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Pitch Perfect One Shots (2021+)

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A loud crash echoed around the small apartment, closely followed by a growl of frustration. Beca looked up from her laptop, a small frown on her face while she peered over her glasses. A few metres away, stood in the tiny kitchen area, Chloe stooped down to pick up the broken mug. Her favourite mug.

“What’s going on with you?” Beca asked in a confused tone, genuinely baffled by her roommate’s recent behaviour.

The past few days Chloe’s mood had gone from annoyed to more annoyed to now full-blown furious with even the tiniest of things. Like how the milk they bought from grocery store at the end of their block didn’t have any ‘ingredients’ on the bottle, just a web address directing them to the ingredients online. Or the way Beca apparently found it impossible to pair her socks before putting them in the laundry pile. (Not that it was any of Chloe’s business because Chloe didn’t wear Beca’s sock. Or did she…?). Or how loud Fat Amy snored, or breathed, or spoke, or blinked (yes - Chloe was in such a funk she’d accused Amy of blinking too loudly this morning). She’d become a complete clutz, having accidentally broken a mug yesterday too. They were quickly running out of containers to drink coffee from.

“Ugh, nothing’s going on!” Chloe snapped, hissing as she accidentally pierced her fingertip on a tiny shard of broken ceramic. That was the final straw for Beca. Usually she didn’t interfere when Chloe was upset or angry or grumpy. Usually she laid low and allowed Chloe to work through whatever mood she was stewing in. But four days of this shit in a tiny apartment was too long. It had to stop.

Beca threw her glasses and laptop onto the mattress and stood up from the fold-out bed with a heavy sigh. It only took her three long strides to get to Chloe’s side. She grabbed a dishcloth, firmly took the wrist of Chloe’s injured finger, and stuffed the fabric onto the small drop of blood protruding from Chloe’s fingertip.

“You’re gonna sit down.” she ordered firmly, shoving Chloe down onto one of the small kitchen chairs while Chloe automatically held the cloth to her wound, “And you’re gonna tell me exactly what’s going on. No limits.”

She saw Chloe roll her eyes, huffing loudly from her nose while her jaw clenched. Her roommate was stubborn when she was in a bad mood. But Beca could be more stubborn. That was what made their friendship so successful. Most of the time..

“Or am I gonna have to lock the rest of the mugs up so you don’t break any more.” Beca added with a fierce expression on her face, looking at Chloe pointedly. The moment Chloe’s eyes locked with hers, Beca knew she would win. She knew Chloe would back down. In time.

So while she ‘waited’ for an explanation, Beca crouched down to clear up the rest of the shards of mug from the floor. They wandered around here barefoot too often. None of them could afford a trip to the hospital with a foot wound. Or any other wound for that matter..

“Fine.” Chloe conceded with an exhale, and Beca smirked as she looked down at the last shard of ceramic she placed in a pile ready to sweep up with a dustpan and brush in a moment. But her smirk sharply dropped when Chloe added:

“I’ve not got laid in forever and…I really need to have a good fuck with someone. Anyone. You know?”

Beca did know. She and Jesse were still attempting the long distance thing. Except they were currently on a break. Just to see how their lives felt properly apart. Just to see if they actually missed each other. From what she could gather from Jesse’s (understandable) lack of contact, he didn’t appear to be missing her. And she certainly hadn’t been missing him. Not really. Still, even with the six weeks it’d been since they’d ‘gone on a break’, it was still nearing six months since Beca’d had sex with her boyfriend ex-boyfriend(?)…

“Yeah.” Beca grunted, chuckling slightly as she stood upright to hunt for the dustpan and brush in a nearby cupboard, “Doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us though.”

“Sorry.” Chloe winced as she inspected her wound, having always been a bit of a wuss when it came to cuts and grazes. That was another reason why Beca and Chloe worked so well together - Beca could handle any kind of first aid.

“Don’t apologise, Beale.” Beca replied in an amused tone, reaching for the dustpan and brush with a smirk back on her face, “Just do us all a favour and find yourself a fuck buddy.”

She heard Chloe chuckle at the comment. Probably because it was something Stacie would’ve probably said had she been here. But then, if Stacie had been here she probably would’ve offered to be Chloe’s fuck buddy. To keep everyone sane.

“I’ll even do it if you have no luck.” Beca joked, getting down on her knees to sweep the mess. But as she swept, she replayed her comment over in her head and realised it hadn’t sounded as jokey as she’d meant it to. Judging by Chloe’s reaction, it really hadn’t been that jokey at all.

“What, you’ll be my fuck buddy?”

Beca hesitated, then looked up to see Chloe’s big blue eyes staring back at her in confusion. She’d been joking…right? She was with Jesse. Or…was she? No. Yes. Yes she was. They were just on a break. And Jesse would go ape-shit if he knew she’d been screwing Chloe ‘on the side’. But…‘on the side’ of what?

“You said you need a good fucking?”

Beca felt her insides scramble while she shrugged and she inwardly cringed. That was her reasonable response?? ‘A good fucking’? How could she even guarantee that for Chloe? She didn’t know the first thing about fucking women!

“Yeah but…by you?” came Chloe’s response.

“Okay, well now you’re just being rude.” Beca seemed out of control when it came to words or sentences now. She was making it sound like she wanted to become fuck buddies with Chloe. Her best friend. Her closest friend. The woman who drove her both crazy in a bad way and crazy in a good way. Mostly in the good column. Which was impressive considering they’d been having to share a tiny studio apartment and a tiny uncomfortable fold out bed for well over a year now.

She stepped over to put the pieces of mug in the trash just as Chloe let out a nervous chuckle.

“I’m sorry,” Chloe replied, “it’s just I never put you down as someone who could have a fuck buddy. Or be a fuck buddy for that matter.”

“How do you know unless you try me??” Again, Beca internally cringed. What was happening to her? How was she somehow arranging herself to become a frikkin fuck buddy?! And with Chloe no less!

“What about Jesse?”

“What about Jesse?” Beca replied, entirely serious as she turned to face her best friend, “We’re on a break. He’s not in charge of my life and who I choose to fuck.” she saw the way Chloe’s eyebrows rose and Beca began to panic a little, “I mean, obviously I’m not in charge of your life either. You can fuck whoever you want.”

And then, all of a sudden, a small mischievous smirk grew on Chloe’s face. Beca noticed the way the redhead swept her tongue briefly across her bottom lip. Beca swallowed loudly, trying to force down the lump that had formed in her throat, just as Chloe opened her mouth to respond in a playful tone:

“Maybe I will.”