.

"Yeah, you, you wreck me AHHHH!"

Amy slightly loses her grip but luckily she catches herself with her legs. Unfortunately, her costume rips in the worst spot ever. She spins slowly and flashes everyone in the audience.


"The Bellas are hereby suspended from competing in the collegiate level." Gail says. I swear her and John are beyond joyful that we're suspended. I look over to look at Chloe, she's probably devastated. I put my hand on her arm to comfort her.


I arrive at the acapella party late. I go to make a drink at the little bar.

"Hey!" I hear a voice say.

"Hi!" I said back turning around to see who it is.

"I can't believe I get to meet the woman who single handedly created the Bella sound." I look at her confused. "We're sisters! I can't believe we're sisters!"

"Oh hi! Yeah, Chloe texted me saying we added a legacy. I didn't even know that was a thing." I say.


We're watching the german group perform at the car show.

"Man they massive how we gon' compete with a group that size." CR says loud enough to hear over the music.


We're so screwed. Das Sound Machine is insane. Chloe said something about some retreat. We'll be headed there in about a week. Currently, I'm trying to figure out what to do to impress my boss at Residential Heat. I showed him one of my demos. He didn't like it. He wanted something original. I don't want to use my break up songs though. I'm not sharing those. Well, not yet at least.

Man, it is so hard to balance my job and the Bellas. I've kept it a secret for a while now. No one knows about it.

I hear foot steps up the stairs as I hit some keys on my keyboard, frustrated I close my laptop not caring about saving my work.

"You okay there Shawshank?" I heard Amy say from the closet.

"Yeah. uuhh I'm fine. Just working on the setlist." I say laying down on my bed.

"You know I am a great keeper of secrets."

"Nah don't worry about it."

"So it has nothing to do with that internship that you sneak off to?"

"What?" Ahh shit.


We're on our way to the retreat. Chloe said to pack for three days and she told me to bring my guitar for some reason.

How the heck is some retreat going to help us?

The bus is quiet. Odd. It's the best time to check if my guitar is in tune. I get it from under my seat. Before I sit back down, I look at the girls. Most of them are taking a nap and the rest are reading a book or on their phone.

I open the case to my guitar. I run my fingers on the head, down the neck, and stopping on then bridge of the instrument. I examine it, looking for any scratches. A little carving catches my eye.
'Aubrey and Beca. Together forever.'
I'm still hurt. It was almost 3 years ago. After the retreat I'll go find a sticker or something to cover it up.
I pluck each string letting the sound ring in my ears. It's been awhile since I picked up this guitar. As I finish tuning each string the bus starts to slow down. I put the guitar back in it's case. Outside, all I see are trees. Some houses here and there, but mostly trees.
The bus pulls up next to a cabin. A sign that says 'The Lodge at Fallen Leaves' is by entrance. Everyone brings out their things from the bus and waits.
"This better have a place were I can charge my phone and laptop." I say jokingly. " How'd the find this place anyways Chlo?"
"By yours truly." No fucking way.