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Conquer and be conquered

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Jiang Cheng worked until late at night on purpose, so that all sorts of thoughts would not enter his head, and something embarrassed him in some documents. When it was past midnight and was about two o’clock, and the body became numb and began to ache, Leader Jiang stretched his neck and shoulders. He decided that today he had worked enough, and tomorrow he need early to get up.

He was walking along the deserted corridor of Lotus Pier in the direction of his chambers, when suddenly a whisper somewhere behind the curtain came to his sensitive ears. He stopped, listening.

- The day has passed, nothing happened. We threatened him well. I hope he won’t stick his nose where one doesn’t belong.

- Why, the hell, it should be his business? Do you think when he saw us at the backyard, he realized that we appropriated a few armfuls of lotuses in order to slightly make a buck?

- Don’t forget that before he was the Leader of a whole state, which means that he must be great with such matters.

- Who would believe the worthless slave? Now he is nobody and his name means nothing, let him do his dirty slave’s work!

- He is in master's good graces, so you need to be careful. I propose for us to lie low for a while – out of harm’s way.

- Who does he is, and how did he immediately win the favor of the master, so that he spends every night in his chambers? So annoying to me!

- Exactly. He is a stranger, but has already found a way to seduce the master?

- Do you think there really is something between them?.. But they are both men!

- Have you seen what his brother is doing? These Two Jades have somehow bewitched them both!

- So it were you? – Jiang Cheng pulled back the curtain and saw several of his subordinates.

First, he hated when someone was gossiping behind his back. Second, he had little patience with unscrupulous assistants. Third, he had suspicions about Lan Xichen’s black eye, even though he tried to cover it up for some reason. Jiang Cheng could not understand this. Why cover for the one who attacked you? But more than that – Xichen is big and strong, what are his hands worth, why did he allow this to be done to him? This angered Jiang Cheng. Who dared to raise a hand against his slave?! Who dared to spoil his beautiful face?! He will punish the guilty.

- Leader Jiang! You got it all wrong, we can explain! – the subordinates murmured. – We didn’t want to steal anything, we just thought to quietly appease several officials from neighboring states, so that you would have good trusting relations with them…

- What have you done with my slave? – Jiang Cheng interrupted.

The subordinates looked at each other, one of them found himself daring to blur out:

- He’s just a slave! We just wanted to talk some sense into him, so that he wouldn’t think, that since he is close to you, he can be arrogant…

- I won’t tolerate whispering behind my back in Lotus Pier – this is first. I won’t turn a blind eye to theft, for whatever purpose it was done – this is second. Lan Xichen is my man, and this is third, – Jiang Cheng said quietly, but imperiously. His assistants were numb at his voice. – I made myself clear? And nobody! – He examined the men with a menacing look. – Doesn’t dare to touch him, except me!

- Please, forgive us! We were wrong!

Jiang Cheng took out of his pocket Zidian’s foldable whip, that he always carried with him. His gaze darkened and became so frightening, that the subordinates broke into cold sweat – they trembled like aspen leaves and fell to master’s knees. Of all people they knew that the Leader Jiang was terrible in anger.

- Now I’m going to teach you a lesson, that I hope you learn well, – Jiang Cheng said, rewarding them with a dangerous grin, and tugged the whip.

- We deserve to die!

- Don’t be afraid, you will live. And maybe even be able to walk again, but you will be exile for theft. Death is too light a punishment. And no one of you have no dare even look in the direction of my slave, is that understandable?

The men, trembling with fear, nodded their heads, poking their foreheads on the floor.

- I can’t hear you.

- Yes, master, we understood everything!!!

Later Jiang Cheng returned to his quarters. Although he has punished his subordinates, his irritation didn’t completely go away. Xichen was waiting in chambers with a flute in his hands.

- You’re late today, Leader Jiang.

The man froze for a moment. All sorts of strange pictures have recently begun to visit his head, and Wei Wuxian’s words about…

Lan Xichen in white sleepwear, with loose hair and flute in hands in order to calm Jiang Cheng after a hard day’s work, his soft smile and words that the man was late today… Why did it all feel like they were married? Or did Wuxian’s words had so perverted Jiang Cheng’s brain that he began to regard his slave as his wife?!

He shook his head, trying to throw out all the stupid thoughts, and put on a serious look.

-  You don’t dare hide anything from me anymore, otherwise I will punish you, – Leader Jiang said sternly.

- Did I… somehow incur your anger? – Xichen’s soft expression gave way to concern.

Jiang Cheng frowned and walked over to his slave. Still in an irritable state, he grabbed Xichen’s chin imperiously, pulling him slightly towards him and turning his face to the side where his eye was hit.

- If someone dares to raise their hand at you again, tell me right away, – Jiang Cheng said. – You understood me?

- So, you… – Xichen’s gaze was lowered, but hearing the master’s words, he raised his eyes to him. – Knew?

- You know, as an actor you are so-so, – Jiang Cheng winced and let him go. – Why didn’t you tell?

- I didn’t mean to disturb you unnecessarily, – Xichen explained calmly. – Besides, I could be wrong.

Leader Jiang sighed.

- I told you to use your hands properly… But why, where necessary, you don’t use them at all?

- I’m just a humble slave. How can I resist someone who is higher in rank than me and wants to point out a mistake I made?

- I decide in what you should to blame. Not them! – Jiang Cheng got angry again, but not at the man at all. – And only I can punish you! You understood me?

Xichen nodded.

- This won’t happen again, Leader Jiang.

- I hope so. – Seeing the submissiveness and humility of the slave, Jiang Cheng calmed down slightly. – And one more thing… I think I will add something to your duties. Since I had to get rid of a couple of negligent subordinates, someone will have to temporarily take over their work. You will double-check the documents they prepared, it’s needs to be redone.

- Thank you for your trust, Leader Jiang, – Xichen bowed.

The master looked at the flute in the hands of the slave.

- So, are you going to play for me tonight or do you want me to keep getting annoyed?

* * *

When Jiang Cheng fell asleep, Lan Xichen, as was ordered earlier, silently left his chambers. That night, Leader Jiang suddenly woke up not from a nightmare, but from hearing some screams. At first, accustomed to sudden attacks, he jumped out of bed and immediately grabbed the sword, but then hesitated.

The screams were not like the ones Jiang Cheng heard during the battles. He walked towards the sound that emanated from Wei Wuxian’s chambers. As he approached, his pace became slower and his breathing harder, and a supposed picture of what was happening behind closed doors finally began to form in his head.

Jiang Cheng hesitated before peering through the crack, but curiosity and disbelief overpowered. He had to confirm his guesses and did it: Wei Wuxian and the Second Jade, Lan Wangji, were doing what was unacceptable for Jiang Cheng. He couldn’t even imagine that his brother and another man… instead of, for example, torturing him and mocking him… or what else could anyone do with the slaves… it would turn to this.

- Lan Zhan… Ah, Lan Zhan!..

Wei Wuxian’s screams and groans indicated that he was taking inexplicable pleasure in twisting like a snake while riding the Second Jade. He guided him and spoke what he liked, and the slave did his every command. Their bodies glistened with sweat in the uneven candlelight, their hair adhered to their skin, and their movements were rhythmic that would make anyone excite to look at them.

- Lan Zhan, right there… Repeat that movement. I want you to touch that point one more time. Kiss Me. No, not here… Ah!..

Wuxian’s body trembled, and then he sank exhausted onto Wangji’s chest. Both were breathing heavily. Wangji was larger, and in his wide embrace Wuxian seemed smaller than he was. With one hand, the slave held him tightly to him, while with the other hand he fiddled with his hair and brought several strands to his face, inhaling their scent. The movements were very graceful, it was very similar to…

Jiang Cheng swallowed nervously, not believing that his brother had come to this. He himself didn’t even think of using Lan Xichen… in such way. After all, Xichen… he was so… chaste? Leader Jiang didn’t think of what his brother had come to mind. But seeing everything with his own eyes… he felt that this scene aroused him. Shaking his head, he hastened to leave.

Since then Jiang Cheng was been haunted by this thought. As soon as he was seeing Lan Xichen, the pictures immediately were appearing before his eyes, appearing against his will. Jiang Cheng had imagining himself and Xichen in the place of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. Jiang Cheng riding Xichen. Then lies on his chest. Xichen touches his hair. Xichen hugs him tightly. His hands… And even a flute. Even the damn flute was appearing in the erotic fantasies of the owner of Lotus Pier, which made him ready to bang his head against the wall. The slave became master’s obsession, driving him slowly go crazy.

Jiang Cheng tried to immerse himself in work, but even it couldn’t help. There remained another way: good wine. Better yet, combine both. After working late again, Leader Jiang decided he deserved to relax with a couple of glasses of wine. Perhaps it would help carry him into oblivion. Or to be liberated for some more… desperate action.

It was a sweltering summer night, and Jiang Cheng was wearing a light robe. Lan Xichen served him in the throne room, he was wearing a summer version of hanfu, which was a bit small for him. Any clothes intended for a slave was barely pulled over his pumped-up body and tight-fitting. His body and every muscle… Jiang Cheng was annoyed again because he staring at him and wanted to… touch him.

And why, in fact, he couldn’t do it? Jiang Cheng puffed up. Why should he be ashamed? Wei Wuxian is not at all shy about showing his feelings in public! Why Jiang Cheng can’t? Lan Xichen was his slave. He will do whatever he is ordered to do. Jiang Cheng shouldn’t be shy about his own orders!

Leader Jiang was seated on the throne and Xichen was sitting on his knees beside him and was washing his feet. Looking down at the slave, overlooking on his chest, from which he could see the outlines of the collarbones and inflated chest, Jiang Cheng formulated in his head a clear: “I want him”.

After draining a couple of glasses of wine, he braced himself and blurted out:

- Serve me as your brother serves my brother!

Xichen stopped washing his master’s feet and looked up at him. From the expression on his face it was difficult to guess what he was thinking at that moment – there was no shock, no horror, no disgust. A mysteriously calm look and a delicate question:

- How exactly do you want me to do this?

- Do I need to explain to you? Or will a night in the torture room make you a little smarter?

There was no need to repeat it twice. Xichen carefully pulled Jiang Cheng’s legs out of the bowl with water and lotus petals, then brought one of master’s feet to his face, inhaled the fragrance, and kissed it. Water trickled down his chin and had penetrated the hanfu, slightly wetting the fabric and outlining his collarbones; the skin gleaming in the candlelight. The faint scent of lotus mixed with the delicate scent of sandalwood, turning the Leader Jiang’s head.

- What are you doing? – Jiang Cheng perked up, instinctively straining. He jerked his leg out of inertia, but Xichen’s strong grip didn’t allow him to escape from the captivity of his strong hand.

- You said that I should serve you as my brother serves yours? – the slave insinuatingly specified with his pleasant, mesmerizing timbre of his voice.

Jiang Cheng swallowed hard. He had no such experience with men. He wasn’t sure if he needed it, but the call of the flesh was stronger. He wanted his slave. He desperately desired him. He was crazy about him for a long time!

After a little hesitation Jiang Cheng took a deep breath and nodded his head slightly. Still holding his foot in his hands, Xichen stroked his lips over each finger, first touching it weightlessly, inhaling the lotus scent, and then swallowing and sucking in turn. Jiang Cheng was losing control of his body. Looking down from above, as a seductive Lan Xichen kissed his feet, who was insanely handsome, especially now, like this, and just looking at his body was driving crazy, Jiang Cheng began to languish with excitation.

The most handsome. He belongs to me. No one else dares to possess him, except me!

Pulling back the hem of the master’s robe, Xichen moved from the ankle up, leaving wet marks from tongue. From time to time he looked up directly into Jiang Cheng’s eyes, wanting to make sure that he liked everything, and met his flushed cheeks, which completely betrayed the state of its owner. The slave reached the inner side of the thigh, feeling the legs of Leader Jiang slightly trembled, and saw that under the thin cloth a dick was already got hard.

He reached out to touch it, and Jiang Cheng winced. He hadn’t completely trusted yet and looked quite tense. Xichen tried to act slowly and delicately: he loosened the belt and pushed the fabric of the master’s robe, freeing his erect dick. The slave touched it with his fingers, brushing the tips on the head of the dick, and the master sobbed at this touch. Xichen stroked Jiang Cheng’s dick, and then gave him a quick glance from under his brows to make sure the master was in his power. He trembled in his arms and desired.

- May I?..

Jiang Cheng was ready to cum right at that moment, but, gathering the rest of his composure, he nodded curtly.

Xichen didn’t torture his master very long, and put his dick into his mouth. His movements were slow and clumsy at first, but he began quickly to acquire a taste, speeding up. The slave was looking up at Jiang Cheng, watching him take the desired pleasure, throwing his head back. Then he grabbed the slave by the hair, controlling the movements and sticking the dick inside, until Jiang Cheng cum into Xichen’s mouth. His body was shaking and beaded with sweat.

- Did I please the Leader Jiang? – the slave asked on his knees.

Jiang Cheng muttered something inarticulate while he breathed quickly, then found the strength to lower his gaze and look at Xichen. The man at his feet swallowed most of sperm, only a few drops trickled down at the corners of his lips. Xichen licked them and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Even this gesture came out of him shamelessly, but at the same time seductively.

- Should I continue?

Jiang Cheng, barely feeling dizzy, got horny again. Is he still asking? Looks so depraved and dares to ask?! Aloud Jiang Cheng didn’t find the courage to say everything he thought about it, and yet he noted to himself that apart from hands, it turned out that Xichen’s tongue was no less outstanding.

- Go on.