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A Singer's Ownership

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Many have been asking if Yuuji, the lead singer, had a partner. The band, consisting of Nobara (who was dating Japan's renowned martial artist Maki) and Megumi (who was dating the billionaire, and Yuuji's brother, Sukuna) just shrugged off the question.

The world came to found out that Yuuji was dating billionaire Nanami Kento when the two went out on a date. Many called Yuuji a gold digger, even though he came from a wealthy home and his brother Sukuna had a HUGE technological company.

Everyone wanted to know more, but Yuuji just smiled at the paparazzis questions and walked away. 

Yuuji made headlines again when he was seen making out with Gojo Satoru, a rich ass producer, in a restaurant. 

People's tongue began to wag and Yuuji came under fire from jobless people on the Internet.

Wanting to make a statement, the three of them decided to go on a date, with less guards and on feet.

When the paparazzi arrived, Yuuji grabbed Nanami and Gojo's shirts and brought them down to his level. He kissed Nanami deeply before he turned his attention to Gojo, who devoured his mouth with a grin. 

The three turned their attention to the cameras. Nanami still had his neutral expression on but his eyes were narrowed; Gojo had a wide grin on his lips and his beautiful blue eyes shone with amusement from the top of his designer shades; and Yuuji had a sly smirk on his lips, his amber eyes shining with mirth.

Yuuji then replied the question a paparazzi asked, which was what was really going on between the three of them.

"Simple: they are mine." Yuuji replied, his smirk stretching. 

"And he's ours~" Gojo purred out, lying his hands on Yuuji's child bearing hips. 

With a wink to the camera, Yuuji led his men away.

The Internet lost it that day and for the following weeks to come.