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God Bless the Broken Road that Led me Straight to you

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Okay so once again I am not good at writing with Grammar I do a lot of run on sentences I always have, so I am not even gonna try to attempt to actually write unless you think I should but I prefer for someone else's to use there skills if they decide to but Ima try my best to give you guys a lengthy idea and let your imaginations take over.

Buck didn't run he didn't he still talks to Steve and Hondo he doesn't think he could ever not their his brother always and he love Danno and his little Grace and Charlie they have made Steve so happy they saved him and Hondo well he has his Darryl now they both have there teams who like the 118 became Family . He has met them all he knows that if had wanted during the whole lawsuit incident he could of gone to either of them but the truth is it hurt because he loves them and he never wants them not be in his life when ever he is with him he is happy up until the point he isn't because he remember he remembers that isn't just suppose ti be the three of them their were suppose to be six there was suppose to be someone with him always....but he can't he doesn't want to remember because the pain won't stop if he feels it again and he had buried it so deep inside he is happy ...he is he has his sister back and he has the 118 but mostly he has Eddie and Chris ....when he is with them he feels like he is home .....Eddie his best friend .....his best friend he know he feels more that he he can't he promised never again the only man he will ever love is gone and he won't betray him ....he won't but like always his big brothers come to make sure that he gets the happiness he de deserves the happiness he won't ever let himself truly feel

          (Okay so that was how I feel that but feels and is going through in my head I felt the need to put that in there but now I really would write the whole idea at the bottom of this......also timeline is all over the place also this Is gonna be explaind weirdly  )




Okay so in my mind Buck joined the seals when he was 17 his parents signing something thinking he wouldn't last he graduated school a year early and decided he wasn't going to college so they didn't care what he did he met Steve who immediately saw his talent and wanted to on his team there he met Hondo, Freddie ( Steves friend who died ) his best Friend Lana and Jace the person who stole his heart who became the love of his life his soul mate in my head buck joins the 118 when he is 26 2 year older if I remember right that means he was in the navy 7 years because he quits when Jace dies two years before joining the 118 so he would have been 24 when Jace died they Got together a year after meeting so buck was 18 and Jace 20 they were the Youngest on the team the other three were older Jace asked buck to  marry him after two years of dating they got married soon after not wanting to wait so they were married 3 years before they died if I got my math right so after losing Jace buck stays with Steve in Hawaii for awhile when the first anniversary of his death was getting closer and he dint want to cope so decide to travel sleetping around , drinking but when he goes to L.A to visit hondo he remained ds him of a talk they all had one night when they all said what they would do after leaving the seals and his best friend Lana mentioned Firefighting that she would wanna do the saving after doing the fighting so he decided to for her so he did all his sleeping around with women was his way to cope but he hadn't been with a man since Jace he couldn't and wouldnt he was his one and only with all the women he slept with he was honest he couldn't do relationships but when he met abby she helped him feel agin in my idea he loves her but wasn't in love with her he still wouldnt let him self love so he wasnt to upset when she left he understood that she had too and the she knew he would would never truly lover her but when he meets Eddie well falling in love with him wasnt suppose to happen it can't happen he is his best friend and that only he won't let him self feel more but Steve and Hondo know how he feels for Eddie after hearing him talk about him so they decided to visit so they could get him to move forward that he was allowed to love a other man so he could have the breakdown buck hasnt let him self  because he has been pushing all those emotions down since Jaces funeral so when they vist buck is happy to see them and introduce him to his other family they all get along great but when buck asked wy they cam they tell him he knows why that when he remember that in a week is when he lost Jace but he pretends he doesnt but every one notices his fake smile he hasnt told anyone about his past he couldn't bring himself too at first became he didn't want to he wanted to pretend it didn't happen but also because I feel he would have opened up after two years of being on the team then meeting Eddie but after the lawsuit a part of him didn't trust them him with that part of his heat sp after meetig they all meet up more the day before the day the 118 decided ro have a cookout and invite Steve, Danno and Hondo they decide to do it at bucks who bought a house a big one (he was thinking about Eddie and Chris) he says because he was tired of his aparment and also thought that Albert loved it anyway the kids are playing when they find a box of picture and videos and DVDs they decide tp play one thinking it would be funny and buck won't get mad because well he always let them get away with things and where curious so decide to play to downstairs on the big tv in the living room where everyone is chilling in the kitchen nearby when they do buck decides to take them snacks thinking their watching a movie but then he stops when he hears something familiar Jaces sining he drops the bowl he I holding and it shatters the adult rush towards them in concern but they just see him staring at the tv with tears streaming down his face Albert goes to turn it off thiking it would help but buck screams at him "NO DONT YOU DARE TURN IT OFF DONT YOU DARE" pushing him up to the wall Steve and condo have to get him to let go buck pushes out of there grip and just goes towards the TV and rest his head against it imagining jace was actually there when he looks down on the tv stand he sees the box with all the pictures and just collapses he started crying and screaming all the pain he has pushed down for the last five year comes out while listening to the voice of the man he loved ..still loves singing to him in that video singing him the song that he uses to propose to him and he he in his hand he holding there wedding bands and dog tags he alwasy he keeps on him but hides he cries and cries when Steve and Hondo go to hold him while the 118 just watches confused but heartbroken seeing there precious buck breaking and they don't know what to do.






The song I feel is playing is God Bless the broken road I have always loved the song and this cover


honestly this is as far as my brain could go I do want buck to finally talk about it and admit to Eddie that he loved him but he is scared to let Jace go that the moment he let him self feel and move on truly move on is the moment he admits that it all real that the truth is everyday he wakes up he just want it to be all a dream and that knew that it Jace would want him be happy he told him so before he died but he just didn't want to let go 

he also tells them on the first time they kissed and knew that truly loved each other Jace and him where in the kitchen while they were on leave the team all stayed together near base in house when they weren't off on missions they were washing the dishes when Jace just suddenly wrapped his arms around him and just held him when buck turned around to stare at him he just saw love in his eyes Jace said three words "I love you" and kissed him then a Flash went off Lana was in the kitchen in of the corner on her phone so when she saw them kiss She decided to capture there first kiss later buck would ask Jace while laying in his arms why then he thought Jace was planning something he knows because Steve spilled the secret that Jace was all nervous asking him , Honda and Freddie advice on how to ask him out when they were out one night unwinding and saw two guys hitting on him and Lana and he just told him because he when he saw him standing there just doing the dishes while humming he just knew in that moment that he  was so in love with him and that he would love him his whole life he knew he liked him and was falling in love with him but that's when he knew he really love him and always had and he just wanted to hold him so he did and he saw bucks face just had to kiss him so he did buck love that man so much and leans up to kiss him and when he did it he felt like he was home 







so like I said that's all I can think of someone pls help and decide to write this if u want also sorry for it being all over the place