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Dazed and Confused

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Beca had been working long days trying to make this track work. The artist was bad...really bad, and trying to make it sound somewhat decent was giving her a migraine. She could start to feel the throb behind her ears. When it got too much to bear, she finally stood up from her desk, stuck her head out of her office door, and asked the first person she saw for some aspirin. Chad was heading into a meeting, but he told her he had some in his desk drawer. She rummaged around finding an unlabeled bottle, and she dumped three white pills into her hand before putting the bottle back. She dry swallowed the pills before stopping in the break room to get a cup of coffee. Beca promptly returned to her work space. She just stared at the knobs and dials already dreading hitting replay on the shitty song she still had so much work to do on.

After about thirty more minutes of working on the track, her vision started to swirl and lights started to trail, so she leaned back in her chair, and closed her eyes. Her body felt heavy. Kaleidoscopes danced behind her eyelids. She felt like she was drifting away, so she gripped the arms of her chair. After what felt like an eternity, the light show stopped, and once she felt grounded she opened her eyes to find herself in her living room sitting with Chloe, Aubrey, and Stacie all squeezed in on the couch together. One of her hands was gripping the couch arm, and the other was tightly holding onto Chloe’s leg. 

She shook her head, “Woah.” What the fuck were in those aspirin?

"Ready to watch the movie?" Stacie asked as she pulled the menu up to be able to press play on it. 

“I love movie nights," Chloe cuddled against Beca, Stacie to her left.

“Movie night?” Beca asked dumbly. “What movie?” She shook her head again trying to decipher how she got here. 

“Lilly gave it to us and said to watch it pronto,” Aubrey shrugged.

Stacie wrapped her arm around Aubrey's shoulders as a foot rest almost magically appeared under her feet as she extended her legs. "Never go against a Lilly direction."

“Nope, I think we all learned our lesson there,” Aubrey chuckled and snuggled closer to Stacie. 

Beca sank back into the couch and kept her focus on the TV. She knew something was off, but she was already fuzzy on what that could be.

"Comfortable baby?" Chloe asked as she moved to wrap her arm around Beca's so they were snuggled close together as Stacie hit play.

“Mmmhmm,” Beca murmured and gladly cuddled closer to her wife as the stress of work faded away.

The intro to the movie started and the words "Pitch Perfect" came on screen with the sounds of former Bellas past. 

"Hey, that's me," Chloe giggled as if it wasn't odd to see herself years younger on screen.

“How did Lilly get this?” Beca asked with a scrunched up brow. 

“Who knows how Lilly acquires what she does,” Aubrey explained, like that answered how a movie was playing about them.

Stacie ran her fingers over Aubrey's shoulder as she watched junior year Aubrey Posen on stage. "You look so cute in that old uniform," she whispered into her wife's ear.

Aubrey shivered at Stacie’s touch. “I might still have it somewhere,” she winked. Stacie grinned as she turned back to the television. She really needed to see Aubrey back in that skirt to get her out of it. 

"We were really that young once?" Chloe asked Aubrey with a laugh.

“We are still young,” Aubrey pouted. Her thirtieth birthday looming in the near future.

Chloe's eyes went wide at what she saw next. "Wait. That's wrong. You didn't puke like that. I mean no human could puke like that."

Aubrey looked totally appalled. “As if I would ever—“ letting her words trail off as her attention turned back to the screen.

Beca was laughing maniacally. “Damn, Posen!”

Stacie looked in horror as this past version of her wife vomited over the judges. "Jesus, didn't you like break a leg or an arm or something? Right? That's what you told us?" She asked as she looked away.

Aubrey rolled her eyes, “I turned wrong and broke my ankle.”

“I’m sticking with puking your guts up,” Beca laughed some more.

Chloe slapped Beca's arm playfully. "She took down Alice though. Which was kind of amazing."

“Oh, please tell me she broke something too?” Beca asked. “From what I’ve heard she totally deserved it.”

"Sadly, she did not," Chloe sighed. 

Stacie kissed Aubrey's cheek, wanting to comfort her wife. "Oh look, it's baby Beca Mitchell," she pointed to the screen.

“But look at my tits! They look fabulous! ” Beca exclaimed. “Oh, but ungh, Jesse—gross—-he was so creepy that first year.”

"And second, and third and forth," Stacie commented. "You have great tits, Becs. I've said that for years."

"They are even better in hand," Chloe giggled.

Beca blushed at the responses, but her facial expression slowly turned to a scowl as she watched Jesse sing to her. “Man, he wishes he was cool enough to listen to Foreigner. Pretty sure he sang Bieber to me the first time he tried to serenade me,” Beca ended on a gag.

Chloe wrinkled her nose as she watched Jesse try to flirt with Beca. "Well, at least you didn't date him or something. That would have been terrible."

“He tried so hard, but ew gross, how someone looks at me and doesn’t automatically know I’m gay is beyond me,” Beca said, before kissing Chloe on her cheek.

"So gay," Stacie agreed as she watched the movie. 

"Did you and your dad really have a heart to heart like this? Warren doesn't strike me as a guy who would offer to let you drop out of college like this," Chloe commented as she watched Beca and her father in law on screen.

“Negative. It was more along the lines of ‘if you move across the country to be a DJ, I’ll disown you’ sort of talk,” Beca scoffed.

"That sounds about right," Chloe rubbed over Beca's forearm. "He never understood just how amazing you are at creating."

“Yeah, now look at me! Turning these shitty artists into less shitty artists will really show my old man,” Beca scoffed again.

Chloe pressed her lips to Beca's ear. "You are one of the most talented people in music. You are beautiful and gifted, and I love you so much." 

Stacie grinned as she saw Chloe and Aubrey come on screen. "Look baby, it's you all repressed and uptight before we started dating."

“I love you too, babe, just a couple of rough days at work.”

“You’re going to see Chloe and Beca eye fuck each other the entire time,” Aubrey muttered. “I was trying to find new Bellas and I think Chloe was focused on finding more ass.”

Stacie laughed as she remembered the serious eye fucking she did to Aubrey the first time they met. "Thank God your sense of style has grown past pink though."

"I was looking for someone with great boobs and a nice ass who could sing," Chloe grinned as she stuck her tongue out at Aubrey.

Aubrey rolled her eyes and focused back on the screen. 

“And look, you found me. I’m super impressed with my boobs. Do they always look that good?” Beca smirked.

"Yes," Chloe and Stacie said at the same time. 

Chloe got a warm smile on her face as she watched her and Beca interact. "I don't remember Aubrey and you being so combative. I mean you two always like to give each other shit, but not that much."

“See, I do remember being combative that first year, and I especially remember being called a bitch,” Beca responded. 

“You shouldn’t have been such a bitch,” Aubrey responded calmly.

Stacie snorted. "God, I love it when you are a little bit of an asshole. It's hot as hell on you, Posen," she whispered into her wife's ear, her hand slipping to Aubrey's thigh.

Aubrey smiled at her wife and subtlety moved Stacie’s hand closer to her knee, “Glad you think so, babe.”

"Look babe, you're semi flirting with Jessie again," Chloe said with a slight monotone. "Whoever thought this movie was a good idea has no gaydar."

“Once again, never fucking happened,” Beca responded, gritting her teeth. What kind of movie is this? “Like for real, how did Lilly even get this?” Beca exasperated, not expecting an answer.

"Oh," Chloe laughed as she watched what was about to happen. "Oh I remember the shower you and I took together. Oh this should be interesting." 

"And I thought Bree and I were the only two Bellas that had semi public sex my freshman year," Stacie snorted.

“We didn’t have sex yet,” Beca laughed. “But I’m not surprised at you two—wait...Chloe who were you in the shower with before you jumped into mine? Did that really happen!?”

Chloe looked a little horrified. "No one. Not that time. The week before I was with Tom but he and I broke up before the activities fair. He wasn't worth my time anymore."

“How many people have you showered with, Chlo?” Aubrey asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“I second that question,” Beca said with a stare stuck on her wife.

"Um," Chloe gave Beca one of her bright smiles. "You're my favorite shower buddy?" She tried, hoping this would get her out of the dog house.

“Really? You go finish your shower with the shower boy like you didn’t just kind of creepily assault me! This movie is stupid,” Beca pouted.

"What happened for real?" Stacie had to know what happened if the creepy shower guy wasn't there. "Because it seems like you two did shower together but Chloe was less aggressive?"

“Chloe did follow me into my shower, and made me sing, but she did allow me to cover up, and I don’t feel like our eye contact was so...intense, and it’s not nearly as creepy as it all sounds,” Beca tried to explain. She couldn’t quite find the words, but she knew the moment Chloe pulled back the curtain that her life would change forever.

"I also had my robe on. Though it was way more see through than the blue one Beca had on in the movie," Chloe explained as she turned to look at Aubrey and Stacie. "Plus I came in before the water was turned on so I thought she was still dressed."

It made Aubrey snort. “You thought someone in a shower was still dressed? Really Chloe?” 

“Even I don’t believe that part, Chlo,” Beca snickered.

Chloe smirked just a bit. "That is my story and I am sticking to it," Chloe laughed.

"Oh babe, look at you all in captain mode at auditions," Stacie grinned.

“Look at you groping yourself, dude. And what kind of vapid response was cuticle care and watching the E network?” Beca laughed.

"While I am very passionate about both cuticle care and the E! Network, I don't remember saying either," Stacie said as she handed her arm over Aubrey's arm. "And I totally eye fucked Bree hard but I didn't grab my own tits."

"Yeah, but Aubrey totes got that goofy grin on her face when you came out," Chloe smirked.

“Yeah, you look totally love struck, Posen,” Beca teased. 

“Just look at my wife! Who wouldn’t be!” Aubrey said sweetly, and leaned over to gently kiss Stacie.

Stacie lifted her hand to cup Aubrey's cheek as she deepened the kiss for just a few seconds. "You are a charmer, baby. That's why I married you, you got the Hunter on your side."

“I love you,” Aubrey said sweetly, before she exclaimed, “Oh, my god, Chlo, your face looking at Beca is kind of scary. Like you’re gonna pounce on her at any time.”

“She hood night,” Beca winked.

"I don't remember you in that rose gold top but I might have to find one and buy it for you," Stacie said as she watched herself and the other new Bellas take the oath. 

"Um Bree, I don't remember the oath being like this," Chloe looked at her best friend, confused.

“Because it 100% wasn’t even close to that. Totally not the Bella oath? Why would I care who anyone sleeps with?” Aubrey asked. 

“I definitely don’t remember so many candles or threats,” Beca admitted.

"I do miss hood night though," Chloe watched as the Bellas arrived at hood night all together. "More fun that year than when Alice would get drunk and try to make out with Bumper."

“Gross,” Aubrey replied. 

“We should be making out by now!” Beca pouted, “That’s what really happened at hood night.”

"The two of you get really close to it. But it's like they have no real desire to see you two make out. And who doesn't want to see you two make out?" Stacie asked. "Ok but Chloe, you totally do say jiggle juice."
Chloe just grinned.

“I feel like I need jiggle juice to even process this movie,” Beca said. 

“I didn’t act like that!” Aubrey said watching her TV counterpart bark orders. 

Beca laughed loudly, “Oh yes, you did!”

"One of the things I love most about you honey is how competitive and intense you are. You were hot as hell when you were General Posen," Stacie promised as she held her wife's hand. "But yeah, you were a total drill sergeant."

“I’m sorry,” Aubrey said sincerely. “I wasn’t trying to be that mean.”

Chloe and Stacie both wrapped her up between the two of them. 

"We were both stressed that year. For a lot of reasons," Chloe reassured her. 

"We forgave you a long time ago for being a hard-ass, right Beca?" Stacie looked over at the little DJ.

“Yeah, yeah, we forgave you a long time ago, Bree, and  I didn’t make it any easier on you,” Beca admitted.

"Oh God," Chloe looked on in horror as she watched the Bellas doing a horrible job at an event for one of the frats on campus. "We would have never done an event if the group was that messy."

“I would never,” Aubrey said aghast. She looked absolutely mortified at the thought of going into something so ill prepared. 

“Okay, we weren’t great back then, but definitely didn’t suck that bad,” Beca added.

"Wait," Chloe looked over at the screen. "You all knew about my nodes before this, right? I think I told you? Didn't I?"

"Yeah, we knew. You were going to suffer though the year and then get them done," Stacie nodded.

“I’m so not that bitchy!” Aubrey exclaimed after her TV counterpart gave the girls a not so uplifting pep talk.

"Why is my wife flirting with Jesse again?" Chloe groaned as Stacie started laughing.

Beca covered her face, “It DIDN'T happen,” she mumbled into her hands. “Jesse was a borderline stalker!”

Chloe rubbed her wife's back as she winced at the cheesy moments she was watching. 

"At least you and Bumper haven't made out yet," Stacie said to Aubrey with a wink.

“I would eat my Bella outfit before kissing that jackass,” Aubrey grumped and elbowed her wife playfully.

“Is it over yet?” Beca asked, her face still covered.

"Oh, the riff off!" Chloe grinned as she watched the moment change. "They were always my favorite things. We should get the Bellas together and do one ourselves."

Beca slowly peeked between her fingers to see her movie self wave and flirt with Jesse...again. “Ungh,” she groaned.

“I love Riff-offs. We totally won that year,” Aubrey said.

"Look at how nervous you are," Stacie said to Aubrey. "I don't remember you being so uptight. You were usually more confident."

“I guess puking your guts up on stage will do that to a person,” Beca giggled but stopped promptly with the glare Aubrey fixed on her.

Chloe turned her head to laugh against Beca's neck. "Be nice, Becs," she teased, holding her wife's hand again. 

"Your lip 100% does that curl thing when you're pissed off," Stacie giggled. "I get it at least once a week."

“I mean, I’ll try, but I make no promises,” Beca smiled and squeezed Chloe’s hand. 

“I’m starting to think you piss me off on purpose just to see it, Anastasia,” Aubrey whispered .

Stacie chuckled as she pressed a kiss to her wife's neck. "You're the only one who calls me that and I like it, Mrs. Conrad."

Aubrey turned her head to kiss her wife properly. “I like it when you call me Mrs. Conrad,” she smiled shyly.

Beca fake gagged on the other end of the couch.

Stacie didn't pay attention to the movie for a moment as she looked into her wife's eyes. "Love you, Bree." 

Chloe swooned a little bit before turning to Beca and seeing her pretend to gag. "Oh please. When someone calls me Mrs. Mitchell you get all heart eyes, Beca."

“Love you, Stace,” Aubrey said dreamily. 

Beca had the decency to look embarrassed at Chloe’s chiding. “I’m sorry,” she rolled her eyes and focused on herself on the screen. “Totally not how we ended the riff off,” she said to change the subject.

Chloe made a face at Beca losing them the riff off with matching the wrong word. "It is kind of hot to see you rapping tho."

Beca smirked, “Really? I might have to give you a private show later.”

"Beca, you and Jesse on your bed? I bet you bone him before the end of this movie," Stacie turned back just in time to see the two of them cuddled up.

"Oh God," Chloe hid her face.

“If me and Jesse have sex I’m going to puke MY guts up,” Beca grumbled. “Why would his dumbass make me watch the last 5 minutes of movie? Makes no sense.”

“Kimmy Jin for the save,” Aubrey laughed.

"What the hell is this set?" Chloe asked as she scrunched her eyebrows together.

“It’s the same one I broke my ankle too. No way I would reuse what Bitch Alice made,” Aubrey said.

“I totally did have a solo during that performance!” Beca pouted. “You really gonna ask Amy?” Beca asked the Aubrey sitting beside her.

"I remember you being a little overboard but you were totes not this bad. At all," Chloe looked at her best friend. 

"You were a pain in the ass to start but you calmed down once we started to do better," Stacie agreed.

“I third that comment,” Beca said. “Total pain in the ass, but definitely not that bad!”

“By this point I stopped wearing my ass as a hat! What’s the point of us watching this nonsense!?” Aubrey exclaimed.

"it's funny," Stacie pointed out, rubbing her wife's back. "Oh look, the sock puppets!"

“In any timeline, sock puppet accapella makes no sense!” Aubrey said adamantly. 

“At least they are different,” Beca said at the same time as her movie self.

Chloe laughed deeply as the Beca next to her echoed the movie Beca. "I love you in any timeline," She kissed her cheek. 

As the movie went on the Bellas managed second place, which was whatever at this point. 

"What the hell, there wasn't a fight? The Trebles were dicks but it ended in a riff off in the lobby, not a brawl," Stacie snorted.

“None of the trebles could fight their way out of wet paper bag,” Beca scoffed. 

“And I would never take up for Jesse that way. He was the one who needed to be bopped in the nose,” Beca said.

"Why do you look turned on by the fighting? Do you have kinks I don't know about?" Stacie asked Aubrey with a smirk.

“Maybe,” Aubrey winked. “Guess there is still stuff left to find out about me after all this time,” she smiled.

Chloe turned to Beca. "You didn't get arrested did you? I think I'd remember you in handcuffs. Well, outside of the ones in our bedroom."

Beca’s entire body turned into a blush, “Clean record here. It was Amy who got arrested,” she squeaked.

Stacie hid her laugh by pressing her face against Aubrey's neck. "No comment to keep me from getting slapped."

“I will slap you, Conrad, so help me,” Beca said with knitted brows and crossed arms. Face still a deep red. 

"Jesse picked you up from jail?" Chloe laughed at the idea of it. "As if he would be your one phone call? Or Bree or I wouldn't have gone to the station?"

“I would have stayed in jail before calling him! And he called my dad? What a dick,” Beca huffed

"Never call the dad," Stacie said sagely. "I wouldn't call Bree's dad if she were in jail. Though if she was in jail I would have bigger things to worry about than the general."

“Well, good thing you won’t have to worry about that,” Aubrey said primly while Beca rolled her eyes.

"Awe," Chloe swooned a little as she watched Beca come back to her room and see all the Bella's waiting for her. "Look at that babe, we all came and waited. Aubrey too."

"You do like her," Stacie teased.

“Yeah, I guess we will keep the gremlin,” Aubrey joked. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Beca teased. 

“You don’t appreciate our efforts?” Aubrey asked. 

“Your efforts? Yes. Jesse’s efforts. No.”

Stacie laughed softly as she watched the movie Aubrey take the lead and shut 
Beca down. "This is like watching evil Bree. Kinda hot."

Aubrey blushed at the comment, and leaned into her wife, “You think me being mean is hot?”

"I think you taking control is hot," Stacie corrected as she held Aubrey a bit closer. "You know how much I love when you do."

Aubrey cleared her throat as she felt her blush deepen. She hid her face in Aubrey’s neck as Beca made gagging noises at them.

Chloe rested her head against Beca's shoulder as she watched the group of Bella's sing together, feeling the way they fed off of each other. "I like this part."

“Yeah, but why does it have to be Miley Cyrus?” Beca groaned.

"Because your wife has the iPod of a 14 year old?" Stacie teased with a good natured grin.

“That she does,” Beca mumbled. “But I love her,” she said, kissing the top of Chloe's head.

"Pretty sure you dance in the kitchen with me when we make dinner and don't pick on my taste in music," Chloe rubbed over Beca's thigh as she watched the bus break down.

“Yes, but it takes a lot of restraint not to,” Beca smiled, covering Chloe’s hand with hers. 

"I really hope you like the couch," Stacie laughed at the comment from Beca. "The Trebles bus is even uglier in the movie than in real life."

“It can’t possibly smell as bad,” Aubrey chimed in. 

“You’re not gonna make me sleep on the couch are you?” Beca pouted.

Chloe just gave Beca an innocent kiss on the cheek. "Would I ever do that to you, honey?"

“I’d hope not, but just making sure,” she replied, nuzzling into Chloe’s neck.

"Oh, fuck," Stacie looked on in horror as she watched Beca go rogue during the semi final. She slowly looked over at Aubrey to watch her wife's reaction.

“Oh, my god, Hobbit, I would have killed you if you would have done that!” Aubrey grunted. 

“Hey, even I’m not that much of a dick. Besides, by then you already changed the set,” Beca shrugged.

Chloe's mouth hung open as she watched her best friend rip in to her wife. The idea that would have happened at Semi's was unthinkable. 

"I would have stopped you two from doing that. I would have gone full Chloe Beale redhead on you."

“That’s dramatic, even for me,” Beca said while pointing at the screen.

Stacie rubbed Aubrey's back, seeing the stress in her eyes. "Breathe for me babe," She kissed her temple.

“I’m trying,” Aubrey uttered. “I’m not that big of a bitch am I?” Aubrey asked the group sadly.

"No," Stacie said firmly, knowing her wife as well as anyone could. "You aren't."

"Aubrey, you are my best friend in the whole world. Why would I love you so much if you were a dick?" Chloe asked.

“You can be a pain in my ass,  especially my freshmen year, but never to that extreme,” Beca added. 

Aubrey took a deep breath, and blew it back out slowly, “Good.”

"Awe, Look Beca is trying to make up with her boyfriend. Who is being kind of a dick," Stacie said, trying to take the focus off of Aubrey so she could settle.

“Boooooooooo,” Beca jeered. “This is bullshit!”

"You are way better at making up with someone when you're wrong," Chloe said from experience.

“Thanks, babe,” Beca replied, kissing Chloe’s cheek. 

Aubrey grabbed Stacie’s hand and laced their fingers together. “I love you,” she whispered.

"And I love you," Stacie whispered back. 

"You're an amazing partner, Beca Mitchell," Chloe whispered. 

"Oh look, Chloe and Aubrey are being Becs. Who do you have $5 on?" Stacie said, trying to cut the pain of the fight they were watching.

“I got 5 on Chloe. She is freakishly strong,” Beca responded. 

“Oh, god, why more puke?” Aubrey groaned.

Stacie winced as she looked at her wife puking enough to fill a kiddy pool. "Babe, I love you but that's gross."

“I concur,” Aubrey said, turning away from the screen. 

“Damn, Posen, I think you barfed up a Buick!” Beca laughed. “If it wasn’t for the lake of puke, you two wrestling would be hot.”

Chloe held a little tighter to Beca as it showed her and her father having a heart to heart she knew they had never had before. 

"Ah, look honey, you come in and calm us all down," Chloe smiled.

“Or to put fuel on the fire,” Aubrey retorted.

“Well, you guys stopped didn’t you!?” Beca asked.

"I do have a lot of sex," Stacie laughed at her movie counterpart. "And did in college too."

“But you had three lines the whole time and it was all about sex,” Aubrey pointed out.

Stacie turned her head to look at Aubrey. "Don't forget the E! Network babe," She said in mock seriousness.

“Oh yes, that added a level of depth,” Beca snickered.

Stacie reached around Aubrey and Chloe to flick her ear. 

“Ow!” Beca said, grabbing her ear. 

Chloe laughed at it before growing quiet. "This, this happened. I remember falling in love with Beca here," Chloe whispered as they went down to the deep end of the pool.

“Awh,” Beca said, particularly sentimental and serious for her. “That’s where I fell in love with you too, baby,” Beca cooed.

"I love your voice on this mix," Stacie said to Aubrey with a grin. "You and Chloe sound great together."

“I should record you guys singing this,” Beca agreed.

"'Cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are," Chloe sang to Beca as the four of them laughed a bit. "You are though, amazing.”

“You’re the best,” Beca said.

"Ew," Stacie watched as the Trebles performed at the ICCA finals, all looking like the dude bros they could be.

"I loved when we decided to go rogue with the uniforms," Chloe smiled.

“Me too,” Beca wiggled her eyebrows.

"Look, Bree, it's us," Chloe nudged her with a grin as they prepared to watch the Bellas final set.

“Finally, something done right,” Aubrey sighed.

"I look so hot in a button up," Stacie smirked.

“Yeah, you do,” Aubrey grinned.

Chloe didn't comment on all the cuts to Jesse, just watched her wife and her friends be amazing. 

"Have I ever told you that you're my favorite singer?"

“A few times, but it’s nice to be reminded,” Beca smiled. “Your voice makes my heart skip,” she whispered into Chloe’s ear.

Chloe smiled at the way Beca could still make her tummy flip inside of her belly. "Our ending was better. Us kissing in the wings after we won."

"I wish I kissed you then," Stacie whispered to Aubrey.

“Yes, sometimes I do too, but I really wouldn’t want to change our story,” Aubrey sighed, and leaned into her wife. 

“Our ending was totally better,” Beca said, leaning in for a kiss. 

“Ungh! Really more Jesse? Jesus, make it stop!” Beca booed some more.

"Here, kiss me instead," Chloe put her hand on Beca's cheek and leaned in for a long kiss.

Beca leaned in and was suddenly jarred back to her office with Chad shaking her shoulder. “Boss, you still with us?” He asked with a nervous look. 

“What?” She asked, groggily. Her head was pounding and everything was so fucking bright. She rubbed her eyes profusely. 

“I, uh,” he grabbed his neck nervously. 

“What in the fuck was in that aspirin?” She tried to yell, but her pounding head kept the volume down. 

“You see, the thing is, you might have taken some X instead,” Chad explained, eyes fixed on his feet. “You’ve been out of it for a few hours. I uh—called your wife.” 

“Jesus!” She exclaims and thuds her head on her desk.

“It’s fucking remarkable you fell asleep on that. You okay?” He asked nervously. 

Beca raised her here and fixed a stare upon the man that made him back up, “You mean to me, I took three ecstasy tablets?” 

“You took three! Jesus, how are you lucid right now?” He asked with wide eyes. 

Chloe stood in the doorway to Beca's office with a slightly worried look on her face. "I figured if you wouldn't take any with me in Europe, you weren't going to start taking drugs in your early 30's babe," she laughed softly when she saw Beca was looking alright.

“Chad, get the fuck out of my office,” she said sternly. He darted out quickly without another word. 

“My mouth is so dry and my head hurts so bad. And I had the weirdest dream,” she whined to Chloe, while rubbing her temples. 

Chloe moved to her side and dropped a kiss on the top of her head and her favorite coffee on her desk. 

"Drink this and then I'm taking you home and putting you to bed."

“I’m not going to sleep. How can I feel tired but wired at the same time? My god this coffee tastes weird.” She looked up at her wife, a deep pout set in her face.. “Your hair is really really pretty right now. It’s kind of swirling,”

Chloe laughed as she helped Beca to her feet. "Who said anything about sleeping,” she asked innocently. “If you are rolling, I have a few things to show you,” Chloe winked. 

Beca hopped out of her chair and winced at the wooziness the sudden motion brought her. “Take me home and to bed, baby,” Beca said, wrapping her left arm around Chloe’s waist.

Chloe’s giggle made Beca’s ears vibrate, “Okay, babe, lets go.”