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The Billion-Dollar Bride

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An elite private house in the Gangnam area. In the spacious, bright living room, a woman walked indifferently from side to side, unconsciously twisting a long strand of bangs on her finger, when all the other hair was pulled into a high hairstyle. Her gaze constantly returned to the coffee table by the sofa, on which some note lay alone.

- Mom? – called Jae Joong, entering the room. – Something happened? You look very worried.

- What? – the woman returned from her thoughts. – Oh, are you back already?

The young man frowned as he took off his jacket and loosened the knot of his tie.

- When you’re so absent-minded, something definitely happened. Where is Jae Hee? Does she has fun somewhere with her friends again?

- Jae Joong-ah…

The woman looked anxiously at her son, and then gestured to the coffee table.

- We're lost, Jae Joong-ah, – she said with a tremor in her voice. – Jae Hee has disappeared. She refuses to get married. All our hopes that the company could be saved… crumbled to dust.

Jae Joong stared at his mother in shock, then briskly walked over to the table and grabbed the note.

“Dear mom, dear oppa, don't look for me. I realized that I do not want to live my whole life in a golden cage with a person who will never love me, and whom I will not love. I know that I am acting selfishly, dooming you and my father's company to complete obscurity, but I want to dispose of my fate myself, and not as others want to force me.

Love, Jae Hee. " 

Jae Joong crumpled up a note and sat down on the sofa exhaustedly.

- She just ran away… – he stated. – Almost from the wedding!

Mother covered her mouth with her hand, restraining her emotions. Now the Kim’s family was going through hard times, and the only way not to go bankrupt and stay afloat was the marriage of the only daughter to the heir of a major company.

- I was so surprised when Jung's family agreed to this marriage… – the woman said. – I thought it was a sky-sign and now we are saved! But… – She covered her face with her hand, completely desperate.

Jae Joong looking depressed somewhere to the side, then stood up and put his arms around his mother’s shoulders. Once their company has a leading position in the market, but over time slowly retreated entirely further and further – particularly after the death of his father. This news shattered the whole family, but his mother do all the best to rectify the situation and to give her children a better education. It was Jae Joong's turn to take care of his family, but when the chance fell on his sister, she simply dropped her hands and chose to run away cowardly!

- I can understand Jae Hee, – Jae Joong said, soothing his mother. – But she had to be aware of this! She was not born into an ordinary worker's family and ыру is obliged to fulfill her duty as the only daughter of a famous family! Father's company is our brainchild, and we need to protect it… After all, he spent the best years of his life on it! How does he is feeling somewhere out there, in a better world, that we have lost a part of him?..

- At the end of next week we have a family dinner, – the woman said. – If Jung's family find out that we want everything to cancel… Oh, I do not want to think about it! What a scandal! The daughter of Kim’s family escaped just before the wedding preparations! I have to lie down, something is not good for me…

Jae Joong accompanied his mother to her bedroom.

- Please don’t worry too much… Dinner can be rescheduled, but for now we need to start looking for Jae Hee. I'll get her wherever she hides!

- Everything is fine with me, Jae Joong-ah, – the woman waved aside. – I try not to blame Jae Hee, but… I also put a lot of effort into managing the whole company. It’s just… I feeling hurt that she didn’t think about mine or your sacrifices.

"Jae Hee does not really think about anything…" – Jae Joong sighed. He loved his sister, allowed her numerous whims, encouraged caprices, but in this situation she acted ugly, not warned anyone and not discussed her decision with anyone. Even with him.

Going into his room, Jae Joong sighed wearily and dressed in home clothes. Taking off his shirt in front of the mirror to replace it with a pleasant-to-touch purple V-neck sweater, he froze for a moment. In the mirror, an indifferent reflection looked at him, which was losing in the struggle with the oppression of harsh reality and piled up problems.

Where could Jae Hee be? The phone is unavailable, all her friends do not know about her possible whereabouts, all what was left was to go to familiar places by himself, which his sister often visited. Also it would be nice to call to the airport…

Jae Joong fell into a deep sleep and woke up very early. Although it was a day off, his body worked like clockwork, each time waking up before the alarm clock. Given the circumstances that yesterday put Jae Joong right in front of the collapse of expectations, he still has a long way to get a good night's sleep…

Besides of searching for his sister, Jae Joong already had plans for today, which he at all costs intended to fulfill. A meeting with his best friend Park Yoochun, with whom they intended to attend the show of a new collection from a famous designer who came to Seoul for just one day.

Jae Joong was quite an interesting personality and had his own quirky hobbies and weaknesses. If he went to work in the company in strict business suits – without denying himself any fashion accessories – then in his personal life he often could not be recognized. And now, keeping the whole situation under control, Jae Joong dressed up like a top star from the catwalk: he wrapped his head in a snow-white cashmere snood scarf, as if he was going to ride a camel in the Sahara; chose sunglasses, watches, rings and chains from his numerous collection, put on a gray folded T-shirt, and threw on top of a leopard cape in pink and without fasteners; to match the style of narrow, lightweight trousers with a wide buckle at the belt, designer moccasins on the legs. His whole image screamed about the status of a Hollywood star. In truth, for some people this outfit could seem too eccentric.

With the speed of the wind, reaching the meeting point in his Lamborghini, Jae Joong met up with Yoochun, who was already waiting for him.

- Well, look who decided to show up! – Yoochun whistled. – You look even better than usual today. The attention of all guests will be focused only on you.

When something got out of Jae Joong's control, he had a habit of throwing his head up proudly and facing adversity in his most irresistible splendor.

- Sister messed up a little… – Jae Joong hinted and hurried to change the subject of conversation: – How are you? I heard you signed a lucrative contract?

As soon as asked Yoochun about his work, it could take hours and a lot of details. Sighing with calmness, Jae Joong went with Yoochun to the entrance to the show with the accompaniment of Yoochun's never-ending story.

- Jae Joong? – Yoochun called. – Why are you staying?

- Come and take our seats, – Jae Joong asked, looking at the screen of his phone, on which one of Jae Hee's friends was calling. – I will answer the call and catch you up.

- As you say.

Jae Joong turned sharply, looking at the cell phone, and immediately bumped into someone's shoulder, dropping the phone from his hands. The object hit the floor loudly and bounced against the wall.

- Aish! – Jae Joong swored.

Putting the back of the cell phone on the right place, Jae Joong remained on his haunches, turning on the phone and intending to immediately get up and say to the unlucky stranger everything he thinks. However, at that moment, he turned to him first:

- Kim Jae Hee? Didn't expect to meet you here, dear bride-to-be. You still wear these rags?

Jae Joong froze, then raise his head and from the bottom upwards glanced at the figure in front of him. Jung Yunho. The fiancé of his twin sister.