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Chapter 21

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3rd Person POV

"Hey Becs?" Aubrey said closing her book and looking at Beca who is currently mixing.

"What's up?" Beca said pressing save then closing her laptop.

"We need to talk." Beca froze at the words. She didn't know what to say. "So umm... I'm leaving for Kansas tomorrow."

"Mhm... how long is your flight?" Beca knows they'll talk about their relationship.

"Like 6 hours."

"Cool." Aubrey senses the awkwardness.

"We need to talk about our relationship."

"Oh." Yikes Beca thought to herself. "We could do the long distance thing. Right?"

"I-I am not sure Beca." Now both girls had tears running down their faces ruining their make up.

"Wha- Why?"

"I'm scared Becs. I'm afraid that I'll lose you to another person because I won't be around. I'm afraid you'll move on."

"Look Bree I love you okay?" Beca took a deep breath. "And it hurts me to say this, but I will respect your decision on what will happen in with our relationship."

"I love you too." Aubrey said kissing Beca on the cheek.



Beca's Pov

Currently Me, Stacie, and Chloe are helping Aubrey put her luggage into Stacie's car. Yesterday me and Aubrey broke up. Yeah it sucks. But we stayed on good terms. Which is good, but it still sucks. I was hoping for us to at least try a long distance relationship and see where it goes. But I want Aubrey happy. Even if it hurts me.

"You okay there Becs?" I hear someone say. I look towards the voice and see Stacie at the entrance of the Bellas Household.

"What? Ya I'm fine. Totally fine." I say quickly earning a slight chuckle from the taller brunette.

"So if you're fine why have you been standing there for the past five minutes?" I shrug.

"C'MON YOU TWO BREE'S GONNA MISS HER FLIGHT!" We hear Chloe call from the car.

The four of us sit quietly as we make our way to the airport. I have my headphones on listening to music, Stacie's driving (duh) while holding Chloe's hand, and Aubrey is slightly humming to the song playing on the radio.

We finally get to the airport. Stacie finds a parking spot closest to the entrance. I get out the car and open the trunk. I carry out Aubrey's luggage. While I was I hospital Aubrey had started to move her stuff to where she's going to be living in, at Kansas, so she doesn't have much stuff left. We walk into the airport and help Aubrey with as much as the procedures we can.

"I'm gonna miss you Bree." Chloe says with tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry we'll text, call, skype and whatever. I'll try to keep in touch." Aubrey hugs Chloe and then turned to Stacie. "Take care of my best friend."

"Aye Aye Capt'n." Stacie said saluting to lighten up the mood. Aubrey hugged Stacie then turned to me. "Alright we'll be waiting for you in the car Becs. Take care Bree!" Chloe gave Aubrey one final hug and left with Stacie.

"Look Becs I'm sorry. I really am." Aubrey said looking at the ground afraid to look into my eyes.

"Bree," I took a shaky breath, "Like I said yesterday you can do what ever you want as long as you're happy... Even if it hurts me. I love you Aubrey Posen. If never see each other again-"

"No don't say that we'll see each other in the future. We'll be something when you graduate. I promise." I sighed and made eye contact with Aubrey had tears running down her face.

"I love you Aubrey and if my dad didn't care about me enough I'd quit school and go wherever you go."

"I'll miss you Becs. I won't forget you." Aubrey hugged me. I hugged back and pulled her as close as I could to me. When we pull apart I kiss her on the cheek for the last time.

I watch Aubrey walk into the crowd. When she's out of sight I take a deep breath and walk back to the car. I open the car door and hop into the vehicle silently and slip on my headphones. I hear Stacie and Chloe talk then hear the door opposite of me open. I look and see Stacie sit down next to me. She pulls off my headphones and hugs me tightly. I hug back and let all the tears spill from my eyes.

"I'm so sorry Becs." Stacie says.


Time Skip 2 Months Later

It's been two months since Aubrey left. School has started once again. I've started to write songs again. The break up gave me some inspiration. I'm currently writing in my song book in the kitchen. I hear footsteps and turn to see who it is.

"Hey!" Stacie says grabbing something out of the fridge.

"Sup." I say closing the book.

"What are you writing?"

"Uhh something for physics class." Stacie looks at my knowing I was lying. I stay silent. She snatches the notebook from me.

"Shit." I mutter as Stacie flips through the pages.

"Becs just call her."

"I'm fine Stace. Ugh. Who am I kidding." I say hitting my head on the counter. Stacie stay silent for a few minutes. I look up at her.

"How 'bout this? You finish this song, give it to Luke and get him to play it on the radio. When it does we call Aubrey to listen to it." Stacie says and I take the book back and think of something to write.


3 Weeks Later

I finished my song for Aubrey last week and I've given it to Luke. He told me for my shift tonight, that I can play it. I'm making my way down to the station now on my new skateboard. That's right I got a fuckin skateboard. I get to the station in 10 minutes. I see Luke starting to pack up his stuff.

"Hey Luke!" I say getting his attention.

"Aye listen Becky that song you gave will definitely be a hit once people spread it." he says.

"Heck ya it will."

"Give me a call when you're gonna air it. Later!" He starts to leave.

"Hey Luke?"


"Mind if I let my friends in when I air the song? I wanna see their reactions."

"Sure. Just remember... no sex on the desk."

"Got it. Bye!"

I play a few of my mixes as the time goes by. I texted Stacie to be here at least 10 minutes before airing the song.


I'm about to air the song. Stacie and Chloe are here with me in the booth. Their on a call with Aubrey. I nod towards Stacie signaling I'm about to play the song.

"Hey Bree turn on the radio and play Barden's Radio Channel."

"Haha my radio always plays Barden's music." I look towards Stacie surprised and she gives me the same reaction. We look to Chloe and she shrugs.

"Okay good to know."

"Isn't Beca broadcasting now? Or did her shift change?"

"No her shift hours haven't changed and yes she on now."


I wave the duo out the booth so I can talk into the microphone.

"This is 95.7 Barden Radio. This next song is an original by one of our own. This is Wherever You Are by Beca Mitchell." I walk out of the booth and join Stacie and Chloe.

"Beca wrote a song and got it on the radio? Woah." Aubrey says. The first few notes play of the song. I look at the girls to catch their reactions and I noticed Aubrey has her video cam on.

For a while we pretended
That we never had to end it
But we knew we'd have to say goodbye
You were crying at the airport
When they finally closed the plane door
I could barely hold it all inside

Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

I could fly a thousand oceans
But there's nothing that compares to
What we had, and so I walk alone

I wish you didn't have to be gone
Maybe you've already moved on
But the truth is I don't want to know

Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

You can say we'll be together
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing stays the same
So why can't I stop feeling this way

Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

I lightly sang the song with myself and played the air guitar. Stacie and Chloe gave me smiles. When I looked to the phone and saw that Aubrey had tears in her eyes.

"That was a good song... uh it's pretty obvious who that was about."

"uh yea." Stacie says. "What do you think?" I bit my lip to prepare myself.

"It's a good song if it gets around Barden enough she'll be known more then just the Bellas captain."

"God shit I didn't think about that." I slap my hand over my mouth the second I realized that I said that out loud. I think Aubrey heard me.

"Wha- Beca?"

"Hey Aubrey..." I say awkwardly.