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And Then There Was Two

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"M-minji!" Dami said out loud as she looked around her home and took a couple deep breaths. She got up and said as she mumbled "Another nightmare" she got out of bed and walked over to grab her backpack holding her weapons and supplies. Almost 19 years after the outbreak happen and the life at this point was a new normal that even Dami is still having a tough time adjusting. She unlocked the door and opened it as she walked out and see the sun shining bright. She started walking toward her parents home as she stayed alerted and making sure she wouldn't get jumped. 

She walked a few more blocks as she enter into a building. The building itself had multiple sets of families living in it. Kids who were borned into this hell or families who just couldn't afford their own housing. Dami opens the door and said "Hi mom, HI dad" as she put her bag down near the door. 

"Hi kiddo" her mom said as she was putting plates away. 

"How's dad?" Dami asked without looking at her. Her mom stopped in place, not wanting to bring the news. Dami didn't hear an answer and looked towards her mom as she said "Well?" 

"Y-your father didn't come back... he was infected" Dami's mom said as teared up, sadden by the news she gave him. 

Dami sighed as she said "How?" 

"Smuggling weapons inside the walls and some infected bit him. He told no one until guards came and checked him.... they shot him down before he said anything" Her mom said as she took a couple deep breaths, calming herself down. 

"I see" Dami said as she helped her mother with some stuff. 

"The guards m-might come and check on us in case we got infected" 

Dami stopped in place hearing this. She couldn't let them know what she is. Her mother knew her little secrete as she said "Make sure you stay away from the house okay?" 

"I will.... I shou-" Before Dami could get the next words out of her mouth there was a knock on the door. Dami mother signal her to be queit as she walked over to see who's at the door. 

"Who is it?" Dami's mother yelled through the door. 

"Hello Mrs. Lee we are with the protector. We need to do monthy testing for everyone in this room" Someone said in the other side. 

"Okay give me a moment." Dami mother said as she signaled Dami to run. Dami quickly and quietly made her way to their emergency exit as she made it right outside. Her mother passed her bag as they boarded up the window quickly. She walked out and stayed sadly far from her mother's place. She walks back to her place as she heard gunshot as well as screaming. Dami held back a couple tears knowing what happened. 

She get back to her home as she walked over to liquors cabinet as she took a few swigs on anything she can get a hold off as she took a few deep breaths. She knew that it was gonna happen eventually but it still hurt her "Fuck..." Dami said as she fell on her couch as she pulled down her sleeve on her shirt as she looked at the scar on her forearm. The was a closed gash mark made from infected. She sighed as she slowly fell back asleep. 

"Hey Jiu! Where are you?!" Dami yelled as she looked around her family house as they were playing a game of hide and seek with one another. Dami kept looking around as she was determined to find her best friend. 

"Surprised attack!" Jiu yelled as she tackled Dami to the ground. They both started laughing and wrestling each other, living the dream for kids during this time. 


They both stopped what they were doing as they heard a loud explosion outside. Both were too scared to move. 

"Jiu! Jiu kiddo where are you?!" Jiu's father yelled as they ran inside, seeing the two kids in fear "Come on baby we need to leave now!" 

"What about Dami?!" Jiu stuttered as she was scared for her close friend. 

"Her family is here and she will be okay let's go now!" Her father said in fear as he kept looking around. They both notice something on Jiu's dad clothing and it wasn't red paint. Jiu nodded as she turned to Dami. 

"Promise me we will see each other soon!" Jiu said as her dad picked her up and started running. Dami couldn't say anything but nodded her head as Jiu kept looking back at Dami. 

They hear screams and shouting at the doors as Dami's mom picked her up and started run. 

"JIU!" Dami screamed as she scared for her friend.


There was a knock on the door as Dami woke up from her nightmare. She took a couple deep breaths and could see the rain outside. She Coughed as she said "I'm coming!" As she heard the knocking getting louder. She walked over and covered her arm up incase it was guards she pulled her gun out just incase of scammers or thugs trying to get the best of her. She opened the door and the world as she knew stood still. Before she could say or do anything she person shoved dami out of the way and slammed the door as well as locking it. The lady took a few deep breaths as she looked at Dami who was still in shock as she said nothing. Dami couldn't believe her eyes. She said nothing as she walked over with a gun in her hand. 

"If you are gonna shoot me do it now Dami" The familiar voice said as she smiled seeing her face once again, her hand clutching to her side. 

"J-Jiu" Dami said as she dropped the gun from shock.