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fly me to the moon

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The loud notification sound startled Chloe. Jumping slightly from the loud noise that she wasn’t expecting.

She m thought she’d turned her phone to ‘do not disturb’ while she filmed her next YouTube video.

She paused mid-way through her sentence as her hand flew up to her chest in surprise.

Shaking her head slightly she stopped filming on her camera and reached down for her phone that lay on the coffee table underneath her tripod.

Picking up the device and looking at the notification that popped up once it recognised her face for unlocking.

A small smile tugging against her lips.

New match from BecaM69.

Curiosity filled the redhead’s mind as she swiped up on her phone to get into the phone and clicked on her Tinder app. Finding the notification to click on the matches’ profile.

She’d swiped right on several attractive women this morning and she was desperate to know who matched with her now.

Her thumb clicked on the woman’s username and her profile soon popped up.

It was the last person Chloe swiped right on that morning. Of course, she remembered something like that. She felt her heart practically do a somersault at the fact the woman on the screen matched with her.

It wasn’t until she heard her phone ping again and vibrate in her hands that her heart rate quickly began to increase. Thumping harshly against her chest.

New message from BecaM69.

Oh, fuck.” Chloe cursed as she looked at the little red dot on her messages icon on the app. Hovering her thumb over her screen as she took a moment to compose herself.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up too much, but surely the fact the other woman had quickly slid into her dms already must be a good sign. Right?

Taking a deep breath and briefly closing her eyes for a moment, she finally clicked on the screen and her messages popped up. There was a few other conversations on her profile from previous people messaging with her, but honestly most of them were a little weird and she’d ended up ghosting them.

She clicked on the shaded message from her latest match and her heart sunk a little when she read the first message this woman had sent to her:

BecaM69: i’m vegan too!

It wasn’t exactly a great first message. There could’ve been more effort put into an opening message, but at least it wasn’t just a simple ‘hey’.

That was one of Chloe’s serious pet peeves of online dating. People that simply message a greeting and do the whole ‘how are you?’ chit-chat that’s boring and always leads to the conversation dying after about a minute.

The redhead valued good conversation. Yet for some reason, most people on the stupid app lacked having exactly that.

Deciding not to be rude and finding that this woman intrigued her, apart from the fact she was extremely attractive in her selection of photos uploaded on her profile, Chloe decided to type out a response. Not wanting to leave the woman on ‘read’ already.

ChloeB69: really?! 👀 yaay

ChloeB69: that’s great

ChloeB69: what made you go vegan?

The thing is with Chloe, she can’t just send one message to someone with everything she needs to say. She has to send multiple. Like her response to BecaM69 right now. She could’ve typed those responses in one message. But instead, she opted for three. And sometimes she found that it irritated people when she did this in conversations. Not that she even cared in the slightest.

BecaM69: seeing it in your bio

A small smirked tugged against Chloe’s lips. Well, she knew one thing for sure already, despite only receiving two small messages from this woman, she certainly was a smooth talker. And it only helped to keep the redhead’s interest flowing.

ChloeB69: smooth

ChloeB69: i like it

Chloe found herself smiling at this small conversation. Already feeling like she could see herself dating this woman. Not that she knew anything about her. Literally nothing was in her bio apart from a flirty statement regarding her profile picture and what the redhead thought was a sarcastic, witty comment.

But that’s what the talking stage was for, to get to know BecaM69 and shamelessly flirt. She liked the way their usernames unintentionally matched. And she’d already decided that this was a sign of fate.

She found herself slowly starting to fall asleep on the sofa in her apartment several hours later. Still talking with that match on Tinder. Thankful the woman knew how to keep up a good conversation.

But she didn’t want to put a stop to the chat for the moment and go to bed. Chloe simply wanted to stay awake and constantly talk to the brunette.

So when BecaM69’s next message popped up on her screen, her heart sunk a little and she found herself to now be wide awake after reading the words.

BecaM69: uh, so hey, i’d totally stay up all night to talk to you, but sadly i have to go to work in the morning. we’ve got a pretty busy day and i don’t wanna be falling asleep on the job, y’know

BecaM69: but, i still would like to continue talking and flirting with you 😉 if that’s what you want

BecaM69: i’m here in your dms and i’m here to stay, red! buckle up x

That last message warmed Chloe’s heart. It seemed like they were both on the same page. Both wanting to continue with what they had going on.

The talking.

The flirting.

The redhead simply hoped it would continue and lead to a date. She was sick and tired of being single now. She felt like she’d never meet her person. She was into her 30s now and she wasn’t getting any younger.

All the older woman wanted was to settle down with the person she loved, get married and have a little family of her own. Yeah, it seemed way too early to be thinking of such a thing with someone she’d only been talking to for a few hours. But Chloe was optimistic. She had a good feeling growing in the pit of her stomach about this.

ChloeB69: oh, uh, yeah sure

ChloeB69: i’m kinda currently trying to fight off sleep right now myself

ChloeB69: because i don’t want to stop talking to you ☹️

ChloeB69: but yes, please go and sleep, don’t want to be the reason you’re tired at work x

At least the redhead didn’t need to worry about falling asleep mid-conversation with BecaM69 and risk leaving the woman on read. That’s the last thing she ever wanted to do with the brunette.

She was very much enjoying spending her time sending messages back and forth. Not wanting it to stop. Even if it would only be paused for a couple of hours for the pair to sleep.

Glancing up at the time on her phone as she saw it said ‘typing…’ under Beca’s name on the top of the screen. Chloe sighed as she saw it was currently almost 10pm. They’d started talking around 2pm. She thought it still seemed a little early to go to sleep in her opinion, but to be honest, she didn’t know what BecaM69’s job was and maybe it required her to be up at an early time.

Eyes flicking back down when her phone buzzed in her hands when the woman’s final reply showed up on her screen.

BecaM69: goodnight, sweetie! sweet dreams. sleep well xxx

ChloeB69: goodnight xxx

With one final reply, Chloe closed the app and locked her phone screen. Putting it away in her jeans pocket, she threw herself up off the sofa and folded up her blanket. Resting it on the back of the sofa.

She called for her dog Lady and proceeded to go and lock her apartment door. Flicking off the light in her lounge/kitchen area room and heading to her bedroom with Lady strutting behind her ready to settle down for the night.

Closing her door, Chloe opened her wardrobe and pulled out a clean pair of pyjamas. Quickly getting undressed and into her matching vest top and shorts set. And of course, they had planets and stars scattered all over them in a pattern.

About 90% of her clothes, as in t-shirts and pyjamas, were space themed. But she did also have a few pieces of clothing with her zodiac sign all over them.

Most people would have outgrown their childhood interests as soon as they hit their teenage years. In fact, most people go through thousands of changes of what they’re into growing up.

But not Chloe.

She’d always been obsessed with space and astrology ever since she was a little girl. The other little girls in her classes would be into playing with dolls and makeup, but not the redhead.

She was different.

Always had been and always would be. And she didn’t care what people thought. It was something that made her happy.

Getting herself settled down in bed, Chloe grabbed her phone off her nightstand and opened up her Twitter app. Composing a new tweet before she went to sleep for the night.

Letting out a yawn as her fingers tapped against the screen.

@chloejulietxx: manifesting all the good vibes for the start to a new week. may each and every one of you be blessed with all the good things the world has to offer. this is your reminder to drink water & go slay your day! you are loved. you are good enough. you are important. ily all so much! love & hugs, chlo xoxo


The next morning soon came and Chloe managed to have a lay in. She didn’t have anything planned for today, but she figured maybe she should probably finish off the video she’d been in the middle of filming yesterday before she got distracted by a certain person.

Rolling over in bed to the other side, the redhead stretched over and grabbed her phone once again off the nightstand.

Her usual morning routine consisted of checking the device first thing and scrolling through her notifications before she even stepped foot out of bed to get ready for the day.

Sinking back down into the beg and tugging the duvet back over her body, a small smile soon spread across her lips as her eyes spotted she’d received a new message two hours ago from BecaM69.

Clicking on the Tinder app she quickly opened up the message thread and read the message the other woman had left.

BecaM69: good morning, sweetie. i hope your day is as beautiful as you are! 🧡

Chloe felt her heart soar as her eyes scanned across the words on her screen. A warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. Thinking it was such a lovely message to wake up to and she hoped there would be more like this in the future. Or better still, she hoped maybe one day she’d be waking up next to the other woman.

But she didn’t want to get too carried away. She hadn’t even met the woman yet. For all she knew, the brunette could be a complete psychopath.

ChloeB69: all the better for receiving your message. i hope you have a great day at work! 😘

Tapping her thumbs against the screen, Chloe responded to her match before dragging herself out of bed and grabbing her necessities to go take a shower. Deciding that if she spent anymore time in bed, she wouldn’t want to get up. And she hated wasting a whole day being super lazy like that.

Unless she was with a significant other. Only then did she allow herself to have a day here and there to just spend the day cuddling in bed with that person. It was one of her favourite things.

The redhead was seriously struggling to get BecaM69 off her mind. She found that ever since they began talking yesterday that the brunette clouded her thoughts completely. Not that she minded. Not at all. But she did find herself dreaming about the other woman as she slept last night.

And the thought of that alone and the memory from her dream, made another smile tug against Chloe’s lips for the second time already that morning. She had a good feeling about all of this.

Maybe this woman was ‘the one’.

Replies with the brunette were rather limited throughout the day since the other woman mentioned she was at work, but Chloe didn’t mind. She wasn’t a clingy person in the talking stage. She knew that BecaM69 would always reply to her messages where possible.

And this meant that the redhead was able to actually spend her day wisely and kept herself busy. She restarted yesterday’s video since she got distracted in the middle of filming and then after that she invited her best friend, Aubrey, over for a girls night.

Just as she got up to go and answer her front door after the bell rung throughout her apartment, she heard the distinct sound of her phone pinging to signal a new message.

A smile tugged against her lips as she bent over a little to pick up the device from her coffee table and open the message. Seeing it was from the brunette woman made her heart soar.

BecaM69: could you be my soulmate?

Well, that was a very bold question considering they’d barely been talking for a whole 24 hours yet. Although, you’re supposed to just ‘know’ when you find the one. So maybe that’s what was happening here.

And Chloe would totally be ok with that if it was true. Typing out her reply, she continued heading into her hallway to let her best friend in after hearing a second door bell ring.

ChloeB69: maybe! do you believe in soulmates?

BecaM69: i believe we’re all here for a purpose. what’s your purpose?

ChloeB69: i think my purpose is being a good mother for my future daughter. and i love making others happy, so god hopefully has a big plan for me!

ChloeB69: what’s your purpose?

BecaM69: i’m the orgasm fairy

The door was just pulled open as Chloe read over BecaM69’s message. Her eyes widening at the third word across the screen. She completely froze on the spot. Not even looking up to greet her best friend.

Aubrey watched the redhead intently with a curious look in her eyes. Raising an eyebrow slightly at the younger woman. A smirk tugging against her lips as she reached a hand out to take Chloe’s phone away from her. Holding it quickly behind her back and laughing at her friend’s reaction.

Bree!” Chloe groaned in annoyance. Rolling her eyes at the look on the blonde’s face. She was totally busted. She knew that Aubrey would be able to guess she was ‘talking to someone’. The older woman seemed to be able to read her like a book. Much to her own dismay.

Can I have my phone back, please?” The redhead asked politely. Not wanting her best friend to be nosey and look at the conversation she was in the middle of having with BecaM69.

Biting down on her lip slightly in hope Aubrey wouldn’t look. She trusted the blonde not to read her private messages. But the smirk across the other woman’s lips made Chloe feel a little queasy.

I just wanted to pull you out of whatever trance you were in when you opened the door.” Aubrey laughed with the smirk still very evident across her lips.

Hesitating for a moment before handing the redhead back her phone. She wouldn’t ever look at Chloe’s private messages. She just wanted to get her best friend’s attention. Still curious to know who the younger woman was texting.


BecaM69: wanna hear a pickup line?

ChloeB69: yea sure

BecaM69: are you a hen because you are eggsactly what i’m looking for

ChloeB69: well i’d consider myself more an egg, cause i’m looking to get laid

BecaM69: what

To say Chloe was feeling bold was an understatement. She used to be this overly confident person all throughout her teenage, highschool years and then the same in college. But after facing the amount of rejection that she’d had over the years, the redhead had decided in the last couple of years to tone herself down.

Mainly when she was close to turning 30. Knowing she couldn’t continue to be childish. Because most people wouldn’t be into that. They’d want someone mature.

However, she now felt like she’d been talking non-stop with BecaM69 for about a week now, she felt like it was long enough to be able to be a bit bolder with her flirty comments.

Yet she didn’t expect the other woman to react in this way. And then nothing else came after the ‘what’.

This only sent Chloe into a state of overthinking everything. Every little interaction and flirty comment they’d ever exchanged. Not that they’d been talking for very long.

Luckily, before she could send herself into a bad spiral and let her mind run with negative thoughts, her phone buzzed once again and a new message from the brunette appeared against her screen. And as her eyes locked onto the words, she felt herself exhale in relief.

BecaM69: woah, someone just got brave 😉

BecaM69: i’d happily lay you every damn day, sweetie

BecaM69: with your consent, obvs x

A smirk tugged against Chloe’s lips. She’d want nothing more than to be absolutely railed by the brunette.

Shaking her head as she bit down on her lip to get the naughty thoughts off her mind. Not trusting herself with the fact she was alone right now and had been in a dry spell for what felt like forever. She didn’t want things to feel awkward if she was to masturbate over this woman and then meet her in person on a date in a few weeks.

That would be really weird.


Another week soon enough passed by. It had now been three weeks now since Chloe had started talking to the attractive brunette on Tinder.

She’d blocked literally everyone else that tried to message her on the app. All she was interested in was talking to BecaM69. She didn’t give a fuck about all the rest.

She’d read each message that she was sent and all she’d do was simply cringe every time a guy sent her a message asking if she wanted to have sex with them.

It made the redhead feel queasy.

As she was doing her weekly grocery run to grab a few more bits, her phone pinged in her back pocket and softly gave a small vibrate against her ass.

The only notifications she had turned on still to be honest was her chat conversation with the brunette woman. So a smile instantly grew across her face as she fished the device from her back pocket.

Typing in her passcode, Chloe brought up the conversation thread as she continued walking around Walmart with a basket resting against the crease in the middle of her arm.

BecaM69: hey! how are you?

ChloeB69: i’m great! you?

BecaM69: i’m exhausted personally, just had to get rid of every single chair in my house

ChloeB69: …why?

BecaM69: so that when you come over you have no choice but to sit on my face

BecaM69: what’s your number babe?

ChloeB69: it would be hard to tell you to take a seat and chill since you took all of the chairs out of your house

ChloeB69: 07********* 😘

The redhead had been waiting for the day the two of them would exchange their numbers or something. That way she could delete her Tinder profile and she’d stop getting unwanted messages from horny men.

She was hopeful that now the brunette asked for her number, that maybe next she’d be asked out on a date.

Secretly, Chloe wanted BecaM69 to be the one to ask her on a date. But she thought if that didn’t happen within the next week, the redhead would just take the plunge and do it herself.


A new message now popped up on Chloe’s phone. The tone chiming loudly from the device in her hands. Clicking on the unknown number that wasn’t saved in her contacts yet and smiling as she saw the message from the ‘stranger’.

Hey, hot stuff. It’s BM from that dreadful app 😉 so, I was thinking. How about you and me go on a date Friday night? I have the weekend off work for the first time in what feels like forever. And I’d love to use my time wisely to wine and dine you 😉 and maybe a few other things! Let me know if you’re free and we can arrange something 😘 xxx

Chloe full on squealed loudly in delight as she read the words written across her screen. Biting down harshly on her lip as she responded.

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I’ve never seen her this nervous for a date before.” Jessica commented as she sat on the lounge floor of Chloe’s apartment with Aubrey and Flo playing with Billie. Throwing a toy for the little, fluffy dog to go and fetch back and forth. “Like she’s usually incredibly confident and everything. But she’s been a nervous wreck like all week.” The younger blonde added again glancing over at her friends.

It was now Friday night and Chloe was in her room getting ready for her date with her Tinder match. The woman she’d been messaging for the past like four weeks. The one that had asked her out on a date at the start of the week. And ever since she’d agreed and the pair had made plans, she’d been incredibly nervous. A weird feeling had been slowly growing as each day crept closer to the day of the date in the pit of her stomach.

I agree. She’s literally not posted any videos or anything this week. She normally posts like three times a week.” Flo agreed with Jessica’s statement. Sipping on her glass of wine and biting down on the bottom of her lip. “She’s kinda been super secretive over this love interest too. Has she told you anything, Aubs?” The small brunette questioned with a curious expression as she looked over at Aubrey on the other sofa.

Aubrey shook her head. Sipping on her own glass of wine. The four girls had spent the day together and helped the redhead find the perfect outfit to wear for her date tonight. “No. She’s being oddly secretive about everything. All she’s told me is her name is ‘Beca’ and she’s been flirty and charming.” The older blonde shrugged her shoulders. Head lifting up and turning towards the doorway as she heard footsteps.

Chloe was finally ready and now was retreating into the lounge down the hallway to ask her best friends for opinions on how she looks. She’d found the most perfect jumpsuit that she found pretty quickly into their shopping trip. Insisting that this was what she wanted to wear for her date. However, when she’d been looking at herself in the mirror after putting the piece of clothing on, she wasn’t super convinced she looked good. She felt like it made her look fat.

Sighing deeply, the redhead cleared her throat as she stood at the door to grab the attention of her friends. Shyly biting down on her bottom lip as she uttered out the question: “does this jumpsuit make me look fat?” She questioned with hopeful eyes. Neither of the other three girls could believe ‘bubbly, no boundaries Chloe Beale’ seemed so timid right now. “The detail seems a bit much now. I’m just not sure it actually looks good on me.” She explained to her friends. Waiting for their reactions.

Are you kidding? Chlo, you look amazing. Beca isn’t gonna be able to keep her eyes off you!” Flo practically scoffed. Barely able to believe how non-confident the redhead sounded right now. “You have a good amount of cleavage on show and bare shoulders. You’re gonna be irresistible. Beca is gonna wanna kiss you all over.” The small woman continued in an encouraging tone. Turning to the two blondes for their input.

You look incredible, Chlo. This outfit looks so good on you! It compliments your hair really well.” Jessica commented with a kind smile to her friend. Feeling a little sad that the redhead didn’t seem to feel very confident right now. When usually that would be a word everyone would use to describe her friend.

I agree with these guys. You look really good, Chlo. But if you’re not feeling it then wear something else. We can tell you honestly what we think and we all agree that you look incredible. It suits your figure and the detail compliments your hair. But you have to be comfortable wearing it and if you’re not then wear something else. You’re only gonna be worrying about it all night and won’t end up enjoying yourself on the date.” Aubrey explained, finally giving her opinion on the situation.

The redhead knew she could always count on the older woman for total honesty. Even if something didn’t look that good on her. Sometimes the fact Aubrey was so brutally honest really did hurt. But she knew that whenever the blonde gave her opinion that wasn’t so positive, it didn’t come from a place of maliciousness. It came from her heart. She didn’t want Chloe to make a fool out of herself or be laughed at if she was wearing something that didn’t look great on her.

What kind of friend would do something like that? Not Aubrey Posen, that’s for sure. The other two however, would try their best to word it in a way that wouldn’t offend the redhead. But with the older woman, she’d be blunt about it and just say it out right. It was both a blessing and an annoying thing to have to deal with in their friendship. They’d all been friends long enough though to know that nothing was ever said in a hurtful way by the blonde.

Every time I look in the mirror, I just feel like my legs look really fat. And I don’t want her to look at me and be repulsed, y’know.” Chloe admitted looking between her three friends and playing with her fingers. It was like in this moment she was a completely different person. You wouldn’t think that she was Chloe Beale right now. She was acting the complete opposite way to what she normally would in normal situations. And it confused and also concerned her friends.

Babe, you honestly don’t. Not at all. You’re not even fat! But do you have a second outfit choice? Maybe try on that one and see if you prefer it more than this one.” Aubrey suggested with a small smile. Trying to convince her friend to try another outfit and maybe she’d feel more comfortable in the second. Because no matter what they said in their opinion of the outfit, at the end of the day the redhead needed to feel comfortable in what she was wearing rather than spending the night worrying rather than enjoying herself on the date.

Chloe gave a small nod and turned on her heel. Heading back into her bedroom to change into her second outfit choice. Hoping she’d feel better in this one than the jumpsuit. If not, she felt like just giving up and sending Beca an excuse to cancel on their date. Which, of course, she didn’t want to do. But it was very tempting to just give up at this point and call it off. Despite how much she was excited for tonight. And despite all the nerves she felt in the pit of her stomach.

I don’t know what has gotten into her recently but I’m really worried.” Jessica commented once Chloe was out of earshot and behind her bedroom door once again. Her heart was breaking as she heard the words leaving the redhead’s lips. Stating she looked fat in what she was wearing. It was just really odd to see the older woman like this. Ever since the pair had been friends, the younger blonde hadn’t seen her friend be anything but confident at all times. She was always the friend that uplifted everyone else when they were feeling down or self-conscious. And now the tables had turned.

I think we need to keep an eye on her. I feel like she might fall back into old habits if she carries on like this.” Aubrey sighed biting down on her bottom lip. Not wanting to say the exact words of what she was thinking but wanting the other two to get what she was referring to with her words. “I hope that once she meets with this Beca they really hit it off and she just forgets about what she’s been worried about all week. I have a good feeling about this.” The older woman explained with a slight nod. Taking another sip from her wine. And the blonde was usually right with the majority of things. Especially when she got those gut feelings. Good or bad. The majority of the time she’d be correct. There’d only been a small handful of times she was proved wrong.

The other two friends agreed with Aubrey’s statement. The three agreeing to do exactly what had been suggested. Not wanting the redhead to drive herself down the wrong path again.

Back in her room, Chloe took off her outfit and decided to put on a flowery patterned mini skirt and a long-sleeved white top with cups around her boobs and her chest exposed. Looking at herself in the mirror once she’d changed and doing a full spin around. Looking at her body from all angles in this outfit. It for sure hugged all of her curves in the right places and it certainly made her ass standout. For some reason, even though this outfit showed more bare skin, she felt happier wearing this than the jumpsuit.

Breathing out she opened her bedroom door again and stepped out. Heading back towards the lounge room area to get opinions again from her friends about her outfit. “Uh, ok. So, I uh, I like this one better than the last.” She announced from the doorway as she stepped inside the room slightly. Turning around to show her outfit off to the others. “I know it’s probably weird because this one shows more bare skin and stuff but I feel better wearing this.” The redhead shrugged a little. Biting down on her bottom lip once again.

Not in a bad way, because I did love the jumpsuit, but I do really love this outfit on you. I think it suits you more. Like in a personality way as well as it looks really good on you.” Flo commented with a warm smile. Noticing that as well as still seeming super nervous, Chloe already sounded and looked more comfortable in this outfit as opposed to the jumpsuit.

I agree. You could tell by your face that you totally weren’t comfortable in that jumpsuit. But you already look more comfortable with this outfit. You look super cute, Chlo.” Jessica agreed with a smile over to her redheaded friend. Feeling a little more relaxed as she watched her friend twirl around to show off her outfit from all angles. Already looking way more comfortable dressed like this.

You look incredible, Chlo. She’s gonna be speechless when you show up to your date.” Aubrey shot the redhead a little wink. Trying to boost Chloe’s confidence up, knowing how nervous the slightly younger woman still was as the time creeped closer and closer to the time of the date.


Walking into the bar, Chloe felt a sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach. She breathed out deeply to calm down her nerves and looked around to try and find her date. They’d sent each other photo’s of what they were wearing to be able to spot each other when they met up. And even though the bar was dimly lit, the redhead managed to find the brunette sat patiently waiting at a booth nearby the bar with two drinks set on the table in front of her as she sat waiting for her date.

Beca?” Chloe called out a little cautiously approaching the table with a small smile on her face. Her heart skipping a beat as she watched the brunette’s head lift up from the table and their eyes locked. Both basically staring at each other for a moment. Maybe a moment too long for a first meeting. “Hey. It’s really nice to finally meet you.” The redhead added, her smile growing wider as she held out her hand for the other woman to shake.

She wasn’t sure if to gesture or a hug (since she was quite the hugger) in greeting instead. So, she played it safe and waited for the handshake to be reciprocated by the brunette. There was just something about this woman that made her feel extra nervous. In a strange sort of way, but not negatively. It excited the redhead if anything.

Feeling the warmth of Beca’s hand slipping between her own as the younger woman shook her hand made Chloe beam warmly at the greeting. Feeling a tingle inside her fingertips as they made skin to skin contact. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you too, Chloe. And can I just say, you’re even more beautiful in person than you are in photos.” The small woman commented as she greeted her date. Smiling fondly as she watched the redhead’s cheeks blush a shade of red at the compliment.

 “And you’re just as charming in person as you are online.” Chloe smiled warmly and bit down on the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying anything to embarrass herself. She always wasn’t great at accepting compliments from people. She’d usually just blush and say something to make it weird. And she really didn’t want to mess this up already with Beca. She really liked the small woman. And meeting with her right now only increased how much she liked the brunette.

My speciality is flirting with attractive women till they’re putty in my hands.” Beca commented with a smirk growing across her lips. Slipping a little inuendo into her sentence and hoping the older woman would catch on to what she was implying. “I wasn’t really sure what you drink, obviously, but I got you a glass of red wine. I hope that’s ok. You look like a red wine kinda girl.” The brunette smiled gesturing to the glass.

Smiling friendly at the younger woman Chloe beamed and nodded. “I love red wine.” The redhead nodded and slipped out of her leather jacket. Placing it down beside herself as she slid into the booth opposite her date. “Thank you, Beca.” She added with a polite smile. Grasping the wine glass in her right hand and holding it up to her lips. Taking a grateful sip to wet her dry mouth.

There was a silence that loomed over the pair, besides the soft music that played lightly in the background, but it wasn’t in any way awkward. The two simply sipped on their drinks and gazed at each other sweetly from across the table.

So, tell me a little more about yourself. I remember you stated that you’re a space and astrology nerd. Tell me about that.” Beca spoke up after a moment more of the two practically staring at each other. Desperately wanting to know more about the redhead. Putting down her empty pint glass next to herself on the table. Clasping her hands together and fiddling with her thumb ring.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been fascinated by space and everything else about astrology and stuff. Most children my age would be into dolls and dressing up, y’know that kinda stuff. But not me. The little redhead was the odd one out. Playing by herself with rockets and drawing space themed pictures. Everyone thought it would just be a phase. That I’d grow out of it like children do, but here I am now. 31 and still as obsessed. For my 30th my party theme was space.” Chloe explained as another blush creeped across her cheeks. Feeling embarrassed to be admitting to such a geeky thing.

All the brunette woman could do was listen to the way Chloe spoke with such passion in her voice and smile at the way she saw the redhead’s sparkling, bright blue eyes light up at the mention of space and astrology. It warmed Beca’s heart to see the older woman react in this way. “I think that’s really awesome.” The small woman finally commented in response. Biting down on her bottom lip slightly as she contemplated her next words. Trying to decide in her head if she should tell the older woman her slight secret about her job. “And I think you’d really love my job.” Beca chuckled softly gazing over at her date.

Wh-what is your job?” Chloe questioned with curious and innocent eyes. Gazing over at Beca across the table with a glint in her eyes. Wondering what the heck the brunette’s job could be. Unable to come up with any conclusion there and then. Her eyebrows knitting together in thought.

I’m a doctor.” Beca confessed with a small smile. Watching the frown grow across Chloe’s face. Chuckling a tiny bit at her date’s confusion. “A space doctor.” The brunette added. Eyes fixated on the redhead to see what the reaction would be from the older woman. Letting out a small laugh when she noticed the penny hadn’t dropped. “I basically go on space missions with the astronaut researchers and I’m on hand for any medical emergencies.” Beca explained further with a kind smile.

It was then that Chloe caught on to what the brunette woman was implying. And a loud gasp escaped from between her lips. A hand covering her mouth in embarrassment of the noise she made. Glancing around the room hoping nobody would be looking their way. Her eyes eventually landing back on her date. “What?!” She gasped in surprise. Her mouth hanging open in shock. Unable to actually believe she was on a date with someone whose job was to go out into space on missions. Out of all the people in the world she could’ve matched with, it was Beca. Maybe this was fate trying to pair them together.

I came back from a mission several months ago. And it was then I set up my Tinder profile again. You were the only one that grabbed my attention from the moment you popped up on the app and I had to swipe right straight away. I can be rather picky in all honesty. But you have it all for me.” Beca chuckled a little again. Amused by Chloe’s surprised response to her revelation about her job. Confessing she was truly into the redhead already. And she could sense the older woman was on the same page.

I-“ Chloe started, finding her words got stuck in the back of her throat as she tried to give a response. All she could think of was how this new reveal only helped to make Beca more attractive than she already was to the older woman. Biting down on her bottom lip, the redhead tried again to string a sentence together. “I can’t believe your job is to go into space and stuff. That’s so cool!” She beamed like a child. Eyes glistening in amazement.

The small chuckled slightly and tried to stay humble. “Yeah, it can be pretty cool. Way more exciting than a regular doctor that’s for sure.” Beca smiled and nodded. Eyes fixated on the redhead as the older woman finished her glass of wine. “Another?” The brunette offered as she picked her own empty glass up and went to reach for her date’s one. But at the same time Chloe went to pick her glass back up. And the pair’s hands brushed together slightly. Neither wanting to pull away from the slight touch.

It’s my round.” Chloe spoke up after several moments. Not wanting to kill the current vibe, but they couldn’t just sit there staring at each other for the rest of the night. “Same again?” She questioned as a kind smile grew across her lips. Eyes fixated on her date and their hands still touching on her wine glass.

Receiving a small nod of approval and a sweet smile, Chloe eventually moved the glass away so Beca’s hand let go over her own and she grabbed the brunette’s glass too. She felt a little sad to not have her date’s hand placed against her own, but the older woman got up from her seat and headed over to the bar to order another round of drinks.


As the night progressed, the pair hadn’t been keeping an eye on the time. They were far too busy invested in talking to each other. It wasn’t until the landlord at the bar they were in called out that it was closing time that Chloe and Beca were pulled out of their little bubble. They’d been so distracted with each other that they both had forgotten where they were. To them it was just the two of them in the room.

Oh wow! It’s almost 1am. Yikes. I’m sorry for keeping you this long.” Chloe apologised as she pulled her phone out her jacket pocket and checked the time. Cringing at how late it was and cursing herself for not realising. But she had been enjoying being in Beca’s company too much to have been paying attention. “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you tonight.” The redhead beamed blushing slightly.

Hey, don’t be silly. You don’t need to be sorry.” Beca reassured the older woman. Smiling warmly at the redhead. “I’ve really enjoyed tonight, Chlo and I’d love to take you out again soon. Now, how are you getting home?” She questioned curiously. Knowing that neither of them arrived in their own cars since they’d be drinking.

My friend Aubrey dropped me off. I can call her to pick us up. I’m sure she won’t mind giving you a lift home.” Chloe explained picking up her phone from her lip and scrolling her contacts for her best friend’s number. Clicking on the call button once she found the number. Holding the device up to her ear. Eyes fixated on Beca as she scrolled on her phone herself. Biting down on her lip as her mind was beginning to wonder what might’ve happened if they went back together. Shaking her head before her thoughts ran wild as Aubrey answered the call.

Chloe! Oh my, god. Is everything ok? Where are you? What’s happened? It’s 1am!” Aubrey frantically almost yelled down the phone to her best friend. Worried that something was wrong after being woken up from a phone call from the redhead. Whom she hadn’t heard from all night. Assuming maybe she hit it off with Beca and they’d gone back to her place.

Chloe giggled at the blonde’s panicked tone of voice. Placing a hand over her mouth to try and stop herself. “Everything’s fine. We lost track of time and it’s closing time at the pub. We’re still out and I was wondering if you could come and pick us up? And would you mind dropping Beca at home. Pretty please?” The redhead spoke out into the phone. Changing into her slightly begging tone of voice that she knew the older woman could never say no to when Chloe used it on her to get her best friend to agree on something.

For fucks sake, Chloe! You had me worried something had happened. I was ready to hunt this Beca down if she’d hurt you. I’ll be there in 15. You’re so annoying. It’s a good job I love you.” Aubrey answered her friend with a roll of her eyes. Groaning as she agreed to pick up the redhead and shoved some clothes on as quick as possible.

Thank you, love you!” The redhead called down the phone in a singsong-y voice, hanging up and putting her phone back in her jacket pocket and slipping it back over her shoulders. Standing up soon after and heading out of the bar with Beca to wait for Aubrey.

Once outside the two women stood round the corner from the entrance of the bar. Happily standing next to each other in silence. The redhead clutching her purse between her hands and rested in front of her stomach and Beca with her hands in the pockets of her jeans. Both enjoying the quietness after the noise from the bar music surrounding their eardrums for the past few hours.

Uh, Chloe. Can I ask you something?” Beca questioned as confidently as possible. Although there was a small hint of nerves or something in her tone of voice. Biting down on her bottom lip and plucking up the courage to ask the older woman something she’d wanted to do all night.

Yeah, anything.” Chloe nodded in agreement with a warm smile spread across her lips. Wondering what words would fall from between the brunette’s lips next. Deep down in the pit of her stomach she felt like she knew exactly what Beca’ question was going to be. And if she was honest, she wished this had happened sooner. But maybe the brunette wanted to wait for the right moment.

Beca took a moment to exhale deeply. Calming the nervousness that was slowly beginning to creep up the back of her throat. “Uh, what would you do if I asked if I could kiss you?” The small woman questioned with a hopeful look in her eye. Thinking that now seemed like a good moment to kiss the redhead. Since they were waiting to be picked up and since their night was almost over.

Chloe blushed deeply at the question. A smile spreading across her lips as she gazed into Beca’s chocolatey eyes. Biting down lightly on her bottom lip, innocently. “I’d probably have a hard time resisting the urge to pin you against the wall.” The redhead boldly stated. Her smile quickly turning into more of a smirk. Giggling a little at Beca’s response.

What if I said, I want you to pin me against the wall?” The small woman answered back. Her own smirk now across her lips. An eyebrow raised. Confessing the thought from the back of her mind. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about kissing Chloe all night. Deep down wanting to be the one to pin the redhead to the wall. But she’d settle for the older woman pinning her to the wall instead. Since she was a little bit taller than Beca, the brunette found the idea really hot.

The thing is with Chloe, the redhead doesn’t need telling twice. With one swift movement and no words uttered from her mouth, the older woman simply shoved Beca lightly backwards against the wall. She made sure it didn’t hurt the brunette and a smirk grew across her lips. Gazing down into her date’s eyes and slowly leaning in to lock lips with Beca.

It was soft, slow and gentle. Both not wanting to pull away after the first initial kiss. And both finding that each other were smiling as they pulled back slightly. Noticing that each woman’s breath had increased they soon leaned back in and locked lips once more. This time taking their time in sharing multiple kisses. Chloe’s hands were on Beca’s hips and the brunette’s arms were wrapped around the older woman’s neck. Pulling each other impossibly closer with each kiss they shared. Totally getting lost in the moment.

I had so much fun tonight, Beca. It’s felt really special spending time with you. Getting to talk to you face to face.” Chloe started to talk in a small voice once she finally managed to pull herself away from her date’s lips. “And flirt.” The redhead added with a wink. Resting their foreheads together as they paused for air. Letting out a small giggle when she felt Beca press another small kiss against her lips. Feeling her lips begin to tingle each time they were moving against the brunette’s own. Sharing a few more kisses together.

Beca cheekily slipped her tongue inside Chloe’s mouth. Smirking against their lip lock as the action caused a deep moan to crawl up the back of the redhead’s throat. Of course, all this noise did was encourage the small woman to continue. Rubbing their tongues together blissfully. Making out under the starry night sky.

Until a loud car horn sounded and bright flashing lights were aimed at them both, disturbing their little moment. Both women reluctantly pulling away. Their heads turning to face where the noise and flashes were coming from. The older woman groaning when she saw her best friend sat behind the steering wheel with an unimpressed look across her face.

Chapter Text

Placing a bottle of water down on the table, Aubrey sat down opposite the redhead and raised an eyebrow. Unscrewing the cap between her nimble fingers, the older woman simply looked at Chloe and waited for her friend to start talking. “So, how did it go?” The blonde questioned taking a swig of her own water. Waiting patiently to hear about the date. “I mean, you woke me up to come pick you up and I interrupted some serious kissing going on back there, so come on, you might as well tell me everything.” Aubrey commented, taking another mouthful of water.

Again, I’m super sorry for waking you up. I feel awful. We just lost track of time and then before we knew it, the pub was closing.” Chloe responded a little sheepishly. Grinning at her best friend innocently. A small giggle escaping from between her lips at the less than impressed look across the older woman’s face. “But she is like an actual dream. She’s so confident and funny and smart and beautiful. I actually think she might be the one. Is that crazy of me to say after one date?” The redhead questioned. Biting down hard on her bottom lip. Unable to stop the smile from spreading across her lips.

You owe me for this.” Aubrey hummed. Narrowing her eyes at her best friend before responding again. Tapping her fingers against the worktop. “I mean, I kinda felt the same after my first date with Rob. And now look at us. 10 years later, the cutest little two-year-old ever and we’re getting married in like 11 days.” The blonde continued. Smiling as she spoke about her little family. The pair who were still sleeping peacefully upstairs. Content with her little family of three. Happy that she lasted all throughout college with her man and they’re still going strong even now.

I will order us all breakfast in the morning. I promise. Rob and Isabella included.” Chloe nodded and rolled her eyes playfully. Agreeing to make it up to Aubrey for waking the older woman up in the middle of the night. “You guys are literally the perfect little family. Rob is so devoted to you and Isabella.” The redhead nodded with a warm smile. Finally unscrewing the cap on her water bottle and taking a large mouthful of the cold liquid. “Is it too soon to ask her to be my date for your wedding?” The younger woman questioned. Putting the bottle down on the table and biting down on her bottom lip once again.

No. Not at all.” Aubrey shook her head with a small frown. Eyes narrowing once again as she watched her best friend closely. Trying to figure out the redhead’s current thoughts. “You both really enjoyed tonight and judging by the way you were kissing with her; I’d say she felt the same way as you clearly do. Why? Do you think it’s too soon to ask her to be your date to a wedding?” The blonde questioned curiously. It wasn’t as if it was a family wedding and there would be some pressure on Beca to impress Chloe’s family.

Chloe shrugged her shoulders a little bit. About to respond until the sound of her stomach grumbling due to hunger interrupted her thoughts. “I don’t know. Maybe. Like it’s a little more formal than a casual date.” The younger woman bit down on her bottom lip. Not even addressing the noise from her body. “I really like her Bree. And I don’t want to rush things.” The redhead explained with a small sigh. Toying with the idea in her head about inviting Beca to be her plus one to Aubrey’s wedding.

Just ask her. Worst that can happen is she’s busy and has to say no. You’ve nothing to lose.” Aubrey encouraged, getting up from her seat opposite Chloe at the table and went on over to the grill. Grabbing some bread, a couple eggs and an avocado. Making her best friend some egg and avocado on toast without a word. “You’re gonna eat this and then we’ll go to bed. Ok?” The blonde softly spoke as she navigated around her kitchen.

A small nod was given in response by the redhead. Guiltily biting down on her bottom lip. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to not eat anything. I just didn’t feel comfortable eating on the date with Beca there. So, I suggested against ordering food and we just had drinks. I didn’t realise I was hungry till now.” Chloe explained sheepishly. Not having the guts to admit to Aubrey that in actual fact she was sort of struggling again. A tiny bit.

You do know if you’re starting to struggle again you can tell me. You can come to me for help. You should always know that, babe.” Aubrey spoke out as she turned around to face the redhead for a brief moment. Trying to read Chloe’s facial expressions when she responded. A small amount of concern starting to gather in the pit of her stomach. Worried the redhead was going to slip back into old habits.

I know. I know.” Chloe simply nodded in agreement. Trying to dismiss the conversation. And she did know that. She knew she could always turn to the older woman. Well, to any of her friends. But Aubrey was the first person she told back in college when her relationship with food took a turn. It was the older woman that encouraged the redhead to seek out help, before the problem became worse. And she did exactly that.

However, it wasn’t quite quick enough and after going to a doctor, Chloe was diagnosed with an eating disorder. But thankfully she was surrounded by supportive friends who helped her along the recovery journey. It never completely left, but after time the redhead learned some healthy coping methods to help her when she started to struggle again. Usually this reoccurred whenever she was stressed. And that was when she seemed to spiral and relapse.

Soon enough the food Aubrey was making for the slightly younger woman was ready. Just as she placed the plate down on the table for Chloe, she heard Rob call her name. “Aubs?” He questioned rather sleepily. Running a hand down his face and letting out a yawn. She’d woken him before she left to pick up her best friend, but obviously since she hadn’t gone straight back to bed once she returned home concerned her fiancé. “Oh, hey Chlo.” The man commented walking into the kitchen and spotting the redhead sat at the table, tucking into some food. “Sorry, I just came to check everything was ok. But I’ll leave you guys to your girlie stuff.” He spoke out as another yawn escaped from between his lips.

I’ll be up soon, baby.” Aubrey smiled and walked over to Rob. Pulling herself up on her tip-toes to press a kiss against the tall man’s lips. Promising him she’ll come back to bed soon. She just wanted to make sure Chloe was ok and will definitely go to sleep tonight and not do anything stupid. He nodded and soon headed on back upstairs to bed.

An involuntary moan escaped from between Chloe’s lips as she took a mouthful of the food. Feeling guilty for not eating sooner that night. Her body sounded like she really needed this meal. The time it took Aubrey to clean the kitchen, which in fact wasn’t that long, the redhead had polished the plate off. Savouring the taste from each mouthful she took. “Hmm. That was so good.” The younger woman spoke out genuinely. Meaning every word she spoke. It wasn’t forced. She was content now and very much ready to go to bed. Of course, she was staying over at the blonde’s for the night.

I’m glad you enjoyed that.” Aubrey smiled warmly and finished drying the dirty dishes. Taking the one now empty from the food she’d made for Chloe and giving that one a quick wash. “Are you ready for bed now? I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted.” The blonde commented, drying her hands on a tea-towel and turning back to face the redhead, who gave a small nod in return.

With that both girls headed on upstairs. Chloe going first and going to change and get settled with Aubrey following on behind once she’d locked the front door and turned the kitchen light off. Retreating upstairs herself and checking on Isabella. Peering through her bedroom door. Smiling when she saw her little girl still fast asleep peacefully. Then she proceeded to go and check on her best friend. The two wishing each other goodnight once the older woman was happy to see the redhead tucked up in bed in her spare room.


You can be amazing, you can change a phrase into a weapon or a drug, you can be the outcast or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love. Or you can start speaking up. Nothings gonna hurt y- with a grumble Chloe reached over to the bedside table to grab her phone, a yawn escaping from between her lips at being woken up. Squinting at the screen to see the time. Letting out another grumble when she saw it was 7am. However, a small smile soon grew across the redhead’s lips as she saw Beca was waiting to FaceTime. Accepting the call, the smile only grew wider once the redhead saw the smaller woman’s face pop up on her phone screen.

Hey, good morning. Wait. I’m sorry, did I wake you up, sweetheart?.” Beca greeted through the phone. Cursing internally at herself for FaceTiming the other woman so early in the morning. Yet she wanted to talk to the older woman quickly before she had to go to work. “Dang, I so wish I could kiss you right now.” The brunette commented and chuckled slightly. Raising an eyebrow cheekily as she watched Chloe’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

I mean, the sound of my phone ringing did wake me up. But since it’s you I’ll let it slide.” Chloe giggled a little. Happy to be talking to the younger woman again. “I’m glad you called actually. I uh, I have something to ask you.” The redhead responded a little shyly. Biting down on her bottom lip. Contemplating her next words. Not fully convinced that she should ask the brunette. “I know it’s probably short notice and you’re probably already busy or something but feel free to say no. I won’t be upset or anything but, uh-“ She continued to talk eyes not focused on her phone. Unable to look at the small woman through the screen.

A small frown grew across Beca’s face. Not in a weird way, she was just growing a little concerned for the older woman wondering what she seemed so nervous about. “Don’t be afraid. You can ask me anything. What’s wrong, sweetheart?” The brunette questioned with a curious tone to her voice. As much as she was worried for what Chloe was about to ask, she also found this nervous look etched across the older woman’s face really cute.

Uh, it’s not even anything bad. I uh, I was just wondering if you were busy next Friday?” Chloe questioned and paused for a brief moment. Continuing when she noticed the small woman wasn’t going to respond. “My best friend, the one who picked us up last night, is getting married and I was just wondering if you’d like to be my plus one.” The redhead wondered. Trying to hide her excitement for the answer being yes. Not wanting to get her hopes up if Beca ended up declining.

You’re really cute when you’re nervous.” Beca spoke up after a brief moment thinking about the offer. A content smile showing across her lips. “I’d love to be your date to your best friend’s wedding.” The brunette finally admitted and watched Chloe’s eyes practically light up through the screen. “Luckily next week is my week off and I don’t have anything already planned. Besides, I don’t want you slipping through my fingers and end up having someone else accompany you to such a huge event.” The small woman winked playfully.

Despite initially still feeling sleepy from being woken up by her ringtone, Chloe had to force herself not to literally squeal with excitement at Beca accepting to be her date to Aubrey’s wedding. “I wouldn’t want to take anybody else.” The redhead confessed trying to play it cool. The last thing she wanted to do was to end up scaring the small woman off before they’d even got as far as starting a relationship.

Perfect. Well, I just wanted to call you before work and say that, I had so much fun with you last night and that we should totally do it again sometime. But I guess we already have our next date set up.” Beca smiled warmly through the screen. Happy and content with knowing she would see Chloe again soon. “I really should get going now. And I’m super sorry for waking you up, sweetheart. Text me all the wedding details and colour of your dress so I can get something to match. But before that go get some more sleep and I’ll talk to you later, ok?” The brunette explained. Already thinking of outfit ideas in her head for the wedding.

Truth be told, how the heck would Chloe be able to go back to sleep after arranging another date so quickly with Beca? The redhead was far too excited for that. And the fact she was holding in her urge to squeal, since it was still super early in the morning and the rest of the house was probably asleep, wasn’t doing anything to tame her excitement for next week. She simply gave a small nod to the small woman, a huge smile on her face and agreed to send over some details. And with that she wished the brunette a lovely day and they both said their goodbyes. For now.

Throwing her phone down on the bed after the call disconnected, Chloe grabbed a pillow of the bed she had been sleeping in for the night and proceeded to press it up against her face and squeal. Muffling the sound that came from her mouth and hoping it wouldn’t wake anyone else up in the house. She couldn’t wait to tell Aubrey about this.

Picking up her phone once again, the redhead started typing out a message to Beca. She included the location of the wedding, the time and what colour her maid of honour dress would be so that her date could find something to match with the colour. Chloe wondered if the small woman would be in a dress or if she’d wear a suit to the wedding. She secretly hoped the brunette would turn up in a suit. There was just something about Beca that made her think she wasn’t into dresses. And she must admit, the thought of the small woman in a suit was hot.

Deciding she wasn’t gonna be able to go back to sleep now, the redhead pulled herself up out of bed and pulled on some sweatpants and a vest top. She kept some spare clothes over at Aubrey’s place for when she stayed over after a night out or whatever. Grabbing her hoody in the process, Chloe started tip-toeing downstairs. Sensing everybody else was still asleep. Noticing the lights were still off downstairs and it was still slightly dark outside. A sign it was still super early in the morning.

Slipping on her comfy shoes placed at the front door, Chloe silently unlocked the front door and quietly closed it again once she stepped outside in the cool morning air. Inhaling and exhaling deeply as she set off for the local diner down the road. Sticking to her agreement she made to Aubrey last night that she’d make it up to the blonde for waking her up in the middle of the night to pick her and Beca up with promising to get them all breakfast in the morning.

It was peaceful in the neighbourhood where the blonde lived with her family and Chloe enjoyed the 15-minute walk to her destination. Fully immersing herself in her surroundings and with nature. Keeping her phone in her pocket and taking this time to think about things. About life. Everything. It was calming. Despite her raging headache that was thumping against her forehead. She was desperately trying to ignore the pain and power through. Humming along to her favourite song in hope of it helping her head to stop pounding as she approached the building.

Walking in through the entrance door, Chloe’s nostrils were filled with the over empowering smell of bacon and eggs. It was extremely powerful and almost made the redhead gag. Composing herself for a brief moment, she eventually plucked up the strength to walker closer to the counter. Eyes scanning the menu boards to decide what to order for everyone. Deciding on a sausage, bacon and egg bagel for Rob, a vegan bagel for Aubrey, a children’s ham and cheese toastie for Isabella and then looked for something herself. Her vision blurring the more stared at the board above the counter.

Stepping back and moving her head down to close her eyes for a brief second, a hand placed over her forehead, Chloe felt her head spinning. Squinting her eyes closed and reopening them only made things worse. She stumbled back once again, her vision growing dark. The redhead fell to the floor with a thud. The sound of her now limp body loud enough to alert someone in the diner of her fall. Her body was lay helplessly on the floor.

The first thing she heard when she regained consciousness was the sound of an ambulance siren in the distance and someone’s familiar voice calling out her name.

Chapter Text

B-beca?” Chloe mumbled out as her eyebrows furrowed together. Feeling incredibly confused as she prised her eyes open and looked around at her surroundings. Her vision still rather blurry. “Beca?” The redhead mumbled once again. Feeling a soft pair of hands grab one of her own. A thumb rubbing against the back of her hand comfortingly. Then soon followed by a pair of lips she recognised pressing a kiss against her knuckles. “I don’t feel good.” She confessed eyes locked on Beca’s form sat at her bedside as she started to get a little restless at not being able to see properly.

A hand slid up to cup Chloe’s cheek and the thumb rubbed against her skin. Placing a soft kiss on the corner of the redhead’s mouth. “I’m here, sweetheart. I’m here.” Beca softly responded as she pulled back to look at the older woman again. Eyes scanning all over her face for any signs of anything off. Apart from the fact Chloe was looking a little pale, nothing was different. There were no marks on her face or anything from her fall back in the diner. “How are you feeling?” The brunette questioned. A look of concern etched across her face.

Sleepy. Confused. Queasy.” Chloe replied with a small frown. Looking helplessly at the brunette. She didn’t feel 100% and she couldn’t quite figure out why. “I don’t really remember what happened. My head has been pounding all morning.” The redhead explained with a mumble once again. Too tired to talk any louder. Head lifting up like a meerkat when she heard someone knock on the hospital room door she was currently staying in for the moment. A slight polite smile in greeting shot towards the nurse that popped her head round the door.

Sorry to disturb you, Ms Beale. I’m here to ask you some questions and run some tests so we can get to the bottom of why you collapsed. Will that be ok?” The kind nurse questioned. Eyes glancing over at Beca and smiling politely at the other woman sat next to the redhead’s bedside. Opening the door a little wider to step inside the room.

Chloe simply gave a nod in response. Beckoning for the nurse to come into the room. “I don’t remember collapsing. But I remember being in the diner and my head pounding.” The redhead lay on the hospital bed explained. A hand placed over her mouth as she let out a small yawn. She desperately needed more sleep. “Oh and uh, is it ok if Beca stays with me?” She questioned. Biting down slightly on her bottom lip. The older woman didn’t like the fact the woman she was going on dates with was seeing her in this way.

If you wish for her to stay with you then of course, it’s no bother.” The nurse nodded kindly and checked on the IV drip inserted in Chloe’s left hand. Happy that it was still in place and hadn’t moved since it was inserted when the redhead had initially been rushed in a few hours ago. “Right, so it seems your reason for collapsing is that you’re severely dehydrated and you have very low blood sugar. These being the reasons you were experiencing a rather painful migraine before the collapse.” She explained to her patient.

Processing all the information the nurse was telling her, Chloe nodded in understanding. Biting down on her bottom lip. Trying to keep herself composed. “Uh, when can I go home?” The redhead questioned. Desperately wanting to just go home and get some sleep. She felt exhausted. Hoping that she could maybe convince Beca to join her at home for some cuddles to make herself feel better. All she wanted to do was be in the small woman’s arms.

Well, you’re free to be discharged any time. Under a few conditions.” The nurse explained putting the clipboard away she’d used to record Chloe’s notes on from her visit to the patient. “You must rest. My advice would be for at least 72 hours. So you’ll have to take a few days off work. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day and get your blood sugar back up to normal.” The woman explained. Eyes watching the redhead discreetly. An eyebrow raised. “Do these things and completely rest for a few days and you’ll feel better soon enough.” Nurse Atkinson continued for a moment. Sensing the younger woman didn’t like hospitals.

Don’t worry, nurse. I’ll make sure she rests and gets herself back to normal again.” Beca spoke up before Chloe could respond to the nurse. Taking hold of the redhead’s right hand in her own. Pressing a kiss against her knuckles like she’d done earlier and rubbed the pad of her thumb against the palm of the older woman’s hand. A warm smile spread across her lips. Promising to take care of Chloe.

Chloe’s heart rate increased at the brunette’s words. She felt it skip a beat, followed by a swarm of butterflies bubbling up in the pit of her stomach. A small blush creeping up across her cheeks. The redhead couldn’t quite understand how she was already feeling so head over heels for this woman. A woman she’d only met once. Been on a date with once. And kissed once. Nothing else. Not yet anyway. But she must admit she really did feel like the brunette was the one. She felt differently towards Beca than she ever did with anyone in the past. And she was hopeful the small woman felt the same way.

I’ll go and get the discharge form for you to fill in Ms Beale and then you are free to go home.” The nurse gave a small nod and soon exited the room to give the two women some privacy. Smiling warmly at the pair as she left the room to get the papers. Taking her time to give Chloe and Beca some time alone together.

The older woman went to say something to Beca, but the small woman stopped her before any words could escape from between her lips. “Before you say anything, I think you should come and stay with me for a few days and rest. I’ll take the time off work to look after you. And I won’t take no for an answer.” The brunette spoke out. Moving a hand up to Chloe’s face and cupped her cheek softly. Her own deep blue eyes gazing into the redhead’s glistening baby blue ones.

I-I don’t want to be a burden to you. You have work. I can’t let you take time off to look after me. I can stay with Aubrey for a few days. I don’t want to get in your way.” Chloe mumbled out as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Biting down harshly on her bottom lip. Desperately trying not to cry and show the small woman she was weak. Even though deep down, she did want to spend a few days with Beca while she rested. Cuddled up with the brunette. But on the other hand, she didn’t want to impose on the small woman’s daily life. Not right now. They weren’t even dating. Not yet anyway.

Before the brunette was able to respond, she simply leaned down closer to Chloe’s face. Pressing her lips against the older woman’s soft ones and silencing her ramblings with a kiss. Trying to convey some unspoken feelings within the small gesture of love. “You can stop that talk right now, missy.” The small woman let a small smirk grow across her lips as she gazed at the older woman. “You never could or ever will be a burden. Not to me or to anyone else. You got that?” Beca questioned. Her smirk fading into a kind smile. “And I insist. Or do you not want to spend a few days in bed cuddling with me?” The brunette pouted cheekily. Chuckling when she saw Chloe’s face blush once again.

If you’re sure.” Chloe gave a small nod. Still with her bottom lip snagged between her teeth. “I’d love nothing more than to spend a few days cuddled up with you.” The redhead confessed a little shyly. And if she was honest, she hoped there would be a few more kisses involved. She already missed the brunette’s lips from the few kisses she’d received from Beca since she regained consciousness.

Unless you don’t want to spend time with me.” Beca raised an eyebrow. Pulling her best sad face as she looked at Chloe with hopeful eyes. Teasing the older woman to get a reaction from her. She found the redhead to be super cute. Knowing she was falling 100% for the older woman and had been ever since she started talking to Chloe several weeks ago. Wishing she could call the redhead her girlfriend already. Yet she was waiting till the time was right to ask the question. Wanting for the moment to be special.

Playfully rolling her eyes, Chloe smiled shyly and nodded. “I do. I really do.” The redhead nodded with a smile. Feeling the small woman’s lips pressing against her own once again. Smiling into the kiss. A small moan escaping from between her lips. Face blushing at the noise she involuntarily made. The pair having to reluctantly pull apart when the door opened and the nurse’s voice spoke out. Calling Chloe’s name.

Oh, I’m super sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Nurse Atkinson apologised. Walking in on the two women engaged in a little smooch. Not wanting to intrude on their moment. “I just came back to give you the discharge form to fill in, it’ll only take a minute tops and then you’re free to go home.” The kind nurse explained and passed a clipboard over to the redhead and a pen.

Nodding in response, Chloe took the form to fill out as the nurse proceeded to take the IV drip out of her other hand. Covering where it was inside her hand with a small spot plaster. The redhead’s eyes glanced over at Beca on the opposite side of the room. A small smile growing across her lips once again. Excited to go home to the small woman’s apartment and spend the day cuddling. “There we go.” The older woman smiled and handed the clipboard back to Nurse Atkinson.

Thank you. Well, get home safely and take it easy. I don’t want to be seeing you again anytime soon because you’ve not taken it easy the next few days.” The nurse warned in a playful manor. Raising an eyebrow slightly and giving a small smirk. Chuckling when she saw the redhead roll her eyes at the comment. Shaking her head light-heartedly and said her goodbyes before exiting the room once again.

Hey, you. There’s no rush. Take your time.” The brunette commented when she saw Chloe practically throw the small bedsheet off her body. Hoisting herself up quickly. Desperately wanting to get out the place. The smell of the hospital was making her feel queasy and she just wanted to leave as fast as possible. Beca grabbed hold of the older woman’s hand to stop her from moving away again. Pulling her in close and wrapping her arms around Chloe’s waist. Pressing a small kiss to her lips. Thankful to be able to kiss her favourite lips once again. Hardly able to get enough of the feeling of them smashed against her own.

I’ll never get tired of kissing you.” Chloe confessed in a shy mumble. Her cheeks flushing a deep shade of red as the words slipped easily from between her lips. “Uh, sorry.” The redhead bit down on her bottom lip and apologised. Not wanting to sound too forward with the small woman. Despite knowing deep down in the pit of her stomach that Beca was definitely ‘the one’. She thought it was probably too soon to say such a thing.

Beca frowned a tiny bit. Confused as to why the redhead was apologising for what she’d said. Cupping the older woman’s cheeks in her hands. “What are you saying sorry for, sweetheart?” The brunette questioned, gazing once again into the older woman’s eyes. Mesmerised by the glistening colour. She was convinced that she could spend the rest of her life looking deep into Chloe’s eyes. Hoping that it will be a reality some time soon that she gets the privilege to look at the redhead so intently.

I-I just don’t want to scare you off for being too forward about this. Like, we’re not even like technically a thing.” Chloe explained a little shyly. A blush once again covering her cheeks. “I uh, I really like you and I really like kissing you. And I hope to be the one who gets to wake up next to you each morning and fall asleep wrapped in your arms every night.” The redhead continued. Biting down on her bottom lip. Her breath catching in the back of her throat as Beca leaned forward to kiss her again. Rubbing the pad of her thumb against the older woman’s cheek as their lips locked.

Well, for the next few days while you rest and I can keep an eye on you, you will for sure be waking up next to me in the morning and falling asleep in my arms.” Beca spoke out against the redhead’s lips. Pulling back slightly from their kisses as she smiled warmly at Chloe. Her smile content and happy. “I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than waking up to your beautiful face every morning and having it be the last thing I see before I sleep.” The brunette confessed. “Now let’s get you home to rest, sweetheart.” She added placing once last kiss to the older woman’s lips.

Chapter Text

Please excuse the mess. I haven’t really had the time to clean recently.” Beca apologised, pushing the front door to her apartment open with her shoulder and bringing the redhead inside. After they’d got out the taxi, the small woman held out her hand for Chloe to take and led her inside the building. Both shyly smiling at each other as they walked. “And I live alone so, it’s pretty much always like this. But if I’d have known you’d end up here right now, I’d have tidied up for sure.” The brunette added with a chuckle.

Chloe waved off Beca’s words with her free hand. Smiling warmly to the younger woman. “Hey, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to impress me. I’m already hooked.” The redhead giggled. Rubbing the pad of her thumb against the palm of the small woman’s hand. They were both still intwined together. “Mine is probably just as messy to be honest. And I have a dog running about the place too.” The older woman added. Trying to make Beca feel less bad about her place being messy. But as Chloe’s blue eyes glanced around the room, she wouldn’t even call it messy. Her own place was messier than this.

Where do you wanna chill? We could watch a movie and cuddle. Or talk and cuddle. Unless you want to take a nap for a few hours.” Beca suggested some things for them to do as they got settled in the lounge. Grabbing two bottles of water from the kitchen and returning back to Chloe. Handing the redhead a bottle and sitting next to the older woman on the sofa. Unscrewing the cap to take a grateful mouthful of the cold liquid. “Not to sound mean, but you look tired. I can offer cuddles as you sleep.” The brunette added with a small cheeky smirk growing across her lips.

I kinda could do with a nap in all honesty.” Chloe nodded in agreement. Humming slightly as she thought about the idea of getting some sleep. She still felt incredibly tired. And what better way to fall asleep than in Beca’s arms. It sounded like a good idea to the redhead. How could she even dismiss the idea? “But, I don’t want to be at your place and waste time sleeping. I already feel bad enough that you’re insisting on looking after me when you have work.” The older woman added. Biting down softly on her bottom lip. Gazing into Beca’s chocolatey eyes. Feeling herself falling in love already with the small woman.

Scooting closer to the redhead, Beca slid her hand up to cup Chloe’s cheek. Rubbing the pad of her thumb against the older woman’s soft skin. “What’s important right now is your wellbeing. And holding you in my arms as you sleep makes me feel all giddy inside.” The brunette explained. Blushing a little at her words and letting a small chuckle escape from between her lips. Cursing herself internally for being so soft. “Uh sorry, as those words left my mouth it sounded super cringey.” Beca apologised. Not wanting to sound too forward. Even though she knew already that she was in love with the redhead.

No. Not cringe at all. It was really sweet words. And I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about sleepy cuddles with you ever since you insisted I came back here for you to look after me.” Chloe responded and gave her own confession. Hoping her own little confession would make Beca feel better about her own. She knew it was too soon to declare her love to the brunette, but that didn’t mean the flirty comments had to stop. And besides they’d go at their own pace. Which they both seemed to be on the same wavelength anyway. They just hadn’t talked about a proper relationship. At least not yet.

Well, I’m not one to go back on a promise.” Beca smiled contently. Leaning in to lock lips with Chloe. Unable to resist her cute little face any longer. Kissing the redhead had vastly become the small woman’s favourite activity. The pair sat for a moment. Exchanging small kisses. The brunette with her hands holding the older woman’s face in the embrace. Rubbing the pads of her thumbs against Chloe’s skin. Noticing how it seemed to relax the redhead. “C’mon. Let’s go get you comfy for a sleep. But you also need to call your friend and update her on everything.” Beca eventually pulled away after a few minutes.

A small groan slipped from between Chloe’s lips. Simply for the fact that the brunette pulled away from their lip lock. Just as it seemed like it was gonna start to heat up. “Oh shit. I completely forgot. I’d been at Aubrey’s before collapsing at the diner. She’ll be worried sick about where I am.” The redhead gasped when she eventually realised where she’d been before going to the diner. Putting her head in her hands and groaning once again. Biting down on her bottom lip. Reaching in her pocket for her phone.

Pulling the device out she unlocked the screen and clicked onto her contacts. Pressing onto Aubrey’s name and calling the blonde. Biting down on her bottom lip yet again. Hoping the older woman wouldn’t be mad at her for not calling sooner. “Aubrey, oh my gosh! I’m so sorry.” Chloe gasped once she heard the call connect. Cursing herself inside. Continuing to talk before her best friend could respond. “I should’ve called you sooner. I’m ok. I went to the diner to get us all breakfast and I collapsed. I’m fine. I went to the hospital.” The redhead explained. Eyes glancing up to look at Beca as the brunette slipped out of the room.

Chloe Juliet Beale! I swear to the aca-gods, you nearly gave me a heart attack! I’ve been worried sick.” Aubrey almost screamed down the phone after the line went silent for a moment after Chloe gave her apology. “Beca called briefly and told me what happened. Said she’d get you to call me when you regained consciousness! You sound pretty fine to me. How long have you been awake?” The blonde practically scolded down the phone. Unbeknown that she was making tears form in the corner of the younger woman’s eyes.

I’m sorry. I didn’t think. I forgot. She just told me to call you now and I realised you’d probably wonder where I was. I didn’t know she’d called you when I was unconscious. I’m sorry.” Chloe confessed. A tear sliding down her cheek at her friend’s harsh tone. Trying not to make any crying sounds for the blonde to hear. She hated showing those around her that she was weak. “I-I uh, I’m at Beca’s. She was with me in the hospital and she insisted I stay with her to rest. The doctor said I collapsed due to dehydration and low blood sugar. She wouldn’t take no for an answer.” The redhead continued once again. Composing herself to the best of her ability.

Aubrey sighed down the phone. As much as she was mad she hadn’t been contacted sooner, she couldn’t stay angry with Chloe for long. “Hmm. Well, next time remember to contact me. I’ve been worried sick, Chlo.” The blonde responded with a quieter tone of voice now. Her rage had now calmed down. “And I’m sorry for shouting. Please don’t cry.” She soon added when she heard the younger woman’s voice crack a little with her apology. “I expect you to send me Beca’s address so I can come and see you. Ok?” Aubrey questioned. Well, it was more of a demand than a question.

I’ll text it over to you as soon as this call ends.” Chloe agreed with a small sniffle. Wiping her tears away with the back of her hand. Not knowing Beca was watching her from the doorway. Seeing the redhead cry broke her heart. “I hate this, Bree. I thought the fight was over.” She mumbled into the phone. Trying to be quiet enough that the brunette didn’t hear from the other room. Where she thought the small woman was during the call. Holding back her tears that were ready to pour down her cheeks.

I know, babe. I know. I wish you’d have come to me sooner, Chlo. If you were starting to struggle again you should’ve come to me. I’m always here for you. You know that.” Aubrey softly spoke down the phone this time. Trying to make her voice sound soothing this time as she spoke to her best friend. Annoyed that she wasn’t there to hug the redhead right now. “We’ll discuss this another time. Ok? Go get some rest and I’ll call over tomorrow with Isabella. She misses her Aunt Coco.” The older woman added with a small smile. Knowing her best friend loved her daughter to pieces.

Chloe shook her head to stop herself from breaking down. Taking a deep breath and nodding as she responded. “I’d really like that. And you can meet Beca properly. I think she’s the one, Bree.” The redhead smiled slightly. A small blush creeping up against her cheeks as she heard herself say those words out loud. And it felt right to say that. To call the brunette ‘the one’. She just hoped that Beca feels the same.

I know, babe. Now go on. Go get some rest. We’ll talk later.” Aubrey spoke once again into the phone. Bringing the conversation to an end now she knew Chloe was ok. Not wanting to interfere on the redhead’s time with Beca. “Bye, Chlo. Love you!” The older woman added once more. Hearing her best friend say the same and soon both women pressed the disconnect call button. Hanging up the call.

Letting out a deep exhale, Chloe wiped her eyes once again as another few tears dropped down her cheeks. Composing herself to face the brunette again. Not wanting Beca to see that she’d been crying. Yet she didn’t know that actually, the small woman had heard several things as she was on the phone to Aubrey. Seeing the redhead shed several tears. And all she wanted to do was rush over to the older woman and comfort her while she was hurting. But she didn’t want to intrude. Or to make it seem like she’d been listening in on the conversation.

Moving away from the door and counting to 3 before she moved back towards the door and make her presence known, Beca took a deep breath as she entered the lounge part of her apartment. “So, I’ve got some like old tatty clothes you can borrow to sleep in for now, if you wish. Since you only have the clothes you’re wearing.” The brunette spoke. Trying to seem as casual as possible in her voice. Pushing the thought of an upset Chloe to the back of her mind. For now at least. Maybe she’ll try and talk to the older woman later.

Oh, uh, yeah. Thanks.” Chloe nodded in response. Head shooting up and glancing over at Beca when she heard the sound of the brunette’s voice. Biting back down on her bottom lip again. She’s surprised she even has one left. Unsure of what to do or say, she went to open her mouth and say something again when she saw the small woman hold out her hand. Obviously gesturing for the older woman to take. Releasing her lip from between her teeth, the redhead smiled slightly and stood up. Taking the brunette’s hand in her own and allowing Beca to lead her to the bedroom. But with each step they took closer to the room Chloe’s heartbeat increased. And they weren’t even doing anything intimate in there. They’d just be sleeping.

Once in the room, Beca picked up her favourite tatty t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Handing them over to the redhead with a small smile. “I have an ensuite just behind that door for you to change.” The small woman spoke out in a soft tone. A warm feeling bubbling up in the pit of her stomach as her fingers brushed against Chloe’s as the older woman took the items of clothing. “No rush, sweetheart. Come back out whenever you’re ready and I’ll be here with cuddles to greet you.” Beca explained. Leaning in to place a kiss against the other woman’s cheek.

Chloe nodded and gave a small smile. Grabbing the clothes under her arm and walking into the bathroom. Closing the door behind herself and exhaling deeply. Desperately trying to hold back tears again. Not wanting to have a breakdown at the brunette’s place. She’d rather do that in the comfort of her own home. And speaking of such, the redhead kinda felt like she wanted to go home. The older woman didn’t want to be here with Beca anymore. Not at the moment. It didn’t have anything to do with Beca. The brunette had been nothing but kind, caring and compassionate. She felt like she would just feel more comfortable at home. But she didn’t have the heart to tell the small woman this.

It seemed that Chloe had stayed in the bathroom for what was soon approaching half an hour. And even though she told the redhead to take her time because there was no rush, Beca was starting to become worried. Wondering if the older woman was ok. Unsure on if or not to interfere and try to get the other woman to come out the bathroom. She decided to bite the bullet and knock on the bathroom door.

Chlo? Is everything ok, sweetheart? Just you’ve been in there a long time. I’m not trying to pry or anything. I’m just worried about you. I’m here if you need or want to talk to someone. I know you’d probably much prefer to talk to Aubrey. But I’m here. And if you want to talk to her instead then that’s ok. I don’t want you to think I’ve forced you to come here. If you want to go home or something then just tell me and I can take you home. I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped the mark.” The brunette spoke out. Starting to curse herself in the back of her mind for being so demanding that the redhead came back to her apartment. Maybe that was a bad move on the small woman’s part.

Opening the bathroom door finally, Chloe revealed herself. Her eyes red and puffy from crying. Her baby blue eyes glistening with tears. “I’m sorry. Can you take me home?” The redhead questioned biting down on her bottom lip. Head lifting up to face the brunette, but her eyes not meeting those belonging to the smaller woman. Unable to bring herself to look at the other woman. Tears still very much sliding down her cheeks.

Beca’s heart dropped. For several reasons. One being the redhead crying. And the other being the fact she wanted to go home. The last thing the small woman wanted was to make Chloe feel uncomfortable in her company. “Yes. Of course. Whatever you want.” The brunette nodded. Trying to hide the fact she was disappointment. Cursing herself again for all of this. Hoping she hadn’t blown her chance for a relationship with Chloe. Taking her spare clothes back off the other woman when she saw the redhead hand them over.

Without another word, Beca grabbed her car keys from her bedside table. Allowing the redhead some space to leave the bathroom. Both moving around in silence and heading out to the small woman’s car. They both climbed inside and the brunette started the engine. Driving to the older woman’s apartment a few blocks away. The quietness in the vehicle was sending Beca insane. She could hear her own thoughts and she didn’t like it. All it made her do was overthink the past couple of hours.

Here we are!” The brunette announced once she pulled up outside the apartment block where Chloe lived. Turning to the side to look at the older woman in the passenger seat. “Look, I’m sorry if I was a little full on in insisting you came back to my place. The last thing I ever want is to make you feel uncomfortable. I realise now that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. I really hope this hasn’t blown my chance of seeing you again.” Beca explained. Apologising again. She really liked the redhead and she’d never forgive herself if she’d fucked up her chances with the older woman.

Chloe shook her head. Turning herself to look at the small woman sat behind the wheel of her car. Smiling warmly to reassure the brunette that everything was ok. “No. Don’t be sorry. You have no reason to be apologising. I’m the sorry one. I overreacted back there.” The older woman explained. Biting down on her lip once again. Nervously. “Uh, I kinda just would feel comfortable being here in my own home. But I’d love it if you stayed over.” The redhead responded shyly. Still very much wanting to spend the night in Beca’s arms.

If you want me to stay over then I will, sweetheart. Whatever you want.” Beca nodded with a small smile of reassurance. Uttering the same words she spoke out earlier. Wanting the redhead to feel as comfortable as possible with anything they do together. Sliding her hand over to Chloe and grabbing her opposite one. Taking it in her own and bringing it up to her lips to press a kiss against her knuckles. Smiling at the older woman sat opposite. Rubbing the pad of her thumb against the palm of the other woman’s hand.

Please.” Chloe nodded with hopeful eyes. Feeling even more exhausted now. She was ready to crawl straight into bed and cuddle up with the brunette. Falling asleep peacefully in the small woman’s arms for the rest of the night.

Chapter Text

Bright baby blue eyes peeled themselves open when they sensed a beam of light peering through the bedroom curtains. A soft grumble escaping from between the redhead’s lips as she adjusted to the brightness in the room. Humming slightly and blinking slowly a few times to wake herself up properly. Head bowing down and seeing the strong pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind. Followed by a content smile growing across her lips at the realisation that she was still in Beca’s arms from the night before. Where they’d snuggled up in bed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chloe could spend the rest of her life like this and never move. She felt a sense of security and safety in the small woman’s arms. And if truth be told, last night was the first night in what felt like forever that the older woman had slept so peacefully and for a decent amount of time. Lifting her head off the pillow briefly to check the time on her alarm clock sat on her bedside table. Exhaling deeply when she noticed she’d slept for at least 12 hours. The redhead knew she clearly needed it after everything that happened the previous day. Thankful that she’d been in the arms of Beca for the night. Hoping this would become a regular thing.

After a few minutes, Chloe felt Beca stirring from behind herself. Unable to stop herself from blushing and smiling widely when she felt a familiar pair of lips press several kisses into her neck. Letting a slight giggle escape from between her own lips as the kisses tickled the skin on her neck. “Good morning, beautiful.” The brunette mumbled in a content tone of voice. Pressing a kiss behind the redhead’s ear. Enclosing her mouth around the lobe and nibbling slightly on the piece of skin. Finding out yesterday that this action drives Chloe wild.

Hmm.” Chloe hummed one again in appreciation. “It sure is!” The redhead nodded in agreement. Agreeing that it was a ‘good morning’. She’d slept incredibly well and woke up in Beca’s arms. Despite the fact she was only small, her muscles were incredibly strong and felt so good being wrapped around the older woman’s waist. “I’ll never get tired of waking up like this.” Chloe commented letting a content sigh escape from between her lips. Smiling once again as she felt the brunette’s teeth sink into her neck. Biting down into her skin and ready to leave a mark. Placing a hand against the back of the small woman’s head to hold her in place.

Once she’d left her mark on Chloe’s neck, Beca pulled back and placed a few soft kisses against the bruised skin. “Did you sleep well, sweetheart?” The brunette questioned. Wiggling back slightly away from the older woman as Chloe rolled over to face her this time. Both gazing into each other’s eyes with smiles on their faces. “Because I don’t know about you, but I slept incredibly well with you in my arms.” Beca commented with a cheeky grin growing across her lips.

Just as the older woman opened her mouth to respond, she was interrupted by the pinging noise of her phone signalling a new message. Letting a groan escape from between her lips, Chloe rolled her eyes and leaned over to grab the device from her bedside table. “Sorry, it’s Aubrey.” The redhead apologised and saw her best friend’s name pop up against her green. Several notifications from the blonde from missed calls to messages. Unlocking the phone, Chloe clicked onto the message thread. Eyes scanning over the messages.

Aubrey: you forgot to text me Beca’s address x

Aubrey: oi, you better not be avoiding me!

Aubrey: wake up! you never sleep past 8! what’s wrong? everything ok?


Aubrey: seriously you better be asleep right now or i’m gonna throttle you when i see you!

Biting down on her bottom lip, Chloe quickly typed out a response to her best friend.

Chloe: sorry!! i’m ok. i’m at home. beca’s with me. she stayed the night. i literally only woke up like 10 minutes ago. i should’ve told you last night that we came back here in the end. long story. i’ll fill you in later. give me like 2 hours. i wanna talk to beca before you come over. please xxx

Locking the screen once again, Chloe turned back again to place her phone back on her bedside table. “Uh, can we talk? I feel like I owe you an explanation for last night. Even if you think I don’t, I want to be honest with you. No secrets. I know we aren’t even like in a relationship or anything but, I kinda hope that in the near future we can be and I want to be totally honest with you. And then you totally have the right to run for the hills. I promise.” The redhead explained nervously. Bowing her head a little, unable to look the small woman in the eyes. Feeling her heartrate increasing with every word she spoke. About to be completely vulnerable with the brunette and put her heart on her sleeve. Already fearing the rejection she was for sure about to get from Beca. Or so she thought.

Hey, look at me.” The small woman softly spoke. Placing her hands on either side of Chloe’s face to cup her cheeks and encourage the redhead to look up at her properly. “Whatever it is you can tell me, sweetheart. I’m here! And I won’t run for the hills no matter what it is you’re going to tell me. I promise.” Beca spoke out once the older woman looked back up at her and into her chocolatey eyes. Showing her lover a kind smile and rubbing the pads of her thumbs against her skin.

Taking a deep breath to prepare herself for her next words, Chloe briefly closed her eyes for a moment. “Ok. Uh, well, for the past 10 years up until this last year, I had been in recovery from an eating disorder.” The redhead began to explain. Fiddling with her fingers as she shared her biggest struggle with the brunette. Feeling incredibly weak and not strong enough to look at Beca. “I relapsed about 14 months ago from a toxic relationship I was in with my ex. I’m pretty much ok most days now. I went to rehab again and got out 11 months ago. But I sometimes have bad days. And that was what caused my collapse yesterday. The low blood sugar was due to the fact I hadn’t really eaten much in a few days.” The older woman continued to explain. Wanting to tell the brunette everything before she let the other woman respond.

Beca was quiet for a moment. Processing everything that Chloe had just confessed to her, stroking the redhead’s cheek with a kind eyes trying to look into the glistening baby blue ones filling with tears belonging to the older woman. “I know how much courage that must have taken you to confess this all to me. But this in itself is proof that you’re stronger than you think you are. To tell me about the biggest struggle in your life with complete honesty.” The brunette started to softly talk. Pressing a kiss to the other woman’s cheek. Trying her best to make Chloe feel completely comfortable with the conversation. “But thank you for telling me. I hope you know you can trust me, sweetheart. Because I want you to be my girlfriend and I want you to know you can talk to me about anything. Big or small. The small woman added. Pressing yet another kiss to the older woman’s cheek.

Chloe lifted her head up as tears poured down her cheeks at Beca’s words. Eyes looking up at the brunette like a little lost puppy. Opening her mouth once again to reply, but her breath got caught in the back of her throat and she finally broke down. Sobbing her heart out with her face buried into the small woman’s chest. Unable to hold back her emotions any longer. She was falling deeper and deeper in love with Beca the more time she spent with the brunette. And if she was completely honest the thought alone completely terrified her of allowing someone to own her heart again after her last relationship caused her to relapse.

Hey. It’s ok. Let it out, sweetheart. I’m here. I’m right here, babe.” Beca softly mumbled into the redhead’s ear. Stroking the older woman’s hair and rubbing the pad of her thumb against her cheek after every stroke. Placing small kisses against where she rubbed Chloe’s skin. Brushing away her lover’s tears as they dripped down from her eyes. “I want you to know that just because you’ve told me this doesn’t mean I’ll treat you any less worthy of what you are and I certainly won’t run for the hills. This doesn’t stop me from feeling the way I do towards you, sweetheart.” The brunette explained softly with a small smile spread across her lips.

The words that slipped from between the small woman’s lips only caused Chloe to cry harder. Beca barely even knew her and she was already confidently stating that she wasn’t going anywhere. She’d expected the brunette to run a mile once she confessed about her main daily struggle. But she didn’t. Beca had responded with complete kindness towards the redhead. And for that the older woman was extremely thankful. Trying her best to stop the tears and continue talking with Beca about it all. But she felt way too vulnerable and exposed right now. So she settled for just letting the small woman hold her in her strong arms for a few moments.

Sorry.” Chloe mumbled several minutes later. Her voice low and quiet. Sniffing back more tears as she lifted her head up from rested against Beca’s chest. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. “Nobody has ever really shown me all this kindness before. Apart from Aubrey. She was the one that encouraged me to get help last year. I have her to thank for the fact I’m still here and that I got to meet you.” The redhead explained. Unable to hide the smile away that began to grow across her lips at the thought of being lucky enough to meet the small woman. Feeling the familiar pair of soft lips belonging to the brunette kiss her firmly on the lips. Butterflies swimming around in the pit of her stomach each time their lips connected.

Well, if you’ll let me, I want to be there for you too. To help you through your struggles when you have a bad day. Support you. Offer my cuddles. Kiss you better. Everything.” Beca softly commented with her hand rubbing up and down the redhead’s back comfortingly. Tracing patterns all over Chloe’s bare skin that wasn’t covered by her vest top. “My plan was to ask this in a romantic setting, but I can’t cope much longer without asking. I want you to be mine, Chlo. So uh, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?” The small woman questioned after placing one last soft kiss against the older woman’s lips.

The biggest smile possible started to spread across Chloe’s lips. A small blush creeping up against her cheeks as she nodded in response to the brunette’s question. “I’d love to be your girlfriend.” The older woman nodded. Unable to hide the genuinely happiness covering her face. The skin of her cheeks still looking rather rosy as she blushed hard. Leaning back towards the small woman herself and sharing several kisses with her ‘girlfriend’.

Just as their tongues started rubbing together, they were interrupted by Chloe’s phone ringing. The redhead reluctantly pulled away from their lip lock to grab her phone once again. Rolling her eyes when she saw Aubrey’s number pop up against the screen. Mumbling a sorry to Beca as she answered the call. A little annoyed at the blonde’s timing. However, when she heard the faint noise of her best friend crying down the other end of the phone, her attitude changed as she spoke out a greeting.

Bree? What’s wrong? Is everything ok?” Chloe questioned with a worried look on her face. Glancing over at Beca as she propped herself up in bed properly. Focusing all her attention on the phone call. A sickly feeling bubbling up in the pit of her stomach when she got no reply back from the blonde. “Aubrey! Seriously, you’re scaring me. What’s happened?” The redhead wondered biting down on her bottom lip.

C-can you look after Isabella?” Aubrey mumbled through the phone with a stutter. Trying her hardest to calm herself down. Yet all this worry was only building up a sickly feeling in the bottom of her stomach and she felt as if she was about to throw up. “Rob’s been rushed into hospital from work. He’s like been attacked or something. I don’t know the full details. I just need to be with him. And I can’t take Isabella with me. She doesn’t need to see her daddy in a state.” The blonde went on further to explain. Desperate for her best friend to hurry up and agree to looking after her daughter in order for her to be at the hospital with her fiancé. The older woman sounded incredibly distraught.

The redhead responded to Aubrey’s words with a gasp. Shock covering her facial features as she processed the words that were now ringing in her ears. “Oh my gosh! Yes. Of course. Are you bringing her here or do you want me to come over to you?” Chloe managed to ask as she stared at Beca. The colour practically draining from her cheeks. Shaking her head at the brunette who looked at her with a frown across her face. Not in a bad way, she was simply just curious to know what was going on since the redhead visibly paled.

Can you come here please? You can bring Beca. Just please hurry.” Aubrey nodded in response. Sniffing back tears as she glanced over at Isabella. The little two-year-old simply watching her favourite Disney film on the tv without a care in the world. Unknowing about what was going on with her mommy. It was best she didn’t know either. The mother didn’t want to cause her daughter any distress.

We’ll be there in 10! Love you.” Chloe nodded and let her best friend know that she’d be there as soon as possible. Dropping her phone down on her bed. Quickly getting up and rushing around her room to find some fresh clothes to pull on for them both. Feeling the brunette’s eyes following her around the room. She raised her arms in the air to pull off her vest top. Revealing her bare back to her girlfriend. Hearing what sounded like a breath catching in the back of a throat from behind herself. “We have to go to Aubrey’s and look after Isabella. Her fiancé has been rushed into hospital and she needs to go see him.” The older woman explained. Ignoring the sound. There was a time and place for that stuff. And it wasn’t right now.

Chloe’s mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts. Worried for her friends as she rushed around her room to grab her phone and keys. Grabbing the brunette’s hand and dragging the small woman behind her and out the apartment.