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“I still don’t see why any of this is necessary, Ms. Maya Fey. I’m more than capable of covering the bill myself. I would be able to take us somewhere way nicer than anywhere that fool could afford,” Franziska crossed her arms, but followed Maya nonetheless. 


“Because it’s tradition, Ziska!” Maya yelled in a stage whisper as she led them into the Wright Anything Agency and towards the office. “Besides, I don’t have great disposable income and I wanna treat you for a change. You’re always the one paying.” 


“I sincerely don’t mind. I knew before we got together that your profession was criminally underrated. I can think of no better use for Papa’s money than to spend it on you and allow you to eat whatever it is you so desire.” 


Papa would’ve never approved of someone like Ms. Maya Fey. She was far too foolish and played a critical role in his downfall. None of those were reasons she dated Maya Fey, but they certainly were bonuses. The dead had neither power nor sway over her life, and Franziska wouldn’t allow a man who barely deserved space in the footnotes of her life to believe he did. 


“But it’s tradition. Plus Nick has his job again so it’s fine. I think he’s still making bank off that orca case.”


Franziska rolled her eyes. “You associate with truly foolish people, Mrs. Maya Fey.” 


“Well Nick couldn’t have taken the case without a prosecutor agreeing to it, and your brother approved it,” she smirked confidently. 


Her expression soured as there was nothing she could do to counter that. One of the fools she referred to as her colleagues did indeed take the case, and her foolishly foolish fool of a brother did indeed give his approval. Had she not had the better job, she would demand that she be chief prosecutor instead. 


Maya Fey pressed on, opening the door to the office. “Hey Nick! We need some cash for lunch!” 


Phoenix Wright stared back at them. “Why do I have to do it? Aren’t you dating a prosecutor now?”


“You’re dating one too! Don’t pretend like all your income isn’t disposable now,” she pouted. “Besides, it’s tradition!” 


“Since when was this a tradition?”


“Since you started working for me back when Mia gave you the law office.”


“So shouldn’t yo u be giving me money? What with me being your employee and all.” 


“Stop being such a party pooper, Nick. I just wanna take my girlfriend somewhere nice .”


Phoenix raised his eyebrow and looked at her. “I don’t think it’s in the budget to take her somewhere nice. Maybe like Eldoons or something…” he paused. “Wait hold on. Hey Apollo! Could you come in here for a second?”


There was a second, but in walked a small man with that silly little apron and bandana that Phoenix Wright wore when he was doing his cleaning. “Yeah? What’s up? Do you have a case? Do I actually get to do my job??”


“No, it’s actually for something else,” Phoenix Wright chuckled nervously. 


The small man deflated, a scowl now on his face. “Lemme guess. I have to go find missing things again… With all due respect, I might scream if I have to go looking for more underwear.”


“What kind of operation are you running here, Mr. Phoenix Wright?” Franziskia asked incredulously, because somehow things had managed to get even more foolish since the last time she was here. 


“Apollo, you’ve met Maya before. This is her girlfriend Franziska von Karma. Franziska, this is Apollo Justice, one of my apprentices. He will be the one to buy you both lunch today.”


She turned to this Apollo Justice, the wheels turning in his head as his brow furrowed. From what she could see under the apron was a cheap suit like his mentor’s previous suits before Miles stepped in. There was the singular bracelet on his wrist, sure, but she doubted he would be much better when it came to budget. Perhaps even worse. 


His expression lit up. “Von Karma? Like THE Prosecutor von Karma?!” 


She braced, readying to correct him and tell him that no, she was not her Papa. But she would wait to hear what this fool had to say. 


“The one that got her badge at age thirteen and travels the world and works with InterPol to stomp out the worst of the worst?!” 


She blinked. The day had finally come that her reputation surpassed her Papa’s. It was a nice and warm feeling. Like the ghost of her Papa had finally been put to rest. 


“She’s also the only one to have ever beaten Nick. That Gavin kid doesn’t count because there was foul play afoot,” Maya proudly added.  


“I won because his client was guilty. The fact he had gotten nothing but innocent clients up to that point was sheer luck,” 


“I’d be careful, Apollo. Maybe she’ll take down your perfect record next,” Phoenix Wright teased. 


Franziska looked at him once more. She could hardly believe that someone like this would have a record like that. Though it is significantly easier when you don’t take as many cases, she supposed. 


She couldn’t speak for every desperate fool, but she’d rather not have a fool in a cheap suit on the verge of tears as her lawyer. 


“I’d love the chance to face off against you in court! You’re a legend!!!”


Loud as well. 


He fumbled to pull his phone out of his pocket as he hurried outside the door. Fortunately it seemed to be from this millenia. “Hold on! I gotta call my boyfriend to see if I can borrow money!” 


Phoenix Wright let out a low whistle. “He must be excited. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him ask Klavier for money.” 


“Who in their right mind would name their child after an instrument ?” unless all defense attorneys turned to shabby piano playing in times of financial stress. One could only hope that no one would name their child that.  


“Isn’t that the rockstar boy who made you lose your badge, Nick?” 


“That would be the one. He’s a good kid who was just listening to his older brother. He turned out a lot better than I thought,” Nick shrugged. 


The things Franziska missed when she traveled. It was always something with these fools. They multiply and then one starts dating a piano.


Apollo Justice burst back into the room. “Klavier said he’d lend me as much money as you need!” 


“Oooh… Let’s go somewhere really fancy then. I know rockstar boy can handle it.”


“There’s a really fancy Italian place that he keeps trying to get me to go to, you should go there!”


“Yeah! Let’s go there, Ziska!” Maya beamed brightly. 


This was an utterly foolish situation, but she had come to expect that. It kept her life entertaining. 


She kisses her cheek. “We can go wherever you want. And I’ll be sure to send the bill to this Klavier Gavin.”


“Before you go can I get an autograph?!” Apollo Justice asked. 


Franziska blinked. 


She was well aware of the reputation she had, but never would she have thought that she would be famous to the degree that she would give out an autograph of all things. 


“I suppose, but be quick about it. I do have a date to go on.” 


“Yes, sir!”