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The room was filled with red, from the gauzy crimson tapestries hanging from the ebony bed frame, to the flickering light of the scarlet candles, to the vermilion bedsheets underneath them, trimmed at the edges with gold thread. The musky scent of coupling filled the room, mingling with the sweet smell of floral incense. Beyond the intricate latticework of the window frame lay the glittering sprawl of Liyue Harbour, aglow in its resplendent glory, the lights of a hundred ships bobbing at sea, a mirror to the thousands of stars that glimmered above them in the night sky.


There was a mirror in the room too, a huge ornate thing that stretched all the way to the floor, placed right in front of the bed, such that it was showing the most indecent image of two men entangled upon the scarlet sheets on the bed.


Diluc took one look at himself in the mirror and had to close his eyes at the sheer obscenity of it.


Behind him, Kaeya only chuckled and nibbled on his earlobe gently, before whispering,


“Like what you see?”


Diluc forced his eyes open a crack once more, and swallowed forcefully.


They were both sitting upright, facing the mirror at the foot of the bed. Diluc was sitting in between Kaeya’s legs, Kaeya’s tanned thighs bracketing his own paler ones, juxtaposing the difference between their skin tones. At the same time, Kaeya’s right hand was around his dick, stroking him languidly, almost lazily, whilst his other hand circled around from behind to tweak his pink nipple. Kaeya’s front was pressed right up his back, pressed so closely that Diluc could feel the heat of his body like a furnace behind him. He could feel Kaeya’s erection pressing against his ass, too, its leaking tip skidding wet stripes on his lower back, but he hardly cared at this point. There was already so much slick and cum in between them he could hardly tell anymore.


It was terrible, Diluc realised. He looked ten times more obscene reflected in the mirror, his debasement on full display, the impassioned blush on his face spreading down to his chest, his angry red cock weeping with the need for release. The expression on his face was almost like pain, and he couldn’t help the tears gathering at the corner of his eyes at Kaeya’s endless edging. It was the third almost-orgasm that Kaeya had cut off, and the ache in his dick was so intense he could hardly think of anything else. His lips were bitten red, wet and alluring, his hair left loose, strewn in sweat-matted locks over his shoulder. Kaeya’s hand kept his legs spread indecently wide apart, and the place between his legs was already slopping wet with lubrication, pulsing with the need to be filled, to be stretched apart. A damp patch stained the covers beneath him a dark burgundy, but it was the least of his troubles.


The need for restraint and the desire for more warred in his body.


“Nngh,” Diluc moaned, hardly able to reconcile the image in the mirror with himself, hardly believing that it was him making all these lewd, choked noises. Yet even as he was subjected to the shame of watching himself, an unspeakable headiness filled him at the sight. He had to admit, he looked absolutely delectable like this, being taken apart by Kaeya bit by little bit, beautiful in a way that words could not describe.


“I want… I want, nngh, ah,” Diluc ground his ass against Kaeya, thrusting his hips wantonly, even as shame filled him. “More… inside… not enough, Kaeya-” He cried out as Kaeya pinched his nipple punishingly before he relented.


“You’re a spoilt brat, aren’t you,” said Kaeya. “I’ve trained you too well — you can’t come using the front alone anymore, can you?” Diluc only whined in response, shaking his head, but it was a denial that convinced no one, because he was still rutting back against him desperately.


“Kaeya…” Diluc said, voice shaking, and Kaeya laughed.


“Fine,” he said. “I know your slutty hole is just begging to be filled, brother.”


Kaeya moved back, leaning against the headboard, shifting their weights backwards, so that he could reach for Diluc’s hole, sticking a finger into him roughly. At the same time, he tipped Diluc’s head to the side with a hand, to kiss him, and captured his tongue between his lips, suckling gently, only releasing him when they were both out of breath, gasping for air.


Gingerly, he inserted his fingers into Diluc’s hole, probing gently, but his gentleness was unnecessary. Diluc was already loose from all the rounds they had been going for before this, so Kaeya’s fingers found his prostate deftly — he had had a lot of practice before this, after all — and this sudden stimulation there had Diluc clawing at Kaeya’s thighs frantically.


It was perfect for Diluc now, Kaeya moving with one hand on his cock and the other inside him, stimulating him in two places at once. The pleasure built in him, like an approaching storm, and he was going to come, his moans taking on the hitched tone that Kaeya knew well, but just before he was about to crest the wave, Kaeya pulled out his fingers and pinched the base of his cock, aborting his impending orgasm.


“No… Kaeya, please!” Diluc cried, but Kaeya paid him no heed.


“You know the longer you hold it off, the sweeter the pleasure will be,” he said, biting down on Diluc’s neck. It was hard on him too — his own cock throbbed and ached, but he couldn’t even spare a hand for himself — Diluc was the focus of his attention right now.


“Kaeya…” Diluc moaned.


“Look at you,” Kaeya said in return, forcing Diluc to open his eyes and look into the mirror once more. “You’re perfect, did you know that?”


Diluc shook his head wildly, wanting to turn his head away, but Kaeya’s hand on his cheek kept his eyes trained on the mirror.


“You’re beautiful,” said Kaeya, pressing a kiss to Diluc’s temple, then his jaw, then the side of his neck. “You’re the best thing that happened to me. You’re the most beautiful thing in my life.”


“No… you…” Diluc said, closing his eyes. “You don’t mean that.”


“But I do. Do you see yourself? Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how beautiful you are?”


“No… don’t,” said Diluc. “I’m…not lovable. Not after what I did to you.”


“I know why you did it though,” said Kaeya. “You raised your blade against me not because I was an agent from Khaenri’ah, but because I had lied to you all along. You felt betrayed, because you were supposed to be my closest confidant — and yet I hid all this from you.”


Diluc remained silent, choosing neither to confirm nor deny this.


“I know you regretted it after that day,” continued Kaeya. “And I forgive you, for this,” he drew Diluc’s hand to a ridged scar on his thigh, “and this,” he moved it to another one on his abdomen, “and this,” he laid it on a final one on his chest, right above his heart.


“I told you already. You’re the best thing that happened to me,” said Kaeya softly. “When I realised that I had fallen in love with you, one fateful day many years ago, I thought the feelings in my chest would strangle me alive with their intensity.”


“Kaeya…” Diluc’s voice carried a tinge of anguish in it. “I don’t deserve your feelings.”


“You do deserve it,” said Kaeya. “I’ll won’t continue until you say you do.” His hand was warm around Diluc’s cock, barely touching him, just the slightest hint of stimulation lingering there — and it would stay that way until Diluc gave in.




“Say it,” urged Kaeya. “If you don’t say it, you’ll never believe it.”


Diluc squeezed his eyes shut and tried to believe it.


“I believe you, Kaeya,” he said, slowly, wanting to curl up and die with every single word. “You love me. You really love me, truly. And I deserve to be loved.”


“That’s a good boy,” said Kaeya approvingly, and he started up anew again, made Diluc watch as he fingered him back open, adding a finger, pressing on the spot deep inside he knew he liked, and smiling in victory when Diluc shuddered and spasmed on his fingers, trying to move with him, but Kaeya kept him pinned where he was, in his lap.


The pleasure was blistering through his body, seizing ahold of everything in Diluc’s mind. Kaeya was too good at this, too good at coaxing the lewd mewls from Diluc’s parted lips, his fingers squelching in the wet mess of his hole, coming away covered in clear translucent slick every time he pulled them out. Diluc could no longer control the sounds he was making, giving up all pretence of prudence now, his body going soft and pliant in Kaeya’s embrace, like a boneless fish, letting his head loll back onto Kaeya’s shoulder, his eyes glossing over with pleasure.


Kaeya knew how to do it all how he liked it, freeing a hand to rub vicious little circles on the frenulum of his cock, going at it with just the right pressure, paradoxically rough and gentle at the same time. Diluc wanted, no, needed more — it was nowhere near enough. As if reading his mind, Kaeya hoisted him up, removing his fingers from his hole, and the next thing he knew, something far bigger and hotter took its place, spearing him open.


Diluc sobbed in relief, the sensation of being filled all-encompassing, and though he tried not to look, in the mirror he could see the place in between their bodies where they were joined, the impossible stretch of his hole around Kaeya’s thick cock.


“Ride me,” said Kaeya, voice husky, sounding strained. Diluc did as he was told, shifting to sit on his heels for more leverage, and then he was lifting his ass up and lowering himself back down on Kaeya’s erection, doing it again, and again, and again. In his reflection, he could see his own cock bouncing with his every undulation as he bobbed on Kaeya’s cock, filthily lewd. He barely recognised himself — no one would have thought the reserved, serious Master Diluc could be shattered like this, sweaty, flushed, panting with unbridled feeling as he pleasured himself on another man’s dick.


Amidst the haze of pleasure, he sensed that Kaeya had put his hands on either side of his waist, helping him move, pressing Diluc down onto his cock hard whenever he was coming down, and thrusting his own hips up to meet Diluc’s, his cock going so deep inside Diluc that Diluc could only whimper in sated satisfaction every time he sank down on Kaeya.


“Kaeya,” Diluc said, desperately. “Yes, I love you, yes…” He felt so full, and the image of himself in the mirror made a sort of strange ecstasy rush to his head. The Diluc in the mirror seemed to him like a complete stranger.


It was almost like watching someone else put on a show for him, a sick voyeuristic pleasure rising in him from watching the Diluc in the mirror getting impaled upon a thick, throbbing cock, being forced to take it over and over again, drool leaking from the corner of his mouth as he fell apart, Kaeya’s olive-toned hands circling his waist, digging in so hard they were surely going to leave behind bruises the next morning.


“You’re such a slut for cock, aren’t you,” Kaeya said fiercely, nipping on Diluc’s earlobe once more, rolling it between his lips, his breath hot on his ear. “Can’t even come properly without a cock in you, Diluc, what would you do without me?”


As he spoke, his mouth ghosted upon the imprint of an old mark upon the nape of Diluc’s neck. Kaeya was the one who had left that bite mark upon him, and now he mouthed at it again, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough that it left the sensitive skin there tingling with pleasure-pain.


Diluc couldn’t take it any longer. His hips stuttered, and then he was coming all over himself, again, his spend painting white stripes all over the sheets.


“Kaeya,” Diluc cried, “I love you.”


Kaeya groaned, Diluc’s convulsing walls milking him for all he’s worth, closing around him in the most pleasurable kind of way, and it took barely a couple of frantic thrusts before he was coming too, gasping Diluc’s name. He rocked his hips in gentle circular motions, letting Diluc ride out the little aftershocks bordering on overstimulation, his own pleasure still starkly white-hot behind his eyelids.


“Kiss me again,” said Diluc, twisting his head back, and Kaeya let him press their lips together, bodies still joined together, and nothing in the world seemed to matter anymore.


“You’re the most beautiful thing in my life,”  said Kaeya, when they came up for air. “I’ll keep telling you this over and over again, as many times as it takes, until you truly believe it.”


“Kaeya,” Diluc’s response was chiding, but it didn’t matter. Even if Kaeya had to tell him a hundred times, a thousand times, he would do it, tirelessly, without complaint, until Diluc gave in. He would make him believe it, even if it took him all the time in the world to convince him.


Because for Diluc, there was nothing he wouldn’t do.