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Figments of the imagination

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So hi !!


I'll just introduce myself first heheh !

I personally use multiple names, but atm my main ones are Lu and Katie ! I'm non-binary I'm pretty sure and I use they/she pronouns :D Uhh I'm nineteen ('01) and I'm Dutch !! Please feel free to leave comments with questions if you want to know anything else !

My tv show Twitter account is eliothugs and my private more personal acc is queliotsgf <3


As for the writing, I really wanna get back into writing in general and I only found The Magicians like a month ago, but I got sucked in deep.. Finished the entire show in about 2 weeks or less, now deciding that this might be my perfect opportunity to start writing again. I've written around 15-20 plots and prompts in two days for queliot plots, just need the motivation to actually start.. 

So if that sounds interesting please let me know and if you maybe have a oneshot or even small scenes you want me to write feel free to leave those requests/ideas in the replies to this 'story' as well or reach out to me on my Twitter !!


That's all :] Thank you for reading and let's be friends <3