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Her name is Zuri Strange.

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It was a chaos. Thanos had the gauntlet but one minute later had the gauntlet Tony. The stones went at them place and Tony snapped his fingers. Thanos peoples turned to dust and Thanos too. Stephen Strange lost his control and he ran to Tony. He can’t let him die…

And this is begin Tony’s and Stephen’s story.




Stephen couldn’t look in Tony’s eyes and he avoided him. Tony lost his arm and the stones gave him the scars. Tony lay in the hospital for several moths. Everyone visited him: Peter, Harley, Morgan and Pepper too - Tony’s ex-wife. But Stephen wasn’t there… Tony wanted see him. Tony was upset. He saw everyone, Rogers, Bucky (he gave Tony big apology and cried like kid), the Falcon was there and Hank Pym and his family, too. They were all, but Strange never. Honestly… Stephen was next to him, but Tony always slept. Stephen was afraid.

Wakanda gave Tony a hand for the rescue, Shuri helped with making and she was always next to update. Shuri went to USA more often, not because Tony, but because Harley and Peter. They were teenagers who needed to have fun. They were joined by Cassie (Scott’s daughter), Need and MJ.

When Tony was home, in his Stark Tower, everyone was there. The children was with him all time and he had fun with them. Tony didn’t treat them like kids or teenagers, but he considered them little geniuses, so they had a great relationships. Morgan wasn’t here all time, but he valued his time with her. He loved every moment with her.

He was only 38 years old man, but he was devastated by life. But he valued every moment…

On the other side for he city was Stephen. He was devastated by life, too. And he blamed everything that happened. He hated himself. Kamar-Taj was his place. He didn't wanted come to New York. He dealt with dimensional threats, traveled through dimensions and controlled everything. He was (he is) the Supreme sorcerer, he had to fo it. He didn’t think he’d come back.




Now is six months later from Thanos attack. Six months later, what Tony lose his arm. Wong calls Stephen, he have to come to New York. It’s not official but Wong and Stephen joined to New Avengers. Wong and Stephen will help them, but they can’t signs the Accords, because they works is very different. And again… Wong calls Stephen, he have to come to Avengers Compound. He don’t wants but he is here. He comes with the portal. When peoples sees him, they are in the shock. They did not expect him. And next to door stands Wong and waits him.

“I’m really happy, you are here,” Wong says and Stephen is silence. He have in his face seriously mask. If he opens the mouth, he release his emotions. His heart beats so speed.

“Hello, doctor Strange,” Steven Rogers says, next to him stands pretty blonde woman. Carol Denvers. Stephen nods.

“Everyone waiting for us,” Carol says, Together walks to the meeting room. There are everyone, Rogue (Maximoff, Wilson, Romanoff and Barnes), colonel Rhodes, Thor, doctor Banner / Hulk, the King T’Challa, Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang. And here is he too. Tony Stark. When Stephen sees Tony, he feels his heart beats so speed. He thinks that he have a panic attack. But Wong nudges him and they sits on the chair. Stephen ignores that Tony is here. And he feels that someone (Tony) is watching him. He ignores Tony’s gaze.

The meeting is fine, as the other. He don’t understand, why he has to be here. He frowns all tome. The speakers are: Carol, Rogers and Hope. They tell about the Space, about the Earth and Hope tells about Quantum Realm. She and Scott will go in the Quantum Realm but it is dangerous.

“She is young women, she need our help. But this time I will go and-“

“I can help you,” Stephen stops her and Hope frowns. Nobody understand it, except Wong. “I’m Supreme Sorcerer, I can do it. I can travel through another dimensions. And now you described one dimension which I know and I have visited her.

“But how? You don’t have Pym’s suit or another suit and-“

“My magic protect me.” Stephen says is and they are in shock.

“You don’t know much power he has,” Tony laughs and Stephen turns to him. “I saw him how he made a magic tricks. He almost defeated Thanos! Guys, if Thanos had one stone less, I believe, Stephen is winner.” Tony says it with pride and Stephen wants to cry. Tony is man - Stephen destroyed him but now he said about Stephen as about a hero.

They are amazed. “It’s not true, doctor Stark.” Stephen says and Wong nudges him.

“He knows a lot. He devotes to magic for a short time than I do and and he scooped the title of Supreme sorcerer. Our last Supreme sorcerer was a woman from Celtic period. She was two thousand and more years old and she believed him. She believed him more like other sorcerers from Kamar-Taj.” Stephen is angry. Everyone looks at him and he sees Tony’s gaze - He gives him smug smile.

Stephen exhales. “We can speak about this later, Miss van Dyne?”

“We can make a video-call with my father and mother? They will very surprised!” She smiles. “I think, that is end of the meeting? Because the Quantum Realm was a last theme.” Hope stands up and Stephen too.

“Yeah, it’s all,” Carol says. “Doctor Strange, we are happy that you are here. And we expect that you will come to the next meeting.” Stephen gives her fake smile.

“I love our meetings,” he says with irony, “but I don’t know, today I have day off. All time I’m in Kamar-Taj and I teach.”

“But you can’t teach, you don't know it. You are more useful here.” Stephen gives him fake smile.

“Of curse! You know, I hate peoples-“

“And you teach children.” Stephen growls and he hears Tony’s laughter.

“Miss van Dyne, we can?” Stephen asks politely and gives her smiles.

“Yes, we can-“

“Stephen? We can speak?” Tony Stark asks him. And Stephen wants to die.

“No.” Yes.” Stephen and Hope says together.

“Just ten minutes.” Tony says and grabs Stephen’s wrist and walks with him in another meeting room. “Look,” Tony begins, “it will super-duper fast, really.” Tony exhales. “I want-“

“I’m sorry.” Stephen says.

“What?” Tony is confused and in shock.

“It’s my fault. I'm really really sorry but-“

“Oh my God,” Tony sighs.

“-but I wanted to save you. I could not otherwise. And-“

“STOP!” Tony screams. “You can listen me, please?” Stephen frowns but nods. He can’t look at his face. He wants to cry. Why!? Why he have to in love with him?” “Okay,” Tony begins, “you can look at my eyes?” He asks him. “I know, I have the scars on my face and they are not pretty and-“

“I’m sorry,” Stephen says it again. And he looks still on the floor.

“Or not,” Tony sighs. “Thank you, Stephen. I mean it honestly.” Tony says and Stephen looks slowly in his face and eyes. Toni have the scars but Stephen love it. For him is Tony beautiful. And he wants say it him. Stephen don’t understand why Tony thanks him. Stephen knows, that he destroyed his life.

“Do you thank me? Why? I ruined you life-“

“The stones ruined my life. Thanos ruined my life.” Tony fixes him.

“Doctor Stark-“

“Pleas call me Tony, or douchebag, but never don’t call me doctor Stark.” Tony says and Stephen nods. “And yes, I thank you. You saved my life. I will be rather without the arm like be dead. I can be with Morgan, Peter and kids. And this thanks to you.” Tony says it and Stephen… his heart is beating fast. He know that Tony is loving, caring and wonderful. Stephen doesn't deserve it.

“I’m so sorry.”
“Stephen, please,” Tony looks to his face. His beautiful brown eyes. Stephen loves them. “Please, you don't avoid me. I want be your friend.”


“YES!” Tony smiles. His smile… Stephen is definitely dead. “You saved my life! No one ever did it, okay maybe Banner. He caught me when I fell, you know New York.” Stephen nods. “I want be friends and Peter still told about you. When he was in your scary home you weren’t home and-“ Stephen sees like Tony talks, as his lips move. He wants kisses him.

“What?” Stephen asks him. Stephen did not hear what he told.

“On Saturday I take care of Morgan and Peter and Harleywill come. We will have a movies night. Will come you?” Tony asks him. Tony’s eyes shines like stars. “Peter really want see you and-“

“Fine. I will come.” Stephen nods. “If my work allows it.” Toni smiles. Stephen love his smile.

“Yes, your magic work.”

“Doctor Strange, Tony,” Hope begins. “Can we?” She stands next to the door. Men turns to her and nods. Tony looks in Stephen’s eyes and gives him smile. Stephen smiles too and goes away. Tony feels like his heart beats fast. He smiles, he is very happy.

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Tony inhales and takes his coffee. He puts the glass with coffee on the table and sits on the chair. Rhodey sits next to him and waiting. Tony looks to Peter and Harley, they plays with Morgan. He feels good and comfortable. He smiles, when he remembers one wizard.

“What is going on, Tones?” Rhodey asks him. “You are smiling and you looks very happy. Your are not closes in your workroom. You are here, in your kitchen. And you wears new and clean shirt, fuck! Dude, where are the oil stains?!” Rhodey screams and watches him. Toni gives him relaxed smile.


“What the hell?! What is wrong?”

“Nothing.” Tony says it again.

“Pepper and Christine? They had argument? Are they divorcing? You wants to be with Pepper? No, she don’t want you.” Rhodey shakes his head.

“Ouch! It’s hurt!” Tony puts his hand on the place where he have the heart. And he smiles. “Everything is fine, platypus. Don’t worry.”


“Mr. Stark! When will come Mr doctor?” Peter asks, when he comes to Tony and Rhodey. Tony shrugs and drinks his coffee. “But he will come, right?” Peter asks with hope. “You know, yesterday I was in Sanctum and he was not at home. But Wong was there and he told me, that Mr. doctor is another dimension and he don’t know when he will come back. But you told me, that he will come. But now I’m worried, because Harley told Morgan, that Mr. doctor will come. And now Morgan is very happy because she will see Mr. doctor’s magic tricks and-“

“Breathe, Petey,” Tony laughs. “He told me that he will come. And I believe him. Remember? He saved my life and I believe in his words.” Peter nods. “Please you ask Harley and Morgan what they want for dinner. We can surprise our wizard.” Peter nods again and he goes away.

“Our wizard,” Rhodey says. He raises his eyebrow and gives him smug smile. “I know what is wrong.”

“I don’t know about what you say, platypus.” Tony drinks his coffee.

“But, I’m happy, Tones,” Rhodey says and puts his hand on Tony’s arm. “You wanted tp talk to him. It’s a good begin.”

“Peter want see him and he avoids him. And me too. And I don’t know why.” Tony shrugs.

“Tony, he almost killed you,” Rhodey says it gently, “he has remorse.”

“But he saved my life!” Tony protests. “Hell! Even if I died, I had a perfect life. I have beautiful daughter and-“

“Tony, for him is not easy. This is different. He is doctor and he have another mindset than you. But I understand him, because I’m soldier. I’m saving people. Try to think like Iron Man, not like Tony Stark.” Tony thinks, but…

“It’s crazy that I want be with him friend? And I want him close to me?” Tony asks.

“No,” Rhodey says and shakes his head. “I believe him more like Rogers. He is nice man. But he is so cold! God and his unfriendly look? You saw that, right? Fuck! And his ice eyes-“

“What?” Tony doesn't understand. “He don’t have unfriendly look! And he have really pretty eyes! His eyes have blue-green color, Rhodey. Not icy!”

“Tony?” Rhodey frowns. “You-“ he begins and shakes his head. “He gave just you nice views. He is unfriendly and he is all time ironic. He never goes to meetings and-“

“Stop,” Tony exhales and stands up. “You are leaving or are you staying?”

“Really?! Are you throwing me out?!” Rhodey stands up. “Because you have a date?”

“It is not a date, platypus. The kids is here.” Tony says. “He will never go on a date with me.”

“Wow!” Rhodey screams. “You want to take him on a date!”

“Fuck you, Rhodos.”




Tony and Harley is in the kitchen and cooks the lasagna. Peter and Morgan plays with lego. The gold portal opens and Stephen Strange enters the living room and he closes the portal. Tony’s heart beats fast and loses his breath, when he looks at Stephen. Stephen wears a jeans and gray hoodie. Tony notices that Stephen have around the wrist wrapped red sarape. His hairs is perfect and he looks perfect. Harley shakes him.

“Oh, doc! You are here!” Tony comes to him and smiles. “I and Harley cooks, you like lasagna?” He asks him.

“Mr. doctor!” Peter screams and runs to them. Morgan hugs him and Peter holds her in his arms. “Morgan, this is Mr. doctor Strange and he is wizard!” Morgan looks at Stephen withe her big brown eyes.

“Hello, my name is Morgan,” she gives him big smile.

“Hello miss Morgan, I’m Stephen.” He gives her smile too and Tony is very happy.

“Hi,” Morgan says and her cheeks are red, “you are really wizard?” She asks him.

“If your dad say yes, I can show you little magic trick,” Stephen look at Tony. Tony thinks that he forgot to speak. He just nods. “Look,” Stephen waving his hand and now here is beautiful butterfly. Morgan is enthusiastic and Peter too. They eyes shines like a stars.

“Wow,” Harley begins with irony, “cool magic trick.” He rolls his eyes. Stephen raises his eyebrow and looks at the blond boy.

“You are Harley Keener, right?” Stephen asks and the blond boy nods. “I’m Stephen.”

“I call you Mr. doctor, it I like more.” Harley answers and Stephen sighs. “But why you know my name?” Harley gives his hand on the chest.

“It is my secret.”

“Stephen?” The girl says. “You know another magic trick?” Stephen nods and looks at Tony again. Tony nods and takes a step back.

“I shows you something,” Stephen says it mysteriously. He takes red sarape and waving with it. Red sarape changes the cloak. And the girl screams with joy.

“It’s Cloakie!” Peter screams. “I told you about him, Harley!” The cloak is happy and looks at Peter and Harley. But it goes to the little girl.

“I thinks Cloak like you, miss Morgan.” The girl screams again.


“Really.” Stephen says.

“I can show him my room?” Morgan asks and Stephen nods. Peter gives her down and the cloak places on Morgan's arms. “I have a cloak!” She scream. “Look dad!”

“Perfect! I want one! Maybe I make one. I’m really jealous!” Tony smiles and suddenly Morgan floats in the air. Tony panicer and Morgan is happy.


“Hey weirdo, give her down, now!” Stephen commands and frowns. “You can’t make what you want! You are not home.” The cloak gives her down. Morgan walks with the cloak in her room. “Peter, please you can follow them? I don’t trust him.” Peter sighs.

“I go,” Harley says and goes away.

“I’m really happy that I see you, Mr. doctor! I was in-“

“I know, Peter. Wong told me. But I had responsibilities.” Stephen answers.

“Peter, please, can you go to them? I want speak with Stephen,” Tony says. Yes, he is still here! Peter sighs again, but nods and he goes. Tony walks in the kitchen and Stephen follows him.

“Where is Pepper?” Stephen asks and Tony turns to him and frowns. “What?”

“You don’t know it? Pepper and I… we are divorced.”

“Oh,” Stephen doesn’t understand it. He saw him happy with Pepper. They had daughter, Morgan and she was 4 years old. But this Morgan is young. “How old is Morgan?” Stephen asks. Something is wrong.

“Why?” Tony asks him. “You don’t saw it?” He laughs.

“I don’t saw this. I saw just…” Stephen loses his voice.

“You saw just I snapped.” Tony says. “Three.”

Something is wrong. Stephen knows it. But now he doesn't think about it. He gives all the attention to Tony. “What can I help you?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I just want help you.”




They (Stephen, Morgan and Peter) sits on the couch. Tony and Harley is… somewhere. Peter sits and watches a movie, Morgan wrappes in the cloak and she looks very tired.

“You want sleep?” Stephen asks Morgan and she nods. “Peter can you, please?”

“Mr. doctor give me please one minute. I just want watch this scene.” Stephen sighs.

Stephen takes the girl on his arms and the cloak follows him. The cloak shows him where is Morgan’s room. After dinner all kids brushed their teeth and wore pajamas. ‘If they happen to fall asleep.’ It is good, because Stephen puts her to the bed. But she stops him, she gives him hug and she doesn't want to let him go.

“What is wrong, miss Morgan?” Stephen asks her.

“Thank you,” she whispers and gives him kiss on the cheek.


She gives him just smile and lies down in the bed. “You are my favorite superhero, Stephen.” He raises his eyebrow, he cannot believe her words. He smiles.

“And what Iron Man or Spiderman?” He asks.

“They don't have Cloakie.” Morgan gives him big smile and the cloak caress her cheek. “But it will be our secret, please? Petey will be sad and daddy will be offended.” Stephen smiles.

“Our little secret, miss Morgan.”

“And a good night kiss?” Stephen is surprised but he nods. He gives her kiss on the forehead. “You and Cloakie will be here morning?” She asks with hope.

“I don’t know,” he answers, “but I will speak with your dad, okay?”

She smiles happy. “Thank you!”

Stephen gives her last smile and goes away (with the cloak). In living room is Tony, Harley and Petter and they watches a horror movie. Lots of blood, lots of screams. He don’t like it.

“HEY!” Stephen says and they screams. Stephen smiles.

“Shit! My heart is broken, Steph!” Tony screams but Stephen sees his smile.

“You say it still but it is not true,” Harley rolls his eyes.

“Hey Steph, this house look like your.” Tony laughs and Stephen rolls his eyes.

“I go-“ Stephen begins but stops. He feels in his chest unrest and chaos, something is wrong. He has black in front of his eyes and his heart beats fast.

“STEPHEN!” He hears a scream and he is wake up. In front of him is Tony and in his eyes is chaos. “What is wrong?” He asks him. “Are you okay?” Stephen looks around. He is still in Tony’s living room. Movie is off, lamps is on. He don’t know what happened. And he don’t like it.

“I must go.” Stephen says fast and chooses the ring from the pocket.

“NO! You can’t! Tony screams. “You fainted! Stephen you-“

“I must go,” Stephen says it again and he opens the portal. He enters his Sanctum and Wong is waiting for him. The portal closes and Stephen don’t say him goodbye.

Tony is in shock. But he is angry and scared. The man, Tony’s man. He like him… Tony sighs.

“Tony are you okay?” Harley asks.


“What- what was that?” Peter asks.

“I don’t know. But I’m scared.” Tony says him true.

“I don't want to see a movie about exorcism and ghosts!” Peter screams.

“Yeah he look like-“ Harley begins but Peter stops him.

“SHUT UP, HARLEY!” Peter screams. “I won't sleep anymore. I will never sleep again!”

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Stephen feels uncomfortable, but bad luck. Work is work. He wants to solve the problem quickly. After he will come to Tony and Stephen can give him his big apology. Yes, that is his plan.

“Wong,” Stephen begins and Sanctum is shaking. “Something is wrong.” His clothes will change. Now he wears his blue tunic.

“Really, Mr. Clever?” Wong says it with irony. “I don’t know without you.”

“Fuck you,” Stephen rolls his eyes and they walks to the library. “Where does it come from?” He asks.

“Kamar-Taj is fine but our Sanctum-“ other shakes. “It's not an earthquake, it's something bigger, Stephen.” It’s true, it is something… “Maybe it's related with Strange? You know, another dimension? You were supposed to meet him, but he didn't come.” Stephen nods.

“Maybe, we can use the Door?” Stephen highlights the word door.

The Door is direct transition to the second dimension. Stephen and Strange (from second dimension) have a peace, they made this door - for emergency situation. And now is emergency situation. Strange was here, when Stephen was in Soul stone and disappeared for five years. Strange walked through the door with Clea (she is Supreme sorcerer form Dark Dimension). She is Dormammu (Stephen’s ‘best friend’) niece.

“I don’t think is good idea, you know-“ other shakes again, but this is stronger.

Wong falls to the ground. The cloak floats with Stephen in the air. When the situation calms down, Stephen stands on the ground. They hears the scream. Kid’ scream and cry. They looks at each other and runs to the Door.

But the Door is not here. A little girl is standing in front of the Door. She has black-brown hair and tears crocodiles roll down her cheeks. She hugs white bunny, she has a backpack on her shoulders and she is crying. She looks at the Door, but the door is not here.

“Daddy!” She screams and her little handle is placed on an empty wall. “Where are you, daddy!”

“Hi,” Stephen says and the girl turns to him. Her blue-green eyes is big and shines. She runs to him.

“Daddy!” She screams and hugs Stephen’s legs. “Daddy you never go away.” She sobs. Stephen looks at Wong and he frowns. Stephen turns to the girl and he strokes her.

“Everything is fine,” he whispers and the girl looks at his face. She reaches out to him and Stephen takes her in his arms. She gives him hug.

“I was scared, daddy. I was very scared.”

“You do not have to be scared. I will protect you.” Stephen says and he is in shock. He don’t understand this situation. He is scared more like she. God! He has no child! He don’t know how to take care of a baby!




It was hard to tell her she had to go to bed. She didn't want to go away. And now, the cloak floats and swings her. She lies on the cloak. Now Stephen have to trust him. It is just one chance to she fall sleep. Stephen builds around the cloak and the girl a golden rune. It's protection and runes muffle sounds. And she can sleep happily.

Next to them stands Stephen and Wong. They are in library and Stephen a Wong talks. On the table is her backpack, Stephen don’t want this but he opens it. In the backpack is: children's fairy tale book, a letter with his name and teddy bear. Stephen looks at the letter and frowns. He opens the letter and the photo falls out. On the photo is he (Stephen Strange from second dimension), Clea and this girl.

“Fuck,” Stephen exhales. Wong frowns but he sees the photo he understand it.

“Just read, Stephen,” Wong says. “We will know more.”

Stephen nods and he reads: "𝘏𝘦𝘳 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘡𝘶𝘳𝘪 𝘚𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘢𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘦𝘳. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘥𝘢𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘦𝘳. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 3 𝘺𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴 𝘰𝘭𝘥. 𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦, 𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘺 𝘰𝘧 𝘩𝘦𝘳. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘵. 𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦, 𝘥𝘰𝘤𝘵𝘰𝘳 𝘚𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦. 𝘚𝘩𝘦'𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘥𝘢𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯. 𝘔𝘺 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘤 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘐 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬... 𝘸𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘥𝘰𝘯𝘦. 𝘔𝘺 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘺 𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘯. 𝘈𝘯𝘥 𝘐 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦, 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘐 𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘦𝘳. 𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦. 𝘋𝘰𝘤𝘵𝘰𝘳, 𝘊𝘭𝘦𝘢 𝘪𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘩𝘶𝘮𝘢𝘯, 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘳. 𝘚𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘥 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯. 𝘋𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘳, 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦. 𝘚𝘝𝘚."

“Zuri Strange,” Wong says and raises his eyebrow. He puts his hands on the chest.

“Wong please,” Stephen exhales. “They dimension is broken, and we need to find out what happened. If we find a solution and we send she back and-“ Wong stops him.

“Stephen,” Wong begins and Stephen looks at him. “If her reality is broken, it cannot be fixed.” Stephen sighs and looks at the girl, she sleeps contentedly.

“What are we going to do?” Stephen asks.

“We? She's your daughter, Stephen. Not mine.”


“No. Did you see her? She had a panic attack when you wanted to go away. It's a baby, Stephen. Take care of her.” Wong commands.

“You are crazy?” Stephen screams. “I?!”

“I go in Kamar-Taj. And you, take care of her.”

“What?!” Stephen screams again but Wong goes away.



He didn't sleep. He watched her. She was cute, he had to admit. The sun rises as he decides to call Tony. He has experience with children, he can help and Stephen wants to apologize to him…

“Yeah?” Tony answers and Stephen’s heart beats fast.

“Hey, it’s me, Stephen,” he says. He is embarrassing. Sounds like a teenager.

“I know, I have your number,” Tony rolls his eyes, Stephen knows it. “What you want?”

“I-“ he begins and closes his eyes. “I want to apologize. I panicked. And-“ Tony stops him.

“Steph,” Tony begins, “I was worried about you.” Stephen loses his breath. “You fainted and I didn't know what to do. Then you woke up and you repeated that you must go and I was scared and upset, Steph. I knew something had happened and something was wrong. I wanted to help, but I didn't know how and-“

“I’m sorry,” Stephen says. “I’m so sorry, Tony. I didn't want to go, but I had to leave.”

“It’s fine. Now, it is okay,” Tony sighs. “Just next time, please tell me you're okay. And then leave.” Tony surprised him and Stephen is in shock.


“Okay,” Tony repeats. “Can you tell me what it was?” Tony asks and Stephen nods. “Please?”

“Yes, maybe I will come?” Stephen asks and looks at the girl. “Breakfast?”

“Perfect!” Stephen hears Tony’s laugh. “What do you like? Can I prepare something?”

“Kids love pancakes, right?”

Tony is in shock. “Yeah, Maguna loves pancakes,” answers, “why you ask me?”

“Surprise?” Tony smiles.

“Okay, doc. See you later.”

“See you later.” Stephen answers.



Morning routine is hard. Stephen never helped the kid and he don’t know what to do. But Zuri is clever girl. She brushes her teeth and washes her face. Just she needs a haircut and this Stephen don’t know. When Stephen combs her, Zuri smiles all time but Stephen goes crazy. It’s not perfect but it looks good.

Stephen takes her in his arms and she hugs him. Next to him stands the cloak. Stephen opens the portal and together enters in the apartment. He hears Morgan’s voice and he closes the portal. Morgan runs to them but she sees the girl, she stops.

“Hello,” Morgan says and Stephen smiles.

“Hi Morgan,” Stephen begins and he kneels. “Her name is Zuri,” Stephen looks at the girl in his arms. “Zuri, this is Morgan.” Stephen shows at Morgan.

“Hi Zuri,” Morgan says and Zuri’s cheeks are red. Stephen stands up her down and waiting.

“Hi,” Zuri says it carefully and looks at Morgan’s face. But quickly turns at Stephen and hugs him. She is shy.

“Can we be friends?” Morgan asks and Zuri looks at Stephen and Morgan. She nods carefully. “I like your bunny, what is his name?” Morgan asks again.

“Bunny,” Zuri says and she sees like Stephen smiles.

“Morgan, maybe after breakfast you can play together? Zuri woke up a moment ago. She's still tired. It’s okay?” Stephen asks her and Morgan shakes her head.

“Harley, Petey and I watch cartoons.” Stephen nods and he stands up.

“Where is your daddy?”

“In kitchen, he cook pancakes!” Stephen smiles.

“I and Zuri going to help him, okay?” She nods and walks to the living room and the cloak follows her. Stephen and Zuri walks in the kitchen, Tony is here. And it is chaos. “We can help you?” Stephen asks Tony and he turns. Tony is in shock and he opens his mouth and he wants say something but Stephen stops him. “Tony is my friend, Zuri,” Stephen begins. Zuri looks at him. “Morgan is his daughter like you are mine.” Stephen turns at Tony. “Tony, this is my daughter Zuri.”

Tony is in shock and he is surprised. But he nods. He comes to them and gives her his big smile. “You have beautiful name, little beauty,” Tony says and Zuri is shy. She gives her face in Stephen’s neck. “Do you like hugs?” Tony asks her and Zuri nods. “I like it, too. And Uncle Tony will be sad if you don't hug him.” She hesitates but nods. Tony takes her in his arms and Zuri gives him hug. Stephen smiles and feels good.

“You have pretty eyes,” Zuri says and Tony is in shock.

“I was afraid you couldn't talk, little beauty!” Tony screams and Zuri looks at him with her big blue-green eyes. “Do you have a tongue?” He asks her and he nods. “Show me, I don't believe.” Zuri turns to Stephen.

“Daddy told me, that it is not nice to show tongue.” Zuri answers and Stephen nods with pride.

“She is my girl!” Stephen says with pride and Zuri smiles happiness. He don’t know how but he feels so good, pleasant and satisfied. “I'll finish breakfast and you and Tony can go to Morgan?” He asks but Zuri shakes her head. “Why?” He asks again. She shakes in Tony’s arms and Stephen sighs. He takes in his arms. “What is going on?”

“Can I be here with you?” She asks him with sad voice. And Stephen looks at Tony and he nods. “Can we cook pancakes together?”

“We can,” Stephen nods and he sits her on a chair. "But you'll be sitting here, okay? Because I'm helping Tony.” She nods.

Stephen and Tony cooks the pancakes. Tony calls the kids. Stephen sits on the chair and Zuri sits on Stephen’s knees and she eats her pancakes. Harley and Peter is confused. They sits on the chairs. Morgan looks at Zuri like she eats her breakfast and she sits on Tony’s knees. Tony is confused.

The breakfast is silence. “What if we went on a trip?” Tony asks and Morgan nods. “Maybe, we will come to the Compound? We have a pool there.”

“Good idea!” Peter screams and Harley rolls his eyes. “I can call Need and MJ?”

“It's not fair!” Harley screams. “Your girlfriend, really? And what I?”

“Cassie is in New York,” Tony says. “But you had an argument, right?”

“We broke up.”

“But you'll be together again.” Peter roll his eyes.

“When you're so annoying,” Tony says, “poor girl.” Zuri turns to Stephen and hugs him. She feels uncomfortable.

“Like you, Tony. Pepper had a hard time with you.” Tony rolls his eyes. Stephen eats the last piece of pancake and stands up.

“Morgan, will you show us your room? Zuri wants to see your toys.” Stephen improvises and Morgan's eyes is shining.

“You want?” Morgan asks her and Zuri gives her smile and nods slowly. Stephen puts her down and holds her hand. Zuri takes Morgan hand and they goes away.




Stephen and Tony sits on the couch and drinks coffee. Morgan and Zuri plays next to them. And Peter and Harley plays games in living room. Tony is eager, Stephen sees it.

“Will you tell me already?” Tony asks him and Stephen sighs.

“She is not my daughter.”

“Really? She call you daddy, Steph. Haven't you seen it?” Tony frowns. “I saw it. And she look like you and she have your eyes, Steph.” Tony puts his glass on the table and he looks at Stephen.

“You have pretty eyes,” Stephen says and Tony sighs in frustration. “She is not mine but she is my daughter. It is complicated. Stephen Strange from another dimension is her father. He sent her here.” Tony frowns. “His reality… Zuri’s reality does not exist. He has no father. She is an orphan.” Tony is in shock.

“Holy shit.”

“I don’t know what to do. She can't be with me,” Stephen exhales. “Sanctum is dangerous. Can't be a baby there. I came here because I need your help.”

“I think it,” Tony nods. “The documents are easy. But what do you want to do?” He asks. And Zuri stands up and comes to Stephen. She gives him hug and gives him kiss on the cheek and she will return to Morgan. Checks if he's here. She is scared. “You can't leave her. She wants you. You are her father.

“I don't have what I want, Tony.” Stephen says.

“How old is she? Three?”

“Three.” Stephen nods.

“I can help you,” Tony says, “but don't give her for adoption.”

“Tony,” Stephen begins, “it’s not easy. I have to solve the situation. I don't know what happened and-“ he exhales, “something is wrong, Tony. I feel it. This is not the future I saw.” Tony frowns. Now, they conversation is very serious.


“I saw you, Pepper and Morgan. You were happy, you were not divorced. Next. I saw Wong was with me in Soul stone, but true is he was here all time. And Romanoff, she should have been dead, but dead is-“


“Yes,” Stephen nods. “Something is going on and I don't know what.”

“You are worried?” Tony asks him. Stephen don’t wants say yes, but just nods.

“I need to meet someone, I need answers, but she is like-“ he wants say a leech but he can't say it. He likes her. She is sweet and nice… she is good girl.

“Children change people,” Tony says it with smile. “KIDS! We're leaving!” Kids scream with joy. Zuri comes to Stephen and he gives her smile.

Tony watches it and he likes it. Stephen is gentle and kind. He smiles more. He simply changed. She changed him. And Tony will do anything she to stay. He gets Stephen and he gets Zuri too. Morgan will be happy to have a new friend.

Chapter Text

They are in the Compound. They are next to the pool. Tony sits on the couch and Stephen is next to him. Zuri sits on Stephen’s legs and he hugs her. Peter, Haley and Morgan are in the pool and swims. Tony talks Zuri funny story and Zuri smiles all time. Stephen in happy and relaxed. He feels pleasantly and satisfied.

In the Compound kitchen are Rhodey, Bruce and Rogue. They talks. Theme is Wanda, she is in Kamar-Tad, she must to learn how to use her magic. Stephen gave her lecture, that she can’t use the mental magic, but she did it anyway. Stephen not saw it but he heard it. He came for her and he bounds her power. He took her away and she could only make the phone call.

“Colonel Rhodes, boss is in the Compound and asks you to bring a lot of juice to the pool.” FRIDAY says and they are in shock.

“He is here? What is he doing here?” Rogers asks but Rhodey don’t know it. Nobody don’t know the answer. “Maybe, we can speaking?” Rogers says and Rhodey takes carton of juice.

“FRIDAY how much cups?” Rhodey asks.

“Six, colonel.” She says and Rhodey look at Bruce and he helps him. Rogue is confused.

“FRIDAY, I can come?” Bruce asks and he takes the cups.

“Boss says yes.” They walks in the pool and Rogers walks with them too. They are silence and Rhodey wants to stops Rogers, but he doesn't do it.

Now next the pool sits just Stephen and Tony. Peter takes Zuri and they are next the water and plays with water. Peter speak with Zuri and Stephen watches them.

“She is cute,” Tony says, “unlike you.” Tony nudges him.

“Thanks,” Stephen says with sarcasm. “I would go, you didn't have to ask Rhodey.” Stephen says and looks at Tony.

“I know, but I want it. I want talk with him.” Stephen nods. “And Bruce comes with him.”

“I know him, Tony.” Stephen frowns.

“I know,” Tony nods, “he asked about you. He want something.”

“Really?” Stephen is in shock and he raises his eyebrow.

“Really,” Tony nods and they are silence. “You know,” he begins, “I’m afraid of him.” Stephen is confused, he don’t understand it. Bruce said him, that Hulk likes Tony and Tony likes Hulk… Stephen gives him confused look. “Rogers.” Tony says.

“Oh,” Stephen exhales. “Wait, he is here?! He comes here?!” Stephen stands up and Tony looks at him. Stephen wears withe shirt and swim shorts, when Tony sees Stephen’s long legs he feels saliva slips on his chin. Tony wants to touch him, but he control himself. “Tony,” Stephen sits down and puts his hand on Tony’s naked thigh, “I need your answer.”

“Yes, he comes here. He want to talk with me.” Tony’s heart beats fast and he goes crazy. Tony gives his hand on Stephen’s hand. “You know, doc. I like-“ Stephen stops him.

“I don't want him around the kids.” Stephen says. “I give protective runes.”


“You are scared and you have the reason. He is dangerous and I don’t want him here. No next to Zuri and Morgan.” Stephen stands up and he waves with his hand and fingers. The gold light shines and at the moment Tony is blinded.

“But-“ Tony begins but in the room comes Bruce and Rhodey. Rogers stands between the doors and gold rune prevents him from entering. Stephen goes to him, they are is confused.

“Excuse me,” Stephen says, “I don’t want Mr. Rogers-“

“Captain. I’m captain.” Stephen rolls his eyes, when Roger defends himself.

“You are not. It was just propaganda.” Stephen gives him answer.

“Tony,” Rogers begins, Stephen feels like Tony stands next to him. “I want speak with you. We can? Just you and me?”

“No.” Tony says. “I don’t want talk with you. Now we have family Sunday, just go away.”

“What?!” He screams.

“Tony, please tell me, what's going on here?” Rhodey says.

“Yes,” Tony nods, “we have here kids. Stephen don’t want him here, because here is his daughter. And I don’t want here him to, because Morgan is here. Stephen gave here the runes. For protection.”

“Oh,” Rhodey begins, “doctor you have daughter?”

“Yes, I have one,” Stephen nods, “it is very interesting and long story, not for today. And now, I’m sorry, but I goes to her.” He turns and goes away. He walks to the pool.

“Goodbye, Rogers,” Tony says and he walks to the couch. Rogers screams something but Tony ignores him. Rhodey and Bruce follows him. They sits down on the couch and drinks the juice. Tony watches Stephen, he is in the water with Zuri, she is in Stephen’s arms.

“Really, Tony?” Rhodey says. “You watch him.” Tony looks at them.

“He is perfect, guys. I’m in love with him. When? Today.” Bruce frowns.

“Oh Tony, again?” Bruce sighs. “He have daughter. And I thinks he have wife-“

“He don’t. This is very fun story. It is mystic thing. This kid is not his, but she is his.” Tony looks at Stephen. The white shirt is wet and and shows his muscles. He don’t look like Rogers but he have muscles. Tony loves this scene. “Fuck, he is hot.”

“Oh my God.” Bruce rolls his eyes.

“How?” Rhodey asks him, he is confused. “She is his daughter, but she is not his. How mystic things?”

“It’s complicated, honeybear. I don’t know it to explain.” Tony pays his attention to the kids and Stephen.

“And we are here for what?” Bruce asks. “You look at him all time.”

“I don’t know,” Tony says and stands up. “I'm going to the pool.” He goes away. Rhodey and Bruce hears kids screams, when Tony jumps into the pool.





“Here lives Pepper and her new husband?” Stephen asks, when Tony’s car stops next to the cute house.

“Hm,” It is Tony’s answer.

“Okay, I goes with girls. It will be easy and fast and with portal will come in your apartment, okay?” Stephen asks him but Tony is silence. Stephen puts his hand on Tony’s thigh and Tony turns to him. “Okay?” Tony nods and Stephen wants to kiss him, he longs for him. But he closes his eyes and nods.

“Maguna, give me kiss,” Tony says and Morgan gives him kiss.

Stephen gets out of the car and helps the girls. They takes his hand and together walks to the doors. When he knocks Tony is gone. Stephen is in shock, Christine opens the door. His Christine. Christine Palmer.

“Hi, Chris,” Morgan says and she pulls them into house. Together enters on the hall and Morgan takes Zuri’s hand. “I show you my room! I have more toys with my dad but I also like them.” Zuri looks at Stephen and he nods. The girls walks to the Morgan’s room.

Christine raises her eyebrow and closes the door. Together walks to the living room. Pepper sits on the couch and Stephen is confused. Tony told him, Pepper married again. He expects a man, not a woman. He didn't expect Christine to open the door.

“Fuck, not!” Pepper sighs, she looks him. Stephen don’t understand this situation. “What are you doing here?”

“Pepp, baby, calm down.”

“I don’t want him in our house.”

“What did I do?” He spoke with her just onetime. He is confused.

“Really?!” Pepper screams. “How dare you! You got Tony into it, everything fell apart because of you! You destroyed him!”

“Excuse me?”

“Pepper, calm down, please.”

“You destroyed him! He was fine. Then you showed up and you disappeared with him in space. He returned devastated. Fuck! It's all because of you!” She screams. “He's crazy! He didn’t sleep for months, he only worked in his workroom. And he repeated, ‘You're our chance!’ You! All because of you!”

Stephen rolls his eyes. Now, he understand this situation. “He saved the whole universe! He killed mad titan and he brought them all back,” he begins. “If he had your support, we were not be five years in in Soul stone, but shorter! You prevented him from working!” This is a lie. Stephen knows, he had to wait for Scott Lang.

“WHAT?! How dare you!”

“The truth is painful, right?” He asks her and puts his hands on the chest and raises his eyebrow. Why he feels like Tony’s boyfriend? Shit! They are just friends.

“You are in my home!” Pepper growls.

“STOP!” Christine screams. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here, because I want ask you for little request. But I think that is not good idea-“

“What you want!” Pepper screams.

“Calm down, woman. You will give birth now.” Stephen roll his eyes.

“Pepper, please, sit down. We are civilized people, right?” Christine asks.

“Yes, I’m, but your wife is not. Inappropriate behavior, shouting and accusation.” Stephen shakes his head. He judges her and Pepper sees it.

“Bastard.” She growls.

“Thanks? I've heard it several times from Christine, anything else?” She asks her and gives her rude smile. Pepper smirks.

“You are the same bastard like him.” Stephen raises his eyebrow. He know she speak about Tony.

“At least he is not selfish like you.”

“I’m not selfish!” She screams. “I gave him everything! My youth, my nerves and my love! I was with him all time! Where was you?! You evaporated. You didn't see him. You know nothing about him! You destroyed him.” Stephen begins be angry.

“Pepp, please,” Christine begs and she wants to cry.

“You think, that I don’t know it?” He asks her. “I know it. But I saved him and I gave him another chance. You are afraid of him. You can’t look at his face and his eyes. He told me it. You should be happy that the father your kids is alive. But you hate him and ignore him.” He takes a step forward to her. “Always I thought about you that you are angel, you are perfect and amazing person, Pepper. But it was just story for medias, right? You are just selfish bitch. You think just about you and your-“ Christine slaps him.

“She is my wife, Stephen. Think about what you say.” She is angry. “You won't insult her when I'm standing next to her.”

Stephen inhales. “Really, Christine?”

“You was not here. You didn't see him. But I yes. Pepper with him all the time worried. She gave him chance, Morgan was them another chance but he gave up this. He returned to alcohol and started drugs. He was lunatic, Stephen! He was more crazy like mad titan, Stephen.”

“Tony would never want genocide, Christine. I saw the future, I saw every one his step. He always sacrificed himself.” Stephen growls. “He died for me, for Peter, for Rhodey, for you Pepper,” for minute he looks at her, and then he looks back at Christine, “and for fucking crazy idiot Rogers!" He screams. “I saw him dead a million times. He hadn't outlive but he lives! He is here! And no one appreciates what he did!” He inhales and looks at them faces. “You think you knows everything, but true is you know shit. You think that you know him, but true is I knows him more. I fought by his side. I was with him. I was with him when we lost, I was with him when we won! Where have you been!!” Pepper is ready to give him an answer and Christine is in shock. Stephen wants to cry, but he can’t. He can’t show them that he is weak. Stephen loves him so much.

“Stephen-“ Christine begins, but Stephen stops her.

“I take Morgan back. We will be in the tower.” He says and turns.

“You can’t!” Pepper screams.

“Try me,” he says and turns to her. “Thanos took your baby,” he shows to her pregnant belly. “If baby is alive Tony is not wreck. You and he would have a perfect life. Because he would give up.” Stephen gives her answer and Pepper exhales and sits down. She is in shock. Christine’s eyes are glassy. She wants to cry. “You should thank Thanos, because not him, you was not together. Tony and Pepper would have a happy family. You would be alone, Christine, forever.” His words are so hard and painful. But he wants them to understand.

“Stephen,” Christine cries, “how-“ he shakes his head.

Stephen turns and walks to the hall. He hears Pepper’s scream: ‘you are in love with him!’ but he don’t gives her answer. He is silence. He calls the girls and they comes to him. Stephen opens the portal and the enters in the Tony’s living room. Morgan and Zuri runs to Morgan’s room and Stephen closes the portal. He walks to the couch, Tony sits on the couch. The light is low and on the table is a glass and the alcohol bottle.

“I didn't drink. Not a drop.” Tony says. “I want it, really,” he looks at him. “But I remembered the past. And I don’t like it and you know, you are back now and Peter too.” Tony stands up and goes to Stephen.

“It’s fine,” Stephen sighs and hugs him. “Everything is fine, we are fine.” Stephen wants to kiss him. He wants to tell him, that he love him. But he doesn't want to ruin it.

Chapter Text

“Zuri and Morgan are sleeping now and the cloak is with them. I leave open the portal, if there was anything, the cloak would come for me. Or you can. I gave around the apartment protective runes and-“ Tony has his hands on his chest and he hears him. Stephen is very protective, Tony have to stops him.

“Calm down, doc, I’m here. I’m Iron man, fuck!” Tony laughs. “Nothing will happen. You go makes your mystic and magic things,” Tony nudges him and Stephen sighs.

“If something-“

“Zuri is a kid and Morgan is my daughter, I can take care of a kid. I know, what should I do. Don’t panic. You don’t believe me?” Tony asks him and he looks hurt. “It hurts! You don’t believe me!”

“I believe you, Tony. Of course I trust you.” Tony is gone, he doesn’t expects such an answer. God, he loves this man. He wants to hug him again, but he can’t…

“Fine,” Stephen exhales.

“Just go.” Tony says and Stephen nods.

Stephen turns and he opens the portal. He enters the Sanctum and looks at Tony. Tony give him smile and Stephen walks away. Tony walks to the Morgan’s room and he checks the girls and after he goes in the living room and sits down on the couch.

Stephen walks to the library and here is Wong and he waiting for him. Wong has his hands on the chest and he gives him serious look.

“Did you find anything?” Stephen asks him.

“Did you have fun?”

“I took care of the baby, you told me it,” Stephen is defending. “No, you ordered me to. She is my daughter.”

“Sure,” Wong rolls his eyes. “I don’t know much.”

“Just say me, what you know,” Wong nods.

“Master Minoru told me, Clea is alive,” Stephen sighs, “you know what does it mean?”

“She will come for Zuri.”

“You move her in Kamar-Taj and we can protect her,” Wong says and Stephen nods but he disagree.

“No, she will be in New York. She will be with Tony and Morgan. He can protect here and I believe him.” Stephen says and Wong raises his eyebrow. “I gave protect runes around his apartment and the cloak protect her too and Tony uses the latest technology, no one gets into the building.”

“Why Stephen?”

“I believe him, Wong.”

“Sure! And you left the portal open.” Stephen frowns he feels it. Tony enters the Sanctum and Stephen runs to him. He stands in the hallway.

“What’s wrong?” Stephen asks him.

“No, just-“ Tony puts his hand in his hair, he feels nervous. “I can’t help you?” He asks him. “It is so strange feeling. I must to do something. I know, something is wrong and-“

“I understand,” Stephen nods, “please follow me.” Tony is in shock, Stephen heard him and accepted him. Stephen don’t wants Tony return to the tower. Fuck! He loves him more and more.

“Stephen I found a book-“ Wong begins. “Tony Stark,” he says and looks at him.

“I know who are you! I invited you to my wedding, but you didn't come!” Stephen frowns.

“I had a lot of responsibilities, you know, ours Supreme Sorcerer was in the Soul stone. Many have disappeared. It was hard time.” Wong says and he gives Stephen a book. “You read and I go in Kamar-“

“You're not going.” Stephen says sternly. He gave Tony a book. “Tony help you with reading I go in Kamar-Taj and I must to speak with master Hamir and with Tina too.” He says and walks away.

He walks the door and enters in library in Kamar-Taj. He walks on. He enters the courtyard, here is his students and they practice. When they sees him, they bows. Stephen ignores them but Tina Minoru stops him.

“Stephen?” He turns to her. “I was waiting for you and Wong said me-“

“No here,” Stephen shakes his head. Holds her hand and together walks to his office. “What you know about breaking the universe?” He asks her how the door is closed.

“Really, Stephen?” She puts her hands on the chest. “We have not seen five years, six months you can be avoiding me and-“

“Tina,” he sighs and sits down. “I don’t love you. I never love you. And you know it. You have Robert and now you have your daughter Nico and Amy.” Tina is in shock.


“I’m Supreme Sorcerer, Tina. And now I need informations. I don’t ask you. I want it.” Stephen frowns, he speak with her like menial. No like ex-lover or friends. Just like menial.

“It’s true, right? You have daughter.” She sighs. “I wanted to wait but-“

“Master Minoru. I want know to destroy another dimension. I need answers as to why this happened and how. The girl does not belong in our world, in our reality and she can cause problems.” He is seriously. “It's about our reality. I don't want it to break. It will have something to do with Clea, because she is alive.” She is silence and she nods. “I trust you, Tina. I'm asking you for help.”

“Of course, Supreme Sorcerer.” She nods again and looks at his eyes. “No chance for us-“

“It never was. I've seen millions futures but-“ he shakes his head.

“No one?”

“You will be happy with Robert. He give you everything you want,” he says, “he gave you everything you want. You wanted family, Tina. And you have one.”






After several hours Stephen comes in the Sanctum. In New York is deep night. Wong reads a book in the library and Tony sleeps in the couch.

“Whats happened?” Stephen asks him silence.

“I think he was tired,” Wong begins, “you go sleep too. Together goes and sleep.” Stephen shakes his head. “Go.”

“You don’t ask me what I found?” Stephen raises his eyebrow.

“You found something?” Stephen shakes head.

“But I had the conversation with Ancient One in another dimension,” Stephen sighs, “she told me Clea could call Dormammu, she is his niece. He could swallow the world, but we could feel them. Dormammu is out of time but their reality has been torn. She told me that she look about this and later we will meet. I want meet with another Supreme Sorcerer but now he not come.” Stephen exhales and Wong nods. “Tina will looking at it in Hong Kong and Master Hamir will looking at it in London. We'll meet tomorrow and I promised Tina that that I'll show her Zuri.” Stephen smiles. “She want to bring Amy and Nico.”

“I understand,” Wong nods, “now, you takes your love,” Wong shows at Tony he lies in the couch and hugs Stephen’s hoodie, “and goes away. And he was cold, I gave him your hoodie because my clothes is in Kamar-Taj.”

Stephen nods. “I will come tomorrow.”

“You have time. Just care about kid.” Stephen sighs. Wong walks away and Stephen comes to Tony. Stephen strokes Tony’s cheek and he shakes and opens his beautiful brown eyes. “Hey,” Stephen smiles and Tony smiles too.

“Hey beautiful wizard,” Tony says and his voice is hoarse and sexy, Stephen he has goosebumps. “I had a nice dream.”

“Really? You can told me it, when we go in your bed, good plan?” Stephen helps him to stands up.

“My bed? You are so fast, doc, you take me on one date.” Yes, Tony is drama queen. Together walks to the portal.

“I thought we had a date.” Stephen plays his game.

“W-what?” Tony stutters and Stephen smiles.

“Told me about your dream, Tony,” Stephen asks him.

“It was stupid.” Tony says and they enters in Tony’s apartment. “FRIDAY something new? The girls asleep?”

“The girls sleep. Cloakie is with them, boss.” She says.

“I'll check-“

“No, just you go sleep,” Stephen says and pulls him in his bedroom. “You have to sleep, tomorrow is another day and you need energy and I too.” Tony sits down in his bed and looks at Stephen.


“I'll help you fall asleep, if you want.” Stephen says it fast, “and I mean I know a spell that will help you fall asleep.” Tony smiles.

“No, thanks, wizard, but I don’t like, when someone is in my mind.” Stephen frowns and nods.

“Wanda,” he sighs.

“What?” Tony is confused. “How you know it?”

“I saw it, you know,” Stephen answers.

“You saw my bedroom too? You knew where to go.” Stephen nods.


“You can tell me-“

“No, I’m sorry, Tony.” Tony nods and Stephen sighs. “It was a problem, big problem. A paradox would arise and now I have many problems, I can’t and I don’t have time.” Tony nods again and lies down in bed. “Good night, Tony.” Stephen says and turns.

“Where are you going?” Tony stops him and Stephen turns to him.

“Sanctum? I go sleep in my bed?” Stephen answers.

“You can,” Tony’s voice is silence and soft, “you can be here. I mean here with me. Here in my bed. I know, it is so weird, but please?” Stephen frowns.

“What happened?” Stephen asks him and takes a step towards the bed.

“Just dream. I woke up in bed with you and it was comfortable, I want to know what ii would really be like. But it's stupid. Forget it.” Tony lies down again and he covers with a duvet.

Stephen returns to Sanctum and he changes into pajamas. He'll be back in ten minutes. Now he wears white shirt and pajamas pants. He lies down another side, they are silence. Stephen thinks if it is good idea. It can go wrong and he doesn't want it.

“Thank you, Steph,” Tony whispers. Stephen turns to him, he lies on his side and looks at Tony’s face. Tony takes Stephen hand. “Christine called me.” Stephen frowns and he is waiting. Stephen thinks that Tony will scream. “She told me about your wrangle and tomorrow I, Pepper and Morgan have a meeting with a therapist.”


“Pepper forbids me to meet with Morgan, you know. Pepper needs to understand this and I need to understand why she does it. We must keep the peace.” Tony says.

“Oh,” Stephen exhales. “You want know what she told me? You want-“

“No,” Tony says, “I know what they told you. I thought you weren't coming. That's why I had a bottle.”

“Tony,” Stephen sighs. Tony is vulnerable. Stephen feelings is release. He loves him. He loves him more like his life. Stephen moves to him and hugs him. Tony gives his face to his chest and hugs him too. He wants it and he is so happy. Tony wants to kiss him and tell him: I’m in love with you. But… But now, this is fine. That's enough.

Chapter Text

Zuri cries. Morgan cries too. Stephen and Tony are desperate. The girls wants be together. Stephen want take Zuri in Kamar-Taj but she don’t want goes. At breakfast Tony told Stephen that Morgan has a problem, she can't find friends. Morgan is friendly and nice girl, Stephen thinks, but…

“Fine,” Stephen begins, “I promise, we will come for dinner.” Zuri stops to cry and looks at Morgan. Morgan looks at Stephen skeptically and Stephen frowns.

“We will go to ice-cream!” Tony says and the girls looks at him.

“No,” Stephen shakes his head, “No ice-cream in the evening.” Zuri wants cry again and Morgan holds her hand. “Fine, tomorrow we will go to ice-cream and will go to the park.”

“Today!” Morgan says and Zuri nods.

“After dinner.” Stephen looks at Tony angry.

“Tomorrow and it is my last word,” Stephen says and puts his hands on his chest. Morgan frowns and Zuri too. Tony watches this scene and smiles all time. It is so nice, natural and familiar. He want to see every day. Tony as the good father, what he always says yes and Stephen is the father who is protective and strict.

“OKAY! Stop!” Tony says. “Tomorrow will be our family day! We will go shopping, we will have the ice-cream, we will have the burger. We will buy a lot toys and we will go to the park!” Stephen turns to him and he looks at him sternly.

“Call it pampering. They have to understand that-“

“Fine, Steph, it is just one day. And now, you can goes in Kamar- something?” Stephen looks at him angry.

“Zuri, we are leaving. Tell Morgan and Tony bye.” Stephen says and opens the portal.

Zuri hugs Morgan and gives her sad smile. Zuri waves to Tony and she walks to Stephen. He takes her in his arms and together enters in Kamar-Taj. The portal closes.

“Sooo, we have all day and later we will go to your mother and-“

“I don’t want go, daddy.” Morgan comes to him and Tony take her in his arms. “She screamed to Stephen and Chris too.”

“Honey,” Tony exhales and gives her kiss on her face. “The adult sometimes screams and-“

“Mom told about you ugly words.” Tony sighs.

“Can you forget that, please?”




Now, they sits on the couch. Tony, Pepper and Morgan. Doctor Smith gives them smile. She begins speak with Morgan and she asks her, how are she,…

“I have new best friend! Her name is Zuri and she is Stephen’s daughter and she is so nice for me!” Morgan smiles. “She is different like another kids.” Pepper is confused.

“How different?” Doctor asks Morgan.

“Kids told me how they have toys in home. What them buy them dad or mom. But sometimes they laugh at me for not have dad and mom.” Morgan says. She is clever girl, she is different like another kids with her years. She is Tony’s Stark daughter. She is genius.

“But you have,” Doctor says.

“Yes, I know, I have. But they don’t understand me. My parents is not together, because they have no love and they argue. But Zuri, she understand me, because she don’t have mom.” She says sadly. “I'm so sad she lost her mom, but she told me, that she need just her daddy. He is for her everything. He gave her everything what she want and and he teaches her to write. She can write her name like me, mrs. doctor!” Zuri smiles. “She can draw nicely like me!
And she have bunny and his name is Bunny!”

“You like her, Morgan?” Doctor asks her.

“Yes! She is my best friend. We swam together in the pool and she likes orange juice like me and pancakes!” The girl smiles. “And today we slept together in my bed and Cloakie slept with us!”

“Who is Cloakie?” Doctor smiles. “Your new toy?”

“No!” Morgan screams. “He is the cloak!” Doctor is confused and she looks at her parents.

“Cloakie is the cloak. The cloak Doctor Strange, you know, Supreme Sorcerer.” Tony says and doctor nods.

“He kidnapped Tony into space,” Pepper says and Tony frowns, but he is silence.

“Mogan, you can something draw for me? Jessica will be with you.” Morgan nods and she goes to Jessica in another room.

“Mr. Stark, Mrs. Palmer-Potts,” doctor begins, “I think, really I hope that you are fine but-“

“This bastard was in my house,” Pepper says, “he screamed at me, he cursed at me and then took my child and went to him.” Pepper shows at Tony and now she is angry. “Christine slapped him because-“

“Oh come on!” Tony sighs and stands up.

“Mr. Stark, you can sit down, please?” Doctor asks him.

“Fine,” Tony nods and sits down on the floor, on the carpet. He don’t want sits next to her. He don’t want to be here.

“Who is ‘this bastard’?” Doctor asks.

“Really? You really ask me?” Pepper screams. “This meeting just for him!”

“You have to say his name.”

“I help you,” Tony says. “His name is doctor Stephen Strange. He is ex-lover your wifie,” Pepper growls. “He saved my life.”

“Doctor is back?” Doctor asks Tony.

“Yes, he is back,” Tony nods, “he is nice for me and he have a kid. Her name is Zuri. And I don’t believed it, but he is good with kids.” Tony smiles. He mentions Sunday and them family day.

“Of course!” Pepper says it with irony and rolls her eyes. “He want your money. Like everyone.” Tony wants to react but is quiet.

“Mrs. Palmer-Potts why you don’t like him?” Doctor asks her and Pepper is silence. “He saved father your children.”

“He destroyed him!” She screams.

“I was a broken man but I changed. He gave me another chance and I want use it.” Tony says seriously and Pepper looks at him.

“Morgan was our next chance, why did you take this chance?” Tony sees tears in her eyes and he is silence, he ponders how to answer.

“Mr. Stark-“

“I love Morgan and I loved you,” he says and sees pain in her eyes. “You don’t believed me, you were not my support. I know you years, Pepper. But he-“ Tony exhales a looks at he carpet. “He didn't know who I am and he believed me and still believe me. He gave Thanos the stone and told me ‘You are our chance.’ He gave him the stone and he saved my life. This is true. This happened on Titan.”

“You left me! You ran to him and-“

“Pepper,” Tony sighs and stands up, “if I didn't go-“ Pepper stops him.

“Our child would live, everything would be fine,” she says and Tony shakes his head.

“You are not stupid, Pepper. Why you play at one?” You are intelligent woman.” Tony says and looks at her sadly. When did she change?

“Nebula told me that Thanos knew you, Mr. Stark” Tony nods, “How?”

“New York, Loki’s attack. Thanos sent him. Big boom! The rocket killed much of Thanos' people. He was afraid of me and my power. He offered me cooperation on Titan, but-“

“You told him no, because you never wanted genocide. He saw you die, for Peter, for me, for Rogers and for him too.” Pepper says. Now she cries. And doctor is confused. “He told me it. Yesterday.”

Tony is silence and in shock… He wants speak with Stephen. He wants to know what he saw. Pepper cries now and her hand is on her pregnancy tummy.

“Girl or boy?” Tony asks her. He never asked, he was afraid. He wanted to know about her pregnancy, but he was afraid. He was very scared. He thought Pepper didn't want him in the baby's life. He gave up.

“Boy,” she answers and looks at him sadly. Tony nods and gives her sad smile.

“I have a proposal. You have to get to know each other. You said me doctor Palmer and doctor Strange have common history. And you give them chance. You Mrs. Palmer-Potts get to know the doctor Strange and you Mr. Stark get to know the doctor Palmer. Have dinner together and talk.” Doctor Smith looks at Tony and Pepper. Tony nods.

“When do you have time?” Tony asks her.

“I call Christine and ask her,” she nods. “And Str- Stephen? When does he have time?” Pepper asks his.

“I call him and asks.”

“You call now,” doctor says “you Mrs. Palmer-Potts first.” Pepper calls and says her about dinner. Christine says yes and says today, her evening is free. This week she works just morning. And then Tony calls Stephen.

“Hey, Steph,” Tony begins.

“Something is wrong, Tony? You have meeting, or not? Everything is fine? Tony, are you okay?” Tony smiles.

“Yeah, everything is fine, doc. Don’t worry, but-“ Tony is stopped. (“Honey! Put it down!” A woman is screaming and Tony lost his smile.)

“But?” Stephen asks. “Tony, if everything is fine, I call you later. Bye.” Tony is in shock.

“Okay,” doctor exhales and Tony isn’t in the mood. “Maybe-“

“Today night sounds good. You will come in tower,” Tony says and Pepper sees, he is not okay. “Now I'm taking Morgan for ice cream, I promised her.” He walks away.





“We brought a cake.” Christine says and puts it on the table. Tony is in kitchen, Peter a Harley helps him.

“Nice, it looks good!” Harley says. “You made it?” He asks Pepper.

“Yes,” Pepper nods and looks around.

“He is not here,” Harley whispers and Pepper smiles (it is fake smile).

“Daddy!” Morgan cries and Pepper goes to her but Morgan ignores her. Tony takes her in his arms.

“What’s wrong, Maguna?” Pepper jealous, Morgan love him more. Pepper is strict and Tony gave her everything.

“Where are they? Stephen promised me!” She hugs him. “I want see Zuri!” Tony is sad, Pepper sees it.

“Maybe-“ Pepper begins but in living room shines gold portal. Stephen and Zuri enters.

“Zuri!” Morgan screams.

Toni puts down on the floor and she runs to the girl. She hugs her and Pepper never sees Morgan happier. Pepper looks at the man and raises her eyebrow. She sees the portal closes and Stephen walks in the kitchen.

“Good evening,” Stephen says, “I don’t know-“

“If you called back, I would say: My therapist said me we have to dinner with Pepper and Christine. Because we have to get to know each other. But you never called back and-“

“I had a meeting, urgent meeting,” Stephen says and Pepper watches them. “Out of reality and out of time.” Pepper puts her hands on her chest.

“We heard a woman scream, she called you, honey.” Pepper says.

“That is absurd.” Stephen roll his eyes.


“Stephen-“ Tony begins and Pepper sees pain in his eyes.

“It was my ex-lover. And she screamed at her kids and-“

“It's not your other child?” Pepper provokes him and Stephen inhales.

“I don’t have kid.” Stephen growls. “Okay, I have Zuri. But no more. Just Zuri.” He says and frowns. “Why am I even telling you this?”

“Hm, dinner is ready. Zuri, Morgan go wash your hands!” Tony says and walks away. Pepper takes a step forward to him.

“You said it for him, not me. You wanted him to hear it. You know it.” Pepper gives him smug smile and walks away.






Harley, Peter, Zuri and Morgan watches kid’s movies in the living room. Pepper, Christine, Tony and Stephen sits in the kitchen.

“Can't bake who did it?” Stephen asks Christine and she rolls her eyes.

“Pepper, she is good.” Christine smiles happy and takes her wife hand.

“How did you meet?” He asks and Pepper frowns.

“You don’t know that?” Christine and Tony sighs.

“I call it decency,” Stephen answers with fake smile.

“When they were all gone, I was looking for you. I saw you as you fought with Iron man, and I looked for Pepper, I asked about you. She didn't know where Tony was and she didn't know you. I went to see her every day, she was broken. We went for coffee and got to know each other. We were friends when Tony came back, he said, you are-“ she sighs and Tony continues.

“I'm an alcoholic, they're the best friend and the two meet more and more. Then I realized what you said. Pepper and I get together, we have a wedding, we have a kid, and then I'm crazy. I'm an alcoholic again, working in my workroom and trying to create something. It changes when Morgan is born, everything is fine. Then I find that Pepper is cold to me because I'm starting to spend time in my workroom. She doesn't believe me, she thinks I'm drinking and taking drugs again, which is not true. We are getting a divorce. Then it appears TicTac and -“ Tony says but Stephen stops him.

“Yes, I know your story,” Stephen exhales. It hurts. “And I’m so sorry,” Stephen stands up. “It's my fault. Everything is my fault.” Stephen has a panic attack.

“What?” Pepper is in shock. Stephen is broken. She sees his pain. Christine had never seen him so devastated. She is in shock.

“Hey, Steph, we told about this and it’s fine.” Tony puts his hand on Stephen’s arm.

“No, it’s not fine, Tony. It’s my fault and I-“ Stephen shakes his head but Tony stops him.

“Steph, it is fine, really. Please, look at me,” Tony takes Stephen’s face on his hands and looks at Stephen’s eyes. Stephen looks at Tony’s brown eyes and he feels so good. Tony is here. Stephen’s love is here, he is alive. “It’s fine. We are here and everything is fine. We are fine.”

Chapter Text

Pepper and Christine goes away and the girls is in Morgan’s room. Peter and Harley watches a movie. Tony and Stephen is in kitchen and cleans up.

“Will you stay?” Tony asks him and Stephen freezes.


“Will you sleep here?” Stephen turns to Tony. He looks at Stephen’s face and he is forlorn.

“If you want.”

“I want it!” Tony screams fast and Stephen nods. “You know, I slept so well and it was nice and I want it again. I know, I'm forlorn and a fool, but-“ Stephen stops him. He feels nice too and he feels here like home.

“I liked it too, Tony.” Stephen gives him smile.

“Cool,” Tony nods and smiles. “Perfect,” he says. “But if you don’t want it, it’s fine and-“

“Tony,” Stephen stops him and takes a step to him. Stephen puts his hands on Tony’s shoulders. “I liked it. Really. I liked it so much. And it was so nice. I didn't feel lonely and I felt at peace. Waking up next to someone is nice. I forgot how good it is.” Stephen sees how Tony is red.

“You know,” Tony begins, “first a date and then a bed.” Tony flirts with him and Stephen smirks.

“But we had a date,” Stephen plays his game.

“Really? I forgot it, remind me.” Tony takes a step to him.

“Saturday. You and me and dinner and-“

“Peter, Harley and Morgan too,” Tony says and Stephen smiles.

“It was perfect date,” Stephen winks at him.

“I have not experienced better.” Tony smirks. “And you have to know, I like to cuddle in bed.”

“Oh, really?” Stephen raises his eyebrow. “My wrong. Now I know it and I will never forget it.”

“Excuse me,” Peter says and Tony and Stephen turns to him. “It's disgusting. And don't do it in the kitchen. I like this place.” Stephen frowns and sees like Tony is red.

“Don’t worry, Peter. We will only have sex in Tony’s big bed.” Stephen says and the boy moans.

“Jesus, I didn't want to hear this.” Peter walks away and Stephen turns to Tony.

“So where did we end up?” Stephen smiles.

“You wanted to wash the dishes.” Tony says and shows on plate and…

They cuddle that night. Tony smells good and Stephen wants to kiss him, he wants to love him. He wants to tell him: “I love you”. They sleeps contentedly, hugs and wakes up in an embrace. Stephen loves it and Tony? He too.





Now, Christine and Stephen are in the park with kids. Zuri and Morgan are chasing around. They sits on the bench and watches the kids.

“Sooo,” Christine begins, “you and Tony Stark?” She nudges him and Stephen turns to her and raises his eyebrow and smiles.

“You and Pepper Potts, really Christine?” She laughs and nods. “I’m in love, Christine but-“ he shakes his head, “We have no chance. We can’t.”

“Why?” She asks.

“It is complicated. I didn't fall in love with our Tony but… ”

“Stephen,” Christine puts her hand on Stephen’s leg, “I saw it. He is in love with you. He wants you.” Stephen nods and turns to the kids.

“Did you think,” he begins, “you'd leave Pepper because the baby's father is Tony? Because they have another chance.” He turns to her. He sees it. He knows her answer. “I have problems, I'm complicated and now I have a daughter.”Christine nods again.

“So, how?” Christine shows to Zuri.

“She is not from our reality. Stephen Strange in another dimension is her father and her mother name is Clea. But Zuri’s dimension now don’t exist. I need to find out why, protect her and then,” he exhales and frowns.

“And then?” She asks.

“She can’t be with me. I'll leave her, I'll give her the life she deserves. She forgets about me and someone adopts her-“ Christine stops him and she puts her hand on his shoulder.

“Stephen,” she begins, “you can’t. She love you. You are her dad. She want you.”

“You don’t understand it, Christine. I never will be good father and I will destroy her life. I will destroy her. She's not safe with me.” He shakes his head.

“Stephen-“ he stops her.

“Where’s Pepper?” He asks her.

“She has a day off. She went for a pedicure and a manicure. You know, women’s stuff, ” Christine smiles and Stephen nods. “Where’s Tony?”

“You know, SI. He is the CEO.” Stephen smirks. “So he has some meetings.”

“I understand, It’s strange,” Christine smiles. “He gave up, he’s not an Iron man, because of her,” she shows at Morgan, “and because of you.” She looks at him.

“What?” Stephen is confused.

“You don’t know it?” She smiles. “When he woke up, he was looking for you. He wanted you there. He asked me where you were, but I didn’t know the answer. He asked Wong. Hell, when he came to us, Pepper asked him how he was and as the Avengers. He said he was just going to meetings for you. Pepper didn't believe him, he screamed at her that he was not an Iron man. It was funny, Pepper was shocked. He said you gave him a second chance and he wants it. Pepper was upset, but I know she will be happy if he is happy. And Tony is happy with you, Stephen. You know it.” Stephen is in shock.


“Really.” Christine nods. She changes the subject to talk. She sees how much he is confused. “Does Zuri go to kindergarten?”

“Hm,” he begins, “Tony wants, Morgan and Zuri to be together. He'll do it, he told me.”

“It will be perfect! Morgan has problem with-“

“I know, he told me it.” Stephen nods. “It's so sad. She is intelligent and clever.”

“She and Zuri are the same. Intelligent and clever. You know she can write?” She asks him.

“Yes, I know it, Christine. I’m her dad.” Christine is happy and his answer… She knows, Stephen likes her.




Now Stephen and Tony is Tony’s apartment. Stephen hugs Zuri and Morgan is sad. Tony frowns. He doesn't want him to go away. He misses him. All day was chaotic. Tony worked, Stephen was all day with the girls and now… he have to go away.

“You'll come back soon, Daddy?” Zuri asks him and gives him kiss on his cheek. Morgan gives him hug and kiss too. She comes to Zuri and holds her hand. Morgan loves touches and she likes to hugs and Zuri like it.

“You go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up, I'll be here. Let's have pancakes!” Stephen says and smiles.

“Promise?” Zuri asks.

“Promise!” Stephen stand up and turns to Tony. “Listen to Tony and no ice cream!”

“It's not funny with you, doc,” Tony laughs and hugs Stephen. Stephen is in shock but hugs him too. “I'll be waiting for you in bed.” Tony whispers and Stephen smiles.

“Naked and ready for me?” Stephen whispers in Tony’s ear. Stephen loves Tony’s games.

“Your wish, darling,” Tony whispers and kisses him on his cheek. “Take care of yourself.” Stephen nods.

Stephen goes with the portal in Sanctum. He says Wong where he goes. Stephen goes with the portal to the agreed place. The man with black clothes awaits him there. He had only seen the man a few times, never seeing his face. Stephen thought his face was disfigured.

“Good afternoon,” Stephen says.

“Doctor Strange, I really like see you,” the man says, “how are you? How are Zuri?” Stephen is confused.

“How?” The man shows Stephen his face. The man looks like Stephen but older. More older. Stephen don’t understand it.

“You wants the answers and I give you it.” The man answers. “Your reality should not have existed. Dormammu was supposed to swallow her, but Zuri’s father protected her. But Clea don’t liked it. Her freedom for world, it was the deal. She wanted give him your world, because you weren't there.”

“But I came back and-“

“You shouldn't have come back. Tony Stark had to die. He was drunk and die from alcohol poisoning. Morgan was never born. But you changed it.” The man says.

“How? How could I change that?” Stephen asks him.

“You were looking for a reality where he would live, remember?” The man asks him and Stephen nods. “You were desperate. You fell in love with him and therefore did not look for a way to defeat Thanos but to save Tony as well. But you couldn't. The loop changed and you were looking for the reality where he lives. You saw my reality.” Stephen frowns.

“Your? I don’t understand.”

“In my reality is Tony dead, Morgan is alive and Thanos is in Soul stone. Natasha is dead and Clint is alive, he have family. Loki is dead. Captain he went back in time, became old and died. Christine and Wong disappeared. You saw it, right?” The old man asks him and Stephen nods. “In your reality is Loki alive he feigned death again. Natasha is alive and Clit is dead. He don’t have a family, because he loved Natasha all time and he didn't want to lose her. But Natasha all time is in love with Captain and now they are together. Clit’s family don’t exist, right? Just will you ask Tony. And your Captain never came back in time. The stones were returned by Carol and Rhodey. And they are together. Christine stayed. Wong stayed. Pepper was supposed to marry Happy after Tony's death, but-“ Stephen shakes his head.

“How you know it?” Stephen asks.

“I saw you universe, when I should the Time stone. Rogers gave me it and I played with time, for a while. I saw everything. Youruniverse is alive, because you are alive. You will be dead but your reality will be alive, because you have Zuri.” The old man says. “Your question: What with your Tony? You love him, he love you. Finish it, you made it. You can it. Your question: Why he is alive? Because you want it and it is your universe. You created it, you protected it and you love him. You wants be with him. The stones were not against you because you are the creator. This is answer. Your question: Zuri. Strange sent her, because she does not cause a paradox. She cannot be a paradox somewhere where reality should not have existed. Now, you understand?” Stephen nods. A lots of information.

“I understand it. But I can-“

“You can’t save all people, Stephen. That's not how it works. People live and die. You die, he dies but not now…” Stephen nods.

“What should I do?”

“Live, fight, love and let him love you, Stephen.” Stephen looks at the man, in his face.

“You loved him?” Stephen asks him.

“No,” he shakes his head, I just felt guilty. I still feel guilty and Morgan is dead.” Stephen frowns.

“How much-“

“A lot of time has passed. In my universe, time goes differently than in yours.” The old man softly.

“She will come to Zuri. What should I do?” Stephen asks.

“Fight for her. You know how.”

“I don’t know.” Stephen frowns.

“You know, you are better like her. Take to her to Kamar-Taj. Ask for the stone of your younger self and go back it. He can't be in your universe, Dormammu broke the deal, you can-“

“Time loop, I understand,” Stephen nods. “What should I do?”

“Live, fight, love and let him love you, Stephen.” The old man says it again.

“You're repeat.” Stephen puts his hands on his chest.

“You too. Now, you go. You have your answers. Call me in case of emergency.” The old man waves with his hands and Stephen is back in Sanctum.

“What the fuck!? Strange! You give me heart attack!” Wongs screams and puts his hand on the place where he have the heart.

“I have answers,” Stephen says and sighs. Wong frowns and gives his hands on his chest.


“Not now. Now I have to do something.” Stephen says.

He runs to his room, he takes a shower and changes his clothes. He goes with the portal in Tony’s apartment. It is night, runes is fine. He smiles and runs to Tony’s bedroom. Tony sits on his big bed and watches on his tablet.

“Hey,” Stephen exhales and Tony smiles. He puts the table on the bedside table.

“You are back,” Tony looks at him.

“Naked and ready for me?” Stephen asks him and smirks. Tony raises his eyebrow.

“Excuse me?”

“You can beg,” Stephen nods and climbs on the bed. He sits on Tony’s lap. Stephen puts his hand at Tony’s face. “Now I kiss you.” He says.

“Fine,” Tony sighs and puts his hand on Stephen’s hips. “I’m ready.”

Stephen kisses him. The kiss is slow and soft but changes to passionate. Stephen touches him: face, neck and Tony’s naked chest. Stephen feels Tony’s hand on his naked back. He pulls away and takes off his shirt. The shirt flies away. Tony touches Stephen’s body. Stephen sighs into Tony’s lips.

“Naked and ready for me?” Stephen asks him again and smiles in his lips.

“Naked and ready for you, darling.” Tony smiles and now Stephen lies on the bed and he is under Tony. They kisses.

Chapter Text

They lies in the bed, Tony’s head lies on Stephen’s chest and Stephen smiles. They are nude and happy, Stephen feels very happy. He looks at Tony and he loves him so much. He wants it and now… he has it.

“I love you, Tony,” he says and Tony opens his eyes. Stephen don’t have afraid, he is not ashamed of his words. “I really love you so much.” Tony turns to Stephen, and he looks at him with his big browns eyes and with love. Tony don’t have to say it, Stephen knows it. “You don’t have to say it. I can wait.”

Tony gives him lovely smile and kisses him. Just innocent and soft kiss. “I want it every night.” Tony says in Stephen lips. “I want you.”

“You have me.” Stephen smiles.


“I’m yours. I love you. My soul, my body is yours.” It’s promise. Tony is surprised and he lies at Stephen’s chest. Stephen’s fingers is in Tony’s soft hair. “You want to be Iron man.” It’s not question. “You are Iron man, you want it, you love it.”


“All time, I will be with you, Tony. I will be with you and with Iron man too. Don’t worry.” Stephen gives him kiss on the forehead. “I will protect you and you protect me, deal?”

Tony turns to him, smiles and kisses him. “Just good fucking with you and you are the Avenger?” Tony laughs. “I’d do it sooner, or send Carol or Rogers-“

Stephen stops him. Tony lies on his back and he is under Stephen. “I want just you. And I want you to be happy. I love you and I will not hold back. Never again.” Stephen puts his hand on Tony’s cheek and exhales. “I love you.” Stephen kisses him.

Tony gives his hand around Stephen’s neck. “What has happened?” Tony asks

“I know answers and I know everything.” Stephen says and kisses him again.

Tony stops him. “Tell me.” Stephen sighs and puts his head on Tony’s naked chest. “Please.”

“Call a meeting and I will say it only once,” Stephen says and looks at Tony’s eyes. “But just remember, I love you.”

“When?” Tony asks.

“I watched it… and I fell in love with you. You were very brave, selfless and kind,” Stephen exhales. “And I hadn’t chance say it you how much I love you.” Tony’s bigs browns eyes watches Stephen.

“Not once?”

“I hadn’t chance,” Stephen looks at Tony with sadness. “I always lost you.”

“But, I’m here. And you said me it,” Tony smiles and caress Stephen’s cheek.

“But at what a price, Tony.” Tony frowns but he is silence. “I will say them it and you can listen it but-“ Stephen sighs, “but Tony, please, don’t judge me. I just fell in love and I was stupid. And love fools make mistakes.” Tony don’t understand it.




“I love you, Christine,” Tony hears Stephen’s words and frowns.

“I stand next to her!” Pepper screams and Tony comes to the living room. Pepper, Christine and Stephen are here. Stephen hugs Christine and Tony don’t like it.

“I love you too, Stephen. And now you can say me, what wrong is?”

“Why you play his game?!” Pepper screams again.

“I want to know what happens?” Tony asks and he feels uncomfortable. Stephen stands next to him and gives him smile.

“Can they stay here, please? It is for an indefinite period.” Tony frowns, he don’t understand this situation. “Clea, is Zuri’s mother, she will come for here. But she doesn't get into the apartment. I gave here a protect runs and here is FRIDAY too. Tony, your apartment is very safe place.” Stephen explains.

“Why?” Tony asks.

“Clea she wants to hurt everyone.. Peter, Harley, Morgana and Zuri must stay here. Christine is my best friend and she is for me very important and I have to protect her and Pepper,” Stephen exhales, “Pepper is Christine’s wife and she carrie your baby. They must to stay here.” Pepper rolls her eyes.

“No, never.”

“Stephen, is it serious?” Christine asks him. She knows him.

“Yes, very serious.” He sighs.

“Christine! You can’t believe him!” Pepper puts her hands on her chest.

“I will and trust him.” She says and looks at Tony. “Tony, you believe him, right?” Stephen looks at Tony too.

“Yes, I trust him. He saved my life.”

“That's absurd.”

“It’s not forever, Pepper. It’s just… for a while. When she shows up, I'll catch her. But I need a plan.“ Stephen is hopeless. He wants they will be in safe.

“How much?” She asks.

“I don’t know.”

“Fuck! What you know?!” She screams.

“Oh my God, Pepper, calm down. He want just protect his family,” Tony says. “If you can’t it, you know, where is exit.” He shows at an elevator. “But Christine and Morgan stay here.”

“Pepper, please,” Christine holds her hand. “We have here everything.”

“It’s nonsense, but fine,” she says and they walks in the couch. Stephen smiles sadness.

Tony and Stephen gives Morgan and Zuri bye and with the portal they enters in the Compound. Wong and Rhodey are talking, Carol frowns, when she sees Tony and Stephen.

“You are here, doctor Strange,” she says when she comes to them. “Tony, I’m very happy that I see you.”

“Me too, Carol,” Tony smiles. “Is everyone here?”

“Jessica from the Defends and Susan from Fantastic four too, because they are pregnant. Hope and Scott is here, and Thor and Bruce wait us in the meeting room.” Carol says.

Together walks in the meeting room. Stephen sits and Tony sits to next to him and Stephen is nervous. In the room enters Rogue, Hope, Scott, T’Challa, Jessica and Susan. When they sits, Stephen stands up.

“I have some questions,” Stephen says, “maybe, they will painful questions but I need answers.” Stephen sees, Tony frowns. Nobody understand him. “Who retuned the stones? It was Mr. Rogers?” He asks and Rhodey and Carol frowns.

“No,” The super soldier says. “It was not me, why-“

Stephen stops him. “Maybe, major Danvers and colonel Rhodes?” They nods and Stephen exhales. “And now, you are together? Like a couple?” He asks and the colonel opens his mouth but Carol is faster.

“Why you know it?! It is our secret!” Stephen nods.

“Later, fine? Just give me one minute,” he says and turns at Natasha Romanoff. “Mrs. Romanoff. Mr. Barton had a family?” He looks at her and she frowns.

“Yes, he had a family. The Avengers was his family,” she says. “We were his family.”

“I think,” he begins, “he had a wife and kids?” Natasha shakes her head.

“No, he hadn’t. I would know. We were best friends.”

“Why you ask, doctor?” Carol asks. “Why-“

“Please,” Stephen stops her, “it is important, very important.” She frowns. “Now, I need just one answer,” she nods. “Thor, King of Asgard,” he begins and turns to big and muscular man, he sits next to doctor Banner. “Your brother, Loki, is still alive, right?” He asks.

“Loki is dead, I said it you,” doctor Banner says and frowns.

“Loki is dead, doctor wizard. Thanos killed him,” Stephen sighs and sits down. Shit, it was a true.

“He is still alive,” Stephen shakes his head.

“Steph, what’s wrong?” Tony asks him and puts his hand at Stephen’s thigh. “You are in the shock, just tell me, what’s wrong.”

“Tony,” Stephen exhales, he wants tell him the true but just shakes his head. “I have to go,” he says. “Loki is alive, just give me ten minutes and we will here.”

“WHAT!?” Thor screams and Stephen stands up. “It’s not true! He is dead! I saw it!”

“It was just trick, he ran in Saakar. He was dust like me, but he came back. And now, he is in Sakaar.” Thor frowns.

“Prove it, wizard!” Stephen nods, looks at Tony and opens his golden portal. Stephen goes away and Tony feels very annoying.

“What happened? What about his questions?” Carol asks and looks at Wong.

“Yesterday he had meet with someone. He told me that he have answers and then disappeared. I don’t know where he was and I don’t know what he have in his mind but-“ he shakes his head, “but he was very scared. I didn't see him so scared.” Wong turns to Tony. “You know anything, Stark?” He asks and all looks at Tony.

“W-what?” He stutters. “I? I don’t know nothing.” He shakes his head and Rhodey takes Tony’s hand and they walks to the wall. “What’s wrong, platypus?” Tony smiles. “Now you tell me your big secret?” Tony says it with irony.

“Tony, please,” Rhodey sighs, “it’s me. You can tell me it.” Rhodey whispers.

“I don’t know, really,” Tony says, “and you have a secret and I can it too,” Tony smirks. “Hm, you and Carol? Really? Cute.”

“And what you and your wizard?” Tony smirks.

“He love me and we had good fuck,” Rhodey raises his eyebrow and Tony smile. Rhodey wants to say anything but Stephen enters in the room with Loki.

“What the fuck?!” Rogers screams and Thor stands up and looks at Loki with shock.

“Brother,” Thor shakes his head and Tony walks to Stephen. The brothers hugs and Tony looks at Stephen’s face.

“You are okay?” Tony asks and Stephen nods and hugs him. “You look that you fought and that you were wounded.”

“I’m fine. I kidnapped Loki. That asshole didn't want to let him go.” Tony frowns. “But, I love you, remember my words, please.”

“I want to kiss you.” Tony whispers.

“Do it.” Stephen says.

“No, all looks at us.”

“You love attention, Tony,” Stephen smirks, “but fine, I do it.” Stephen kiss him and nobody sees it. They sees just illusion, Loki gives them a time.




Loki tell the his story and everyone is curious. Loki love this. Rogue don’t like him and give him angry looks but Tony give him a hug. Tony trusts Bruce and Thor and they tell that Loki was a slave to the Mind Stone.

“How you knew it?” Loki asks. “Nobody knew it, I died.”

“I-“ Stephen begins, “it’s complicated. But you are here, because I need you help. We can give them the explanation.” Stephen looks at Loki. “Supreme Sorcerer from another dimension gave me all answers.”

“From another dimension?” Loki asks, he was not in another dimension, he couldn't do it. Stephe nods.

“Yes, he used a Time Stone like me. That's why I gave up the stone.” Stephen hears Rogers growls.

“If you didn't give up, he-“

“It’s not easy!” Loki screams. “I gave Thanos the Space Stone! I protected Thor! Scream at me, not him! He was a Space Stone and he could teleport!” Loki is on Stephen side, it’s new.

“Brother, please, let the wizard speak.” Stephen nods.

“I saw millions of results. I was looking for victory,” Stephen says and turns to Tony, “but our universe had no chance to win.” Stephen exhales and hears scream, he sees Tony’s sad face. “I make this reality. I’m the Creator.”

“What?! You?! You can’t!” Thor stands up and screams.

“It's a possibility.” Wong says.

“The Creator? Really?! The Ceator is only God!” Rogers screams.

“What you saw?” Carol asks “How?”

“The Creator is powerful creature in space,” Loki says. He understand him. “The creator can create or transform reality. He had the Time Stone, he saw our potentially futures and he could choose. He was powerful creature from universe.” Loki says.

“He is human, he can’t be the Creator, brother,” Thor says and Stephen don’t know why he.

“The creators lived on Midgard,” Loki says, “Egyptians, Mayans and-“

“And more,” Wong says, “built magnificent monuments.” Loki nods and he uses his magic trick. A green magic shows the pyramids. “Peoples called them gods. Egyptian gods, Greek gods, Roman gods and more.”

“Fine, but what doctor Strange?” Rhodey asks. Stephen is lost in thought. Tony puts his hand on Stephen’s thigh.

“Thank you Loki and Wong,” he shakes his head, “I saw it and I fell in love. I didn't want my love to die, to sacrifice himself. I was looking for a way to save him.” Stephen says and Tony understand it. “I saw it and came back. The problem was, the victory was not ours. I stole the victory.”

“You could?” Rhodey asks and Stephen nods. Rogue whispers but Stephen ignores them.

“Yes, our universe should not exist. Tony,” Stephen looks at him, “Tony should have died. He should have been poisoned with alcohol. They should never have been back. But my words were in his mind.”

“You are our chance,” Tony whispers.

“It’s stupid!” Rogers screams and stands up. “"We will not listen your shits! Scott saved us!”

“Excuse me?!” Scott stand up too. “Tony make it! If he died, we would be wandering the quantum realm! We would never find stones!”

“Bruce-“ Rogers begins, but doctor Banner stops him.

“NO! I didn't know what to do! It was crazy!” Doctor stands up.

“Just Tony,” Stephen says. “It was always him. If he died, there was no chance of going back.” He exhales.

“And what about your stupid questions?” Romanoff asks and she gives her hands on her chest.

“Proofs,” Stephen says, “in another dimension you died, Barton had a family. Loki is dead and Rogers went back in time and stayed with Peggy Carter. He gave Same Willson his shield and now he is another Captain America. And-“ Stephen exhales and closes his eyes, “And Tony Stark is dead.”

“You created alternative world.” Loki says. “You are the Creator.”

“Prove it!” Thor screams.

“He did it!” Loki screams. “He saved Anothony’s life! The Stones do not fight against the Creator. They damaged, didn't kill.”

“God! It’s so stupid! I can’t hear it!” Rogers rolls his eyes. “We go away. It is very stupid,” he stands up and his team too. Carol and Rhodey, Scott and Hope is confused. Jessica, Susan and Bruce are silence.

“I trust him,” Tony says and Stephen turns to him and he sees Tony’s smile.

“The stones is powerful,” Bruce says, “and Tony is alive. No chance-“

“It was his magic tricks!” Rogers screams. “You saw it!”

“No, I did not see it,” Bruce shakes his head. “I saw how Tony lose his arm.” Stephen is injured. It hurts.

“If you are the Creator,” Thor begins

“He is the Creator,” Loki says.

“Our universe is your. You can create the stone.” Thor says.

“They are destroyed!” Rogers screams.

“The Creator can create new life, new planet. He can give life to the dead. He can turn back time,” Carol says, “I saw one the Creator, but now he is dead. He created new planet, it’s crazy but it’s true. If you’re the Creator, you can create them again.”

“The Creators are different,” Loki begins, “They haven’t the same abilities. Our wizard, haven’t to create new life or planet. He can do something else.”

“And the stones,” Wong says, “they are not destroyed. They are dust. It will reconnect when the time comes.” Stephen is silence, he close his eyes, prescribes the stones and he waves his hands. Stephen opens his eyes and the stones is here.

“What the fuck?!” In the room is scream.

“I said it!” Loki screams and speaks with Wong.

“We must destroy them!” Stephen hears Rogers scream.

In the room is red fog, Wanda stands up on the table and Stephen stands in front Tony. The Cloak takes the stones and stands next to Stephen. Stephen makes protect gold runs. Why she have day off?!

“If you are the Creator give back him!” Wanda screams. “I want him back!”

“Calm down.” Stephen says.

“I WANT HIM!” She screams and Loki uses his magic and red fog is away. “W-what happens?” She screams.

“We never have what we want,” Stephen says and a his protect runs are away. He turns to Tony and he give him smile. Stephen turns to Wanda. “When you calm down, Loki will return the magic to you.” He says.

“I WANT HIM!” She screams again. Stephen raises his eyebrow. “Give him back and you can have my magic. I- I want just him.”Wanda says and he sees her tears.

The stones soars next to Stephen and he exhales. He closes his eyes, he prescribes Vision, he opens his eyes and waves his hands. Vision is back and Mind stone is on his forehead. Everyone is silence, Wanda comes to Vision and hugs him. Wanda cries in his arms.

“Loki, this is yours,” Stephen says and blue stone soars in Loki.

“You give me the stone?” Stephen nods.

“Yes, you sacrificed yourself, he is yours.”

“You trust me?” Loki asks him with sad and Stephen nods again.

“Yes, I trust you,” Loki runs to Stephen and hugs him.

“Thank you,” Loki exhales and Stephen smiles. “Thank you and always I will be your side.”

“Ehm, how-“ Tony begins and stands next to Stephen, “I don't mind you hugging him at all, Loki,” Tony says it with sarcasm. “He is my wizard, find another, he is busy.” Stephen smiles with love and holds Tony’s hand.

“I love you,” Stephen says. “Just you.”

Chapter Text

Tony and Stephen have lunch in Tower with Morgan, Zuri, boys, Christine and Pepper. After the lunch pause Tony and Stephen comes in the Compound, in Tony’s lab they kisses and Stephen says him ‘I love you’. Stephen promises, he wants to give him a star, or the whole galaxy but Tony just wants Stephen’s kiss. After a lunch pause they continue.

“You have questions?” Stephen asks, when they are in the meeting room again.

“And where is the Infinity stones?” Banner asks. “You know-“

“I have the Time stone,” he shows his necklace (The Eye of Agamotto), “Loki have the Space stone and Vision have the Mind stone. The Soul stone, the Power stone and the Reality stone are a dust.” He says.

“Dust? But-“

“I’m the Creator, I can change their structure.” Stephen says. “This is a perfect solving.”

“What?! You gave Loki a Space stone, this is stupid! Not perfect solving!” Rogers screams.

“He trust me!” Loki screams.

“And I trust him too,” Thor says. “He is my brother.”

“Questions?” Stephen asks again.

“What you can create?” Rhodey asks.

“I don’t know, but I will find out.”

“Can you revive Clint?” Romanoff asks and Stephen shakes his head. “Why?”

“It’s not easy,” he begins, “he is not dead, he don’t has a soul. He made a deal. Soul for soul. He exchanged his soul for the Soul stone. He don’t has a soul and without a soul he can’t live.” Stephen gives her answer.

“Why we have to continue?” Wilson asks.

“Perfect question! You’re here, because I have big problem,” he begins, “my daughter Zuri isn’t from our universe. Her reality is broken. Her father, Supreme Sorcerer Stephen Strange, sent her here, because here she can’t make a paradox. She can’t be a paradox in the universe, which should not exist.” Stephen sees like they frowns.

“They don't understand, Stephen,” Wong says, “therefore you cannot be a teacher.”

“You know what is paradox. We spoke about this when I created the time bracelet,” Tony says, “and Stephen told before lunch pause why our universe continue because he is the Creator and if Stephen don’t make our universe we can’t exist. And broken universe is a… someone make a big mistake or a person make some paradox or a witch casts a powerful spell or Stephen’s wizards and witches is dead and more mistake. And the end of this is a broken reality, a broken universe. The end. *Fine. Capisto?” At the end he speaks Italian. Stephen is in shock.

“He read a lot, when he played with time,” Wong says.

“Your time, doc,” Tony winks at him.

“Zuri’s mother will come to her. Her name is Clea and she is from Dark Dimension. She can’t be here, for this we need to create a trap. I don’t know how powerful she is.” He says.

“If you are the Creator, can’t kill her?”Rogers asks him.

“She is from Dark Dimension,” Loki begins, “her magic is from Dark Dimension. She is powerful sorcerer, isn’t easy kill her. She is not part of our world, he cannot kill her. The fight will be challenging.”

“Why can't she take her with her? She'll take her and it'll be fine. No fight.” Rogers says and Carol rolls her eyes.

“You’re stupid?!” She screams. “If Clea will take her in another dimension, a reality will be broken, a universe will be broken. Zuri is a weapon!” She is angry. “Sorry doctor. Zuri is just kid and she he deserves to have an ordinary life.”

“But-“ Stephen begins, “if Zuri dies or disappears our reality, our universe die with her. She is a successor. She is my replacement. She will be next Supreme Sorcerer, she is next protector of the Earth. Her life is key.” Loki stands up and shakes his head.

“If you die, reality die too, right?” Stephen nods. “Oh hell”

“We must you protect.” Thor says. “It’s easy.”

“No me, Zuri. She is key. She must live. The generation must continue. Her role is very important.” Stephen says.

“You said generation,” Bruce says, “can't have you another child? You can to have another child and another successor, if-“

“Oh my God, no!” Stephen stops him and sits down, he is exhausted and tired.

“He can’t have kids,” Wong says, “his work is very dangerous and he isn’t good with kids-“

“Stephen is very good with kids!” Tony screams. “Morgan love him and he is her favorite Avenger.”

“Why you can’t have a kid?” Stephen hears this question but ignores it.

“We need a plan, now!” Stephen screams.

“Lure her? Loki changes form and-“ Loki stops Rhodey.

“She is powerful witch, she will feel it,” Loki says.

“I have a idea.”

Stephen sits and hears her, Tony’s hand is on Stephen’s thigh. Stephen don’t like it but he nods. He wants change this plane but-… but no one needs to know.




Tony is angry. He drinks his coffee, Rhodey sits next to him and speaks with Carol. They are in the kitchen. Tony watches Stephen and Loki how they talk happily in the living room.

“I don’t like it,” Thor says and he watches their too. “Loki has a plane, look at his hands! He is very happy. He'll do something! I know him so good.” Bruce sighs and drinks his tea.

“Thor and Tony, please-“ Bruce stops. Loki hugs Stephen and Tony stands up and runs to him in the living room. And Thor runs with Tony too.

“I told you! Stephen is my! Find someone else!” Tony screams and takes Stephen’s hand, they goes away.

“Loki! You can’t it! This wizard is dating with Tony!” Thor screams and Loki rolls his eyes and teleports away. Thor growls.

Stephen and Tony comes to Tony’s lab. Tony sighs in frustration and closes his eyes. “What was that?”

“You’re jealous?”

“Oh my God, Stephen!” Tony screams. “Yes I do it! I'm very jealous! Getting you was infinite and now? There is Loki and hugs you and-“ Stephen kisses Tony.

“I love you Anthony. Just you.” Tony sighs and nods.


“It’s very secret, Tony,” Stephen whispers and Tony nods again.

“FRIDAY, secret mode,” Tony says and FRIDAY lock the lab and turns off the light. Golden mandalas turns on around them. That is the only light.

“Wow,” Stephen is surprised.

“Now, just you and I. No one can listen to us.” Stephen smiles and kisses Tony again.

“I and Loki have a plane,” Tony frowns.


“Rogers it’s- He'll do something. I feel it. He don’t like our plane and I want to test him. His loyalty.” Stephen says and Tony nods.

“Good idea,” Tony smirks and kisses his sorcerer. “Whose idea?”

“Loki. Loki came up with a test, he saw me looking at Rogers, and figured it out.” Tony nods.

“And the plan is?”




Cames a fake problem, it created Loki and Stephen and they tested Rogue Avengers. Stephen had a true. Rogers and his happy band protested. Trolls from another dimension they quickly left Earth as they came. Stephen wanted to negotiate and Rogers wanted to fight. Loki wanted to negotiate and Thor agreed with his brother, even though he wanted to fight. Tony believed Stephen and Avengers agreed with Stephen’s plan. Rogers was very angry, Romanoff was huffy, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a silence. This was a first test, second test arrived soon. Loki changed his form, he played on Clea and he contacted Rogers. Tony, Rhodey, Carol and Wong knew their plane.

“I want just my daughter, no more,” Clea (Loki) begs when she meets with Rogers and Romanoff. “Zuri is my everything, Strange is not good human,” she (he) cries, “in my dimension he tortured me, abused me…” Loki is good actor.

Rogers says her (him) everything and Natasha don’t like it. Rogers says Clea (Loki) that Zuri is in Stark Tower, but there is place very secure, Tony’s AI FRIDAY and Strange’s magic. When he was at the end, comes there Stephen, Tony, Carol and Rhodey. Loki changes his form and Rogers and Romanoff were caught in a trap…




Clea is in New York, Stephen feels her magic. He don’t like a plan but….

It is very nice weather, the sun is shining. Tony, Morgan, Zuri and Stephen is in the park. A normal picnic. Carol and Rhodey is in the park too, they have a date. Loki, Thor and Wong is in Stark Tower and they waits. Hope and Scott is “little” and they are with Rhodey and Carol.

“Daddy? Can I have ice cream?” Morgan asks Tony and he nods.

“Later, okay? Now just eats your watermelon.” Morgan nods and Zuri eats his watermelon. Stephen sighs. Clea is close…

Her white hair is shining, Stephen knows her. Stephen stands up and Tony knows, that is a signal. Tony stands forward the girls. Appears purple mist, Clea’s illusion. Stephen summons his golden shields and screams Loki’ s name. Loki teleports Tony, Morgan and Zuri in the Stark Tower. It was not plan, but Stephen does not want to take risks. Clea screams with angry, she wants to follows Loki…

“You can’t go!” Stephen screams and around her is golden cage - magic prison. She is in the trap - now just Stephen and Clea. “I won’t let you.”

“She is not your daughter!” She screams and turns to him. “She never will! You killed her real father!” He didn't give her an answer. He sees like Carol and Thor walks to them.

“You have nothing to do here, Clea. This place is not your dimension,” he says calmly and next to him opens a golden portal and comes to them Wong and the cloak. The cloak settles on his shoulders and his clothes change. He has on his neck Eye of Agamotto. She is in shock.

“H-how?” Stephen opens a portal under her, he opens the Eye and he creates time loop and he follows her. Now, they are in the Dark Dimension.

“Dormammu, this things is yours,” Stephen says and he gives his hands on his chest and frowns. “You broke our agreement!” He screams and he hears angry growls. “What should I do?”

“Nothing!” He screams. “Just go away! Get out!” He screams.

“The penalty must be.”

“Clea will never enter your universe again,” Dormammu says it, “if she do it, she dies. It will tear her apart.” Dormammu sends a purple spell to Clea, she is bound in purple mist.

“Fine, I accept this.” Stephen nods.

“How long have we not seen each other?” Stephen asks him. He knows time is very different.

“Just a few days,” he growls and Stephen smiles.

“I go away,” Stephen say.

“Get out!” He screams and Stephen opens the gold portal and comes in the park.

In the park is nobody and now is dark night, he frown. He opens the portal in the Tower and enters in the living room. Tony sits on the couch and the alcohol bottle stands on the table. In the room is mess and chaos. Stephen frowns.

“Tony?” Stephen says silence and the man looks at him. Tony stands up and turns to him. Tony shakes his head and sits down.

“It is just a hallucination, he is not here. It is a hallucination,” Tony repeats. “Just a hallucination or a dream. Yeah, it’s just a dream. He is not here. It is a dream.”

“Tony,” Stephen says it again and Tony turns to him and shakes his head.

“Oh God, he is like real,” Tony sighs and shakes his head. “A dream, Tony, it’s just a dream or a hallucination because you’re alcoholic. Yeah and you drank the whole bottle, you are drunk and now you have a hallucination.”

“Tony,” Stephen walks to him. “I’m here, it isn’t a dream, it isn’t a hallucination.” Stephen says sadly. “I’m here, really. You're not sleeping.”

“Stephen?” He nods and Tony stands up and runs to Stephen. Hugs him. Stephen hugs him too and Tony cries. “You are here.” Tony sighs and puts his hands on Stephen’s face. “You are here.”

“Yes, I’m.” Stephen nods.

“Stephen,” he sighs and kisses him. “We thought you were dead…” he hugs him. “You were gone three months, Steph.”

“Oh,” Stephen exhales. “I don’t know-“ Tony stops him and kisses him.

“I love you,” Tony says and kisses him again, “I love you, I love you so much.”

Stephen smiles. “I love you too.”

“I love you so much, Steph,” he says it again and kisses him. “I hate myself,” Tony exhales, “because I don’t said it you I’m in love-“

Stephen kisses him. “I know it, Tony.”

“I love you.”


They made love in the bed and after the shower they comes in Pepper’s and Christine’s home. Zuri cries and hugs him, she doesn't want to let him go anymore. Morgan hugs him too and she is happy. Christine hugs him and Pepper too. Pepper will present him, his young son: Matteo Luca Stark.






Zuri and Stephen lives in Stark Tower with Tony, Morgan and Matteo. Pepper and Christine lives in the Tower too, because it is easy. Christine works in the hospital, Pepper is still CEO with Tony and Stephen… Stephen is Avenger and Supreme Sorcerer.

One year later (after Clea’s attack) Tony gives Stephen a suggestion and Stephen says yes. The wedding is not big, just Tony, Stephen, Pepper, kids (Zuri, Morgan, Matteo, Peter with MJ and Harley with Cassie) Loki, Wong and Carol with Rhodey.

And what Rogue Avengers? Rogers and Romanoff is just consultants. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is Avengers. Wanda and Vision travel the world, Wanda is still learning on Kamar-Taj and Vision is Avengers. Loki helps Stephen and they are friends and Tony? Tony is still jealous.