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Onto Dixing.

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“KUN LUN!!!”



Just a second after Kun Lun disappeared, and the winds settle, Ye Zun didn’t spent another moment before extending his attacks towards his brother, just in time to knock the distracted black-cloaked envoy unconscious.






The Hallows fall on the ground, and Ye Zun took all three of them and put them back to his boxes. He needs to do more researches before even planning on consuming them fully, what use is power when you’re dead after achieving it?



Extending his gift, He absorbed the energy of his surrounding enemy. He needs to get away from here with his army, with the enemies better dead than living. Rather than killing them needlessly, why not make them useful?



It took a while before all his standing enemies fallen into the ground. Such a waste of Dixing man-power, his brother and his soldiers is. If they even thought that Ye Zun wants to take over Haixing like the chieftain, then they’re stupider than his Master was.



What use is Haixing, where all humans are weak and not worth his attention. Where there is another place where he and his powers could be more powerful.



Yes. To Dixing it is.






When they were younger, before theirs-his parents died, one thing that Ye Zun hates, are the Dixingren way of living.



The Shen family might have been fortunate, able to live and survive before their parents died, even with the scarce resource their land has. Their father a healer, their mother a palace guard. They are lucky to be able to eat without stealing or corrupting. Ye Zun’s illness are also something that makes people pity their family, since it’s quite abnormal for a Dixingren to be sick so much.



Unlike their family, the next-door neighbors are not so lucky.



The father, who used to call him ‘Xiao Gui,’ little ghost, were a kind carpenter, and was killed by poachers.



The mother, who used to rub his hair and gave him candy, is currently sick because of her grief.



Their younger son, who used to play with him when Gege’s out, died when stealing medicine for his mom, and their older daughter, who used to tell him about the stars, is currently in jail for ‘debauchery,’ when she’s only trying to survive.



So little Ye Zun vowed, that if he can survive his sickness, he will help people like his kind neighbors.



What a pure thought.



Day passes, as lost and poor little Ye Zun grows up in confinement, his resentment blooms.



He hates the King of Dixing, and the Regent, that lets his people, like his neighbor suffer, and people like his parents die. Dixing has always been stagnant for some reason, that means these people didn’t do their jobs right. Weren’t they supposed to keep the land prosperous?



He hates his Master, the chieftain, who spent his time hurting him, torturing him, and trying to feed him his shitty ideologies on how to get power. Which obviously failed. He has a better way.



He hates his brother that left him on the hands of a man as stupid and as despicable as the chief of rebels. If he’s tired of taking care a sick brother, he could’ve left him with a smarter person, at least.



So, he’s going to take his revenge one by one.



Killing the chief was an accident, but pleasant one none the less. Taking the remains of the rebels as his army was just an extra gift. It serves as a punch when he is able to consume his Dixingren subject’s power and gifts one by one, without killing them needlessly of course. He has no use of them dead. The Humans and the Yashou rebels on the other hand, serves as an effective power boost, even with their small number.



Killing his brother in Haixing would be useless. If his brother’s dead, there are more people ready to lead the allies’ army. Yet, with his brother on the helm, it's easier to defeat them with a fake weakness, just like the events seconds ago just shown him. Let him be heartbroken over the mountain god in Haixing. He wants to make it a long death for his dearest Gege after all.



So he’s fulfilling his childhood vow, first. It’s finally a time for change in Dixing.





Taking over the Dixing Capital and entering the Dixing palace hall, are surprisingly not that hard.



With an effectively trained rebel army, he managed to get into the palace hall in just ten minutes, without even waving a hand. The palace guards might be trained, but they’re not used on big battles. The Rebel army on the other hands, are used on fending off small insolences such as these little sophisticated army.






The voice washes him out of his brief moment of gloating. Turning around, there stood a man behind the dais, looks to be middle aged man with a long hair, and blue regal clothes. In his hand is a short staff, which probably won’t help much when one’s fighting.



When one’s corrupting a country, however, the staff looks at home.



“You must be the Regent.”



Without further ado, Ye Zun starts to attack. Ye Zun ran over, using his power to move everything in vicinity attacking the regent. Somehow, for someone who works sitting, he manages to evade some stray daggers, with stratches and falls. Starting to get angry, Ye Zun chose to play dirty.



The Regent manages to deflect his ball of dark energy, but he was not prepared when his feet was frozen to the floor. He fell forward onto the stairs, swerving while at it, until he finally landed beneath Ye Zun’s feet.






“Such a weak creature.”



A nice blade from his pocket, he beheaded the corrupt justiciar.






Sitting on a throne feels like sitting on a giant stool.



It’s comfortable, and nice looking. Yet, Ye Zun didn’t feel much pride on sitting it.



Looking at the two heads he hung on the palace entrance, however, bought him joy.



He took a moment, closing his eyes and enjoying his small victory, before his army finished guiding all the Dixingren to the hall.



Now, it’s time to right the wrongs these bastards did.



“My dearest people of Dixing, have you ever feel angry, feel tired, under the hands of this evil regent, useless king, and this ridiculous system? Suffering, starving, dying. Powerlessly surviving. Well, it’s time to change that. Bow to me, your new King, and we will change Dixing to the better.”



The people were unsure, either he’s serious or not. Hope tends to bloom, but it’s always crashed. It happens every time a new king was elected. But this time, it looks to be different. He’s not elected by the previous king, instead, he did the people a favor by showing them the heads.



“I see it’s hard for you to believe me, I’ll show you. Let’s begin with our change.”



He’s off to a great start, already. In the eyes of the people, he did great by beheading the previous King and Regent. With his power and his hallows, he’s invincible. He’s going to rule and change Dixing, and He doesn’t need any regent to do it, he just needs to establish his own system.