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fly me to the moon

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I’ve never seen her this nervous for a date before.” Jessica commented as she sat on the lounge floor of Chloe’s apartment with Aubrey and Flo playing with Billie. Throwing a toy for the little, fluffy dog to go and fetch back and forth. “Like she’s usually incredibly confident and everything. But she’s been a nervous wreck like all week.” The younger blonde added again glancing over at her friends.

It was now Friday night and Chloe was in her room getting ready for her date with her Tinder match. The woman she’d been messaging for the past like four weeks. The one that had asked her out on a date at the start of the week. And ever since she’d agreed and the pair had made plans, she’d been incredibly nervous. A weird feeling had been slowly growing as each day crept closer to the day of the date in the pit of her stomach.

I agree. She’s literally not posted any videos or anything this week. She normally posts like three times a week.” Flo agreed with Jessica’s statement. Sipping on her glass of wine and biting down on the bottom of her lip. “She’s kinda been super secretive over this love interest too. Has she told you anything, Aubs?” The small brunette questioned with a curious expression as she looked over at Aubrey on the other sofa.

Aubrey shook her head. Sipping on her own glass of wine. The four girls had spent the day together and helped the redhead find the perfect outfit to wear for her date tonight. “No. She’s being oddly secretive about everything. All she’s told me is her name is ‘Beca’ and she’s been flirty and charming.” The older blonde shrugged her shoulders. Head lifting up and turning towards the doorway as she heard footsteps.

Chloe was finally ready and now was retreating into the lounge down the hallway to ask her best friends for opinions on how she looks. She’d found the most perfect jumpsuit that she found pretty quickly into their shopping trip. Insisting that this was what she wanted to wear for her date. However, when she’d been looking at herself in the mirror after putting the piece of clothing on, she wasn’t super convinced she looked good. She felt like it made her look fat.

Sighing deeply, the redhead cleared her throat as she stood at the door to grab the attention of her friends. Shyly biting down on her bottom lip as she uttered out the question: “does this jumpsuit make me look fat?” She questioned with hopeful eyes. Neither of the other three girls could believe ‘bubbly, no boundaries Chloe Beale’ seemed so timid right now. “The detail seems a bit much now. I’m just not sure it actually looks good on me.” She explained to her friends. Waiting for their reactions.

Are you kidding? Chlo, you look amazing. Beca isn’t gonna be able to keep her eyes off you!” Flo practically scoffed. Barely able to believe how non-confident the redhead sounded right now. “You have a good amount of cleavage on show and bare shoulders. You’re gonna be irresistible. Beca is gonna wanna kiss you all over.” The small woman continued in an encouraging tone. Turning to the two blondes for their input.

You look incredible, Chlo. This outfit looks so good on you! It compliments your hair really well.” Jessica commented with a kind smile to her friend. Feeling a little sad that the redhead didn’t seem to feel very confident right now. When usually that would be a word everyone would use to describe her friend.

I agree with these guys. You look really good, Chlo. But if you’re not feeling it then wear something else. We can tell you honestly what we think and we all agree that you look incredible. It suits your figure and the detail compliments your hair. But you have to be comfortable wearing it and if you’re not then wear something else. You’re only gonna be worrying about it all night and won’t end up enjoying yourself on the date.” Aubrey explained, finally giving her opinion on the situation.

The redhead knew she could always count on the older woman for total honesty. Even if something didn’t look that good on her. Sometimes the fact Aubrey was so brutally honest really did hurt. But she knew that whenever the blonde gave her opinion that wasn’t so positive, it didn’t come from a place of maliciousness. It came from her heart. She didn’t want Chloe to make a fool out of herself or be laughed at if she was wearing something that didn’t look great on her.

What kind of friend would do something like that? Not Aubrey Posen, that’s for sure. The other two however, would try their best to word it in a way that wouldn’t offend the redhead. But with the older woman, she’d be blunt about it and just say it out right. It was both a blessing and an annoying thing to have to deal with in their friendship. They’d all been friends long enough though to know that nothing was ever said in a hurtful way by the blonde.

Every time I look in the mirror, I just feel like my legs look really fat. And I don’t want her to look at me and be repulsed, y’know.” Chloe admitted looking between her three friends and playing with her fingers. It was like in this moment she was a completely different person. You wouldn’t think that she was Chloe Beale right now. She was acting the complete opposite way to what she normally would in normal situations. And it confused and also concerned her friends.

Babe, you honestly don’t. Not at all. You’re not even fat! But do you have a second outfit choice? Maybe try on that one and see if you prefer it more than this one.” Aubrey suggested with a small smile. Trying to convince her friend to try another outfit and maybe she’d feel more comfortable in the second. Because no matter what they said in their opinion of the outfit, at the end of the day the redhead needed to feel comfortable in what she was wearing rather than spending the night worrying rather than enjoying herself on the date.

Chloe gave a small nod and turned on her heel. Heading back into her bedroom to change into her second outfit choice. Hoping she’d feel better in this one than the jumpsuit. If not, she felt like just giving up and sending Beca an excuse to cancel on their date. Which, of course, she didn’t want to do. But it was very tempting to just give up at this point and call it off. Despite how much she was excited for tonight. And despite all the nerves she felt in the pit of her stomach.

I don’t know what has gotten into her recently but I’m really worried.” Jessica commented once Chloe was out of earshot and behind her bedroom door once again. Her heart was breaking as she heard the words leaving the redhead’s lips. Stating she looked fat in what she was wearing. It was just really odd to see the older woman like this. Ever since the pair had been friends, the younger blonde hadn’t seen her friend be anything but confident at all times. She was always the friend that uplifted everyone else when they were feeling down or self-conscious. And now the tables had turned.

I think we need to keep an eye on her. I feel like she might fall back into old habits if she carries on like this.” Aubrey sighed biting down on her bottom lip. Not wanting to say the exact words of what she was thinking but wanting the other two to get what she was referring to with her words. “I hope that once she meets with this Beca they really hit it off and she just forgets about what she’s been worried about all week. I have a good feeling about this.” The older woman explained with a slight nod. Taking another sip from her wine. And the blonde was usually right with the majority of things. Especially when she got those gut feelings. Good or bad. The majority of the time she’d be correct. There’d only been a small handful of times she was proved wrong.

The other two friends agreed with Aubrey’s statement. The three agreeing to do exactly what had been suggested. Not wanting the redhead to drive herself down the wrong path again.

Back in her room, Chloe took off her outfit and decided to put on a flowery patterned mini skirt and a long-sleeved white top with cups around her boobs and her chest exposed. Looking at herself in the mirror once she’d changed and doing a full spin around. Looking at her body from all angles in this outfit. It for sure hugged all of her curves in the right places and it certainly made her ass standout. For some reason, even though this outfit showed more bare skin, she felt happier wearing this than the jumpsuit.

Breathing out she opened her bedroom door again and stepped out. Heading back towards the lounge room area to get opinions again from her friends about her outfit. “Uh, ok. So, I uh, I like this one better than the last.” She announced from the doorway as she stepped inside the room slightly. Turning around to show her outfit off to the others. “I know it’s probably weird because this one shows more bare skin and stuff but I feel better wearing this.” The redhead shrugged a little. Biting down on her bottom lip once again.

Not in a bad way, because I did love the jumpsuit, but I do really love this outfit on you. I think it suits you more. Like in a personality way as well as it looks really good on you.” Flo commented with a warm smile. Noticing that as well as still seeming super nervous, Chloe already sounded and looked more comfortable in this outfit as opposed to the jumpsuit.

I agree. You could tell by your face that you totally weren’t comfortable in that jumpsuit. But you already look more comfortable with this outfit. You look super cute, Chlo.” Jessica agreed with a smile over to her redheaded friend. Feeling a little more relaxed as she watched her friend twirl around to show off her outfit from all angles. Already looking way more comfortable dressed like this.

You look incredible, Chlo. She’s gonna be speechless when you show up to your date.” Aubrey shot the redhead a little wink. Trying to boost Chloe’s confidence up, knowing how nervous the slightly younger woman still was as the time creeped closer and closer to the time of the date.


Walking into the bar, Chloe felt a sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach. She breathed out deeply to calm down her nerves and looked around to try and find her date. They’d sent each other photo’s of what they were wearing to be able to spot each other when they met up. And even though the bar was dimly lit, the redhead managed to find the brunette sat patiently waiting at a booth nearby the bar with two drinks set on the table in front of her as she sat waiting for her date.

Beca?” Chloe called out a little cautiously approaching the table with a small smile on her face. Her heart skipping a beat as she watched the brunette’s head lift up from the table and their eyes locked. Both basically staring at each other for a moment. Maybe a moment too long for a first meeting. “Hey. It’s really nice to finally meet you.” The redhead added, her smile growing wider as she held out her hand for the other woman to shake.

She wasn’t sure if to gesture or a hug (since she was quite the hugger) in greeting instead. So, she played it safe and waited for the handshake to be reciprocated by the brunette. There was just something about this woman that made her feel extra nervous. In a strange sort of way, but not negatively. It excited the redhead if anything.

Feeling the warmth of Beca’s hand slipping between her own as the younger woman shook her hand made Chloe beam warmly at the greeting. Feeling a tingle inside her fingertips as they made skin to skin contact. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you too, Chloe. And can I just say, you’re even more beautiful in person than you are in photos.” The small woman commented as she greeted her date. Smiling fondly as she watched the redhead’s cheeks blush a shade of red at the compliment.

 “And you’re just as charming in person as you are online.” Chloe smiled warmly and bit down on the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying anything to embarrass herself. She always wasn’t great at accepting compliments from people. She’d usually just blush and say something to make it weird. And she really didn’t want to mess this up already with Beca. She really liked the small woman. And meeting with her right now only increased how much she liked the brunette.

My speciality is flirting with attractive women till they’re putty in my hands.” Beca commented with a smirk growing across her lips. Slipping a little inuendo into her sentence and hoping the older woman would catch on to what she was implying. “I wasn’t really sure what you drink, obviously, but I got you a glass of red wine. I hope that’s ok. You look like a red wine kinda girl.” The brunette smiled gesturing to the glass.

Smiling friendly at the younger woman Chloe beamed and nodded. “I love red wine.” The redhead nodded and slipped out of her leather jacket. Placing it down beside herself as she slid into the booth opposite her date. “Thank you, Beca.” She added with a polite smile. Grasping the wine glass in her right hand and holding it up to her lips. Taking a grateful sip to wet her dry mouth.

There was a silence that loomed over the pair, besides the soft music that played lightly in the background, but it wasn’t in any way awkward. The two simply sipped on their drinks and gazed at each other sweetly from across the table.

So, tell me a little more about yourself. I remember you stated that you’re a space and astrology nerd. Tell me about that.” Beca spoke up after a moment more of the two practically staring at each other. Desperately wanting to know more about the redhead. Putting down her empty pint glass next to herself on the table. Clasping her hands together and fiddling with her thumb ring.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been fascinated by space and everything else about astrology and stuff. Most children my age would be into dolls and dressing up, y’know that kinda stuff. But not me. The little redhead was the odd one out. Playing by herself with rockets and drawing space themed pictures. Everyone thought it would just be a phase. That I’d grow out of it like children do, but here I am now. 31 and still as obsessed. For my 30th my party theme was space.” Chloe explained as another blush creeped across her cheeks. Feeling embarrassed to be admitting to such a geeky thing.

All the brunette woman could do was listen to the way Chloe spoke with such passion in her voice and smile at the way she saw the redhead’s sparkling, bright blue eyes light up at the mention of space and astrology. It warmed Beca’s heart to see the older woman react in this way. “I think that’s really awesome.” The small woman finally commented in response. Biting down on her bottom lip slightly as she contemplated her next words. Trying to decide in her head if she should tell the older woman her slight secret about her job. “And I think you’d really love my job.” Beca chuckled softly gazing over at her date.

Wh-what is your job?” Chloe questioned with curious and innocent eyes. Gazing over at Beca across the table with a glint in her eyes. Wondering what the heck the brunette’s job could be. Unable to come up with any conclusion there and then. Her eyebrows knitting together in thought.

I’m a doctor.” Beca confessed with a small smile. Watching the frown grow across Chloe’s face. Chuckling a tiny bit at her date’s confusion. “A space doctor.” The brunette added. Eyes fixated on the redhead to see what the reaction would be from the older woman. Letting out a small laugh when she noticed the penny hadn’t dropped. “I basically go on space missions with the astronaut researchers and I’m on hand for any medical emergencies.” Beca explained further with a kind smile.

It was then that Chloe caught on to what the brunette woman was implying. And a loud gasp escaped from between her lips. A hand covering her mouth in embarrassment of the noise she made. Glancing around the room hoping nobody would be looking their way. Her eyes eventually landing back on her date. “What?!” She gasped in surprise. Her mouth hanging open in shock. Unable to actually believe she was on a date with someone whose job was to go out into space on missions. Out of all the people in the world she could’ve matched with, it was Beca. Maybe this was fate trying to pair them together.

I came back from a mission several months ago. And it was then I set up my Tinder profile again. You were the only one that grabbed my attention from the moment you popped up on the app and I had to swipe right straight away. I can be rather picky in all honesty. But you have it all for me.” Beca chuckled a little again. Amused by Chloe’s surprised response to her revelation about her job. Confessing she was truly into the redhead already. And she could sense the older woman was on the same page.

I-“ Chloe started, finding her words got stuck in the back of her throat as she tried to give a response. All she could think of was how this new reveal only helped to make Beca more attractive than she already was to the older woman. Biting down on her bottom lip, the redhead tried again to string a sentence together. “I can’t believe your job is to go into space and stuff. That’s so cool!” She beamed like a child. Eyes glistening in amazement.

The small chuckled slightly and tried to stay humble. “Yeah, it can be pretty cool. Way more exciting than a regular doctor that’s for sure.” Beca smiled and nodded. Eyes fixated on the redhead as the older woman finished her glass of wine. “Another?” The brunette offered as she picked her own empty glass up and went to reach for her date’s one. But at the same time Chloe went to pick her glass back up. And the pair’s hands brushed together slightly. Neither wanting to pull away from the slight touch.

It’s my round.” Chloe spoke up after several moments. Not wanting to kill the current vibe, but they couldn’t just sit there staring at each other for the rest of the night. “Same again?” She questioned as a kind smile grew across her lips. Eyes fixated on her date and their hands still touching on her wine glass.

Receiving a small nod of approval and a sweet smile, Chloe eventually moved the glass away so Beca’s hand let go over her own and she grabbed the brunette’s glass too. She felt a little sad to not have her date’s hand placed against her own, but the older woman got up from her seat and headed over to the bar to order another round of drinks.


As the night progressed, the pair hadn’t been keeping an eye on the time. They were far too busy invested in talking to each other. It wasn’t until the landlord at the bar they were in called out that it was closing time that Chloe and Beca were pulled out of their little bubble. They’d been so distracted with each other that they both had forgotten where they were. To them it was just the two of them in the room.

Oh wow! It’s almost 1am. Yikes. I’m sorry for keeping you this long.” Chloe apologised as she pulled her phone out her jacket pocket and checked the time. Cringing at how late it was and cursing herself for not realising. But she had been enjoying being in Beca’s company too much to have been paying attention. “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you tonight.” The redhead beamed blushing slightly.

Hey, don’t be silly. You don’t need to be sorry.” Beca reassured the older woman. Smiling warmly at the redhead. “I’ve really enjoyed tonight, Chlo and I’d love to take you out again soon. Now, how are you getting home?” She questioned curiously. Knowing that neither of them arrived in their own cars since they’d be drinking.

My friend Aubrey dropped me off. I can call her to pick us up. I’m sure she won’t mind giving you a lift home.” Chloe explained picking up her phone from her lip and scrolling her contacts for her best friend’s number. Clicking on the call button once she found the number. Holding the device up to her ear. Eyes fixated on Beca as she scrolled on her phone herself. Biting down on her lip as her mind was beginning to wonder what might’ve happened if they went back together. Shaking her head before her thoughts ran wild as Aubrey answered the call.

Chloe! Oh my, god. Is everything ok? Where are you? What’s happened? It’s 1am!” Aubrey frantically almost yelled down the phone to her best friend. Worried that something was wrong after being woken up from a phone call from the redhead. Whom she hadn’t heard from all night. Assuming maybe she hit it off with Beca and they’d gone back to her place.

Chloe giggled at the blonde’s panicked tone of voice. Placing a hand over her mouth to try and stop herself. “Everything’s fine. We lost track of time and it’s closing time at the pub. We’re still out and I was wondering if you could come and pick us up? And would you mind dropping Beca at home. Pretty please?” The redhead spoke out into the phone. Changing into her slightly begging tone of voice that she knew the older woman could never say no to when Chloe used it on her to get her best friend to agree on something.

For fucks sake, Chloe! You had me worried something had happened. I was ready to hunt this Beca down if she’d hurt you. I’ll be there in 15. You’re so annoying. It’s a good job I love you.” Aubrey answered her friend with a roll of her eyes. Groaning as she agreed to pick up the redhead and shoved some clothes on as quick as possible.

Thank you, love you!” The redhead called down the phone in a singsong-y voice, hanging up and putting her phone back in her jacket pocket and slipping it back over her shoulders. Standing up soon after and heading out of the bar with Beca to wait for Aubrey.

Once outside the two women stood round the corner from the entrance of the bar. Happily standing next to each other in silence. The redhead clutching her purse between her hands and rested in front of her stomach and Beca with her hands in the pockets of her jeans. Both enjoying the quietness after the noise from the bar music surrounding their eardrums for the past few hours.

Uh, Chloe. Can I ask you something?” Beca questioned as confidently as possible. Although there was a small hint of nerves or something in her tone of voice. Biting down on her bottom lip and plucking up the courage to ask the older woman something she’d wanted to do all night.

Yeah, anything.” Chloe nodded in agreement with a warm smile spread across her lips. Wondering what words would fall from between the brunette’s lips next. Deep down in the pit of her stomach she felt like she knew exactly what Beca’ question was going to be. And if she was honest, she wished this had happened sooner. But maybe the brunette wanted to wait for the right moment.

Beca took a moment to exhale deeply. Calming the nervousness that was slowly beginning to creep up the back of her throat. “Uh, what would you do if I asked if I could kiss you?” The small woman questioned with a hopeful look in her eye. Thinking that now seemed like a good moment to kiss the redhead. Since they were waiting to be picked up and since their night was almost over.

Chloe blushed deeply at the question. A smile spreading across her lips as she gazed into Beca’s chocolatey eyes. Biting down lightly on her bottom lip, innocently. “I’d probably have a hard time resisting the urge to pin you against the wall.” The redhead boldly stated. Her smile quickly turning into more of a smirk. Giggling a little at Beca’s response.

What if I said, I want you to pin me against the wall?” The small woman answered back. Her own smirk now across her lips. An eyebrow raised. Confessing the thought from the back of her mind. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about kissing Chloe all night. Deep down wanting to be the one to pin the redhead to the wall. But she’d settle for the older woman pinning her to the wall instead. Since she was a little bit taller than Beca, the brunette found the idea really hot.

The thing is with Chloe, the redhead doesn’t need telling twice. With one swift movement and no words uttered from her mouth, the older woman simply shoved Beca lightly backwards against the wall. She made sure it didn’t hurt the brunette and a smirk grew across her lips. Gazing down into her date’s eyes and slowly leaning in to lock lips with Beca.

It was soft, slow and gentle. Both not wanting to pull away after the first initial kiss. And both finding that each other were smiling as they pulled back slightly. Noticing that each woman’s breath had increased they soon leaned back in and locked lips once more. This time taking their time in sharing multiple kisses. Chloe’s hands were on Beca’s hips and the brunette’s arms were wrapped around the older woman’s neck. Pulling each other impossibly closer with each kiss they shared. Totally getting lost in the moment.

I had so much fun tonight, Beca. It’s felt really special spending time with you. Getting to talk to you face to face.” Chloe started to talk in a small voice once she finally managed to pull herself away from her date’s lips. “And flirt.” The redhead added with a wink. Resting their foreheads together as they paused for air. Letting out a small giggle when she felt Beca press another small kiss against her lips. Feeling her lips begin to tingle each time they were moving against the brunette’s own. Sharing a few more kisses together.

Beca cheekily slipped her tongue inside Chloe’s mouth. Smirking against their lip lock as the action caused a deep moan to crawl up the back of the redhead’s throat. Of course, all this noise did was encourage the small woman to continue. Rubbing their tongues together blissfully. Making out under the starry night sky.

Until a loud car horn sounded and bright flashing lights were aimed at them both, disturbing their little moment. Both women reluctantly pulling away. Their heads turning to face where the noise and flashes were coming from. The older woman groaning when she saw her best friend sat behind the steering wheel with an unimpressed look across her face.