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Picking at the grass under his hands, the young pink haired boy listened to his grandfather’s distant argument with the neighbor who was complaining about the boy nearly killing his son and wanting compensation.

Scoffing, the boy runs his bandaged hands through the grass. Minding the living bugs scurrying away from his touch when he got too close.

“You shouldn’t hurt them, you know?” The new voice startled the boy for a moment. It was sudden as he looked up and saw another boy that looked identical to him stared boredly down at the ants now crawling up the boy’s stalled arms with his golden eyes.

“Who are you?” Furrowing his brows as the boy’s eyes looked into his own confused red. Long past the shock of the new voice, instead focusing on the boy laying in the grass.

A blink and the golden eyed boy was squatting in front of him, “A stranger.” Another and the boy was suddenly standing behind him. Standing up, he faces the golden eyed boy, noting the way the yellow sweatshirt he was wearing was suddenly turning into a white kimono with black trimmings, “You ate my finger, boy.”

Stunned by the words, the boy follows after the golden eyed boy. Noting that he was taller than the boy as soon as he caught up, “Huh? I don’t remember eating anything so… gross.”

Gold flickered towards him for a moment before they both stopped, “You did. Remember when those bullies made you eat something against your will?”

The red eyed boy thought about it for a moment before narrowing his eyes, “That was before the accident…” Accident referring to the one that killed his poor mother and irritating sister. The day he stayed home instead of going with them to the beach in fear of them seeing his bruises, “What does that have to…” A look into those eyes again and the boy gulps, “No way…”

“Yeah way.” Suddenly grinning, the golden eyed boy moves till their noses touch, “You’re stuck with me!”

“Hey, what do you mean by that-”

“Sukuna!” Turning away, Sukuna looked up as his grandfather waved at him to come closer. He looked furious.

Sighing, Sukuna turns away for a moment, “Hey, what was your name anyways--” His red eyes widened when he realized the golden eyed boy was suddenly gone, “What the hell…?


Gritting his teeth, Sukuna turns back around, “I’m coming old man! Shut up!”

“You say that one more time you--”




Sukuna had seen the boy on and off since then. It wasn’t till the fourth visit did Sukuna realize nobody else could see the odd kimono wearing kid till his grandfather came up asking him who he was talking to while the boy smiled innocently when Sukuna glared at him briefly.

“Nobody.” Looking back up at his grandfather who stared at him incredulously.

Now, Sukuna was staring at the foot of the man’s bed as the man took his last breaths. Sukuna himself was a bit out of breath too after sprinting here after he overthrew the track coach so he didn’t have to leave the lousy Occult Research Club. The old man was muttering something about his parents as he tried to listen, but it only slipped out of the other ear as a subtle sizzling fried his mind. A broke father who ran off and died, leaving a mother he couldn’t even remember besides a sweet melody in the back of his head keeping him from throwing himself or somebody else off a cliff.

“I… I’m sorry.” Sukuna felt numb at the words. Watching as the man died with regret in his eyes.

Reaching out, he covered his grandfather’s eyes. Resting his hand over them as the other hand reached for the phone. Sitting on the edge of the bed as it dipped under his weight while he waited for a nurse to answer.

Hello? ” Sukuna remained silent. Processing, “ Mr Itadori?

Taking a deep breath, Sukuna lets the words slip past his lips finally, “He’s dead.” It sounded so empty on his tongue. Eyes drifting to another pair of feet in the room. Looking up to see the unnamed pink haired teen staring at them with mourningful golden eyes. His pink hair was still as bright as Sukuna’s was as a kid. Now a darker red as he grew older. He felt bitter as he watched tears slip past those golden eyes as if he was crying because Sukuna couldn’t.

He was already walking out of the room when a nurse arrived, leaving the phone dangling by the wall. The golden eyed teen’s steps falling in time with his own.

Another glance, Sukuna wondered why he was so short and thin compared to himself. They looked almost identical as children, but now he was taller, buffer while the other stayed shorter, more thin.

Another moment and he was signing papers with bags over his shoulders. Ignoring the nurses as they spoke to him like he even gave a damn in the first place, “Dead people are dead people.” He mutters after a particular question about the possible shock from watching his own grandfather pass.

Pushing the papers forward, Sukuna remained silent as he turned to leave when footsteps startled his ears suddenly. Looking up, he sees some boy with long eyes lashes and spikey hair that reminded him of a porcupine glared at him, “Itadori Sukuna, correct?” He looked annoyed, or was it just barely confused anger? Whatever it was, Sukuna really didn’t want any part in it, “I’m Fushiguro from Jujutsu High. I’d like to have a word with you. Now.”

A glance to his left and he can see the pink haired teen eyeing the porcupine with a calculating expression before returning the brief gaze and nodding, “Sure.” Taking the bags with him as he followed the other teen. Ignoring the golden eyed boy’s sudden breath on his neck where he clung to Sukuna’s back like a child. Sukuna had half the mind to call him a brat, but he didn’t want to do it in public… or rather, not in front of this kid, “I’m supposed to be mourning right now, asshole. Let’s hurry it up.” Ignoring the way the porcupine bristled at the words.

“Sorry, but there’s no time. The curse object you possess is very dangerous.” Sukuna watches as the golden eyed boy circled the porcupine. Something in his own guts felt a little annoyed by the attention being given to the unknowing porcupine that’d shiver whenever the boy would touch him, “Hand it over to me right now.”

“Cursed object?” Raising a brow as the boy firmly stood besides him again.

“This.” Raising his phone, it was a picture of a box with a wrapped item.

Just seeing it, Sukuna can feel the sudden waves of emotions coming off of his companion along with a barely concealed smirk that had Sukuna’s foot bouncing impatiently, “Ah, that shit.” Rubbing the back of his head, “Yeah, I found it, but the useless asslickers took a liking to it.” In reality, the boy who nobody else could see dragged him straight towards it, “What do you mean by ‘dangerous’, though?” He can tell the porcupine was annoyed, but continued.

Turning the phone back towards himself, the teen took a deep breath before nodding, “The number of unexplained deaths and missing persons within Japan exceeds 10,000 a year on average. Most of those are results of curses.” Sukuna already found himself growing bored, but only stayed tuned since the boy next time kept fidgeting as he leaned closer to the porcupine.

Changing his position so he was practically lying on the couch, Sukuna huffs, “Curses?”

“I don’t care if you believe in them or not. They’re real.” The porcupine grunts back, making Sukuna curious as his red eyes lingered on the teen’s pinched brows, “I’ll go on. Large pools of negative energy form especially easily in schools, hospitals, and so on. Hardship, regret, shame…” Sukuna yawns as he watches the porcupine’s brow twitch in annoyance, “The negative energy of mankind becomes the source of curses. That’s why most schools secretly keep a cursed object such as a protective talisman. The object you found is one of them.” Sukuna’s eyes now drift to the boy’s curious expression that had suddenly turned stone cold with quiet irritation. A first.

Raising his hand, Sukuna speaks, “If it’s protecting us, shouldn’t people be grateful for it?”

“Let me finish.” The porcupine snaps, making Sukuna sigh in annoyance, “Placing a cursed object of greater evil is a deadly poison that keeps other curses away. It’s a bad practice that only claims to protect. Over the years, its seal weakens, and then it becomes bait to lure in and fatten up other curses.” Sukuna chest warmed as the boy suddenly drifting into the seat the red eyed teen was laying on the back of and rested his head on his shoulder, “The object you found--”

He looks up at the porcupine, “--Oh shit, there’s more.”

“--is a dangerous one, classified as a special-grade. Hand it over before people start dying.”

Sukuna huffs, slipping off the seat as soon as the golden eyed teen lifted his head, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Go tell that shit to the others.” Reaching into his pocket, he tosses the box straight towards the teen, “Go get your balls rocked.” Walking away with little interest in the situation.

Instantly, Sukuna was annoyed when his shoulder was grabbed as he looked into the porcupine’s frantic eyes, “Where are the contents?!”

Rolling his eyes, Sukuna shrugs the hand off, “I told you. The others have it…”

“What?” He steps back when the other moves closer… What was his name again?

“You know, they were talking about removing the talisman from it tonight at the school.” His brows rose curiously as the other began to step away, “What? You’re acting like it’ll be a shitshow.” He ignores the golden eyed boy’s confirming nod, wanting to hear it from the porcupine himself.

“Worse. They’re going to die.”

Sukuna felt something in him crumble at the words, but it wasn’t him. No, he didn’t care. The one who did care was the one next to him, currently holding onto his sleeve with a trembling hand, “We have to save them Sukuna.”

Before he could reply, the porcupine was running off, so they both nod and chase after him, “So, does the talisman come off that easily, or what?”

“No, it’s impossible for people who lack energy.” Sukuna can hear the exhaustion on the teen’s voice already just from a brief run through the city, “Normally.”

Sukuna huffs as the boy tugs at his sleeve and turns right, “Shortcut this way.” Running ahead to guide the teen, but he kept pace so the other wouldn’t get lost either.

“This time the object itself is too strong.” The porcupine continued while the boy next to him fidgets at the words, “The seal is ancient. It may as well be plain paper.”

Sukuna grunts at the other’s words, “Funny, you act like I care.” Ignoring the look the other gave him. He didn’t ignore the golden eyed boy’s pout though… it was cute.

“Where are they?!”

“Fourth floor.” Sukuna drones when he slows at the gate after feeling a sudden burst of energy that had his skin crawling, “This pressure…” He steps aside, avoiding the other’s hand nearing him before he walks past.

“You stay here.” Climbing up the gate with ease.

Sukuna shrugs even as the boy next to him was tugging at his sweater, “Sukuna, let’s go!” Sukuna gave him a side eye before watching the porcupine run towards the school, “Sukuna!”

“Ah shit…” His eyes narrowed, remembering the regret on his grandfather’s face mixed with the boy’s begging next to him, “Stop crying, will ya?” Reaching out as he pinched the smaller boy’s nose, “I’ll get them.” Hopping over the fence, he starts sprinting towards the building with a hiss as he began to scale up the building window after window like it was natural. His red eyes glowed as the golden eyed boy’s feet pressed into his back, launching him feet first towards the window. Using the top of the window sill to slow his momentum a bit, he brings the heel of his foot down on the creature as he ignores the porcupine's shout. Quickly looping his arm around four-eye’s waist, he throws beefy over his shoulder and jumps away from the grabby flesh. Glaring at it with distaste as the golden eyed boy appears next to him like a bell. Silent and unseen to anybody but the red eyed teen that wanted to get out of here, “Ugly.” He grunts as he checks on the duo as carefully as he could before glaring at the curse, “Thought they would’ve been scary.”

Another instant and he was watching the creature get blown to smithereens in front of him. Barely avoiding the splash of body parts and liquids, “I want to ask what you’re doing here, but good job.”

Sukuna’s eyes narrowed, “Tone it, asshole.” Pushing the hair out of the girl’s face when the golden eyed boy guides his hand to do so, “Besides, what’s that munching on the curse?”

“My shikigami.” The porcupine answers briefly, “You can see them, then?” Now looking into Sukuna’s eyes, “Normally a curse can’t be seen. Not unless you’re on the verge of death or in special places like this.”

Sukuna nods and makes sure beefy isn’t dead either. Only turning his head to it didn’t look weird for him to feel around and look for any other injuries when it was the other boy checking.

“Makes sense.” Looking back at the shikigamis munching on the curse, “Never seen this shit before tonight.”

“You’re not scared, are you?” The porcupine actually looks surprised as Sukuna looks him dead in the eyes.

“Didn’t I just say that they’re fucking ugly? Why would I be scared when I can just be making fun of them?” Rolling his eyes at the idea of actually shaking in his boots over some useless trash.

“You shouldn’t call them ugly. That’s not nice.” The boy huffs as the black markings on his face squish with the pout on his face. It made Sukuna smirk.

“Ah, this shit.” Setting four-eyes down, he lifts some rotten finger thing. Something faint in his memory felt familiar with it as the boy next to him leaned in, inspecting it with a fond sort of expression, “What you’re looking for, right?”

“Yeah. That’s the special-grade cursed object, Ryomen Yuji’s finger. It’s a miracle that it didn’t get swallowed.”

Sukuna felt disgusted at the idea of eating something like this, “Why the hell would somebody do that? Bet it tastes like shit.” Missing the boy’s squint.

“Don’t be stupid.” The porcupine grunted as Sukuna examined the rotten finger, “You’d do it to gain stronger cursed energy. It’s dangerous, so hand it over already.”

“Sure, sure.” Extending it.

“Run!” Sukuna’s eyes widen as the boy manages to push him out of the way just before the porcupine could reach out. He can see the porcupine’s eyes widening suddenly too as if he heard the boy.

In an instant, the Shikigamis and Sukuna were both holding onto their respective victims as they looked up while the smoke cleared to see some ugly fucker swiping the porcupine into his hand while the boy appeared at his side, “Porcupine!”

Getting tossed right into a wall as he made a hand sign and said, “Nue!” Whatever the hell that was.

Besides Sukuna, the shikigamis were melting away.

He didn’t know what was happening as he watched the wall get blown out suddenly. Now all of a sudden he was seeing the ugly fucker creepily crawling towards the bleeding porcupine and-- “ Save him. ” The boy besides him whispers right into his ear as he abandons the two upper classmen in favor of chasing down the curse.

Leaping into the air, his fist comes down onto the curse’s head as he gets ricochet back into the air, “Sukuna! Why can’t you understand to take those two and run?!”

Sukuna grunts, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re kind of fucked too!” Avoiding an extended hand as he flips in the air and latches on only to be dragged across the ground and thrown.

“Only curses can exorcise other curses!” Porcupine yells, “You can’t beat it!”

“Real helpful!” Sukuna yells back as he hops over another punch coming his way, “You’re going to die at this rate!” Grabbing onto another arm as he’s nearly tossed over the edge, “If I went home now, this fuck won’t shut up!” Porcupine didn’t need to know who he was referring to as the boy sat besides the arrogant fuck, unable to do anything for the mean time besides watch, “Besides,” Jumping in front of the teen, annoyed that he had to protect him, “I have my own…” Having flashes of his mother’s smiling face in the hospital before she passed and his grandfather’s regretful eyes, “...troublesome curse already!” Dodgin another just to be too slow for the next punch that sent him right into the air.

Grunting, before his hands were useless, he tosses the finger into the air. Golden eyes widening as he looked upward at it while the curse’s hands trapped his torso, his legs keeping him from slipping into that disgusting mouth. Managing to jump against the force, he catches it between his lips and glares down at the curse.

“You idiot!” Porcupine finally caught up, “Hand it over to me or you’ll be eaten, too!”

Fighting against the curse’s hands as his feet got their grip against the fuck’s big mouth, he looks at the fingers between his clenched teeth and prays that it didn’t taste like shit as he tosses it back into the air, “Bottoms up!” He laughs as he opens his mouth and swallows down the finger.

“Don’t!” It was barely processing in Sukuna’s head as he suddenly fainted. Hearing the soft chiming of a bell around him.

[~0 Yuji 0~]


Yuji takes a deep breath as he opens his eyes… no, these were Sukuna’s eyes, weren’t they?

Spreading his arms, the curse’s arms explode around him. The golden eyed curses carefully avoided the mess since he didn’t want to dirty Sukuna’s clothes… Sukuna’s clothes which were much bigger on him. It was weird, it was like Sukuna’s body even changed to match the appearance he shows up as in Sukuna’s waking hours.

Black marks appear around his wrist and face, the same he dawns in Sukuna’s vision. A swipe of his hand and curse charging him is destroyed within moments. Wiggling his fingers, he notices the long black claws as the red pushed back hair falls into his face, a soft pink, just like Sukuna’s as a child.

His second pair of eyes open as he feels the moonlight cooling his pale skin.

Looking down at the yellow sweater, he gently brings it to his nose and inhales. Shuddering as he chuckles softly, looking out onto the world he could only see and feel through Sukuna, laid out before him, “Ah… I knew it…” Hugging the sweater closer to his face, “It’s a lot softer than it looks…” Looking up at the moon, “And the light feels so much better in the flesh.” It was heavenly even, “Ahhh, you held back on the details, Suki~”

He’s surprised as he loses control of one of his hands that’s now roughly grabbing his face and tugging him backwards. Fushiguro moving away as if Yuji was going to attack the poor boy, “What do you think you’re doing to my body?” The deeper voice rings out from Yuji’s… no, Sukuna’s lips.

This body was stolen.

“Suki?” His golden eyes sparkled as his right secondary eye closed as his primary eye turned red. Losing control to the teen he’s followed for a decade, “How are you able to move?”

“Well, it is my body.” The teen grunts in response. He’s annoyed and Yuji can feel it deep in his bones. Always has.

Yuji smiles to himself as he feels himself grow tired, “Suki…”

He’s just happy to know Sukuna was still in there.


[~0 Sukuna 0~]


The pink hair in his face turns red again as he pushes it back, his body morphing once he got control only to hear the porcupine screaming besides him, looking curiously to see the other in some sort of stance.

“Under Jujutsu regulation, Itadori Sukuna,” Wispy black smoke of sorts surrounded the porcupine in a circle, “I will exorcise you as a curse!”

Ah, this was gonna be annoying…

“Eh? What the hell are you on about?” Pushing his hair back as his body finally caught up to its original form. An unfamiliar scent suddenly drifting to his nose as he looked down at his sweater to only find a petal there… odd. The markings on his body begin to fade as he looks up at the porcupine again, “We’re pretty fucked up. Let’s go to the hospital or something.”

“What’s the situation?” A new voice interrupts while Sukuna picks up the petal, inspecting it quietly.

“Gojo-sensei?! Why are you here?” Porcupine shouts as Sukuna thinks of a way to get out of there… but first he had to figure out where Yuji went… he’ll have to get used to that. He never even knew that was his name till now after all these years, after all.

“Hey.” Greeting the bloodied teen in a friendly manner with his hand raised, “I wasn’t planning on coming, but man,” leaning down, “you’re roughed up. I should show the second-years.” Beginning to take a lot of pictures of the poor teen, “Face this way!” Laughing as he tried to get all sorts of angles with flash and all, “The higher-ups wouldn’t shut up about a special-grade cursed object going missing, so I stopped by while doing some site-seeing.” Texting somebody on his phone as he speaks.

Sukuna found it annoying… a soft, more than welcome, hum agreed with him. He still needed to know why the other hadn't shown up though.

“So, did you find it?” The white haired man asks suddenly.

Sukuna grunts, “Uh…” Raising a hand as the man looked over to him, “I ate it.”

It was quiet. Annoyingly so as tension grew between them, “For real?”

“For real.” Both him and the porcupine respond seriously.

Sukuna steps back, uncomfortable with the white haired bastard suddenly getting into his space and inspecting him, “Hm…” Then he was chuckling and Sukuna cringed at the breath on his face from the proximity, “Damn, it really did combine with you.” Backing up, “That’s hilarious. Anything off with your body?”

Sukuna moves his arms, “Nothing besides my body changing between a smaller one to this one.” Touching his chest, he vaguely remembered the sweater feeling big on him for once instead of a bit tight around the chest and arms when he flexes them.

“Can you swap out with Yuji?” The white-haired fucker asks.

“Yuji…?” Brows pinching then his eyes were narrowing as he recalled the pink haired teen, “Yuji.” Ignoring the other’s confused hum while another apologetic one danced in his core.

“He’s the curse you ate.” The man speaks up after a moment.

Sukuna sighs, “Yeah, I think so.” Watching as the man moves to stretch.

“Then give us 10 seconds.” Stretching his long legs out, “Once 10 seconds is up, come back to us.” Sukuna raises a brow questionably as the man smirks confidently, “Don’t worry, I’m the strongest.” Then he was standing as he swirled a bag around his finger, the contents refusing to fall from the speed, “Megumi, hold onto this.” tossing the bag over carelessly.

“What is it?”

“Kikufuku from Kikusuian.” The man grunts as he cracks his fingers in a single stretch, “It’s Sendai’s specialty, and it’s super good. I recommend the zunda and cream flavor!” Then he’s leaning in as if he could read the teen’s mind, “It’s not a souvenir. I’m going to eat it on the bullet train--”

Sukuna exhaled softly as he closed his eyes and focused on making a mental hand reaching out to Yuji. Another mental image of a key opening a lock and…

The dark was kind of relaxing as he heard a distant bell.


[~0 Yuji 0~]


Yuji didn’t launch himself into battle when he surfaced as the pink fringe fell into his face. Instead he stood there as Gojo explained the dessert while Megumi’s eyes widened.

Sighing softly, he kneels on the ground, listening as the man’s rambling abruptly stopped like he was surprised.

Yuji didn’t care either as the baggy sweater hung over his lean frame. Hands bunching up the sleeves as he sat patiently, “Aren’t you going to try to kill me like you curses usually do?” Gojo speaks up as Yuji inhales Sukuna’s scent.

“I should,” Yuji spoke, his voice much lighter and softer than Sukuna’s rough voice. His golden eyes looking up, “but I refused to hurt Su-- this body.” Putting a hand to his chest, he wondered what Sukuna’s felt like.

“Oh? That’s interesting! Then I’ll come to you, okay?” Yuji jumps out of the way just as a kick comes his way. Continuing to do so over and over, “Hey, hey, why are you running?”

“And you call me a curse.” Yuji huffs as he lands besides Fushiguro as the teen jumps at his sudden appearance, “I just want to sit, is that wrong?” Bringing up his arms to block a punch straight towards his chest.

“I was trying to fight, not talk!” The man laughs as his punches sped up. Yuji didn’t even have time to just jump away as he begged that his arms wouldn’t bruise when Sukuna returned.

“That’s rude!” Yuji counters just as Gojo suddenly jumps back.

The white haired man laughs as Yuji as the curse checks Sukuna’s sleeves, sighing when he feels them intact, “I guess you can say that, but it was short lived.” Shrugging as they meet eyes, “It’s time for you to go back.”

Yuji felt a strong heartbeat in his chest suddenly as his eyes rolled a bit, “Ah… Goodnight…” He mutters as he slips into the dark. Trying to hug Sukuna just before the other took over.

He wonders if he could just walk out again… he wanted to be next to Sukuna.


[~0 Sukuna 0~]


He can feel eyes rolling up as he hunches over for a moment. He can also feel gently hands on his shoulders along with the stretch of his body until he opens his eyes, reaching up to push red hair back against his head, “The fuck just happened?” His arms were kind of sore, but nothing serious.

Looking down at his hoodie again, he picks off another petal as the white haired fuck spoke, “I’m shocked.” Rocks were suddenly tumbling around Sukuna, freaking him out a little, “You really can control it.”

Sukuna hums in response as he heard soft chuckling in his head, making him touch his chest. Oblivious to the sudden surprised look on the other’s faces since he indirectly touched the exact spot that Yuji touched, “Mm…” He wouldn’t say anything as he felt his face soften slightly when he saw hands out of the corner of his eyes and heard another chuckle. Looking up at them after a moment or two.

“You looked relaxed, I guess that’s good!” The white haired fucker was approaching Sukuna and it kind of made him uncomfortable… then he feels two fingers on his head as his eyes roll up.

“What the fu…”

All he remembers before passing out is Yuji’s voice calling out to him.