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#1: Obsessed with Eddie

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“Ana’s pregnant?” Eddie repeats confused and sad.

“The fuck?” Chimney hisses.

“No…” Buck pouts, feeling cheated on for no reason.

“I thought you guys never…” Bobby trails off awkwardly.

“We didn’t,” Eddie confirms, still clearly confused

“Is she lying?” Chimney asks, looking at the picture on the table in front of them all.

“Yes!” Eddie shouts in frustration, throwing his hands up.

“Why would she lie about being pregnant, Eds…” Buck asks harshly.

“She had an ultrasound picture, Eddie, I think she really is pregnant…” Hen reminds her friend.

“Well,” Eddie starts, but gets interrupted.

“Well, what? Eds, face it, you fucked her.” Buck scoffs, clearly angry at his friend.

“No, I really didn’t, Buck.” Eddie says again, sounding closer to begging for someone to believe him, “It isn’t mine.”

“Whatever,” Buck grumbles, walking away from the others.

“Buck…” Eddie frowns watching his friend leave.

Edmundo!” Ana greets loudly, walking into the station.

“Noooo…” the group all whine hearing her voice.

“Hi,” Ana beams happily as Eddie looks over the rail of the loft at Ana.

“Hi” Eddie forges a smile, not quite reaching his tone.

“I was wondering if Hen told you guys?” Ana walks up the stairs to the loft.

“Sadly,” Chim retorts under his breath, loud enough for Hen and Bobby to hear.

“Ana, we never had sex, so I don’t know how you think that I’m the father, of this so-called kid,” Eddie looks at Ana like she’s crazy.

“What are you talking about? Of course, it’s yours?” Ana looks at Eddie like he’s lying.

“We went on like two days, Ana, and one was out in public and the second you taught me math,” Eddie reminds her, sounding desperate.

“Why would I lie about being pregnant?” Ana scoffs at him.

“Because you’re delusional!” Eddie just about shouts at her.

“How about we do a DNA test? That way Eddie feels better?” Bobby places a hand on Eddie's shoulder.

“No, why would I do that? It’s obviously his.” Ana gets defensive, “And a test would be harmful to the baby.”

“Actually, if you really are pregnant, you could just give blood, since right now the baby’s blood is also yours or something along those lines,” Hen explains to the (crazy) lady standing defensively.

“No, I’m not getting blood work done just because you don’t believe me!” Ana stomps her foot.

“And acting like a child isn’t gonna do shit for you,” Buck teases her.

“You came back?” Eddie smiles at his friend.

“I heard yelling?” Buck shrugs, “now I know why.”

“I’m not acting like a child.” Ana retorts, glaring at Buck.

“Whatever you say,” Buck chuckles.

“If you want to prove to Eddie that he’s the father of your maybe baby, then get the blood work done,” Hen offers.

“Maybe baby, I like it!” Buck and Chimney laugh.

“Fine. Edmundo, care to come with me?” Ana smiles at him.

“If it proves that you aren’t pregnant with my kid, yeah.”


~Two Weeks Later~

“So?” Buck bounces beside his best friend.

“Buck, relax, Ana is on her way, and then we can open the letter and see just how much of this is the truth,” Eddie pats his back, smiling as Buck relaxes into his touch.

Edmundo!?” Ana calls out.

“Up here…” Eddie calls back.

“It’s time!” Chimney shouts through the station, Hen and Bobby appearing almost immediately to the call.

“So?” the four look towards Eddie as he and Ana open the envelope to pull the letter out.

“She is pregnant…” Eddie tells them, frowning.

“Oh…” Buck pouts, visibly saddened by the news.

“But!” Hen pulls the letter from Eddie’s hands, “Congratulations Edmundo Diaz!”

“Told ya!” Ana brags at everyone.

“Hold up, bitch, I wasn’t done,” Hen holds a hand up to Ana.

“What?” the guys all squeal.

“You are not the father!” Hen finishes, handing Eddie the paper.

“Told ya!” Eddie and Buck mock Ana.

“Whatever.” Ana pouts, leaving.

“Hope it was a good guy!” Buck calls to her as she walks away.