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She had been running for what seemed to be like an eternity, the cold air fiercely burning her lungs with each breath she took in while her muscles felt like they were on fire. Just a little bit longer the little girl told herself, just a few more meters and she would slow down and maybe enven be able to stop for a while. But only for a short while, she might have been young, but she knew that her clothes weren't anywhere near warm enough to protect her from the cold that had already started to seep in.

 Her mother always made sure she was wearing her coat and gloves before she let her play outside but she wasn't here anymore, her mother had protected her from her father's anger, sacrificing her life so she could espcape and flee the screams and violence

Now the child was out in the snowy streets during the coldest month of the Russian winter. She didn't even have anything to protect herself from the freezing temperatures, no coat, no hat and not even a scarf, in her hurry to flee the house she had completely forgotten to take anything with her.

The little girl’s body didn’t have much stamina yet, she was already out of breath and unable to continue running so she had been forced to slow down her pace and “settle” for the fastest walk she could manage.

After a few more minutes of struggle against the elements, she finally reached her goal, one of the dissafected buildings sometimes used as squats by delinquents and gang members that she knew would most certainly be barren. But it would provide her with shelter nonetheless so it would have to do either way. With a bit of luck this would at least temporarily shield her from the worst of the horrific weather, including the absolutely frozen wind and the heavy snow falling outside. The child looked around the building to find a way in, so as soon as she saw an opening she didn't hesitate, she crawled in between the broken doors and sneaked inside the concrete structure.

Although now that she was in, the little girl found herself quite lost on the matter of what she should do next, that is until she remembered some of the things Mom taught her about temperature and how hot air always went up while the cold one stayed closer to the ground. So the little girl followed the advice, just like Mom had taught her, she walked up several flights of stairs to seek warmth, steadily climbing the steps, one after the other, she was quite slow but never slowed down. That is, until exhausted and very much short of breath, she had to stop in hopes of recovering a bit of energy. The burning sensation in her muscles and lungs was so bad that she had no other choice but to sit for a moment.

That’s when she realised that she could barely feel her hands anymore, they were so cold that the tips of her fingers had lost their red colour in favour of a sickly pale white, she didn’t know what it meant exactly but she for sure knew it was bad. So very slowly the little girl brought her hands close to her mouth so that her breath could warm them a little. And it eventually did, after several long minutes her heart finally stopped feeling like it was about to burst out of her chest.

She knew that she needed to get back up and get moving again, staying here wasn't a viable option. It was too open and still too close to the entrance, if dad were to search for her he wouldn't have to go very far to find her and this would be even worse than the cold. So laboriously the young girl got back on her feet and slowly she started walking up the stairs again, step by step and using the handrail as a support because at this point she was so exhausted that her legs could barely even support her own weight anymore.

She eventually made her way to a floor that was definitely warmer than all the others she had passed until now. Which meant that it should have a source of warmth somewhere near! She might be able rest a little and get a break from the frozen wind and chilling temperature she'd been forced to face since she had fled from her home.

Unfortunately for the child, it would never happen, the source of warmth was a fire from which the flames had died long before she even came here. What she had felt was simply it's residual heat that would continue to dissipate until there would be nothing to stop her small body from slowly freezing to death.

Or was there really?