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Stay with me, my blood

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"What the hell did you do?"


Tommy whipped around, eyes wide and expression frazzled as he glanced up towards Ranboo's looming form. The Hybrid was pissed, to put it blankly – already practically consumed by a swarming feeling of festering rage and incomprehensible fury.


His gaze was narrowed, lips splitting upwards into ripping cheeks, and his hands were clenching against his sides. Tommy could almost feel that hissing, biting Enderman screech brushing against his pale, pale skin, he could almost feel Ranboo's anger wrapping around his throat and squeezing.


"Ranboo," He tried, swallowing around a thick glob of saliva. (Or was that the manifestation of his guilt making a deep-set home in his throat?) "Ranboo, I didn't mean-"


He hadn't meant for this to happen, had he? It had been an accident, a tiny mistake on his part that should never have occurred in the first place. Tommy had just been a little too hasty, a little too anxious to get the deed done, a little too ambitious with his plans and ideas.


Tommy hadn't wanted it to go this far.


Not to the point of... his... revival.


"Oh, you didn't mean to bring back your dead brother, then? The same brother who had gone completely and totally insane? The same brother who had quite literally blown up a large chunk of the nation!? The same brother who-"


Ranboo's voice was rising, and Tommy found himself flinching backwards.




No, he hadn't. Not at all. Why wasn't- why...




"By XD, Tommy," Dark, clawed hands lifted up into two-toned strands of hair, gripping desperately at them and pulling, almost as if to relieve some of the bubbling rivers of hot anger coursing through the Hybrid. "I can't believe you'd be so... so reckless. So stupid.”


Their eyes met.


"It wasn't even like it was an incredibly hard job to complete. All you had to do was follow Ghostbur into the prison, make sure you remembered to take your potions when needed, and then strike a damn axe through Dream's skull! And yet... and yet you still managed to screw it up, didn't you?"


"You still managed to screw up everything."


"I mean, I'm beginning to see why so many people hate you, Tommy. It's like... all you can do is ruin things. Everything you touch, everything you plan, everything you do – it all seems to go to Hell immediately after, and..."


"And I'm getting, quite frankly, sick of it. I'm sick of being stuck here around you, watching as you do these reckless, terrible things, throwing your life away and acting so uncaring about it! And- and then you're constantly bringing other people into it, too! Like me, like Tubbo, like Jack- all of us, being used for your own personal gain!"


"It's like you just view us as pawns on your chessboard! People you can use, steal from, rely on, only to throw it back in our faces when we're suddenly not needed anymore. Don't you get sick of it? Being such a vile, horrible person?”


"Don't you get sick of being so... wrong?"


Ranboo's gaze was steady, perhaps for the first time ever in his life, and instead, Tommy's was the one wavering – watering and drifting to the side. Out of guilt or out of displeasure, who knows.


"You're faulty. You're a faulty human being- or... are you even a human anymore, Tommy? It doesn't feel like it. You look like a shell of yourself. A cracked and broken shell that's... that's honestly not needed. This server..."


Ranboo gestured around, around at the tattered ruins of L'Manburg; around at the blocks of glass placed over a gaping carter; around at the sight of destruction and agony.


Tommy inhaled sharply.


It really had been his fault, hadn't it?


"This server would be better off without you. Hell, I'd be better off without you, and I know that my family would too. So just, just... stay away from us, Tommy. Stay away from all of us. Don't-" Ranboo sighed. "Don't bother speaking to us again. Not until you've... changed. And for the better."


"I just don't want somebody so... ruined... tainting my family anymore. I don't want somebody who acts like the victim, somebody who hurts everyone he's around and somebody who seems to, so selfishly, care only for himself."


Ranboo's hand gripped onto Tubbo's shoulder.


"And stay away from my husband especially, alright? You don't- you don't deserve him. Or the friendship, or any part of his life. You're... just stay away, okay, Tommy? Leave us alone."




Hold on.


No. No. No.




Tommy's eyes snapped down towards Tubbo then, desperately trying to catch the Ram Hybrid's attention, but the brunette refused. He stayed clinging onto Ranboo's arm, shivering slightly where he stood and not... not doing anything.


He didn't once butt in with a defensive comment; he didn't once try to stop Ranboo's rage-tinged tangent; he didn't once try to protect his... his best friend. He didn't do anything to help Tommy. Not a single thing.




And, oh.


Because, because if even Tubbo thought that – if even Tubbo believed what his husband was saying then, then it must be true, mustn't it? Tommy really was a monster.


He was a monster.


And that monster could only watch as the two husbands retreated away from the destruction, clinging to one another with achingly familiar grips as they left.


As they left Tommy behind, and he was alone.












He was-


"Oh, darling."


A soft, melodic voice drifted amongst the curling wind, the tone light and just a hint mocking. Tommy felt shivers run down his spine, a fear tingling across his skin – so strong that it left his legs shaking and his eyes widening almost impossibly wide.


Large, calloused hands gently clasped at his face, cupping his sunken cheeks with such a gentle touch that Tommy almost leant into. Almost.


"Darling," The voice repeated slowly, careful thumbs rubbing over Tommy's delicately defined cheekbones and smoothing over his horribly marred facial features. "What'd they do to you?"


Please no.


"You left."


Wilbur chuckled, that deep and robust sound that was unfortunately familiar, unfortunately warm.


"And now I'm here again, aren't I?"


Wilbur was meant to be gone. He was meant to be running off into the distance with his new plans and ideas for the server; with his profound love for his 'hero' Dream, he was meant to be away and not hearing what had just gone down.


So why was he back?




Cracked lips stretched into a broad smile, a grin so large and formidable that Tommy almost felt as if he was back within the deep confines of Pogtopia, watching through a glazed vision as an older brother descended into crazed madness.


"I couldn't leave my little buttercup behind, now could I?"


Tommy's heart fluttered, but his stomach lurched with violent waves of nausea.


He's manipulating you.


He loves you.


He's using you.


He’s your brother.






The tall, beaming man stepped back then, holding out a bandaged hand with such gentleness that Tommy already felt compelled to give in to whatever Wilbur asked of him.




"Come with me, Tommy."




"Come with me," He repeated, ever so easily and ever so smooth. "Together. Me and you. Hand in hand. Just like old times, right?"


Like old times.


Like the Drug Van, like L'Manburg, like Pogtopia, like...


He couldn't. Could he?


"I can't, I have- I have..." What did he have? Who did he have? "Ranboo and Tubbo-"


"Hate you. They hate you, Tommy, didn't you hear? They hate you. They want you dead and gone and off in exile again where you'll never be a bother to a single soul."




"But I don't. I want you by my side forever, Tommy. We're... We're brothers, aren't we?"


Tommy should say no. He should shake his head; he should kick at the ground and turn to run away. He should plead for forgiveness from Ranboo and Tubbo, apologise for the mistakes he's made, try to make amends with those he's wronged.


He should turn away from his deranged older brother and move on with his life – try to heal somewhere safe and secure and free.




But Tommy is a weak, weak man.


"We are."


His hand brushed forwards, carefully landing in Wilbur's awaiting palm, and the brunette grinned – all teeth and stretched lips.


"Good choice, sweetheart! Now let's get started, shall we? I have a lot planned for this server; I do, you see-"


Tommy just nodded, letting Wilbur ramble and spew his thoughts out as much as he wanted to. Tommy wouldn't interrupt, not now.


See, if Ranboo hated him, if Tubbo hated him, if- if anyone else did, that was fine.


Because he had Wilbur now.


He had...


He had family.