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30 Days of Death Note Smut

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Mello sighed as he felt Matt roll over for what felt like the millionth time.

How was he supposed to sleep when Matt couldn't stay still?

On top of that, Matt brushed against Mello's side every time he tossed, making Mello shiver with each touch.

It was Matt's fault that they had to sleep in the same bed, so why did Mello have to be the one suffering from insomnia?

How the hell did Matt manage to break his bed anyway? It seemed like it had just snapped in half, what the hell was he even doing on it that it broke like that.

Mello felt Matt turn again to face him. He could feel Matt's warm breath on his neck. It made all the hair on Mello's neck stand up as a tingle ran down his spine.

Mello shut his eyes tight, pretending as if he alone in the bed. He just had to make it through the night.

"Mello, are you awake?" Matt asked softly.

Mello had thought that Matt was asleep. He rolled over to face the other boy.

"Yeah." He whispered back. He didn't want to wake the others in the room so he kept his voice low.

"I'm having trouble sleeping." Matt whispered.

Mello snorted, "What do you want me to do about it?" He asked.

Matt shrugged in the darkness, "Well, you're still awake too."

"Yeah, because you can't keep still." Mello retorted. "Why are you moving so much?"

Matt shrugged again and there was silence.

"I kinda like being near somebody." Matt admitted quietly.

Mello paused, taking in what Matt said. It was true, at the orphanage you don't exactly get cuddled or touched very often. Maybe that was why Mello couldn't sleep.

"Yeah." Mello replied.


"We could, um, cuddle if you want." Mello said quietly.

Matt took him up on that offer. Reaching over, he pulled Mello closer to him so that their chests were touching. Matt reached around him with gentle arms, cupping Mello's back. Mello let himself relax into the touch, nuzzling into Matt's neck.

Matt began to breathe heavy, awkwardly scooting his lower half away from Mello. Not satisfied with this, Mello tried to follow the warmth, only to press against Matt's erection.

Mello could feel Matt's face go hot.

"I'm sorry-" Matt tried to pull away, but Mello didn't let him. Instead, he pulled Matt closer, grinding his own hips onto Matt's. Mello felt himself grow hard.

Matt's hesitancy quickly melted away as Mello rubbed his erection against Matt's. He reached a hand up to Mello's chin, lifting it up so that they could press their lips together.

It was a slow kiss at first, as if both boys were nervous that the other would pull away, but it quickly became heated. Matt's lips were so soft and Mello enjoyed the feeling as Matt pushed his tongue into his mouth.

They made out for a while, but Mello quickly grew frustrated. His erection strained through his pajama pants, desperate for any kind of stimulation.

Mello reached a hand down, at first just palming himself through his pants. His dick leaked excitedly with precum.

Matt followed suit, reaching down to his own dick. However, he went under his waistband.

Mello did the same, reaching into his boxers. He grabbed at his dick, just like he usually did when he took showers. He began to slowly stroke at his dick. He could tell Matt was doing the same, his hand clearly moving in his tented pants.

They kissed more intensely as they masturbated, making sure to keep silent for fear that someone else would hear. Matt deviated from the kiss, instead leaning down to suck hickies on Mello's neck. Gently, he sunk his teeth in, leaving noticeable bite marks.

Then Mello felt Matt's hand reach into his pants, at first helping him stroke himself and then pulling his dick from his boxers. Mello felt Matt press their dicks together, using one hand to stroke them both as they rubbed together.

Mello had to bite back a moan and he shoved his face into Matt's chest, letting the sensation of Matt's hand make him feel good.

Mello felt the pressure build in his abdomen as he came first. He let out a few loud pants as he splattered cum onto Matt's stomach.

This must have sent Matt over the edge, because as soon as Mello was finished Matt came as well, sending white ropes all over Mello.

Matt continued to gently rub their dicks together as they softened. Matt even gave small kisses to the top of Mello's head. Mello shut his eyes, letting himself hug Matt. He felt pleasure all over.

Matt pulled away and crawled down to the end of the bed. Mello raised his head, curious as to what the boy was doing. Then, Matt leaned down and began licking the cum off of Mello's stomach. He made eye contact with Mello as he cleaned around the boy's shaft.

"What are you doing?" Mello whispered.

"Gotta get clean somehow." Matt grinned, finishing off the last of the cum. "What, are you gonna make me clean this off myself?" Matt asked, gesturing to the cum on his lower half.

Mello shook his head, moving to go down on Matt. At first he gave a small lick.

It actually didn't taste that bad. Salty, even.

Mello licked all up Matt's stomach. He even found himself enjoying the taste of the cum. When he was finished he gave Matt's dick a small kiss.

Matt laughed, "You're funny."

Mello shrugged and Matt tucked himself back into his pajama pants. For a second it almost seemed awkward as the realized what they had done.

"Well, uh," Mello fiddled with the blanket.

"Want to cuddle?" Matt smiled.

The two boys curled up in the bed, Matt spooning Mello. This time Matt's breath on Mello's neck didn't feel annoying, but instead felt comforting.

This time Mello didn't have any trouble falling asleep.