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Making a Diversion

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Perhaps he was too settled into his life aboard star destroyers, assigning officers and squadrons of stormtroopers down to the planets to take care of the things that he no longer needed to dirty his hands with. There had been a time, while he was still a cadet, that he served planetside in the outer region. A handful of occasions where he kept the local population in line, or actually took them down.

He refused to say he grew soft.

He might acknowledge that his experience had slackened since then.

He wouldn’t say this was a case of inexperience.

Sadly, Kylo had been outsmarted, and as a result of his own confidence in the matter, he was equally victim to the violent protestors that had got past the local militia.

“And where are your stormtroopers now? We could do with some backup!”

Kylo, in a rare show of wisdom, kept his lightsaber under his robes, and was refraining from using the Force to physically push their way out of the crowded open-air market place. A lightsaber fight in the middle of the crowd would draw too much attention to themselves when the priority was to get to their landing pad and evacuate immediately.

“Of course, they’re only my stormtroopers when there’s a screw up,” Kylo muttered, turning right at another junction. Kylo was at least using the Force to aid their escape, making sure they were going in the correct direction. “I do believe most of them got killed or critically injured in that riot.”

Where the riot had originated, when he had been walking with the planet’s Queen and her entourage, he had thrown off his navy blue floor-length vest and lighter blue underrobe, a custom required of all foreign dignitaries meeting with the Queen. He felt underdressed in only his trim white trousers and button up, but at least he was lighter on his feet now, and not instantly recognisable.

Unless anyone took more notice of his red hair, but Kylo refused to give up his black cloak, insisting that revealing his scarred face would give them away too much.

At least they finally arrived at the spaceport, except greeted indirectly by yelling and blaster fire. By the sounds of it, and the looks of the two fallen stormtroopers being kicked at by at least half a dozen people, the protesters knew a shorter route to the space port.

“Right, forget about the stormtroopers,” Hux decided aloud, grabbing hold of Kylo’s cloak and hustling them in the direction of where the shuttle ought to be, hoping that the protestors hadn’t found it before them and made it unflyable.

Luckily each landing pad was locked with a personalized code, reset as soon as the ship and its patrons were leaving the planet. Hux was confident they would get back to their ship, and back to the Finalizer, but he hadn’t expected to see several more of the red-and-gold wearing protestors, running in their direction.

Hux didn’t stop to think; they were running blindly, probably looking for stormtroopers to kill. Maybe looking for him, expecting to find him wearing the blue-on-blue ensemble from earlier.

Hopefully they wouldn’t see his red hair.

But, more for distractions purpose, he tugged Kylo to face him, eye-to-eye, and kissed him, narrowing his eyes a bit in an act of falling into the pleasure and passion of their embrace.

From the corner of his eye, he saw one of the protesters look away, a hint of a blush on his face.

Kylo’s hands were still on his waist by the protestors were out of sight.

“Right, let’s get to our ship before anyone else comes around,” Hux said, tugging him closer to the door, punching in his code.

Back in his private quarters, he would allow himself to appreciate how soft Kylo’s lips were.