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The Monster on Your Bed

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It all starts out fun, with a little note stuck to the apartment building‘s blackboard downstairs. So fun, in fact, that Kaeya can‘t help but take a photo of it and send it to his friends, all the while cackling to himself as he leaves the house to catch his bus in time.

He could walk to campus since the apartment he‘s living in is especially made for university students, rooms small and cheap to accommodate to the broke generation who constantly needs a caffeine rush to hang in there between classes and part time jobs — except those who are lucky enough to have rich parents who fund their studies, living situation and all the five euro Starbucks coffees each morning, fuck them — but he certainly doesn‘t feel like waking up early when he can choose to sleep in as much as possible, make himself presentable in record time and jump on the last bus which will take him to campus before lectures start.

Life would certainly be easier with a roommate who is more responsible than he is and could pay for half of the rent, but alas, everyone who rooms with him suddenly runs off without an explanation whatsoever after a short while and refuses to answer any of Kaeya‘s texts. Lisa likes to joke about Kaeya‘s snoring being unbearable — he doesn‘t snore, he‘s sure of it! — and while it‘s a painful sting to Kaeya‘s self-confidence to have everyone pack their stuff and get as far away as possible from him, it‘s a waste of time to think about all the guys who lived with him for a short while and decided to ditch him.

At the very least they paid for the full month even if they only stayed with him for a week, so Kaeya could treat himself to his favorite, yet expensive ice cream whenever someone chose to ghost him out of nowhere — again.

The ring of his phone pulls him out of thinking about his former, not nearly as hot as him so he shouldn‘t mourn them one bit, roommates. He clicks on the pop-up message and is immediately led to his friends‘ group chat.

>>Rosaria: I am so fucking glad that I go to catholic school.

Just for the laughs of it, Kaeya reads the note he‘s sent to them again, barely holding it together once more.

Dear neighbors,

I won‘t say any names for the sake of anonymity, but I do hope this reaches the people this is dedicated to. While I am very happy for you that you‘ve found love in one another and it‘s a very nice thing to express this love to your partner, I am formally asking you not to perform certain exercises at 1 am. Some people do, indeed, try to sleep around this time and would appreciate it if you do your extra activities earlier, or consider buying bed silencers.

Yours truthfully,
A very tired neighbor

A quick glance at the display above him depicting their current location tells Kaeya that he‘s got enough time to respond before he needs to press the stop button.

>>Wish that were me LOL
>>Can‘t remember the last time someone got me off ugh

>>Rosaria: I didn‘t want, nor did I need to know this. Thanks.

>>Dain: ^

>>Lisa: Wish that were me too, but Jean is too mindful of the neighbors >>Rosaria: Bye.

True to her words, Rosaria goes offline and the conversation dies down quickly. Not that Kaeya minds, he‘s got other things to focus on now that his bus is reaching the campus, leaving him five minutes to run to the lecture hall unless he wants Professor Varka to glare at him for entering the room in the middle of his speech.

It‘s the second note that makes things turn weird.

This time, it‘s not pinned to the blackboard on the ground floor, but slid under Kaeya‘s door. A personal message, so to say — one he does not understand, because he‘d certainly remember having mind-blown sex early in the morning, and he knows for a fact that he‘s going to bed around 9 pm every night to get a healthy amount of rest before his classes.

He doubts he can even stay awake until 1 am in the morning because university and his part time jobs are getting to him, more so than ever before. Albedo and Jean have told him a thousand times to go to his doctor because no, it‘s not normal to feel exhausted all the time and no, he shouldn‘t feel tired after ten hours of sleep, but Jean is always too worried about the smallest things anyway and Albedo — well, Albedo is right, but Kaeya hates admitting that he‘s right.

At first, Kaeya thinks his neighbor slid the note under the wrong door. This, however, is proven wrong the moment he notices that he‘s addressed as „Mr. Alberich“ in the letter.

The people living right under him are Lumine and Aether, and while it‘s not very like Aether to confront him, Kaeya can definitely imagine Lumine fuming while writing the first, rather sarcastic note and losing her composure when the noises don‘t cease after her attempt at a ‘nice approach‘.

He knows the twins quite well, even hangs out with them sometimes and keeps his lips shut about the fact that they‘ve adopted a stray cat they named „Paimon“ despite the rules not allowing pets in the building. Lumine and Aether know he‘s living above them, so if they — or rather, Lumine — notice strange sounds, it must be coming from his apartment.

Frowning, Kaeya puts his thumb and index on his chin. Things aren‘t adding up, and Kaeya hates not knowing what‘s going on around him.

Because, if he doesn‘t know what‘s happening, he cannot possibly be in control of things.

So, the noises seem to come from his bedroom, but Kaeya is asleep when they occur and he hasn‘t had sex in an awfully long time, such a long time that he sometimes wishes he could just drop out, get drunk and get his brains fucked out by whatever attractive one night stand he can find at a bar.

Could it be that he‘s turning around in bed often while he‘s asleep? Would that even cause loud enough noises for Lumine and Aether to hear? His bed doesn‘t creak at every movement he makes, and while he can believe that he‘s moving around a lot in his sleep — which may or may not explain why he‘s having such horrible bed hair each morning, and why he doesn‘t feel well-rested — he just cannot imagine being loud enough for someone to mistake his toss and turns as the usual sex noises.

He should definitely talk to the twins and inquire more about this.

And maybe, he should visit his doctor, too — just not tell Albedo about it.

Albedo might be far from a „told you so“ kind of person, but one short gaze of his calculating eyes speaks more than a thousand nagging „I knew it“s.

The doctor‘s visit is awkward, to say the least. He ends up getting transferred to his gynecologist, and while his doctor is a sweet old lady, it doesn‘t change the fact that he has to sit in the fucking torture instrument chair and endure someone looking inside his pussy with some tools he doesn‘t even want to take a closer look to.

What‘s even worse is the look she gives him when he tells her that yes, he is sure that he didn‘t have intercourse lately, and he also didn‘t shove large toys inside him — he is fairly certain that he didn‘t drink too much to forget his one night stands, and he also didn‘t visit any bars where he might have been drugged by a predator. He wishes he could get dead-beat drunk with his friends, but alas, university is wrecking him enough as he is and he doesn‘t have time to go out, not until the essay that‘s due in two weeks is finished and handed in before the deadline.

Sometimes, Kaeya really curses his father for running their family business into bankruptcy. He was a child back then and barely understood what was happening around him, but his mother — after the divorce, and after Kaeya became old enough to understand — told him that he did a really fucking stupid move with their money and — well, the odds weren‘t in his favor and he lost the gamble. Alberich Technology got taken over by Abyss Inc., forcing Kaeya to only rely on himself and his good looks now that he needs to afford his own living and university fees on top of it.

Thankfully, his mother still has some connections, landing him a few well-paying modeling gigs here and there when the money from his job as a waiter runs dry.

Despite his best efforts to explain to his doctor that it‘s impossible for him to have been drugged, she heavily suggests — insists — that he lets them sample some of his blood for further testing, and he eventually obliges. There should be no harm to getting a free blood test, right? Maybe they‘ll discover something that explains his exhaustion, maybe he‘s just low on iron again.

No matter how often Kaeya tells himself that he‘s fine, he leaves the office with a sick feeling in his stomach.

One which only gets worse once he receives a phone call, informing him that the drug test returned back positive, and that he should consider getting the police involved.

Of course, telling Jean about this is the worst fucking decision Kaeya ever makes. He needed to talk to someone to get things off his chest before he suffocates in them, and Jean is a med student whose father just happens to be a high-ranking police officer, so she might know something about his topic — Kaeya can almost hear her exasperated sigh whenever someone goes to her for medical advice, because „By Barbatos, I‘m only in my third year, I don‘t know nearly enough about this, please go seek a real professional“ — but as he should have expected, all he‘s met with upon opening up to her are her worried eyes.

„Kaeya,“ she takes his hands in hers, and Archons, he hates it when she uses this tone with him. It means he‘ll have to cave in if he wants to ease her mind. „Please, we need to report this. I‘ll go with you, and I‘ll be there the whole time.“

„And what, file a case against unknown?“ Kaeya laughs, but there‘s no mirth in it. He is… tired, both physically and mentally. „I don‘t even know when it could have happened, it doesn‘t make sense. Even if I had gone partying last week, I wouldn‘t have accepted a drink from a stranger, or left it unsupervised.“

„I know this, but…“ Jean trails off, her voice so pained that it makes Kaeya‘s heart clench. He‘s the one who needs comfort, and here he is, feeling like shit for making his best friend worry and thinking she needs comfort now.

Not that she‘d accept it, anyway.

To her, he‘s the utmost priority right now.

He takes a deep breath, before pulling out his hands and using one to pat her head instead, all while trying to give her the most reassuring smirk he can muster. „It‘s alright, I‘ll figure it out. Just needed to share this with someone and make sure there‘s no other explanation to it — now cheer up for me, yeah?“

Jean isn‘t convinced. He can see it, clearly — for as good as he might be at fooling others, Jean has known him ever since childhood.

Still, she chooses to play along and drops the topic.

True to his words, Kaeya does try to figure out what‘s happening around him. He starts recording whenever he‘s with people, but the only things he‘s getting out of this are huge files he ends up deleting because they don‘t lead him anywhere.

Eventually, Lisa recommends recording himself while he sleeps and write down anything of interest. It might not explain why his drug test turned out to be positive — a false result, maybe? A mix up between two samples? — but he might be able to figure out why he‘s feeling like crap in the morning.

While a good idea in itself, Kaeya doubts that he can find out more than the fact that he moves around too much while he‘s asleep.

That is, until he watches the recording of the fourth night after waking up feeling especially drained.

For the first few hours, nothing happens. Kaeya is sleeping peacefully, no signs of over-the-top tossing and turning.

Around two o‘ clock, however, the bed creaks without Kaeya moving. Not too much to worry about — that is, until his blanket moves, while he‘s still not doing anything to cause such a thing.

Kaeya plays this section over and over again, to no avail. He can‘t figure out what‘s the cause for whatever the fuck this is, and before he has time to think further about it, his eye widens at the next part that‘s playing.

His lovelock gets brushed aside, exposing his neck. In the next moment, he jerks awake, thrashing around and trying to fight against something, but whatever invisible thing he‘s trying to scratch at pins him down effortlessly.

He doesn‘t scroll back in time, too stunned to figure out what to do, what to say, what to think. What he‘s seeing just isn‘t right, shouldn‘t be happening, and yet here it is — unstaged, real, and without any logical explanation to it.

For a moment, he wonders why the hell nobody has ever heard him screaming, why Lumine and Aether never checked in on him if that‘s the common occurrence at night that keeps them awake, but upon taking a closer look Kaeya realizes that he does have his mouth opened in a scream, and that there‘s a very muffled sound his phone is barely even able to pick up.

Whatever is attacking him is also covering his mouth, making sure that no help will arrive to get him out of there. Apart from invisibility and strength, this „being“ can also form coherent thoughts.

A cold shiver sweeps down his spine as he continues watching, the fact this this is happening frequently and for quite some while now constantly at the back of his mind.

In fact, it could even be here right at this moment, and Kaeya wouldn‘t know.

His body soon goes limb and he‘s let down almost gently, whatever‘s in his room putting his head on his pillow after fluffing it up. Then, without waiting further, it throws away the blanket which has wrapped itself around Kaeya‘s legs during the one-sided fight, leaving him in his pajamas — a black shirt with matching shorts.

Before long, the shirt is moved upwards and over his head, and something cups one of his breasts, squeezing it experimentally. Kaeya, apparently not as unconscious as one would believe („drugged“, the Kaeya watching in the present adds in his head) sighs, almost — no, most definitely sounding pleased, even more so when his nipples harden at the touch and he bares his neck for whatever is causing these sensations to latch on.

Unconsciously, Kaeya touches the crook of his neck, well aware that there are no marks on his skin, or else he would have noticed things being wrong sooner. He has an idea where this is leading to, doesn‘t know if he wants to see it, but as if faced with a horrible accident he doesn‘t want to look at, he can‘t tear his eyes away, too curious — entranced — to stop the recording.

His shorts and panties soon follow, pulled down teasingly slowly and leaving him naked, exposed to whatever is looming over him. It adjusts his body, legs pushed upwards to his chest, folding him over to get better access to his folds. Something slides into them, moving up towards his clit, and Kaeya throws back his head, moaning. His legs quiver, toes curl, and he‘s close, so close, until the thing stimulating his core draws back, a pathetic while leaving Kaeya‘s mouth at the loss of it, too close to the cliff but unable to jump off.

Kaeya has, for the lack of better words, no fucking idea how to react appropriately. He does, however, know that the wet splotch forming in his panties is not the appropriate way to react to the sight of him getting molested in his sleep.

Something moves, and his legs are let go of, weakly curling around what Kaeya can only assume are the shoulders of that thing. With his folds still spread, something dips into him, soon accompanied by something else — two fingers, maybe? — to prepare him for what‘s obvious to come next. All the while, Kaeya‘s making pleased sounds, like he enjoys what‘s happening, like he wants it to happen, and a small cry echoes through the room when he‘s spread even further, his pussy a gaping hole waiting to get filled.

Apparently, he doesn‘t need to wait long, because his whole body jumps as something slams into him, hard and mercilessly. Kaeya gasps, fingers curling into the bedsheets, clutching them like his life depends on it as he moves, up and down, with each thrust shaking his whole body and making his moans turn all the sweeter, all the lewder.

Kaeya barely notices how much time passes, too fixated on watching himself get ravished by an invisible force. He cannot count how many times he‘s come, can only take a guess at it, until his pussy is so wet and used that he can only cum dry any longer, all the slick already dripping down his thighs.

A wetness that is now soaking his panties, as well. He should feel ashamed, getting off to something that should absolutely terrify him, and while there‘s this lingering fear settling in his stomach — there‘s also the urge to move his hand, to slide it into his slicked-up folds and touch himself, chasing the same high he‘s watching himself experience in the video.

The recording ends with him absolutely wrecked and out of breath, hair messy and whole body quivering as invisible hands dress him up — again, almost gently — and return him to what he once was, leaving no trace as to what has happened.

Kaeya, fingers dipped into his cunt, circling his core but not finding the release he‘s seeking, realizes he‘s fucked.

So, like any other sane person, Kaeya chooses not to take this problem to Fischl and instead opts to meet up with Rosaria. As expected, she doesn‘t bat an eye at the sheer insanity she‘s witnessing with not just one, but both of her eyes.

She returns his phone to him not even halfway into the recording, choosing that she‘s seen enough porn of her friend to make her retch for the rest of the week. Impassive as always, she reaches for her neck and takes off her necklace, only to place the cross — why is she wearing it, again, if she can‘t even remember their god‘s name? — in Kaeya‘s palm, her fingers moving his until his hand is balled to a fist around the accessory.

She offers him an encouraging squeeze. „Stab the demon in his dick next time it comes for you.“

Ouch, but oh so very effective.

The „demon“, as they now call it, doesn‘t appear for the next few nights. According to Lumine — who looked very pissed off the night after the recording, and Kaeya didn‘t feel like going into it and explain that he‘s not to blame for the noise, actually — he only bothers her two or three times a week, so it seems like even demons have a certain schedule to stick to and cannot afford assaulting humans every night.

Interesting, but nothing Kaeya wants to focus on right now when he‘s got better things to do. Catch said demon red-handed, for example.

Ever since meeting with Rosaria, Kaeya doesn‘t let go of the necklace, not even taking it off for a shower. He doesn‘t know what material it‘s made of, and if it might rust, but he supposes he can just replace it if he ruins it. Rosaria won‘t kill him for that, or otherwise she would have stabbed him to death with her high heels a long time ago, for far worse instances.

Forcing himself to stay awake past midnight is taxing, especially when his mind doesn‘t help him by constantly counting down how many hours he‘ll get of sleep until he needs to get up for morning classes, but Kaeya supposes it will be worth it.

And worth it it is, when he hears a noise. He sleeps with his window tilted open to get some fresh air, and, well — some flapping sounds come right from this direction. He doesn‘t turn around, not yet, and continues playing innocent, helpless and asleep human.

The flapping ceases at once, replaced with quiet footsteps coming closer to the bed until, eventually, the mattress shifts, a new weight added onto it. Just like in the recording, cold fingers brush aside his lovelock, only now Kaeya can also feel how it sends goosebumps through his body.

Unlike the video, however, it‘s not just his neck the demon touches. Its fingers caress his neck, sliding up the crook of it up to his jaw, and eventually stroking his cheek. He can feel it coming closer, nose brushing against his neck, taking in his scent before placing a kiss at it, teeth grazing his carotid—

But before it can bite, Kaeya presses the cross he‘s been holding right into its face, causing the demon to hiss and let go, the power of Lord Barbatos seemingly weakening it successfully.

Kaeya uses that opportunity to turn the tables and flip them over, now pinning the demon into the bedsheets, his hips straddling him. His nightlight allows him to see its features faintly, but it‘s not enough, so he turns on the lamp on his nightstand while still having the upper hand, the element of surprise still on his side.

He sees red, quite literally. Bright red hair, red eyes and a faint trace of blood on his lips.

Ah, Kaeya touches his neck, noticing that the nibbling might have drawn some blood after all, but not enough to render him useless. Whatever, this will work as well.

He leans down and smirks, the high of having a supernatural creature trapped right under him making him even more obnoxious than usually. The cross dangles from his neck teasingly, right above the demon — or maybe, vampire‘s nose.

„Who would have thought that the young master of Dawn Winery enjoys sneaking into strangers‘ homes and takes whatever he wants?“ he mocks, index touching his collarbone and moving up slowly, tilting up the chin. „You could have just asked, Master Ragnvindr, or was I not clear enough last time we‘ve met?“

Diluc frowns at him, but his cheeks betray him, pink dust covering them.

‘Last time‘ is putting it friendly. They‘ve only met once, when Kaeya was modeling for Dawn Winery and may or may not have flirted too much with the photographer, who‘s turned out to be the heir to the company. Shortly after, Kaeya‘s first roommate of a few months packed his stuff and ran away, and the one moving in after him followed suit not one week later, dubbing the apartment as „cursed shithole“.

Kaeya never really considered that his modeling gig with Dawn Winery might have something to do with it, but now it all makes sense, now all signs are leading back to it — Diluc pinned under him, his roommates fleeing one after another and the exhaustion starting not even one month later.

The supernatural being thing, however, still comes as a surprise.

Nevertheless, it‘s nothing Kaeya isn‘t able to turn into his favor. He is, and will forever be in control of his life.

His finger travels down once more, now toying with the first button of Diluc‘s shirt. His thumb and index dance around it, play with it, until eventually, he unbuttons the first, then the second, and lastly the third button. To surface comes a well-defined chest, pale yet very much beautiful, and Kaeya allows himself to wet his lips at the sight of it, relishing in the was Diluc‘s eyes dart to his mouth immediately.

Oh, he‘s going to enjoy this oh so very much.

„You seem to be rather good with your… assets,“ Kaeya purrs as he moves his hips, watching in amusement how Diluc‘s adam‘s apple bops up and down upon feeling the friction. And, because Kaeya is such a little shit, he stops moving before Diluc can develop a full hard-on.

He cups Diluc‘s cheek, almost going in for a kiss but stopping at the last second, instead opting to whisper into his ear with the most sultry voice he can muster. „What a pity that you‘re keeping the joy all to yourself and don‘t even think about entertaining me. You truly are a monster, aren‘t you, Ragnvindr?“

And, well, Kaeya is damn good at sounding like a whore, if he can say so for himself. Diluc, too, seems to think so, if him closing his eyes and balling his hands into fists is anything to go by — not to forget, the half-soft, half-hard member pressing against Kaeya‘s ass, restrained by far too much clothing to both their liking.

„What do you have to say for yourself?“ Kaeya moves away from his ear and eyes how Diluc clearly struggles with his options — whether he should try to be the gentleman people (Kaeya, from months ago, included) think he is, or if he should do what he‘s been doing for months by now and take what he wants, truly wants.

Kaeya arches an eyebrow and taps against his cheek impatiently. „Well?“

„I…“ Diluc avoids his eyes, something alike to shame settling in. He tries to speak, but breaks off before he can start, the need to clear his throat settling in before he can form a coherent sentence.

When he does manage, however, it‘s nothing like the beast one would expect after watching the paranormal sex tape. He‘s embarrassed, but stubborn enough to keep going, to answer Kaeya‘s question. „You‘re— you‘re beautiful.“

„And?“ Kaeya prods, hand cupping Diluc‘s cheeks and moving his head, forcing him to look at him. This time, Diluc doesn‘t attempt to avoid his gaze, instead furrows his eyebrows and presses his lips to a thin line, words hard to speak for a businessman who‘s supposed to excel at talking his way through meetings to get the result he wants.

„And — I want you,“ he retorts, with much more conviction than Kaeya first thought he could scramble together. Kaeya can‘t help but smirk further at Diluc‘s little confidence boost.

How very interesting indeed.

„Shall I tell you a secret, Young Master?“ this time, Kaeya actually brushes their lips together, not going in for a kiss just yet, but enough to make them touch — enough to see Diluc‘s very, very little self-control faltering. His other hand wanders down and, without a warning, cups Diluc‘s growing erection, earning a groan from the man underneath him.

Kaeya huffs, delighted with how well his toy is behaving. “I‘m much more desirable when I‘m awake.“

With that, he closes what little gap remains between their lips, going in with all bite and teeth. Diluc moans as Kaeya loosens the button on his pants and slides his hand into his boxers, fingertips brushing his cock directly. His mouth, occupied with Diluc‘s lips and parting to allow Diluc access, almost waters at the thought of the sheer size he‘s discovering inside him.

Whatever internal struggle Diluc was going through, it‘s a losing battle for his reason once his cock gets involved, his hands now reaching for Kaeya‘s waist, actual fucking claws digging into his sides. Kaeya notices that he wants to take control, and he chooses to indulge him and lets him take the reins as Diluc flips them over once more, now towering over Kaeya, erection rutting against his folds.

When his dick grazes Kaeya‘s clit through the fabric, it‘s hard even for Kaeya to keep it together.

That‘s exactly why he chooses not to hold back anymore and reaches for Diluc‘s neck, pulling him down by his hair as a whine escapes his lips. „Fuck, fuck me already.“

He doesn‘t need to ask twice. Like a puppy allowed to finally play with his favorite toy, Diluc rips — fucking rips — his clothes off, his claws making it fairly easy for him to tear the fabric apart. Kaeya will remind him to reimburse him for the loss of his favorite pajamas later on.

For now, however, he‘s much more interested in how Diluc latches onto his dripping cunt like a dehydrated man finding a source of water, tongue dipping into his hole and filling him as far as he can reach, muscle twitching and twirling inside him.

Kaeya decides then and there that he either didn‘t have enough — consensual — sex in a long while, or that nobody does it like his demon slash vampire does. With one hand spreading Kaeya‘s legs to allow better access to his core — and, fuck, does Diluc mouth around his clit make Kaeya see the stars — Diluc uses his other hand to cup Kaeya‘s breast, thumb rolling over his nipple hard as he suddenly sucks, causing Kaeya to thrash and shriek, accompanied by many, many more moans.

„Fuck— right there— !“ Kaeya withdraws one of his hands to bite down on it, trying to muffle his sounds. Diluc, however, doesn‘t seem to like that, and with a strength Kaeya cannot compete against — now that he wants to, anyway — he allows Diluc to move his hand aside, their fingers intertwining as Diluc presses them down next to his head. Instinctively, Kaeya turns his head to the side, cheek brushing against Diluc‘s hand as a well-known knot forms in his stomach, so, so close. „Diluc— Diluc…!“

His whole body shakes as he cums, with Diluc‘s face still buried inside his pussy, still going when Kaeya feels like a porcelain doll ready to break.

— Or maybe, he already did break as a sob escapes his lips, eyes tearing up at the overstimulation. „Diluc, I can‘t— I want—“

Despite begging, as poorly as he might do so, Diluc letting go of him is the last thing he wants, but Diluc makes up for it as his finger replaces his mouth — not quite the same, but good enough at keeping Kaeya shivering and sobbing as Diluc kisses him, making him taste his own sweet release, pushing him over the edge a second time by moving his index and middle finger against his swollen clit just right.

Kaeya pulls away, in desperate need for air, and Diluc latches onto his neck, again nibbling at his carotid but not quite biting down on it just yet.

If he thinks Kaeya is in any right condition to voice his explicit permission, he‘s a fucking idiot. Once, because it‘s fairy late to ask for consent by now, and because his mind is far too mushy to allow him to speak.

When Diluc doesn‘t bite, Kaeya simply reaches for the back of his head and pushes him down, nudging him to just do it already. Diluc hesitates, probably wondering if he really can consider this a real permission, but eventually sinks his fangs into him.

To Kaeya‘s surprise, he can barely even feel the pain, not even when Diluc is deep enough to suck, his red mane tickling Kaeya‘s neck.

Diluc, much to his credit — as much as one can give him — doesn‘t take a lot of blood, only a quick midnight snack before he licks over the wound almost apologetically, and when Kaeya touches the spot he‘s been bitten at, there‘s no blood oozing out of it.

„Healing saliva,“ Diluc explains, placing one last kiss at the spot. „Don‘t worry, I didn‘t poison you.“

„This time,“ Kaeya adds, grinning like a smug bastard — that is, until Diluc presses down on his core a bit too roughly, making Kaeya groan in delicious pain. However, Diluc doesn‘t deny it, even goes as far as to repeat after Kaeya with a grumpily that sounds awfully much like sulking. „This time.“

And because Kaeya can‘t have a grown man and soon-to-be CEO pouting in his bed, he pulls Diluc down to merge their lips together once more, only to let go once Diluc gets the hint to use his free hand to fumble with his pants. Luckily, Diluc is quick to get rid of them, his erection springing out of its confinement.

Fuck, Kaeya wants him inside so bad. He wants to ride him until he‘s milked every last drop out of him.

With how little Kaeya attempts to hide it, it‘s not hard for Diluc to figure out he likes what he sees. He scoops his arms under him, lifting him up until Kaeya faces his giant bedroom mirror, but only seeing himself in it. Diluc isn‘t reflected in it — but Kaeya can most definitely feel his hands on him, can feel his throbbing cock pushing against his entrance as he sits on Diluc‘s lap.

„I want you to see how beautiful you are when I take you,“ Diluc mumbles, his chest pressing against Kaeya‘s back. Again, Kaeya notices how cold his body is compared to his — but he finds an odd sense of comfort in pressing himself against his cool skin.

„What if I want to see you?“ he purrs back and turns his head over his shoulder just in time to notice that Diluc is flushing at his retort. What a pity that he‘ll miss out on this if he looks into the mirror.

„Just— you can look at me later,“ Diluc coughs, and Kaeya grins. He presses a kiss on Diluc‘s pink cheek. „Alright~ make me feel beautiful, Mister Vampire.“

Diluc doesn‘t waste a second and pushes two fingers inside him, pussy wet enough to take them at once, and a third one following soon after. Like a good boy, Kaeya keeps his word and stares into the mirror, seeing his cunt widen and retract around invisible fingers. His face is just as red as Diluc‘s, if not even more, and his hardened nipples perk up, both from the cold and Diluc‘s second hand toying with them, rubbing, squeezing, pulling. Archons, Kaeya nearly cums a third time without Diluc even doing much.

„Luc~“ he whines when three fingers aren‘t enough anymore, and Diluc stops for a second. How curious, he seems to like the pet name — Kaeya will remember this for later.

Diluc presses his forehead against Kaeya‘s neck and breathes in his scent, remaining like this for a few seconds as his fingers thrust inside him with more force, less control. He exhales deeply. „You… you make me lose my mind.“

„So I‘ve been told,“ Kaeya retorts, shifting in Diluc‘s lap. „Don‘t you wanna cum inside, before I make you lose your mind completely?“

„This is exactly what will make me lose my mind,“ Diluc groans exasperatedly, but pulls out his fingers and guides Kaeya‘s entrance to his head.

Archons, even the head feels big already. How did Kaeya take this all these months without noticing a gaping loneliness after waking up?

He cannot chase this train of thought further, because when Diluc slides in, just a few inches at first, his mind is abso-fucking-lutely blasted. He throws back his head, whining in a mixture of pain and pleasure, offering up his neck because please, please bite me and make me feel good again, but Diluc simply moves his head back so that Kaeya watches himself in the mirror, his hole stretched so insanely wide and eyes half squeezed shut, tears forming in the corners and a lone one already finding its way down his cheek.

He‘s a mess. An absolutely wrecked, used, and beautiful mess. Diluc pushes further, and Kaeya can swear that he sees his flat tummy bulge when Diluc fills him balls-deep, his whole length inside him and rearranging his organs—

And, damn it, he hits his G-Spot just right when he pulls out and slams back in — at first carefully, experimentally, trying to see how much Kaeya can take, and then with a faster pace and more strength to it once Kaeya voices nothing but sheer lust and want. „Fuck, Luc— Luc—!

„Kaeya…!“ Diluc bites his lip, drawing blood, his self-restraint faltering as all he wants to do is take Kaeya by his waist and slam him up and down on his cock with his monster strength, again and again until he finds his release.

And Kaeya, size queen that he is, fulfills his every wish when he uses his own strength to match Diluc‘s movements, up and down until he‘s closer, closer, closer—

With a cry, Kaeya cums untouched, Diluc‘s cock still pressing against his G-Spot with every thrust and draw-back, and his vision gets blurry when Diluc moves a hand to his cunt, circling his overstimulated, swollen clit despite Kaeya not being able, not being able too—

His walls spasm, hole tightening, and shocks of pure pleasure shake his body, it‘s too much, too much, Kaeya can‘t take another orgasm, not another one, not after the last one having happened just seconds—

He cums dry, unable to keep up, and Diluc buries himself deep into him, so deep that Kaeya would most definitely get knocked up by his leaking cock if it wasn‘t for the fact that he‘s taking contraceptives. He barely even notices Diluc biting his shoulder, his body, too, shaking as his orgasm takes him to another plane of existence altogether, cum filling Kaeya so well and dripping out of his used hole when Diluc pulls out after a moment of rest to catch his own breath.

Kaeya‘s chest heaves, rising up and falling down, and with the last bit of strength he can muster, he pushes Diluc down on the bed and pulls him into another kiss.

Lumine will be so fucking mad at him, but he couldn‘t care less right now.

He can order some bed silencers tomorrow, when his head is clear.

Their strange arrangement becomes a normalcy after a few more nights of Diluc breaking in and Kaeya already expecting him, pajamas replaced with white lingerie that turns Diluc into the cutest, hungriest little puppy ever existing.

Eventually, Diluc invites him to dinner, then to the movies, then to his mansion (Archons, does Kaeya love sampling their wine collection), and after a few weeks of Diluc trying to his best to court him and Kaeya, already so much into him, relishes in the pampering and attention until he takes pity on him and asks Diluc if they want to make it official.

Since vampires, despite the common belief, do not perish in the sunlight, Diluc makes it his job to pick up Kaeya every morning and drive him to campus, something Kaeya happily accepts each and every time because it means he can sleep in even longer.

Diluc could stop there, stay in his car and just drop him off without causing a scene, but for some reason, Diluc always goes out of his way to exit the car first, open the passenger door for Kaeya to get out and pull him close to give him a goodbye kiss, lingering around especially long if people are around them and watching.

As Diluc watches Kaeya disappear into the building his morning classes will take place in, he doesn’t move, well aware of the presence closeby. He waits, and only turns when Jean decides to show herself, not looking all too happy with him.

„You could have done things the normal way, you know,“ her tone, despite being neutral on the outside, has a certain scolding undertone Diluc has learned to pick up on in his youth. He crosses his arms over his chest and scoffs, unwilling to admit that she‘s right, and that he should have been open with his… enamourment for the human from the beginning.

„We don‘t do things normally, Jean.“

„That doesn‘t mean we have to resort to unethical methods,“ she counters, brows furrowing into a deep frown. Diluc tenses up, his fingernails digging into his skin. „I…“

„You better treat him right,“ Jean interrupts. She straightens her back, standing tall and proud, a true alpha under a family of wolves. „I‘ll be the first one to hear if things go south, and I will have your head for it, Ragnvindr.“

„If you think you can manage that, be my guest,“ Diluc retorts, before opening the door to the driver‘s seat. „I suppose I will see you around more often now.“

„With how head over heels Kaeya is? Most definitely,“ Jean replies. The tension between them lifts a bit, but a certain level of it remains, along with a promise.

If anyone hurts Kaeya, they will pay for it.

Diluc swears on his family name that he won‘t be the one to break it.