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Pitch Perfect One Shots (2021+)

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Beca wandered up to the wide wooden gate, reaching a hand up to rest on it while she looked over at the redhead nearby, a sheep wrangled between her legs by her hands. The woman looked up with a frown, sweat making some of her hair stick to her forehead, and for a moment Beca wondered if perhaps she shouldn’t have picked the farm next door to ask for assistance.

“Can I help you?” the redhead replied, breathless, and in a tone that suggested very obviously that she was a bit too busy to be bothered right at that very moment. It made Beca gulp. But this couldn’t wait.

“Yeah I uh…I just moved in next door.” Beca paused to point across the way at a tiny cottage at the top of the hill. The woman seemed surprised. “My electric is out though. I wondered if yours was working? Because if it is then I know it’s the problem with my house. But if it isn’t then it’s a problem with the-”

“-I’m a bit too busy to be sorting out some stranger’s drama right now.” the woman snapped while the sheep continued to struggle within her grasp, and Beca felt her chest tighten. She wasn’t used to people being this rude to her. She was a really well known music producer. She was a multi-millionaire for crying out loud..

“Uhuh.” Beca muttered, screwing her face up while the rough and ready woman in the field before her took one hand and reached out for a small plank of wood dipped in a bucket of yellow paint. Beca wasn’t exactly a ‘woman of the earth’ but even she thought that painting sheep was crazy.

“Busyyyyy…painting your sheep?”

The woman pulled the plank from the bucket and as swiftly as possible, slapped a load of yellow paint on the chest and neck of the sheep before lobbing the wood back down into the bucket again. She stood a little more upright, and let the sheep go with an exhausted exhale.

“Not much experience of sheep breeding huh?” the redhead replied, dusting her hands and swinging down to pick the bucket up. The plank rattled against the metal while she moved slowly over to Beca, keeping her body and attention facing the sheep she’d just released.

“Breeding?” Beca choked out, her brow furrowed in confusion. Again she was no expert, but even she knew that nothing could be bred by just slopping paint on an animal’s chest. But her eyes remained on the woolly beast as it raced over to a bunch of other sheep. And that’s when Beca saw it. The sheep that had a chest covered in paint, now had a massive dick dangling down, ready to-

“Holy fuck.” Beca muttered in horror, her reaction causing the woman to chuckle.

“Yep. You walked over at the wrong time.”

Beca suddenly snapped her attention away from the sheep just as it went to mount one of the females. And her eyes locked with a pair of the most beautiful, most brightest blue eyes she’d ever seen. Ones that looked back at her and almost appeared to stare into her soul.

“Name’s Chloe.” the woman introduced herself, hand out to shake. Beca looked down at it cautiously, feeling a little sick at the sight of what she hoped was mud on her new neighbour’s hand, but what she feared was sheep shit..

“Beca.” Beca replied with caution, slowly and reluctantly holding her own hand out in which Chloe took and they shook hands briefly.

“You don’t look much like a country kinda girl, Beca.” Chloe identified quite quickly, and Beca had to admit she was impressed. Usually it took people a while to work her out, but clearly this woman was a little more emotionally intelligent than the usual people she met. “So what brings you out here?”

Running from the papparazzi and all the fans” was what Beca had wanted to say. But it hit her that clearly Chloe lived such a busy and isolated life out here, the shepherdess didn’t actually know who Beca was! So Beca took a deep breath and shrugged:

“Just…wanted to get away from the world for a while.”

Chloe hummed in agreement, looking back out at part of her flock with a relaxed smile. And Beca felt her heart skip a beat. There was something about the woman’s appearance - grubby and rough, yet noticeably beautiful - that had the music producer feeling something. What though, Beca wasn’t entirely sure. Yet…