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Pants exuded from the boys as they pulled their sweaty bodies away from each other, skin sticking to each other. Warren pushed back the soft chestnut mop of hair he had on his head, which was drenched in sweat and sticking to his forehead, beads dripping down his face. His cheeks were red from exertion, freckles perfectly masked into the red blush.
He glanced down at the blonde beneath him, Nathan’s legs either side of Warren’s thighs. panting heavily, he covered the crimson radiating off of his features, slowly coming down from the huge high.

“You good?” Warren poked him gently, slowly pulling out to ease some of the pressure. Nathan couldn’t even answer, face buried in his hands.

There was only one thing that felt wrong with this, and it was that Nathan had to show Warren he was… Well.
He didn’t have to be big and strong, live up to any fancy names or titles, he didn’t have to pretend. He felt free around Warren. He wasn’t being judged by him. Nathan was being admired for one of the first times in his life.

He trusted Warren enough to do this with him… To… Yknow- Take it, rather than give it.

Warren leaned down gently and pecked his cheek, smiling a little and poking his cheek with his index ever so softly.
“Nate.” He nudged him with his nose, hot breath hitting against Nathan’s burning cheek, tickling the skin softly.

Nathan responded with a soft grunt, eyes peeking through his fingers up at the brunette.

“Let me help clean you up?” Warren asked him, his sweet hazel eyes practically staring into Nathan’s soul. God, and how it fucking melted him to a mess whenever he did it, Nathan gave a small nod, closing his eyes and pulling his hands away from his face.

Warren was always one for caring for Nathan, especially taking into consideration that he was self conscious about it all. Nathan’s trust in him meant a huge deal, and he would always honour that. Even if it meant feeding him for hours after, or showering him by himself. It was easier at his parents, no weird walk from Nathan’s dorm room to the bathroom that was way too suspicious for people not to guess. Warren had settled on baby wipes and changing the bedsheets, wiping over Nathan gently before cleaning himself up.

Before you know it, both boys were in pyjamas. Warren pulled on boxers and plaid red pyjama pants, Nathan tugging the matching shirt on that came with it, boxers underneath that. Laid on his back, the brunette ran his hands over Nathan’s shoulders, him laid against his chest, almost laying on his front on top of him. Humming and sighing in relief was all he could do after what they’d done.

At least it was good. It felt good.

Nathan gave a tired mumble at one of the noises Warren made, swatting his face tiredly and blinking at him slowly.
“Turn the lights off…” He grunted softly, the other obeying immediately.

The two settled in the comfortable and freshly changed bed, Nathan’s face against the bare skin of Warren’s chest. The moonlight shone through the window and onto his blonde curls, luckily his face being just short of range for it. It was calm, warm, comfortable. Everything they both wanted it to be.


Waking up was different for the two.

The room glowed a soft orange as the newly rising sun peeked from over the horizon line. It shone at all of the trees. The light almost sparkled in the room, all of the shades of black fading to an earthy brown, more Warren’s favourite tone compared to the black Nathan covered everything in. The window was propped open the tiniest bit, songs from birds nestled in nearby trees, singing from their nests to celebrate the morning.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee- Thunk.

The alarm on Nathan’s bedside cabinet was thrown from its place onto the carpeted floor next to the bed, landing in a pile of discarded clothes from the night before.
A loud groan sounded from Nathan, arms unfolding from Warren’s body, legs shaking as he stretched as far as he could. He winced the tiniest bit, reaching around to rub his lower back and waist area. It wouldn’t help him one bit, but he was too tired to correlate his movements.

Warren gave a soft whine and snort, eyes opening at his abrupt awakening. His lidded eyes scanned around until he saw a mess of curls pushed up against his face. A smile formed, lips moving and pecking Nathan’s forehead, caressing his waist softly.

“G’morning, Nate-“ He mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. He received another hand in his face in the form of a light slap, Nathan pushing his hand to cover his face.

“We need to get up…” He gave a tired grin, sticking his tongue out to lick the palm of Nathan’s hand. Nathan shrieked and pulled his hand back, sitting up and glaring

“You’re disgusting- That was disgusting-“ He scoffed, Warren just smiling up at him.

“At least it woke you up? We have class in… twenty minutes.”

“Oh fuck it… We can bail.” Nathan said as he laid back down against Warren, squishing his face up against the bare skin of his pec.

“No we can’t… We have a test today…” He yawned and slowly sat up, Nathan rolling down from his chest and into his lap with an even louder groan in protest. Staring down at him seemed like a moment he should’ve photographed, but Warren liked to enjoy the simpler things. He traced over the features he had on his face, finger moving over the bump at the bridge of his nose, the freckles dotted across his cheeks and forehead like a bunch of constellations. The mess of blonde curls flopping in his face made him melt, fingers trailing to run through the loose and non gelled curls. Warren couldn’t even imagine why Nathan gelled it down each day, running his hands over the soft curls with his fingers.

“Dude-“ Nathan looked up at him with a raised eyebrow, snapping Warren out of his trance.

“Shit, sorry. Class.” Fingers pulled away from his hair, slowly pushing himself up from the extremely comfy bed that Nathan owned.

7:30am, hallways checked, both of them eventually leaving Nathan’s dorm room and trying to stay inconspicuous. It worked, the hallways completely empty. Strange? But… Convenient.

Hallways were barren as they slowly walked towards their chemistry class, staying a comfortable distance away from each other. People couldn’t know they were dating. Fuck, if anyone in the Vortex Club found out Nathan was… Into men. Then, he guessed that death it was for him.
The door reached their sigh, Warren doing his usual and going to the bathroom before the class, leaving Nathan to trail into the classroom himself.

That’s all he felt on him.

All of the students simply stopped and stared up at Nathan as he strolled in, eyes practically unreadable.
Anxiety spiked, almost stumbling over to his seat and grabbing the pen out of his pants. He left it on the desk and stuffed his hands into the hoodie pockets, a hoodie he’d stolen from Warren. No one needed to know about that… It was oversized enough to hide the evidence Warren left that night.

The eyes on him didn’t leave, the teacher not even in the room yet. A few girls giggled and watched Nathan intensely, a few more of the jocks glancing Nathan’s figure up and down.

“Didn’t consider you a fag, Prescock.” One jock sneered, a smirk plastered on his face, cartoon-ish and filled with pure idiocy.

Nathan’s face deepened and his glare turned dark, turning to face the jock. His face evoked rage in him, staring straight into his eyes. Not a single sight of fear in his eyes, not like he would usually see.

“What the fuck are you even talking about?” He snapped slightly, his lack of morning caffeine already affecting his mood. This was just the cherry on top.

“You don’t know?” Another watched Nathan, the group of jocks erupting into laughter. Nathan started to scratch at the skin under his hoodie on his left arm, the glare still deep and threatening.
“Fucking tell me. Now-“ He snapped fully this time, blood starting to boil.

Everyone broke into a chorus of laughter, not laughing with Nathan, blatantly laughing at him. Laughs filled Nathan’s ears, ringing through his head painfully as a reminder of the unknown that had happened.

The blood rushed to his head, his skull almost cracking under the pressure that his mind was creating. Nathan got up, stuffing his balled up fists in the hoodie pockets and rushing out of the class.
Right. The hallways were bustling with students either rushing to their lessons or gossipping by the lockers. All traffic stopped, eyes staring Nathan down intensely. Each person stopped to look at him, a different look from each student yet so undecipherable on Nathan’s part.

Why the fuck were they all looking at him?

First resort, male bathroom. The door swung open, yet the stalls were all empty. Where the fuck was Warren?
Nathan’s own eyes darted amongst the stalls, pushing the already vacant stall
doors open in an attempt to find him. Hands shook as he pushed at the doors, eyes darting between them anxiously. He ignored the countless writing on each stall, it was the usual decorations in the male bathrooms whenever a jock got a sharpie. It was fairly pathetic, but even the graffiti covered stalls didn’t contain the brunette. Where the fuck did he go? He swore he saw Warren go to the bathroom, and they shared a class. It made no sense…

It was like the unholiest of prayers had been answered then and there.

Nathan Prescott had turned to the mirrors behind him, body freezing in shock at what he saw. Black spray paint, big letters across each mirror hastily screwed onto the wall. Bold black lettering showed each letter prominently, an extreme statement.


Nathan stood there in complete shock, eyes tracing over the bold outline of each letter.

Trembling hands stumbled through the pockets on his pants, digging for his phone quickly and typing in the URL on browser.

No no no no...

The video loaded, playing immediately. The footage was filmed through the crack in Nathan’s dorm door, the camera close to the ground as it recorded. Various moans and grunts could be heard from the pair, gasps and soft whines echoing through the empty bathroom from his phone speaker.

‘Oh God- Warren- Fuckkk-‘
‘That feels so good…’
‘There- Hit there-‘
‘Faster… Fuck, go faster-‘

The video stopped as it settled down. The video recording stopping and the website leaving the last frame visible to Nathan. It showed them impossibly close, naked, sweaty, entangled with each other’s body. Warren was hovering above Nathan, arms either side of his head in almost a protective stance. Nathan was laid beneath him, head twisted away and actually in the direction of the camera, showing the sinfully lustful expression he had at that point.

It had already gone viral.

Nathan had never felt his entire body sink lower, sobs racking up through his body. The ache that he felt twinge at his heart was nothing compared to the raging seas in his stomach, anxiety rising above anything it had ever been. He could feel his own body start to shatter under all of this pressure, knees completely buckling in a state of shock and dropping to the floor.

All he could do was stare in a state of paralysis at the ending frame. Wide eyes with tears trying to fall just staring at his phone screen in complete shock. Why would someone do this to him?
Sweet revenge was his first guess, the images of that video had spread the year before. When the storm happened… He couldn’t have described what Kate felt at the tie, but he certainly could now. Feeling exposed was one of his darkest fears, and it was like he’d been swaddled by the phobia. As the thoughts ran through his head, his body stayed near the floor, hunched up against one of the stall doors, gripping the phone tightly in both of his hands.

Something that broke his state of paralysis was barely even a shift from the frame he had his view locked on. A more… Decent picture lit up the screen, Warren’s contact image lighting up, the green and red options showing prominently. It was like a tiny angel and devil to Nathan, eyes switching between both buttons as he slowly and carefully thought over what to do…

Don't kid yourself. His thumb quickly pressed down on the decline, sending an electric shock through his body, jolting his already shaky legs upwards and out of the door.

He had to leave, fuck, he had to be anywhere but this place.