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It was six hours before thanksgiving dinner and Chuck Bass was surprised when he found his wife reading a book on the chaise at their private library.

He approached her with his eyebrow arched. "You're not making you're father's famous pie this year?"

"I thought you didn’t like pie anymore." Blair looked up at him and batted her lashes innocently. "You haven’t had any pie for longer than a month and a half now."

Chuck sat next to her on the little space she left. "Blair, I love eating your pie." His voice deepened. "You know how much I do."

"It feels like you've grown tired of it." She returned her attention to her book.

"Never." He says ardently.

Chuck took the book from her and tossed it on the table. He proceeded to lift his beloved's skirt up to her hips and started to remove her panties.

Panting with need, Blair positioned herself to a more comfortable position as she prepared to experience one of her husband's most appreciated talents.