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love is a burden, or so i thought

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"Ane-san, I don't need you to baby me," Chuuya whines in annoyance, as the person in question attempts to fix Chuuya's unruly curls from sticking out.

"Maybe, if you stopped acting like a baby, I wouldn't have to treat you like one," Kouyou snaps, but there's no real force behind it as she continues her current task. And this whole situation might seem endearing, but for fucks sake, Chuuya was almost 19, way too old to be treated like this. And, Kouyou was not being that soft with his hair either. The last thing he needed right now was to embarrass himself in front of his new potential classmates.

He had been on the receiving side of 'teasing', which was borderline bullying in his opinion, enough. He didn't want to go through that ever again.

Enduring his sister's humiliating actions for a minute longer, Chuuya steps to the side quickly, escaping the torture. Though, inside he knows he's going to miss this; Kouyou caring for him like a mother that they both never had, their weekly movie nights where they gossiped about which of Kouyou's co-workers were hot and how irritating Chuuya's classmates could be.

So, when he grumbles that she's being annoying, he almost doesn't mean it.

The two make quick work of unloading Kouyou's small Toyota, which is surprising considering how much Chuuya brought with him although he would argue that everything was very much necessary- including his pair of tap dancing shoes ('Chuuya, i very much doubt they have tap-dance classes plus you also suck at dancing- how much did those shoes cost!?').

She locks the car, the familiar beep sounding out as they leave the park-place which is a 5 minute walk from the university. The reality of the situation settles into Chuuya's mind- he's going to be living alone, well with a roommate of course, but it's so far from home, his family and his friends. Not that he was going to miss them much- save his sister and maybe Junichiro, probably his closest friend. But Chuuya could always call them and visit home once a month, so he didn't feel too worried.

His train of thought is broken by the big modern building slowly looming over him as they approach. Chuuya's mouth forms an 'o' shape as he looks up at the humongous school.
"This is... just-wow..."
Chuuya slowly nods his head signalling his agreement. Then he grabs his bags and heads towards the building, Kouyou following behind after moment.

As he enters through the huge already-opened doors, he looks around for any sort of sign which could help him.
"Chuuya, come," his sister suddenly calls out from behind him, "I think I found where the dorms are."

Snapping out from whatever daze he was in, Chuuya locates Kouyou and follows her into a dimlit long hallway.

"What number were you again?"

"Uh...," he pulls out a crumpled up paper from his bag in a haste and calls out, " Room... 17."

"We aren't too far then, the system here is kind of weird..."
Chuuya merely nods, before continuing to walk alongside her. He was slightly nervous- not only of living so far from home but also of the fact that Kouyou wouldn't be there to help him anymore. But he would have to get used to this- the whole independence and college thing, if he ever wanted to pursue his goal of being a writer.

Soon, they arrive at Chuuya's new dorm. He fumbles once again in his bag, this time retrieving a key. Handing it to Kouyou, he checks over his boxes again, ensuring he brought them all.

His sister about to enter his room, receives a call, while Chuuya starts to pick up one of his boxes to bring inside.

"This will barely take a minute, bring as much luggage inside as you can", she says before rushing out of the hallway.

Probably a work-related call.

He takes one of the boxes inside and settles it near the doorway, before taking a look at his new living space.

It wasn't that big. It was just about the size of his bedroom and bathroom combined, maybe a little roomier. The kitchen led out to the main room which contained two beds on either side as well as a desk set infront of the beds. There was a closet accompanying each desk and a window in between both of the beds. Overall, it was pretty simple, but with the amount of stuff Chuuya brought, he could make it feel way more cosy.

Realizing his things outside the room could get stolen at any moment, he continues bringing boxes in, wondering what was taking Kouyou so long.

After moving most of his possessions, he stood still for a minute facing the kitchen and rubbing at invisible sweat on his forehead. Suddenly, a familiar voice, and no, not in a nostalgic or endearing way, coated with a Japanese accent spoke up from behind him.

"Hel-is that 𝘊𝘩𝘶𝘶𝘺𝘢?"

Chuuya, surprised at the use of his first name, as well as the obvious taunting in the speaker's voice , turned around only to be faced with the one person who had previously made his life a 𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘭 and whom Chuuya thought he would never have to see again.

𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘭𝘶𝘤𝘬.

A face peaked out of a weighty looking blanket on the bed at the left side of the room.

The person belonging to that lump was none other than Dazai Osamu. Brown disorderly curls sticking out from inside the blanket framed his face, complimenting his honey-like brown eyes, which were filled with surprise, and his sharp jawline, which seemed to have honed in the time they hadn't seen eachother.

And however attractive Dazai might sound, Chuuya's expression was full of disgust.

"What are you doing here!?", he said after gathering his wits.

"What do you mean, what am I doing here?", the boy infront of him responded, amusement lacing his tone, "Am I not allowed be in my own dorm?"

"There must have been a mistake, I can't be sharing a dorm with you."

"I agree! I swear I put down that I would rather not be roomed up with a...", Dazai says the next thing,afterlooking Chuuya up and down, "...chibi, but there must have been a mistake."

"Hah? It's not like I want to share a room with a bastard like you."

They glared at each-other from across the room, Chuuya just barely suppressing the desire to punch Dazai's face.

"You haven't grown any taller, you're still as short as ever, by the way," Dazai suddenly said in the middle of their eye war.

That was the last straw for Chuuya. He was already dealing with the stress of leaving home, only to be stuck with someone who had made his life insufferable before. He couldn't go through that again.

He walks towards Dazai, who continued keeping the lazy smile on his face despite knowing the danger he was in. Chuuya is about to give him a piece of his mind, when another voice calls out from behind him, making him freeze for the second time that day.

"Chuuya! I'm so sorry! The call went on for longer than I anticipated... is that your new roommate? Nice to mee- Wait, is that Dazai!?", Kouyou's voice rang out breaking the tension which was heavy in the air just a few seconds ago.

Before Chuuya could say anything, the devil himself spoke up.

"Kouyou-san! I missed you! What a coincidence seeing you here~", Dazai spoke in a sickening sweet voice.

Kouyou smiled.

"I see you haven't changed at all, Dazai-kun. Still as devious as ever?"

Dazai simply grins back, slight mischief tainting his face.

Chuuya, on the other hand, seemed surprised by their conversation, deciding to stare at his sister in wonder.

About to question her on their relationship, Kouyou speaks up before Chuuya gets the chance.

"Everything unloaded? I have to leave soon, before dad has his usual freak-out," she says a little dejectedly, admitting the last part quietly, though Dazai seemed to be busy scrolling through his phone, suddenly oblivious and uncaring to the discussion.

"Yeah, I'll be... fine. Don't worry about me and get home. I'll call you first thing tomorrow," he replies with the same cheerlessness in his voice.

Chuuya starts to make his way to the door to send her out, as well as not allow Dazai to see his true expressions.

Kouyou stops at the door and looks at him. There's obvious caring and love in her eyes and she moves to hug him.

Tears threatening to prick at Chuuya's eyes, he hugs her back.

"Don't do anything stupid, alright?"

"Have I ever Ane-san?", his voice only slightly trembling. Not that he'd ever admit that.

"Don't ask questions we both know the answer to, Chuuya."

He lets out a small laugh, before she lets go of him- too quick in his opinion, and hands Kouyou her bag.

Kouyou opens the door and says, "Don't forget to call me, ok? I left some pasta in that mini fridge if you get hungry tonight."

That made Chuuya feel 10 times better. To have someone care for him and do little things like this was pretty uncommon, so he appreciated any effort.

"Bye, Ane-san.", he says, wishing she could have stayed longer.

"Bye", she says before hurrying off, clearly having spent more time than intended at the university.

Chuuya stares outside the empty door for a moment. He closes it and leans his back against it.

Now he had to deal with the problem just a few meters in front of him.

I'm going to need some of that pasta.