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Her name is Zuri Strange.

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They lies in the bed, Tony’s head lies on Stephen’s chest and Stephen smiles. They are nude and happy, Stephen feels very happy. He looks at Tony and he loves him so much. He wants it and now… he has it.

“I love you, Tony,” he says and Tony opens his eyes. Stephen don’t have afraid, he is not ashamed of his words. “I really love you so much.” Tony turns to Stephen, and he looks at him with his big browns eyes and with love. Tony don’t have to say it, Stephen knows it. “You don’t have to say it. I can wait.”

Tony gives him lovely smile and kisses him. Just innocent and soft kiss. “I want it every night.” Tony says in Stephen lips. “I want you.”

“You have me.” Stephen smiles.


“I’m yours. I love you. My soul, my body is yours.” It’s promise. Tony is surprised and he lies at Stephen’s chest. Stephen’s fingers is in Tony’s soft hair. “You want to be Iron man.” It’s not question. “You are Iron man, you want it, you love it.”


“All time, I will be with you, Tony. I will be with you and with Iron man too. Don’t worry.” Stephen gives him kiss on the forehead. “I will protect you and you protect me, deal?”

Tony turns to him, smiles and kisses him. “Just good fucking with you and you are the Avenger?” Tony laughs. “I’d do it sooner, or send Carol or Rogers-“

Stephen stops him. Tony lies on his back and he is under Stephen. “I want just you. And I want you to be happy. I love you and I will not hold back. Never again.” Stephen puts his hand on Tony’s cheek and exhales. “I love you.” Stephen kisses him.

Tony gives his hand around Stephen’s neck. “What has happened?” Tony asks

“I know answers and I know everything.” Stephen says and kisses him again.

Tony stops him. “Tell me.” Stephen sighs and puts his head on Tony’s naked chest. “Please.”

“Call a meeting and I will say it only once,” Stephen says and looks at Tony’s eyes. “But just remember, I love you.”

“When?” Tony asks.

“I watched it… and I fell in love with you. You were very brave, selfless and kind,” Stephen exhales. “And I hadn’t chance say it you how much I love you.” Tony’s bigs browns eyes watches Stephen.

“Not once?”

“I hadn’t chance,” Stephen looks at Tony with sadness. “I always lost you.”

“But, I’m here. And you said me it,” Tony smiles and caress Stephen’s cheek.

“But at what a price, Tony.” Tony frowns but he is silence. “I will say them it and you can listen it but-“ Stephen sighs, “but Tony, please, don’t judge me. I just fell in love and I was stupid. And love fools make mistakes.” Tony don’t understand it.




“I love you, Christine,” Tony hears Stephen’s words and frowns.

“I stand next to her!” Pepper screams and Tony comes to the living room. Pepper, Christine and Stephen are here. Stephen hugs Christine and Tony don’t like it.

“I love you too, Stephen. And now you can say me, what wrong is?”

“Why you play his game?!” Pepper screams again.

“I want to know what happens?” Tony asks and he feels uncomfortable. Stephen stands next to him and gives him smile.

“Can they stay here, please? It is for an indefinite period.” Tony frowns, he don’t understand this situation. “Clea, is Zuri’s mother, she will come for here. But she doesn't get into the apartment. I gave here a protect runs and here is FRIDAY too. Tony, your apartment is very safe place.” Stephen explains.

“Why?” Tony asks.

“Clea she wants to hurt everyone.. Peter, Harley, Morgana and Zuri must stay here. Christine is my best friend and she is for me very important and I have to protect her and Pepper,” Stephen exhales, “Pepper is Christine’s wife and she carrie your baby. They must to stay here.” Pepper rolls her eyes.

“No, never.”

“Stephen, is it serious?” Christine asks him. She knows him.

“Yes, very serious.” He sighs.

“Christine! You can’t believe him!” Pepper puts her hands on her chest.

“I will and trust him.” She says and looks at Tony. “Tony, you believe him, right?” Stephen looks at Tony too.

“Yes, I trust him. He saved my life.”

“That's absurd.”

“It’s not forever, Pepper. It’s just… for a while. When she shows up, I'll catch her. But I need a plan.“ Stephen is hopeless. He wants they will be in safe.

“How much?” She asks.

“I don’t know.”

“Fuck! What you know?!” She screams.

“Oh my God, Pepper, calm down. He want just protect his family,” Tony says. “If you can’t it, you know, where is exit.” He shows at an elevator. “But Christine and Morgan stay here.”

“Pepper, please,” Christine holds her hand. “We have here everything.”

“It’s nonsense, but fine,” she says and they walks in the couch. Stephen smiles sadness.

Tony and Stephen gives Morgan and Zuri bye and with the portal they enters in the Compound. Wong and Rhodey are talking, Carol frowns, when she sees Tony and Stephen.

“You are here, doctor Strange,” she says when she comes to them. “Tony, I’m very happy that I see you.”

“Me too, Carol,” Tony smiles. “Is everyone here?”

“Jessica from the Defends and Susan from Fantastic four too, because they are pregnant. Hope and Scott is here, and Thor and Bruce wait us in the meeting room.” Carol says.

Together walks in the meeting room. Stephen sits and Tony sits to next to him and Stephen is nervous. In the room enters Rogue, Hope, Scott, T’Challa, Jessica and Susan. When they sits, Stephen stands up.

“I have some questions,” Stephen says, “maybe, they will painful questions but I need answers.” Stephen sees, Tony frowns. Nobody understand him. “Who retuned the stones? It was Mr. Rogers?” He asks and Rhodey and Carol frowns.

“No,” The super soldier says. “It was not me, why-“

Stephen stops him. “Maybe, major Danvers and colonel Rhodes?” They nods and Stephen exhales. “And now, you are together? Like a couple?” He asks and the colonel opens his mouth but Carol is faster.

“Why you know it?! It is our secret!” Stephen nods.

“Later, fine? Just give me one minute,” he says and turns at Natasha Romanoff. “Mrs. Romanoff. Mr. Barton had a family?” He looks at her and she frowns.

“Yes, he had a family. The Avengers was his family,” she says. “We were his family.”

“I think,” he begins, “he had a wife and kids?” Natasha shakes her head.

“No, he hadn’t. I would know. We were best friends.”

“Why you ask, doctor?” Carol asks. “Why-“

“Please,” Stephen stops her, “it is important, very important.” She frowns. “Now, I need just one answer,” she nods. “Thor, King of Asgard,” he begins and turns to big and muscular man, he sits next to doctor Banner. “Your brother, Loki, is still alive, right?” He asks.

“Loki is dead, I said it you,” doctor Banner says and frowns.

“Loki is dead, doctor wizard. Thanos killed him,” Stephen sighs and sits down. Shit, it was a true.

“He is still alive,” Stephen shakes his head.

“Steph, what’s wrong?” Tony asks him and puts his hand at Stephen’s thigh. “You are in the shock, just tell me, what’s wrong.”

“Tony,” Stephen exhales, he wants tell him the true but just shakes his head. “I have to go,” he says. “Loki is alive, just give me ten minutes and we will here.”

“WHAT!?” Thor screams and Stephen stands up. “It’s not true! He is dead! I saw it!”

“It was just trick, he ran in Saakar. He was dust like me, but he came back. And now, he is in Sakaar.” Thor frowns.

“Prove it, wizard!” Stephen nods, looks at Tony and opens his golden portal. Stephen goes away and Tony feels very annoying.

“What happened? What about his questions?” Carol asks and looks at Wong.

“Yesterday he had meet with someone. He told me that he have answers and then disappeared. I don’t know where he was and I don’t know what he have in his mind but-“ he shakes his head, “but he was very scared. I didn't see him so scared.” Wong turns to Tony. “You know anything, Stark?” He asks and all looks at Tony.

“W-what?” He stutters. “I? I don’t know nothing.” He shakes his head and Rhodey takes Tony’s hand and they walks to the wall. “What’s wrong, platypus?” Tony smiles. “Now you tell me your big secret?” Tony says it with irony.

“Tony, please,” Rhodey sighs, “it’s me. You can tell me it.” Rhodey whispers.

“I don’t know, really,” Tony says, “and you have a secret and I can it too,” Tony smirks. “Hm, you and Carol? Really? Cute.”

“And what you and your wizard?” Tony smirks.

“He love me and we had good fuck,” Rhodey raises his eyebrow and Tony smile. Rhodey wants to say anything but Stephen enters in the room with Loki.

“What the fuck?!” Rogers screams and Thor stands up and looks at Loki with shock.

“Brother,” Thor shakes his head and Tony walks to Stephen. The brothers hugs and Tony looks at Stephen’s face.

“You are okay?” Tony asks and Stephen nods and hugs him. “You look that you fought and that you were wounded.”

“I’m fine. I kidnapped Loki. That asshole didn't want to let him go.” Tony frowns. “But, I love you, remember my words, please.”

“I want to kiss you.” Tony whispers.

“Do it.” Stephen says.

“No, all looks at us.”

“You love attention, Tony,” Stephen smirks, “but fine, I do it.” Stephen kiss him and nobody sees it. They sees just illusion, Loki gives them a time.




Loki tell the his story and everyone is curious. Loki love this. Rogue don’t like him and give him angry looks but Tony give him a hug. Tony trusts Bruce and Thor and they tell that Loki was a slave to the Mind Stone.

“How you knew it?” Loki asks. “Nobody knew it, I died.”

“I-“ Stephen begins, “it’s complicated. But you are here, because I need you help. We can give them the explanation.” Stephen looks at Loki. “Supreme Sorcerer from another dimension gave me all answers.”

“From another dimension?” Loki asks, he was not in another dimension, he couldn't do it. Stephe nods.

“Yes, he used a Time Stone like me. That's why I gave up the stone.” Stephen hears Rogers growls.

“If you didn't give up, he-“

“It’s not easy!” Loki screams. “I gave Thanos the Space Stone! I protected Thor! Scream at me, not him! He was a Space Stone and he could teleport!” Loki is on Stephen side, it’s new.

“Brother, please, let the wizard speak.” Stephen nods.

“I saw millions of results. I was looking for victory,” Stephen says and turns to Tony, “but our universe had no chance to win.” Stephen exhales and hears scream, he sees Tony’s sad face. “I make this reality. I’m the Creator.”

“What?! You?! You can’t!” Thor stands up and screams.

“It's a possibility.” Wong says.

“The Creator? Really?! The Ceator is only God!” Rogers screams.

“What you saw?” Carol asks “How?”

“The Creator is powerful creature in space,” Loki says. He understand him. “The creator can create or transform reality. He had the Time Stone, he saw our potentially futures and he could choose. He was powerful creature from universe.” Loki says.

“He is human, he can’t be the Creator, brother,” Thor says and Stephen don’t know why he.

“The creators lived on Midgard,” Loki says, “Egyptians, Mayans and-“

“And more,” Wong says, “built magnificent monuments.” Loki nods and he uses his magic trick. A green magic shows the pyramids. “Peoples called them gods. Egyptian gods, Greek gods, Roman gods and more.”

“Fine, but what doctor Strange?” Rhodey asks. Stephen is lost in thought. Tony puts his hand on Stephen’s thigh.

“Thank you Loki and Wong,” he shakes his head, “I saw it and I fell in love. I didn't want my love to die, to sacrifice himself. I was looking for a way to save him.” Stephen says and Tony understand it. “I saw it and came back. The problem was, the victory was not ours. I stole the victory.”

“You could?” Rhodey asks and Stephen nods. Rogue whispers but Stephen ignores them.

“Yes, our universe should not exist. Tony,” Stephen looks at him, “Tony should have died. He should have been poisoned with alcohol. They should never have been back. But my words were in his mind.”

“You are our chance,” Tony whispers.

“It’s stupid!” Rogers screams and stands up. “"We will not listen your shits! Scott saved us!”

“Excuse me?!” Scott stand up too. “Tony make it! If he died, we would be wandering the quantum realm! We would never find stones!”

“Bruce-“ Rogers begins, but doctor Banner stops him.

“NO! I didn't know what to do! It was crazy!” Doctor stands up.

“Just Tony,” Stephen says. “It was always him. If he died, there was no chance of going back.” He exhales.

“And what about your stupid questions?” Romanoff asks and she gives her hands on her chest.

“Proofs,” Stephen says, “in another dimension you died, Barton had a family. Loki is dead and Rogers went back in time and stayed with Peggy Carter. He gave Same Willson his shield and now he is another Captain America. And-“ Stephen exhales and closes his eyes, “And Tony Stark is dead.”

“You created alternative world.” Loki says. “You are the Creator.”

“Prove it!” Thor screams.

“He did it!” Loki screams. “He saved Anothony’s life! The Stones do not fight against the Creator. They damaged, didn't kill.”

“God! It’s so stupid! I can’t hear it!” Rogers rolls his eyes. “We go away. It is very stupid,” he stands up and his team too. Carol and Rhodey, Scott and Hope is confused. Jessica, Susan and Bruce are silence.

“I trust him,” Tony says and Stephen turns to him and he sees Tony’s smile.

“The stones is powerful,” Bruce says, “and Tony is alive. No chance-“

“It was his magic tricks!” Rogers screams. “You saw it!”

“No, I did not see it,” Bruce shakes his head. “I saw how Tony lose his arm.” Stephen is injured. It hurts.

“If you are the Creator,” Thor begins

“He is the Creator,” Loki says.

“Our universe is your. You can create the stone.” Thor says.

“They are destroyed!” Rogers screams.

“The Creator can create new life, new planet. He can give life to the dead. He can turn back time,” Carol says, “I saw one the Creator, but now he is dead. He created new planet, it’s crazy but it’s true. If you’re the Creator, you can create them again.”

“The Creators are different,” Loki begins, “They haven’t the same abilities. Our wizard, haven’t to create new life or planet. He can do something else.”

“And the stones,” Wong says, “they are not destroyed. They are dust. It will reconnect when the time comes.” Stephen is silence, he close his eyes, prescribes the stones and he waves his hands. Stephen opens his eyes and the stones is here.

“What the fuck?!” In the room is scream.

“I said it!” Loki screams and speaks with Wong.

“We must destroy them!” Stephen hears Rogers scream.

In the room is red fog, Wanda stands up on the table and Stephen stands in front Tony. The Cloak takes the stones and stands next to Stephen. Stephen makes protect gold runs. Why she have day off?!

“If you are the Creator give back him!” Wanda screams. “I want him back!”

“Calm down.” Stephen says.

“I WANT HIM!” She screams and Loki uses his magic and red fog is away. “W-what happens?” She screams.

“We never have what we want,” Stephen says and a his protect runs are away. He turns to Tony and he give him smile. Stephen turns to Wanda. “When you calm down, Loki will return the magic to you.” He says.

“I WANT HIM!” She screams again. Stephen raises his eyebrow. “Give him back and you can have my magic. I- I want just him.”Wanda says and he sees her tears.

The stones soars next to Stephen and he exhales. He closes his eyes, he prescribes Vision, he opens his eyes and waves his hands. Vision is back and Mind stone is on his forehead. Everyone is silence, Wanda comes to Vision and hugs him. Wanda cries in his arms.

“Loki, this is yours,” Stephen says and blue stone soars in Loki.

“You give me the stone?” Stephen nods.

“Yes, you sacrificed yourself, he is yours.”

“You trust me?” Loki asks him with sad and Stephen nods again.

“Yes, I trust you,” Loki runs to Stephen and hugs him.

“Thank you,” Loki exhales and Stephen smiles. “Thank you and always I will be your side.”

“Ehm, how-“ Tony begins and stands next to Stephen, “I don't mind you hugging him at all, Loki,” Tony says it with sarcasm. “He is my wizard, find another, he is busy.” Stephen smiles with love and holds Tony’s hand.

“I love you,” Stephen says. “Just you.”