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The Five Meteors

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“Five Meteors came down upon this world and collided to create our univeRSE. It is rumored that only single fragments of these magical meteors still exist in the universe toDAY. You, Chiaki Morisawa, must find four heroes on your journey to save the world from the dark order, and find these fragments to resonate with the power of the meteORS. Luckily, you already have the red meteor by your sIDE.”


A man of unidentifiable age spoke right outside the cave. The only light source was the firepit that stood before him, the countless stars in the sky. He did various hand motions that created images of the things he had been describing. The person he was talking to, Chiaki, was wearing a necklace; hanging at the bottom of it was a meteor fragment, which emitted a faint glow when he stared at it. He looked up at the man sitting across from him at the fire.


“I understand, master.”


Moments pass.


“You’ve trained very hard, ChiaKI. I believe you are ready to embark on your journey to find the Five MeteORS.”


Chiaki blinked, his eyes widened in surprise. The words from his master seemed to have come out of nowhere. 


“Are you really sure, master? I’m honored you say so, but you’re letting me out in a world I have no experience with! I’ve only known planet earth all my life, and suddenly, I’m being sent to explore the entire universe…”


The man shook his head. “Chiaki, if I was not fully confident in your skills, I wouldn’t have said you are ready to leAVE. Trust my words, discipLE… Besides, we don’t have a moment to waste. If you do not assemble the Five Meteors in time, I fear what will happen to the uniVERSE.” 


“Yes master, but- what will you do here all alone?” He understood the decision more, but it still didn’t seem right.


“I have always lived my life by myself. I assure you I will be fiNE. Go now, my disciple, the universe is calling for yoU.”


Chiaki decided he shouldn’t oppose his master’s words anymore; he accepted his master’s decision. Nodding firmly and looking up to the sky, he held out his hand and concentrated until flames appeared from them, flying into the air. In the distance space, he could see five stars grouped together, each with a distinct color: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

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It was around 8:30 PM, and Chiaki had been moving things out of his college dorm. He and his roommate had been packing their stuff into boxes and helping each other carry their things to their cars. Chiaki had just graduated from college and now he has his sights on joining the world's greatest space company. Ever since Chiaki was young, he was obsessed with what lies beyond the earth, he heard stories about what things were like beyond the skies and that there were signs of life elsewhere in space from his family, and Chiaki was determined to see those things for himself. 


Finally, all of Chiaki’s things were loaded into the trunk of his car. He shut the trunk tightly and said his goodbyes to his roommate. He got inside his car, starting up the engine, and went off to drive himself home. The sky was dark blue and stars started becoming more visible. Chiaki wanted to view those stars while also focusing on the road… 


Whilst driving home, Chiaki noticed something strange on the side of the road. He slowed down his car and parked it on the side, jumping out of his car and locking the doors. He looked around to further investigate, and he realized the strange thing was a man covered in robes, passed out. Chiaki’s first assumption was that this man had been drinking on the sidewalk and passed out, but he couldn’t detect the scent of alcohol around this guy anywhere, nor could he find a bottle of alcohol on him.


He shook the man. “Sir! Sir, please get up!” 


No response.


Chiaki could feel himself panicking. Was this guy dead? He checked the man’s pulse. Thankfully, he was alive. He wasn’t sure what to do now and because of his state of panic; he wondered if he should’ve just left this guy alone, but that didn’t feel right at all. He decided the best option was to take this man to the hospital, just in case. He used his strength to carry the man’s body to his car, unlocking the doors, and laid him down in the passenger seats. Chiaki then got to the front seat of his car and started driving.

It would be a while before Chiaki could go home, but getting this guy the care he needed was a bigger priority. Chiaki followed the route to the hospital displayed on his phone’s GPS app. It would take a half-hour to reach the nearest hospital.


About 10 minutes had passed. The road Chiaki was taking was empty and dark and the only noise that could be heard was the car engine. That was until he could hear noises from the backseat.


“... Sir? Is everything alright..?” he’d ask with his eyes glued to the road. It took some time for the man in the backseats to respond.


“Chiaki MorisaWA. Is that your naME?” The man spoke in a low but soft voice.


Chiaki stepped on the brake out of shock. The car suddenly stopped and he turned his head to the back of the car.


“H-how do you know my name..?” He was beginning to wonder if helping this strange guy was a good idea at all.


“I have been looking for you. I need you for something very imporTANT. Please do not take me to the hospital, rather- take me to your house so we can discuss this properly, plEASE.” 


Chiaki was very unsure about this, but he did as the guy had requested.




“My name is Natsume SakasaKI. However, you will not be referring to me as such for lONG.” Natsume introduced himself as he took a gentle sip of the cup of tea Chiaki had prepared for him. 


“I see... What is it you need me for, Sakasaki-san?” Chiaki inquired, blowing on the tea he had prepared for himself.


“Forgive me for how strange this may sound, but I come from spaCE. I am a wizard equipped with the gift of prophecy, and my recent foresight tells me that you are needed to be the universe's heRO.” Natsume had explained.


Chiaki had been taking small sips of his tea as Natsume spoke, but once he had heard the last part, he spat out his tea.


“Ahaha, you must be joking, right? C’mon now, everyone knows I'm obsessed with tokusatsu and all of that but… but you can’t just use that to play around with m-”


“I am not ‘playing around’ MorisaWA. This is seriOUS. Those rumors about what lies beyond the earth are reAL. You must come with me to space. My visions have told me there is a dark order that is quietly coming into formation to take control of all of the univERSE. This does not only affect the people who live far in space, but it also will affect your precious earth if you do not stop IT.” Natsume’s tone changed as if he had some frustration towards Chiaki’s disbelief. 


He stopped to think about it for a moment. Would someone who was just messing around go this far for something as simple as a joke? 


“I’m sorry, please continue,” Chiaki apologized.


“You are not the only hero needed to stop this potential wAR. Four other heroes will accompany you on your jourNEY. However, you must seek those people out yourSELF. There is a legend about how the universe was formed; five meteors collided with each other and created our univeRSE. Fragments of these meteors still exist across space, but your journey will require you to search for thEM. Thankfully, I have the fragment of the red meteor, which is yoURS.” Natsume continued, finishing his cup of tea.


“However, my visions me these meteor pieces will be useless on their oWN. If these are to help you at all, you will need to have collected all five of them to unleash their poWER. That is why I shall train you to use fire magic to assist you until you obtain all five fragmENTS.” Natsume placed his teacup on the table before him and put his hands together. Upon opening them, a small flame appeared from his palms, and Chiaki stared at the flame in surprise and wonder.


He wasn’t sure how to continue the conversation. Things were happening way too fast for him. Such a huge bombshell was struck onto him, but for some reason, deep down, he knew he needed to do something. If the universe was seriously in danger, he would do anything to stop it. But at the same time, this all felt like a dream. This felt like the plot to some hero show, and going on this journey would allow him to go to space as he had always dreamed of. He also felt weird about just leaving to go to space without telling his loved ones, his family and friends would think he died or something, and he deeply cared about those people as much as he cared about the fate of the world.


“Alright, I’ll go with you. But first, let me contact my family and friends so I can let them know I will be gone for a while.”



In the large array of stars and planets around space, Chiaki was piloting a small spaceship, one hand was on a handle that controlled the ship, and his free hand was placed on a map given to him by his master. The map had all the planets in the universe, and important planets were marked in red with information about them. Right next to his map was a bag of money.


 Master said I need to find four people, the leader of the ninja clan’s son, a fighter in the jungle, the king of the sea kingdom, but he gave absolutely no details on the fourth person I need to seek out… How will I find them? 


Above the spaceship controls was a blue LED panel that beeped, signaling that Chiaki was close to his destination. He slowed down the ship and cranked the handle so the ship would fly downwards. The lower he got, the more the atmosphere changed. The image of the galaxy faded and Chiaki landed in a spaceship parking lot, his ship moving much slower now in case of other entering and existing ships. He searched for open space and carefully landed in that spot. Chiaki let go of the handle and pushed a button that turned off the ship. He grabbed his bag of money and placed it into his pouch attached to his belt.


As he exited the parking lot, a large shopping district greeted his eyes, where several stalls and stores are set up to attract buyers. Chiaki reached into his pants pocket and grabbed a slip of paper he wrote on. The paper had a shopping list of all the supplies he would need for his journey across space. He could hear his stomach grumbling and decided he should look for food first.


He looked around. All the food vendors were nothing like the food he always ate on earth, the dishes being sold were all kinds of peculiar colors and scents. None of them seemed bad; he was just scared to try them in case it turned out to somehow be allergic to food from space. While walking, he was surprised to see a stand selling earth groceries. He could make food then, if he couldn't find anything he was actually willing to eat here. He approached it, thankful there was at least something that he was familiar with. He wondered if other earthlings were in space, trying to make a business.


Chiaki approached the stand. The person trying to sell groceries was a depressed-looking teenage boy; he slumped on the stand and was scratching his light brown hair. He noticed Chiaki coming his way and stood up straight, attempting to make a welcoming expression on his face, although it looked really awkward. 


“Hello there, can I get some vegetables please?” Chiaki pointed at the bundle in a transparent bag in a box next to the stand. He didn’t take note of the teenager's awkward face, which the teen seemed thankful for. 


“Sure thing, that’ll be 120 star shards,” the teenager replied nonchalantly. Thankfully, the bundle was fairly cheap, so Chiaki had plenty of money left for other things he would need. He reached into his pocket for the money and handed the requested amount to the boy. 


“Thank you, sir, enjoy your day.” The teenager’s face didn’t spare a smile; it just seemed too much for him. Something was clearly bothering him.


“You too, and brighten up, it’s a nice day today!” Chiaki replied with a cheerful smile. The seller lacked an emotional response, but he just nodded.


Chiaki’s first exposure to people who lived in outer space was in the marketplace, and it wasn’t half bad. It was hard to tell that he was an earthling since there were many normal humans that lived in space. It made it easier for him to fit in though and feel less awkward about being on different planets for the first time.


Chiaki was pulling a large cart of supplies back to his ship, sweat falling down from his face from how heavy it was. With the push of a button on a remote he pulled out of his pants, the space shuttle opened, and he continued carrying his stuff inside until he reached the storage unit of the ship. Carefully, he unloaded everything on the cart inside, and when he was done, he satisfyingly wiped the sweat off his brow and took a deep breath. 


He walked back near the ship’s entrance to shut the door and fly off to his next destination until he heard several shouts from the crowd in the marketplace. Chiaki decided to investigate, and so he got off on his ship and pulled out his remote again to shut the ship’s door, and shoved it back into his pocket. He sprinted to the crowded area of the marketplace, his heartbeat increasing from not only his speed but because a part of him was really worried about what could possibly be happening. 


He had every right to worry; he made it into the crowd and saw a large black spaceship covering the sky and every single pair of eyes were glued onto it. The ship started to land, making everyone who was already on the ground back as far away as they could from the scary-looking spaceship. 


The body flap of the ship opened up from the top and set itself on the ground to be used as stairs for whoever was going to come out of the ship. After the gas covering the entrance disappeared from the ship, several armored people stormed out, surrounding the ship and acting as guards. Murmurs and whispers echoed from the large crowd. The depressed teenager Chiaki had encountered earlier looked in distress. He appeared to be searching for something amongst the sea of people.


Once all guards had exited the ship, another figure stood before the entrance. Slowly he walked down the stairs of the ship, revealing himself in the daylight. The person who came from the ship was a man who wore a fancy cape with a large symbol on it, covering most of his leather clothes. He fixed the glasses he wore over his topaz-colored eyes and ran his fingers through his messy dark blue hair. 


He centered his vision towards the crowd of people, not a single word escaping from his mouth. All he did was raise his right hand to point towards the crowd of people, and in a heartbeat, all the guards charged at the innocent civilians within the marketplace.

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What once felt like slight uneasiness quickly turned into panic. Screams and the clanking of armor overwhelmed Chiaki’s fragile ears, but he needed to do something. Despite having little understanding as to why these things were happening, he knew the guardsmen were the bad guys. ESPECIALLY the caped man, he was a super bad guy. Probably the baddest of bad guys in the whole universe. Who in the world would make their army charge after innocent people with no properly given reason? A super bad guy, obviously.


Chiaki clenched his fists and focused his energy. He wasn’t expecting to have to use his magic so early on in his journey. But this was outer space, a dangerous place to earthlings like him. He’d have to defend himself and protect others. He could feel hot flames cover his fists and while the fire he was summoning was his own, the heat stung him a little. He charged towards the nearest guardsman who was harassing a child who looked barely old enough to talk and punched them in the face. 


“Leave them alone!” He growled as the flames scorched the guard's cheek, which caused them to fall back as they put their hand over their burnt cheek. Chiaki turned to the child, asking if they were okay. The child nodded.


“Listen, you gotta run to safety as fast as possible. Make sure no one notices you, okay?” Chiaki told them with a very rushed voice. The child nodded once more before disappearing into the chaotic crowd. 


He bolted through the crowd of guards and civilians, any guard that tried to lay a hand on Chiaki was greeted pleasantly by his flaming fists. In the corner of his eye, he saw the teenager he met earlier that day who was surrounded by guards and stuck on the ground. He ran across to the other side of the marketplace and sneaked up on the guardsmen, who were faced away from him, knocking them out from behind. The teen gasped as he saw Chiaki give the surrounding guards a beatdown. He backed away to avoid being accidentally hit by anyone or anything but bumped into a guard behind him who grabbed his arm. 


“LET GO!” He yelled as he tried to push the guard's hand off of him, while combating the other guards Chiaki heard the teenagers cry and kicked the guard he was currently fighting in the groin, who let out a wail of pain and fell to the ground. Chiaki rushed to the person trying to restrain the kid and rubbed his hands together to shoot out a spiral of flames at them. They panicked as their armor was set aflame. But Chiaki wasn’t done yet! He set his fist to flames again and socked them in the stomach, knocking them back quite a bit. 


“Kid! Are you alright?” Chiaki asked as he let his fist cool down from the flames they wielded. The teen did not look back at him though, his sights were focused on what was ahead of him. The teenager pointed to the ship entrance in panic.


“Over there! They’re taking my family, please help them!” He wailed, Chiaki turned to the direction where he was pointing at. He would have to be super speedy if he wanted to reach the kid's family members before they were forced onto the ship. Chiaki was willing to do so however, as a hero- taking risks to save people was his job. He took a deep breath, preparing his legs for the great sprint he was about to do. Within a few seconds, he dashed and breathed heavily as his legs did their hardest to reach the teen's family in time. He noticed all the guards around him were charging towards the ship with people from the marketplace who would be taken in as prisoners. The pressure to save the family was greater now that he could see he had much less time than he thought. 


He was approaching the spaceship entrance, where the family was about to be forcefully boarded on; he shot fire out of his palm towards the guardsmen forcing them onto the ship, but the cloaked man stood in front of him and the only thing he had to do to prevent Chiaki from disrupting their current plans was to reach his palm out, shooting an energy wave that collided into Chiaki, with a loud BOOM, Chiaki had been launched away from the ship and fell far away from the spaceship that was soon departing. He got up weakly and jolted his head up towards the ship that was now floating above the ground and readying itself to leave.


He reached his hand up towards the sky and, in a hoarse voice, desperately called out, “N-no.. come back here!” 


Of course, his voice was too quiet and insignificant to reach anyone up there. 




Chiaki had woken up after he passed out on the ground. He got himself to his feet and dusted himself from the pebbles and dirt over his clothes. The sky had darkened, with several shades of blue, orange, and red filling the sky. In the distance, he could see a figure sitting where the spaceship had been previously. Chiaki approached the person to check in on them, only to realize as he got closer- the person was the depressed teenager, who was now the mourning teenager.


He stood still as glittering tears fell from his eyes and silent sobs escaped his voice. The worst part about this was that he had no idea what would become of his family after they had been captured. Whoever those strange visitors were, it's quite possible they could easily kill his entire family; and he wouldn’t know until it was too late. The mourning teenage kid froze when he heard footsteps and slightly turned his head to see Chiaki.


Chiaki looked at him with a face filled with regret and kneeled down next to him.


“Kid, I’m extremely sorry… It’s my fault your family is gone; I thought I could save them in time, but it seems I overestimated myself.” He apologized as he looked at the ground shamefully. 


The younger boy didn’t accept nor deny his apology, but he seemed to acknowledge it. He simply looked up to the sky.


“My family sells vegetables from earth for a living. My dad travels back and forth to obtain and deliver them so we can make a living but, with everyone gone… I don’t know how I’m even supposed to survive alone.” He spoke in a whisper, feeling hopeless and dreadful. There was a silence between them; the only noise was the faint wind.


“I realized I never told you my name. I’m Chiaki Morisawa,” Chiaki rushed to say before the room for further conversation disappeared instantly.


“I’m Midori Takamine,” Midori replied, the misery in his voice still there.


“Takamine, do you know of the Dark Order?” Chiaki inquired, looking up at the sky with Midori.


“I only ever heard of them in rumors from my parents,” He answered slowly.


“I believe the people on that ship were a part of the Dark Order, they’re more than a rumor, they’re a genuine threat to every living being in space,” Chiaki claimed, making Midori look at Chiaki.


“Are you sure that’s true..? W-what if those people were just some criminal organization or somethi-”


“No. I am certain of it. Please, let me tell you my story.” Chiaki interjected, Midori stopped and nodded.


“I come from earth; my life was entirely normal until a wizard, who has the power of prophecy, visited me and told me I was needed for a dire situation. He said I need to find four heroes to help me save the world. The Dark Order is a real thing, and they plan on taking over every single planet in our universe. I need to find the four meteor fragments in space to help us win our fight against the Dark Order before everything falls under their control.” He explained as a faint gust of wind blew towards them.


“But… all the people who had prophecy powers- the prophets all died years ago,” Midori claimed. “They all died because the prophecies they gave caused many unnecessary wars and deaths. So to prevent it, they all burned themselves alive.” He explained, seeing as Chiaki was an earthling, there were many things about space history he did not know.


“Then, my master is the last surviving prophet in the universe. If there are no more prophecies, let this be the last one the world ever has to deal with. If you still don’t believe me, please look at this.” Chiaki dug in his shirt to pull out a necklace that held the red meteor fragment. Midori gasped as he saw the sparkling space rock. 


Actually, Chiaki had no clue how possessing the meteor fragment was supposed to prove anything to Midori, but he looked convinced and that’s what matters. Chiaki stood up and offered Midori his hand.


“Forgive me if this seems very sudden but, join me! This journey of mine was never meant to be taken alone, and we can search for your family once we get all five meteor shards. Besides, you seem young and I don’t think a kid your age should be all alone.” Chiaki was genuine and hoping Midori would join him. A little bit of the desire was because he didn’t want to be lonely but also because as a hero, he wanted to help those who are vulnerable any way he could. 


Midori’s eyes widened as he looked up at Chiaki. He was very hesitant about such an idea; he was definitely right about how he shouldn’t be alone without anyone to take care of him and Chiaki saved him so it was almost like Midori owed him one. Slowly Midori reached out his hand to Chiaki’s. He got up from the ground and gave him a firm handshake.


“I’ll go with you,” Midori agreed. Those words made Chiaki’s face light up with delight. 


“I’m very happy to have you join me on my journey, Takamine.” 




When they had boarded Chiaki’s ship, the planet’s sun had fully set and the stars and planets across space were visible for everyone to see. 


“You said you came from earth, right Morisawa-san? How were you found by a prophet on such a planet? There has almost been little to no interaction between earthlings and those of us who live in space.” Midori questioned, setting up a bed in the small sleeping area within the spaceship.


“I’m not sure how he came to the earth exactly, but I found him on the side of the road one night. I graduated college- school for adults unless you don’t know what that is. Initially, I took him to the hospital but while I was on my way there. He woke up and told me to go to my house to discuss the whole prophecy thing and that I had to go to space to train with him, that’s how I have my fire magic. It’s because he said the meteor shards' magic is useless on their own unless all five of them are united.” Chiaki went on a tangent. It felt weird considering how fairly recent the encounters were; it had been three months since Chiaki first met Natsume. But he spoke of the events as if they happened years ago. In the distance, Midori had finished setting up his bed and sat on it. 


“If you’re an adult, you must be older than me, I’m like… 15.” Now Midori felt awkward, a space adventure with some college kid, and a guy who would have entered high school if he was an earthling, it wasn’t something you’d expect. It almost felt like their adventures would consist of Chiaki babysitting Midori while going on potentially life-threatening journeys. Midori hoped the babysitting thing wouldn’t be true, he’d rather be kidnapped with his parents if that was going to be the case. He was thankful for Chiaki’s service, but he also thought he was kind of weird. Especially because of the whole “brighten up!” comment he made after selling vegetables to him. He almost wanted to say Get out of my business, old man. (Even if Chiaki wasn’t that old)


I really hope the people we’re supposed to find aren’t all older people… Imagine having FIVE people babysit you. That would be completely embarrassing. He thought to himself.


Midori got up to go to the bathroom before going to bed. As he walked down a short hall he could feel his foot touch something. He bent down to pick it up. It was some sort of action figure.


“Morisawa-san, is this yours?” He walked back and showed him the toy.


Chiaki stared at the toy with stars in his eyes. 


“Takamine, sit down. Let me tell you a thing or two about tokusatsu!” Chiaki said excitedly.


Oh no, what did Midori get himself into?


The entire night was spent Chiaki info-dumping about the world of tokusatsu shows he was obsessed with since his childhood.

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The most sleep Chiaki or Midori got that night was three hours at best.


Still, they had to get up bright and early. Chiaki had to nudge Midori out of bed. He even used his talk about tokusatsu as a threat if Midori didn’t wake up early. When he heard that the young boy bolted out of bed and Chiaki would laugh right after, he felt like a dad.


When both of them had prepared themselves for the day, Chiaki got to the pilot seat of the spaceship and, using the various buttons in front of him, set coordinates for their next destination.


“So what exactly are we doing now? Where are we supposed to go?” Midori asked. If he was being honest, he still didn’t have a full grip on what they would be doing on their journey, despite accepting Chiaki’s invitation to join him.


“My master gave me a map marked with important places. One of the planets we have to visit is where ninjas and samurai live. We must find a young ninja who is supposed to be the successor of the clan.” Chiaki pointed at a specific point on the map, circled in red. “You’ll want to sit tight since it will be a few hours before we get there.”


Ninjas living in space sounded very odd, and farfetched, but were very real.


The spaceship landed inside a forest where a large area conveniently wasn’t covered in trees. Chiaki and Midori waited for the ship’s body flap to fully open up before dismounting the ship. Once they had both gotten off, Chiaki grabbed a small controller device out of his pocket and pushed a button that closed the spaceship’s door. He inserted the controller back into his pocket and looked straight ahead of him. 


“Come on, Takamine. If we move far ahead enough, we’ll find the Ninja Clan’s base!” Chiaki turned to face Midori and pointed south. Midori sighed in response and gave his arms a quick stretch before following behind Chiaki. 


As they continued their journey through the large forest with only minimal light coming from gaps within tree leaves, both of them noticed that the deeper they went into the forest, the more different these trees looked; they had significant marks and cuts on them, and Chiaki even stepped on an abandoned shuriken, which almost startled him when he stepped on it. All of this proved they were getting much closer to ninja territory.


“Morisawa-san, how are we going to approach these ninjas…? It doesn’t feel right for us to just walk in unannounced. What if they think we’re intruders or something? Then they’ll lock us up… and interrogate us… jeez, just thinking about what will happen is so draining.” Midori remarked with a sigh, as he could already feel sweat fall from his body. He was really starting to wish he left Chiaki on his own with his adventures. Chiaki stopped to turn around.


“You raise a good point, Takamine… There are guards at the entrance of the Ninja Clan’s village, so if we calmly walk up to them and explain our business with the leader- I’m sure things will turn out fine!” 


Things were not fine, however. Midori could hear the bushes rustling while Chiaki decided to monologue about his plans, making him uneasy and worsening his sweating. Midori’s eyes darted behind Chiaki and he could clearly see ninjas had just appeared in the trees, waiting to ambush them. Midori was visibly very nervous and tried to ignore them. He tried waving his hands in the older man’s face. Trying to alert him with noise would do no good, he figured the ninjas that were so close to ambushing him would attack the moment he made a peep. Unfortunately for Midori, his efforts were in vain. 


One ninja held a shuriken in their fingertips, ready to strike as they were in a position where they were ready to throw it. Midori noticed this from the corner of his eye, and when the ninja was just about to throw a shuriken- Midori ran towards Chiaki and pushed him out of the way, landing both of them on the ground. Chiaki made a painful “Oof!” as he hit his head against the dirt. The rest of the ninjas didn't hesitate to ambush the two as they jumped out of the trees and other hiding spots. They were knocked out, and everything, after that was a blur as both of their worlds, went black.




“Nnngh…” Chiaki could feel his head throbbing intensely from the fall he took earlier and his vision was blurry. He tried to move his body, but it seemed his body was stuck in a kneeling position, with his head on the floor. He couldn’t move his arms, which made him quickly realize that he had been tied up. He struggled to get his body upright, and once he did, he looked up and noticed a boy standing before him. He turned his head around in search of Midori, only to realize he was next to him, to his right. 


“Eyes up here, intruder,” the boy blurted out with his arms crossed. Chiaki looked upon command. Standing right in front of him was a short boy whose bangs covered his left eye, and a large, ugly scar across his face. His eye had a piercing glare that made Chiaki and Midori uneasy. The room was barely lit by a single torch at the back of it, casting a shadow over him which only made him scarier, along with two guards at the entrance of the room covered in completely black clothing, they almost blended perfectly within the shadows if not for the yellow lighting of the room. 


“What business do you have with the Ninja Clan that you feel the need to step onto our territory, uninvited?” the scary-looking boy interrogated, his body not moving an inch. Right beside this boy was another taller than him, their hair tied into a side braid.


“Well, ah- um…” Chiaki stuttered. “This may sound hard to believe but, I come because I need to recruit someone for uh- something really important! I was sent by a prophet to seek out the next in line! The leader’s son-”


“You mean the Jonin? I am his son, de gozaru.” the ninja boy interrupted.


“Really? Then that’s perfect! Okay so- we need you to… to… we need you because the universe is in danger! The prophet- my master said a dark order is coming. They’re coming to take over the universe as revenge from a war long ago…!” Chiaki’s tone was extremely nervous, which made him sound very unconvincing. He felt silly for being intimidated by someone who was significantly younger than him.


Raising an eyebrow, it was obvious the ninja boy was skeptical of Chiaki’s information, even with the minimal light. “Uh-huh, a likely story. Everyone knows that all the prophets are dead.” 


“But one survived..! My master did… you need to believe me! Please..! Neither I nor Takamine came here seeking harm... We only ask for your help!” Chiaki explained, sounding more desperate than ever.


“Even if that is true, there will be people after them once word of a surviving prophet comes out… Oh jeez, I’m very sorry for speaking out of turn!” The tall ninja said, feeling nervous and embarrassed. The shorter one put a hand on their shoulder in reassurance and his expression softened. He then refocused on the current situation. 


“Enough with the bullshit, de gozaru. I don’t know who sent you… but you will answer us with the truth, now. ” The scary-looking ninja’s gaze intensified, his eyebrows furrowing. 


“This is the truth! I promise you, I would never go into unknown territory trying to harm other people!” The intense nervousness in Chiaki’s voice failed him once more, sounding very unconvincing.


“You only make claims through your words, but how are we so sure you mean what you say? I cannot risk the safety of the clan because of two intruders wandering on our territory, de gozaru.” The young ninja crossed his arms, still very unconvinced.


“Besides, if you didn’t mean any harm to us then you would’ve properly notified us beforehand of your arrival. That’s what you’re supposed to do prior to entering our territory.” He continued.


“I’m very sorry! I should’ve done that, but I didn’t know any better because I came from earth!” Chiaki blurted out, he was willing to bring up anything about him if it could possibly defend him at this moment. That seemed to only raise suspicion about Chiaki and Midori. 

“Chief, should we imprison them?” The taller ninja accompanying the heir asked, waiting for the other's affirmation.


“NO!” Chiaki yelled desperately.


“Yes,” The young ninja looked at the two ninjas guarding the door as if he was telling them what to do telepathically. The two guards dragged Chiaki and Midori out of the room. Chiaki tried to convince the two to reconsider, but the moment he opened his mouth, the guards shut him up.


Soon the guards, Chiaki, and Midori would disappear from the room.


“Agh, Shinobu… I need to stop calling you ‘chief’, especially because you don’t like it…” The tall teenager rubbed his head, seemingly frustrated with himself.


“Please do not fret over it Mayoi-dono, I just want you to know we aren’t strangers to each other anymore. Anyways, let’s go. We need to let my father know about these ‘visitors’.” Shinobu reassured him, both of them left, leaving the room empty with only the light of a torch filling its space.




Chiaki and Midori were thrown into a prison cell like they were trash. Both fell hard on their backs, which left them with aching pain. Their journey wasn’t off to an amazing start, especially for Midori. He accepted the offer to join Chiaki on his mission and now he was a prisoner? Perfect, just perfect. This is definitely the ideal circumstance for both of them. 


The walls of the prison were completely made of cobblestone, and they seemed to be underground. The floor was very uncomfortable to sit on, it felt cold and hard. It sent chills across their bodies.


“I seriously didn’t think our first destination would land us in prison…” Midori grumbled. He sounded like it was more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. “I mean, how are we supposed to get out of here..?” 


There was nothing nearby to help them escape. The only thing that lay in the cell with them was a bunch of dust. Chiaki then stared down at his palms with an idea in mind. 

His hands were still recovering from the fight he had the day before. Despite the fact he wielded fire magic, he had to be careful with how he used it. If he didn’t use his magic carefully, his hands would suffer from burns. But in this case, there was no other solution and because there was no rush to fight anything, he could focus all his energy towards his magic. 


“Takamine, I have an idea,” Chiaki spoke, his voice echoing in the empty halls of the dungeon. Midori said nothing in response but he looked up at him like he was saying, “yeah, I’m listening.” 


“I can get us out of here easily. I’ll use fire to melt the bars. But now we’ll go directly to the ninja clan’s leader. His son doesn’t seem to like negotiation that much, so we have to sneak around until we find the leader himself, and hopefully, he’ll listen to us…” Chiaki explained, readying his hands and reciting a spell in his mind to summon fire into his palms.


“But, we’re in a palace full of ninjas, Morisawa-san… I’m sure they’d be better at sneaking around, and would probably even catch us trying to sneak into their leader's room. We’ll look so suspicious and they’ll probably kill us. Ugh, this is all so stressful,” Midori complained as he put his hands to his forehead.


Whether or not this Plan B would work was really debatable, ninja’s were known for their stealth and sneakiness, along with being able to blend into their surroundings well. Because of this, it was possible to be easily caught by anyone they didn’t even know was nearby.


Chiaki’s hands were covered in flames, and he gripped the bars of their cell tightly until he could feel them melting. He tried hard to channel every bit of energy in him to his fire, but he couldn’t help it if his hands stung just a little bit from the flames. He moved his hands to other parts of the bars once the ones he was touching previously completely melted. Midori watched curiously; with Chiaki’s expression, and the amount of energy he was putting into it, he thought the older man was in pain. 


Soon, enough of the bars melted that both of them could exit the cell with no problem. Midori moved out after Chiaki, and both were no longer trapped in a confined area.


“Morisawa-san, can I get a look at your hands..?” Midori asked, already looking at his palms. Chiaki put his hands forward and Midori put his own hand underneath Chiaki’s. His free hand was above Chiaki’s and his fingers did a fluttering motion until small green sparkles fell from his fingertips and onto the burn marks of Chiaki’s hands. He looked down at his healing hands in amazement; he had no idea Midori was capable of such magic.


“Amazing, Takamine! This will be super useful in future battles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Chiaki squeezed Midori into a hug that was way too tight for Midori’s liking.


“Argh, Morisawa-san, please let go of me! Just because I healed your hand doesn’t mean you get to squeeze me into a hug!” Midori yelled, struggling to get out of Chiaki’s arms. Chiaki apologized sheepishly and let go of him.


“Geez Morisawa-san, you’re like an over-excited father,” Midori pouted, looking away from him.


“You think I act like a father?” Chiaki asked excitedly with a bright smile.


“That’s not what I completely meant… nevermind, I regret saying anything.” Midori sighed.


The two of them would walk in the long narrow halls of the dungeon until they found a spiral staircase, which seemed to be the exit to their prison. They’d journey their way up the stairs cautiously, making sure their steps weren’t too loud for any nearby ninjas to hear, although it was difficult because of the creaking the wooden flooring made. They continued until they found a hallway, lit up with torches and the windows leaking in sunlight which told them they had exited the dungeon area. The wooden palace had many decorative murals on the walls with dull, light colors.


Silently, Chiaki and Midori tiptoed out of the hallway and looked around to find which room could possibly be where the ninjas' leader is. Chiaki assumed the largest door would be the correct room, so they both walked down the route leading to that place.


Poor Chiaki and Midori had the misfortune of encountering Shinobu as they approached the room. For a few moments, they stood dead still, staring at each other. 


“You two…” Shinobu said in a low growl.


“Run,” Chiaki whispered to Midori, and they dashed off before Shinobu could say another word. But that wouldn’t stop him from chasing after them.


“Get back here!” Shinobu yelled angrily, grabbing a shuriken from his pocket and throwing it at them, Midori screamed as the shuriken passed by, almost slicing him. 


They ran into a wall and Shinobu was about to charge at them. Quickly, Chiaki clapped his hands together to shoot fire from his hands, hoping Shinobu would keep away. A smirk appeared on Shinobu’s face, fire was like child's play to him. The little ninja did a flip, dodging the fire and landing on his feet. He would then point a weapon at Chiaki and Midori’s necks.


“I was going to go back into the dungeons and take you to my father if you had just stayed in your prison, but it seems the two of you were too impatient to be let out,” Shinobu explained, looking annoyed.


“Of course we’re impatient, we’re on a really important mission…” Midori mumbled under his breath. No one could continue the conversation; since another man walked into the scene.


“Shinobu, what is all of this ruckus? I said to get the prisoners so I could meet them, I don’t think that’s a very difficult task- is it?” Said an old man with Mayoi behind him, approaching the scene.


“Father! That’s exactly what I was going to do until I found these two escaped!” Shinobu explained himself, lowering his weapon.


“Chasing them isn’t necessary, just bring them to me, son.” His father responded.


“But! What if an enemy from our previous missions sent them to ambush us? Is it really alright to risk our safety because of these two?” Shinobu objected. The idea his father was proposing made him very anxious, but he tried to not let it show.


“I don’t even know why these people are here in the first place. Let us hear why they came here first and then I will see if they are to be trusted or not.” 


Shinobu sighed, giving in to his father and putting his weapons away.


“Good child. Now come on, all of you. Let’s go somewhere so we can discuss these things more properly.” The leader said, waiting for the three to catch up to him and Mayoi.


The halls were dark until they reached an area with large windows that let the sunlight peak into the building. They entered a room where it was much brighter and everyone was easier to see. 


Chiaki looked at Shinobu and Mayoi and wondered if they were possibly siblings because of their closeness in age and how close they seemed.


The clan’s leader cleared his throat.


“Now that we are in a more inviting scene, please state your business.”


“Of course, sir. I come from the last surviving prophet. He found me from earth and took me into space. The entire universe is in danger, and I need to seek four people to help me on my journey. One of the people I was sent to look after was your son.” Chiaki spoke respectfully, bowing after. 


“I do not understand why I am required for such a journey. Why not my father? He is much more capable of such a task than I, de gozaru.” Shinobu asked. He was still extremely skeptical of whatever the two were trying to rope him into.


“Pipe down Shinobu, we should hear them out completely.” It was almost as if his father was tired of his skepticism. Midori tried his hardest to not snicker at it, but he couldn’t help but let out a giggle and a smile on his face. Shinobu immediately glared at him, and Midori quickly humbled himself in fear.


“After I scout all four people, we are to look for the remains of the meteors that once created this world. Their power will help us against the Dark Order, an evil organization on the rise to try to take over the universe.” Chiaki revealed his necklace that held the red meteor fragment. All three ninjas stared in surprise, wondering how some earthling was able to get his hands on an ancient object. 


They started to look more convinced, which made Chiaki wonder if the meteors magic was making people believe what he said. That somehow seemed more magical than whatever was supposed to unleash when the five meteors reunited.


“And we are sure the Dark Order isn’t something you just made up because..?” Shinobu interjected.


“They’re real. They took my family away from me in front of my own eyes. They took so many people away. It’s only thanks to Morisawa-san that I wasn't captured by them, myself.” Midori answered sternly. Chiaki turned to face Midori. He hadn’t spoken a word since they had woken up, captured by ninjas. 


Despite the claims given by Midori, Shinobu didn’t say or do anything to show his change of perspective. It was hard to read him in general; his expressions were like a blank slate. But perhaps that was intentional. He was a ninja, after all. 


“I fully believe you, but it is up to my son whether or not he wants to go with you. Please give him some time for his decision. I imagine he would not be able to make up his mind on such a sudden matter so easily.” The Jonin looked at his son. Shinobu nodded.


“Alright then, I guess. In the meantime, please feel free to stay in personal rooms, or explore the palace with caution. Do not enter any forbidden rooms unless you seek trouble.” Shinobu said, “Let’s go Mayoi-dono,” Mayoi nodded.


“Yes, Chief,” he responded in a shaky voice. Mayoi seemed visibly nervous by the new people appearing in their territory so suddenly.


Chiaki and Midori followed Shinobu and Mayoi until they reached a guest room within the palace. It had a few lit torches, and the furniture wasn’t luxurious, but it was fancier than any ordinary room. 


Shinobu got down on one knee, facing the ground.


“I should apologize to the both of you for being so violent. I thought being cautious would help keep our clan safe, after all as the heir to this clan I do not want to be the reason why anything bad ever happens to us.” He explained himself and everyone in the room stared down at him.


“It’s alright,” Chiaki responded, Midori gave him a weird look, as to say Really? It’s okay that this crazy kid just tried to kill us not too long ago? Because I definitely don’t agree with that! 


“I have no clue what being a leader is like, but I imagine you’d want to take the extra step in protecting everyone and, well- imprisoning and interrogating suspicious people who wind up in your territory. This place is your home after all.” He continued.


“Of course, the outside world knows nothing of us besides the little rumors spread by travelers… but that’s how it should be.” Shinobu nodded in affirmation. He decided to change the subject after that.


“I am called Shinobu Sengoku, my friend over there is Mayoi Ayase. Our encounter may not have been ideal, but I do hope the rest of your stay here is well.” Shinobu would say formally, still looking down and not making eye contact. 


“I’m Chiaki Morisawa!” He smiled, looking at Midori, and gave him a nudge.


“...and I’m Midori Takamine,” Midori added in his soft voice. 


“Whether you join us on our mission or not is up to you, but I do hope you chose to go with us. Your company would be greatly appreciated.” Chiaki said. Although this was a prophecy, forcing someone to do something for him felt wrong in his eyes. Even if it’s their fate.


Moments later, Shinobu and Mayoi would exit the guest's room, Shinobu had to decide if he really was going to leave his home. Everything was happening too quickly for him, he really needed to think about it. The two of them stood in an empty hallway, staring at the ground.


“Are you really going to leave with them, Chief?” Mayoi asked, looking at the shorter kid from the side. 


“I am not sure, I already have responsibilities as our future leader… I should be here for my people, no? But at the same time, this bigger issue is looming over us. If I do not involve myself with the meteor ordeal, then very soon I will not have a place to protect anymore.” Shinobu thought out loud, uneasiness filled his voice.


There wasn’t much time for Shinobu to dwell on the issue much longer, because a guard was running towards him. 


Shinobu looked in the distance to get a closer look at the guard. Mayoi noticed his change of focus and looked behind him as well.


The guard stopped and panted. “Shinobu-dono, your presence is requested outside the palace.” They said tiredly.


“Come on Mayoi-dono, let’s go investigate.” Shinobu and Mayoi would then walk down a few hallways and stairs to the entrance of the palace. The palace was so big it felt like hours before they could reach the entrance. Outside in the garden in front of the palace were two armored guards that clearly were not from the clan.


“Hello gentlemen, what is it the two of you need, de gozaru?” Shinobu asked, 


“We’re looking for a man,” One of the guards said.


“With all due respect, there are several men here. If you don’t provide us with a better description we will not be able to help you.” Shinobu responded, saying you’re looking for a man was a really bad way to ask for help, he thought.


“You know- A MAN!” The other shouted as if it was supposed to be obvious as to who they were talking about.


Shinobu was getting annoyed already, but he did his best not to show it. He had to act professionally if he were to be a proper leader for his clan.


“Can you at least describe what this man looks like?” He asked, trying to sound polite. 


In the distance, near the entrance, Chiaki and Midori could be seen exiting the palace being escorted. One of the guards fixed their focus on Chiaki and pointed at him firmly, Shinobu and Mayoi turned around to where the guard was pointing.




“You need Morisawa-dono..? For what reason?” Shinobu inquired, he was starting to get concerned for what would happen next, he kept his guard up and made sure they wouldn’t approach Chiaki just yet.

“You ninja bastards need to mind your own business. We are the Destroyers of Light, but you may know us as the Dark Order. Now the man, hand him over .”

Chapter Text

Being cornered by two aliens after just being let out of prison wasn’t how Chiaki thought he would spend his time in ninja territory. Shinobu was trying to negotiate with the two in hopes they wouldn’t harm Chiaki. But the two guards from Destroyers of Light didn’t seem to care about what he had to say.  

The two aliens had thrown their helmets aside to reveal their scarlet red hair. It was quite obvious they were siblings due to their similar features.


“You… you attacked our troops back on Omoh. We’re here to get rid of you so you can’t interfere with our plans ever again.” The younger alien explained and pointed his spear at Chiaki’s neck as he lashed his tail. It was terrifyingly close to poking him.


Ah, so that’s what the planet with the large shopping district was called. That saves me from ever calling it ‘The Shopping District planet’! Wait… I’m being threatened right now! Chiaki blinked, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Stop it! What are you going to do with him?” Midori asked in desperation, everyone amongst the commotion could tell things were turning sour very fast and shared that nervousness.


“We’ll take his life and we’ll be out of your way, of course! Kyahahahaha!!” The older one cackled enthusiastically. He seemed to be itching to stab Chiaki with his pointy spear, having no regard for how big of a disgustingly bloody mess that would become. 


“Enough! You two Destroyers of ‘Might’ must leave now, de gozaru!” Shinobu objected to the violence.


“It’s Destroyers of Light !” the short one corrected, annoyance filling his voice.


Chiaki didn’t understand how these two strangers knew his precise location. Just knowing they could easily track him down freaked him out. Especially because they were trying to kill him.


I really want to know why these people were able to find us like this… Things could get really bad if these Light Destroyers continue following us. Was I not careful enough when leaving Omoh with Takamine? What exactly did I do wrong to risk our safety here?


Behind him, Chiaki could feel a presence. He turned around to see Mayoi and screamed.


Mayoi screamed in response.


“EEEK! I’m sorry for startling you! It’s just, I noticed this weird device on your back that was flashing...!” Mayoi shrieked and plucked a tiny device shaped like a pin off of Chiaki’s belt. It was pearly black and had a flashing red dot on it. Chiaki turned his head as Mayoi put the object in clearer view.


“It… it seems they used this to find your location-” Mayoi was interrupted by the older redhead's loud voice.


“Hey! You’re not supposed to touch that!”  The tall alien yelled. He lashed his tail and whacked the device out of Mayoi’s hand. It landed on the ground with a CRACK!


Midori took the chance to rush over and stomp on the little device until it was in pieces. He checked around his own clothes to check if there was a device on him as well; he found nothing. Take that, redheads!


“No! God damn it!” The tall alien put his head in his hands due to frustration. 


“The device doesn’t matter, Nii-san! Let’s just get rid of him right here and now.” The short alien grabbed his spear, pointing it towards Chiaki. 


His older brother nodded and held up his spear.


Shinobu furrowed his brows, kicking the younger alien in the back, who tumbled to the ground. He slowly got himself up from the ground, while having to rub his back from how much it hurt.


“Enough! You will not harm anyone on our land, de gozaru!” He growled, drawing the weapons hidden underneath his clothes.


“Hey you, ninja bastard! That’s my little bro you’re messing with!” The older sibling was ready to attack until Mayoi tackled him to the ground, his spear launched out of his hands.


“Don’t go anywhere near Chief!” 


Mayoi was less experienced in the art of ninjas, but they still had physical strength by their side. They punched the older redhead they apprehended on the ground in the stomach, who let out a violent cough from the impact. They quickly started throwing several punches at each other.  


Meanwhile, Shinobu and the younger sibling were having a proper duel. Every shuriken Shinobu attempted to throw at his opponent was dodged, having great agility. He drew a ninjato, a ninja sword, and clashed it against the enemy’s spear. Their weapons constantly clanked against each other as they desperately tried making a successful strike. Their eyes fixated on each other with the same desire- to win the fight.


“Takamine, get behind me, I’ll protect you!” Chiaki yelled as he concentrated heat into his fists. He was in a fighting position and ready to guard Midori, who had no experience with fighting. But he didn’t want to just sit there and watch.


“No, Morisawa-san! You should be backing up Sengoku-kun and Ayase-san!” Midori quickly objected. He then ran off, headed for the palace. “I’ll get Sengoku-kun’s father!” He shouted from a distance. The idea was that if Shinobu’s father intervened, the two Destroyers of Light wouldn’t be able to carry out their plans, and would be scared off by the ninja’s leader. After all, The Jonin looked scary especially if you were seeing him for the first time.


The two aliens of the Destroyers of Light were too busy fighting Shinobu and Mayoi to even notice Midori disappeared. 


Shinobu clasped his hands together, and in an instant, he disappeared into black smoke. The young redhead he had been fighting was confused, looking around to see where he had gone. Right behind him was where Shinobu reappeared and chopped his neck with his hand. There was little time for the younger sibling to react as he fainted instantly, falling to the ground.


The older brother who was fighting Mayoi saw this in the corner of his eye. He quickly searched for a weak point on them, resulting in Mayoi getting punched in the stomach. Mayoi yelled in pain and fell over, placing his hands over his stomach. The older alien picked up his spear and charged towards Shinobu from behind.


“SENGOKU, WATCH OUT!” Chiaki yelled. Shinobu turned around and gasped. Chiaki ran towards the attacker, as his fists were on fire. His hands aimed for the spear; he was trying to yank the spear out of his hands and melt it with his fire so that it couldn’t be used for fighting anymore. He was able to melt the spear in half and proceeded to punch the older alien’s face.


Mayoi got up from their fall, running behind the enemy and locking him in a restraining position. With only one of the siblings conscious, the fight was easier to win; it was one against three, after all!


Shinobu approached the enemy alien, who was struggling to get out of Mayoi’s tight grip. 


“Both of you will leave now . You will not spill any blood here. Go before I kill you.” Shinobu’s voice was low and threatening, contradicting his small size. Chiaki felt a little uneasy at the part where he threatened to kill them. 


A device in the alien’s pockets started glowing and vibrating.


“Shit shit shit! Let go of me, asshole!” The alien kicked Mayoi in the shins with the back of his boot. It caused Mayoi to let go of him and they fell backward. He ran towards his younger brother, shoving Shinobu and Chiaki to the side and then picking his brother up with a single arm.


He took out the device from his pocket. Everyone sensed danger from it and backed as far away as possible.


The device said “INCOMING CALL” and he tapped it a few times, creating a projection image of a strange man above.


Everyone hid in nearby bushes, as to not be seen by whoever was calling. Shinobu and Mayoi had to be dragged into them, as they had no idea what that strange device did.


“Rinne Amagi, you-” he said in a judgemental tone, staring down at the older sibling. He stopped after noticing his unconscious brother.


“What in the galaxy happened to Hiiro?” The digitized voice asked, trying to restrain themself from laughing in mockery.


“H-He’s fainted… We were fighting these people who were trying to disrupt our mission, but he got knocked out by one of the ninjas.” Rinne responded with a hint of shame in his voice. Anger was visible on his face, but something had restrained him from saying what he really wanted to let out.


“Whatever. Did you kill the person you were supposed to?” The projection seemed to be multi-tasking, doing something on a screen while video chatting with Rinne.


“We were in the middle of doing that. The people here were picking a fight with us, so we’ve been fighting them. The guy you wanted us to kill is stronger than we thought.” Trying hard to hide his aggression was hard to do when the person he was talking to was so dismissive and treated him like a lesser being.


“I knew the two of you were incompetent enough to fail this SIMPLE mission. Retreat, for now, we will send people who actually can do the job.” The person on the other line sighed in annoyance and hung up, causing the projection to disappear. 


Rinne sighed and shoved the device back into his pocket, staring back at where everyone else was. He could tell they were still there. 


“Consider yourselves lucky, bastards!” He dropped a smoke bomb, covering the entire area, and as the smoke eventually cleared, the two strange people disappeared.


Shinobu was the first to peek out of the bushes, and when he was certain the two enemies were gone, he jumped out. 


“We need to get out of here before they arrive with more people, de gozaru,” he said, staring back at the bushes, waiting for everyone to come out. 


One by one, everyone else exited the bushes and brushed off any leaves that may have latched themselves onto them. Mayoi rushed back to Shinobu to discuss the new situation at hand.


“Chief? What shall we do?” Mayoi asked, looking at Shinobu with curiosity.


“We leave this planet before anyone finds us, and create a cover-up so they believe Morisawa-dono to be dead.” Shinobu looked at Chiaki, getting him in on the plan.


“‘We’? Sengoku does that mean-”


“Yes, I decided I shall join you and Takamine-kun on the journey to find the five meteors. This is a very sudden decision but there isn’t much time for me to choose.” Despite how composed Shinobu sounded, his heart was pounding and he felt extremely nervous. He just agreed to probably one of the most dangerous missions ever. But it was written in fate, wasn’t it? By the words of a prophet- he would join Chiaki on the adventure to save the universe. It definitely felt like he had not even a single choice in the matter.


“If that’s so, I should go with you,” Mayoi suggested. Shinobu’s face saddened upon hearing that and had a hint of regret for what he would have to say to his friend.


“Mayoi-dono, you can’t. I’m so sorry… If any of us are to go on this adventure, I want it to be the least people possible. You are a sibling to me, I can’t let you risk your life to be beside me as much as I desire that.” Shinobu took Mayoi’s hand and held it firmly, sorrowfully looking down at the ground.


“Please stay with father and… take my place while I am gone, de gozaru.” The young ninja requested. He really didn’t want to leave, but he knew, in the end, he had a responsibility. He had to protect the universe, otherwise, the worst would happen. 


“Chief....” Mayoi understood. They wouldn’t try to get in their friend's way of his mission at all. But it still hurt knowing that they and Shinobu would be separated. 


In the distance, Midori and Shinobu’s father ran to the open area of the palace.


“What? Where are they?” Midori asked, looking around for the alien siblings they were just fighting.


“Takamine! We need to get out of here fast, they’re sending more people after us. We need to get a head start before we are hunted down again.” Chiaki warned, running to Midori, grabbing his wrist.


The Jonin looked confused, but Shinobu was there to fill his father in.


“The Destroyers of Light are sending more people after us. I’m going to leave with Morisawa-dono and Takamine-kun. Please have Mayoi-dono take my place while I am gone.” Shinobu explained to him, he didn’t look his father in the eyes, but he agreed with Shinobu’s decision. He patted his son on the back.


“Very well, my son. I trust you enough to take on this journey.” It surprised Shinobu, but he was glad there weren’t any complications about his plan. 


“Thank you, father… we also need to create a cover-up, we need them to believe Morisawa-dono is dead.” Shinobu continued.


“Leave that to me, you get out of here with them and flee to safety. Me and Mayoi will look after everyone else in your place.” His father had a gentle smile on his face, one Shinobu would miss while he would be gone.




The Jonin and Mayoi escorted Chiaki, Midori, and Shinobu to the forest where Chiaki’s ship was parked. Chiaki pressed a button on a remote that revealed a door from the back of the ship The stairs started to appear and reach the ground so the three could enter. Chiaki and Midori were the first to enter the ship. Hesitantly, Shinobu followed. He took steps forward, but before his foot stepped onto the staircase…


  He turned around and ran back to Mayoi, squeezing them into a hug.


“I’m going to miss you,” Shinobu whispered. Mayoi returned the hug as a bittersweet feeling loomed over the two of them. 


“I will too, Chief.” Mayoi gently patted Shinobu’s back, and they soon let go. 


Shinobu waved goodbye and Mayoi did too, with painful smiles on both of their faces.


Mayoi wasn’t sure, but they swore they saw tears fall from Shinobu’s face as he turned around to board the ship. 


The ship’s door closed and shortly after, its engine started and the ship floated upwards, creating a large gust of wind. Mayoi stared up at the spaceship until it disappeared into the sky.


Through the large front window of the ship, Shinobu placed his hands on it and stared down at his home that faded into the distance. 

“Welcome aboard, Sengoku! I hope you’re comfortable here, we’ll be traveling quite a long distance to the next planet!” Chiaki welcomed Shinobu into their crew. Midori was jotting down coordinates in the control panel of the ship, something Chiaki just recently taught him to do.


“Thank you, Morisawa-dono. I hope that with another ally such as me by your side makes this journey more pleasant.” Shinobu bowed his head down, then approached Midori.


“Takamine-kun, it’s nice to be your acquaintance. I hope we can get along well.” Shinobu reached out his hand for a handshake, and Midori completed the handshake. It was funny: Shinobu didn't trust the two of them at first, but he completely changed within less than a day. Almost as if he had respect for them.


“Oh! Um, yeah…” he replied awkwardly. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel about this- mostly because he was nervous about a newcomer on board and a bit of distrust hit him. Either way, Shinobu was a part of the team now and their time with him would only extend from here on.


“You seem to have people you love really deeply, Sengoku. I’m sorry this mission has forced you to be separated from them.” Chiaki felt the need to apologize, especially after he saw the painful farewell between Shinobu and Mayoi.


“It’s quite alright, de gozaru.” Shinobu insisted. “If I stayed, our universe would be destroyed by those Destroyers of Light, no? My time with my loved ones would’ve been cut short either way.” 


“Is Takamine-kun one of our allies?” Shinobu asked. Midori didn’t seem to know how to fight when Rinne and Hiiro attacked, so he was confused as to why Midori was on board with them.


“The Destroyers of Light took my family as prisoners. I’m staying with Morisawa-san since I don’t really have anyone else to look after me… I also want to use this opportunity to save my family. Maybe I don’t know how to fight now, but I want to.” Midori clenched his fists.


“I didn’t ask to be here but, if I can’t run away then… I won’t.” Midori finished. 


Shinobu seemed amazed by his words, and how his personality and demeanor did a full 180.


“Takamine-kun! Please, let me introduce you to the art of the ninjas de gozaru! It would prove very useful to you! Come on, come on! No time to waste  de gozaru!” Shinobu pulled Midori’s arms to drag him out of his seat.


“Aagh! Sengoku-kun, wait!” Midori wailed. Was this his life now? Being dragged around by energetic people to do things against his will?


Chiaki chuckled. Things were getting lively amongst the three of them already. He sat down in front of the ship's control panel and set a course to their next destination.




Back at the ninja’s base, Mayoi and the Jonin were greeted by two figures wearing white spacesuits. A small boy with pink hair was being escorted by one significantly taller than him, who had dark blue hair and a beauty mark under the corner of his left eye.


“You lowly ninjas should know what we are here for. Where is he? ” the small boy asked, thinking he looked intimidating, but he wasn’t in the slightest. Mayoi stared down at the little one oddly, assuming he was a 9-year-old or something.


“The hell are you staring at me for, weirdo!?” He glared at Mayoi, causing them to jump in surprise. They backed away slowly so that they were behind the Jonin and therefore less visible.


“Young master Tori, please refrain from making any unnecessary remarks. Our mission here is simple.” His escort reminded him calmly, which Tori did not take kindly to.

“Quiet, Yuzuru! Anyway, ugh, what was his name again? Because we need that guy dead and we’re looking for him here,” Tori thought aloud, unable to remember.


“Chiaki Morisawa, young master,” Yuzuru said humbly. 


“Ah yes, right! Thank you Yuzuru. Where is Chiaki Morisawa? We need him dead.” Tori stared up at the Jonin, asserting the fact that he wasn’t scared of a big old man. 


“You will not find him here, we have discarded his body already.” The Jonin lied so simply, remaining calm in the face of enemies.


“How are we so sure we can believe you?” Tori raised an eyebrow in suspicion. 


“B-Because we burned the body!” Mayoi blurted from behind. 


“Oh please, it’s very obvious that you guys are lying! Tell us where he is now before things get nasty!” Tori demanded, preparing to withdraw a laser gun from his back pocket.

The Jonin sighed. “You outsiders and your fancy little tools…” He slipped a shuriken out of his clothes and threw it at the gun, which fell out of Tori’s hand and to the ground. The shuriken sunk so deep into the laser gun that it was useless now.


“Now, you two, do you have any more business with us or are we done here? Because I would hate to have to pick a fight with two people who have such petty reasons to hunt someone down.” 


Tori and Yuzuru had two choices: fight, or flee.