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Castle of Wonders

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„What are you doing here, Lance?“ Pidge huffed in faked annoyance when Lance showed by in her and Hunk’s workshop for the sixth time this day cycle.

„I’m bored, okay? I’m no match for Keith in sparring - and he prefers setting the bots so high that they would make shish-kebab out of me - and Shiro is helping Allura with strategy stuff. Coran is well… somewhere“ he whined as he flopped down against the wall behind her.

„So? You’re one of our best strategists, why aren’t you joining Shiro and Allura?“ Hunk asked encouragingly.

„You know how they get. I don’t want to stand in the way“ Lance huffed and leaned his head back.

„Well, you’re welcome to watch or help if you want“ Hunk said and Pidge smiled at him as well.

„Thanks guys. Maybe I can-“ Lance begun, but he was interrupted.

„Hey. Uhm“ Keith said awkwardly, standing in the doorway to the workshop and clearing his throat.

„Hello Mullet. Got tired of training?“ Lance greeted him.

„Uh, no. Yes - I mean… Kind of“ he stuttered and looked at the ground, looking a bit lost.

„Are you okay?“ Hunk asked with an irritated but amused tone.

„Uh… yeah, yeah. Sorry. I needed to ask Lance something“ he stuttered out.

„Well?“ Lance said impatiently and looked up at his teammate.

„Uh...“ he sighed and looked around to the others.

Neither them nor Lance showed any indication of moving so that he could talk to Lance alone.

„I need one of your shirts“ he breathed, barely audible.

„What? Why the hell would you need a shirt from me of all people?“ Lance asked and raised his eyebrows in annoyance.

„Because your’s would fit at least?“ Keith said heatedly.

„And why, if I may ask, would you need someone else's shirt at all?“ Lance snorted.

„Because“, Keith huffed and turned their back to them, „my last one just got shredded“ he explained.

He was right - the back of his shirt was completely cut through and shredded, but so was the skin underneath it.

Blood was steadily running down his back.

„Keith!“ the others cried out in horror when they saw his injuries.

„What the hell, why didn’t you tell us that you were injured you idiot!“ Pidge scolded him and immediately rushed to his side to steady him.

She only now noticed how ragged his breathing was and how he seemed to sway lightly.

„Sorry“ Keith said with a suddenly very tired voice.

„Shit, Keith. Let’s get you in the med bay - we can fix the shirt problem after, ok?“ Lance said, feeling a littlebit bad for having teased the other before.

„Okay“ Keith breathed and let himself be guided toward the infirmary of the Castle.

„I’ll go find Coran“ Hunk chimed in and sprinted off to find the Altean.

„Just don’t tell Shiro, please? I don’t want him to get mad at me“ Keith begged, blinking slowly.

„Yeah, okay. Let’s just get you patched up before we worry about anything else, ok?“ Pidge said gently and opened the door to the infirmary.

The moment they had sat Keith down on one of the examination tables, Keith tilted to the side.

„Woah, careful buddy“ Lance said and caught him.

„Sorry. Everything is kinda swaying“ Keith mumbled in exhaustion and pain.

„Just lean on me“ Lance said and sat down near Keith.

It wasn’t long until Coran entered.

He quickly examined Keith’s injuries and turned around to gather al kinds of things he needed to treat the wound.

„The fluids are going to help against the blood loss, and they have a painkiller in them. Since those are only flesh wounds, this will do“ he said and pointed to something that looked like a small towel with some kind of gel on one side.

„What is this stuff?“ Pidge examined and hesitantly poked it.

It was cool and smooth, soothing her skin immediately.

„Excellent question, number five! Those are… well, you won’t know what to do with the Altean name, but this gel will close the wounds within a few varga“ he explained while he hooked Keith up to the fluid bags.

He gently nudged him to lay on his stomach, and Keith, tired and still in pain, didn’t resist.

„You should sleep for a while, it will help your body recover from healing“ Coran said while he cut the remains of Keith’s shirt from him and applied the cloth with the gel.

„That’s really cool“ Pidge said while she observed the procedure with fascination.

„You mean the healing towel?“ Lance asked.

„Yes, Lance. I mean the healing towel“ Pidge said with an amused huff.

„The healing towel feels nice“ Keith hummed sleepily.

„Rest, Keith“ Hunk said and patted his forearm in comfort while Lance and Pidge smiled.

It wasn’t long until Keith dozed off.

„I’ll stay with him. Just to be sure“ Lance told the others when they motioned that they wanted to leave.

„Okay“ Hunk said with a warm smile.

Lance settled near Keith’s cot and closed his eyes, dozing off not soon after.

When Keith woke up - feeling much, much better - and slowly sat up, he spotted a familiar white and blue colored shirt with long sleeves near his pillow.

He smiled and looked around - only to find Lance snoring on the floor near him.

He silently shrugged the blanket he had been covered with off. The gel-towel thingy had been removed from his back, as well as the fluid bags, and someone had thrown a blanket over Lance.

Keith made sure to remember to thank Coran for his help later.

He silently stood up and stretched - his back felt like it had never beed cut open in the first place.

„Cool Altean healing towel“ he chuckled and picked up the shirt Lance must have placed there for him.

The Blue Paladin was still wearing his jacket, but underneath only a plain white shirt was now visible.

Keith briefly help Lance’s shirt up to look at it and put it on.

It felt cozy, and warm, and it still smelled vaguely like Lance.

Keith closed his eyes and breathed in, his cheeks dusted in a light pink.

He felt comfortable and … home, somehow.

Not that he would ever admit himself that he was feeling like that.

He then crouched down and gently nudged Lance’s shoulder.

„What? I’m awake!“ Lance yelled, shooting up to sit and nearly banging his head into Keith’s.

„Oh. Hi Keith! How are you feeling?“ Lance asked after he realized where and when he was.

„Pretty good, to be honest. And… thank you for the shirt. I’ll make sure to not destroy it in training“ he said silently while he helped Lance up from the ground.

„How did you end up injured like that anyways?“ Lance asked him now.

He had to fight against a blush forming on his cheeks - he couldn’t help but notice how much he liked seeing Keith wearing his shirt.

It was a bit too long for him, making his hands almost disappear in it.

It looked… cute.

„The training bot went a bit overboard. I tripped somehow and practically fell into his sword with my back“ Keith admitted with shame, ripping Lance from his thoughts.

„As long as you promise to fucking tell us next time that you were hurt and not worry about your shirt should something like this ever happen again, I forgive you for scaring us“ Lance said and glared at him.

„Yeah… sorry about that“ Keith apologized.

„And sorry that I now practically stole your shirt“ he added.

„It’s fine. But we should maybe ask Coran to go to the space mall sometime to get some new clothes for all of us“ Lance said and Keith nodded in agreement.

„Oh, no need for that! What do you think do we have the clothing chamber for?“ Coran suddenly said, appearing out of seemingly nowhere with Pidge and Hunk following him.

„Glad to see you alright again, lad“ he added and smiled warmly at Keith.

„Wait. What did you just say?“ Pidge asked in irritation.

„Yeah, I think I heard something about a clothing chamber?“ Hunk asked, his eyes wide.

„Well, yes!“ Coran replied, confused.

„So you are saying that we have a clothes storage here?“ Lance asked.

„Oh, no, nothing like that. But in the Red Lion’s wing there is one room where you can make clothes! Did you not know that?“ Coran explained.

„No“ they all said in unison.

„Wait… is that why we have color coded pajamas and swim trunks that magically fit us perfectly?“ Lance asked and raised one of his eyebrows.

„Yes, exactly! I made them for you as soon as you arrived. You seemed pretty eager to keep your earth clothing though, so I never bothered about asking you to make you new clothes“ he said and scratched his head.

„Can we go there?“ Pidge asked with excitement in her voice.

„Of course! Right this way“ Coran said with a grin and led them out of the infirmary.

They walked past the doors of the Red Lion’s hangar and into a corridor none of them had ever been in so far.

He gestured to one of the doors on the right.

„The system is pretty self explanatory! I’m afraid I can’t show you because I still need to finish maintenance on the teludav“ Coran said and excused himself.

The four teenagers nodded and watched him disappear down the hallway before they entered.

„Woah“ they all said in unison as soon as they saw the room from the inside.

There was a round platform in the middle of the room and a giant display right in front of it.

Metal arms, similar to industrial robots on earth, were hanging from the ceiling, surrounding a mannequin that stood on the platform.

„What now?“ Hunk asked, but Pidge had already stepped up to the display and gently touched it with her fingers.

The whole room whirred to life, making them nearly flinch in surprise.

„Welcome“ a sound echoed and then, all of them were scanned by a laser.

„What the-“ Keith said and stumbled back in surprise, but before he even had time to complain or ask what was going on, the scan was complete.

Four avatars appeared on the display - looking exactly like them.

„Scan complete. Please choose a measurement avatar to begin the clothing selection process“ the voice said.

„Uhm… okay?“ Pidge mumbled and tapped on her avatar.

The mannequin on the platform started to shift - until it matched Pidge exactly in size and proportions.

„Woah“ all four of them could only repeat.

The avatars of the others shrunk and disappeared to a side menu while the whole display was now filled with clothing categories she was able to choose from.

„Ball gowns? Pass“ Pidge said while she scrolled though the menu.

„Kitchen attire?“ Hunk chimed in and was ready to press on it, but Pidge lightly smacked his hand away.

„What for your turn“ she said joyfully and continued.

„Oh! This looks like it could be some kind of hoodie?“ she then said and pointed to one of the categories.

„Try it!“ Lance encouraged her, and she pressed it.

A hologram appeared around the mannequin, mirroring the design of what really looked like a classic hoodie on the display.

„This is so cool! Why did we not know of this place before?“ Pidge said with a sparkle in her eyes while she compared different models.

„Oh! That one!“ she suddenly squealed in excitement and pressed on it.

The model had three designs: one plainly one-colored, one with some stripes on it and one with the Voltron insignia printed on the chest.

„Okay, I want one of those Voltron hoodies“ Hunk said with determination.

„Same“ Lance and Keith said in unison.

„I feel like I’m shopping for merch online like I used to do back on Earth“ Pidge said and tapped on the one with the insignia.

„Green“ she said with a smirk when she saw the color options.

„Green with black or black with green?“ she then asked the others.

„I think black with green“ Lance said and Keith and Hunk nodded.

„Alright - execute“ Pidge grinned and tapped the button.

Everyone looked at the mannequin.

The robotic arms around it whirred to life and started… sewing? They couldn’t really tell - it was all going way too fast for them to follow.

A few moments later, the display rolled to the side and the mannequin rolled forward from the platform, started to strip out of the hoodie like it was a living creature, folded the clothing mid-air and presented it to Pidge on open palms.

It was a plain black hoodie, with a vividly green Voltron insignia printed on it’s chest.

„This is so cool!“ Pidge cried out in joy and carefully took the hoodie.

She immediately tried it on while the mannequin and the display wheeled back into place.

„This looks amazing“ the others immediately said as soon as she had pulled it over her shirt.

„This feels so nice… Like it was made for me. Well - it has been made for me“ she said with an astonished grin.

„I want next!“ Hunk called and immediately tapped on his avatar.

He was offered to go to the clothing menu or to go to the last produced piece of clothing.

„Smart sewing computer“ he mumbled, earning a snort from Pidge.

It wasn’t long until Hunk turned around and marveled at himself, wearing his new hoodie.

„Let’s make one for us as well“ Lance said and got to work.

He first made one for himself, then for Keith.

„Thanks“ Keith said to Lance when the mannequin - shaped exactly like himself, which was only a bit weird - offered him his hoodie.

They continued to search through all of the options and clothes.

They made Pidge a set of working trousers that had many pockets for various tools or technical parts.

Hunk designed himself various aprons, printing a handwritten ‚Kiss the Cook‘ slogan on it’s front.

Lance somehow managed to find a comfortable onesie that matched the Blue Lion.

Keith got some plain t-shirts, looking very similar to the one he had worn earlier.

Everyone also got a set of underwear - the boys looking very interested at trying on their new clothes in the corner of the room while Pidge got her’s.

„Hey, look what I found!“ she said and motioned them to join her at the display.

It was already set to Keith’s avatar again, and the hologram showed them clothes that vaguely looked like armor.

„This thing can do light armor!“ she beamed and pointed to her design.

It was a long sleeved, skintight black shirt - with a red Voltron insignia.

„This looks awesome“ Keith said and marveled at it.

„It’s designed so that it can’t get cut“ Pidge said with a scolding expression.

Keith’s joyful anticipation vanished for a moment when he saw the looks of the others.

He still felt bad because of what had happened before.

„Just make sure to wear this in training from now on“ Pidge said and ordered the system to make two of the shirts.

„Thanks, Pidge“ he said and accepted the clothes as soon as the mannequin offered them to him.

„What are we going to make next?“ Lance asked.

„I think we have enough for now, to be honest. I mean…“ Hunk said and pointed over to the four piles of clothes that had been forming behind them.

„Yeah… You’re probably right“ Lance said with a chuckle and went to pick up his pile.

The others got theirs as well and they were already on their way out when Pidge turned around again.

„How could Coran make clothes for us before when we weren’t scanned by this room?“ she asked them.

Hunk frowned.

„Good question-“

„This system is operational for every person aboard his ship“ the computer’s voice replied, interrupting Hunk, and showed them avatars of Shiro, Coran and Allura.

The four of them looked at each other with a smile and got to work again, producing another hoodie with a dark purple, almost black Voltron insignia on it.

„He will like it“ Hunk said while he threw it on his pile.

„He better will“ Pidge said while they went to their rooms.

Everyone dumped their pile of clothes inside, agreeing on presenting Shiro his hoodie while each of them wore their own.

„We’ll be right behind you“ Keith suddenly said to Hunk and Pidge when they waited for him and Lance in the hallway.

„Okay, just don’t take too long!“ the two said and went ahead.

„Keith?“ Lance asked as soon as he felt the other grip his wrist, holding him back from following the others.

„Thanks, uhm. For letting me borrow your shirt“ he said and begun to strip from his hoodie to be able to give Lance his shirt back.

„What are you doing?“ Lance asked him and placed his hands on Keith’s, preventing him from undressing.

„Giving you your shirt back?“ he asked with a slight flush.

„Uhm… Keep it. It suits you“ Lance said with a soft pink on his cheeks.

„Oh. Thanks“ Keith replied softly, his flush growing with the second.

„It’s nothing“ Lance said and waved his hands dismissively, but all the motion didn’t hide how red he was now.

„Should we get going?“ Keith said, plucking at his hoodie to make sure it fit right again.

„Uh-huh“ Lance only hummed in agreement, too flustered for words.

They went towards the lounge in a comfortable silence.

„Hey, Keith?“ Lance asked before they entered.

„Yes?“ Keith hummed.

„What other rooms do you think does this Castleship have?“ Lance asked.

„I don’t know. But I’m sure it would be cool to find out“ Keith said with a warm smile.

When they entered, they found Shiro almost in tears.

„Guys!“ he called out to them, surprising Keith and Lance while Hunk and Pidge giggled.

„We match!“ Shiro said in the happiest and most exited tone they had ever seen their leader speak with.

„Told you he’d like it“ Pidge said confidently.

She and the others were happy to see Shiro grin so widely.