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'Where we begin, does not define who we are, who we will become. Before you, I see a path, built by friendship and family, love and loss, war and bloodshed. You were sent by Gods to protect this world, so act like it. As you write your story, remember: that fate will always journey with you.', he thought about those words as he sat at the edge of a highway bridge, on the railing. His feet dangled next to the railing as he waited. All you could see was his brown eyes and his olive skin tone. His face - from his mouth to the bridge of his nose - was covered by a metallic face mask, which looked like it would hurt if you punched it. The rest of his head and torso was covered by a black hoodie, which didn't have any design or logo on it. His pants were just plain black joggers and his shoes were actually black boots that reached up to his shins with lots of laces on it.

You could see the muscle coming out of his hoodie, it wasn't a crazy amount but enough to see it. The lower part of both of his arms were covered in a silver colored bracer, it wasn't made out of metal but instead leather but on his left bracer, you could see a sharp and clean blade on the inside arm. The masked figure closed his left hand firmly and the blade shot out, he let go a bit of his arm before closing it firmly again, then the blade disappeared back into the bracer, his right bracer did a different job but that was for later because he heard a noise in his ear, it was the earpiece. "Okay... Miguel, they will be here in a minute, so start getting ready." A voice said, it was Demetri giving him a heads-up,

"Yeah, okay..." Miguel responded before listening to the conversation Demetri and Eli were having, "His code name is Alpha!" Eli exclaimed. "Well he hasn't complained yet and that's when we're in public, Eli!" Demetri argued back, "It's Hawk, no matter what." Hawk growled. Miguel let out a chuckle, they were brothers... they all were and sometimes they did argue but it can't always go perfectly, however, at the end of the day they were always friends. "I swear if you don't shut up, your new nickname will be... science nerd." Hawk says, obviously proud.

"Come on Hawk, you couldn't think of a better one." Miguel challenged, now it was Demetri's turn, "Exactly what Miguel... I mean Alpha said, Vulture." Demetri insults, getting a shocked laugh from Miguel, "You son of a b--" Hawk was cut off by Demetri,

"They're coming now!" Demetri warned. Miguel didn't say anything just waited. An eagle let out a warning shriek, Miguel looked up at the bird, "Thank you Hunter for the heads-up." Miguel said to his bird, yes it was his... he had trained it and lived with it for 7 years but it knew how to fend and survive for itself. He heard multiple engines and seconds later, one black SUV came into his view and some more did. Miguel let out a sigh, before standing up and back flipping off the bridge and down to the SUV's. Hunter let out an echoing screech as Miguel fell down to the road, he landed on one SUV, the one right on the back and landed on his feet with a thud. Miguel crouched down, grabbing the edge of one side of the car before jumping out a bit, and feet first, he smashed through the back car window. He sat right in the middle,

"Hi, nice to meet you all!" Miguel exclaimed sarcastically as they all looked at him in shock. After a second, they tried pulling out their weapons but somehow, in the small cramp place, Miguel disarmed them and knocked them out. With hit to the head with a pistol, Miguel took out another on, now it was just him and the driver. The driver tried to shoot him but his arm was broken right as he aimed the gun at Miguel. He had slammed down on the acceleration and slammed into another car, shooting Miguel forwards and right out the windshield. It felt like slow-motion as he fell out, Miguel was upside down so he slammed his hands down, doing a front handspring, on to the front of the SUV to boost him up a bit, just to land on another SUV's roof. 

Miguel looked behind him, the other two cars crashed and blew up somehow, technically it wasn't his fault. He pulled a dagger out of his left boot and then another one out of his right boot. He was now wielding two daggers, Miguel stabbed one into the right side of the car before jumping off, holding on to the dagger. With the other dagger in hand, Miguel stabbed it right into the wheel and immediately pulled it out, he jumped back onto the roof and ribbed the other dagger out too. The SUV skidded and was driving straight into the other SUV next to them. Miguel took a little wobbly run up before jumping and doing a front flip to slowly descend straight into the back of the car, so with quick thinking, Miguel slammed his daggers into the boot of the car. While the top part of his body was doing fine, his legs weren't as they were scraping across the road's floor and it wasn't very pleasant. Miguel groaned in pain as he pulled himself up, but now the people in the SUV's had noticed Miguel and stopped their cars, in an instants, making Miguel slam his face into the boot. If it wasn't for his protective metallic mask, his nose would probably be broken. Miguel leapt onto the road as the cars have stopped, pulling the daggers out with him. He was quickly able to cut one man's arm, dropping his gun before knocking him out. The driver was slammed into the car door. The other two were accidentally shot by the others as they aimed for Miguel. He used the car for cover as he thought of a plan.

He pulled out his guns, which had a golden eagle engraved on both sides of the pistols. There was six bullets in both, giving him 12 in total, but he wasn't sure how many of them were left. Miguel closed his eyes and took a calm breath, when he re-opened his eyes, his sights was blue, he poked his head out and checked for heat temperatures, he found 18 of them shaped like humans and they were armed. It was something called 'Eagle vision', it gave him the eyesight of an eagle and he used it when he knew he couldn't put Hunter in danger or if he wasn't available or if there were any emergencies that made Hunter unavailable, for example being in a cave or if Hunter didn't know where he was. If Hunter couldn't find Miguel after an hour, he would wait at their base for Miguel.

Miguel closed his eyes and shook his head a few times, his eyes opened as his eyesight was normal again, Miguel pulled his guns up to him, he had to try his best not to kill anyone and leave the police to finish it off by arresting them. Miguel knew how to make someone fall unconscious or temporarily paralyze them with pressure points or just injure them, he usually went for the third option. For the longest time, Miguel had always desired Justice, Revenge and Peace for his mother. He knew his mother was murdered but he never knew the person who payed the men to throw both him and his mother off the mountain and now that he had heard whispers and rumors, he was ready to take down a whole organization if he had to. 

Miguel took a deep breath before jumping up in the air, doing a side flip, and was able to shoot two of them in the chest. He darted between hiding spots before jumping at one guy, wrapping his legs around the guy. He tumbled on his back while Miguel landed on top of him, one punch was able to finish him off. A minute or two later and he was down on his last two bullets and 7 remained. Miguel shot up from his cover and was able to shoot one in his leg and another in his shoulder and then Miguel realizing he was out, "Shit!" Miguel cussed, he drawled back his guns to his waists and cracked his knuckles and got ready for a giant fight. There were punches, kicks, bones cracking, acrobatic and parkour shit before he was finished. Miguel was taking in deep breaths but not so obviously, there was one guy awake trying to crawl away. Miguel stormed over to him with a cold glare before picking the guy up by his collar and pulling a knife right next to this throat, "Tell me... who is your boss, who do you work for and what do they do?" Miguel demanded, very aggressively and even shaking him a few times,

"I-I-I don't know much, you'll have to ask Mr. Zakarian... he's a higher rank and will have more information about the higher ranks!" he stuttered, confusing Miguel. "Zakarian is a landlord, he doesn't even look like an agent or whatever." Miguel replies,

"Not everything is what it seems..." the man whispered fearfully. Miguel gave him a slight nod before the man became unconscious. That was when heard sirens and there was SWAT and next to them was a blacked out Land Rover. Out came a man he knew quite well but three unfamiliar girls and one other guy with him, they were all around the same age as Miguel. "Shit! It's 80's reject..." Miguel cursed under his breath. He let out a sigh before turning to them, "Swayze, how's it going?" Miguel asked, putting on an enthusiastic tone. His name Was Robby Keene and he had been looking for Miguel and his group for 3 years now, never had he had back-up. SWAT were dealing with the unconscious men to care what the six of them were doing. Miguel and Robby had met on multiple occasions but Robby had yet to catch Miguel, the two of them had that hate-friends kind of relationship.

To be fair, the two haven't seen each other in 6 months so a lot might've changed. Robby sighed, "How's it going, Alpha?" He murmured. That was the only thing cops were able to go off to find out who is behind the mask, the code name Alpha. The girls behind him gave Robby and Miguel confused looks, "Wait, Robby... you know him?" The brunette with brown eyes asked. Robby turned to the others, "Moon... I wish I knew him, cause then we would be able to catch him when he's not got all his stuff on and he knows more about me because we met 3 years ago, when I first tried to arrest him." He explained. Half-way through SWAT had already got everyone and left Miguel to the agents, as they were titled. Miguel jumped up and sat on the car's front and because he did it without warning, all five of them pulled out their pistols and aimed it at Miguel.

Miguel, however, wasn't fazed and just put his hands up to motion he surrenders. Of course, it was a lie and Miguel could easily escape jail without any of his gear, stealing was something he was amazingly good at. He could 'accidentally' bump into you and the next thing you know, all the cash and your wallet along with any valuables are gone. So stealing key cards, keys and guns were not a problem. 

"So is there a reason why he called you Swayze?" The brunette with oceanic blue eyes interrogated, with a smirk. Miguel couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. And while Robby was trying to save himself the embarrassment, Miguel didn't, "Swayze is his middle name... after the actor Patrick Swayze." Miguel answered, with that, Miguel and the brunette shared a laugh. Robby couldn't help but feel jealous, it was always serious between co-workers, relationships between co-workers were not really allowed and she was always serious and not showing interest in Robby. And here she was, laughing with a criminal. "Okay, enough!" Robby snapped, causing the two to stop laughing.

"Yes, enough!" Miguel agreed, "You haven't introduced me to your little boy band. The only one was Moon's" he said, pointing at Moon, who seemed offended by how he said her name. "By the way, it's a beautiful name and I'm sorry I said it in that tone." Miguel apologize, while giving her a compliment that made her blush. Usually when she was out with the girls, the only compliments they got were cat-callings and it was really frustrating. Miguel however was a gentleman and knew how to treat people well, especially women because that was how he was taught by his mother.

The thought about his mother sent a pang of pain to his heart, the thought and burden he has to carry, that he had survived but his mother didn't was too much, he even thought of ending it sometimes but he also knew if he did, it would make his mother disappointed in him for doing something plain stupid so he ever since he had been running and fighting to keep living.

"Fine..." He heard Robby mumble, snapping him out of his thoughts, "This is Moon, as you already know." Robby said, pointing at Moon who smiled and waved her hand. Miguel put his hand up and waved it slightly and nodded to her, "That is Yasmine..." Robby carried on, pointing to the blondie who shrugged a bit arrogantly, "Okay... then," Miguel whispered, "That is Kyler." Robby said, pointing to the male with black hair that was brushed back. Miguel nodded at Kyler, he acted arrogantly. From what he had gathered, Miguel knows Yasmine and Kyler had a rich life, being able to use daddy's credit card. He also noticed Kyler stealing a glance or two at the brunette with oceanic blue eyes that he had a laugh with a minute ago, "And this is... Sam." Robby said hesitantly. 

'Another thing to put in my list of what i know about Swayze...' Miguel thought. Both Robby and Kyler had a crush on Sam, he couldn't blame them... she was beautiful, in fact all three of the girls looked beautiful, but looks weren't everything to Miguel, she gave Miguel a slight wave and a nod, Miguel returned it. "Okay Alpha! Enough introductions your're coming with us!" Robby demanded, "Yeah, what Keene said!" Kyler agreed. The two made there was to Miguel with Moon, Yasmine and Sam right behind them. Miguel jumped off the car and pulled his arms out. Robby was confused... he was letting himself get arrested.

As he was about to put the handcuffs on Miguel, he headbutted him and kicked him straight into Kyler as they both tumbled over. Miguel was already on the move, jumping from car to car until he reached the edge of the highway, under the highway bridge was another road, he wasn't exactly sure when another vehicle was coming, that was until they all heard a eagle screech. Robby and Kyler were getting closer but all of them was temporarily distracted by Hunter's call, "Thank you Hunter!" Miguel shouted to his eagle, gratefully which gave him the full attention but as Robby was going to grab Miguel, he jumped off the bridge and landed on a truck, that without realization, helped Miguel escape as he disappeared from the agent's sight...

Everyone had questions, except Robby. He was smart, brave, bold, fast, athletic, kind and a gentlemen. He owned weapons and technology that no government had, had a secret base with two other criminals and had an eagle as a pet and companion too. The guy made girls drool over him when he went out into public without a disguise. Once again, no one knew that Miguel and Alpha were the same person apart from a few people.

Robby sighed and he took the walkie talkie and turned it on, near his mouth. "Boss, Alpha has escaped... again." Robby reported, he didn't wait for a response as he turned off the walkie talkie and got in the car, followed by the other four agents.