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High Tide

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Trixie walked up the beach as she listened to her parents in a heated argument. They didn’t even seem to notice she had slipped away. 

Her parents had separated six months ago and her mother had moved into her Nanna’s home. Trixie at first hoped her mom and dad might get back together but everytime they saw each other now they seemed to fight.

Starting out at the ocean she noticed something strange. Some kind of big fish was lounging near some rocks close to the shore. 

The top was the body of a man, he had dark brown hair with stubble, almost as if he had recently shaved and under his jaw looked to be gills. Below his thighs though was a massive fish tail with red and black scales. 

“Hi!” Trixie called out excitedly. She scrambled over to get as close to the edge of the beach as possible. 

The strange creature turned to look at her, his gills fluttered a little. “Well, hello there little human.” He said in an English accent . “I thought this beach was closed.”

Trixie shrugged. “I donno. Mommy took me here to go swimming. Daddy was supposed to pick me up after since its his weekend but he came to tell us he can’t”

The merman tilted his head slightly. “Why can your father not look after you this weekend?”

Trixie sniffled a little. “He has a date.”

“Sounds like a douche.” 

She giggled as she slipped off her sandals and walked into the water. “What’s your name?”

“Lucifer.” He said with a smile.

“Like the devil?” She asked.

He chuckled. “Exactly.” Then he sighed. “I used to be. However dear old dad seems to think this is a fitting punishment for my rebellion and then my vacating Hell.” 

Trixie climbed on top of the rocks and sat with him. “You dad sounds kinda mean.” She said. “But don’t you like being a mermaid?” 

Lucifer gasped and then scowled down at her. “I am not a mermaid !” He exclaimed. “I am a Siren .” He proclaims proudly.

“Huh, what is that?” 

“Do you small humans learn nothing nowadays?” 

Trixie shrugged. “I’m only seven.” Then she smiled up at him. “But I’ll be eight soon. My name is Trixie.” She held out her hand.

“That’s a hooker's name.” He said bluntly.

Before Trixie could ask anything else she heard the voices of her mother calling for her. She looked up at Lucifer and sighed. “I guess I better go.”

“I should as well,” Lucifer said. “I was hoping an old friend might come by today but I suppose they were busy.”

“Well, I can come visit you. You know, if you ever need a friend.” 

Lucifer smiled. “That is kind of you child. Perhaps I will see you again.”

The sound of Trixie’s mother got louder and suddenly Lucifer launched himself off the rocks and landed with a splash. Trixie was left alone.

Chloe finally rounded the bend and cleared through the trees to see here daughter in shallow water standing but some smooth long rocks.

“Trixie!” She breathed in relief. “Oh baby, I was so worried…. I’m so sorry Daddy had to leave but please don’t ever run off like that again.”

Trixie stepped through the sand and put her sandals back on. “Okay mommy.”

Chloe hugged her daughter close. “How about we get some ice cream on the way home?”

Trixie’s eyes lit up with joy. “Oh, yes please!” She then turned to look at the water. “I wish my new friend could have some too with us.”

“New friend?” Asked her mother.

“Yeah. he was a mermaid! But don’t call him that, he said he is a siren….is that the same thing?”

Chloe laughed as her and Trixie walked back to the car talking about her new friend. At first Chloe was a little worried Trixie was too old for an imaginary friend but considering everything she had been through with the separation she figured what harm could it do, right?