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Mouri Ran-kun 'Guardian Angel'

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They are having an happily conversation while walking down the street talking about of what happened in their whole day, Ran giggled as the scene from earlier keeps playing in her mind and Conan notices the way she looks happy while telling him about it, Conan smiled to her while listening but an realization made him stopped in his tracks and lowered his head but his ears still listening to Ran talking, their distance from where Ran is, is about few steps but Ran seemingly doesn't know yet so when she finally figures out that his warm presence is no longer beside her it made her stops and turned her body.

In a distance she worries as watched her lil companion stands there without doing nothing just a lowered head and his hands warming inside his deep pockets from his pants, she can't see his eyes because of his glasses maybe because the way its darkened made her heart churned 'did I say anything wrong? or made him feel uncomfortable' she thought

"Conan-kun" her sweet and motherly voice calls his name but seems it didn't reaches him

"Conan-"she tries it again till she cuts off of his soft mumbles "Don't you missed him,Ran-neechan?" 

Ran doesn't get it at first 'What is he's talking about?'

"Don't you missed Shinichi-niichan,Ran-neechan?" the way his voice sound like that, a sad and a fragile like an glass that anytime could be broken

Ran motherly aura hits in when she's about to approached him when he looked up to her and when his cerulean eyes met her violet ones that made her stiffened in where she stands, its not his usual eyes expression the way how innocent he is or twinkling if something caught his attention or his irresistable puppy dog eyes he most of the time used to her,but then she remember of the article that she read before the quote that really caught her attention.

"Your eyes speak all the words that your mouth couldn't"

that when her gaze reached his, his eyes are now unreadable one but still watchful and alerted so many emotion that she couldn't pintpoint.

"Conan-kun, what are you-"

"Don't you missed or hate Shinichi-niichan?!" he bursts out, his voice sounds so hurt she saw how his lil hands turned into fists inside his pocket. Her feet wants her to ran to him pulled him in her arms and hugged him tightly as she whispering some comfort words to his ears 'everything will be alright' till he's finally calms down.

"Who said that I missed that stupid detective freak?" 
then she simply lowered her head and Conan can't denies that it made his heart flip when Ran smiled, then she moves her head up looking at the sky, the way her eyes turned enchanted as she watched the sun set in the sky as fresh colours brushed upon an artist's canvas, as if those rays were destined to create a great work of art - one given to those open to capturing simple moments in the soul.

"well I do really hate him"she told him while still looking at the sky, Conan wanted to say something but he waited and let her finished the words that she want to tell him. "but I misses him more" she changed her gaze from the sky down to Conan and smiled genuine at him Conan felt the words that slipped out from her mouth is not really came from her mouth it comes from her heart.

'Ran' he thought

"my mind seems can't understand it but in my heart I always do feel like Shinichi isn't so far, like he just here beside me protecting me like he always do since we were a four" her hands moved up to her chest and and closed her eyes a sec before she opened it.

"it maybe because I always see Shinichi's image in you, Conan-kun" she smiled affectionate at him

Conan heart hitched, his sadness seems fled away just like that it made him stiffened and his mouth is like opened then closed but no words came out, he can't put some words or sentence.

Ran..he looked at her worriedly

"honestly speaking Conan-kun, the night after Shinichi left me in Tropical Land.." she began then pauses Conan noticed that worried is slowly growing all over her face.

"that horrible feeling I felt like I could never see him coming back, I seriously wanna go after him to checked the case but I know that he'll just end up scolding me why I went after him, he always said to me 'Don't look Ran!' and pulled me away the scene mainly because he thought it made me scared" she added.

"but now I'm relieved" Ran walked forward and stopped in just few away from Conan and smiled.

Ran titled her head on a side"that's because I met Conan-kun, my little kamen yaiba kun~"

Red streaks slowly creeping up across on Conan's face as his ears turned red, his unreadable gaze is now gone only wide eyed Conan left.

"I'm so glad that I've met Edogawa Conan-kun that night, its like you're an little angel that Shinichi sends to me and to my dad, you're always everywhere protecting me and my family, supporting and even comforting me number of nights I cried because of Shinichi, wanna know what Sonoko told me about you?"she smiled softly

"Ran, what do you think of that brat?" Sonoko, Ran and Shinichi classmate and childhood bestfriend 

"Conan-kun? hmm he's my guardian angel" she happily told her bestfriend

"Think I don't know that? Demo, Ran that brat is doing what supposedly Shinichi-kun do!" Sonoko furiously said it to her while holding her both on her shoulders.


Sonoko moved away and clasped her hands and dreamingly said "Can you imagine Shinichi-kun reaction if he knew you replaced him to that brat?"

"S-Sonoko! Shinichi isn't like that!" Ran told her but she also wondering did Shinichi knew about Conan-kun? they're almost had the same hobbies that they truly loved, 'Will they get along to and watched how they worked together?' she thought

"Eh? but that brat must be hiding something"

Ran smiled as she tells Conan about the conversation between her and Sonoko.

"but Shinichi-niichan didn't give Ran-neechan a call or text" Conan said

"hm? well it doesn't matter now if he gave me one or two, I knew it from my heart that he's really working hard to get that 'case' done and come back" Ran said as her childhood friend face played in her mind

"And I don't think Shinichi feels like I'm replacing him over to you" Ran gazed at Conan then she bend her knees and leaned slightly forward and smiled

"Could you be my 'guardian angel' till that stupid detective freak came home to me, Edogawa Conan-kun?" Ran warmly said.

Conan looked at her with his blue wide-eyed, Ran in Conan's view made her look like an more ethereal with a breathtaking sunset sky in the background, his heart pounds like a drum in his  chest, fast and hot in anticipation he's scared that Ran might could hear it so he tried to calm it down first by lowering his head his eyes cowered with his bangs.

'Barou' he thought 

Then he looked up at Ran nodded "I'll be Ran-neechan's guardian angel till Shinichi-niichan comes back" he said with determination.

The atmosphere between these two turned into something sweet sensation and Conan all worries definitely blown away when Ran smiled at him,  watching the girl of his dreams smiling and laughing whenever he did something cute or simple made his heart flipped out from his ribs to his chest, he doesn't even care if his reputation being a Great Detective of the East is ruined by doing an awkward or weird things just to see her girl smile.

Conan quickly ran towards Ran side and stretched out his little arms to her and Ran gladly accepted it and they continued walking down streets to their home with the sound of heart beats the same of  one another.

That night when everyone are in deep sleep, a slow and steady step stopped infront of Ran's room. The intruder slowly held the door knob and twists it carefully trying not to make a single sound that made her detective dad and the girl behind the doors ears perked the intruder doesn't want his face and back meets the ground and had a broken bones for a weeks.

Minutes passed the intruder finally opened the door and the view of Ran's sleeping welcomed him, the small intruder steps in and tiptoed quietly cross the room til he reached beside Ran's bed. The small intruder observed Ran face while she sleeps other might say that watching other people while they are sleeping is kinda bit weird and annoying but this intruder doesn't even cares he sighed knowing how unfair his life is. but then at the same time he's so blessed to had this chance to watched this girl beside him sleep, her usual beautiful and angelic face in the morning kept playing inside his head from the moment he closed his eyes and when he reopened it  its still the same but it made her more angelic when the soft light from the moon spreads across the room and turned into her room more breathtaking.

The little intruder moved his hand to removed the string of hair blocking Ran's eyes and stared at Ran sleeping and began to stroke her cheek slowly.

"Thank you for waiting for me,Ran and I promised to you I'll finished this case soon after I take the organization down I'll surely come back to you" and left a kiss on her forehead

"So please...please still wait for me.... Ran" with that he left the room slowly but before he truly closed the door he glanced at Ran sleeping once more before he closed it.

'I wish you had a sweet and nice dream, Ran' he thought once again before drifting to sleep.