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Quartermaster's Seduction

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“Sorry it took us so long,” said 004 as the agents entered the bedroom.

Q grinned and put a finger to his lips as he carefully extracted himself from between the two sleeping figures. One of them mumbled drowsily and he murmured some sort of reassurance as he climbed out of the bed.

He was naked and sported a pair of matching love bites on either side of his neck.

“Are we interrupting?” asked 007 quietly.

Q rolled his eyes and sorted through the clothing scattered nearby. He pulled on a pair of men’s trousers that were clearly too big and belted them. Then held up two shirts, a man and a woman’s, to compare sizes.

“Where are your clothes?” asked 006.

Q shrugged. “No idea.” He pulled the woman’s shirt over his head.

“Glasses?” asked 003.


“How shall we treat them?” asked 004, nodding at the two sleeping figures.

“Moderately,” said Q. “They’re charming enough and not particularly dangerous. They think they’ve seduced me into joining them.”

006 raised an eyebrow. “Do they?”

“I was reluctant,” Q grinned, “But they eventually convinced me.”

“They bought that?” asked 007.

“I’m charming enough too,” Q smirked, “And rather more dangerous.”