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Vento Innocente

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...where am i...

...why...why do i hurt...

...i...i feel warm...

"...wake up..." that... head hurts...

"...come on, wake up..." 

He slowly opened his eyes to bright light and a bright blue sky mixed with very fluffy clouds. He whined as he closed his eyes again, pain hitting his head. There was something, a hand, holding his shoulder and shaking him. He opened his eyes again to see someone right above him with a scared look on his face. The stranger moved closer and held his cheek, staring at him with two big, blue eyes, and began to say something. Wait a minute, where was this place? Why was he here? He wasn't allowed out of the house at all. The stranger just frowned as he took his hand and... and... His eyes widened as he looked at his hands. 

His very, very big hands. With very, very big fingers. 

He wiggled his fingers slowly, trying to see if these were really his. They wiggled. Breath caught in his throat, he began to look down. He tugged, very carefully, at the pink thing he wore today. It felt very scratchy on his skin and it hurt, but not as much as his head. There were blue ladybug thingies on his shirt and some golden thingies on his arms and neck? He felt a hand on his shoulder again. It was the stranger, looking at him in a really weird way. The stranger held out a hand, to which he took and nearly fell over. Wow, he was tall. Really, really tall...! It doesn't feel right. 

"Hey, uh," The stranger looks up at him. "Do you want me to take you to the hospital or something? You're bleeding badly." 

"Hos...pi...tal..." He says, chewing over the words in his mouth. He raised a hand to the aching spot in his head. He felt something gooey. 

"Hey, hey, hey," The stranger yelled, pulling his arms. "Don't do that! You're going to make the injury worse! Aw geez! It's all over your fingers!"

"S...Sorry, mister..." 

"It's okay, it's just that it looks like it hurts a lot," The stranger smiles at him. He smiled back and shyly held out his hand for the stranger. "Ah, I almost forgot! My name's Koichi. Koichi Hirose. What's your name?"

"My...My name is..." That's strange. What was his name? Oh! Wait! That's right! It was...! "My name is Haruno Shiobana!"

Koichi had to admit this day was getting more and more bizarre. 

He fully intended to track down the punk who decided that it was a good idea to steal from him, but when he finally found the guy, he was really taken aback at what he saw. He saw a guy all dressed in red hit the person he was tracking really hard with a shovel. Koichi winced as he saw the blood and used Echoes Act 3 on Red Guy over there with a little pressure to take both luggage and boy out of harm's way. Luckily, he found a bit of cover under some brush and laid the boy on the most comfortable patch of grass he found. 

He sighed. He wanted to give the boy a good tongue lashing for stealing his stuff. But after he made sure that everything was in his suitcase, the man just couldn't do it. Indeed, his main priority was to get this kid to a hospital. He shook the boy's shoulder gently and begged for him to just wake up. There was no way that he was going to get involved in the murder at any rate. Luckily for him, the boy slowly opened his eyes. Yikes! It was a nasty head wound, that's for sure. Not only that, but it seemed to affect this kid really bad and Koichi didn't know how to proceed. 

How did one react when facing someone with amnesia caused by trauma?

Of course, there was a flipside to this coin after all. He finally found this Haruno Shiobana! Though it didn't look like he was much of a threat. He wondered what he was going to say to Jotaro-san about this Haruno Shiobana, who had a nasty blow to the head and had sudden amnesia. They finally made it to the hospital wing of the airport and Koichi just looked at Haruno, who huddled in closer to him. Was he shy or scared?

"Hey, Haruno," He began, trying to keep his composure when soft green eyes looked at him quizzically. "Listen. I actually have a job to do. And I need your help. It's important!" 

"A job," Haruno repeated slowly, blinking slowly as he tried not to wince at the nurse bandaging his head. He tapped his shoes together. "Okay!" 

"Great," Koichi grinned. He fished out of his bag and got out a test tube and a Q-tip. "I need you to open your mouth for me. It's not gonna hurt, I promise!" He felt he needed to add that last bit just because. "It's going to be real quick and easy!" 

His companion tilted his head, golden curls bouncing slightly, but nodded and opened his mouth. Koichi got the cheek sample and now, all that was left was to make a call over to Jotaro-san. However, as soon as he got up, a hand stopped him followed by a very sad whine. He sighed as a pair of shining green eyes looked at him sadly. Koichi gave said boy a rueful smile followed by petting him on the head, mindful of the injury on the other boy. 

"Now, I've got to make a phone call," Koichi instructed as if he was telling a child. "You stay put here. You need rest, okay?"

Haruno nodded and saw Mr. Koichi walk away. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep. But he wasn't sleepy at all because he had questions. They just wouldn't leave him alone. The bandage (that's what they called it, right?) was feeling very weird on his head and his wound was still hurting him. Pulling his legs to his chest, he buried his face in his knees. He was scared. Mr. Koichi was nice, but he left. 

And he didn't know if the other people were nice like Mr. Koichi (or was it Mr. Hirose?) was. And he lost his memories. Most of them anyway. The one thing that he felt was some thought about helping people, no matter who it was. He hummed to himself. Helping people sounded really nice and they could help him with his memories. He looked up and a chill went down his spine as he saw two men talking to each other. One must be rich if he had to wear big gold thingies like that and the other was dressed in red.



sc͚̭͙̫̹̙̞̟̣̲͍̬̔̌̌̇̾ͬ̂ͭ̂̆͑̀ȁ͚̤͍͖̍ͤͩr̵̸͏y̤̼̝̰̼̤͕͕̮͈͎̭̲͜͠ ͤ͊m̽a̟͔̼̞̙ͪ̉̒ͨ̈́n̴,̧̻̱̘̙͖̰̺͙̤̲͕̼͈ͮ̒ͧ̀ͩ͌͊̅͑̽̌̃̊̚͟͞ͅ ̯͉̬ͪͪ́s̎̏̓ͮͩ́̓̓̅͋͊͆̊͡c҉͎͚͈͕͉͕͎ą̴̣̺̩̥͈̞̺̫̼͇͙̗̲̰̺͆ͮ̽̃́̓ͤͭͨ̔͂͗ͮ̏ͪr͉ͪ͞y̢̼̬͓̩̪͓͔̕ ̤̣̞͇͈͉͈̱͍̗͇̰ͯͤͥ̈́ͫ̊̈́̐ͣ̓̇ͦ͝s̶̢̥̣̥̤͔̮͓̣ͭ̒͑ͮͮ̽̑͊ca̱͖̙̗̘̜ͅry̨̥̭̣̘͙̬̠͚̼̦͖̪͍͓̻ ̴̹͚̻̭̘̥͟͞S̝̩̳̳̊̎̇̌C̸̡Ḁ̷̻̜̙̜̦̘̻̪̣̤̦̆̃͛̍̅̏̔ͮ͐́̒̾͘R̛̛͛̊̏̈́̀͛̀̒ͫͤ͋͌͞Y̷̳̣̲̬͓͖͒ͥ͆̾̐̚͘



Haruno's eyes widened and he got up, hoping to get away from the scary men. Whimpering a little at the sudden pain, he began to run away. He didn't dare to look back for they must have been chasing him, right? He didn't understand why he was running away from them, but the fear, the fear in his head was really strong. A sunny warm hit his face and he headed somewhere safe. Safe, safe, safe, what was that word again? It was a word that he didn't know of. No, safe was Mr. Koichi, but Mr. Koichi wasn't here and he was away and there were scary, scary, scary people... 

He stopped in front of a wall. A wall, a wall. He looked around but all he could see were grass growing and broken stuff and a smell that felt off. He bit down on his knuckles and shivered. What was going to happen now? What would he do from now on, with no memories and no future. At the thought of Mr. Koichi, tears welled up in his eyes. Oh no. He'd promised Mr. Koichi he would stay put. But now he broke that promise.

What was he to do now? What could he do now? Suddenly, there was a dark shadow over him and the feeling of a strong hand on his shoulder. 


"I finally found you." 


He screamed in fear before feeling a sharp pain hit his head. He whimpered as he held his head in pain, closing his eyes. He felt tears sting them before exhaustion hit him badly and he felt himself getting dizzy by the minutes. The last thing he clearly remembered were two blue eyes (was, was it Mr. Koichi? If it was, then he was so sorry ) before fainting in someone else's arms.

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...I...I feel strange...

...did...did I die...

"Can you hear me?" 


...sounds nice... feels...kinda nice...

"If you can hear me, wake up."

Haruno slowly opened his eyes to the bright blue sky again. Something soft was under his head and someone was gently petting his hair. He felt something quite odd, as if he'd done this before. There was someone looking down at him, someone with very blue eyes. He frowned as he tried to remember what happened to him just now. Through the fog of his mind, he remembered that he woke up and went to a hospital wing with.... with a Mister Koichi Hirose. Then, Mister Koichi Hirose told him to stay put but there were very scary men and he ran and then, that was it. There was also something else but he just couldn't remember at all. 

"Well, well, look who's awake," A deep, nice voice chuckled. "Welcome back to the world of the living, amico." 

Haruno tried to sit up, but he felt too tired. So, he just stared at the person who was looking down at him. It was a man with short black hair and a white shirt with black dots on them. There was a lot of gold on his hair, neck, and shoulders, too. Haruno frowned at that word. Gold. Gold. He knew that word. No, he could feel that word under his skin. The word was a part of him. A part of him. A part of him? That sounds very odd. The word was just a word, right? Haruno tried to sit up again and this time, he could finally do it. But not without help from the man next to him. 

"There," The man said, holding him by the arms. "My, my, that must have been a nasty blow to your head." He frowned. "Hm. It doesn't look like it was bandaged properly either. That's a shame, really." He looked at Haruno in a strange way. "Tsk. Luckily, I have something that might help."

He bent down and picked up a strange white box, which opened to a lots of things. The man brought out something soft-looking and filled with holes, large and small both. The man then began to tie the soft cotton something (bandages, that's what they're called) onto Haruno's head. The man's touch felt really nice, much like Mister Koichi Hirose. It felt as if Haruno was safe and sound. Safe. Sound. Haruno gasped in fear when the man finished bandaging his head. That's right! Mister Koichi Hirose! He was supposed to stay put, but there was a very scary man. 

"What's wrong, signorino," The other man asked. "You look as if you saw a ghost." 

"I...There was a person that told me to stay put at the wing," Haruno replied, looking guilty. He twiddled his fingers and kicked his legs. "But I... I didn't at all... I ran away..." Poor Mister Koichi. He told Haruno to wait and Haruno didn't at all. "There was a very scary man standing there..."

"A very scary man, you say," The other man blinked, but did not move. "I see. What kind of man did he look like?" 

"Well, there were two men there," Haruno replied. "The scary man was all red! The other man had gold on him! Over here," Haruno pointed to his shoulders. "And I think some on his hair..." Haruno pointed to his hair. "Come to think, he kind of looked... like... you..." Haruno gasped. "...Oh." He finally understood what was going on and it wasn't good. 

"Oh," The other man raised an eyebrow before gently laughing. "Easy now, mi amico. I won't hurt you at all. Will you give me a chance to explain at least?" He straightened up. "I am Bruno Buccellati and that man that you saw me with is known as Leaky-Eye Luca." He grimaced. "And he was the one who delivered that nasty blow to your head. He did want my help in getting even with both you and your friend. But I won't. Instead, I'm going to protect you." 

"Really, Mister Bruno," Haruno asked, eyes wide and sparkly. A big grin was on his face. "Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 

"Well, isn't that dandy.


Haruno turned around and paled. The scary man, Leaky-Eye Luca, was standing there with a huge grin on his face. There was a long stick with a gray thing that had red on it. He gasped as he felt a terrible pain in his head again. So, that's how he lost his memories. Without thinking, he hid behind Mister Bruno and shook like a leaf. His eyes shone in fear as he watched Mister Leaky-Eye Luca come closer. He closed his eyes as he hid his face in the back of Mister Bruno's shirt. He was scared, scared, scared.

"Aw, what's the matter," Haruno could hear Mister Luca's voice. "Little punk thinks that hiding behind Buccellati's gonna save him." 

"Luca, back off," Mister Bruno's voice replied coldly. A hand softly petted him on the head. "You've already injured him. Isn't that enough?"

"Like hell it is," Mister Luca yelled, causing Haruno to squeak. "This little sonofabitch thinks that he can just waltz in and not pay me tribute!" He was panting. "Tch, little punk's a coward too! Hiding behind you like a frightened cat. Come out from behind there and take it like a man!" 

"Enough, Luca," Mister Bruno yelled, making Haruno look up in wonder. "He's under my wing for the moment and I will not let you harm him at all!" The tone in his voice looked like the whole matter was final. "Is that understood? Because if it's not, we can take this up under Polpo if you want." 

"Tch, fine," Mister Luca seemed to say. "See you later, punks." 

Haruno dared to look at Mister Luca, who had his back turned to them as he walked away. He then looked up at Mister Bruno. That was so super duper cool and awesome! It was real nice of Mister Bruno, too, to do that for him when he didn't have to. Haruno let go of Mister Bruno's shirt. It was going to get dirty and Haruno didn't want that, especially for someone like Mister Bruno. Mister Bruno turned to him and gave a nice smile.

"Thank you, Mister Bruno." Haruno shyly said. 

"It's not a problem," Mister Bruno held up a hand. "But I have to wonder what you did to get on his bad side." 

"I don't know," Haruno replied. "To tell you something, Mister Bruno, the only thing that I know is my own name." 


Haruno looked up to see Mister Bruno looking scared. He tilted his head while Mister Bruno rubbed a hand over his chin and mouth. What did he say? Did he say something bad? He watched as Mister Bruno look around slowly and thought that this wasn't good. He took Mister Bruno's hand, gently as can be, and looked up at him. Mister Bruno blinked at this before giving a sigh. 

"Mister Bruno," Haruno asked. "Are you okay?" 

"...Yes, I'm fine," Mister Bruno replied, smiling again. "Here. You can hold my hand. I can only imagine that you're hungry, right?" Haruno gave a nod. "Well, I know of a nice place where you get the best food. I also want you to meet some friends. I'm sure that they'd want to meet you."

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Bruno Buccellati was a gangster, that much was true. And as a gangster, he had to be ruthless and efficient in certain areas in order to instill the necessary fear within the enemy as well as to set an example for those who were too willing to hurt the innocent. With that fact kept in mind, he didn't indulge in executing and disposing of people unless it was absolutely necessary. Furthermore, he was going to investigate a situation and come to a more peaceful solution if a fellow gangster wasn't particularly trustworthy. And Luca, in every sense of the word, was not trustworthy. 

At all. 

Leaky-Eye Luca had a habit of intimidating the local youth and lying to his superiors and Bruno thought that this situation was no exception. His day would then get complicated further when he actually saw the boy in question, Giorno Giovanna, who was seriously injured. He looked scared and bolted out of there, which was completely understandable if Bruno was being completely honest. Luckily, he had a Stand, so hiding inside of Giorno using Sticky Fingers wasn't an issue. And yes, he knew how wrong that sounded when it's taken out of context, so to reword it, he used a zipper or two to hide inside of Giorno's shirt so that he wouldn't lose track of him. 

His first impression of Giorno Giovanna, physically, was that this was a cunning, intelligent young man on the same plane as Fugo. There was an indescribable amount of smarts and charisma when taking in the file. But after talking to the boy as well as dealing with Luca, he was completely wrong. Not to say that him being wrong was a bad thing, but he was now left with many questions, namely what to do with the little amnesiac in his wing. He didn't want Giorno to join his gang, not when he had lost his memories, but Bruno's heart wouldn't let him leave the boy in Naples a lone wanderer, especially when there were many people who would be all too willing to take advantage of him. 

So, here he was, leading Giorno gently by the hand all the way to Libeccio's. For the most part, Giorno was cooperative and curious but very shy, not to mention quiet. He had to make sure that none of his teammates scared this kid further. Lord knows Luca did enough for the both of them if not for the whole of Passione's lower teams. Gentle, delighted gasps were heard when they passed by a toy shop. Hm, perhaps he should get a toy for this kid like he did with Narancia when he joined the team. 

"Um, Mister Bruno," He turned to see Giorno look at him timidly. "Will your friends like me?" 

"Hm," Bruno pursed his lips. "Well. I will make sure that they will be on their best behavior when they speak with you. Ah, here we are." 

He had a waiter watch over Haruno for a few moments before making his way to his team's table. As soon as he saw them, Bruno was thankful at Giorno not being with him now as no doubt the boy would have been petrified at the sight. Fugo and Narancia fought with each other over Math, Mista was ranting about the four slices of cake, and Abbacchio was listening to music, not paying attention to the scene playing out before him. 

"Alright, everyone," He called, grabbing their attention. "Look alive! I want all of you to be on your best behavior! I brought someone new here!" 

"A newbie," Abbacchio raised an eyebrow. "We didn't hear any news of a newbie joining the team, Bruno." The other three nodded in agreement.

"He's not a newbie," Bruno replied nonchalantly. "I don't want him involved in any mafia affairs. But he is going to stay with us for the time being so I want all of you to be nice to him. Capiche?" His eyes narrowed as he heard Mista and Narancia snickering. "I mean it! He has amnesia!"


Haruno blinked and looked around the big, fancy room. He heard something just now, but he didn't know what it was. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked back at himself in the mirror. He didn't know what his face looked like at all until now. He tilted his head, his curls bouncing a little. It was so weird to look at yourself for the very first time. His green eyes were really green. And he had two little things in his ears. And his hair was really curly and bouncy and gold. He frowned. There was that word again. It felt closer this time. And he didn't know why at all. He gave a grin. It was no time to be sad at all! He was going to meet new people! And if they were anything like Mr. Bruno, then he would be really happy!

"Ah, signorino," He turned to see Mister Bruno smile at him. "Come. You must be hungry." 

With a nod, he followed Mister Bruno to the table. He blinked as he saw four other men sit there. They looked strange, quite strange indeed! The man in the green holey suit was next to a man in black with an orange skirt. There was a man in a hat with an arrow and a long-haired man in a black suit. They didn't look nice, instead they looked mad at him and it was scary! He hid behind Mister Bruno, not wanting to see them angry. It was scary, scary, scary. He felt Mister Bruno pet his hair before peeking out. He must be brave! At Mister Bruno giving him a smile, he smiled. 

"Um," Haruno began, giving a little wave. "Hi. I'm Haruno. Haruno Shiobana. Nice to meet you." 

"Alright now," Mister Bruno laughed as he gently pushed Haruno to one of the empty seats. "Here. Why don't you have some cake, Haruno?" 

"Cake," Haruno gaped at the yummy cake slices. They were strawberries! He'd never had a strawberry! Oh, but there were only four slices. "I..." 

"Easy, Haruno," Mister Bruno said. "I need to make a phone call. In the meantime, why don't you try to get to know each other? Be nice, okay?"

Mister Bruno left, which meant that Haruno was on his own. And being on his own was spooky. He looked down at his hands, not wanting to see the angry stares. No, he had to be brave! He had to be brave for Mister Bruno and Mister Koichi! He slowly looked up and saw that the four other men were still looking at him in a mad way. He bit his lip. This wasn't going to be easy. He hoped that he didn't do anything to make them really mad at him. His tummy rumbled with hunger and he felt small water on his neck.

"Haruno," The white-haired man began. Haruno looked at him shyly. "Am I right?" When Haruno nodded, he smiled. "Let's chat."

"O-Okay!" Haruno nodded, smiling back sweetly. He was doing it! He was making friends! 

"Here," The white-haired man pushed a cup of yellow stuff to him. "Have a drink. How old are you?"

"Uh..." Haruno blinked, confused. Gosh, he didn't know. All he knew was his name and that was it. "...Eight?" 

"Eight," The man in the hat yelled, making Haruno cheep in fright. "Well, you're the buffest eight-year-old I've ever seen..." 

"Ten, then?" 

". . ." 


"Why are you asking us," The man in the green suit raised an eyebrow. "Do you...really not remember how old you are?" 

"Nuh-uh," Haruno shook his head sadly. "Sorry. All I know is my own name." 

"Well, it doesn't matter how old you are," The man in the orange skirt smiled. "I'm still older than you by a landslide, buddy boy." 

Buddies? Haruno's eyes widened with joy. They were buddies? They were really buddies? Buddy was another name for a friend, right? So they are friends now? Haruno wanted to be friends with him very much! But what would they do as friends? What would they talk about as friends? Oh no, oh gosh, oh golly! He didn't even know the mister's name! The mister's smile slipped and just stared at him. Oh no, was he being too weird? The boy looked down at the cup in shame. 

"Here, kid," He looked up to see the man in the hat push a slice of cake. "You look hungry. Want some cake?" 

"May I...?" 

"Sure, bud." 

He gently took a bite of the slice and hummed happily. Oh wow! This tasted great! He squealed happily as he took another bite. It tasted so nice and soft and yummy! It was just so great! He then looked down to see flowers down at his feet. Oh, that was odd. There were yellow flowers and purple flowers and fluffy pink flowers! They smelt so sweet, too! Haruno grinned as he tasted the strawberry! It was juicy and crunchy! He gave a smile of utter joy as he finished the cake! 

"Thank you, misters!" 

"You're, uh, welcome, kid." The man in the hat blinked before giving Haruno a smile. "I'm Mista, by the way." 

"I'm Narancia!" The man in the orange skirt smiled too, pointing at himself. "That there is Fugo." The man in the green suit. "Last but not least is Abbacchio!" The man in black. 

"Well," Haruno smiled his biggest smile. "Let's all be friends!"