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Your will to live

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"I've heard that Izumi-chin got discharged from the hospital" 

"Mn! He just got discharged yesterday! He still have some bandages on his head, because he's been bugging the doctor nonstop to discharge him early. " 

"Oh I see, that's a relief! Is he doing fine now?" 

"I don't know I haven't seen him around" 

"Is that so? Izumi-chin's sure been acting weird lately, even before he accidentally fell off the rootfop. I mean he is his usual self but something's just not right, but I don't know what.." 

"Anyways Leo-chin, has he told you all why he fell off?" 

It wasn't clear if he fall from the rooftop accidentally or on purpose, but he did said himself that he fell off accidentally. Of course no one would believe such a dumb excuse, even me. After all why would he even be on the rooftop in the first place? How could have he fall off when there are fences that are tall enough not even students on his height can reach. 

"Nope, the only thing he ever says is that it was an accident. He didn't exactly said what 'accident' it is though" 

"I see.. Hasumi-chin said that they added 3x the height of the fence just to make sure that something like this won't happen in the future" 

"That's good to hear" 

I've been gone for more than a month, and Sena have changed in a lot of ways. I don't know him anymore and I don't know what he have been through over the past few months I'm gone,  so he's hard to read than before. So what could have been the reason? I wanted to ask him but even if I whine like a baby he wouldn't probably tell me.

What drove you do it Sena? 


1-A's classroom is as quiet as always. Everyone diligently listening and taking down notes to whatever the teacher says. Izumi on the other hand doesn't even know why the hell is he still here.  

Why the fuck am I still alive? How did I even survived?

He asked himself or whatever God is watching over him. Not only did he have to keep on living but also go to school wearing a stupid bandage on his head. He looks pitiful and weak like he really is. But he doesn't dare to make it that obvious. 

And the last thing he knew class had ended. 


Hah? Ugh this glasses guy again? What do you need this time?


"Just to be clear. Why did you exactly fell off the rooftop?" 

That stupid question again? Why not go ask the rooftop itself 

"Like I said I fell on accident, do I really have to repeat myself?" 

"Yeah, but you didn't specifically said what kind of 'accident'" 

"Why do you even care?" 

"I do care, after all I am the vice president of the student council. It is my duty to look after students." 

Don't give me that crap. 

"Sorry to bother and it's not like I care, but don't you think Senacchi is uncomfortable with you asking that question?" 

"Indeed! After all Sena just got out of the hospital! He might still need some time to recover!" 

"I see.. I didn't bother thinking about what you feel. Well if it makes you uncomfortable then I'll ask another time, Sena-kun" 

No don't

"So Sena are you doing fine now?" Chiaki asked, 

" Well I am thanks for asking I guess." Izumi said, "Why are you both still here?" 

"Undead has no practice today, so I'm free to do whatever I want. I mean it's not like I like to eat here, I just don't want to walk to the cafeteria to eat" 

"Oh Hakaze why can't you just tell you're worried for Sena! Nothing made sense on what you just said!" 

"Well fine~ I am worried,  after all Senacchi is kind of my friend too." 

" I have to go" 

"Eh~ go where?" 

"It's none of your business." 

"But you haven't even touch your food Sena?" 

"Ah he left already" 

"Man Sena sure is a stubborn guy. I wonder what's bothering him.." 


Izumi did said he's going somewhere, but honestly he himself didn't exactly know where so he ended up walking in the hallways. It's not like he dislikes Kaoru and Chiaki, infact he does like them a bitーwell maybe. It's just that he doesn't want them to get too involved with him. 

"Uwah! Izumi-sanーI didn't see you there!" 

"Ah Yuukun~♪ Did you came to check if you Oniichan is doing just fine? Were you worried about me? How cute~" 

"N-no I just happen to pass over you. Anyways how are you doing Izumi-san?" 

"I'm doing just fine Yuukun~ were you lonely while I was gone? Fufu~ of course you would~♪" 

"Not exactly, infact I was doing quite well even when you're gone" 

"How cruel!" 

"A-are you sure you should be moving like that, Izumi-san? Your wound might open up again and it would definitely be bad news." 

"..Then that's a good thing" 



"Are you sure you're fine Izumi-san?" 

"Honestly I don't know." 

"Ah forget that~ Onii-chan remembered that he has something important to do so see you later ok~?" 


Izumi didn't know where he ended up running to, but he found himself at a empty unused classroom. He looked around before crouching down and began to cry. 

How very uncool of him. 

To show his weak self towards the person he wants him to see as his reliable and strong big brother. 

How are you this weak? 

What he doesn't know there is one person who can hear him as he cries his heart out in this very room. 


"Have you seen Izumi-chan?" 

"I haven't seen, but I figured you might know where Sena-senpai is Narukami-senpai. So I thought of asking you instead"

"Oh my.. have you seen him by any chance, Ritsu-chan?" 

"Nopee I didn't see him today. Maybe Ousama did?" 

"Well that's possible but I do not know where Leader is." 

"Sheesh where could those two be?" 

"First it was just Ousama now we have to look for Secchan as well? Ah.. give me a break~" 


Izumi found himself by the shore. He skipped afternoon classes and at this point he doesn't even care anymore. He thought that he'd be death for good when he jump off that stupid rooftop but somehow he survived which sucks. So he thought of another way, because of course he can't jump off the rooftop a second time. 

That's one of the reasons why he's here. To drown himself to death.

Knights is probably fine without him. After all he caused alot of problem during that stupid DDD incident. Tsukasa's alot more talented that he seems, Arashi has grown a lot and so as Ritsu. Moresoever Leo's back and while he doesn't seem and act like a leader. He's still the King and Izumi has faith on him. So they'll definitely be alright. 

As he was lost in his thoughts. He heard a familiar voice. Way to familiar. 



Just a few steps away from him standsー the guy who he wants to avoid so muchー has his clothes all soak up with the ocean water with his golden orange hair swaying in the air. 

Why is he here


Ignore him 


You've done this a lot of times. Ignore him 




Just as he was about to took one step forward. His hand was grabbed by the orange haired male. 

"Sena I know you can hear me!" He cried out "Don't you dare take another stepー that's the King's orders!" 

"Ousama what are you doing here? Your clothes are all soaked up." 

"What about you? What were you doing here, Sena?" 

"It's none of your business, so can you kindly let me go?" 


"No I won't let you go" Leo said as he tighten his grip on Izumi's arm. "Listen I may not be good at encouraging people but..! Please don't take another step futher.. Don't let it end right here" 

"Whatever is bothering.. you can tell me! I'll do my best to help you! And if that's not enough then I'llーUwah!?" 


"ーGyah! That was a strong wave! Uuuu.. I'm all soaked up!" 


"What's so funny about that Sena?! Anyways where was Iー!" 


"I was in the middle of my speech! Don't laugh at me! Here take this!" 

"H-hey! Don't splash salty sea water at me! My bandages would get wet!" 

"Aren't you planning on drowning yourself a while ago? So what's the pointー Take this! Hah!" 

"Ousama stop that! Hey! It's getting annoyingーstop it!" 

"Ahahahaha! Sena~ running away is not something a knight should doー fight back!" 

"Hey! That's being careless Ousama! Stop! Stopー" 

Well I guess having fun like this 

Isn't that bad. 


The rest of Knights was in the studioーpatiently waiting for the other two to arrive. After all they have to discuss about to up coming live, and of course they can't start without having Izumi and Leo here. 
Arashi tried her best to get in contact with Izumi, but it turns out. Izumi left without a trace with his belongings including his phone in his classroom. And its honestly making her worry even more. 

Not having Leo here always happens all the time so it doesn't surprise them that he have may have forgotten the mewting in first place or is composing else where. 

Arashi running out of patience decided to search for the two herself. Tsukasa and Ritsu had also decided to tag along and help her search for the two. 

"Narukami-senpai we've been searching for 2 hours now. I think the both of them are not anywhere in school." 

"Hmmm~.. I agree with, Succhan. Don't you think they ran off to somewhere? Or are they just somewhere in school that we haven't explore yet?" 

"They won't be able to go out of school. After all there are guards guarding the gate so it's impossible for them to go anywhere outside of school since they don't allow students to go out during lunch breaks or class hour." Arashi said, 

"They did? I never really knew anything about that." Ritsu said, 

"It's a new rule made by the student council 3 weeks ago since a lot of students are skipping class to go to the arcade or to dine somewhere else." 

As they were searching for the two. They bumped against Nazuna along with Shinobu and Makoto. 

"Nazuna-senpai are you alright? I'm so sorry I wasn't looking to where I was going" Tsukasa said, helping Nazuna to get up. 

"Nwo pwoblem I was the onwe who wasn't lookibg to where I was goingーAh! I'm fumbling again!" 

"But apologies asidーwe were just looking for the rest of you!" Nazuna said, 

"Looking for us?" 

"Indeed we are Knights-dono! We have something very important to show you!" Shinobu said, 

"Oh? What is it about?" Ritsu asked, 

"It's about Izumi-san" 

"Izumi-chan? Please do show us" 


"Leo-chin asked me to look for security footage of where Izumi-chin fell off from the rooftop, and I did found it with the help of Makoto-chin and Shinobu-chin. Though we aren't able to find Leo-chin so we thought that it's best for the rest of you to see it." 

The rest of Knights were left speechless. Izumiーtheir beloved comrade came up the rooftop to purposely end his life by jumping off. They were told by Izumi himself that it was an accident. And surprisingly he came up with a good excuse to make them believe it WAS an accident. 

"Sena-senpai..jumped off the rooftop on propose..?" 



"Thank you for showing this to us Nazuna-chan, I'll make sure that we'll have a proper conversation with Izumi-chan later."

"It's not a big deal. I too is also worried of Izumi-chin, because to matter how you look at it. It's very impossible for a person fall off the rooftop without actually climbing the fence that is tall enough even for his height. Now what could've made Izumi-chin to do it.. He doesn't seem like he has something on his mind or is he that good at hiding?" 

" Sena-senpai came up with such a good excuse that we fully believed that it was an accident.. but even so we could've noticed one little detailー Leader." 

"Mn. Leo-chin and I talked about it yesterday, so that was mainly the reason why I went and looked for the security footage for us to know what really happened." 

" Well that gives us plenty of reasons to search for Secchan. His first suicide attempt fail miserably, so he's probably finding another way to end his life." 

"He's missing?" 

"Yeah and we've been searching for him and ousama for 2 hours now. We've asked his classmates but they don't any clue to where he went and no one in school hasn't seen him anywhere." 

"Dear god.." 

"I did bumped into Izumi-san a while ago but I don't where he went. Though from what I remember I told him to know move around like that since his wound would likely open up and he muttered something like 'Then good'. I'm honestly very worried for Izumi-san. He's very hard to read so..being able to tell if he's truly fine or not is hard. I do hope you'll find himーAh! I may be able to find him by using the security cameras!" 

"Good thing Makoto-chin. I'll go look with Knights too" 

"Thank you so much for your help. We really do appreciate it" 

"Ah come on don't bow at us it's nothing really."

"...We're definitely going to find him. We won't let him die in a ditch. Secchan could be such an asshole at sometimes but he shows his affection in his own ways. He's the reason why Knights is still standing strong till this day. I won't let him think that he's some kind of burdenーwhatever he's going through we'll do what we can to help." 



It's saturday morning and the three Knights has yet to know the whereabouts of both Leo and Izumi. So they've decided to go to Izumi's house.

"Narukami-senpai is this the place?"  

"Yeah it is. I've been here two times already so I'm very sure of it." 

"I sure do hope Sena-senpai is home.." 

"I think he is. I'm hearing some noises inside so I bet he's in there." 

 Holding both of Leo and Izumi's bags. Arashi rang the doorbell. 

To their surprise the door was opened by a grey haired male wearing a sweater and a pair of glasses. 

"Huh? What are you three doing here early in the morning?" 


"Oh my god Izumi-chan you're ok!" 

"Alright alright don't scream. The neighbors are still sleeping have some respect." 

"We were so worried! You suddenly disappeared without a single trace. Were do you even went? You could've told us atleast!" 

"Oh that.. something came up so I went home" 

"Without bring your bag?"

"I forgot it ok?" 

"Ah yeah here's your bag Sena-senpai!" 

"Oh thanks, Kasa-kun." 

"Secchan we need to talk" 

"Talk about what?" 

"So why did you jump off the rooftop?" Ritsu asked, 

"Didn't I say it was an accident?" 

"Tell that to the security cameras who caught you in action" 


"Nazuna-chan showed us the footage.." 

"The footage of??" 

"Dear god Secchan are you stupid? Isn't that Ousama's job? What were saying is the footage of you jumping off." 

"That got us all worried and search for you all over at school! We thought that you're planning on doing it a second timeー Sena-senpai what drove you to do it?" 

"Only an idiot would jump off the rooftop the second time. If i'd kill myself I would want people to think that it was by accident. I don't want to be seen as that guy who have given up with life and killed himself. People seeing me as some kind of weakling? Hell no like I'd let that happen" 

"Please don't say that in such a casual tone it's very concerning.." 

Izumi sighed, "Well since there's no point of denying something so clear as daylight. So as an apology I might as well tell you three don't I?" 

"A geez this is so embarrassing.. I really wish to kill myself right now." 



"Ow?!ーThe fuck was that for?! I don't know if you know this Naru-kun ,but you're really strong! So don't punch my arm! If you seriously break my bones I'll sue you!" 

"Just cut the chase Secchan." 

"Now this is just bullying. You know the wounds here hasn't healed yet you know?" 

"Was it?! I'm sorry Izumi-chan! I got a little too carried away! S-should I kiss it to make it feel better?" 

"What? Are you insane? Wait don't touch meー How annoying! Do you seriously want to know? Or should I just make you leave?" 

"Alright, I'm sorry. Please do tell us." 

"My parents got divorced. My mother send me back here since her good of a boyfriend does not want me around." 

"What?! Since when?! Why didn't you tell us, Izumi-chan?!" 

"Was it necessary?" 

"It is in a lot of ways Izumi-chan!" 

"So was that the reason why you did 'that' Sena-senpai? "

"Part of it yes. Wait I'm pretty sure that I should not tell this to a kid." 

"S-sena-senpai I'm not kid..!" 

"I'm preeetty sure you are Kasa-kun~♪" 

"I can handle it! My senpai is going through a lot so I'll do my best to help!" 


"Well this conversation got a little too long so let's end it here." Izumi said, "Is that Ousama's bag?" 

" Ah yeah, we were planning on returning it to leader after checking on you, but we ourselves don't know where he lives." 

" Then youre in luck,  you don't have to bother going to that idiot's house. Give it to me." 

"Why so? Are you going there yourself, Secchan?" 

"I don't need to. Well how do I put it.. Heー" 

"Guten morgen! Ah Sena you're already awake! As expected from you! You see my dad told me he's on his way to deliver my stufー Oh? What a surprise! Why hello my Knights~♪ What brings you here?" 

"Ousama shut it don't be rude you'll wake up the neighbors" Izumi said, 

"Ah I forgot about that! Sorry~♪" 

"Leader? What are you doing here??" 

"Well you see~ I live here now!" 




A huge smirk suddenly appeared on Arashi's face and quickly look at Ritsu.

Ritsu then smirk back at Arashi and then proceeds to turn their gaze at Izumi. While Tsukasa remained confused over his seniors antics. 

"Why are you two looking at me like that? Gross. Stop that will you?" Izumi asked. Annoyed of course

"Izumi-chan you didn't mention that you're living with Ousama now~ fufu~" 

"When's the wedding? Kids? If so boy or a girl? I'm taking notes. Ah~ what a blessing~" 

Tsukasa only looked at the two in confusion.

"Now shut your mouth before I'd kick your asses off here myself."  

"Oh how I do wish we could have kids! Isn't that right Sena? I'd love it to be twins! What hair color do you think they'll have? Some kind of mix of greyish orange? I bet our daughter would look beautiful with blue eyes as yours! " 

"The hell are you talking about you dimwit?" Izumi said, glaring at Leo who then proceeds to stick his tongue out on him. "I'm seriously going to kick you off" 

"Uuuu scary~" 

"Anyways don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I wanted this in the first place. He just happened to pop up with an idea of living together and starting making plans off himself without my consent! It was so annoying!" 

"Hahaha! Don't act like you weren't happy to know I'm living with you starting from today! Admit it~ you were so lonely and no matter how much you try and deny itーyou definitely need my company!" 

"Well aside from teasing Izumi-chan. I'm glad to know that you're living together now! Be sure to take good care of Ousama, Izumi-chan~" 

"I don't exactly know what's going on but.. I'm happy to see that my seniors are getting along pretty well to the point of even living together."

"Oh? Do you want to live together too Succhan? We can rent out a whole apartment for just the three of us right next to Secchan's house~" 

"Pass. I wouldn't want to be the person who'll drag you off to bed on a daily basis, Ritsu-senpai" 

"Wow how mean of you~ Nacchan hold me~" 

"Well since you're all here how about you join us to cook breakfast?" 


"Oh my we would certainly love that Ousama! Excuse me~" 

"Wait hold on youー" 

"Sweet stepping inside of Secchan's house for the very first time~" 

"U-um..? Pardon the intrusions..!" 


"What? Come on it's fun, don't pretend like you're not enjoying this." 

"Well I suppose soーbut you can't just say stuff like that without telling me firsthand" 

"Sena you seriously suck at lying." Leo laughed, "So tell me Sena" 

"Tell you want?" 

"Being surrounded by people who loves you very deeply as much as they love their own families.  People who came all the way here just to see if you're doing fine. People who still accepted you no matter how bad you act towards them. Do you still want to die?" 

"..No. No i don't" 

Leo smiled, "Well then that goes for the same as me! As long as we have each other, we can still continue walking into this shitty world called earth!"