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I’d Trade All My Tomorrows For Just One Yesterday

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“Alright I’ve found a case” Dean said standing up and walking to the doorway.

“Dude come on! We’ve been doing back to back hunts for weeks now. Chuck is gone, and Jack is taking care of the world. We can take a break.” Sam argued

“We don’t need a break. We got this come on.” Dean insisted

“Alright what’s the case?” Sam asked defeated

“Glad you asked. There’s been three people who’ve gone missing in Rolla Missouri.”

“Dean that’s not a case.”

“That’s not all. One person turned up drained.”

“Drained? As in...” Sam trailed off

“I’m thinking vampire.” Dean stated “wheels up in ten.”

Sam sighed as Dean left the room. He was seriously worried about his brother. The back to back cases on a constant basis was not unusual. They both did it when they were low. But the only thing that Sam could think of that was wearing on Dean was Castiel’s death. Dean hadn’t even said much about it. All Sam knew was the angel had saved Dean’s life, again, but he’d lost his own. Dean wouldn’t say much more.

Sam made his way to the garage where Dean was waiting. They got in Baby and headed off to Missouri.

About an hour in San turned down the music and spoke up.

“So when are we going to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” Dean asked defensively

“You dragging us on constant back to back cases. C’mon the only time we do this many hunts when one of us is running from something. Dean what are you running from?”

“Sam I’m fine. I just want to hunt.”

“That’s bullshit and you and I both know it.”

“The please enlighten me what exactly am I running from?”

Sam took a deep breath “Cas’s death.”

Dean clutched the steering wheel and fought with himself to maintain his marble exterior.

“When are you going to tell me what happened?” Sam pried

Dean tried to respond, but he had nothing to say. He couldn’t tell Sam what went down. He couldn’t.

“Please.” Sam pleaded “I know you two had that ‘profound bond’, but he was my friend too.”

“Billie attacked us and Cas saved me. That’s it.” Dean said turning up the music again.

‘Great’ Sam thought ‘this should be a fun six hours.’

When they arrived in Rolla the first order of business was to go to the coroner’s office to inspect the body.

“Here we go.” Dr. Walsh, the coroner, said bringing out the victim’s body. “Meet Arya Taylor age eighteen. Whole life ahead of her, and she disappears only to turn up dead a week later.”

“May we have a few minutes?” Dean asked

“Of course.”

Once Dr. Walsh had left the room the boys got to work looking for marks on the body.

“Found something.” Dean said pointing to a small prick on the victim’s neck.

“Djinn?” Sam asked

“There’s no other marks so that seems like our most likely option.” Dean agreed

The boys called Dr. Walsh back in and thanked her for her time.

Now all the boys had to do was find it and kill it.