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Gilgamesh and Enkidu lounged on the sofa, both of them staring at Enkidu's phone.

"Wowwwww!" Enkidu exclaimed as they were scrolling through Tik Tok.

A/N Douyin technically(chinese Tik Tok)

The video showed a couple walking towards the camera with the girl being carried bridal style when the boy suddenly removed the hand supporting her back.

Enkidu looked at Gilgamesh, their eyes a silent plead.

"What?" he asked, not liking where this was going. They stared at him

"Carry me."

"What?" the blond asked, not knowing if he heard correctly.


"I thought I would be the one carrying you," Gilgamesh said as Enkidu gestured for him to hop into their outstretched arms, bouncing on their legs slightly.

"Come on Gil, we can take turns," Enkidu offered. The King pursed his lips, he didn't understand why they insisted on doing such frivolous activities. 

He looked at Enkidu's expecting face and jumped into their arms with a sigh.

They bounced him in their arms, testing his weight.

Once he was secured, Enkidu removed the hand supporting his back like the boy had in the video, half expecting Gilgamesh to fall. But aside from their right arm bearing more weight, nothing happened.

"We should film this," Enkidu said, they bet the two of them could get a bunch of hearts.



"My turn!" Enkidu exclaimed, throwing themself at the blond King. Gilgamesh was woefully unprepared, but managed to catch them anyway.

"Okay okay!" they said, snuggling into his arms, "now remove your hand!"

He did. Enkidu clinged onto his neck tighter, feeling as if they would fall, but they didn't. 

To the King's credit, his arm didn't even waiver under their weight.

They marveled at the feat, shifting to see if they could catch Gilgamesh off guard, but aside from a grumbled "stop moving," Gilgamesh was as steady as ever.

"Hey Enkidu?" he prompted suddenly.


"Have you been getting plumper?"

And that's how the former King of Uruk ended up with a black eye.


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