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Pitch Perfect One Shots (2021+)

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Beca wandered up to the wide wooden gate, reaching a hand up to rest on it while she looked over at the redhead nearby, a sheep wrangled between her legs by her hands. The woman looked up with a frown, sweat making some of her hair stick to her forehead, and for a moment Beca wondered if perhaps she shouldn’t have picked the farm next door to ask for assistance.

“Can I help you?” the redhead replied, breathless, and in a tone that suggested very obviously that she was a bit too busy to be bothered right at that very moment. It made Beca gulp. But this couldn’t wait.

“Yeah I uh…I just moved in next door.” Beca paused to point across the way at a tiny cottage at the top of the hill. The woman seemed surprised. “My electric is out though. I wondered if yours was working? Because if it is then I know it’s the problem with my house. But if it isn’t then it’s a problem with the-”

“-I’m a bit too busy to be sorting out some stranger’s drama right now.” the woman snapped while the sheep continued to struggle within her grasp, and Beca felt her chest tighten. She wasn’t used to people being this rude to her. She was a really well known music producer. She was a multi-millionaire for crying out loud..

“Uhuh.” Beca muttered, screwing her face up while the rough and ready woman in the field before her took one hand and reached out for a small plank of wood dipped in a bucket of yellow paint. Beca wasn’t exactly a ‘woman of the earth’ but even she thought that painting sheep was crazy.

“Busyyyyy…painting your sheep?”

The woman pulled the plank from the bucket and as swiftly as possible, slapped a load of yellow paint on the chest and neck of the sheep before lobbing the wood back down into the bucket again. She stood a little more upright, and let the sheep go with an exhausted exhale.

“Not much experience of sheep breeding huh?” the redhead replied, dusting her hands and swinging down to pick the bucket up. The plank rattled against the metal while she moved slowly over to Beca, keeping her body and attention facing the sheep she’d just released.

“Breeding?” Beca choked out, her brow furrowed in confusion. Again she was no expert, but even she knew that nothing could be bred by just slopping paint on an animal’s chest. But her eyes remained on the woolly beast as it raced over to a bunch of other sheep. And that’s when Beca saw it. The sheep that had a chest covered in paint, now had a massive dick dangling down, ready to-

“Holy fuck.” Beca muttered in horror, her reaction causing the woman to chuckle.

“Yep. You walked over at the wrong time.”

Beca suddenly snapped her attention away from the sheep just as it went to mount one of the females. And her eyes locked with a pair of the most beautiful, most brightest blue eyes she’d ever seen. Ones that looked back at her and almost appeared to stare into her soul.

“Name’s Chloe.” the woman introduced herself, hand out to shake. Beca looked down at it cautiously, feeling a little sick at the sight of what she hoped was mud on her new neighbour’s hand, but what she feared was sheep shit..

“Beca.” Beca replied with caution, slowly and reluctantly holding her own hand out in which Chloe took and they shook hands briefly.

“You don’t look much like a country kinda girl, Beca.” Chloe identified quite quickly, and Beca had to admit she was impressed. Usually it took people a while to work her out, but clearly this woman was a little more emotionally intelligent than the usual people she met. “So what brings you out here?”

Running from the papparazzi and all the fans” was what Beca had wanted to say. But it hit her that clearly Chloe lived such a busy and isolated life out here, the shepherdess didn’t actually know who Beca was! So Beca took a deep breath and shrugged:

“Just…wanted to get away from the world for a while.”

Chloe hummed in agreement, looking back out at part of her flock with a relaxed smile. And Beca felt her heart skip a beat. There was something about the woman’s appearance - grubby and rough, yet noticeably beautiful - that had the music producer feeling something. What though, Beca wasn’t entirely sure. Yet…

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Beca swipes her tongue swiftly across her bottom lip. She twists the rings on her fingers anxiously. Her heart hammers against her chest, finding an uncomfortable rhythm.

Chloe just wants to be kissed tonight. That’s the woman’s only wish. And from the looks of things, she’s trying to subtly hint it to the guy she’s chatting to at the party they’re at. But true to form, the guy hasn’t noticed.

With a sharp intake of breath followed by a sharp exhale, Beca decides to take matters into her own hands. She makes a beeline for her best friend, ignoring the people around her.

“So do you go here much?” Chloe asks with a huge smile, rocking back and forth on her heels, trying her best to flirt with the guy before her. But he’s totally oblivious. How is he so oblivious?!

She feels a familiar hand grab her elbow, and sees Beca come into her eyeline. Then suddenly Chloe’s eyes snap shut, the world around her disappearing. Because Beca’s mouth presses firmly against hers, their lips like two puzzle pieces connecting: the perfect match.

Chloe takes a step back to steady herself but her hand (that grabbed the base of Beca’s top at some point?) tugs her best friend with her. Beca’s hands move up to cup Chloe’s cheeks while Chloe’s arms smooth around Beca’s skin waist. Their kiss deepens. And the guy Chloe was trying to flirt with wanders off awkwardly, while she and Beca begin to feverishly make out against the wall of the party venue they’re in..

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Chloe stretches her arms up and her legs down as she wakes slowly from a good nights sleep. She brings a hand to her face and rubs her eyes gently before allowing her arms to flop down by her sides with a sigh. Valentine’s Day. Her first Valentine’s Day at college without a boyfriend to spoil her.

She slips slowly out of bed, wincing at the chill the wooden floor of her room provides on the base of her feet, and she pads quickly over to her slippers that she’d foolishly slung over towards her desk yesterday evening. Feeling as though she desperately needs a cup of herbal tea to wake properly, Chloe heads for her bedroom door, hand out in preparation to twist the handle. But she pauses, looking down at the floor with a furrowed brow.

An envelope rests at a jaunty angle on the floor by the door, looking as though it’s been shoved hastily into the room through the crack between the door and the floor. Her name is written on the front with a red pen and recognisable handwriting. Handwriting that causes Chloe’s heart rate to begin racing in hope and excitement.

She stoops down, scooping the envelope up and holding it delicately between her fingers, worried that she might crease it. Her eyes trace over each letter that has been written to spell out her name, and she fools herself into hoping that it took the writer a long time to perfect the design.

Chloe tries to remain calm and gentle while opening the envelope, but the sight of the small heart drawn like a wax seal on the back causes her impatience to grow, and before long she’s torn the envelope apart to pull out an amazing hand-drawn card. Her mouth drops open and tears taint her eyes as she takes in the wonderful doodle on the front of the card: of a pair of headphones and a ladybug sitting within them.

Beca’s tattoo and her tattoo.

In one full swoop, Chloe realises her suspicions are correct. That this card is from Beca.

With breath caught in her lungs and her heart racing so hard she struggles to open the card from how much her hands are shaking, Chloe whips her eyes to the words inside. But…

…she’s left disappointed.

To Chloe,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for all you do for me and The Bellas.

I think you’re awesome!

Beca 🖤

‘I think you’re awesome!’ Chloe reads over and over again, a lump forming in her throat. Hardly the confession of love she’s been hoping for. No hint of romantic feelings in the slightest. In fact, if Chloe’s not mistaken, Beca could’ve written this in any card to anyone. And that’s what makes Chloe hurt the most.


Chloe sits at the kitchen table, feeling a little numb while she swirls a spoon around her cup, slowly chasing the herbal tea bag in the boiled water. Her head rests on her hand. And her heart feels heavy. ‘I think you’re awesome!” It was so cryptic.

She hears her friends entering the kitchen, all chuckling or laughing to each other. She sits up trying to force a smile on her face. But the smile swiftly wanes when she sees each of her friends holding almost identical Valentine’s Day cards. Each with a drawing of the Bellas pitch pipe on the front.

“Hey Chloe, did you get a Valentine’s Day card from Beca too?” Cynthia Rose asked with a grin as she placed her own card on the table, standing it up before Chloe. The redhead watched as Stacie, Jessica, Ashley, and Lilly all contributed to the card display, standing them up side by side. And that’s where Chloe notices that all the cards are identical in design.

“Yeah I did.” she responds, trying not to sound too disappointed that everyone in the house got a card from Beca, not just her. She’s not special. She doesn’t mean anything more to Beca than any of the other girls. So her heart sinks. “I left it up in my room though.”

“Was yours as blunt as ours?” Stacie asks with a chuckle, heading for her cupboard to pick out some breakfast items.

“You could say that.” Chloe replies, and forces a polite smile, still looking down at the cards instead of her friends who have all begun making breakfast. In a way yes, her card is blunt in terms of words written. Beca has probably wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day, has thanked them all for what they are doing for The Bellas, and has told them all that she thinks they’re awesome.

But then her eyes catch a slither of the inside of Lilly’s card. And she notices that there doesn’t appear to be much written inside. Well, less written than had been in hers. So she casually reaches out for it and peers inside.

Her heart leaps into her throat as she reads five clear words:


Happy Valentine’s Day


No thanks. No mention of what Beca thinks of Lilly. Just, a very blunt unemotional card. Not that her card from Beca seems emotional..

Chloe places Lilly’s card back and reaches for Cynthia Rose’s:

Cynthia Rose,

Happy Valentine’s Day


And again, no more words than Lilly’s had had. Placing the card back, Chloe reaches for Stacie’s and reads it. Then Jessica’s. Then Ashley’s. And suddenly Chloe’s soul becomes hopeful once more. Because all of those cards had the exact same wording except for the name of the recipient. So, for some reason, Chloe’s card is different…

—— Twelve Hours Earlier ——

Beca sits at her desk, tapping her pen on the wooden surface while she stares down at the card she’s just written for Chloe. It’s not too soppy. Doesn’t declare the love that she genuinely has for her co-captain. It’s as cryptic as it should be. No way will she tell Chloe that she’s not just crushing on her, but she’s in love with her. But a Valentine’s Day card sure would be close? Is enough to hint? And who knows, maybe Chloe feels the same way?

Beca grimaces loudly, throwing her face down into her palms. Who is she kidding? Chloe doesn’t feel the same way. Chloe is with Beca the way she is with everyone else she comes into contact with. She has a way of making everyone feel special. Everyone feel like they’re her number one priority. Which is why Beca is very close to tearing up the card she’s just drawn and written in.

Good riddance anyway,” she thinks, “The Bellas would only end up teasing me for giving Chloe a Valentines Day card.

But just as she picks the card up, a thought crosses her mind. The Bellas wouldn’t necessarily tease her if she gave all of them a Valentine’s card tomorrow. Sure, the cards won’t have as much thought put into them and they won’t need many words inside. But by providing everyone with a card, the risk of Chloe turning Beca down reduces immensely. Chloe might not even realise her card is entirely different to the rest of The Bellas’. Completely unique. The only card which Beca truly gives Chloe along with her whole heart.

Beca pushes Chloe’s card to one side, then brings a new blank card in front of her. She’ll make the design simple so she can replicate it seven times. Then to make things easy she’ll write the same words inside. But not the words she’d used in Chloe’s card.

Chloe’s card is special, just like the love Beca harbours for her.

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Originally posted by hailesteinfeld

Beca didn’t let many people preview her ‘work in progress’ mixes. She never really got close enough to anyone to give them a chance. Jesse had kinda been a surprise exception. The dude had essentially forced himself into her dorm when he’d walked her back from the radio station one evening, and she’d been a bit too curious about his enthusiam to hang out with her to protest.

Initially they’d stood in awkward silence, Jesse with his hands in his pockets, peering at the contents of her bookshelves. Beca had quickly filled said silence with a suggestion that she show him her mixing desk she’d set up. Which had led to her allowing him to listen to a mix. And while she’d watched him anxiously, Beca couldn’t help the feeling that Jesse had seemed bored. Not that being bored was a problem, but if he had been bored, then Beca was kinda offended. Because she spent a lot of time on her mixes. Mixing was her passion. It was going to be part of her future career.

Jesse had complimented her and had said it was “really good”. But instead of asking to listen to more, he’d immediately flipped the conversation to him. And more specifically to some dumb movie that he was desperate for her to see because it had an iconic ending. Apparently.

They’d almost kissed. Beca hadn’t really known what to do with Jesse’s lingering look as the movie had come to an end. But their faces had nudged slightly closer to each other. Then her roommate Kimmy Jin had burst into the dorm and whatever situation Beca had found herself in with Jesse had come to an abrupt end.

They hadn’t spoken about it since. And Jesse hadn’t asked to listen to any more of Beca’s mixes again. But that hadn’t really bothered Beca. Because right now she was in a similar position again. Except it wasn’t Jesse in her dorm. It was Chloe.

Chloe who, little over an hour ago, had been sat in Beca’s dorm with the rest of The Bellas, waiting for her to return from jail. Chloe who had hung back when the rest of The Bellas had decided to head for a 24hr McDonalds just outside of campus for a 3am milkshake. Chloe who was now stood incomprehensibly close to where Beca was sat, Beca’s headphones over her ears, eyes closed while she listened to the mix that Beca was playing for her. The very mix that she’d played for Jesse a few weeks back.

The difference this time was that Chloe’s face boasted an expression that told Beca immediately that the redhead felt every single beat in the mix. That she understood the new baseline that Beca had created. That she thought the entire thing was a work of genius.

The difference this time was that Beca felt as though all her hard work with this mix was appreciated. That the final track was understood. That Chloe not only understood her mix but that she understood her.

So Beca found her original anxiety easing when the track came to an end, and Chloe’s eyes slowly opened. She watched the way Chloe let out a heavy breath that she must’ve held during the listening session. The way Chloe’s shoulders seemed to relax. And the way a broad smile spread across Chloe’s face the second their eyes locked.

“That was incredible.” Chloe aired, her eyes seemingly shining down at Beca in awe and wonder. “Did you create a new bass line or was it already there in one of the original songs?”

Beca’s heart soared. Chloe had managed to pinpoint something so specific.

“Yes!” she burst uncharacteristically loudly, a huge smile sweeping onto her face while her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, “Yeah uh…I mean it’s nothing much but-”

“-Are you kidding??” Chloe interrupted, tugging the headphones from her head and somehow finding more space to take up between her hips and Beca’s shoulder, still looking down at Beca in wonder, “Beca this is a work of art!”

Beca could feel her cheeks getting pinker. She wasn’t used to compliments. Not for her looks or personality. And certainly not for her music skills. Chloe seemed to find the tiniest parts of her to compliment as much as the big things (like the time Chloe complimented her on her “beautiful ears” which were “so cute”). And with every compliment Beca felt more and more confident in herself. More confident in her skills mixing music. Chloe made her feel like someone worthwhile. Both in the things that she said and the way she looked at Beca.

“Do you have any more I can listen to??”

Beca’s eyebrows rose. She’d never had anyone ask to listen to more before. Her attention tore from Chloe’s and she swung her chair round slightly, accidentally knocking Chloe’s thigh with her elbow while trying to find the folder on her computer with completed mixes on.

“Yeah.” she mumbled, “Sure.”

She missed the way Chloe kept her eyes on her instead of the screen. The way she clung to Beca’s headphones, feeling privileged she got to even hold something that belonged to Beca. Longing to hold Beca herself one day. Perhaps this was the best way to connect with the brunette. To hopefully have Beca fall for her in return someday..

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Chloe: OMG Beca your mix is playing!!!! 😍🤩💃

Beca: You’re listening to the campus radio??

Chloe: DUH!!

Chloe: It’s important to you!

Chloe: You’re important to me so of course I’m listening to it!

Beca: I’m important to you?

Chloe: All The Bellas are important to me 🥰

Beca: Gotcha

Beca’s lying if she isn’t slightly disappointed that Chloe would’ve done this for anyone. She lets her hand drop to her side with a heavy sigh while she looks at her surroundings. Stacks of vinyls and CDs and cassettes. Plenty of dust. Little natural light. But the sound of her mix still playing around her.

With a deep breath and a slight shake of her head to rid herself of her moment of mild disappointment, Beca resumes focus on her phone again to text a quick reply.

Beca: Well that’s really nice of you 👍

Chloe rests her head back on her pillow with a heavy sigh, staring at Beca’s written response, the girl’s mix sounding from her laptop nearby. She’s been listening to the radio station nonstop since she’d first been shown Beca’s hobby. Since she’d found out that Beca hopes to have her mixes played on the campus radio one day. She’s been listening nonstop in the hope that one day it will be played, and she can immediately text Beca. That day has finally come. So why doesn’t Chloe feel as thrilled by Beca’s responses?

Chloe: 😇

As Chloe sends the emoji that she knows will probably mark the end of this brief exchange, she feels her heart skip a beat. She wishes Beca had the same romantic feelings for her as she feels for Beca. Hopefully one day. For now, she just settles back down and continues to listen to the radio, trying her hardest to be as close to Beca as she dare..

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Project Bloe WhatsApp

FAT AMY: Bloe update!!

EMILY: I’m still reeling from last week when they kissed IN PUBLIC 😍

AUBREY: It wasn’t exactly in public Emily…

STACIE: Technically we were all there so she’s kinda right?

AUBREY: Fat Amy was streaming it live on this chat!

AUBREY: So it wasn’t ‘in public’



CYNTHIA ROSE: The fact they kissed at all is big enough news

JESSICA: Yeah it set this chat on fire for hoooours 😁

ASHLEY: 366 messages we woke up to!

JESSICA: And a missed video call 💔

EMILY: I still can’t believe you two missed it 😱

ASHLEY: Saaame!

ASHLEY: I’ve barely slept since!

ASHLEY: Just in case Amy calls again


JESSICA: She’s not joking 😁

LILLY: I have it recorded

FLO: Amy what’s the Bloe update?


FAT AMY: So Beca and Chloe still don’t know that we know about them

FAT AMY: They also think that by speaking in code I don’t know what they’re saying

STACIE: They speak in code to each other?



FAT AMY: But it’s Pig-Latin

FAT AMY: Which happened to be the only class I aced in high school back in Australia

EMILY: They teach Pig-Latin in Australia??

FAT AMY: In my school they did 👍

FLO: So what have they been saying in code?

FAT AMY: That’s the funny bit

FAT AMY: Beca said she’s gonna rail Chloe 😂

STACIE: Beca Mitchell’s a ‘top’!

STACIE: Who knew!


EMILY: What’s a top? 😳

AUBREY: You don’t need to know Emily 💚

FAT AMY: But Chloe replied that she’d be the one that ends up railing Beca instead

FAT AMY: As usual

STACIE: 😂 those two!!

ASHLEY: How long have they been sneaking around?

JESSICA: About two weeks isn’t it?

FAT AMY: Well that’s what my update’s about

FAT AMY: Turns out they’ve been screwing each other for ten week!!!

FAT AMY: *weeks

EMILY: 😱😱😱

AUBREY: How did you get to THAT conclusion?!

STACIE: Aubrey’s just pissed because Chloe hasn’t told her yet 😂



STACIE: So much for being her best friend! 😂




FAT AMY: Because Beca just denied the ‘as usual’ comment

FAT AMY: But Chloe said she’d been railing Beca for ten weeks now

FAT AMY: All in Pig-Latin of course 🙄

ASHLEY: Let’s hear their conversation Amy!


JESSICA: Please let us listen in!

FAT AMY: Do you guys even know Pig-Latin?


STACIE: I dooooo 😇

STACIE: I secretly screwed a guy in high school but to keep the meet-ups secret we used Pig-Latin to communicate

EMILY: I don’t 😭😭😭

STACIE: It was really hot

ASHLEY: I’ll translate for you Emily 👍

Fat Amy brings her phone down into her lap, a small smirk on her face as she leans forward slightly on her bed and raises the device towards the clothes rail that acts as a divider to give her privacy from the rest of the ring studio apartment. Her device lights up as the call connects to The Bellas, all who listen in are muted. And she waits with baited breath for conversation to begin again between her two roommates. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to wait long.

“Ere’sThay omethingsay I’ve eenbay eaningmay ootay oachbray ithway ouyay…” Chloe begins, a clatter on the kitchen worktop across the room indicating that she’s just stirred a fresh coffee for Beca and is about to take it to the fold out bed the two women share.

ASHLEY: There’s something I’ve been meaning to broach with you…

“Oh?” Beca gunts in a curious manner, and Amy can imagine the brunette is frowning at Chloe while the other woman settles onto their bed with a loud creak of the old springs, “areCay ootay laborate-ay?”

ASHLEY: Care to elaborate?

“atwhay are eeway?”

ASHLEY: What are we?

“I eanmay…” Chloe continues, pausing while evidently trying to find the right words to explain, “…atwhay am I ootay ouyay?”

ASHLEY: I mean…

ASHLEY: What am I to you?


“ikeLay…?” Beca tries to coax from Chloe exactly what she’s trying to suggest here, and Amy finds herself stifling a chuckle. Because anything said in Pig-Latin sounds amusing, even if it’s a fairly serious conversation.

ASHLEY: Like…?

“ikelay, eeway avehay eenbay eepingslay oogethertay orfay ootay and an alfhay onthsmay.”

ASHLEY: Like, we have been sleeping together for two and a half months…

“I’m otnay eeingsay omeonesay else-ay oh-saaaay…”

ASHLEY: I’m not seeing someone else sooooo…

“Chloe, atwhay are ouyay ryingtay ootay aysay?” Beca eventually interjects with an air of confusion and mild amusement to her tone.

ASHLEY: Chloe, what are you trying to say?

“Are ouyay eeingsay anyone…say else…say?”


ASHLEY: Are you seeing anyone else?

Even Amy finds herself grinning at how confused Chloe sounded trying to convert her previous sentence into Pig-Latin. And the embarrassment the woman has is clearly resonating with Beca who seems to chuckle awkwardly before responding.

“eeThay only-ay ersonpay I’m eeingsay is ouyay. If atsthay atwhay ou’reyay asking-say…?”

ASHLEY: The only person I’m seeing is you. If that’s what you’re asking?

JESSICA: God I can hear Beca smiling when she’s talking

STACIE: Same! She’s loving this!

EMILY: I’M loving this!!! 😍

“idDay ouyay…antway ootaaaay…eebay indakay ikelay…exclusive-ay? aybeMay?”

ASHLEY: Do you…want kinda like…exclusive? Maybe?





“ikeLay ouyay antway ootay eebay my irlfriendgay?”


ASHLEY: Like you want to be my girlfriend?

“I ustjay antway ootay owknay atwhay I ancay allcay ouyay enwhay eoplepay ask-ay about us-ay.”

ASHLEY: I just want to know what I can call you when people ask about us.

AUBREY: ‘Us’ 😱

EMILY: Eek! They’re classing themselves as ‘us’!!!

“ouYay ancay allcay eemay ouryay irlfriendgay.” Beca confirms, her tone oozing a massive grin.

ASHLEY: You can call me your girlfriend

ASHLEY: !!!!!

“utBay…” Beca quickly adds, and Fat Amy practically hears Chloe holding her breath, “…only-ay if I ancay allcay ouyay my irlfriendgay.”

ASHLEY: But only if I can call you my girlfriend!!!!!!!













“ohSay e’reway…icialoffay?” Chloe tentatively checks, though her smile is also evident in her voice.

ASHLEY: So we’re…official?

“e’reway icialoffay.” Beca confirms, and the small squeak of excitement chimes from Chloe’s throat. A scuffle sounds, along with the sound of a chuckle from Beca, and Fat Amy us quick to shove her phone through a gap in the clothes, flipping the WhatsApp call to a video call in the hope that she might be able to catch her roommates in the act of kissing again.

ASHLEY: We’re official!

Amy isn’t disappointed, and as suspected finds that Chloe has tumbled into Beca’s arms and shoved her backwards onto the bed, sharing a ‘quick’ kiss.


ASHLEY: I’m just pleased Jessica and I get to see an actual kiss between them!

Suddenly Amy snaps her phone back to her chest and holds her breath. She thinks Beca caught her spying. And her suspicion is confirmed when she hears a low, warning:


from Beca. Shit.

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“I literally can’t believe my eyes right now.”

Stacie, Jessica, Ashley, Flo, and Cynthia Rose all hum in agreement at Aubrey’s comment, the women all stood around the island in the middle of Dr Mitchell’s kitchen, drinks in hand. Chloe, let’s out a light chuckle of amusement, but holds her affectionate gaze through the kitchen door and into the lounge.

There, she and the rest of their friends can see Beca sat cross legged on the carpeted floor, a massive grin on her face while she holds her two year old son in her arms. Milo Beale had been born in a flurry of drama two years earlier. Now Milo’s 2nd birthday was being celebrated at his grandparents house, by his Mommy, Mama, Grandparents, and all his Aunts.

“I know.” Chloe agrees in the softest of voices, a contented smile on her face while she watches her wife and son, “He’s gotten so big.”

“Not that.” Aubrey quickly responds in a quiet tone of her own, and Chloe furrows her brow slightly while she still watches her loves. “I meant I can’t believe Beca’s so…kissy.”

Again, The Bellas all hum in agreement save for Chloe whose eyebrows rise. Her smile broadens as she sees exactly what her friends see. As she sees her wife jiggling their son around on her lap while kissing his little cheeks and forehead and the back of his neck and his little legs with reckless abandon, causing Milo to giggle and laugh loudly.

Chloe has to admit, she hadn’t ever expected it of Beca either. But there’s something about becoming a mother that’s changed Beca. The woman’s no longer reluctant to dish out affection in public. She’s even admitted to Chloe that she’s entirely besotted by their son. And Chloe has to admit, it’s made her already massive attraction to her wife even bigger.

Her heart soars as Beca looks up from their son with a huge beaming smile. A smile that broadens even more the instant their eyes lock across the room…

Chapter Text

Beca twisted her body as she slowly awoke from what felt like a deep sleep, wincing slightly after yawning, her jaw feeling particularly achy. Her left arm moved out instinctively to reach for her phone on her bedside table. But to her confusion, her hand came into contact with bare skin.

Her brow furrowed as she slowly opened her eyes. And almost instantly, she realised where she was and who she was with. Straggly red hair misted her view, and as Beca explored the body before her, she quickly noted that not only was she sharing a bed with Chloe, but that she was sharing a bed with naked Chloe. And shortly after that realisation, Beca quickly noted that she too was naked.


Her eyes fluttered closed, her hand leaving Chloe to draw up to her forehead, her body twisting so she now laid on her back. How drunk had they been last night?? Sure, she and Chloe had shared a certain level of mutual flirtation for a number of months now. But…to actually sleep together?? That was a whole other level of…situation to be in.

Her memory flickered back to the evening’s events. Monopoly had gotten pretty serious this year, and on ‘games night’ at The Bellas house (or rather ‘Monopoly night’ as it had essentially become) all Bellas would sit in the kitchen and play a fiercely competitive game of monopoly. While many would question how nine women could possibly play one game of monopoly with only six counters, they would be swiftly informed that The Bellas (or more specifically Chloe) had managed to expand the board and the amount of players with an additional set of the game and some permanent markers. Easy as that.

The past couple of weeks however, drinking forfeits had become ‘a thing’ for anyone losing money or property fast. Beca had been that loser. And to Chloe’s dismay, so had Chloe.

Three hours in and the two co-captains had become wasted. Three hours in, and the alcohol was almost gone. Three hours in, and the forfeits had to get a little more daring. Three hours in and Beca had accepted Stacie’s dare to kiss Chloe. Three hours in and both Beca and Chloe had made out as three different forfeits, on three separate occasions..

Beca’s nose crinkled as she brought her hand from her forehead to her nose, and with a deep inhale she remembered a lot of last night. How, at the end of the game Beca had called it a night. How she’d drunkenly stumbled behind a pair of legs heading upstairs ahead of her. How she’d followed them into a bedroom only to realise she’d followed Chloe into Chloe’s bedroom. How, no sooner had the door closed behind her, Beca had tugged Chloe into a piercing kiss. How, within minutes they’d both tumbled onto Chloe’s bed, aggressively making out while tugging each other’s clothes off..

Chloe. She smelt Chloe on her fingers. As her tongue poked out to swipe across her dry lips, she realised the reason her jaw ached was because she’d wasted no time in getting between Chloe’s legs last night. Had wasted no time in throwing her face into Chloe’s pussy, tongue out, lapping enthusiastically at her best friend’s clit, motivated mostly by Chloe’s throaty moans of encouragement..

She jumped as she noticed Chloe begin to stir, and her eyes flung open while her hand dropped to her side, and she turned to see the woman turn around in her bed. A sleepy smile swept across Chloe’s face, her eyes drifting closed again.

Morning.” Chloe grunted in a croaky voice, and Beca took a moment to take in Chloe’s appearance. For the first time she found herself taking a moment to appreciate Chloe’s natural beauty. All the freckles that dotted her cheeks and nose that Beca had never really noticed before. How long her eyelashes were. How supple her lips looked even though Chloe was more than likely to be dehydrated.

I’m surprised you stayed.” Chloe added, her voice still low and croaky, and Beca found an amused smirk popping onto her face.

“Why?” she mustered, then immediately pursed her lips. There was no way her breath was smelling remotely acceptable right now. No way. But then, it was likely Chloe’s wasn’t either. They had partaken in the same activities last night after all…

“Because we had sex.” Chloe replied before taking a deep intake of breath through her nose, turning onto her back, and stretching her arms and legs, adding a winced “Figured that’d freak you out.”

“Well right back at you.” Beca returned, looking up at the ceiling again. The temptation to stretch just like Chloe had was huge. It’d sounded so relaxing. So relieving. And as Chloe let out a slight chuckle, Beca decided she’d just go for it.

“Copy-cat.” Chloe teased as Beca stretched her arms above her head, and left them to rest behind her head.

“You were the copy-cat last night.” Beca dared to reply with a teasing expression. She revelled in the way Chloe’s eyes appeared to twinkle in delight at the comment. They were back to flirting it seemed. Even though they were naked in bed together. As friends….right?

“I like to think it as being polite.” Chloe counteracted, and Beca felt her heart begin to increase a little as she turned to see Chloe’s seductive grin shining back at her. Closely followed by Chloe’s body, as the redhead sat up enough to swing her bare leg over Beca’s, their upper body’s smushing together.

Beca felt her breath hitch in her throat while her hands naturally came to rest around Chloe’s waist. And she found an overwhelming sense of comfort as Chloe’s fingers smoothed affectionately through her hair. Even the close proximity of Chloe’s face to her own didn’t freak her out. What was going on here?? Did she really like Chloe as much as she’d thought she might?

“It’s only fair that I reciprocated each thing you did last night.”

“And you did.” Beca replied kindly, unable to help her goofy grin. Because last night Chloe really had worked wonders on her. Had made her come plenty. Had listened to instructions of what felt good and what didn’t. Had really utilised their close relationship to get the best out of their first time together. ‘First time’. Said as if there would be a second time.

I still owe you one more orgasm.” Chloe mumbled against Beca’s mouth, and the brunette took a sharp intake of breath as she felt Chloe’s hand slip from her head, down between them to tweak Beca’s left nipple..


“I need a water.” Chloe said with a heavy exhale, a broad lazy smile on her face as she rolled off Beca’s body with a tired groan.

Beca’s chest heaved as she attempted to catch her breath. Well Chloe had definitely done what she’d set out to do. They were absolutely even now. She reached out to take Chloe’s arm as the redhead made to get out of bed.

“I’ll go.” Beca replied, and upon seeing Chloe’s mouth open ready to protest, she quickly added, “It’s the least I can do.”

Getting out of Chloe’s bed was almost as lengthy a process as it would be getting out of her own bed on a freezing winters morning. Beca found herself clambering over Chloe’s naked body, only to be slightly waylaid. The moment her naked body had straddled Chloe’s hips in an attempt to get out of bed, she’d instead found herself pressing her lips to Chloe’s mouth, pursuing a deep and suspiciously romantic kiss.

Eventually, Chloe broke the kiss, biting her bottom lip with an apologetic expression:

“I really do need that water..”

“Oh!” Beca burst, immediately scrambling off Chloe’s body and out of the bed, “Yeah. Of course. I um…just water or coffee or tea or milk or…?”

She rambled when she was nervous. Or embarrassed. Right now she was both.

“Just a water, Beca.” Chloe answered in a gentle tone that matched her affectionate expression. Beca nodded, her lips pursed together again, and she scrambled for the nearest acceptable piece of clothing to throw on.

“Right, water it is.” she confirmed, giving Chloe a thumbs up and grimacing internally. Who the hell was she?? She didn’t do ‘thumbs up’!

She scurried over to the bedroom door, swinging it open. And a gasp fell from her mouth as she stopped in her tracks. Just outside Chloe’s bedroom door stood all of the other Bellas. All of them. Stood with their arms crossed and huge grins on their faces.

Beca tugged down at the hem of her T-shirt that she quickly realised, embarrassingly, was one of Chloe’s. And she cleared her throat awkwardly.

Ah crap. She was so busted.

Chapter Text

Beca: Hey, uh, what do people say about me?

Emily: Nothing.

Beca: Oh, come on. I’m sure you’ve heard something. It’s fine. I can…I’ve got thick skin.

Emily: Okay, well some people think that you wear a wig, and some people think that you have a crush on Chloe, and some people think that you’re a Sea Org, whatever that is.

Beca: Wait, people think I have a crush on Chloe?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Beca: What? She’s got a boyfriend. That’s… I mean not that you can’t have a crush on someone who’s already in a relationship, but I mean, you know, yuck…. You know, not yuck. I think she’s pretty. But she’s not, like, pretty-pretty. I mean…she’s…I-I don’t know… That’s insane. Who’s saying, like, who specifically…who’s saying that?

Emily: *shrugs* Just people. Like, everyone.

Chapter Text

It’s strange, Chloe thinks with her entire consciousness, how light Beca’s body feels atop hers. The way her hips align almost perfectly with hers. The way her breath seems to map across from her lungs out to Chloe’s and back again as if both find connective energy from the same origin. As though they’re soulmates. Bound for one another. And yet, despite the light weight, it feels noticeably absent the moment Beca rolls off her. Their closeness now somewhat distant.

A great exhale releases from her mouth. Chloe is both present and absent all at once. Present in the room - her hotel room - her pristine white bed sheets ruffled and scrunched towards the bottom of the bed, her head on the pile of pillows strewn around the top of the bed. Absent in mind because her brain is whirring, her thoughts immediately flitting back to how this all started: Beca striding up to her, tugging her from Chicago’s embrace, and drawing her face towards her own to share a piercing kiss.

That hadn’t been the whole journey, she thinks. They’d joined their friends for drinks shortly after, celebrating their health and friendship. Her hands had been entwined with Beca’s the whole way through, and she’d noted how avidly The Bellas’ glances had been even though it’d never been that unusual for her hand to find Beca’s in the past.

Then she’d led Beca, unspoken, up to her hotel room. And Beca, unspoken, had followed.

Chloe is usually a chatterbox. Chloe usually word-vomits at a rate of none when she’s nervous, or excited, or passionate, or anxious. The moment she’d stumbled into her hotel room, she’d been all of those things. And yet, being with Beca and taking such a big step out of their friendship, Chloe felt oddly at peace.

She had felt at peace.

Now, however, reality hits her and her chest suddenly feels like twenty Labrador’s are sat on her at once. Because if there’s one thing that’s gleamingly obvious to her, it’s that neither her or Beca have said anything to each other since before they’d shared their first kiss. Nothing.

Chloe could take this moment to praise their ability to communicate without words. Could take this moment to pride herself in just how well she respects Beca’s dislike in talking about feelings or emotions. There has to be something there. Chloe doesn’t think Beca would risk ruining their friendship by having a one-night stand with her.

The metaphorical labradors shift towards her belly, and with them Chloe feels sick as worry overwhelms her. The use of the term ‘one-night stand’ makes all that they’ve just shared come to the forefront of her mind.

Any time Chloe had imagined a ‘first time’ with Beca, she’d envisioned a rapid and frenzied fumble. Desperate stripping. Quick kisses. Occasional chuckles and giggles. A yearn to see and taste as much of each other as hastily as possible.

But Chloe thinks back on the past hour or so. Remembers how tenderly Beca had cradled her cheeks while they’d kissed slowly and gently, as though every kiss had been cautiously released. Remembers how natural it had felt when she’d slipped herself onto Beca’s lap. Her lips slowly venturing to unchartered parts of Beca’s body. Glancing down her own body to see Beca’s head bobbing between her legs. She remembers the way Beca’s soft fingertips tracked across her skin with such care and consideration - as though the woman had envisioned this moment between them on all too many occasions.

Chloe’s first time with Beca has been beyond anything she’d ever imagined. Their connection is unspoken, as it always has been. But bringing that connection to bed is what sets Beca apart from anyone Chloe’s had sex with before.

So why does she feel so anxious despite the throbbing between her legs?

Turning to her right and peering through the dark, Chloe sees Beca’s silhouette, her best friend laying beside her and seemingly staring at the ceiling. What is Beca thinking? Is she full of regret? Is she as stunned by this evening’s activities as Chloe is? Is she pleased? Is she dissatisfied?

Chloe swallows loudly before air fills her lungs once again. She hopes she’s been what Beca had needed. Had wanted. That she’d been ‘good in bed’. From the noises Beca had made, Chloe had thought she’d been enough. But could she have done more? Should she have done more?

“You’re quiet.”

It’s not exactly the first thing she expects Beca to say, but the fact that Beca’s said anything at all is blessing enough for Chloe to fully expel any lingering breath in her lungs.

“I don’t want to screw anything up.” she confesses honestly. The room falls silent again while the two women let those words sink in. Screwing anything up. As if things aren’t already screwed up if they don’t continue this…whatever this is.

If Beca decides that this was a terrible idea (though is it classed as an ‘idea’ if it just happened naturally?) then she can definitely just up and leave to go to her own hotel room. And if she ups and leaves then what will happen next? What will they be? Will they be ‘friends with history’? Will Beca be something Chloe has to class as ‘it’s complicated’ whenever someone asks what’s happened to their friendship? Will they even be friends anymore?

Whatever Beca decides, Chloe knows she’ll just agree. Because that’s pretty much how most things have been throughout the years they’ve known each other. Whatever Beca says, goes. Not because Beca’s insistent or stubborn, but because Chloe would travel to the ends of the earth so long as Beca is happy. So long as she can make Beca happy. But right now Beca doesn’t sound happy. She sounds…conflicted. And it fills Chloe with dread.

“Do you wish I hadn’t kissed you?”

“No!” the speed at which Chloe bursts her response embarrasses her no end. She doesn’t want to seem desperate but…she’s desperate for Beca to understand that this evening is definitely something she doesn’t regret. “Not…not ‘no’ I wish you hadn’t kissed me. ‘No’ I don’t wish that you…hadn’t…kissed me.” her nose scrunches while she mulls over the confusing order of words. Had they even made sense?

Her stomach knots again. So far this aftermath is everything she’s been dreading. She’s babbling too much. She’s not making sense. She’s being stupid. It’s a wonder Beca hasn’t up and left already. It’s even more of a wonder that Beca hasn’t got up right now.

To Chloe’s surprise she hears a gentle chuckle pop from Beca’s throat, followed swiftly by an amused tone:

“You’ve definitely got a way with words, Beale.”

‘Beale’. Beca has never called her ‘Beale’. Which proves just how awkward this situation is. This is it. The start of a horribly drawn out apology. The start of an equally horribly drawn out ‘this was a mistake’. Excuses will fly around the room until Beca’s inevitably brisk exit. And Chloe will never have a moment this intimate with Beca ever again.

Yet the feel of Beca’s hand sweeping down her arm to take her hand, startles Chloe somewhat. It seems entirely contradictory of her use of new pet-name. And for a moment Chloe wonders if Beca’s use of pet-name is her way of working through some nerves…

“For what it’s worth,” Beca begins, and Chloe’s sure that through the darkness she sees Beca turn her head to look back at her, “I’m so relieved you kissed me back.”

This time it’s Chloe’s turn to chuckle, squeezing her eyes closed to heighten her other senses: enjoying how good it feels to hold Beca’s hand and have Beca hold her hand in return, how intoxicating the smell of Beca’s perfume is while it’s interlaced with the smell of sex between them, how melodic her own chuckle sounds as it echoes within the room and meets the sound of Beca’s body shifting slightly on the mattress beside her.

“I’m serious.” Beca replies, though her tone is laced with amusement, and Chloe opens her eyes just in time to notice Beca rolling onto her side and sitting up slightly. As the woman props her head on her hand, Chloe fails to notice that Beca’s no longer holding her hand. All she’s aware of is how close Beca is to her again, and the feel of Beca’s shallow breath meeting her bare skin, sending a ripple of goosebumps down her chest. Her nipples harden.

“How long have you wanted to kiss me?” Chloe mumbles bluntly. Curiously. Her heart rate picks up pace again while she tries to read Beca’s expression through the darkness. But it’s impossible.

“You mean before I kissed you tonight or ever?”

The question hangs in Chloe’s ears, torn between the two options. There’s been more times before tonight when Beca’s wanted to kiss her? It’s a lot to process. Something that Chloe can spend time doing another day. For now, however…


Her bottom lip curls into her mouth and her teeth bite down gently. It’s adorable, she thinks to herself, how open Beca is being right now. Ho the w willing she is to broach the subject of feelings. Feelings that lay deeper than just ‘best friends’..

The breath of air that seeps from Beca’s mouth adds to the plethora of goosebumps already present on Chloe’s chest, and she watches with baited breath as Beca settles back down on the mattress to face the ceiling, clearly trying to compile a collection of words that form the best answer. This is what Beca does. She thinks long and hard about replies that matter. And Chloe knows this. So she patiently waits.

“I think I’ve wanted to kiss you since the second time we met.” Beca begins slowly, before deciding she needs to add, “In the showers at Barden.”

But Beca hadn’t needed to mention that part. Chloe’s mind is already there. She remembers that exact moment. The moment she had heard Beca sing. The moment Beca had joined her in a harmony. The moment their eyes had lingered, locked, at the end of their song, with smiles on their faces. Chloe remembered the way Beca’s eyes had flickered down to her bare chest then bashfully up to the ceiling.

That entire interaction had been the first time Chloe could safely say that she’d fallen for Beca. Well, not fallen exactly. It’d been more of a stumble. The first of many stumbles, until she’d found that by end of her first senior year she was falling hard for the young woman who was two and a bit years her junior.

“It’s been an urge that’s been on and off over the years.” Beca continues, and Chloe can hear her best friend picking nervously at her cuticles, “A bigger urge when Jesse broke up with me. And I guess that bigger urge just kept getting bigger and bigger until…tonight.”

Tonight. Chloe can’t help the smile that sweeps across her face. Tonight - when Beca had bolted for her, out of the blue, and pulled her into a deep first kiss.

“When you finally kissed me.” Chloe adds with as much controlled glee as she can maintain.

“When I finally ki-” Beca pauses abruptly and Chloe can almost hear her brow furrowing, “Wait, what do you mean ‘finally’?”

Chloe sees the silhouette of Beca’s head turn to face her. They’re being brutally honest with one another at last. So despite Chloe feeling initially hesitant to elaborate on her casual sentence, she decides that perhaps now isn’t the worst time in the world to just ‘go for it’ in terms of revealing how she’s been feeling.

She turns on her side to face her best friend, her head resting on the pillow beside Beca’s. Her smile is still broad and her heart hammers against her chest. But her nerves are slowly disappearing the longer Beca stays by her side, seemingly unafraid.

“I’ve had a thing for you since we were in college.” she confesses, and no sooner does she finish that simple sentence, Chloe hears and almost feels Beca take a deep intake of breath through her teeth. They were in college together for four years, so the natural question that Beca could ask next is ‘when in college did it start?’.

But she doesn’t.

Instead Beca turns on her side to face Chloe, their knees bumping awkwardly during the motion. And Chloe feels the woman’s fingertips lightly smooth from her shoulder down to her wrist before retracting again. As though Beca isn’t sure where to place her hand while they lay in this position.

A moment or two passes, and during that time Chloe wonders what Beca might be thinking. Had she been a little too forward with her confession? Is Beca attempting to fight an internal battle that is ‘stay’ or ‘escape this room as quickly as possible’? The longer Chloe dwells on the silence, the more worried she becomes again.

But that worry suddenly washes away as she feels Beca’s hand cup her cheek. Her soft thumb smooths gently across Chloe’s skin. And the redhead melts into her touch.

“You’re so beautiful.” she hears Beca mumble, and the words cause Chloe’s body to quake in delight and disbelief. Beca called her beautiful. And not in a passing comment with little thought kind of way. No, this compliment had been carefully decided upon delivering. The pause and the touch had been Beca’s way of processing her impending response. And Chloe was all for it!

Chloe’s hand finds it’s way across Beca’s waist, and as her hips shift forward, their naked bodies press gently against one another. Their foreheads meet and their noses nudge. And in this next bout of silence, Chloe takes a moment to just be happy. Content.

She has no idea what tomorrow will bring. She has no idea what she and Beca will become. But for now, she really doesn’t care.

All that matters is Beca. Beca who draws her lips slowly to hers, and kisses her with such care that Chloe’s certain she must be some kind of China doll that Beca is terrified of breaking. It’s tempting to say something. To perhaps declare just how intense the ‘thing’ she’d mentioned has become. Just how intensely she adores Beca. But in an odd way, Chloe feels like Beca already knows…

Chapter Text

[Beca & Chloe are caught sharing an accidental kiss in the kitchen of The Treblemakers house during a party. All eyes are on them while The Bellas try to get their head around what they’ve just seen, and while Beca & Chloe try to deny the sexual tension between them]

Stacie: So, what is it, guys? Is it love or lust?

Beca: All right guys, enough is enough.

Aubrey: It doesn’t matter. Even if they were soul mates, it doesn’t make it okay.

Beca: Look, Chloe is not my soul mate, okay? Yes, fine, when I first joined The Bellas I had a little crush on Chloe. There, I said it. Okay? Are you happy?

ChloeExactly. And at one point, I had a crush on Beca, and that’s all in the past.

Beca: Exac- Wait, what did you.. when did you.. did.. what.. you-yeah-no. Never mind. Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, because if even if we… because with the timing and everything, it’s yeah… so.. you get it. So stop.

Fat Amy: Beca didn’t know..!

Cynthia Rose: Do you still love each other?

Beca: What?

Chloe: No! We never… we’ve moved on!

Beca: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And, you know… and anyway, it-it-it doesn’t matter, becau-, we’ve… we’ve all, you know, and-and-and besides, you know, I’ve… I’m with… I’ve got… I’m with, umm…

[She points across the room at Jesse who looks decidedly stunned by the whole situation.]

Jesse: Jesse.

Beca: I’m with Jesse. Yeah, no, I-I know your name, obviously.

Stacie: Guys, this is amazing.

Ashley: Yeah, I’m generally a cynic, but this? Wow.

Fat Amy: Beca didn’t know that Chloe didn’t know, and now Beca knows that Chloe knows…

Jesse: We f****ing get it, Fat Amy!

Chapter Text

Beca sat in the recording booth, perched on a tall stool before a microphone, awaiting the signal she needed which would notify her that her producers were ready for her to start singing again. Her third continuous day of recording out of ten planned days of recording. All for her debut single and subsequent public performances.

The past couple of weeks had been intense. Really intense. A world away from the world she’d once known.

She heard a tap on the glass door of the booth, and she looked up from her personal Instagram account to see her assistant opening the door a crack. Fergus poked his head into the booth, a kind and hopeful smile on his face.

“Did you need me to get you anything, Ms Mitchell?” he asked.

Beca had never known anyone to be as sweet as the young polite man who had been hired by the label to be her assistant. In a way, he reminded her of an old college friend - Benji. That guy had always had a sweetness about him. A true gentle giant.

“I told you, Ferg,” she replied with an amused smirk, “call me Beca.”

“Right, yeah, sorry…” Fergus rolled his eyes, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment, “…did you need me to get you anything, Beca?”

It was a question he seemed to ask her every hour she was at the label. As soon as she got in the car to be driven to the building in the morning, she received a text from the kid asking her if she needed him to get her anything. The answer was always ‘no’. It was always no because Beca had never really needed anything ever. Just because she was now signed to a recording label and was tipped as ‘the next big thing’ didn’t mean she suddenly wanted for lots of things.

But as she looked at his hopeful expression, Beca felt a pang of guilt that for most of the morning so far she’d just turned him away. She’d only known him a couple of weeks, but because of his young age and seeming naivety, Beca felt a tug of sisterly protection towards him. So she quickly set her mind to finding a task for him.

“Yeah uh, could you maybe buy me some hand cream?”

The boy looked thrilled to have finally found a purpose in his new job role, his smile stretching wide across his face, and Beca tried her hardest not to chuckle.

“Y-Yes! Yeah of course! Um, wh-what kind??”

Beca wasn’t au fair with hand cream brands. But she knew of one. So she turned to consult her phone, holding the screen out towards him when she’d found the one she was after.

“Something similar to that?” she asked, not overly fussed if it was the exact one or not. Just something to give the kid to do.

“That one. Got it.” Fergus nodded enthusiastically, beginning to make his way out of the booth with a spring in his step.

“It doesn’t need to be the exac-” Beca began, but she stopped the moment the booth door slammed closed. She let out a tired sigh, and looked out as Fergus notified Theo where he was off to before scooting out of the studio. Sweet kid. A little too desperate to please…

“Ready Beca?” a voice echoed through the speaker in the booth, and Beca cleared her throat, before shifting off the stool and leaning towards the microphone. She grips gently at the headphones around her neck and slides them up to her ears.

“Ready.” she responds with as much confidence as she can muster while looking out at a sea of faces in the studio looking back at her.


“So it took me seven different stores…”

Beca looked up from her phone, on a short break again, an hour after Fergus had left the studio. She saw the eighteen year old shunt his way breathlessly into the booth, a brown paper bag in his hand.

“…and a phone call to my Mom.” Fergus added, slipping his hand into the bag, and a smile of relief swept across his face, “But I finally found it.”

“Dude did you run there??” Beca replied, looking stunned as she reached for the very hand cream she’d requested, taking it from her assistant.

“It…” Fergus paused to take several deep breaths, perspiring slightly across his forehead, “…s’no big deal.” he brushed the air with his hand before returning it to his hip, “I’m your assistant right? —— It’s what I’m supposed to do. —— Get you whatever you want.”

“Yeah but..” Beca began, placing her phone on one side to flick the cap of the hand cream open, “…I didn’t exactly need this desperately-”

She abruptly stopped her sentence the second the fragrance of the hand cream met her nostrils. Her heart swelled, her chest heaved a sigh of relief, and a weight immediately felt as though it lifted from her shoulders.

This was it. This was the hand cream. Right now, in this studio, in LA, amidst a frantic beginning to her recording deal…this hand cream meant everything to her.

“Did I get the right one?” Fergus asked anxiously, and a small smile poked into the corner of Beca’s mouth as she squeezed a small amount of the cream onto the back of her right hand before gently massaging it into her skin.

“It’s perfect.” Beca replied in content, still looking down at her hands as she spread the cream.

“You know, I can totally make sure a bottle of it is in every studio, car, dressing room, and building you go into?” Fergus suggested hopefully, clearly wanting to impress the impending star. Beca’s eyebrows rose, and she glanced at her assistant with a curious expression.



She wasn’t going to be one of those superstars. Definitely not. But having a comfort like this wouldn’t be too outrageous. Right?

“Um…I mean if it’ll give you something to do?” she tried to sound nonplussed. Really she did. But her racing heart wasn’t giving her much of a chance to play it cool. Nor was her mind that was filling with memories of Brooklyn and the studio apartment she’d once lived in, thanks to the smell of the hand cream that seemed to have filled the booth already.

“I won’t let you down!” Fergus replied enthusiastically again, grinning as he dashed out of the booth again.

Beca looked down at the bottle of hand cream. For the couple of weeks she’d lived here in LA, for the couple of weeks that she’d laid in bed overnight and had mourned the life she’d left behind in New York, nothing had brought her back to life quite like this hand cream was doing just now. Something so small. And yet so significant.


“Oh wowwwww!” Chloe cooed, stepping into Beca’s dressing room behind Fat Amy, Stacie, and Cynthia Rose. Her eyes widened with a broad smile as she looked at the plush fabric walls, and beautiful furniture within the sizeable room.

Tonight had been Beca’s first public performance since signing to the label. And Chloe had spent most of it in tears. She was so so proud of her best friend. The woman she’d seriously once considered her ‘other half’ back when they’d lived together in Brooklyn (not that they’d been romantically involved - unfortunately). The woman she’d missed desperately every day since Beca had moved to LA seven months ago. But tonight felt like it’d been worth the wait, and Chloe couldn’t wait to finally be reunited with Beca again. Even if the other Bellas were here too..

“Beca will be through in about a minute.” came a voice behind them, and Chloe looked over her shoulder to see Beca’s assistant follow them inside. Beca had been right when she’d texted the group to say that her assistant reminded her of her little brother. Fergus was a lot like Michael in some ways. Both in height and in how awkward he seemed around attractive women. It was quite amusing..

Chloe found her attention drifting to a nearby table and her heart skipped a beat when she noticed the contents of it. She slowly reached out, taking hold of a tube of hand cream. The same brand she’d always used. It was nice to think that Beca had ordered it to her dressing room for her.

“Um, sorry…” Fergus suddenly said, jolting forward to grab the tube from Chloe’s hand just as Chloe opened the cap of it, “…that’s Beca’s. She gets really annoyed if people use her hand cream.”

Chloe’s brow furrowed, but the question on the tip of her tongue was spoken by Fat Amy instead, who seemed just as confused.

“Why does she care so much about her hand cream?”

“Because,” Fergus began, seeming a bit skittish while he placed the hand cream gently back down on the table at a certain angle, “it’s her home comfort. She doesn’t want anyone else smelling of it because it reminds her of someone.”

Chloe’s heart soared while Emily piped up nearby: “Who?”

But just as Fergus opened his mouth to answer, a breathless voice sounded from the doorway:

“Hey you guuuys!”

Chloe spun on the spot, her heart soaring as she caught sight of Beca being engulfed in a group hug by The Bellas, all women cooing at the new superstar. Chloe, however, remained frozen to the spot. Because Beca had her hand cream because it reminded Beca of her. She classed Chloe as her ‘home comfort’!

The Bellas peeled themselves from around Beca’s petite body, stepping back slowly with smiles on their faces. And the moment Beca’s eyes locked with Chloe’s, giving the redhead a coy smile, Chloe’s whole body felt at peace. Surging forward, Chloe pulled Beca into a tight hug, feeling the pressure of Beca’s tight hug in return. And tears slipped from both women’s eyes.

This moment felt perfect. But after a few beats, and the feel of Beca’s breath against her skin, Chloe decided not to probe her best friend about the hand cream. Not yet. For now, she was as happy to just be with her and not read too far into how Beca might truly feel about her…

Chapter Text

For an ‘In Space’ PP4 idea (let’s face it, after PP3 anything goes):

• Beca’s record label strike a deal with NASA and SpaceX to have Beca be the first person to ever perform a song in space.

• Beca’s not overly keen on the idea and the only way she agrees is if the rest of The Bellas can join her.

• All Bellas are super excited and committed - including ‘Fat’ Amy who loses a ton of weight to get fit enough to complete the training NASA require (explains Rebel Wilson’s weight loss)

• They all have a big meal and drinks the night of their arrival in the hotel The Label have paid for them to stay in. We find out what each Bella is up to now.

• Next morning a strict schedule is announced to them via a very handsome astronaut who will be part of the team accompanying them on the ‘expedition’. Aubrey takes a fancy to him and him to her.

• Cue montages of NASA training, vocal rehearsals, and dance routine rehearsals.

• Of course there will be lingering looks between Beca and Chloe.

• Because this is Pitch Perfect and things get more ridiculous as time goes on, the training only lasts 3 weeks - because that’s all it takes to train novices how to become amateur astronauts.

• The night before the launch, Chloe goes to Beca’s hotel suite and finds her stood on the balcony, looking up at the stars:

Beca: It’s crazy to think in 12 hours time we’ll be up there…together…

They share a look.

Beca: I’m so pleased you’re here.

Chloe: Well we were never going to let you go up there alone, Beca!

Beca: No, not The Bellas. You. I’m pleased you’re here.

Chloe: I’m pleased I’m here too.

They’re about to nervously share a first kiss, but Amy and the rest of The Bellas barge in with late-night snacks, so Bechloe part and nothing more is said. They all have a sing-song.

• Day of the launch and we see a montage of all The Bellas getting ready then getting settled in the rocket. They sing together to steady their nerves.

• Blast off - a montage of people all over the world watching - because of course this is a world first and it’s Pitch Perfect so obviously every person in the world know who The Barden Bellas are to some degree (see Fat Amy muff-gate in PP2)

• Once docking at the ISS, The Bellas get taken on a tour around the place.

• Beca has a quick video call with her bosses who inform her about details of the televised performance.

• Fat Amy, Cynthia Rose, and Ashley have a competition to see who can do the most tumbles in zero gravity. Fat Amy crashes into something. Something gets damaged slightly but nobody notices.

• Stacie has a video call with her daughter. It’s the first time we see a softer side to Stacie.

• Aubrey watches on and is approached by the handsome astronaut she’d been flirting with. They have quite a surprisingly serious conversation about relationships and how both would one day like to start a family if they found the right person.

• Chloe, Emily, and Flo look out at the Earth. Flo tells a story about her family, pointing out the sea they had to cross to get to America. It turns out she lost her mother at sea.

• Lilly and Jessica watch one of the astronauts tinkering with some of the space station, making some improvements. Lilly seems to be taking an unhealthy interest, asking far too many questions about ‘what ifs’ eg:

“What if we run out of fuel?”

“What if the shuttle blows up?”

“What if the shuttle detaches? Will we be stuck here?”

“Are there any spare spacesuits in case one malfunctions?”

The astronaut answers honestly, no matter how horrendous each hypothetical situation sounds. Jessica looks uncomfortable.

• The Bellas eat at a similar time, having fun trying space food.

• The Bellas rehearse for the next day’s performance.

• Later Beca and Chloe find themselves together (though impossible to be completely alone), looking out a window, this time at the Earth:

Beca: Being up here makes you realise just how small and insignificant things are down there.

Chloe: Like LA?

Beca: Like all of it. LA, my career, the money… my heart’s not in it as much as I thought it would be.

Chloe: So where is your heart?

Beca: ……Here…With you.

They both smile affectionately at each other. Chloe reaches out to take Beca’s hand. But just as she does, the lights flicker and power noticeably cuts out.

• The Bellas panic, the astronauts don’t, and within moments everything is back to normal again. Apparently it’s quite normal.

• The next day it’s performance time. Control room on Earth are preparing for international televised performance.

• The Bellas assemble in position and perform a mashup of ‘Space Oddity’, ‘We Are All Made Of Stars’, and ‘Supermassive Black Hole’. Montage of reactions from those watching back on Earth.

• Mid-way through the performance - cut to the damage Fat Amy had made the previous day - it begins to spark. The transmission to Earth cuts out, and the power to the space station weakens.

• The Bellas (except Lilly) panic. The astronauts prepare for an emergency departure. Shuttles are prepared.

• Stacie panics she won’t see her daughter again.

• Lilly disappears to look for something.

• Aubrey’s fancyman astronaut delegates a task to her for which Aubrey conducts efficiently.

• Chloe tries to get to Beca but:

• Beca gets squirrelled away quickly into a shuttle alone by the astronauts because apparently they’ve been ordered to protect her (by order of her record label and the NASA bosses). She’s angry and reluctant, fearing for the safety of her friends. She’s sent from the space station with only two other astronauts, the rest of The Bellas are left on board.

• on Earth, the control room watch on in concern.

• montage of Bellas being directed into a shuttle while Beca’s shuttle hurtles to Earth.

• Lilly finds what she’s after and patches up Fat Amy’s damage before heading for the shuttle.

• the shuttle leaves with The Bellas and remaining astronauts

• Beca’s shuttle lands in the ocean. As she’s freed and rescued, she’s somewhat hysterical, looking to the sky for any sign that The Bellas are safe.

• The Bellas return to Earth, crashing into the ocean.

• Beca and her rescuers see the shuttle land in the distance but she’s still worried and upset.

• The Bellas are rescued. Aubrey is held safely by the handsome astronaut. The other Bellas comfort one another. Chloe is a little hysterical herself, asking every person rescuing them if Beca is okay. Nobody answers her.

• Some time later, at NASA, The Bellas arrive. Beca is already there. Both she and Chloe are relieved to see each other alive and safe.

• Beca and Chloe run into each other’s arms, tears running down their cheeks,

Beca: I’m so so sorry! They forced me in the shuttle! I couldn’t do anything!

Chloe: I know!

Beca: I wanted to get to you! I wanted to save you!

They cradle each other’s faces

Chloe: I’m here. I’m okay.

Beca: You’re okay?

Chloe: I’m okay.

They finally share a kiss.

• The Bellas watch on with soft smiles. Stacie turns to see her daughter calling out to her and she bursts into tears as she hugs her tight.

• Aubrey watches Stacie with Bella, then Beca and Chloe. Handsome astronaut sidles up to her:

Astronaut: You okay?

Aubrey: Yeah. Just wishing I had someone to return to Earth to.

Astronaut: I get that.

They look on at the people around them, but small smiles grow on their faces as the astronaut gently takes Aubrey’s hand.

Astronaut: Wanna grab something to eat later?

Aubrey: Okay.

• Beca and Chloe are interrupted by Beca’s team, they whisk her away for a debrief and to prepare for interviews. Chloe tries to silently tell her it’s okay.

• Beca announces very public during an interview that she’s taking a break from making music and performing. Her team are stunned The interviewer assumes it because of the trauma of the accident in space.

• Beca looks to The Bellas who are watching on, specifically Chloe, and replies that she just really needs time to focus on what’s important to her.

• Fast forward five months and both Beca and Chloe are hand in hand walking barefoot along an empty beach. They chat. They look very happy.

• Suddenly a beach ball hits the side of Beca’s head and the rest of The Bellas come into shot. Bechloe aren’t alone on the beach. But they’re happy.

• They look across to the skyline and see a rocket blastoff into space. They all look to Aubrey who looks a bit emotional.

“He’ll be okay.” they say to her, referring to her now-boyfriend astronaut. And she nods “I know.”

• Beca and Chloe turn to each other and share a kiss, before turning back to the view with their friends.

Chapter Text

Beca rifles through draws full of clothes trying to find as many items that will suit the warm weather that LA has to offer. Everything has happened so fast. The recording contract. The expectations. The move.

“Will you miss me, Beca?”

The question rings out around Beca’s childhood bedroom - the one she’s been hanging in for the past twenty minutes while she attempts to top up her suitcase with the rest of her belongings that she plans to take over to LA with her. The question is slightly slurred. But heavy. Not heavy in tone but there’s a weight behind it that seems to suggest only one very exact answer.

“Of course I’ll miss you.” Beca mumbles noncelantly, before suddenly pausing and standing upright. She turns to her left and addresses the only other person in the room. The person whose insecurities shine from time to time - this appearing to be one of them. Chloe peers nervously from over the Champagne flute that she holds to her lips, and Beca’s chest tightens at the sight of those bright blue eyes while she insists firmly, “Hey. Of course I’ll miss you.”

Chloe scoffs, and as she sips champagne she resumes her focus on the wall beside her, staring at two very clear columns on a small whiteboard on Beca’s bedroom wall.

“You’re leaving so I can ask you anything, right?” the redhead asks rhetorically, rocking back and forth, one arm crossed protectively over her stomach while her opposite hand holds the glass. She turns to look Beca deftly in the eye, “How did I get missed off?”

Beca’s brow slowly furrows as the room falls silent. She has no idea what her best friend is talking about. Missed off? Missed off what? Chloe seems to take a deep breath through her nose and explains with one long exhale:

“You have two columns here - ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’ - both listing people you want to thank. But I’m not on either. I’m in this corner at the bottom.” Chloe motions in a disappointed tone at the bottom left of the whiteboard and sure enough, in tiny writing, her name is handwritten, “I’m not even in a column. Not in the ‘friends’ column. Not in the ‘family’ column. There’s not even a ‘potential romance’ column…”

Beca swallows loudly at what she realises Chloe is implying. That Chloe is actually implying that she has feelings for her. Romantic feelings. And it’s completely caught her off guard. But as she opens her mouth to respond, her step-mother suddenly knocks loudly on the half open bedroom door and sticks her head in the room.

“Come on Beca if you don’t hurry you’ll miss your father’s speech.” she says with a chuckle, “We need him to get it over with before he gets too drunk.”

Beca watches Sheila leave, then turns back to Chloe who is looking over at her anxiously. Beca can’t help but smile nervously:

“God. There’s columns.” she mutters and Chloe let’s out a light chuckle through her nose, nodding gently.

“There’s definitely columns.” she agrees.

Just as Beca opens her mouth to respond Sheila appears in the door again.

“No seriously, it’s getting a bit hairy down there and your dad’s still drinking. Come on.”

She leaves swiftly once again. Beca turns to Chloe, completely stunned by her best friend’s revelation. After all these years. And she has no idea what to think or say or do.

“Wow Chloe I…” Beca pauses, her voice catching in her throat when she sees tears building in Chloe’s eyes. God she’s always been the worst at words when they’ve really mattered. So all she adds is, “Big news on a big night.” internally cringing while Chloe nods gently. But the room remains silent, neither knowing what to say. And as Beca’s name is called from downstairs by her friends and family, the brunette clears her throat, let’s out a sigh and an apologetic grimace, and makes her way out of the bedroom.

— Four Months Later —

Beca lets out a tired sigh, stepping out of the elevator of her hotel in New York. Being here for only twenty four hours is the worst. And having to work constantly during the daylight hours is also the worst. But the worst thing of all is now - having to find something to do with the rare and precious free time she has this evening.

She has Fat Amy to lean on in the day, having chosen her as her PA in order to keep some sort of familiarity to her mad new life. Not always reliable but at least the Australian has Beca’s best interests at heart. And Amy being Amy, she’s quick to find some guy to take her out on a date while in the city.

So this evening Beca decides quite quickly to find somewhere to grab some takeout to eat in her hotel room before inevitably falling asleep at around eight thirty. She shifts awkwardly on the spot as the elevator descends, clutching to her sunglasses that she plans on wearing despite the time of day. The casual jeans and hooded sweater should hopefully complete the look of someone unapproachable. But just as the elevator doors begin opening, she lets out a choked gasp. There, standing before her, is-


Chloe, with her arms outstretched to her sides and a beaming smile on her face. And all in one swoop Beca feels relieved and stunned and excited and calm and as though she’s home.

“Surprise!” Chloe bursts, letting out a chuckle as Beca strides up to her.

“Wha-?” Beca, stunned, dives forward to pull Chloe into a brief hug, “what are you doing here??” she questions, stepping back a pace with a beaming smile on her face, her mouth hanging open in shock.

“I was in the area and thought I’d track you down!” Chloe begins to explain, her hands flapping while she speaks with an air of excitement mixed with nerves, “See if you wanted to grab some food and catch up?”

“Ye-yeah!” Beca bursts, still beaming, “Yes!”


“Won’t you get in trouble for being out this late?” Chloe asks, her cheeks flushed while they stand at the bar area of a downtown bar. The bar tender slides two double shots of some fruity liquor their way, and both women grab the glasses.

Returning to their old haunts has felt like the most natural thing to do whilst in this city. The numbers of nights they’d meet after work, grab a load of drinks, reminisce about Barden and The Bellas and their achievements in college, end up in a karaoke bar, finish somewhere that sold fries, which they’d share on the journey back to their tiny little apartment in Brooklyn. Beca misses those days. She misses Chloe. And she hopes Chloe misses those days too..

“Probably.” Beca replies with a sloppy smirk. They’ve had dinner and drank a lot of wine. Now they’re on the shots at a new venue. It’ll only be a matter of time before a karaoke bar is suggested.

“Well by all means leave. I don’t wanna get you in trouble.” Chloe slurs with a chuckle, nudging Beca with her elbow, causing the brunette to spill her alcohol slightly. Beca gasps with a huge grin on her face, and the moment she sees Chloe bring a hand to her mouth apologetically, she laughs loudly. She hasn’t laughed like this in months. It feels wholesome to finally be able to do it again. And with such ease.

“I’ll only leave with you.” Beca eventually answers, and with that answer they both fall silent, looking into each other’s eyes.


Beca and Chloe sit side by side on the edge of Beca’s hotel bed, looking down at their own hands that tap anxiously on their own knees. The TV in the hotel room is on, providing low background noise. However, that background noise is joined by the nervous breathing coming from both Beca and Chloe’s noses.

“Wow,” Chloe finally says, glancing at Beca awkwardly, “long pause.” and the two let out a nervous chuckle in time with one another. Things have never felt this nervous between them before. What’s changed?

“Yeah.” Beca replies. The silence resumes while they look into each other’s eyes. She thinks back to Chloe’s revelation earlier in the year. She wonders how long Chloe’s had feelings for her. She wonders how it could feel so natural to glance down at Chloe’s lips and suddenly want to kiss her. It’s the first time she’s truly felt an urge like this towards Chloe. But it feels…right.

“Can I turn the lights off?” she eventually mumbles. She notes the brief hesitation on Chloe’s face, but the redhead simply nods gently.

Beca rises to her feet while exhaling - a feeble attempt to calm her nerves. The light switch is only a few paces away but it feels as though it takes her forever to reach it. The moment she switches the main lights in her hotel room off, she is brought screeching through to reality of the current situation. Of being here with Chloe. Alone. In her hotel room. And it all brings a sober wave hurtling over Beca’s body.

She turns to look at Chloe, and it’s as though she’s seeing her best friend for the first time, the glow of the TV highlighting the woman’s features. Her beautiful red hair. Her hooded blue eyes. A whisper of a smile as Chloe looks back at her both drunk and anxious.

Beca heads slowly over to the bed and within seconds Chloe is stood before her, both with their hands by their sides. Their chests rise and fall as their nerves increase. And Beca swallows loudly as she mumbles:


“Probably.” Chloe replies in the tiniest of voices.

The pause that comes shortly after is joined by the sound of their breathing as both Beca and Chloe slowly lean their faces towards one another and hesitate, their noses nudging slightly against the other’s cheek. They’ve been physically close to one another before, on plenty of occasions. They’d once shared a bed for a couple of years so there’s no real nerves about one another’s personal space being invaded. But they’ve never leant their faces this close to one another before. Have never nudged their noses gently into the nook of each other’s face. Have never felt the others warm breath wash over their skin like this before.

When their lips finally meet, it is a soft and cautious kiss. As though neither is sure that this is still the right decision, though both have wanted to go through with it. Beca wonders if she’s doing enough, after all Chloe has wanted this for a while, right? And Beca is fairly certain that in some sense she’s wanted this for a long time to. It’s just perhaps only now bubbling to the surface of her consciousness for her to make bolder decisions.

Suddenly Chloe breaks the kiss with a chuckle, and Beca’s mouth remains hung open in shock. Chloe’s nervous, Beca knows she is. She knows that Chloe gets flustered like this. She knows Chloe almost as well as she knows herself,

“Oh my god,” Chloe bursts, “you just touched my ass.”

Beca lets out an awkward chuckle, enjoying how adorable her best friend looks in this light while she grins nervously grins at her. Chloe’s hands are currently holding her upper arms, while Beca’s hands have found their way first to Chloe’s hips, then back to her butt.

“You’ve never done that before.” Chloe adds in a slightly flustered manner, and it causes Beca’s heart to warm in adoration for the beautiful redhead.

“I imagine we’re gonna do a lot of things we’ve never done before.” Beca mumbles without really thinking what that might mean. It’s a pretty presumptuous thing to say. To suggest that they’re about to have sex. When really, so far, all they’ve done is share a gentle awkward kiss.

Their smiles subside as they look into each other’s eyes once again, “Are you sure?” Beca checks, and she sees Chloe bite her bottom lip nervously.

“What about you?” Chloe asks, and it’s not exactly the answer Beca’s hoping for. This is such a huge step in their friendship. This is the moment they potentially step away from ‘friendship island’ and swim across to ‘lovers shore’ or even ‘relationship kingdom’. She needs to make sure that they’re on the same page here. And from the looks of Chloe’s expression, they might not be

“I asked first.” Beca replies, her hands still resting on Chloe’s ass without any thought about it.

“I really don’t know.” Chloe quickly replies, shaking her head slowly, as though she’s trying to get her head around all that’s happening right now. She nudges her face forward once more and Beca moves to meet her lips.

Perhaps Chloe isn’t uncertain?” Beca thinks to herself as her eyes flutter closed and she relishes the feel of Chloe’s lips on hers once again.

After several seconds their gentle second kiss deepens slightly. And the moment Beca’s tongue swipes across Chloe’s bottom lip, the redhead snaps back, breaking the kiss as though she’s been stung.

“Okay, oh.” Chloe cries out quietly, taking a few steps backwards while bringing a hand to her mouth, her fingertips running across her bottom lip thoughtfully, “So…maybe no.”

“No?” Beca asks, confused. Because this is what Chloe’s wanted, right? For them to be together? It’s what Beca is slowly coming to realise too. That she wants Chloe in return.

“No.” Chloe confirms, flapping her hands the more flustered she becomes, explaining, “Coming to the city to see you was definitely not a mistake. Seeing you was not a mistake. Having dinner with you wasn’t a mistake but…it would be a mistake to go further.”

“O-kay?” Beca manages to grunt, her mouth still open in shock at Chloe’s explanation. She’s still confused. They’ve been treading the same waters for most of the evening, enjoying each other’s company. She’s felt more happier and safer tonight than she has done in months. Chloe’s the reason. Chloe’s her person. And yet, Chloe seems to be slipping away. Again.

“-I-I have my own room and…” Chloe pauses to let out a sigh before continuing, “I think a one night stand would be a strange new column for me to be in, Beca.”

The columns. Beca had forgotten about the columns on that whiteboard back at her Dad’s house. That’s how unimportant they’d been to her and clearly how important they’d been to Chloe. How important they still were. The brunette shuffles her weight from one foot to the other, shrugging:

“Maybe it wouldn’t be a one night stand?” she suggests. Because maybe it wouldn’t? She doesn’t want it to be a one night stand. She wants to keep seeing Chloe and discovering how to further whatever this is. She wants to keep laughing and feeling full of life and-

“Well when do you go back to LA?” Chloe quickly counteracts.


“Yeah so that’s one night.” Chloe replies, clearly heartbroken by the situation. Beca sees tears now shining in Chloe’s eyes. She feels tears beginning to build in her own eyes, blurring her vision of her best friend momentarily until she blinks.

“It’s a dictionary definition of a one night stand…” Chloe adds in a disappointed tone, “…a-and that’s not for me.”

The two women stand in silence before one another, upset that after a wonderful evening spent catching up and enjoying one another company, that it end this way. Beca wants to reach out and take Chloe’s hands. To explain to her that she respects her decision and wants her to still stay here overnight so they can still hang out and drink and chat and watch TV before crashing on the massive bed she has in this room.

Chloe reaches for her purse then slowly leaves the room without any more words. And to make matters worse, Beca doesn’t run after her.


Beca wakes with a jolt at the sound of her alarm. She reaches a hand out to grab her phone, turn the alarm off, and check the time. 8.30am. Shit. Her flight leaves in an hour. She launches herself out of bed, feeling fleetingly thankful that she’d been too tired last night to change into her pyjamas. She throws her jacket on, stuffing her feet in her sneakers, then tumbles out of her room and down the hotel hallway.

“Amy get up!” she yells as she bursts into her friend’s hotel room. Launching over to the couch in the suite, she yanks at the Australian’s sleeve while the blonde stirs, hungover, “We have to find Chloe!”

As she turns on her heels ready to dash out of the room, she hears Fat Amy reply in a slurred confused tone:

“I know where she is.”

“Really??” Beca’s mouth hangs open in shock. How does Amy know where Chloe is?! She didn’t think Amy even knew that Chloe was in the city!

“Yeah, at college.”

Beca rolls her eyes, deciding to continue her quest, and turns to head out of the hotel room whilst yelling, “She’s not there you idiot, she’s here in New York!”

She hears Fat Amy scrambling for her own jacket then dashing behind while responding with a confused, “Really? That’s a coincidence.”

Beca is too far ahead to respond, and within a matter of seconds she can hear Fat Amy’s heavy feet thumping behind hers. Her mind is on nothing but Chloe. Nothing but the image of Chloe getting on the train back to college, as the redhead had mentioned last night (“I’m actually staying at this hotel too. Yeah, I booked a 9am train for tomorrow morning, so I’ve got time to go for drinks.”)


“Excuse me, do you have a guest here?” Beca launches herself at the hotel front desk, her chest heaving with adrenaline and panic. She looks directly at the perplexed young woman behind the desk, adding a little more aggressively than she would’ve liked, “Chloe Beale??”

Flustered, the woman looks down at the computer screen before her, and Beca watches her eyes as she speed read the names on it. Beca feels a body push into her, but the sound of the wheezed breathing notifies her that it’s Amy without even having to turn and check.

“Yes, uh, she just left.” the employee replies, looking up at Beca again, “We booked her a cab to Grand Central Station.”

“Ah shhhit.” Beca mutters, not even waiting long enough to say thank you. Instead she spins on the spot and runs as fast as she can out of the hotel doors.

Amy, meanwhile, hangs back long enough to say a polite, “Thank you.” to the woman, before scrambling after Beca.


Beca and Amy tumble out of a taxi the moment it pulls up to the front of Grand Central Station. Their lungs burning, they run as fast as they can, weaving between people to reach the departure boards. Beca sees Chloe’s departure gate and turns on the spot, dashing for it, desperately hoping she’s not too late. But within seconds, as she watches the train pull out of sight, the reality hits her. She’s missed her chance.

Hello?” Chloe’s voice sounds curious as it moves from within Beca’s phone, Beca holding the device to her ear while she looks on at the disappearing train in despair, breathing heavily.

“Chloe I just…” Beca bursts, tears filling her eyes, “…I came after you but I missed your train. I-I’m so sorry!” she hangs her head, her eyes squeezing closed while her heart breaks, “We’ve got to talk!” she adds. But talking right now about them feels inappropriate given the unknown amount of time they have stretched ahead of them before they see one another again.

“So let’s talk.”

Chloe’s reply surprises her, and Beca furrows her brow. She doesn’t think she can hear Chloe inside a train carriage.

“Where are you?” she asks, just as Amy arrives breathlessly by her side.

“Right behind you.” Chloe replies in an amused tone, and as Beca whips around on the spot, Chloe adds, “Eating a Taco Bell.”

Sure enough, Chloe is a little way away, sat in the seating section of ‘Taco Bell’, holding a hand up to identify herself to the brunette. Beca let’s out a sigh of relief, not waiting to explain anything to Amy and instead heading straight over to her estranged best friend. Chloe appears to be trying to hide her smile.

When Beca finally arrives at her table and takes a seat opposite her, gasping for breath, Chloe finds herself looking at her curiously. Almost hopefully.

Amy drags a seat over to join them but is met with a frustrated expression on Beca’s behalf.

“Amy this is completely not a conversation you’re involved in.” Beca snaps, clearly a bag of nerves. And Amy, ever the faithful friend and assistant, immediately begins backing away.

“Right, no, great.” She replies, “Totally private. I’ll just…” she motions to the table she’s taken the chair from, “…sit over here and watch the time.” And she does exactly that, her phone in her hand.

With a deep shaky nervous breath, Beca turns back to Chloe somewhat desperately, “I wanted to talk to you. About last night.”

“What about it?” Chloe replies, looking back at Beca with her big blue eyes. It causes Beca’s throat to contract slightly while she gulps.

“Well…” she begins, thinking briefly back on the kiss they’d shared, “…it was almost quite a moment and I woke up this morning in a panic and I-I…” Beca let’s put a heavy exhale, “…I just wanted to talk.”

“Okay.” Chloe’s voice is sharp, and it matches her pinched expression. Beca quickly realises that to a certain extent, Chloe might actually be annoyed with her for some reason. “Then talk.”


“-How do you think it’s going so far?” Chloe interrupts Beca’s babbling, knowing just how bad Beca is when it comes to talking about her feelings.

“Not good.” Beca responds with a nervous chuckle, but her coy grin drops the moment Chloe continues for her:

“No. Let me try and help.” Chloe shuffles in her seat and sits forward slightly, looking slightly frustrated with their situation, “You’ve had seven years to make your move-“

“-Well I couldn’t exactly have made a move when I was with Jesse.” Beca attempts, but Chloe just rolls her eyes.

“Okay then…you’ve had three years to make your move.”

“Well…” Beca attempts, scrunching her face up. Because three years feels like a really long time. What excuse has she had to not make a move? “…we’ve been like sisters. It’s weird for sisters to have sex-”

“Except we’re not sisters, Beca.” Chloe finally bursts in an exasperated tone, her eyes shining with tears, “I’ve spent most of my adult life waiting for you to love me. And when you left I realised what a waste of time that had been. To wait. For you. To love me as much as I love you.”

Beca swallows loudly again. To hear it all explained so clearly from Chloe herself makes Beca’s chest hurt. And she isn’t sure why. Though she suspects it’s because she’s loved Chloe for that long too. She’s just never addressed those feelings before.

“Back when we were living together in New York with Amy and we were sharing a bed and laundry credits and food, well we were perfect for each other.” Chloe continues, a brief sweep of a smile appearing the disappearing before she furrows her brow, “But now I’m just a veterinary student and you’re a famous recording artist and-“

“-I’m not famous-” Beca attempts to protest, because she doesn’t feel famous. But Chloe let’s out a tiny whine and Beca knows she’s not winning here.

“-But you are though. You are. And you’ll be getting even more famous in the months to come and-”

Fat Amy forces her way over with her phone clasped to her chest. Beca and Chloe both jump at the intrusion.

“Two minutes ladies. Two minutes.” Amy bursts, looking anxious, “And, Beca, I’ve got Theo on the phone asking why you’re not answering your phone.”

“Tell him to fuck off, Amy.” Beca snaps, her brow furrowed. Because Theo can absolutely fuck off. Chloe’s more important right now.

“Righto.” Amy replies loyally, updating the time that Beca has left before she needs to head for the airport, “One minute fifty four seconds.”

“In the end, to you, I’ll always only ever be Chloe.” Chloe continues where she left off the moment Amy leaves, and it makes Beca’s heart ache, “With the thick red hair and blue eyes. Chloe in the ‘fun friend’ column. Chloe who for reasons nobody understands drove you around in her car to run errands even if it meant driving from my parents state to yours during the holidays.”

Beca thinks back on all those years of Chloe doing things for her. She always thought Chloe had done that because Chloe was kind and generous. Now, she realises, it’s because Chloe has been in love with her.

“So just,” Chloe adds in a defeated tone, “please leave and catch your flight back to LA.”

“But…” Beca never expected Chloe to ask her to leave. She always thought Chloe would fight for them. For their…whatever this is. “…we haven’t finished the conversation.”

“We have.” Chloe nods sadly, “We have. Unless…”

“Unless?” Beca’s ears prick up and she sits up in her seat, looking at Chloe hopefully, “Unless what?”

“Unless, today, right now, you choose to stay.”

Beca’s shoulders slump. Her heart thuds as she hears Theo’s voice sounding from the phone that Amy had placed on loudspeaker on the surface of their table (“Beca. Beca! You have to get on the plane right now!”)

“I-I…” Beca stutters, looking from the phone on the table, back up into Chloe’s bright blue eyes. Her heart breaks as she thinks about the next few days and her impending career launch. So many people depend on her. Chloe’s waited this long. Is it possible she can wait a little longer for her? “…I cant-I have a tv interview on the Late Late show this evening…I-”

“That was your chance.” The words Chloe speaks are laced in bitter disappointment, and her expression matches it. She’s angry, Beca can tell. And upset. Though impressively Chloe holds her nerve without the tears slipping down her cheeks.

“Beca we have to go!” Amy insists. Beca let’s out a huff of air, before quickly rising to her feet.

“I’m sorry.” she mumbles, a tear rolling down her cheek as she sees Chloe turn away from her. Amy drags her away, leaving Chloe to sit alone at the Taco Bell table.

After a couple of moments Chloe let’s out a sob before throwing her face into her hands and bursting into tears…

Chapter Text

A loud crash echoed around the small apartment, closely followed by a growl of frustration. Beca looked up from her laptop, a small frown on her face while she peered over her glasses. A few metres away, stood in the tiny kitchen area, Chloe stooped down to pick up the broken mug. Her favourite mug.

“What’s going on with you?” Beca asked in a confused tone, genuinely baffled by her roommate’s recent behaviour.

The past few days Chloe’s mood had gone from annoyed to more annoyed to now full-blown furious with even the tiniest of things. Like how the milk they bought from grocery store at the end of their block didn’t have any ‘ingredients’ on the bottle, just a web address directing them to the ingredients online. Or the way Beca apparently found it impossible to pair her socks before putting them in the laundry pile. (Not that it was any of Chloe’s business because Chloe didn’t wear Beca’s sock. Or did she…?). Or how loud Fat Amy snored, or breathed, or spoke, or blinked (yes - Chloe was in such a funk she’d accused Amy of blinking too loudly this morning). She’d become a complete clutz, having accidentally broken a mug yesterday too. They were quickly running out of containers to drink coffee from.

“Ugh, nothing’s going on!” Chloe snapped, hissing as she accidentally pierced her fingertip on a tiny shard of broken ceramic. That was the final straw for Beca. Usually she didn’t interfere when Chloe was upset or angry or grumpy. Usually she laid low and allowed Chloe to work through whatever mood she was stewing in. But four days of this shit in a tiny apartment was too long. It had to stop.

Beca threw her glasses and laptop onto the mattress and stood up from the fold-out bed with a heavy sigh. It only took her three long strides to get to Chloe’s side. She grabbed a dishcloth, firmly took the wrist of Chloe’s injured finger, and stuffed the fabric onto the small drop of blood protruding from Chloe’s fingertip.

“You’re gonna sit down.” she ordered firmly, shoving Chloe down onto one of the small kitchen chairs while Chloe automatically held the cloth to her wound, “And you’re gonna tell me exactly what’s going on. No limits.”

She saw Chloe roll her eyes, huffing loudly from her nose while her jaw clenched. Her roommate was stubborn when she was in a bad mood. But Beca could be more stubborn. That was what made their friendship so successful. Most of the time..

“Or am I gonna have to lock the rest of the mugs up so you don’t break any more.” Beca added with a fierce expression on her face, looking at Chloe pointedly. The moment Chloe’s eyes locked with hers, Beca knew she would win. She knew Chloe would back down. In time.

So while she ‘waited’ for an explanation, Beca crouched down to clear up the rest of the shards of mug from the floor. They wandered around here barefoot too often. None of them could afford a trip to the hospital with a foot wound. Or any other wound for that matter..

“Fine.” Chloe conceded with an exhale, and Beca smirked as she looked down at the last shard of ceramic she placed in a pile ready to sweep up with a dustpan and brush in a moment. But her smirk sharply dropped when Chloe added:

“I’ve not got laid in forever and…I really need to have a good fuck with someone. Anyone. You know?”

Beca did know. She and Jesse were still attempting the long distance thing. Except they were currently on a break. Just to see how their lives felt properly apart. Just to see if they actually missed each other. From what she could gather from Jesse’s (understandable) lack of contact, he didn’t appear to be missing her. And she certainly hadn’t been missing him. Not really. Still, even with the six weeks it’d been since they’d ‘gone on a break’, it was still nearing six months since Beca’d had sex with her boyfriend ex-boyfriend(?)…

“Yeah.” Beca grunted, chuckling slightly as she stood upright to hunt for the dustpan and brush in a nearby cupboard, “Doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us though.”

“Sorry.” Chloe winced as she inspected her wound, having always been a bit of a wuss when it came to cuts and grazes. That was another reason why Beca and Chloe worked so well together - Beca could handle any kind of first aid.

“Don’t apologise, Beale.” Beca replied in an amused tone, reaching for the dustpan and brush with a smirk back on her face, “Just do us all a favour and find yourself a fuck buddy.”

She heard Chloe chuckle at the comment. Probably because it was something Stacie would’ve probably said had she been here. But then, if Stacie had been here she probably would’ve offered to be Chloe’s fuck buddy. To keep everyone sane.

“I’ll even do it if you have no luck.” Beca joked, getting down on her knees to sweep the mess. But as she swept, she replayed her comment over in her head and realised it hadn’t sounded as jokey as she’d meant it to. Judging by Chloe’s reaction, it really hadn’t been that jokey at all.

“What, you’ll be my fuck buddy?”

Beca hesitated, then looked up to see Chloe’s big blue eyes staring back at her in confusion. She’d been joking…right? She was with Jesse. Or…was she? No. Yes. Yes she was. They were just on a break. And Jesse would go ape-shit if he knew she’d been screwing Chloe ‘on the side’. But…‘on the side’ of what?

“You said you need a good fucking?”

Beca felt her insides scramble while she shrugged and she inwardly cringed. That was her reasonable response?? ‘A good fucking’? How could she even guarantee that for Chloe? She didn’t know the first thing about fucking women!

“Yeah but…by you?” came Chloe’s response.

“Okay, well now you’re just being rude.” Beca seemed out of control when it came to words or sentences now. She was making it sound like she wanted to become fuck buddies with Chloe. Her best friend. Her closest friend. The woman who drove her both crazy in a bad way and crazy in a good way. Mostly in the good column. Which was impressive considering they’d been having to share a tiny studio apartment and a tiny uncomfortable fold out bed for well over a year now.

She stepped over to put the pieces of mug in the trash just as Chloe let out a nervous chuckle.

“I’m sorry,” Chloe replied, “it’s just I never put you down as someone who could have a fuck buddy. Or be a fuck buddy for that matter.”

“How do you know unless you try me??” Again, Beca internally cringed. What was happening to her? How was she somehow arranging herself to become a frikkin fuck buddy?! And with Chloe no less!

“What about Jesse?”

“What about Jesse?” Beca replied, entirely serious as she turned to face her best friend, “We’re on a break. He’s not in charge of my life and who I choose to fuck.” she saw the way Chloe’s eyebrows rose and Beca began to panic a little, “I mean, obviously I’m not in charge of your life either. You can fuck whoever you want.”

And then, all of a sudden, a small mischievous smirk grew on Chloe’s face. Beca noticed the way the redhead swept her tongue briefly across her bottom lip. Beca swallowed loudly, trying to force down the lump that had formed in her throat, just as Chloe opened her mouth to respond in a playful tone:

“Maybe I will.”