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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise 


By Rita Skeeter. 

You read that correctly, my dear readers. For this entire week, the Indigo Plateau is completely closed for trainers, despite it almost being the challenging weeks, which are postponed for a week. They are allowed to stay until it's open again, rest and train for the battles ahead, but they cannot challenge the Elite Four or the champion. When asked for an explanation, the spokesperson cited that "personal reasons" are why trainers can't challenge them. 

What personal reasons? What on earth are they hiding? No one knows much about them as they almost always refuse to do interviews and no one has heard of the champion for years. Do we even have one still? No one has made it past the Elite Four in a long time, so why doesn't the champion go out more? Are they shy? Did they cheat their way to the top? This reporter wants answers! Only two of the Elite Four have been seen. The Pokemon League has offered 5000 dollars for every trainer who has to wait. I will find out what's going on here, my beautiful readers. 

Rita Skeeter signing off

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Harry and Helena! Happy birthday to you!"

Loud cheering was heard in a rather humble house in New Bark Town as the birthday twins blew out their candles. Their proud parents hugged them tightly, Lily giving her son dozens of kisses on the top of his head "Mum! Stop it!" Ten year old Harry muttered and she laughed as she quickly switched children with Severus and hugged her daughter as well. "We're so proud of you, sweetheart." She whispered.

"Thanks, mum." Helena replied, burrowing herself into her mother's chest. Pulling back, she looked around the room. The living room was quite full with honorary family, some of which had crossed the entire region to be here today. Sirius and Remus were talking to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, who had come south from Blackthorn City to celebrate their birthday. Uncle Frank and aunt Alice unfortunately couldn't make it, but they sent their wishes and their son Neville had called from his own Pokemon journey in Kanto.

They still really missed their first childhood friend as they both hadn't seen him in quite a while now, but they completely understood why Frank and Alice had moved to Kanto several years ago. Neville had only started his journey the day before and this time, it was their turn. To be really honest, they were rather nervous about getting their first Pokemon and go on their own journey like their parents had before them.

Luckily, they actually wouldn't be going alone. Of their friend group, they were actually the last ones to turn ten and even though they could've gone on their own journey several weeks to months ago, Padma and Draco had both decided to wait until they had turned ten as well, so they could go together. Helen honestly couldn't wait to start and see what kind of people and pokemon they'd meet on their journey. 

Their honorary uncles and godfathers Sirius and Remus lived in Cianwood city on the complete other side of Johto and had said that they had very special presents for them, but that they first had to get their starter Pokemon. "It's time." Severus said several minutes later after he got off the phone with professor Hagrid, who lived next door and had told him that he was completely ready to receive the twins and give them their first Pokemon. Under a lot of encouragement of their family, the twins left their house to go to the lab. 

Draco and Padma already had theirs naturally, so it was just a matter of them getting theirs. Walking in, the rather large man immediately smiled at them. "There ye are! Come in! Come in!" He said enthusiastically, waving them over to a table where three Pokeballs were waiting for someone to get them. "Are ye ready to get yer first Pokemon friend?" He asked with a grin and both twins happily nodded in answer.

"Very well then. Who wants to go first?" He asked. "Ladies first." Harry replied after they shared a look and Helena stepped forwards. Having seen trainers come and go, she knew exactly which Pokemon Hagrid had. The three balls in front of her each had a sticker on them to keep them apart. A leaf sticker for the grass Pokemon Chikorita. A flame for the fire Pokemon Cyndaquil and a drop for the water Pokemon Totodile.

Taking a deep breath, Helena reached out and grabbed the one with Cyndaquil. "This one." She decided, holding it close to her chest. Her very first Pokemon. Harry chose the one with Totodile. "Very good choices." Hagrid commented with a smile. "Hagrid, what will happen to the Chikorita?" Helena asked, gesturing to the remaining ball. "They'll stay here with me, until a good trainer comes by to take them as well." He told them and they nodded, before he encouraged them to open theirs and meet their new friends 

Deciding to make sure the first meeting went right, the twins went to opposite sites of the lab and finally opened their Pokeballs. "Cynda?" The small, bipedal Pokemon said in confusion as it looked up at the unfamiliar girl in front of it. "Hi there, Cyndaquil. I'm your new trainer. Is that alright?" Helena asked, holding out her hand. Cyndaquil sniffed her fingers, before deciding it liked her and rubbing its face in her hand. 

"Aww, you're absolutely adorable." She immediately cooed as flames sprouted from the Pokemon's back. Suddenly feeling something tackle her to the ground, she fell with a groan, barely being able to avoid Cyndaquil and its flames. "Cyndaquil!" Her new pokemon shouted in concern. "I'm fine, Cyndaquil." She groaned as she got up. Harry quickly ran towards her and picked up his Totodile, who had tackled his sister.

"So sorry, Lena. I was talking to Hagrid when he snuck away. Bad Pokemon!" He scolded, flicking its nose. Totodile tried to bite him. but Harry pulled his arm away in time. Cyndaquil doused its flames and pulled on Helena's leg, wanting to be held as well. "Oh, come here." She said with a smile, picking it up. Hagrid told them that the Cyndaquil was a male and the Totodile was a female and that they could give them a nickname. Helena decided to call her Cyndaquil Aidan. Totodile was named Cordelia by Harry and both Pokemon loved their names.

"Well, guess ye have to show them to yer parents now." Hagrid started, before getting a notification on his computer that he had an email. Apparently, a good friend of his named Charlie Weasley had something for him and he asked the twins to go and get it for him. They shared a look and shrugged, agreeing to it as long as their parents were fine with it. They left the lab with their new Pokemon safely in their arms. 

Everyone was waiting in front of the house to see the newest additions and immediately cooed over the new starters, even if Cordelia literally tried to bite everything and sometimes everyone. Draco's starter, Perseus, a Snivy he had gotten from his parents didn't like her and neither did Padma's Piplup Aqua after Cordelia had bitten her finn and she had cried out in pain. A potion later, she was fine, but she still didn't like her.

That makes me think of when we met, doesn't it, Drogon?" Lily asked her Charizard, who grunted. She was from Kanto and had gotten her starter from Professor Weasley. The twins told their parents of the errand. "I don't see why not. You have your Pokemon now after all." Severus said. Lily wasn't sure yet, her mother instincts telling her it was a bad idea. Still, she knew it was their time and nodded as long as they did it the next day and they agreed. Hagrid sent an email back that Harry and Helena would pick up the package the next day.

Charlie agreed, promising to keep it safe until then. With the starters settled, Remus and Sirius came with their presents: two Pokemon eggs. One was pure white and the other was white with blue patches. Harry was allowed to choose first this time and chose the white with blue one. Helena picked the pure white one. She immediately wondered what kind of pokemon was inside it as she held the very cool egg

Their friends all immediately smiled at how incredibly lucky they were, before continuing to party throughout the rest of the day. That evening, Narcissa, Lucius, Sirius and Remus all went home as three of them had to get ready for work again in the morning. Draco was staying over with the twins as they immediately would start their journey after the errand. Lucius and Narcissa hugged their son, wishing him luck.

"Don't forget to call us often. Call us every time you're in a new town or city, even if I'm busy as I'll at least see you have called me. Don't make me worry about you or I'll immediately send dragonite after you." She told her son sternly as she hugged him once more. "Mum!" He complained in complete embarrassment as the twins snorted at it. His mother smiled at him as she finally left with Lucius on her dragon pokemon and they flew up north while Sirius and Remus went back to Cianwood city to get ready for the next day

Once everyone was gone, the children sat together and let the pokemon meet each other again. Although, Harry needed to keep a tight grip on Cordelia as she even tried to bite the eggs. Aidan was very curious about Helena's egg, carefully touching it and pulling his paw back at feeling the cold. Aqua was a bit overdramatic at touching the white egg as she acted like the egg had completely frozen her over, making Perseus roll his eyes

Lily and Severus both smiled happily at seeing the children excitedly guess what could be inside the eggs, before it started to get late. The children were eventually sent to bed and lights went out soon after "They remind me of us when we were that age." Severus said and Lily laughed, before they went to bed themselves. That night, a young teenager stumbled through the forest surrounding the town, clutching a bag to his chest.

Seeing the town in the distance, he sighed in relief. "Finally. I found it." He whispered

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise

The next day, it was time

Because Lily was still a bit nervous about letting her twins go out on their own, Severus had a compromise. "How about you go with them on this errand and see how they do and that they can handle themselves and after the errand, they'll go on their own." He offered and both the children and Lily agreed with that. Draco and Padma were coming as well as they wanted to meet ye famous Charlie Weasley 

Setting out with their mother and friends, Harry and Helena took their first steps into the high grass as pokemon trainers. Their parents usually took them on their bird pokemon if they had to go anywhere. Lily always stood back when they came across wild pokemon and battled them, letting her children and their friends get used to actually battling pokemon as the pokemon around Blackthorn city were too powerful for Perseus to defeat and Padma hadn't trained much because she didn't want to get too far ahead of her friends 

Cherrygrove City was a very familiar sight for the three children from New Bark Town as this was where they would always get their weekly errands. They briefly healed up their pokemon in the pokemon centre and went home. Route 30 was pretty easy for Helena as there were quite a few bug pokemon and she was the only one with a pokemon that had the advantage against them as Aidan used his ember attack on them.

That is, until Padma got an empty poké ball from Lily and caught a pidgey that she called Skyro. "Are you going to call every pokemon you catch after something that has to do with their type. Water type: Aqua and now a flying type." Helena teased as she rubbed Aidan's head and Padma glared at her. Getting free apricorn boxes from a man living on the route, the man frowned at Lily

"Haven't i seen you before, ma'am?" He asked. "Probably on TV." Lily answered with a conceding grin, getting this a lot and his eyes cleared up. "Oh yeah! You're the woman we always see when the Elite Four need to make a statement." He said and she made a "tadaa" gesture. "Man, I just read about the challenging weeks being postponed a week." He then said and Lily smiled. "Yes. Two of the Elite Four had very important business to handle, but we really need to continue as we have an errand to run." She apologised as she nudged the children further

The man waved at them as Lily led the way to Charlie's House. They knocked on the door and a young man opened, immediately smiling at them. "Ah, there you are. Come in, come in." He called as he let them into the living room where an older man was sitting. "Professor Weasley!" Lily called in surprise. "Why, if it isn't Lily Snape. Haven't seen you in quite a while." Arthur Weasley greeted her, shaking her hand

"And these must be your children." He then commented as he smiled down at the four children who all gave him a shy smile as he was world famous. "Well, these two are." Lily replied, putting a hand on the shoulders of her twins and Arthur chuckled. "I already had a suspicion. The Malfoy hair is kinda hard to miss and last time I checked, neither you nor Severus had dark skin." He said, looking at Draco and Padma 

While they had been talking, Charlie had gone to get something and came back. "Another pokemon egg? That's the third one in two days if you include ours." Helena commented in confusion. "You got pokemon eggs?" Arthur asked excitedly and they nodded, telling him they had been gifts from Sirius and Remus and what they looked like as they were home for now. "Interesting. Do give me a call when they hatch. I'd love to know what they are." The professor requested and the twins first asked their mother's permission and she nodded

"Excellent. Now, I was wondering if you could help me with something as well. These pokedexes have to go to professor Hagrid for new trainers and I was supposed to go there after catching up with my son. Could you perhaps take them with you? I have to go home soon. You can all take one for yourself." He asked and they immediately nodded. "Great. Thank you." He said as he gave them a bag full of pokedexes 

The four children immediately all got one each. "Still nothing on your youngest children?" Lily asked quietly as the children were gushing over them and he shook his head. "No. Ever since they joined that ridiculous organisation, I haven't heard anything from them. I blame Molly for that as she did nothing but gush over how they would save the pokemon world. What a load of rubbish." He muttered and she patted his back

Saying goodbye to the two Weasleys, they quickly went on their way back. "Yahoo!" Helena cheered as she jumped off the ledges, making her friends, brother and mother chuckle. Walking out of Cherrygrove City, Lily had to catch her daughter as someone roughly bumped into her. "Oh, I'm so sorry." The fourteen year old boy muttered as he turned time face her. "No, it's alright and... hey. Isn't that the chikorita from professor Hagrid?" Helena asked at seeing the grass pokemon follow the boy. "Uhm... yes." He said nervously 

"Well, in that case... here!" She continued as she pulled out another pokedex and gave it to him. "Thank you. I'm sorry, but i really have to go. "Come on, Glennstorm." The boy said as he walked away, the chikorita running after him. "A bit old to get a starter, don't you think?" Draco commented and they shrugged. "Maybe, he's from another region. Some ages differ between them." Lily explained as she led them along

Arriving back in New Bark Town, they gave the egg to Hagrid, who was confused about it as well. Now that the errand was done the four children were finally allowed to go off. Severus, Lily and Padma's parents gave them very tight hugs before they left. "You heard what Narcissa said. Call us every time you're in a new city. Cherrygrove not included. We love you so much." Lily whispered  "Keep an eye on the dates. We won't always be here." Severus reminded them.

"We know, dad." Harry muttered back, although he still hugged his dad tightly. It was going to be weird not to have them around and he responsible for themselves and whatever pokemon they'd catch. They had stocked up on normal food and pokemon food in their bags and had enough to make it to Violet city at least, but it would still be odd. After carefully putting their egg containers in their bags and after a few final hugs, they were ready to go. Both sets of parents and even Hagrid came to wave them out.

Waving at them until they couldn't see them anymore, the children took deep breaths as they walked with their starters next to them. Letting a smirk grow, Helena started to sing a familiar song. "I wanna be the very best." She sang, the song from a famous commercial that promoted pokemon training. "Like no one ever was." Harry took over. "To catch them is my real test." Draco continued. "To train them is my cause." Padma sang, before they sang the rest together. 

I will travel across that land

Searching far and wide

Teach Pokemon to understand

The power that's inside


Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all,

It's you and me

I know it's my destiny


oh, you're my best friend

In a world we must defend


Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all, a heart so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you, Pokemon

You gotta catch 'em all



gotta catch 'em all

"Pokemon!" They cheered as they jumped into the air with their starters joining in as they let out their own cries. "I really hope you guys get to challenge the Elite Four." Padma said and they smiled. "If we do, we'll go with you to Hoenn to cheer you on for the contests." Helena promised, knowing her friend wasn't really interested in fighting. "We'll just train really hard, right guys?!" Harry asked

"Cyndaquil!" "Snivy!" "Totodile!" "Piplup!"

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise 

Going through Cherrygrove City, the four children went a different way on route 30 this time. "Hey, you! Wanna battle?!" A boy suddenly called, pointing at them. "Hey, no fair! I wanted to battle them too!" A second boy shouted from just a bit further. "Well, there's four of us, so you have your pick." Helena said quickly, before a fight between them could break out. "I wanna fight the snivy!" The first boy said, pointing at Perseus 

"Snivy!" Perseus replied as he puffed out his tiny chest, accepting the challenge. "I wanna fight the cyndaquil!" The second boy said as he pulled out a pokeball with a pidgey. "Cynda?" Aidan said uncertainly, looking up at Helena. "You'll do great. I know it." She immediately encouraged him and he quickly straightened up as he stepped forwards to fight the bird pokemon as Harry and Padma went to watch the battles from the sidelines. Aqua was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to battle, but Padma promised she'd be next

"My name is Thomas, by the way." Helena's opponent said before beginning. "I'm Helena." She replied, before the battle began. "Pidgey, use tackle!" Thomas ordered. "Dodge and use ember!" Helena called and Aidan jumped out of the way, quickly sprouting of small flames towards the bird. Pidgey cried out in pain as it's feathers smoked. "Use ember again!" She ordered and her Cyndaquil obeyed

"Pidgey, dodge!" Thomas quickly shouted and pidgey barely managed to dodge the embers. This went on for a while, before Aidan managed to tackle the pidgey and it fainted. "We did it!" Helena cheered as Aidan jumped into the air with a cry of his own. The battle wasn't done yet as Thomas also had a rattata. This one was actually easier to beat as the rat pokemon was much easier to attack than a bird

"Aidan, use tackle!" Helena ordered and Aidan dealt the final blow as the rattata fainted. "You did it, Aidan!" Helena immediately called happily as Harry, Padma and their pokemon cheered for them. Aidan immediately ran towards her and she kneeled down. "You did so well," She praised as she petted his head. "Cyndaquil!" Aidan replied, burrowing his tiny head in her hand as he doused his flames. Picking him up and standing back up again, Helena walked to Thomas." Thanks for my first official pokemon battle. It was great." She said

Her parents had always taught her to thank her opponent as it was only polite. Thomas smiled and nodded. "Thank you as well. I know my pokemon enjoyed it." He replied as draco joined them, having won his battle as well, despite the first boy, Mike, having a pidgey. "Will you two be alright from here?" He asked. "Yeah. It's just a quick hop down the ledge to the pokemon centre. We'll be fine." Thomas answered, before frowning.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" He asked in confusion. "Considering I literally just started my pokemon journey today, I don't think so." Draco replied with a frown his friends knew was completely fake. "Yeah, true. Good luck on your journey." Thomas conceded with a small nod and they nodded as they continued on. Once they were out of sight, three of the four immediately looked at their friend.

"What? I just didn't want to start my journey with people going "Hey, you're that guy's son."" Draco explained and they nodded in understanding. They travelled further and didn't meet any trainers anymore as the sun started to set. Aqua was a bit disappointed about not being able to fight, so Padma and Helena had a little battle themselves to cheer her up while Draco and Harry set up their little camp for the night, right underneath the trees. Aqua won as she had the type advantage and they went to eat dinner. 

While the children really had to get used to sleeping in their soft sleeping bags instead of their beds, they had to admit there was something charming about sleeping underneath the stars and listen to the pokemon crying out in the dark as they snuggled with their own pokemon and fell asleep, unaware of a tiny pokemon watching them from the trees. The pokemon let out a little mewling sound and flew away again

Continuing on again after breakfast, they came across a few trainers again and Harry and Padma were allowed to battle this time. Aqua and Skyro turned it to be a good team as they defeated a bug catcher together. They walked past a cave and quickly peeked in, but it was so dark that they quickly skipped it as they could barely see anything. It took them about two more days to reach the next city: Violet city

As they had promised their parents, Helena quickly called home when they were in the pokemon centre while they waited for the pokemon to be healed. The phone rang and rang, but no one picked up. Suddenly remembering something and facepalming himself at forgetting it, harry tapped his sister's shoulder. "Challenging weeks." He said. "Oh, of course!" Helena muttered as she quickly called another number instead. "Hello, this is the indigo plateau. This is Pomona. How can I help?" A stout looking woman asked

"Hi, Auntie Pomona. It's Harry and Helena." Helena replied, knowing the woman. "Oh, darlings! How are you? It's been too long! You're on your own pokemon journey now, aren't you?" The woman immediately gushed and they nodded. "Let me guess: you want to talk to your parents?" She then asked and they quickly nodded once again. "Alright, then. I'll send you right through. Good luck on your journey." Pomona said and she disappeared 

The screen was blank for a few seconds, before Lily's face finally appeared on the screen and she immediately beamed at seeing her children. "Sev, it's Harry and Helena!" She called over her shoulder, before focusing on her children again. "How are you? Where are you now?" She asked as Severus joined her and smiled at them as well. "We're in Violet city. We're good. It's weird to actually be travelling." Helena commented

Harry nodded in agreement next to her, making both parents laugh. "Have you caught any pokemon yet?" Severus asked and they shook their heads. "No, but I'm planning to catch a mareep tomorrow. They live around this city, right?" Helena asked and their parents thought for a minute. "I do believe so. Very clever choice as the Violet city gym leader has flying types." Severus commented with a proud smile. "I actually called home first, before Harry remembered you wouldn't be there." Helena admitted and they laughed. 

Hearing that Aidan had been healed, Helena gave the phone to Harry as she went to get him. "Cyndaquil!" Aidan called at seeing her and she quickly picked him up as she thanked nurse Poppy. Walking back, she suddenly saw the same boy who had bumped into her in Cherrygrove. "Hi there!" She greeted as she walked towards him. "Oh, hello." He replied in surprise ad he looked up from where he was brushing his chikorita

"Has the pokedex been of any use to you." She asked. "It has, yes. Thank you." He answered as a pidgey landed on his shoulder. "You're very welcome." She replied with a smile. "I'm sorry again for bumping into you, by the way. I just wasn't looking where I was going." He apologised. "Oh, that's alright. You were clearly in a hurry. I'm honestly surprised that you're only here as I would've expected you to be further." She commented

"Challenged and beat the gym today, but by the time i was finished, it was already getting dark and officer Tonks sent me to the pokemon centre. Apparently, there's a rule that if you're in a city and it gets dark, you have to stay in the pokemon centre for safety." He explained and she nodded in understanding as she kneeled down to put Aidan on the ground and he immediately started a conversation with the chikorita. Both trainers smiled at it. "I'm Helena, by the way." She said, holding out her hand. "I'm Ben." He replied, shaking it

She smiled at him, before eventually walking back and Aidan followed her. "Sorry, it took so long. Saw the guy who bumped into me. Really sweet guy." She said as she arrived back at her family, lifting her pokemon up again so he could see her parents as well. "Oh, that's alright. Hi Aidan!" Lily greeted. "Cynda!" Aidan greeted back, waving his little paw. Once their parents knew enough, they hung up as they had to be well-rested

Draco had called his mother in the meantime and she was very happy to hear from him while Lucius was busy and relieved that he was okay. Once Padma's parents had also been called and all their pokemon were healed, they went to their freely rented rooms for the night and went to bed. With Aidan lying against her side, already asleep, Helena watched the night sky from her window as she stroked her pokemon's head

She couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would bring

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise

The next day

"Hey, guys. We need to figure out how we do this." Harry said as they ate breakfast. "What do you mean?" Draco asked. "I mean that there are three of us who want to beat the gyms and get badges. We should allow the gym leaders to take a breath as well." Harry explained and the others had to admit it made sense. "Maybe, we should split up in two teams." Padma suggested

"Yeah, like you guys together and the two of us together. I have to catch a mareep and train it anyway." Helena commented with a nod. "So, the two of us first in this city and you first in the next one? And on and on?" Harry asked and she immediately nodded. "Yeah. That seems fair." Helena agreed after sharing a look with Padma and the girl had nodded as well. "We need to train at the Sprout tower. It's a requirement before you challenge the gym." Draco told them and they nodded, before they continued to eat and went their separate ways

"Alright, Aidan. Let's catch our first new friend!" Helena said excitedly as they walked out of the city while Harry and Draco went to train at sprout Tower. "Cyndaquil!" Her pokemon replied, feeling just as excited. Padma was going to fight some wild pokemon to train Skyro and Aqua, while her friend was looking for a mareep. There was a guy stopping them from going any further as they didn't have the badge.

He immediately left them alone once they told him they weren't planning on going any further on the route and that they were just training. Helena eventually found a wild mareep nearby and sent Aidan to fight it. Normally, mareep avoided battles like the plague, but this one seemed determined to fight as it attacked Aidan right back. They soon managed to weaken it and she threw a poke ball towards it.

They all waited tensely as the light on the ball flickered a few times, before dying out with a click, the pokemon officially caught. "We did it!" Helena cheered, jumping into the air at the same time as an equally cheering Aidan as she ran to get the ball and opened it again. "Ree?" Mareep asked, tilting its head. "Hi there, mareep. Welcome to the team." Helena greeted her new pokemon. "Cynda. Cyndaquil!" Aidan said, welcoming the new pokemon in his own way. "Mareep!" The sheep pokemon called back, accepting them happily

"You're a fighter, aren't you? You didn't even run away from us" Helena then commented as she used a potion on the battered pokemon and Aidan. "Mareep!" Her new pokemon replied proudly, standing a bit straighter on its tiny legs. "Well, you'll need an appropriate name then. Let me think." She said thoughtfully, Padma, Aqua, Aidan and the mareep waiting. "How about "Thor?"" Helena suggested and the pokemon loved it

"As in..." Padma started to say curiously, Helena joining in. "The Kanto gym leader. Yeah." She confirmed with a laugh. "I bet he'd love that." Her friend then commented with a smile and Helena chuckled as she stood up. "Now, who's ready for some training?" She asked, both her pokemon immediately cheering as they followed her. Padma and Aqua shared a look and chuckled at seeing her so excited 

They spent a few hours on the bit of the route they were allowed to be in as they trained their pokemon. With a bit of time to kill until lunch, they also explored the ruins of Alph nearby. It was very interesting, but nothing really of note, apart from Helena catching a natu and decided to call her Brunnhilde. Aidan and Thor happily welcomed their newest teammate and she quickly felt at home.They met the boys again for lunch and they said they had just finished training at Sprout tower and were going to challenge the gym in the afternoon.

"It's a good thing I caught Amara yesterday, because they almost all had bellsprouts. You should have no trouble at all with Aidan and Brunnhilde." Harry commented, holding up his poke ball with his own pidgey. Draco had gone back and had caught a geodude in the dark cave that morning, naming it Goyle. Aidan puffed his little chest out at that praise, making the trainers laugh.

The girls naturally went to watch their matches and Harry went first. "I had heard that the Snape children were on their way here. My old man was thoroughly beaten by your parents back in the day and he told me to watch out for any children they would get once he had heard they were getting married. Let's see if you can live up to that expectation." The gym leader, a young man named Oliver Wood, commented 

Oliver's pokemon were a pidgey and pidgeotto, it's evolution. Cordelia showed that despite her mischief, she could fight rather well and didn't once disobey Harry's orders. It helped that in mid-battle, she leaned the move bite and this helped her take down the more powerful pidgeotto. The girls cheered as Harry received his very first badge from Oliver. "Are you next?" He then asked Helena. "Nope. My turn is tomorrow. Draco is next." She answered with a smile. "Very well. Come back in an hour to let my pokemon rest." He said and they agreed. 

In the hour they had to wait, Padma went to train just a bit more. This resulted in her finding and catching a purrloin. "Nice. What are you going to name it?" Helena asked and her friend thought for a minute. "Artemis." She answered as she let her new pokemon out. The newly named Artemis proved herself to be a very proud pokemon as she didn't immediately accept Padma as her new trainer.

It wasn't until Aqua told her something rather harshly in the pokemon language that she finally seemed to accept it, albeit with a lot of grumbling about it. Draco was next and quickly beat Oliver as well as Goyle had the type advantage. Oliver thanked them for the exciting battles and said that he couldn't wait to battle Helena the next day. "I can't wait to beat you." Helena replied, making everyone laugh at her cheeky answer

Getting back to the pokemon centre, they called their parents to tell the news and both Severus and Lily as well as Narcissa and Lucius were incredibly proud of their sons for beating their first gym. Once they had hung up, it was getting dark. After dinner, they were all tired and went to bed early. Thor and Brunnhilde slept outside of their pokeballs as well, the former lying in front of the bed and the latter roosting on the headrest. The next day, Helena introduced her new pokemon to her egg after realising she hadn't done so the day before.

"Here's the fourth member of our team." She said as she kneeled down to help them see, both Thor and Brunnhilde curiously watching the white egg inside the container. Helena chuckled at seeing Thor carefully paw the container as he tried to touch the egg. "If you promise to be very careful, I'll get it out." She bargained, the pokemon agreeing. Getting the egg out, she smiled at seeing the three pokemon immediately snuggle closer to it

They knew pokemon eggs usually needed warmth to hatch and they wanted to help. She eventually put it back inside the container again and put it in her bag. "Come on. It's time for breakfast and after that, we're going to train in the Sprout tower." She said as she started to walk out. The pokemon cheered as they followed her, Brunnhilde landing on her shoulder as they went out to meet the others

It was time to start a new day. 

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Walking into Sprout tower, Helena, Padma, Aidan and Aqua all looked around in awe as they went to the first stairs. "Welcome to Sprout tower. Which one of you is here to train?" One of the monks asked and the red-haired girl raised her hand. "Very well. Go on ahead." He said and they climbed the stairs. Many of the monks they came across had the grass pokemon bellsprout, which made it incredibly easy for Aidan to beat them

Walking past the last monk, Helena was incredibly surprised to see Ben sitting across another monk in a different robe, clearly the elder. "Our time here is finished, young one, but remember that your past doesn't define you and that friends can be found everywhere if you wish it." The wise old man said and Ben stood up. "Thank you, elder." He said with a bow as he turned around to leave. "Hi there, Ben." Helena greeted him with a smile and he smiled back. "Hello, Helena. Excuse me, but I gotta go." He said, before walking away

"Alright, who's next?" The elder asked and Helena raised her hand again as they got ready to fight. Padma and Aqua went to watch from the sidelines, wanting to see what would happen. The elder's first two pokemon was another bellsprout, which Aidan quickly took care of. Next was the owl pokemon hoothoot. "Aidan, return!" Helena ordered. "Cynda!" Aidan called as he ran back to her side and sat down to watch

"Go, Thor!" Helena then said as she threw the poke ball. "Ree!" Thor shouted as he got ready for a fight. "You certainly know your type advantages. Very good." The elder commented and she grinned at him as her mareep charged his wool with electricity. "Hoothoot, use peck!" The elder ordered. "Dodge it!" Helena shouted and Thor barely managed to jump aside, before suddenly shooting a bunch of sparks at the bird

"What was that?" Padma asked in confusion. "It seems that Thor has just learned thundershock, my dear." The elder explained with a warm smile at seeing how much his opponent cared about her pokemon. "Alright! That will come in handy during our gym battle. Thor, use Thundershock!" Helena ordered and Thor happily obeyed as he send more sparks at the hoothoot. The owl soon fainted and Helena had won. "Very well done, young one. I can see the love you have for your pokemon in your eyes. You will come very far." The elder praised her.

"Thank you.... um..... sorry. I don't know your name." Helena said, feeling rather sheepish. "Filius Flitwick, at your service." The elder replied with a bow towards herand she and Padma bowed back at him. "Be careful, though. Dark stormclouds are slowly gathering above the region. I fear that soon, the storm will break free." Elder Flitwick warned them and they nodded, before they left the tower to join the boys again

After lunch, the four of them went back to the gym. Oliver was more than ready as he sent out his pidgey and Helena sent out Thor as Aidan and Brunnhilde watched from the sidelines with her brother and friends. "Thor, under thundershock!" Helena immediately ordered and her mareep sent out sparks again. Pidgey managed to dodge it the first time, but cried out as it got paralysed on the second attack. "Pidgey!" Oliver shouted

At Helena's command, Thor gave the pidgey one more thundershock. "Now, finish it off with tackle!" Helena ordered her pokemon after that, Thor immediately charging at the pidgey and tackling it with all that he had, finally making it faint. "Very well done. Good use of electric pokemon. However, my pidgeotto won't be as easily defeated." Oliver said as he recalled his pokemon and sent out his other one. "Otto!" The larger bird called out and Thor's wool crackled with electricity in anticipation for the upcoming fight as he scraped his feet

"Pidgeotto, use gust!" Oliver ordered his pokemon and Thor had to brace himself against the wind. "Thundershock!" Helena immediately ordered her mareep. "Dodge it!" Oliver called, but Helena had been expecting that. "Tackle!" She shouted as the pidgeotto had quickly lowered itself to dodge the sparks, but couldn't dodge Thor himself as the mareep tackled it, Thor's wool quickly giving it a shock anyway in the process

Pidgeotto, use tackle!" Olivier called. "Dodge and use thundershock!" Helena ordered and Thor listened, injuring the bird even more. Two tackles later and pidgeotto fainted. "We did it!" Helena immediately cheered as she jumped into the air. "Mareep!" Cyndaquil!" "Natu!" Her pokemon cheered with her as Oliver sighed and recalled his pokemon with a accepting smile. "You did well, pidgeotto. Go and rest." He said warmly

Walking forwards to the middle of the battlefield, Oliver chuckled as he's put one hand in his side. "You're both your parent's children, alright. These were some of the most exciting battles I had in a while. I can't wait to watch your journey  "He commented with a grin. "Thanks and thank you for the battle. We really enjoyed it, didn't we?" Helena asked. "Mareep!" Thor immediately agreed with his trainer and Oliver chuckled at that, before they shook each other's hands to show there were no hard feelings between them after the battle

Getting to the pokemon centre and giving Thor to nurse Poppy to heal, Helena quickly called her parents and showed them her brand new badge once they picked up. "Well done, sweetheart! We're so proud of you both!" Lily immediately said with a beaming smile and Helena and Harry both smiled at her. "Thanks, mom." Helena said. "Harry, Helena, did Hagrid call either of you today?" Severus asked and they shook their heads. 

"Huh, he called us to say he had decided to give the pokemon egg he had gotten from Charlie to one of the four of you. We did tell him you would have your first gym battles, so maybe you should call him first." Their father continued thoughtfully and the twins immediately nodded. "So, what's the plan for now?" Lily asked. We'll stay here to watch the rest of the Challenging weeks and then head to Azalea town." Harry answered

Both parents immediately nodded at their children with smiles on their faces as they wished them luck on their journey. "You too, mum, dad." They chorused as they hung up. Immediately calling Hagrid after that, the friendly professor quickly congratulated them on their victories, before explaining he had given the egg to one of his assistants and that it should arrive tomorrow morning. "Take very good care of it." He told them and they immediately nodded as they promised to do just that and hung up, just as Draco came running towards them

"Harry! Helena!" Guess what?!" He almost shouted out loud, bouncing on his feet in excitement. "What?" Both twins asked. "To celebrate my first gym badge, I'm getting a pokemon egg as well!" Draco told them and they made very excited faces, before sharing a look and nodding. Telling Draco about what Hagrid had just told them and what they were planning to do with it, their friend immediately agreed with the plan

The next morning, they met two different people in the poke mart. One was a carrier from Blackthorn city for Draco's egg and the other one was Hagrid's assistant with the egg from Charlie. Promising to take care of the eggs and walking out, Harry, Draco and Helena shared a look and a nod. Harry, who was carrying the newest egg, turned to his female friend. "Padma." He called and she immediately looked up.

"Here." He continued, giving her the container. "Really?" Padma asked in surprise at the fact that they wanted her to have it and they nodded. "It honestly seemed no more than fair. Now, we all have an egg." Helena explained and her friend smiled as she carefully took over the container. "Thank you. Look Aqua. Our next teammate." She said as she kneeled down. "Piplup!" Aqua cheered as she went to take a closer look at the egg. No one noticed the woman with dark hair and the man with white blond hair watching them with a smile, before leaving

They stayed in Violet city for another week, watching the battles at indigo plateau in their rooms in the pokemon centre. The winner of the trainer battles was strong, but he lost to the third member of the Elite Four. They all smiled and left the city after that. Going south after showing the badges to the man from before, the quartet happily chatted with each other, not knowing that soon, they'd get their first taste of danger

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It seemed smooth sailing at first

The quartet traveled down the route over the next few days and trained their pokemon, Helena catching an ekans with the help of Aidan who was slowly growing stronger with the minute. "What? The Goldenrod city's gym is fairy type. I'm just preparing myself." She defended herself. A few minutes later, her brother and friend had caught the same pokemon as they realised she was right

There were some fishermen on the route whose pokemon Thor and Perseus happily fought, their battle cries reaching far and wide in the rather open route. While they were busy, Harry fought a trainer who had a geodude, Cordelia quickly defeating him. "Well done, Cordelia. Ah! No biting!" He scolded when his pokemon tried to bite him again. She seemed to learn though as she lowered her head in answer and he stroked her head in answer. Neither of them noticed the eyes watching them curiously from the treeline.

That evening, the group celebrated a successful day as they discussed what to do once they reached Azalea Town. "I don't think I'm going to have much trouble with the gym. It's bug type." Helena commented thoughtfully, looking down at her eating pokemon and mostly meaning Aidan. Yes, Brunnhilde was part flying, but she was also part psychic, which meant that she was neutral with the type. 

Lying out their sleeping bags with their pokemon out, Helena tapped her brother and friends on the shoulders and pointed. They made touched faces at seeing that everyone of their pokemon had gathered around their respective eggs, guarding it and keeping it safe. Cordelia was leaning against the container holding Harry's egg, already asleep. His ekans Halina was lying on the other side to make sure that it didn't fall over, Amara roosting on her body.

Aidan was looking adorable as he laid down snuggled around the container, Thor lying next to him with Helena's ekans Gander and Brunnhilde roosting on the lid. Even Aqua and Artemis were curled up against the container holding the newest egg. Perseus, Lorcán and Goyle were guarding Draco's egg. With touched smiles,  they went to bed. High up in the tree, someone watched them, the pokemon from before right next to her. It let out a tiny sound and she nodded. "You're right, Khelan. They are very interesting." She whispered 

The next morning, they quickly broke up camp and continued on as they entered another cave. "At least, we can actually see something in this cave." Harry muttered as they walked on and they agreed. Thor got a huge training boost because of all the zubats and everyone gasped as he suddenly started to glow. He began to grow, going from walking on four legs to walking on two as the glow stopped

"Flaaffy!" The newly evolved pokemon called, before looking at its now pink skin and freaking out. "What's with him?" Harry asked as Helena ran to calm her pokemon down. "I think he doesn't agree with his pink skin." Draco snorted and Harry and Padma had to suppress their smiles as well. "He better get used to it as he'll be stuck like that for a while." Padma muttered as Helena calmed Thor down

Getting outside the cave late in the afternoon after defeating several trainers and training their pokemon with different kinds of pokemon, they all decided to have a break and eat a very late lunch. Thor was still grumbling about his skin, but Aidan said something to him to calm him down. It was pretty peaceful, which was suddenly broken by very dark smoke coming out of nowhere. "What on earth?!" "What's going on?!" Who's doing this?!" "What's happening?!" They all called beige hearing three different voices

"Prepare for trouble!" 

"And make it triple!"

"To protect the world from devastation!" 

" To unite all people within our nation!" 

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"




"Team Phoenix flies up at the speed of light!

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Yippee! That's right! 

"What kind of weirdos are you guys?" Padma asked as the smoke had cleared up and the three people in the airballoon all stumbled back as if hit. "You little brat! Didn't you listen to a word we said?!" A snobby young woman demanded, her wild curls seemingly untameable. "You shouldn't use such difficult words. We're only ten." Harry agreed with his friend as he unconsciously grabbed the container with his egg. 

Seeing this, all the other pokemon teamed up to protect the other eggs. "I told you we should've used easier words, Hermione." The red-haired man told his companion, sounding like they had this conversation before. "Shut up, Ronald. Our motto is supposed to intimidate people and, hey! Where are you going?" The woman demanded as the quartet quickly cleaned up their things and walked away. "As far away from you as possible as you're clearly insane and we don't want to catch it." Draco deadpanned, sounding much like his father.

"Not so fast! First, you give us those eggs! Unless, you wanna fight!" A young woman with the same haircolour as the man demanded. "Give us three reasons why." Helena said, giving the others a silent look. No one would take their eggs. "Well, because we're better than you. Because team Phoenix will rule the world one day and becauuuuuaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH." Hermione screamed as the balloon popped and they blasted off

While she had been bragging, Helena had glanced at a certain pokemon of hers. Their pokemon were tired after the cave and couldn't fight. "Brunnhilde." She called from the corner of her mouth and her natu jumped on her shoulder. "Fly around the balloon and pop it. Make sure they don't see you." She softly ordered and Brunnhilde let out a tiny caw as she flew up and into the sky, flying around and popping the bird shaped balloon 

"Bye!" See ya!" "Good luck!" Toodleloo!" The four children called after them as they waved, before they quickly continued on in case they ran into even more of these morons. Luckily, the current route they were on was a very small one and only an hour later, they finally reached Azalea Town. Walking towards the town, they saw a shady looking guy standing guard to the entrance of the slowpoke den, a fiery red P on his shirt and telling them to get lost. They all glared at him as they continued on and went to the pokemon centre.

"What a group of weirdos." Draco commented, clutching his egg container tightly. "I really hope we'll never see them again." Helena agreed as she checked on the container inside her bag. Aidan, Thor, Brunnhilde and Gander were currently taken care of by nurse Poppy with the rest of the pokemon. "What's this team Phoenix anyway? Ever heard of it?" Harry asked and they all shook their heads.

Calling home as soon as they could and actually managing to get Lily and Severus this time, Harry and Helena told them about their strange encounter. "Are you alright?" Lily asked in concern, looking them over. "Yeah mum, we're fine. Thanks to Brunnhilde, we managed to get away from them." Her daughter reassured her and she and Severus both sighed in relief at hearing that. "Oh, thank Arceus." Severus breathed.

"Do you know who team Phoenix is?" Helena asked. "I've heard the name before. It's an organisation that's been steadily causing trouble that only a man named Albus Dumbledore knows how to fix." Lily answered thoughtfully. "Sounds like something the league's official spokesperson and unofficial errand woman has to find out." Harry teased his mother and she rolled her eyes. "If it continues on, then yes." She muttered. "Until then, stay away from them, understood?" Severus ordered. They both nodded in answer.

"Yes dad!" They chorused and he nodded, before both sides said their "I love yous" and hung up. They told their friends about what their parents had said. "Dad heard about them too. Doesn't trust it even a little bit. Said to stay away from it." Draco commented, having had a call with him and Narcissa. "Sounds like a plan. Let's hope they'll do their part." Helena muttered, before their pokemon were healed. They quickly went to get them.

Tired after everything and wanting to be well-rested for tomorrow, they went to bed early after dinner. Helena was carefully cleaning her egg, when it wiggled slightly. "Did you see that? It's almost ready to hatch." She said excitedly, her pokemon cheering. Going to bed right after that with her pokemon lying around her, the girl was soon fast asleep as she listened to the calm breathing of her partners

Little did she know, that their troubles were only just beginning 

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The next morning

"So, what are you going to do while I challenge the gym?" Helena asked. "You don't want me to watch you?" Harry asked in surprise. "Not necessarily. I have two pokemon that have attacks that are effective to bug types, so it should be easy for now. Although, from what I hear, the leader's scyther is very strong, so maybe I should train a bit more first." Helena said thoughtfully 

"Then, how about we take the morning to train our pokemon for the upcoming battles and in the afternoon, we'll watch your fight." Draco then suggested after thinking about it. "Sounds like a pretty good plan to me." Padma immediately agreed and Helena sighed deeply. "Fair enough, but I'm not going back to that route. I don't want to run into those idiots again." She conceded. "There's a forest on the other side of the town. Should be filled with bug type." Harry remembered and they all agreed as they ate their breakfast 

Of course, things couldn't be that easy as they were roped into helping a guy looking for his two missing farfetch'd. "You guys go that way. Me and Padma will go this way." Draco said and they agreed as they split up. "So, now we have to sneak up on two birds with very good hearing. When did we become the errand boy and girl? Helena asked sarcastically as she and Harry walked through the forest, occasionally fighting bug pokemon 

"Must have gotten it from mum and.... Helena, your bag is glowing." Harry suddenly said confused. "Oh, my egg!" She exclaimed as she put her bag down and got the egg out of its container, before releasing all her pokemon. "It's happening, guys!" She told them and they immediately huddled closer as the egg as it started to glow even more and changed shape as the pokemon inside finally hatched

"Vul?" The white fox-like animal said tiredly as it looked at the strange faces around it. "It's an Alolan vulpix." Harry commented from a distance. "Hi there, vulpix. I'm your trainer." Helena cooed as she let the pokemon snif her fingers.  "Pix!" The vulpix cried as she pushed her head into her new trainer's hand. "Aww. You're adorable!" The girl gushed as she checked her new pokemon's gender and found out it was a female. "Guys, I want you to meet the newest member of our family." She said as she gently grabbed the vulpix 

"Cyndaquil!" "Flaaffy!" "Natu!" Ekans!" Her other pokemon cried out to greet it. The vulpix shied back into Helena's arms. "It's okay. They'll be your big siblings." Helena reassured her new pokemon. "Vul?" The vulpix whimpered and Helena gently patted her head. "Aidan, Thor, Brunnhilde, Gander, meet your new little sister. Aurora." Helena said with a smile as she stood up with her new pokemon in her arms

"Aurora, huh? Nice." Harry commented as he slowly walked closer. The vulpix hid herself and Helena stroked her head to calm her down. "Shy, little thing, huh?" Harry asked with a smile. "Aurora, this is my brother Harry. He's a friend." His sister promised as she put her down to let her meet her other pokemon properly. They all immediately made themselves small to make her feel more comfortable.

"Now, that we got that out of the way, might as well ask our pokemon for help. Otherwise, we'll be here for the whole bloody day." Helena commented and her brother agreed as he sent out Amara and ordered her to look for the missing bird. "Brunnhilde, go and help her." Helena ordered and they both flew away from where they were to try and find the pokemon. While they waited, they suddenly heard footsteps coming closer. "Khelan?! Khelan, where are you?!" A blonde girl film about their age called as she appeared 

"Looking for your missing pokemon too?" Helena asked as Aurora immediately hid herself behind her legs at seeing the newcomer. "More like a companion, really. I never officially caught him as he doesn't deserve to be in a ball. He usually stays nearby, but he has seemed to have flown off while I was gathering berries. He's probably playing hide-and-seek with me. He does that often." The girl replied with a shrug

"Hope you find him." Harry replied with a polite smile. "Thank you. I'm Luna, by the way." The girl introduced herself. "I'm Harry and this is my sister Helena." Harry said with a smile just as their bird pokemon quickly came back to tell them about having found the pokemon nearby. "Good luck." Luna called after them and they heard her calling for her companion as they walked away from her

Aurora was looking around the enormous forest in wonder. Having just been born, it was to be expected as her trainer and Harry finally caught the runaway pokemon and returned to the others. "About time you got here." Draco chuckled, having been waiting for a while. "Well, there were some complications." Helena explained, stepping aside to show the hiding Aurora. "Vul! Vulpix!" Aurora called as she hid behind her legs again. "She's very scared and shy." The red-haired girl chuckled as she lifted her up in her arms

"I noticed that." Padma said with a warm smile as she carefully walked closer. "Hi there, little one. I'm your aunt Padma." She whispered gently, letting Aurora sniff her fingers. The vulpix slowly relaxed as she sensed the girl didn't mean any harm. "She's a cutie." She muttered with a smile as she caressed the white head and Aurora preened in answer "Well, we've got the birds and some training on the side. Let's get back to the town." Harry said and they agreed

"Something I don't understand is that mum and dad always talked about the slowpokes around here, but I haven't seen a single one since we've arrived here." Helena commented as they walked through the town, having recalled most of their pokemon. "That's because they're all being held captive in the well, love." A man's voice said and they whirled around to face the speaker

It was a middle-aged man with white hair and mismatched eyes. "Who is holding the slowpoke captive and why?" Helena asked. "Who are you?" Harry asked as well. "I'm just a simple man who wants to stop these idiots from hurting pokemon for their own needs." The man answered. "As for why they're doing this, I'm not sure myself to be very honest." He continued. "We saw a guy standing guard to a small path on the previous route. Had a black shirt with a flaming red P on it. Could that be these people?" Padma asked.

"Oh, that's them alright. Team Phoenix." The man confirmed, immediately taking note of their exasperated faces. "You've met, I see." He said. "We came across some members, yes. Wanted to have our eggs, but we popped their balloon." Helena confirmed as she crossed her arms in frustration. Now that her egg was hatched, she felt even more protective of the pokemon that had been inside it

"Bloody bastard. What on earth would you want to do with eggs?" The man muttered. A woman joined them. "Found anything?" She asked. "These children have come across team Phoenix. They wanted to have their eggs. I assume they failed before you popped the balloon and the eggs are safe." The man replied, looking at the children "We  wouldn't be here talking to you if they weren't. Although, mine is not really an egg anymore." Helena answered 

She opened Aurora's new pokeball and showed her to them. "An Alolan vulpix. How interesting. Where did you get it?" The man asked as Aurora poked her head out from behind Helena's legs. "Or uncles Sirius and Remus gave them for our birthday. They live in Cianwood city and get many trade ships there." Harry explained. "Sirius and Remus? As in Sirius Black and Remus lupin?" The woman asked "You know them?" Draco asked. "Heard of them. Their antics with James Potter during their pokemon journey are well known." The woman answered 

"Still can't believe James went on to become a gym leader of all things." The man said and the children smirked. "It seems that team Phoenix is getting too comfortable here. It's time to rattle them up." The man continued. The woman nodded and ran off as he turned to the children "You four, go and find officer Graves and tell him what's going on. Tell him Gellert Grindelwald sent you. He'll know what it means." He ordered, before he left as well.

The children looked at each other, before going to the police station. Officer Graves left the station as soon as they said the name. "What do we do?"  Draco asked as they were left behind. "They might need help." Helena muttered. "Mum and dad told us not to go after team Phoenix." Harry reminded her. "I know." She replied with a smirk and he sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"We are so bloody grounded."

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Percival Graves was in a rather tight spot as there were more team Phoenix members in the well than anticipated. The others were a bit further ahead, having heavy pokemon battles as well. A raticate was about to jump on him from behind when it was grabbed by two strong vines and threw it against the nearest wall. "Well done, Perseus." Draco praised his pokemon as the quartet joined him.

"What are you children doing here?!" Percival demanded to know. "Saving your life as I'm pretty sure that raticate was about to bite your arm off." Helena replied as Thor shocked some of the pokemon in front of them. "You shouldn't be here. It's not safe for children." Percival insisted. "Well, that's too bad." Harry replied as for once, cordelia was allowed to bite pokemon. Seeing that the exit was now blocked by other grunts, the officer ordered his remaining pokemon to assist and help the children fight

Helena was fighting with Aidan and the officer's lycanroc when she noticed that an ekans was sneaking up on Padma from behind."Aidan, use ember!" She ordered. "Cynda!" Aidan shouted as he sent a very powerful ember attack on the snake pokemon, immediately starting to glow after. Everyone looked as the Cyndaquil started to grow in length as the glow disappeared to show Aidan's new form

"Quilava!" The newly evolved pokemon shouted loudly. "Awesome!" Helena quietly gushed as she immediately ordered Aidan to attack again. Once they were done, they continued on deeper into the well. They fought several more grunts together as they finally came to the deepest part of the well. "You again?!" The quartet heard an annoyingly familiar voice say and they whirled around to see the trio from before

To their immediate amusement, they were still all bandaged up from their last meeting yesterday. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused us!?" Hermione demanded of them. "Let me guess: a whole lot." Draco deadpanned sarcastically and his friends all snorted as well. "Padma, go further with officer Graves. We'll take care of these three." Harry said as he, Draco and Helena sent out their pokemon.

Harry and Cordelia faced Ron's trubbish, Helena faced Hermione's whismur with Aidan and Draco faced Ginny's tentacool with Perseus. It was a pretty easy battle to be very honest. Especially Draco had it easy as Perseus had the type advantage and Helena's newly evolved pokemon was a lot stronger. "We're not done. You hear me? We'll see each other again." Hermione threatened as they were forced to retreat. "Jeez, someone's watched too many movies lately." Harry commented as he shook his head. 

None of them were aware of the dark-skinned man watching them from the shadows, before humming in thought and leaving. Walking on, they found Padma and the adults standing in front of a man lying on the ground. "Have nothing to say Fletcher? You're usually so talkative." Officer Graves commented. The man growled. "Go to hell, you bloody bastard." He spat at the officer as he got up and tried to punch him

He didn't get far as a scyther appeared and held him in a tight grip. "I don't think so." A voice said from the entrance and they turned to see a man with red hair and a blue coat. "Newt." Percival called in surprise as the newcomer quickly joined him and checked him over for injuries. "I'm fine, Newt. I promise. Thanks to them." He said with a chuckle as he looked at the quartet and Newt sighed in relief, pulling the man into a tight hug. The children didn't exactly know these people, but that hug told them pretty much everything about their relationship 

It was the same kind of hug Remus gave Sirius whenever he came home. "Thank you for protecting my Percival in this place. Arceus knows that he sometimes runs headfirst into danger without thinking about it." Newt then sincerely thanked the four children and both Gellert and the woman snorted as Percival glared at him. "You do the same thing whenever a pokemon is in danger." The officer protested.

"That's different." Newt protested as the woman bound the Fletcher guy, scyther guarding him. "How's that different? Percival asked, but Newt ignored him to check on the slowpokes that had their tails cut off. "Poor things." He muttered. "They'll grow again, love." Percival tried to reassure him, but it didn't work. "Let's at least go outside." Gellert said and they all agreed as they helped the slowpokes outside

The rest of team Phoenix seemed to have retreated after being defeated, apart from the captive Fletcher, so getting out was easier than getting in. "Thank you for your help, but don't mess in business like this again. This is something that adults need to solve, understood?" Percival asked sternly as he looked at the children and they nodded. "We'll try, sir. We just wanted to help." Helena replied and the officer sighed. "I know that, but you're only children and things like this are too dangerous for you." He replied.

"You're the Snape children, aren't you?" Newt asked as he looked at the twins and they nodded. "Oliver told me that you were coming my way. Hope you don't mind if I go home with my husband today and you'll be able to challenge the gym tomorrow." The red-haired man continued and they nodded again, remembering that he was the Azalea town gym leader. "That's alright, sir. We need to rest as well." Helena said

Newt and Percival nodded back at them, before they took Fletcher to the station and went home. "Well, it seems that we're no longer needed here and with team Phoenix having buggered off to who-knows-where, we need to follow them. Thank you for your help. Come on, Ariana." Gellert said as he called out his skarmory and they both flew away as they waved at the children, who all waved back and wished them luck 

"That red hair of two of the idiots. You don't think they could be related to professor Weasley, do you?" Padma asked as she held Aqua securely in her arms. "I'm not sure. They do look a bit like him from what we've seen. It could be possible." Helena answered, thinking of both the two idiots and the kind professor and remembering the quietly conversation he and her mother had when they went to pick up Padma's egg. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed likely that they actually were related to each other

Going back to the pokemon centre, Helena called her uncles to show them Aurora and both men immediately cooed over her from across the screen. "You better take good care of her." Remus told her and she immediately nodded as she promised to do so. "Have you challenged the gym already?" Sirius asked excitedly. "Not yet. There was a little incident with team Phoenix and he was busy." Helena explained

They quickly nodded in understanding as they wished her luck with her upcoming battle and told her not to mess with team Phoenix, before hanging up. "If they knew we had done just that, we'd be in so much trouble." She muttered to herself as she went back to the others. They went to bed early and Aurora laid down next to Helena while the now much bigger Aidan took up post at the feet end of the bed

The next morning, they immediately went to the gym and as promised, Helena went first. "I again want to thank you for helping and protecting my husband yesterday, but that won't stop me from doing my job as a gym leader. Let me see what made you think you could mess with team Phoenix." Newt said before the battle began. With the help from Aidan, this was probably the easiest gym battle until now. Of course, this was only her second gym battle, but it was certainly rather easy as Aidan used his ember attack several times.

 Only the scyther from the day before gave her some trouble with its U-turn attack that was hard to dodge. "Aidan, use ember!" She ordered, but Aidan did something else as he started to make cartwheels of fire and tackled the scyther like that. "Or flame wheel. That's good too." Helena said with a grin. Two more flame wheels later and scyther was defeated. "Fair enough. I can see why you wanted to help." Newt conceded.

"Still, you really should leave this to the adults as it's too dangerous for a group of kids." He continued as he recalled scyther and Helena nodded as they shook each other's hand and beat turned to the others. "Whoever wants to go next, give me an hour before challenging me. I need to rest my pokemon." He said and the boys nodded. Walking out of the gym, Helena was suddenly tackled into a hug by a five year old girl

"Oh, hello!" She exclaimed in surprise, looking down at the unfamiliar girl in utmost confusion. "Victorina, come here!" Percival called as he ran after his daughter and sighed at seeing where she had gone to. "Thank you for helping my daddy yesterday." Victorina said as she looked at Helena and the older girl smiled back at her. "You're very welcome, little one. Now, go to your daddy, before he punishes you for running away." She whispered and Victorina ran back to her father. Percival nodded at them, before walking away with his daughter

An hour later, they went back to the gym and it was Harry's turn this time with Amara. He defeated Newt as well and the man smiled at giving another trainer his well-deserved badge, having a feeling that, considering who their parents were, the children had a rich future in front of them. Only Draco struggled a bit as Perseus and Goyle were in the disadvantage compared to bug pokemon. Thankfully, he had caught a Spearrow 

Walking out of the gym again, Harry's bag suddenly started to glow. They quickly ran to a quiet part of the town to meet the newest member of their pokemon family in peace. Like his sister, Harry called out his pokemon to meet the new baby. Helena, Draco and Padma stayed at a distance to let them have this moment as the egg slowly started to change shape and the glow disappeared, blue eyes opening for the first time. 


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"Hey there, Riolu. I'm your new trainer." Harry said with a warm smile. "Riolu!" The newly hatched blue pokemon shouted as it jumped up and assumed a battle stance. "Well, you sure got a fighter there. Helena commented with a chuckle. "I sure do." Harry agreed as he petted his new pokemon on the head. "What are you going to name him?" Padma asked after Harry used his pokedex to find out Riolu was a male 

"How about.... Cayden?" Harry suggested and the newly named Cayden immediately loved it as he jumped into the air with a cry. Harry chuckled as he stroked the baby pokemon's head. Going to the pokemon centre, they showed their parents and uncles the newly hatched pokemon. "Ha! Pay up, Moony! I told you there would be a Riolu in that egg!" Sirius crowed, making his honorary niece and nephew roll their eyes at his antics. "Yes Yes, Padfoot. Well done." Remus said sarcastically, before asking the twins what was next

"Mostly making our way through Ilex forest and up to Goldenrod city to fight that gym." Helena answered with a chuckle as Sirius pouted at Remus changing the subject. " I'm sure Padma is happy with that." Remus commented and she nodded. She doesn't show it yet, but I bet the closer we'll come to Goldenrod, the more excited she'll become to get there." She agreed. They talked for a while longer, before hanging up

That night, harry went to bed with Cordelia lying on one side and Cayden lying on his other. Thankfully, his newest pokemon had no problem fitting in with the rest of his team and especially he and his Totodile were already the best of friends as they playfully fought together. He smiled as Cayden sleepily burrowed himself into his side. Wrapping his arm around his newest pokemon, he quickly fell asleep

Leaving Azalea town behind them in the morning, they went on through the forest. While training, Aqua, Cordelia and Perseus all evolved as well in their second forms. Aidan was ecstatic to not be the only evolved pokemon in the group anymore and the starters were often running around while the humans took a break. The quartet all chuckled at seeing them and at seeing how they gently included the newest members of their teams as well as Cayden often wanted to join as well and even Aurora cautiously got closer as well

Amara and Brunnhilde often watched over them from a tree branch, while Artemis, Goyle, Thor and the three snakes usually took a nap during this. The first night in the forest, Helena was still awake as all the others slept. "Vul?" Aurora asked in a sleepy tone at waking  up and seeing her trainer was still awake. "I'm fine, Aurora. Just a bit homesick. This is the longest we've been gone from home ever." She explained 

Aurora walked closer and rested her head in her trainer's lap, Helena immediately scratching her behind the ears. "I remember when we were like 4 or 5 years old, our parents would have to go to the Indigo Plateau for their jobs and we would have to stay with Padma's parents and we really didn't like it. Those two weeks honestly seemed like an eternity while we waited for them to come back home again." She whispered

"It wasn't until we finally saw them on the television one day with mum as the official spokesperson and dad as one of the organisers of the event that we calmed down and when we were seven, we were finally allowed to join them and watch the matches live in the stadium. Can't believe that in a few months, it might just be our turn." She muttered as she looked up at the stars through the leaves and branches of the forest. She really wanted to make her parents proud by at least reaching the final ten of the challengers

They both reared up at hearing a twig snap nearby. "You heard that?" She asked in a whisper. "Vul." Aurora replied quietly as well as Helena got up and grabbed a pokeball as she walked away from the camp. "Vulpix!" Aurora called in worry as she followed her trainer. Looking around the trees, Helena suddenly let out a cry as something jumped on her head, before disappearing again, a snickering sound being heard

"Vulpix! Vuulpiiix!" Aurora cried out in anger as she used her newly learned ice shard attack on the tree the pokemon had disappeared into. Something fell out of the tree with a small bump. "Zoruuu." The small fox-like pokemon groaned as it got up again, the blue accents on the tuft on its head, around its neck and on its feet standing out in the dark. "What's that?" Helena muttered as she got out her pokedex.

"Zorua, the illusion pokemon. It changes so it looks like its foe, tricks it, and then uses that opportunity to flee." Her pokedex told her, showing her a picture of the same pokemon, but with red accents. "A shiny?" She guessed, before looking at Aurora. "What do you say? Wanna battle it?" She asked. "Vul? Vulpix!" Aurora answered determinedly after hesitating for a second and running forwards to face it. The Zorua snickered again, before turning into a perfect copy of Aurora herself. "Remember, it's still the same pokemon." Helena instructed

"Vul!" Aurora replied with a nod as Helena ordered her to use ice shard. The wild Zorua barely managed to jump up and dodge it, only to be hit by Aurora's following powdersnow attack. The snow stuck to its fur and made it a bit slower as it turned back into itself. Aurora used her ice shard attack again and Zorua was hit this time. This went on for a few minutes until the Zorua was barely able to stand on its legs

Helena threw her final pokeball at the creature and soon after, the Zorua was finally caught. She quickly grabbed the pokeball and sighed in relief, before kneeling down and gently petting Aurora's head. "Well done, Aurora. Well done." She immediately praised. "Vulpix!" Aurora cheered, before both pokemon and human yawned. "Okay, time to sleep." Helena muttered as they walked back to the camp and went to bed.

The next morning, her brother and friends were very impressed to meet the shiny Zorua. "I'm impressed you all slept through the whole thing. We weren't exactly quiet. "Helena muttered and both Aurora and her newly healed Zorua snickered in answer. "What's her name?" Draco asked. "How about "Ilaria?"" Helena said, having found out that her new pokemon was a female and the pokemon agreed as they ate their breakfast. With that done, they walked further and trained their pokemon more, especially their ekans.

That didn't stop Amara from evolving into pidgeotto as she beat a kakuna that had shot its webs at Brunnhilde. To their surprise, they came across a very familiar face on their third day. "Ben? Is that you?" Helena asked as they saw the boy resting against a tree, a bayleef, a growlithe and a pidgeotto next to him. "Oh, hello. Long time no see."  He greeted them with a smile as his growlithe growled at them in suspicion 

"It's okay, Oreius. They're friends." The boy told his pokemon and he calmed down. Aidan and cordelia, who were both out of their pokeballs, immediately went to greet and catch up with the bayleef, making their trainers smile. "No offense, but you do realise that you're not going to beat the next gyms with only these three?" Draco asked as they sat down next to him to take a small break and let their other pokemon out.

"I'm honestly not really interested in beating them. I do fight them to get stronger, but they're not really my priority." Ben answered.The quartet was quite surprised, but accepting as well. Not everyone wanted to beat the Elite Four and not everyone wanted to become a pokemon trainer. "Then you don't have to worry about when the Challenging Weeks are." Helena commented and he frowned. "Challenging Weeks?" He asked. "You're really not from around here, are you?" Harry asked. "No. I'm from Hoenn." Ben answered

"Well, until several years ago, the Elite Four were at the Indigo Plateau 24/7 and ready to face any trainer that walked in. But then, three out of four members got married. They then had families of their own and as you can imagine, they didn't want to stay there the whole entire time anymore and miss everything." Helena began to explain and he nodded. "Yeah, I can understand that." He agreed as it made more than sense

"So, with a bit of planning and some manoeuvres, they managed to create what we now know as the challenging weeks. Four times a year, the last two weeks of a certain month, all the trainers who have gotten their badges will first fight each other in the first week. In the first half of the second week, the last ten trainers will face each other and the victor of those matches will face the Elite Four in the end." Harry continued.

"The dates are moved up a month every year, so this year, the Challenging Weeks are the final weeks of January, April, July and October. Next year, they'll be in the final weeks of February, May, August and November." Padma explained. "Why do they do that?" Ben asked in confusion. "Mostly to accomodate birthdays." Draco said and he nodded. "What are the types of your Elite four?" He then asked curiously. "Psychic, ice, dragon and poison." Padma answered and he nodded, pretty impressed. "Sounds like a very interesting combination." He commented.

"Not to mention incredibly powerful. We've been watching the Challenging Weeks since we were six and we can honestly count the amount of times that the final member actually had to fight on one hand. It's usually the dragon lord that quickly knocks the pokemon of the challengers out. Especially his salamence is very powerful." Draco piped up with a smile. "Even if they have fairy types on their team?" Ben asked.

"At least half of his pokemon know either very powerful steel or poison type moves and even if the fairy types actually make it past him, they'll then have to deal with a trainer who's specialised in poison." Harry replied. "You really know a lot about this, don't you?" Ben asked and they all chuckled. "As we said, Ben: we've been watching the matches since we were around six years old. We've seen a lot." Helena said

"Fair enough. What about the champion?" He asked. "No one has seen the champion in a long time. Some wonder if we still have one. Mum and dad say we do, but that they're really, really focused on their privacy and that everyone who works there is not allowed to tell anyone about them. Mum and dad don't even tell us and they work there." Harry muttered and they all nodded in agreement. "What do they do?" Ben asked. "Mum is their official spokesperson. If the league needs to make a statement, she's the one who speaks to the press." Helena began

"She's also the unofficial errand woman. If the league needs something suspicious to be checked out, they usually sent her first to make a picture of the situation before one of the Elite Four comes to deal with it." Helena answered with a smile on her face as she thought of her parents. "Dad's one of the organisers. He's one of the people responsible the Challenging Weeks go right every time." Harry continued.

My parents both help professor Hagrid in his lab and my older sister moved to Goldenrod city a few years ago." Padma spoke up. "My parents run a family business in Blackthorn city." Draco said and Ben all gave them very impressed nods. "What about your parents?" Helena asked then and he quickly looked down. "My parents passed away several ago." He said and they all immediately winced in answer

"We're so sorry." Harry immediately said sincerely and the others all immediately apologised as well. "It's alright. It's not your fault and... hey! Get out of my bag!" He suddenly shouted at seeing Ilaria digging into his bag. "Ilaria, come here!" Helena ordered and the Zorua immediately ran towards her with a rock in her mouth. "Bad pokemon!" Helena scolded her as she pulled the rock out of her pokemon's mouth and gave it back to Ben. "Thank you." He muttered as it took it over. "Weirdly shaped rock." Harry commented

"Found it before leaving Hoenn after a night with many falling stars. Decided to take it with me as a lucky charm." Ben explained and they all nodded as they decided to go and make lunch now that they were taking a break anyway. Ben was invited to stay and he accepted with a small smile that made them think he didn't have many friends to begin with. Sitting down, they all just had fun for a while, not worrying about anything

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They continued on after lunch

"Hey Ben. Wanna join us? There's always place in our group." Helena said and the boy smiled at her in gratitude. "Thank you, but no. I rather go my own way. Perhaps, another time." He replied, before pulling his growlithe and pidgeotto back in their pokeballs and waving at them as he walked away. "I hope he'll be alright. He seems very lonely." Padma commented in worry as they watched him go

"I agree. He's not just alone, he's incredibly lonely as well. He does have pokemon with him, but there's something about him that makes me worry a bit about him." Harry muttered, before they eventually walked onwards. They walked through the forest for a few more days, when they suddenly heard a cry for help. They immediately ran towards the sound and saw a woman being surrounded by four team Phoenix grunts. The woman's pokemon were trying to keep them at a distance, but they had clearly taken a beating

"Scream all you like. No one will hear you." One of the grunts said. "Wanna bet? Aidan, use flame wheel!" Helena ordered and her Quilava immediately started to roll towards the nearest pokemon, a pawniward. "Cordelia, use water gun!" Harry shouted and Cordelia obeyed as she shot a stream of water to a charmeleon. Padma and Draco took care of the other two pokemon with Aqua and Perseus 

Between the four of them, the grunts were quickly dealt with as the four children stood in front of the woman protectively, ready to call any other of their pokemon with the pokemon that were already out growling threateningly. "We're not done with you! We'll get that pokemon you have with you." One of the grunts said as they had to retreat, Cordelia aiming another water gun at their retreating backs 

"Thank you so much." The woman breathed in relief as she slumped against the tree she had been backed up against, her pokemon quickly joining her. "What did they want from you?" Draco asked gently. "They were chasing a rare pokemon in Kanto a few weeks ago. They managed to weaken it, but it escaped before they could catch it. I caught it before they could to protect it, but they saw me and today, they caught me off-guard." The beautiful woman said as she showed them the pokeball she had tightly clutched in her hands

They all looked down at it curiously, wondering what kind of pokemon was inside, but knowing better than to ask. Their parents had always told them not to put their noses in somebody else's business unless they had absolutely no other choice. However, if team Phoenix wanted it, then it probably was a very rare or powerful pokemon that would be much better staying well out of their reach

"Want our help getting out of this forest?" Padma asked. "That would be nice. My pokemon are weak and my togekiss has fainted, meaning it can't fly me home." The woman replied gratefully. "You don't have any other flying pokemon?" Harry asked as she recalled her pokemon. "Well... I've got one other..." She said, waving the ball with the rare pokemon around to show she meant that one with it

"Oh, okay. Might be for the best if it stays inside the ball." Helena immediately agreed. "I'm Fleur, by the way." The woman, Fleur, finally introduced herself and they did the same, before they started walking. They were reaching the edge of the forest when two things happened at almost the same time. The first thing was that a red-haired man suddenly came running towards their newest companion. "Fleur!" He shouted and Fleur opened her arms. "Bill." She breathed in relief as the man almost tackled her to the ground

The four starters, who had started to growl at seeing the stranger, immediately calmed down at the orders of their trainers and at seeing that Fleur was happy to see the man. "Are you alright? I saw some team Phoenix grunts running out of the forest talking about how they wanted..." Bill ranted in pure panic and relief, before Fleur put her hand on his mouth. "I'm fine, my love. Thanks to them." She replied, gesturing to the quartet 

The man, Bill, immediately smiled down at the four children. "Thank you for protecting my wife." He said with the utmost gratitude and they immediately beamed back at him. "You're very welcome, sir. Are you related to professor Weasley by any chance?" Helena asked and he chuckled, obviously getting the question a lot. "He's my father." He answered and they immediately made sounds of understanding 

"We also came across two members of team Phoenix with the same colour hair as you named Ron and Ginny. They wanted to steal our eggs. Granted, two or those eggs have now been hatched, but still." Harry commented. Bill and Fleur immediately shared a dreading look and the former sighed. "Those are our youngest siblings. They were led astray by our mother and now, they have joined that ridiculous organisation with her." He muttered as he looked down. "We're sorry." Padma replied, not really sure what else to say. 

"It's okay. It's been a while since then and.... is your bag glowing?" He asked in confusion at seeing the glow coming from Padma's bag. "My egg!" Padma immediately gasped in incredible excitement as she opened her back and container, letting her pokemon out to witness this moment as the others all backed up. Once again, the glow reached its peak and changed shape as it hatched

"Eee?" The small, fox like pokemon muttered as it opened its eyes for the very first time in its life. "Oh, it's an Eevee!" Helena exclaimed from a distance as Padma greeted her new friend. "You're really lucky, Padma. You've now got like six different options to choose from for evolution." Harry commented with a chuckle as his friend lifted the Eevee up in her arms and she immediately glared at him

"It literally just hatched! Let me enjoy it for a moment." She growled at him and both Bill and Fleur chuckled. I remember when my florges hatched for the first time. It was quite magical." The woman said as she leaned against her husband, completely relaxed now that he was there to protect her. "Eee?" The newly born Eevee asked and Padma gently patted it's head. "What are you going to name her? It's a girl." Draco said after checking his pokedex. "I really like the name "Sophie." What do you think?" She asked, looking down

"Vee!" The newly named Sophie quickly squealed in happiness as it snuggled closer to Padma's chest. "Awwwww." All four of the kids immediately cooed in return as Padma's other pokemon carefully came closer to greet it. "I wonder what my pokemon is?" Draco wondered out loud, looking at his container as he held it. Since it had began to move a bit yesterday, he refused to put it back in the bag.

"I bet it's a Galarian ponyta!" Helena suddenly piped up with a enormous grin on her face to tease him. "No, Helena. There's very clearly a jigglypuff inside that egg." Harry immediately joined in and they both laughed as Draco simply grumbled in answer, more than used to it by now. "Do you honestly think that my parents would send me a pokemon like that? Please!" He scoffed, making his friends laugh even harder

Bill and Fleur both chuckled at the four out them having so much fun with each other as they gently led the children to the next route once everyone had greeted the new Eevee. Up ahead is Goldenrod city. Just past the daycare centre. Do visit that if you wish. I'm sure that Mrs. Kowalski would love to take care of your pokemon." Bill advised them, before he called out his skarmory and he and Fleur flew away as they waved at the quartet. "Thanks again! We owe you one." Fleur called down, before they disappeared in the sky.

"Thank goodness you're safe." Bill said as he held onto his skarmory. "Bill...when Helena started to talk for the first, Guinevere's pokeball wiggled. It's never done that before." Fleur told him and he immediately looked around. "Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded. "What do we do? She's just a kid. There's no way she's up for a ritual like that." She then said. "We'll think about it, but first, we'll need to tell him." He said as they flew on

Calmly walking down the route and having a few pokemon battles to train their ekans especially, the look on Draco's face as his egg finally started to glow about halfway through was positively gleeful of excitement as he put it down, opened the container and called out his pokemon. For the final time for now, an egg hatched and released the pokemon that had been inside it as it opened its eyes to look at its new family 


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After everyone had met Draco's new pal, who he called Diaval, they continued on as they fought several trainers and trained their pokemon. The next gym was fairy type, so Diaval wasn't exactly useful yet, but that didn't stop Draco with asking his pokemon to help him get stronger and they happily agreed as long as he didn't give them a headbutt. When he tried, they stopped helping and ignored him until he apologised 

About halfway through, they came across the daycare centre and walked in curiously. "Hi there, sweeties. Are you here to leave a pokemon or are you just here to look around?" A kind looking woman at the counter asked. "Just looking around for now, ma'am." Harry answered and she nodded in understanding. "Very well. I'll be in the back if you need me. My name is Queenie." She told them, before they walked away. "Hey guys. Come look at this." Draco called right as she left. Everyone joined him to see another pokemon egg in a container 

"Ma'am, why is there a pokemon egg here?" Padma asked politely when Queenie returned. "Oh, yeah. A trainer left his pokemon here for a while and it and another pokemon had that egg, but the trainer didn't want it. He said he had no time to raise a baby pokemon." She said with a small huff. It was clear that this trainer's attitude bothered her and the quartet couldn't blame her as they were pretty angry as well

"Ever since then, we've been waiting for a trainer to take it and raise it as their own, but all the trainers who have come here either don't have time or have enough pokemon." Queenie continued. "Yeah and our eggs just hatched, so we don't really need another one." Helena muttered. "Really? Can I see?" Queenie asked excitedly and a few seconds later, Aurora, Cayden, Sophie and Diaval all sat on the ground in front of her

"Oh, they're beautiful. You should be very proud." Queenie quickly cooed as she looked them over and the four pokemon immediately beamed and puffed their chests out at the praise. Aurora was slowly learning to be less shy and the woman just had a natural charm around her that made both humans and pokemon be around her. The quartet chuckled, before looking up at hearing the door open again.

"Hey Ben!" Helena immediately greeted at seeing the boy walking in and he looked at them in surprise for a minute, before chuckling. "Hello, again. I honestly didn't expect to see the four of you here." He commented with a chuckle. "Well, we decided to look around." Draco replied. "Ben, come and meet my newly hatched Eevee, Sophie." Padma called happily as she lifted said pokemon in her arms. "Why hello Sophie. Aren't you adorable." Ben greeted the Eevee with a smile as he petted her head, much to her approval

"And this must be the pokemon that was in your egg, Draco." He then commented at seeing Diaval. "Yup. That's my pokemon." Draco said proudly as Diaval jumped up. "So, whose egg is that then?" Ben then asked, pointing at the egg in the container. "Not ours. A trainer left his pokemon here, it had an egg and the trainer didn't want it." Helena muttered and he scowled in answer. "Yeah, I know." She nodded in agreement

"We've been waiting for a trainer to claim it as their own, but no such luck." Queenie told him, having kept herself in the background when it was clear the children knew the newcomer. "What pokemon is it?" Ben asked as he grabbed the container. "We usually like to keep it a surprise, but we can tell you it's a dragon type like Diaval." Queenie told him and they could all see him debating with himself for a few seconds.

"Can I have it?" He finally asked. "Gladly." Queenie immediately said with a beaming smile as Ben wrapped his arms around it more securely with a tiny smile on his face. It was clear that this was probably his first pokemon egg as well. "Thank you." He muttered. "No, thank you! Jacob and I have been waiting for ages to have a trainer to come and pick it up. I bet it's about ready to hatch right now." Queenie beamed at him and he chuckled as he carefully put the container in his bag. To celebrate, Queenie gave them some delicious pastries.

Apparently, her husband owned a very famous bakery over in the city and daily brought new pastries over to her. "When you're in the city, do show him you've taken the egg. I bet it will cheer him up immensely." She told them and they promised as they left again once Ben had left his growlithe at the daycare. They offered for him to travel with them again, at least until the city and he agreed this time as they walked on

Ben found his place in the group surprisingly easy as the other four quickly treated him like he had always travelled with them. Once they had reached the city, which took a couple of days, they split up Ben went to find the bakery. Quickly finding it, he entered it with the container in his arms and the man behind the counter immediately recognised it. "Isn't that the egg from the daycare?" He asked and Ben nodded in answer 

The man immediately beamed at him. "Thank Arceus. I bet that has lifted a weight on my wife's heart. Pick anything you want. It's on the house this time." He said and Ben thanked him as he took a pastry in the form of a bird with its wings spread. "Which pokemon is this? I'm not from around here." He said. "That's Ho-Oh. One of the legendary pokemon we have here in johto." Jacob told him."How many do you have?" Ben asked.

"Oh, we've got a few. There's Ho-Oh and its counterpart Lugia, but no one had seen them in a long time as they stay very far away from humans. There are the legendary beasts, named Entei, Raikou and Suicune. There's also the mythical pokemon Celebi, but not many believe in its existence." Jacob answered as he leaned on the counter. "And Kanto?" Ben asked, really interested. "Kanto only has the legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres and a mythical pokemon named Mew." Jacob said, thinking for a minute to see if he remembered correctly 

"Mew? That's adorable." Ben commented and Jacob chuckled. "There's also a rumour going around about a legendary pokemon living in a cave next to Cerulean City, but I never believed that. Then again, I've never been there, so I couldn't know." The Baker continued and Ben nodded as he thanked the man and left the bakery. Looking at the pastry, he made a face. "Sorry, Ho-Oh, but I've got to eat." He said, biting the head off 

In the meantime, Harry, Helena, Padma and Draco had found the city gym and immediately went inside just as the gym leader was finishing up for the day. "Parvati!" Padma called and the young woman immediately turned around and squealed as she ran towards her sister. Padma had been born very late and there was a ten year difference between the two of them, Parvati being one of the youngest gym leaders in the world

The girls immediately embraced tightly and began to catch up as the other three members of the quartet sat down in the stands, being more than used to the two sisters being all caught up with each other whenever they reunited. Padma showed her older sister her pokemon and Parvati immediately cooed over them, recognising Aqua of course and greeting Skyro, Artemis and Sophie with a big smile on her face. She then finally turned to the others. "I assume you're here to battle me for my badge." She said and they nodded 

She knew Padma wasn't interested in battling. "Very well. Who will go first tomorrow?" She asked as she was done for today and Helena pointed at the boys. "Alright, I hope you've got a steel or poison type with you." She said. "We've all got an ekans." Draco said. "Oh, come on. Give me some variety." Parvati teased them and they laughed in answer as they all walked out together and Parvati led them to the pokemon centre

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." She said as she waved at them and walked home. Walking inside, they gave their pokemon to nurse Poppy and found Ben in the lounge. "How did the bakery go?" Draco asked. "Very well. I got a free pastry." He replied and they laughed. "I also learned  about the legendary pokemon of these regions. I didn't know Kanto had a mythical pokemon named Mew. I wonder what sound it makes." He continued .

Helena immediately let out quite adorable mewling sounds in answer and everyone was torn between cooing and laughing, the girl herself quickly belonging in the latter category as she cracked up at her own imitation of a mythical pokemon. "I don't think we'll ever find out." Harry laughed, before Ben's egg began to glow. "Wow, when she said it was about to hatch, she really wasn't kidding." Draco said as Ben got it out of the container and they waited, some other trainers looking over as well. The glow stopped and the pokemon was revealed 

"Axew!" The green pokemon cried and four pokedexes were pulled out. "Axew, the tusk pokemon. They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly." They said. "Awesome." Helena said as Ben got to know his new pokemon. They talked for a while, before they went to bed. They had to be well rested for tomorrow. Outside the pokemon centre, two men were standing across the street.

"And you're sure he went inside?" One of the men, a short guy with a pointy beard, asked and his companion, a tall intimidating fellow, rolled his eyes. "Yes, I'm certain. He looks just like his father, so he was hard to miss." He replied. "Well, we should tell our boss that his nephew has been found then. He'll be so pleased" The first man said and the second nodded as he walked away. The first men turned to the pokemon centre. 

"Better enjoy your freedom while you can, traitor." He spat, before walking away

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The next morning, the boys went to challenge the gym and while Padma went with them to cheer both them and her sister on, Helena actually went to walk through the city as she had never been here before and where Violet city and Azalea town were easy and small enough to walk through in a day, Goldenrod city was anything but small. Ben had offered to go with her as he hadn't ever been here either and she had accepted 

Aidan and Ben's new Axew named Lorcan obediently followed their two trainers as they walked around. Because Lorcan was so small and couldn't keep up, Aidan let him ride on his back. They both noticed that both Helena and Ben quickly grew quite close to each other as they explored the city. With a mischievous smile on his face, the quilava quickly ran past his trainer with Lorcan on his back, bumping into her legs on purpose and making her lose her balance. Ben barely managed to catch her, instinctively holding her close to his chest 

"Aidan! Watch where you're going!" Helena scolded, her face slightly red. "Quil!" Aidan replied, not looking sorry. "Okay, I guess you don't have to fight in the next two gym battles." His trainer said. This made the quilava quickly apologise but it was too late for now. Seeing Aidan looking down as Helena walked on, Ben leaned down. "From what I remember reading in a book: you'd have trouble in the next gyms anyway." He whispered 

This made Aidan cheer up again as Ben lifted Drinian in his arms. None of them noticed the guy following them around. His boss had told him to let his nephew enjoy his freedom for now as he'd miss it more when it was taken away from him for good and wait until he was completely alone. For now, he was ordered to follow him and never lose him out of his sight as he walked around with the unknown girl at his side. 

Ben and Helena played at the game corner and Helena was surprisingly good at it as she managed to get many points. However, at hearing how much it cost to get a dratini, they both almost fell down to the ground. "I'll just wait until we get to Blackthorn city. Dratini live there in a cave nearby. I'll catch one there." Helena muttered as she facepalmed. "Sounds like a plan." Ben immediately agreed with her at seeing the steep price. He'd love to have it, but he wasn't going to spend hours playing the same game over and over again like an idiot 

Meeting up with the others at noon for some lunch, Harry and Draco immediately told Helena about the pokemon Parvati used: a Spiritzee and a Mawhile, the latter being part steel type and therefore completely immune to poison. Helena looked at Aidan, who had looked up hopefully at hearing the words "steel type." "You're very lucky this time." She muttered and he cheered in answer at realising he got to fight anyway.

Helena's other pokemon all snickered in answer, especially her Zorua. Aurora jumped on her trainer's lap and went to take a nap. "Man, you're gonna have our easy in Blackthorn city. Alolan ninetails is a ice- and fairy type. You'll deal those pokemon even more damage." Harry said at seeing it and Draco gave him a scowl. "What's with the face?" Ben asked. "Draco and his family know the gym leader personally." Helena explained 

"It would be weird if we didn't. We literally live right next to the gym." Draco continued and Ben let out a little hum in understanding as they continued to eat. After lunch, it was Helena's turn to fight the gym and even Ben came to watch it. "Nice to see you again, Helena. Let me see if you've raised your pokemon with love." She said as she let out her spiritzee to battle and Helena immediately sent out Gander. The ekans managed to poison the fairy pokemon with a well-delivered poison sting and two acid attacks later, it had fainted

"Thank you, spiritzee. Go rest." Parvati said gently as she recalled her pokemon and sent out her mawile. "Gander, return!" Helena said as she recalled the pokemon and sighed. "Go ahead." She muttered and Aidan, who had been watching the match from her side, immediately jumped up and ran to face it. "Aidan, use flame wheel!" Helena quickly ordered and Aidan hit the Mawile, before it could react. 

"Helena probably has the easiest battle with Aidan. Cordelia and Perseus both struggled." Harry commented as he watched and Draco agreed with him. Halina was useless against mawile, as were Cayden and Diaval as they had the disadvantaged type against the fairy and steel type. "Kenna, use bite!" Parvati ordered and Aidan cried out in pain as the huge jaws of Kenna grabbed his paw. "Use ember!" Helena ordered

"Qui... lava!" Aidan cried as he sent the embers straight into mawile's face, making it rub it in panic and let him go. "Now, use flame wheel!" She's ordered and Aidan immediately barrelled into the pokemon one final time as it fainted. "We did it!" Helena cheered and Aidan jumped into the air with a victorious cry. Parvati smiled as she recalled Kenna and told her to rest as she walked to her opponent and her sister's best friend. "You did very well. I can see that your pokemon are willing to give their all for you." She said, giving her a hug

"Look after Padma for me." She whispered and Helena immediately nodded as she pulled back from the hug. To celebrate, Parvati invited them all for dinner at her house with her boyfriend Dean. Even Ben was invited and he hesitantly accepted, saying he didn't want to be a burden. "Nonsense. Any friend of Padma is a friend of mine." Parvati said as she waved his concerns away, making him smile at her in gratitude 

The next day, they continued onwards on their journey and Parvati and dean waved them out. Ben was now going with them as well, having unofficially become part of the group. On route 35, the group trained their pokemon for the next city, knowing it had a ghost type gym. "We're going to train as well, aren't we, Illaria?" Helena asked her Zorua and she jumped into the air with an excited cry as she was more than ready

Feeling a bit bad when the rest of their pokemon sagged in disappointment at not being chosen to train, she explained that as a dark type pokemon Illaria had the type advantage. "Although, if the leader has a ghastly or haunter, Brunnhilde will be able to fight as well." Padma said thoughtfully. "Good point." Helena agreed, before promising to help train them all. While they were busy training, Ben caught an Abra after battling it with Lorcan. He named her Lilliandil as he had always liked that name

Travelling the route over the next few days, they came across a big building standing in the middle of a huge field. "The pokeathlon dome. We used to come here to watch the games at times with uncle Sirius." Harry told Ben and he nodded in understanding as they went inside to check it out. "Speak of giratina and he shall appear." Helena muttered at seeing her uncle standing at the counter, probably wanting to enter again

Getting an idea, she carefully snuck up on him and tapped his left shoulder, quickly moving with him when he turned so he didn't see her. "Boo!" She said right in his face when he finally turned too fast for her to move along and he jumped. "Very funny, pup." He muttered as she laughed and the others joined them as well. Harry and Helena introduced Ben to their silly uncle and Sirius immediately greeted him happily 

After Sirius had written his name on the list to join the power course, he went outside with his niece, nephew and their friends as he wanted to see which pokemon they had caught. The absolutely ecstatic look on his face when he saw the shiny Illaria for the first time was both hilarious and a bit terrifying and Helena immediately made a mental note never to leave the two of them alone together for an extended period of time. He also smiled at meeting sophie and Diaval, glad they all had an egg hatched, even Ben 

"Is uncle Remus not here?" Harry asked and Sirius shook his head. "He was busy, but I haven't done this in months, so he told me to go." He explained and they nodded. That afternoon, the five of them went to cheer him and his team of  lycanroc, Ramparados and golem on. Sirius won the three events and especially Harry and Helena cheered for their uncle. The man himself gave them a two-fingered salute as he won 

"Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen something like this before." Sirius commented that evening as he looked at Ben's rock. "It's just a funny shaped rock. Nothing special about it, really." Ben commented with a raised eyebrow. "Ignore him. He lives for the drama." Draco drawled and the others snorted in answer as Sirius glared at him. "Careful Draco. Do I need to remind you your mother id my cousin?" He asked

Harry, Padma and  Helena all laughed as Draco quickly shut up at that. "What about you, Ben? Do you have any other family?" Padma asked and Ben bit the inside of his lip. "An uncle. We don't talk anymore." He muttered and a very awkward silence fell. "Thank Arceus you two have me, huh?" Sirius eventually joked feebly and they chuckled as they quickly moved on to different subjects that were far happier. Luckily, the pokeathlon dome also had a hotel built into it, so everyone could stay the night to rest before they would go on

Ben was getting ready for bed and grabbed the curtains to close them when he saw the guy from before standing in the shadows a bit away from the dome, watching it as he leant against the trees. He immediately closed the curtains and sank to the floor. "Axew?!" Lorcan called in concern as his trainer began to shake in fright. His other pokemon immediately joined hom, but he barely noticed it

"Please, arceus. Please no. I've been so careful. I should've moved faster damn it!" He cried as he hit his temple. "Bayleef!" His starter called and he jumped slightly before hugging him tightly, closing his eyes. His heart stopped at remembering the twins and their friends. They didn't deserve to be roped into this. He took a deep breath as he pulled back and stroked his bayleef on the head. "What am I going to do?" He whispered


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"Almost there." 

Good, because my feet can't hold me for much longer." Helena muttered in exhaustion as they reached the end of route 37 after spraying water over a sudowoodo and saw Ecruteak city in the distance. "Come on, Helena. We're almost there." Ben said as he patted her back. He had tried to leave the group on his own, but his bayleef had prevented that by standing in front of the door when he went to leave and refusing to step aside

"Don't you understand? I'll eventually bring them in danger. I've told you about my uncle and what he can do. I can't pull them into that." He had insisted. "Bay! Bayleef, bay!" His starter had replied as he had planted himself in font of the door, no pun intended. Despite knowing that he could easily recall bayleef into yours poke ball and continuing on nonetheless, he also knew his pokemon would be pissed at him for it. He had sighed and had pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'll travel with them until the next city. After that, I'll split." He said

His starter hadn't looked happy, but had reluctantly conceded after a staring contest. Sirius had waved them off, before flying back home on his skarmory. On route 37, Ben had caught a male nidoran and had immediately started to train it as much as possible. He also caught a fire vulpix to replace his growlithe who was still at the daycare. Everyone noticed his sudden need to train, but didn't say anything about it, assuming he had his reasons. 

That night, Harry was searching into Ben's bag with his permission and smiled at seeing the rock lying at the bottom of the bag. "Wow, this rock is pretty much crushed on the bottom of your bag and it's still intact. He said as he held it up. "I once dropped it from the kitchen table while talking to my professor. Not even a little bit cracked." Ben commented with a tiny smile as he held it.

"You didn't tell us about your professor." Draco commented. "Well, he moved to Kanto a few years ago. I hope I'll see him again." He said. "I'm sure you will." Helena reassured him and he gave her a grateful smile. Helena now gave him the same kind of smile as he helped her walk the last few miles to the city. They immediately sensed the age of the place, two towers hovering over the city. "What happened to that tower?" Ben asked as he pointed to a tower that was almost completely burned down, only the lower part remaining 

"A huge fire. The story goes that the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh gave life back to three pokemon that perished in the fire, creating the pokemon Entei, Raikou and Suicune." Padma explained, remembering that Ben wasn't from this place. "Can we go and look?" Ben asked, very interested. "After we took a break and ate something. My stomach is killing me." Harry muttered They all chuckled and went to lunch, healing their pokemon at the pokemon centre.

After lunch, they went to the burned tower and carefully looked around. After meeting a guy named Colin Creevey, who was obsessed with Suicune, they split up. Harry, Helena and Ben stayed on the upper level, the former catching a haunter, while Padma and Draco explored the dark basement. "You can sense the age in here." Padma said quietly as she touched the remains of a pillar, her and Draco being rather far into the basement.

No one followed them as the other people preferred to stay close to the stairs. "I know, right?" Draco agreed, before Perseus and Sophie, who were out of their pokeballs for today, both  heard something in the distance and Perseus growled while Sophie ran towards Padma in fear. "What is it? What's there?" She asked as she picked the trembling Eevee up. They cautiously walked further and rounded the corner. They were immediately pushed back and fell on their behinds as three shapes jumped over their heads 

They each saw and felt a pair of red eyes looking at them judgingly before the shapes disappeared. "You don't think those were them right?" Padma asked in a tiny voice as she stared straight forwards and clutched onto a frightened Sophie, who buried her face in her chest as she whimpered. "I actually do think so." Draco breathed as Perseus growled into the direction the shapes had gone to

"Did we just meet the legendary pokemon from the story?" Padma whispered in disbelief as she finally looked at him. "I'm not sure, but I'm not going to find out if there's anything else here. Come on, let's get back to the others." Draco said as he finally got up from the floor. He helped Padma up and both children quickly walked back to the main part of the tower, Padma still having to comfort poor Sophie. 

They eventually met up with Harry, Helena and Ben. "Anything interesting downstairs?" Helena asked. "We got jumped by a trio of pokemon that may or may have not been the legendary beasts." Draco muttered quietly. "Come again?" Harry asked in disbelief and both Padma and Draco told them what had happened downstairs and silence fell. "So adults spent their entire lives looking for these special pokemon and two ten year old children suddenly come across all three. What kind of logic is that?" Ben asked

They all shrugged and went outside again, carefully keeping their mouths shut at meeting Colin again as he seemed like the kind of guy who would pursue them relentlessly if he knew they might have seen Suicune in the basement. "Okay, can we go to that tower now?" Ben asked pointing at the still complete tower. "Actually, not many people are allowed inside. It's a sacred place." Helena explained 

"Our parents come here once a year to pay respect to Ho-Oh, but they usually don't even go inside, just lay down a bouquet of flowers at the entrance." Harry continued thoughtfully and Ben immediately nodded in understanding, a bit disappointed. He felt eyes on him from afar, but he didn't dare look around. Padma really wanted to see the theatre, so the girls went to check it out while the boys went back to the pokemon centre to rest a bit.

"Oh, come on!" Helena groaned at seeing another team Phoenix grunt bother the woman on stage. "Come on, lady. We know you have it. Give it to me!" The guy demanded, only to be hit by Aqua's bubblebeam. "I don't know what this is about, but she clearly doesn't want your attention, pal." Helena said as she and Padma ran on stage. "You again!? You'll pay for the humiliation in the forest!" The guy hissed as he pulled out two pokeballs. From it came a bisharp and a kadabra. The girls silently agreed to work together for this

"Go Aidan!" "Let's get this guy, Artemis!" They shouted as they released their pokemon. "Purr!" Quilava!" Their pokemon cried as they immediately got ready to fight. Helena went for the bisharp as that was a steel type, while Padma fought the kedabra. "Artemis, use assurance!" Padma ordered after a few attacks had been dealt with. "Puuuuurr!" Artemis cried as she started to glow and change shape

"Liepard!" The newly evolved Artemis cried as she used the attack, her grown strength knocking the kedabra out as Helena beat the bisharp. The grunt growled at them and ran off. The people in the audience started to clap, but Helena wasn't finished. "Why didn't you do anything?!" She demanded to know. "Pokemon actually aren't allowed into this theatre. I guess the people checking that were scared away." The woman said and Helena turned to her

"Auntie Andromeda?" She asked at finally recognising the woman, having been a bit busy before. "Hello Helena. Good to see you again. Thank you for your help." She said. "You're welcome. Did he want a rare pokemon or something?" Helena asked. "Or something. He seemed to recognise you." Andromeda commented. "Ran into him about two weeks ago while he wanted to steal a pokemon from another woman. Bastard." Her cousin's honorary niece answered. "Language. There are children in the audience." Andromeda scolded her. 

"Sirius is worse." Padma spoke up. "Not the point." Andromeda replied. With the danger and the show obviously over, everyone went home. Andromeda put the girls off at the pokemon centre. "Good luck tomorrow. Nick is very strong so do your best." She advised, before going home. "I really hope that we won't see those guys for a while." Padma muttered. "Agreed." Helena said as they went in. It was barely evening and they were already exhausted 

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The next morning, Helena was the first to challenge the gym as had been agreed. The gym was incredibly dark and had a tense atmosphere. The gym leader was a middle aged man with a robe and a beard and a moustache. "Hello! How are you? Welcome to my gym." He greeted cheerfully as he started to float into the air, much to the group's astonishment. He chuckled at their faces as a gengar revealed himself

They relaxed at seeing it was just the pokemon's doing. "My name is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. Nice to meet you. Now, who is my first challenger?" He asked and Helena stepped forwards as Harry, Padma, Draco, and Ben all went to watch on the sidelines. Very well. Come on out, duskull!" Nick said as he called out his pokemon. "Let's go, illaria!" She said as she called out her shiny Zorua. Illaria jumped back-and-forth in excitement for her first gym battle as dark types were in the disadvantage against fairy types

No such trouble here as Illaria had the type advantage. "Ah, I haven't seen a shiny pokemon in a very long time." Nick said in interest and the Zorua preened at the words. Helena rolled her eyes at the smug look in her pokemon's eyes. "Illaria, use faint attack!" She ordered and her pokemon immediately obeyed as she tackled the duskull. "Duskull, use astonish!" Nick called and his duskull listened, but it wasn't very effective

It took three more faint attacks, before the duskull failed. "Hmm, not bad at all. You really know what's strong against what. Then again, with parents like yours, that isn't that surprising." He said and the twins gave him confused looks. "I fought Lily and Severus Snape and my team was defeated in record time. You look like them and I do remember the news going around us gym leaders that they had gotten twins." He explained 

They both smiled at him as he let out a drifloon next. This one could use flying attacks as well, so it gave the enthusiastic Illaria a bit more of a fight as she dodged its attacks. At Helena's order, she ran towards the wall, jumped to it and tackled the drifloon with a very powerful faint attack, starting to glow right after.  She grew incredibly in size and went to stand on her hind legs as her mane grew as well. "Zoroark!" The newly evolved Illaria roared as she spread her new arms. Harry pulled out his pokedex to scan her

"Zoroark, the illusion pokemon. Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery." The pokedex told him. Nick then sent out his last pokemon, a sableye. "Hmm. Sableye is part dark type as well, so it's better if illaria doesn't fight it." Helena muttered to herself. "Illaria, do you mind pulling back for this fight?" She asked and Illaria thankfully returned to her side

"Go Aurora!" Helena said as she sent out her vulpix. "Use draining kiss!" She ordered. "Vulpix!" Aurora said as she ran towards the sableye and gave it a kiss, sucking some of its health away. She used this a few more times as sableye attacked her back, regaining back some of her health every time until the sableye fainted. "We did it!" Helena cheered, Aurora and a watching Illaria roaring in celebration as well

Nick smiled in acceptance of his defeat as he recalled his pokemon and walked forwards to congratulate her on her win against him. "You fought well, just as i expected from the daughter of Severus and Lily Snape." He complimented her and she smiled in gratitude. With that done, they shook each other's hands and Nick told Harry and Draco to give him an hour to let his pokemon rest and they immediately agreed as they walked out. Once they were outside, Ben took a deep breath and turned to his new friends

"I'm afraid that I'll go on my own for now." He reluctantly told them and they immediately looked at him with a frown. "Are you sure?" Harry asked with a small frown, a bit surprised. "Yeah. I need to go to Mahogany town. The next gym is in Olive city, which is the complete opposite side of where I need to go." He explained. "Why? Did we do something wrong?" Helena asked uncertainly, Illaria tilting her head in confusion as well. 

"Quite the opposite, Helena. But I really need to go off on my own and I'm sure that we'll see each other again soon." Ben replied with a warm smile as he pulled her into a tight hug. "If you're sure. But first, I demand a pokemon battle. You have four pokemon, so I'll use the same amount." She said and he agreed. Having a pokemon battle on the outskirts of the town, Helena won as she had pokemon that had the most advantages.

Ben smiled as she cheered at winning the match as he recalled his bayleef, who had done his best to fight, despite knowing he was in the disadvantage against Aidan. They went to the pokemon centre together and Ben did watch Harry's and Draco's gym battles, before he gave them all a hug and thanked them for allowing him to travel with them, before waving at them and walking away towards the east of the city. "I hope he'll be okay." Padma muttered in worry as they started ti walk through the city for a bit longer. 

They stayed in the city for a couple of days longer, really wanting to explore it. Knowing that the next gym was steel type, Helena really wanted to catch a fighting type to help Aidan fight and a water type to make sure they could surf to Cianwood city. Having bought a good fishing rod, they went to route 42 to catch a water pokemon in the ponds. It was less than an hour in that Helena suddenly noticed something in the water.

"What are those?" She asked at seeing little round things float in the distance. Her brother and friends all peered into the distance as well. "They look like....Pokeballs!" Harry shouted as he quickly called out Cordelia and climbed on her back. "Cordelia, bring me to those pokeballs!" He ordered and Cordelia immediately obeyed, Padma going to help on Aqua's back. They managed to get five Pokeballs out of the water. 

Jumping onto the other shore, Harry ordered Cordelia to dive to make sure there weren't any on the bottom. Cordelia disappeared for a few minutes, during which Padma noticed something in a nearby tree. "Harry... look." She said, pointing at a bag thrown into the tree. A very familiar bag. "Ben's bag." He muttered in surprise as he called out Amara and ordered her to get it out of the tree. Checking the inside once he got it, Harry noticed that all its contents were still inside: potions, items, the good-luck rock. Everything was still there

He and Padma immediately shared a dreading look as they realised that something had happened to their friend, just as Cordelia popped back up again. "Anything?" Harry asked and she shook her head. "Okay, at least that's a relief." He muttered as they surfed back to Helena and Draco. "Did you get them?" Draco asked in concern. "Yeah, but I'm afraid I can guess whose pokemon they are." Harry replied, holding up Ben's bag

Helena and Draco widened their eyes in answer. "Everything is inside as well. It's clear that he didn't throw it into the tree himself." Harry said as he and Padma released the pokemon. Ben's bayleef, pidgeotto, axew vulpix and nidoran all came out of the Pokeballs while looking extremely beat up. "Bayleef! Bay! Bayleef!" Ben's starter panicked at sensing Helena approaching him and the girl knew something had happened

"Hey, hey! It's okay. It's us! You're okay!" Helena immediately said to calm him down and the pokemon relaxed at hearing her voice. "Where's Ben?" She asked and the poor thing immediately started to cry. "Oh Arceus." She breathed as she looked at her brother and friends. Recalling the pokemon, they rushed them to the pokemon centre to be healed. While they nervously waited, they all discussed what had happened. "You don't think he was kidnapped, do you?" Padma whispered as she rubbed her hands in worry

"I honestly don't think that Ben threw his own bag into the tree and then threw his pokemon into the water." Helena muttered, biting her nails in pure anxiety. "What do we do?" Draco asked, biting his lip. "For now, we tell other Bones what has happened and we go onto a little research ourselves. Ben is our friend. We owe him that." Harry replied. "But what about your badges?" Padma asked and Helena sighed deeply 

"They can wait! The Challenging Weeks are literally every three months. Ben's safety is more important." She said and Harry, Draco and Padma agreed. "Where do we start?" Draco asked. "He said he was going to Mahogany Town, so we start there." Harry decided as Helena held Ben's good-luck rock in her hands for a few minutes and kissed it. "We're coming, Ben." She whispered, putting it back in the bag and closed it

Therefore, she missed a purple glow coming from within the rock, shining for a second, before disappearing...

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Mahogany Town

"Here it is." Helena muttered quietly as they walked into Mahogany Town, an incredibly tiny place with only a few houses, a pokemon centre and a gym. She tightly clutched Ben's bag to her body "Very cheerful spot." Harry commented dryly as they looked around. They did find a small shop, but the people running it were very creepy and oppressing, so they didn't stay very long and quickly continued on

"Where do we start?" Padma asked. They decided to ask around if anyone had seen a boy fitting Ben's description, but the adults unfortunately couldn't help as no one had seen him. By the time they had asked everyone, the sun had already begun to set and they had to go to the pokemon centre for the night. The next day, they went to the outskirts of town and onto a very short route that would only take a few hours to travel. Their suspicions were heightened when they saw team Phoenix grunts on the way, but managed to avoid them

"What do we do now?" Padma asked after a while, before they heard a very faint roar in the distance.They shared a look and ran towards it. They eventually arrived at a lake and saw something very peculiar: a red gyarados. "Another shiny?" Draco muttered in confusion, before he and the twins noticed something else as well. A woman with red hair was standing at the edge of the lake with a man who had white blond hair.

All four of the children immediately recognised them, even from behind and from a distance. "Mum!" Harry and Helena shouted loudly as they ran forwards to their mother. "Dad!" Draco called as well as he quickly followed them. Both Lucius and Lily immediately turned around at hearing their voices and beamed at seeing their children as they hugged them for the first time in a few months.

"Oh, look at you. You've grown so much." The woman said as she looked her twins over and cupped their faces. Lucius was doing the same as he checked his son over and smiled proudly as Draco showed his badges. "What are you doing here? The snake badge is the seventh one you should get, after Olive and Cianwood city." Lily asked in confusion after seeing that her children were also missing a few badges. "It's our friend, Ben. The boy who bumped into Helena all the way back in Cherrygrove City." Harry began as Padma joined them

"He split up from us as he wanted to go to Mahogany Town and we had to go the other way. I wanted to catch a machop and a water pokemon to train and to surf to Cianwood city, when we found Ben's pokeballs in the water with his very beat up pokemon inside them and his bag thrown into a tree with all his items inside." Helena took over, showing her mother his bag and both adults immediately frowned

"That's not good." Lucius muttered as he looked the bag over, one arm still wrapped around his son. "What are you doing here?" Padma asked curiously. "Well, the pokemon league heard rumours of something happening here with the magikarp and the gyarados in this lake, so naturally, they sent me out to check on it. I happened to be in Blackthorn city and Lucius decided to come along." Lily explained 

"It's literally right next to my home. I would be incredibly ignorant if I didn't come and help." Lucius commented, before turning back to the red gyarados. "Someone needs to either catch or defeat it." He muttered. "Why don't you?" Padma asked. "Dad hates gyarados." Draco explained before his father could and Lucius glowered at his son, who simply gave him a smile back. "I always wanted to catch one, though." He admitted. "Here, use Thor. Electric is four times effective." Helena said as she gave her friend Thor's pokeball

Draco looked up at his father for permission first and got a nod as everyone backed up a bit. Letting out Thor, Helena quickly told her pokemon to briefly follow Draco's orders for now and Thor nodded in understanding as he got ready for a fight. Helena had thankfully taught him the move thunderbolt through a TM, so that was the move that Draco used the most to fight the gyarados

Both boy and pokemon had to jump aside when the gyarados sent a huge wave of water to them with its tail. Lucius stiffened up, but Draco didn't give himself won as he ordered Thor to use thunderbolt once again. The pokemon was eventually weakened and Draco threw an ultra ball towards it. It hovered in the air as it wiggled, before clicking and returning back to Draco as the gyarados was caught

Draco smiled at the ball containing his newest friend and fighting partner, before thanking Thor for helping him and the sheep pokemon jumped up and down in happiness. "Well done, Draco." Lucius praised as he joined his son again and Draco immediately smiled at him. "Thanks dad. I have a new partner now." He said proudly and his father chuckled, before looking back out over the lake. "Still, there has to be something driving these pokemon insane. We picked up a radiosignal coming from the town." He muttered 

"With the gym leader currently on a honeymoon for a week, we suspect that team Phoenix has made a headquarters somewhere in this town and if so, it's or job to stop them." Lily took over. "Can we help?" The quartet immediately asked. "I don't think that's a good idea. It can be very dangerous." Lucius protested. "Hardly the first time we came across those Phoenix dunderheads." Harry muttered.

Both adults were torn between grinning and raising an eyebrow at hearing this and  the quartet told them about their previous encounters with the evil team. "You did good saving Fleur and Andromeda, but this will be much bigger than that." Lily protested. "We've got one of the most powerful trainers in the region with us and your pokemon are very strong too, mum." Helena reminded her, pointing at Lucius and the woman sighed

"As stubborn as your father." She muttered as she pinched the bridge of her nose, realising that there was probably no arguing with them. "Mum, our friend has been kidnapped. If team Phoenix really is in this town, then they might have him. His pokemon need to be returned to him." Harry said, pointing at Ben's bag. ""Show me your pokemon." Lily then ordered as she took a deep breath and they all let out their pokemon. Lily raised an eyebrow at seeing the newest addition to Helena's team, Gander having been sent to Hagrid for now. 

"I thought you said you wanted a machop." She commented to her daughter as she looked at the machoke standing at the end of the line. "We came across it while crossing the mountain." Helena replied. Looking over the pokemon Lily and Lucius shared a look. "You will stay with us the whole entire time and when we order you to leave, you'll leave without protest. Understood?" Lily asked and they nodded

Going back to the town and healing their pokemon, the group then went back to the shop after the quartet had told the adults about the strange atmosphere. Lucius used his dragonite to intimidate the people working there into revealing a secret trap door. "If it gets dangerous..." Lily began. "Leave immediately." The four children quickly chorused and she nodded as they walked down the stairs.

"Hold on, Ben. We're coming for you." Helena whispered 

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Arriving downstairs, Lily immediately held out her arms and prevented the children from going any further. "Hold up. Something's not right." She muttered as she noticed the persian statues lining the wall. "It's quiet." Padma whispered, Aqua in a defensive position next to her. "Too quiet." Harry muttered in agreement, Cayden standing next to him as well as Cordelia was a bit too big to fit.

"I don't see any Security cameras or anything." Draco commented from right behind his father, Lucius keeping his son there at all times with Perseus. "Unless they're in those statues." Helena said and Lily immediately looked at her daughter, not having thought about that. "If that's true, then we need to find a way to get past them without getting noticed and sounding the alarm." She said and Harry got an idea. "Mum, get out gardevoir. Make her use psychic to make us fly over those statues." He whispered and his mother smiled proudly.

"Great idea, Harry." She said as she immediately got out gardevoir and ordered her to use psychic on them to make them fly over the statues. "That probably saved us a lot of trouble." Draco commented as they ran on. They eventually did run into some grunts, but they all had a rattata or some other weak pokemon that the six of them had easily defeated. Even the quartet could beat them with their pokemon 

One of the grunts had a drowzee and Helena stepped forwards to battle that one. "Go Illaria!" She shouted as she sent out her zoroark, who immediately growled at seeing the grunt. The pokemon were very aware that these people had probably taken the friend of their trainers and were just as pissed off about that. Lucius and Lily both couldn't help but smile in pride at seeing their children and Padma hold their own

There was an insane scientist that had only magnemite in his team, who were quickly beaten by one single flamethrower from Lily's charizard Drogon. Having grown up around and played with their mother's pokemon back home, Harry and Helena thought it odd to see them actually fight as their mother almost never fought pokemon battles, preferring to keep peace. She did train them to keep their strength up in case of missions such as these, but that was it. Being a spokesperson wasn't really that exciting, honestly 

They had to cross a irritating trapfloor with grimers, voltorbs and geodudes hidden inside, but with the quartet having at least one pokemon in the advantage, they quickly breezed through it. Getting one floor down, they found the room with the radio transmitter inside, but the door was locked and could only be opened through voice recognition. "We need to find the person who can open this door." Lucius muttered 

"That's gonna be easy." Helena said sarcastically at seeing the many corridors around them which were going pretty much every which way. "We'll split up into two teams. Harry, Helena, you're with me and Draco and Padma will go with Lucius." Lily decided and they nodded as they split up. Together, they found out that they needed the voice of a man named Sopespian, but he was hiding into an office protected by a password.

Defeating some more grunts, they managed to get it and ran to join Lucius, Draco and Padma. "Well, well. Here's the disappointment." A woman's voice suddenly said as Lily and her children rounded the corner and Lily immediately held the twins back at seeing her. "And here's professor Weasley's crazy ex wife. I hope you enjoyed splitting your family apart and from what I heard, some of your little friends attacked your own daughter-in-law" She hissed as she glared at the stout looking woman in front of them

"Molly Prewett immediately glared back as Ron stood next to her. "That little bitch isn't worthy to be with my Bill. You'll see. Soon enough, he'll see the light." She said as Ron pointed at Harry and Helena "That's them, mum! They're the ones who popped our balloon." He shouted and Helena rubbed her ear. "We're also very much not deaf. And maybe your mother should've taught you not to steal from others." She replied coolly

"You little brat! I'll teach you not to mess with my poor babies!" Molly screeched as she sent out a weaville "I don't think so." Lily hissed in a very protective tone as she sent out her conkeldurr as it was four times effective against weaville. Ginny then ran up from behind them and threw out her poocheyena, which Harry and Cayden quickly went to fight. Ron sent out a drowzee with a smirk to battle Lily's pokemon 

His smirk immediately faded at seeing Illaria join the fight as Helena quickly  went to stand next to her mother, ready to fight alongside her. Lily gave her a small nod as they got ready, having seen she could handle herself. "Use night slash on the drowzee, Illaria!" Helena ordered and the drowzee cried out as Illaria's claws cut into its skin. "Silas, use brick break on the weaville!" Lily ordered as well and the weaville got practically slammed into the ground, immediately fainting after getting hit by the pokemon's low sweep while it was down

Molly then sent out a noivern at the same time as drowzee was defeated and Ron sent out his trubbish. Mother and daughter recalled their own pokemon and sent out a newly evolved Brunnhilde and gardevoir named Kallistê out. Working together, Helena and Lily managed to defeat the two pokemon easily. Ron was now out of pokemon, as was Ginny as harry had been very busy as well and now joined his mother and sister.

Soon, molly only had one pokemon left and she glared at Lily. "So much potential and you decided to become the spokesperson. Such a waste." She hissed as Ginny joined her mother and brother. "I did that so I could be with my family. I have no interest in fighting unless I really have to." Lily spat right back as she got ready to fight. "Where's Ben?! What did you do to him?" Helena demanded to know.

"Ben? Oh, that handsome boy we took from route 42. I've got to say that he and his pokemon put up quite the fight, but he was hopelessly outmatched and outnumbered, before we took him here. I don't know where he is now, but I'm sure Sopespian knows if you can find him and get into his office. That's all I'm gonna say. Goodbye." Molly answered as she sent out a wheezing and let it do a smokescreen. Lily immediately grabbed her children as they coughed from the smoke and when it cleared up, the three Weasleys were gone 

They met Lucius, Draco and Padma again as the six of them met up in front of the office. Getting inside by using the password, they saw a man sitting there. "I'm impressed by you being able to get in here, but what else could I have expected from one of the Elite four, Mr. Malfoy." He said as he stood up to face them. "Is that your son?" He then asked at seeing Draco and Lucius immediately pulled the boy behind him

"Oh, how adorable." Sopespian commented mockingly as grunts filled the entrance to the room and surrounded them. "Children, you take care of the grunts. We'll take this Sopespian on." Lily ordered and the children turned to face the several grunts, but were still slightly outnumbered. Apparently recognising the voice of Sopespian, Ben's pokemon suddenly popped out of their Pokeballs with cries of their own

With them taking care of the remaining grunts all by themselves and doing an incredibly good job at it even without a trainer to give them orders to attack, the quartet had a much easier time with the rest of them. "Cayden, use force palm!" Harry ordered his pokemon. "Riiiiiiiiii!" Cayden cried as he began to use the move, his body starting to glow as it grew until it was a bit smaller than harry. "Luuuuu...cario!" The newly evolved Cayden cried as he punched the lairon with all his strength, making it faint immediately

When they were done, Lily and Lucius had managed to defeat Sopespian and get the password from him  to enter the transmission room. "Where's Ben?" Helena asked harshly as she turned around, Ben's pokemon all growling at the man as well as they wanted to know the same thing. They had recognised his choice as the one who had ordered his men to take their trainer from them and throw them into the water 

"Ben? Oh, is that the name he used to hide himself from us? I'm afraid he's not here anymore. His uncle came to pick him up last night as they really needed to catch up." Sopespian mocked her. Helena growled in pure anger and took a step forwards, but her mother stopped her. "Listen to your mother, little girl. Otherwise you might get very hurt. It doesn't even matter that you've got the password." Sopespian snickered 

Without my voice saying it in the scanner, you won't even be able to get in." He said, only for his murkrow fo imitate his voice saying the password and run off through the halls of the headquarters. Sopespean used this distraction to escape. "Follow that murkrow!" Lily ordered after they had recalled the pokemon and they ran after it, hearing it say the password over and over again in the distance. As their luck would have it, the murkrow said it right in front of the scanner, making the door open for the group and they quickly ran in

"What kind of a password is "hail Dumbledore" anyway?" Helena asked as they saw that six voltorbs powered the machine. Each defeating one and stopping the machine, they went outside and Lily called officer Bones from Ecruteak city and officer Shacklebolt from Blackthorn city to deal with the grunts that hadn't managed to escape. The children watched from a distance while Lucius and Lily dealt with the situation 

They watched as officer Bones gave Lily some files, before leaving with the grunts. Ben's pokemon were looking down as they still hadn't found their trainer and Helena petted bayleef "We'll find him." She whispered as her mother came back. "Isn't this your friend?" Lily asked after looking through one file. "Yeah, but the name is different." Harry said as he looked inside the file and Helena looked as well and frowned 

"His name is Caspian?'

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With no other options right now, they went back to Ecruteak city 

Lily and Lucius put them off there and gave them tight hugs. "We'll try to find him, sweetheart. Try not to worry too much about it." Lily whispered as she hugged her daughter. "Easier said than done." She muttered and Lily smiled. "I know, little one, but we'll do our best." She promised, before hugging Harry as Lucius hugged his son as well. Wishing them luck, the adults eventually left on dragonite and charizard

After Helena had finally managed to catch a magikarp herself and train it to become a gyarados, sending Brunnhilde to Hagrid for now, they quickly went on to route 38. The usually cheerful mood of the quartet had soured quite a bit with Ben's or Caspian's disappearance, but they did their best to train his pokemon in his absence. One of the most painful moments was when his axew finally evolved into fraxure, but was bummed out for the rest of the day because he had evolved without his trainer with him.

They tried to comfort him as much as possible, but it hadn't really worked.Helena knew that the pokemon wouldn't feel better until Caspian was back."Excuse me?" A voice asked one day while they were taking a break and they looked up to see a familiar face. It was the girl who lost her pokemon in ilex forest. "Oh, hello again. Did you find your pokemon?" Helena asked and the girl nodded.

"Yes, but he has flown off again. He does that and he always comes back." She assured them."Oh, these are our friends Padma and Draco." Harry introduced them as he remembered they hadn't been there last time."Nice to meet you. I'm Luna and this is Vidarr." Luna introduced herself and the rapidash next to her. "We met her while looking for that missing bird back in ilex forest." Helena explained

Both Padma and Draco made sounds in understanding as they smiled at the girl. "Nice to meet you as well." Padma greeted back and Luna smiled at them, before seeing the amount of pokemon around them"Quite a lot of pokemon you have here for only four people." She commented. "These pokemon belong to our friend be- Caspian, but he's been kidnapped by team Phoenix. We're taking care of them until he's found."  Harry explained solemnly and she immediately widened her eyes in shock, not having expected that.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but you'll see him again. I'm sure of it." She whispered to the pokemon, also reassuring the quartet at the same time. The pokemon all let out little murmurs in answer, not really sure if they should believe her. Their trainer was in danger and they couldn't do anything about it. They had called Queenie in Ecruteak city as she still had Caspian's growlithe and the woman had been horrified by the situation.

She had immediately promised to look after the growlithe until he was found. They really didn't want to think of the poor pokemon continuously waiting for his trainer to pick him up and unsure when he would return.They offered Luna to join them and she happily agreed as she needed to go to Olive city anyway. "Are you participating in the pokemon league as well?" Padma asked, but the blonde girl shook her head.

"No. I don't really have a goal in mind. I already participated in the island challenge back home in Alola and I really wanted to see the pokemon in other regions." She answered and they conceded. After several days of travelling, they finally arrived in Olivine city. By now, it was already September and the nights were slowly growing cooler again. They knew they wouldn't manage to get all eight badges before Challenging Weeks the end of October, so they planned to try and have them all by the following Challenging Weeks.

This way, they didn't have to rush things and stress themselves and their pokemon out. They went to find the gym, only to find out that the gym leader had an emergency in the lighthouse and was currently there.Going to the lighthouse instead and fighting several trainers there as they climbed up several levels to try and find him, Helena climbed the final stairs first and saw the gym leader next to a sick looking pokemon.

"Let me guess: the Snape twins?" The man asked and said twins nodded. "Thought so. You look just like your mother." The man chuckled, pointing at Helena "I admit I really liked her when we were younger, but then she met Severus and I met Marlene, so everything worked out in the end. I know you probably want a gym battle, but I'm afraid that as long as Amphy here is sick." The gym leader, whose name was James Potter, apologised.

"Is there anything we can do?" Helena asked, trying to ignore the fact a gym leader had a crush on her mum. "There's a pharmacy in Cianwood city that has a potion that can cure it. Do you think you can get it? I can't leave Amphy and Marlene is in Kanto." James requested and they agreed as he let them use the elevator. Getting to the beach, they let out their water pokemon. With Helena and Draco on their gyarados, Harry on Cordelia, Padma on Aqua and Luna on her own starter, a primarina named Narelle, they surfed towards Cianwood city.

Even there, they came across several wild pokemon, especially the annoying tentacool,  but Luna, Helena and Draco took care of those and most of the trainers with their own pokemon. They soon passed the infamous whirlpool islands and they all clutched their things tightly, lest they got lost in the whirlpools. As they were passing one of the islands Helena frowned for a second and looked around 

"Did you hear that?" She asked and they briefly stopped. "Heard what?" Padma asked as they listened quietly. "I thought i heard a pokemon cry out." Helena muttered as she looked around again. "I don't hear anything." Draco muttered after a few seconds of not saying anything to see if they heard something. "Yeah, me neither." Harry agreed. "Must've imagined it then." Helena said as they continued on

Arriving in Cianwood city, Harry and Helena quickly went to the pharmacy and the rest of their friends went to explore. The man behind the counter at first refused to give it to them, until they impatiently told him that James really needed it for the pokemon in Olivine city and he finally gave it to them. To their surprise, they saw Padma in a fierce pokemon battle with Colin all the way at the outskirts of the city, which she finally won. "What was that all about?" Harry asked as he Colin left. "I just saw Suicune." Padma muttered, still in shock about it

She had been walking on her own, when she had come across the pokemon standing on a ledge. They had stared at each other, before Suicune had let out a cry and had run away across the water. Colin had joined her and had challenged her to a battle to prove that he was worthy to catch it. That's what Harry and Helena had come across. The twins stared at her, before deciding to file away that info for later and going to find the others.

Reuniting with Draco and Luna, it was decided that Padma and Luna would go back to Olivine city and that the other three would challenge the gym as they were now there anyway. Wishing the girls luck, Draco and the twins went to the gym. "I was first last time, so it's your turn." Helena said and they nodded as they opened the doors and saw the gym leader reading a book. He looked up and smirked at seeing them.

"I was wondering when you would come." Remus said as he stood up from his chair and got ready to battle 

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"Hey, uncle Remus. How long were you waiting in that chair?" Harry asked with a smirk. "Well, between you and all the other trainers wanting to get a badge.... not long." Remus replied with the same smirk on his face and his honorary nephew immediately blew a raspberry at him. "I also heard about your friend's disappearance from Lily. Have you heard anything?" Their uncle asked and they shook their heads in answer

"No, do you think we can fight with his pokemon as well? Make them stronger?" Helena asked in worry. "I'm sure we can do that, but considering you're stepping to the side, I guess one of the boys is next." Remus said and she nodded as she sat down at the stands to watch. Because Harry went second last time, Draco was first this time as he sent out his shiny gyarados as Harry joined his sister at the stands. Remus sent out his first pokemon, an onix. "Rock snake vs water snake." Harry muttered to Helena and she snickered 

As they had kinda expected, the onix went down pretty quick, but Remus only smiled as he recalled his pokemon and sent out his second one, an alolan graveler. Draco in return recalled his gyarados and sent out Perseus instead, knowing electric moves were four times effective against gyarados. "Servine!" Perseus cried out in anticipation as he got ready for a fight and Remus smirked at seeing the response

"Very clever. I was wondering where your starter was. Graveler, use thunderbolt!" He ordered before Draco could react and his pokemon immediately obeyed. "Dodge it, Perseus!"  Draco shouted and Perseus managed to jump out of the way. "Leaf storm!" Draco then called while Perseus was in the air from the jump and the pokemon sent out a flurry of leaves from... somewhere. The graveler cried out as it was hit. 

It most certainly fought bravely, but was eventually defeated by Perseus using vine whip to slam it into a rock decorating the battlefield. Remus recalled it and send out his final pokemon with a smile as he was really enjoying seeing how much the twins and their friends had grown on their journey. "Hi, Moony!" Said twins called from the sidelines, knowing this pokemon all too well from when they were young. "Lycaaaaan!" Moony, Remus' midnight lycanroc, howled in answer, red eyes looking at them. 

Helena remembered playing with Moony when it was a rockruff and not understanding why they suddenly couldn't play with it anymore, until they grew up a bit and saw what it had evolved into. She now realised this had probably been the right call to make. They winced as Moony used bite on Perseus. "Use vine whip!" Draco ordered again and Moony got a vine right in his face, making the twins wince again

Five minutes later, Moony had fainted and Perseus had won. "You did very well, Draco. Your parents will be very proud of you." Remus praised the boy and despite having seen his father not too long ago, Draco immediately puffed out his chest in pride as they shook hands. "I'm afraid I've got a few other trainers today, but m I'm all free tomorrow. Why don't you go and check out the new safari zone in the meantime?" Remus suggested 

They all agreed, Harry and Helena giving him a tight hug and they left the gym. Going to heal Draco's pokemon at the pokemon centre, they called these pokemon centre in Olivine city and quickly managed to get Luna on the phone. "The medicine was brought and the gym leader used it. The pokemon seemed better, but Mr. James wanted to be on the safe side for a few more days." She told them. "That's fair. Uncle Remus is a bit busy too anyway, so we're going to check out the safari zone." Helena explained as Padma appeared 

"Sure, have all the fun without me, why don't you?" Padma asked sarcastically and Helena let out a sheepish laugh. "Sorry, but we'll try to catch a pokemon for you. Any one you like." She offered and her friend thought for a minute. "Vibrava." She finally said. "Okay, we'll try. Luna, how about you?" Helena asked. "I've always wanted a shinx." She admitted. "We'll try and find one for you then." Harry promised from beside his sister

Both girls smiled at them, before they hung up and Draco's pokemon were healed. Just as they walked out, they came across the city's head officer: Sirius. "Hey, pups. Remus said you were going to see the safari zone and I happen to be going the same way for a while. Do you mind if I tag along?" He asked and they shook their heads as they started to walk. "Why do you have to go that way, uncle Sirius?" Helena asked curiously 

"Something's been going on in a cave at the end of route 47. It's my duty to investigate that and make sure that the city doesn't get threatened. I'm sure it's nothing major." He quickly assured them at seeing their faces and they relaxed after that. Walking towards a cave, they were first stopped by a man as Harry and Helena didn't have their badges yet, until Sirius told the man that they were with him and they were allowed further. "I honestly never liked caves. They're so dark." Draco muttered as they walked through it. 

"Don't you live nearby two caves?" Harry asked with a smirk. "One of which is always lit up by lanterns and the other I was never allowed into by myself as it's both really cold and the pokemon were way too strong." Draco defended himself and his friends had to concede as they walked outside and immediately looked out towards the ocean as the path was made into the very steep cliffs surrounding Cianwood city

Walking further and into another cave, they came at a cross section with one ladder going up and the other going down. "The safari zone is going up. I need to go down. Just follow the route and you can't miss it." Sirius told them and they nodded as Harry and Helena gave him a hug as they went their separate ways. Climbing up and walking over a big bridge that looked out over a magnificent waterfall, Helena took a deep breath

"You don't really see things like this in New Bark Town." She muttered as she watched the waterfall and her brother and friend agreed as they just stood there for a moment and enjoyed the sight. Eventually continuing on, they found the entrance to the safari zone and went to check the place out. There were several little stalls that sold things like incense and other things to increase your pokemon's strength. Helena wondered if she should buy something for Caspian's pokemon, having trained them a bit as well on the way, but decided not to

If Caspian really wanted to buy something for his pokemon, then he simply needed to do that himself once he was found. With that said and done, they walked to the actual entrance of the safari zone and opened the door. "Why, hello there newbies." One man greeted them with a smile and their immediately focused on his red hair. "More Weasleys?" Draco muttered and the twins both raised their eyebrows at hearing this.

"More? You've met our family?" One of them asked in surprise. "Too bloody many." Helena groaned as she remembered a certain pair of idiots. "Ron and Ginny?" The second twin asked and the three of them nodded. The red-haired twins shared a look and sighed. "We're humbly apologise for whatever actions they've taken. We hope it was nothing too bad." They said sincerely, finishing each other sentences.

"They actually tried to steal our eggs and threw organisation they work for kidnapped our friend." Harry muttered, glancing at Helena, who looked away. "Oh, arceus. Bill actually told us about that just a few days ago. There's a complete region-wide search for that boy going on right now with him and his friends at the front." The first twin muttered and the three children looked down, having just gotten the confirmation that Caspian still wasn't found. Even the older twins were incredibly serious now as they shared a look

"Okay, tell you what: normally, it costs 500 dollars to borrow safari balls from us, but until your friend's been found, they're free of charge. I'm Fred, by the way." The first twin said. "Thank you. Can you look after our and his pokemon while we're gone?" Helena asked. "Of course. Nothing will happen to them." The other twin, whose name was George, immediately promised with the utmost seriousness as he took the bags over

Explaining the rules and how it worked, they were let out into the safari zone with thirty safari balls to catch pokemon with. At first, there weren't many special pokemon, until they walked into a sandy area and Helena immediately saw a vibrava flying around. She immediately threw a pokeball at it and managed to catch it. "Alright! That's one pleased Padma." She said as she picked it up again and put it in a special bag

Draco and Harry chuckled as they looked around for interesting pokemon. While she was waiting for the boys to finish, Helena also caught a marowak for later. She knew that one of the gym leaders in Kanto had electric type pokemon and ground type was super effective against that. With neither Draco or Harry catching anything, they continued on. Coming across a more meadow like area, Harry found and quickly caught a shinx for Luna, before accidentally running into something and instinctively throwing a pokeball at it. 

Helena and Draco looked at him in surprise as he stared at the ball once it had clicked. "What did I just catch?" He muttered as he opened the ball again. "Houndooom." The black dog-like pokemon howled. "Cool!" Harry breathed as his new pokemon sized him up and found him worthy. Harry named him Lucian. "Lucky you, where am I going to find an interesting pokemon in this pla-" Draco started, before getting tackled 

"Man!" The yellow and blue pokemon growled as it was clearly guarding something. Draco glanced past it and saw it was a wounded furret. "Manectric, we can help that furret if you let us. We've got many different potions with us." He promised as he got out one such bottle. Manectric clearly didn't trust them as it kept growling. "If you don't let us help, your friend will stay hurt. Do you want that?" The boy then asked. 

The pokemon stopped growling and looked at him for several seconds as if to see if he was completely honest, before reluctantly stepping aside. Draco sed the potion and the furret soon felt better. "Furr! Furret!" It cried as it tackled Draco once again, but this time in gratitude, making some safari balls fall out of his bag. Both the furret and the manectric looked at it, before walking to one and bumping the little button on the middle, letting themselves be caught. "Well, now you've got two." Helena muttered.

"That was ridiculously easy. You didn't even throw bait or mud at them." Harry said. "Tell that to my stomach." Draco groaned as Helena helped him up."Now, we need to catch one for Caspian. What do you think he would like?" Helena asked. "He told me he wanted a larvitar and according to my pokedex, they live here in the mountain area, albeit very rare." Harry said as he remembered talking to him before he left

Helena immediately grinned at hearing that and jumped up and down on the spot, excitement filling her at the prospect of giving Caspian a pokemon he wanted when he was found. "Then let's find that larvitar! To the mountain area!" She shouted dramatically as she ran off in a random direction. The boys shared a look and simply chuckled as they followed her before she got lost in the huge safari zone.

That's how they still had fun despite their worry for their missing friend

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"Phew. I'm exhausted."

A very tired Helena, Harry and Draco collapsed on a random couch at the entrance of the safari zone after spending at least five hours looking for a larvitar. "Well, at least we've found the bloody thing." Harry commented as he rubbed his feet. "Couldn't agree with you more." Draco said as he stretched his neck, just as Sirius came around the corner with their things "There you are. We were about to look for you." He told them

"Yeah, we're really sorry about that. We just really wanted to catch a larvitar for Caspian and it simply took us a while to find one." Helena groaned as she grabbed her bag and took it over from her uncle. "That's very good of you to think of that. Speaking of which, Caspian's bag is quite heavy." Sirius commented. "That's because of his lucky rock. It's quite heavy and..... warm?" Harry explained as he pulled out the rock and looked down at it in confusion. Draco and Helena touched the pretty heavy rock. "It really is warm." Helena muttered

"It wasn't always?" Sirius asked with a frown as he walked closer. "It wasn't when it was still with Caspian. I even held it just before arriving in Ecruteak city." Harry explained. "And when did he get this rock?" Their uncle asked as he took it over. "He found it just before leaving Hoenn. Said it was like his lucky rock." Helena told him and Draco scoffed. "Bloody good luck it gave him." He muttered 

"Interesting." Sirius hummed as he carefully gave the rock back to Helena. "Make sure not to lose it." He told them sternly and they nodded as Helena put it back in the bag and closed it. "Now, come on. We need to get back home before it gets dark. These cliffs are not your best friend when it's dark." He then said as the children stood up. Thanking Fred and George after officially getting their caught pokemon, they left. 

Arriving back in Cianwood city as the sun started to set, Sirius put them off at the pokemon centre and promised to be there tomorrow for their gym battles. Getting to her room, Helena took out an ice rock and she bit her lip as she let out her pokemon. Aidan, Thor, Brunnhilde, Aurora, her new marowak Ariel and her machoke all immediately stood around her and she looked at her vulpix. "Aurora, the stone in my hand will let you evolve into ninetails, but only if you want this." She said, not wanting to force her pokemon to evolve 

Aurora looked at the stone, before looking up at her trainer. Helena smiled at her and she smiled back. "Vulpix!" She said as she touched the stone with her tiny paw, immediately starting to glow right after. She grew and her tails became incredibly long. "Nine!" She cried once the glow had stopped and the other pokemon smiled at her. Helena chuckled as well as she petted Aurora's head, before going to bed

The next day, Harry was first in line to challenge Remus, using Cordelia and Cayden to fight his rock pokemon. Onix was easily defeated by Cordelia's surf attack. "Crooooo!" Cordelia cried as she started to glow as well and grew into her final form. "Fer!" The newly evolved pokemon shouted. "Oh, dear. I better rank things up a bit." Remus commented, although he was smiling proudly at the same time

He quickly sent out graveler to fight and Harry immediately switched out Cordelia and sent in Cayden. "Use bone rush!" He ordered and Remus smirked as Cayden obeyed the order. "You do realise fighting types are effective against graveler as well?" He asked. "Ground is four times as effective." Harry replied with a very mischievous smile of his own. "You're a bad influence." Helena commented to her uncle Sirius." Why, thank you for the compliment." He chuckled and his honorary niece gave him a small nudge in answer

Graveler was defeated almost hilariously soon, but he did manage to paralyse Cayden. So, when moony was sent out, Harry recalled his lucario to let him rest and sent out Cordelia again. The newly evolved starter slammed her tail on the ground in anticipation of a good fight. "Cordelia, use surf!" Harry called and Moony barely managed to jump onto a vantage point and out of the way at Remus' order

Harry didn't give up though and ordered Cordelia to use water gun and the crocodile like pokemon immediately shot out water from her mouth and hit Moony straight on, making him fall off his spot. Remus ordered his pokemon to use rock tomb and the rocks on the battlefield were immediately hurled towards Cordelia. She ducked on Harry's orders and whirled around, hitting Moony with a tail made out of water

"Sweet! Aqua tail! Do it again!" Harry cheered at recognising the move and Cordelia listened. Two more aqua tails and Moony had fainted. Harry and Cordelia cheered about their victory and Remus gave him a hug instead of the handshake. "Well done, Harry." He muttered as Draco, Helena and Sirius cheered as well. While Remus was healing his pokemon for Helena's fight, the other four talked with each other. Before they knew it, it was time for Helena's fight. She mostly used gyarados and her machoke to win and eventually did. 

"We're so incredibly proud of you. You've all grown so much and I actually think you may get into one of the top ten this year." Sirius said. "Don't get their hopes up, Sirius." Remus scolded him. "I'm not. Getting their hopes up would say that one of them could beat the elite four." His husband replied and Remus rolled his eyes, which was a usual occurrence and the children all giggled and chuckled 

"Well, time to go back to Olivine city and show James what you're made of. Don't forget to call us and tell us all about it." Sirius told them with an excited grin and they waved the children off once they climbed onto their water pokemon and surfed back to Olivine city. Surfing past the whirlpool islands, Helena stopped her gyarados for a moment listened to see if she heard anything again, but it was silent this time.

Giving up on trying to hear anything, she quickly joined the others again as they went back up north. Arriving back in Olivine city, they gave the vibrava to Padma and the shinx to Luna. "We also got a larvitar for Caspian when we find him." Helena told them as she showed them the safari pokeball she had freely gotten from Fred and George with the newly caught pokemon and especially Padma gave her a small smile at seeing it. "I'm sure he'll love it." She muttered and Helena gave her a thankful smile as they went towards the gym

"There you are. Thanks again for helping me with Amphy. I honestly owe you one.  Now, let's see what you're truly made of." James said as Helena went to stand across room him on the arena and threw out a pokeball with a magnemite. Helena immediately smirked as she readied Aidan's pokeball. "You're very welcome." She replied as she let her starter out and Aidan let out a loud cry

Magnemite was easily defeated by Aidan's flamethrower. But the next one was a bit more difficult: steelix. "Use iron tail." James ordered. "Dodge it and use flamethrower once again!" Helena called and her quilava jumped out of the way. "Qui!" He cried as he started to glow. Growing quite a bit, Aidan went to stand on his hind legs as the glow stopped. "Tyyy!" The evolved pokemon shouted 

"Awesome!" Helena cheered

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With Aidan having evolved into typhlosion, the rest of the battle was a piece of cake as well as when she's sent her machoke out for the lady battle. James smiled as he recalled his last pokemon aggron. "Remus and Sirius told me you'd be strong, but I underestimated how strong. Then again, I'm not really surprised considering I travelled at the same time as your parents." He chuckled as he shook her hand

Helena grinned at him in gratitude as she got her third-to-last badge. "We did it Aidan, Thomas!" She cheered and her pokemon cheered as well as they wrapped her into a group hug that Aidan could now do as well now that he could stand on his hind legs, as long as he doused the flames on his back. Everyone chuckled as Helena was positively squished in the hug, her feet barely touching the ground as both pokemon were quite a bit taller than her. "If they were wild, she'd be screwed." Harry muttered and their friends agreed

Eventually leaving the gym to quickly heal the pokemon and give James the chance to heal and rest his pokemon as well. Helena called her parents as well as Sirius and Remus and they were all incredibly proud of her. Sirius crowed that he was going to tease his friend about being beaten by a Snape once again for the upcoming months and everyone rolled their eyes. Helena also introduced Luna to them

"Nice to meet the, sweetie. It's good to see our children befriending more people." Lily greeted her with a smile. "Thank you ma'am." Luna replied back and Lily and Severus both chuckled as they asked Luna about where she came from and what kind of pokemon she had. "A primarina, a kommo-o, a flareon, a tsareena and a staraptor." Luna told them. Helena gave her a small look at her not mentioning Khelan

Then again, Luna had said Khelan wasn't officially her pokemon, so it also made sense not to mention him. Her parents smiled at her new friend, before they had to go. Sirius and Remus were just as happy to meet her and talk to her, before Remus had a new challenger and had to leave as well. Soon, it was time for the boys to have their gym battles, but Helena declined to go. I think I'll go to the route and train Caspian's pokemon a bit more." She said and the boys agreed while Padma and Luna went to watch their battles

Walking to an open spot in the forest north of the city, Helena began to train Caspian's pokemon with help from her own pokemon, making sure no actual fights broke out between them. Taking a break after about an hour, she briefly went to pluck some berries in the forest after making the pokemon promise to behave. Bending down to get some berries, she got back up and looked straight into the face of a pokemon

Neither of them moved for a brief second, before Helena tilted her head sideways. She had never seen this pokemon before. She raised an eyebrow as the pokemon imitated her. Tilting her head the other way, she chuckled when it did the same and moved her head back-and-forth. The pokemon giggled as well. "Hello, little one. I'm Helena and who are you?" Helena asked, just before she heard a voice calling for her. 

"Helena! Where are you?! I got my badge!" Harry called and the pokemon flew away as the girl's pokemon let out their cries to lead Harry the right way, Helena watching it go. She walked back to the open spot, just as her brother arrived there as well with Luna. "Ah, there you are. Where were you?" Harry asked. "I was plucking some berries." She answered and he conceded, before proudly showing her his shiny new badge. "Man, I'm really getting some competition. I better watch out." Helena teased her brother and he stuck out his tongue

As they gave the pokemon some of the berries, neither of them were aware of the pokemon from before watching them, before flying away again once he had seen Luna looking at it and waving it away. Eventually going back to the city, they met an excited Draco and Padma. The girl had just had her own unofficial battle against James as the guy wanted to see what sure could do and Sophie had evolved into an espeon 

With their business in Olivine city over and now being able to use the move fly, the grown group of friends got on their bird pokemon and flew back to Mohagony town the next day as they had heard that the gym leader had returned from honeymoon. It was a dark type gym, so Harry was planning to use Cayden and Helena was planning to use both Thomas and Aurora who was now officially part fairy type because of her evolution 

Draco went back to the mountain and caught a machoke off his own to use and train. While he was doing that and while Padma was recovering from her first time flying on her own pokemon with Luna's help. Helena and Harry carefully inspected the now abandoned team Phoenix headquarters. Getting back into the office, Harry found files of some kind of experimentation. "Lena, look at this." He muttered and his sister joined him. "Apparently, they tried to create a clone of the legendary pokemon mew." He said

"Look at the final passage. "Subject 1 is slowly getting more active with the day. It's slowly forming thoughts of its own and can be used for our own plans." Well, something's clearly happened with that." He told her as he tilted the file and something fell out of it. Helena picked it up and saw it was a newspaper article. "LAB COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!! SCIENTISTS DISCOVER PSYCHIC TRACES ON IMPACT SITE."

"You think it was this pokemon?" She asked as she showed Harry it. "Can be, but what psychic pokemon can blow up a lab?" He asked. Suddenly hearing a sound, they both immediately whirled around and saw a woman walking towards them. "What are you children doing here? It can be dangerous. Come on, we need to get out now." She said in a very stern tone and both twins quickly obeyed, giving her the file. 

The woman, who they later found out was the gym leader's wife, followed them out while still scolding them for going back to this dangerous place, having a certain kind of authority around her that the twins didn't even say anything about her scolding them like she was their mother. Apparently, the officials were planning to completely close this place down and demolish it and she had gone to see if there was anything left. "It's a good thing I did." She muttered as they walked out and she even led them straight to the pokemon centre

She made them promise not to go back there, before finally leaving. Having nothing else to do and being stopped by a man when they wanted to go east, they decided to train up north with both Luna and Padma going with them now that the latter felt a bit better again. It was on that route that both Aqua and Halina evolved into their final forms. Once the sun had begun to set, they went back to town.

Once they had reunited with Draco, the twins took their friends to Helena's room and told them about the info they got from the file. "They tried to clone mew?" Luna asked and they nodded. "And apparently succeeded, but the pokemon destroyed the entire lab in an apparent rage. That's one pokemon you don't want to mess with." Harry replied, remembering the info as if it was seared into his brain.

All five of them shivered at the mere thought of a pokemon being so powerful and going on a rampage that no one would be able to stop it. "I wonder where it is now."  Helena muttered. "Somewhere very far away, I hope." Draco answered while lost in thought. "You alright, Dray? You've been rather quiet during dinner." Harry commented and Draco bit his lip. "I may have come across Raikou while training." He said in a very low tone and very quickly. "You what?" Harry, Helena and Padma asked at the same time and he repeated it

"Why is everyone around us meeting legendary pokemon? By this point, only Harry, Luna and I have never come across one or have you Luna?" Helena asked. "I did meet the guardian of my island Tapu Lele once." Luna remembered and Helena lowered her head in defeat. "Okay, Harry I and Caspian have never come across legendary pokemon as far as we know." She amended and they chuckled, before going to bed

The next day, Harry and Draco were going to challenge the gym and they walked in. The gym was completely dark and the five children didn't see anything. "Is the gym closed?" Helena asked, before they jumped at hearing a voice. "I assure you it's not, little one." The voice said as lights slowly turned on to reveal a man sitting on a throne-like chair. "I just like being dramatic." He continued as he stood up and walked forwards 

"My name is Tom Riddle. Who's my first challenger as a married man?" He asked

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"Very well." Tom quickly conceded as Draco stepped forward to fight him and the rest quickly sat down at the side. Draco sent out his new machoke named Vincent and the gym leader sent out what seemed to be a weaville. That is, until Vincent used the move Submission and it turned out to be a zoroark. Harry nudged his sister at seeing this and she gave him a small push back as she wanted to watch

Two more low sweeps and the zoroark had already fainted, although it had managed to get a couple of hits in. Tom gave a smirk as he recalled his pokemon. "My first challenger after my honeymoon and it's immediately a strong one. Then again, with ghat colour hair, you must be Lucius and Narcissa's kid." He guessed and Draco nodded as the real weaville was sent out. Being both an ice type and a dark type, both of which were weak to fighting type moves, Vincent had an even easier job with this pokemon and had it beaten in only two turns

Tom's last pokemon was quite a bit more tricky as it was a malamar and Vincent would be weak to it as it was part psychic type. He recalled his pokemon and with no fairy type or bug type pokemon on his team, he sent out Perseus instead to fight it. This was likely one of his hardest battles yet, but it was helped by Perseus learning leaf blade and hitting the malamar in the face with it several times

It finally came to an end when with a loud cry, Perseus followed up his leaf storm with leaf blade and the malamar finally fainted. Tom recalled his pokemon and gave Draco his badge. "Very well done. You'll make your parents proud." He praised the boy and Draco immediately beamed as he thanked the man, petting his pokemon's head as he smiled at him, before they left to let Tom heal his pokemon

"Hey guys. Can you help me with something?" Helena asked quietly as they left the gym and they all quickly agreed. "When we were in the headquarters,I saw a cabinet and there was a glow coming out of it. I want to know what it is before they demolish it." She said and the others shared a look. "You can ask Tom for help." Luna said. "My help with what?" Tom's voice asked from behind the twins, making them jump. Looking at Luna and getting a nod, Helena repeated what she had just said and the gym leader hummed in thought

"Are you absolutely sure about this?" He then asked her and she immediately nodded in answer. She was certain she had seen some kind of glow coming from a cabinet in the head office. Tom hummed again "Very well, I will help you, but we're not dawdling around, understood?" He asked and they all nodded as Tom grabbed the pokemon that he never used in his gym battles, including a seviper named Nagini. 

With Tom carefully leading them through the completely abandoned headquarters, they quickly made their way to the office from before. "The glow came from there." Helena muttered as she walked towards a certain cabinet. Sure enough, a glow slowly began to appear from inside the cabinet. Tom held the girl back as he used Nagini to melt the lock with an acid attack, carefully opening the door to reveal...

"A feather? All this for a feather?" Draco deadpanned as Helena got it out of the cabinet and held it up in the sky. "It's a very pretty feather." Padma commented with a smile and she was right. It had a beautiful silver gleam on it as it shone in the light, glowing in Helena's grip. "It's beautiful." Helena breathed, mesmerised by it. "Tom, you okay?" Harry asked at seeing the gym leader staring at the feather. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to call an old friend of mine. Don't go anywhere." The older man told them as he walked out of the room. 

"What's with him?" Draco asked in utter confusion. "No idea." Harry replied as he carefully went to listen at the door. "Gellert, I know it when I see it and it's definitely glowing in this girl's grip. We need to tell the other girls. It seems like we have found its champion." He heard Tom say, before he heard footsteps coming closer and he quickly joined the others again. "Can I keep it?" Helena asked as Tom walked in.

"As long as you don't lose it." The gym leader answered and she immediately nodded.Leaving the headquarters and going to a nearby jewellery shop, Helena quickly bought a new medallion that was big enough for the feather to fit inside, putting it in and fastening the necklace around her neck. Harry challenged Tom next, not asking what the conversation was about as he was not supposed to have heard it.

With the help of Cayden and Cordelia, the boy soon managed to defeat the powerful dark type gym leader as well. Helena was last and had the easiest job as Aurora was now part fairy type. With Thomas taking care of both Tom's zoroark and weaville and Aurora defeating the creepy looking malamar, her gym battle was over in about ten minutes. "We did it!" She cheered as she hugged Aurora around the neck, the fox pokemon licking her cheek and making her laugh as Tom walked over to her, holding out his hand to help her up. 

"You'll be a very powerful trainer, Helena. I'm sure of it. Keep an eye on that feather for me and make sure that untrustworthy people never find out you have it. It's a very rare artifact" The gym leader told her and she nodded as she grabbed her medallion. Tom also fought Caspian's pokemon to train them. Walking out of the gym and into the pokemon centre while excitedly talking about the battles, nurse Poppy told them someone was calling for them

It turned out to be Lily, who was now at the indigo plateau for the October Challenging Weeks. "My darlings. Something weird is happening with the radio broadcasts. They were talking about Team Phoenix constantly, while also talking about how the region now belongs to them. There is a chance that your friend is there. I'm flying to Goldenrod city after this call. Take care and be careful!" She told them, before hanging up.

They all shared a dreading look at this, unsure what the expected reaction was. "What do we do now?" Padma asked, Aqua standing right next to her. "We'll go there as well." Helena replied and they all looked at her. "Mum might need our help. Caspian definitely needs our help. If team Phoenix is there, then he might be there as well." She defended her reasoning. Her friends took deep breaths at this. "It will be very dangerous." Harry said. "So was walking into their headquarters  but did that stop us?" Draco asked slowly and everyone knew it hadn't.

In Goldenrod city, a disguised Lily was walking around after managing to get into the city, which had taken a while. Everywhere she looked were team Phoenix grunts terrorising the people. How she would love to give them a beating, but she had a mission. Someone grabbed her elbow and she whirled around, pokeballs at the ready, only to see five very small team Phoenix grunts. Very familiar looking team Phoenix grunts.

"What are you doing here?! It's too dangerous! And where did you get those clothes?" She hissed as she pulled the children into the nearest alley. "The underground. There's this photo studio i remembered from last time that made you dress up like a team Phoenix grunt. It's completely abandoned now and the suits were ripe for taking." Helena answered, deciding to get the least difficult question out of the way first

"That doesn't explain what you are doing here." Lily said slowly as she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow in a very motherly way. "Caspian might be held captive here and you were going as well. We already lost our friend to these people. We didn't want to lose you." Harry explained and their mother gave them a tiny smile. "Oh, my darlings." She whispered as she pulled them into a brief, but very tight hug. "How many badges do you have?" She eventually asked. "We just managed to get our seventh." Draco told her and she sighed.

"Fine, but the very same rules apply as back at the the headquarters and you will keep in my sight at all times." She told them in a very stern tone and they immediately nodded. Pulling back from the hug, they led Lily to the underground where thankfully, there was a suit in her size. "It's a shame they're evil, because you look pretty good in that suit, mum." Helena joked and she chuckled as they got ready.

Apparently, no one paid attention to the grunt walking through the city with five tiny grunts right behind her. Arriving at the radio tower, Helena found herself looking up and saw an observatory at the top. An evil looking man was looking out over the city and he looked slightly familiar. 'Caspian's uncle?' She thought, before she followed the others. "Hold on, Caspian. We're really coming for you now." She whispered to herself

She missed the purple glow briefly coming from Caspian's bag, before disappearing again

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Stepping inside the radio tower, Lily briefly glanced back to see if all five children were still there and they thankfully were, even though they desperately tried not to look suspicious. She really wanted to reassure them everything would be alright, but she couldn't pull any attention to themselves now. Walking towards the guard at the stairs, she straightened up. "Lord Sopespian wants to see us." She said with a disguised voice

She had recognised the man's voice on the radio and hoped that he was still here. The guard nodded and stepped aside as the six of them went on. "Pretty young recruits." He then noticed at seeing the children and Lily briefly panicked. "Their parents are very loyal followers. This is their first mission." She quickly lied in a cold tone and the real grunt thankfully conceded as he let them continue on. They all breathed a sigh of relief as Lily let the children walk in front of her from now on so she could keep an eye on them.

It was on the second floor that trouble started. "Lily? Is that you?" A voice asked and Lily stiffened up at recognising it. A man slowly appeared in her field of vision and she immediately glared at him, knowing that her cover was blown now. "Peter Pettigrew. Why am I not surprised you hang out with these lunatics?" She asked as she grabbed a pokeball and gave the children a look. They quickly ran further into the building

"Stop those children!" Pettigrew ordered as Lily let out her gardevoir to battle his raticate. "Well, they certainly know we're here now." Helena muttered as they were forced to fight as well. Working together as a team, they managed to defeat all the grunts on this floor pretty quickly. "Helena, take over!" Harry shouted as his opponent had a dragonite and Helena and Aurora immediately jumped to fight it while he took over her fight

"Hey, that's not fair!" One grunt protested. "Neither is surrounding a group of kids or kidnapping someone, but that didn't stop you." Draco hissed as he fought with the newly evolved Diaval and beat his opponent. Some of Lily's pokemon soon came to help them, Drogon growling at the grunts and grabbing a grunt that tried to sneak up on Helena from behind. A pissed off Aidan tackled the guy out of the dragon's claws and scratched his face in revenge for trying to hurt his trainer. Gardevoir easily beat Pettigrew and threw him into a wall. 

"Well done, you five." Lily breathed as she grabbed her children's hands and pulled them with her, the other three following. At seeing that the next floor was filled with even more grunts, they prepared for a fight as said grunts rushed at them, having heard the fighting and knowing they weren't part of their team. Light shot out of Caspian's bag as a newly evolved meganium, nidorino, vulpix, pidgeot, fraxure and a larvitar all let themselves out

Roaring in anger, they went to fight the grunts with help from Lily and the kids. "Note to self: tell Caspian to teach his pokemon not to let themselves out again." Helena muttered to herself as she fought a magneton with Aidan's help. The grunt then sent out a druddigon and Helena switched Aidan for Aurora and easily defeated it with her ice beam. Once all the grunts were defeated, Caspian's pokemon were recalled

This went on until the fourth floor. Seeing how more grunts were coming up after they defeated the grunts there and seeing how the children were getting tired, Lily made a decision. "Go on without me! Try to find the director Lee. He should be on the next floor I'll handle this." She ordered. "But mum...." Harry started to protest. "I'll be fine, sweetheart. I didn't win sixteen badges for nothing." His mother promised. Luna stepped forwards and promised to help her. Draco and Padma did the same, leaving the twins to go on ahead by themselves

Getting up the stairs, they saw someone who looked like the director, until they got a good look on his face and heard him talk on the radio how everyone should support team Phoenix. "Oi! Sopespian! Where's Caspian?!" Helena demanded to know and the man smirked. "Why should I tell you?" He asked. "Well, if you're not going to tell us, might as well tell them." She answered as she released the pokemon again

Caspian's pokemon immediately surrounded the disgusting man, growling into his face as his fraxure dug his nails into his skin and made him yelp. "Okay, okay. Beat me in a pokemon battle and I'll tell you where he is. I swear." He squeaked and the twins gave him a disbelieving look as they shared another between themselves. "Guard the door." Helena then ordered Caspian's pokemon and they reluctantly stepped back.

The twins then had a double battle against Sopespian, who first sent out a bisharp and a gyarados. Harry sent out the healed Lucian and Helena sent out an evolved Thor to fight them. Between the two of them, the two pokemon of Sopespian didn't stand a chance as with two powerful flamethrowers and thunderbolts from Thor and Lucian, the bisharp and gyarados quickly went down. Next were a dusknoir and a beheeyem. Harry kept out Lucian and helena switched out Thor for Illaria and the zoroark let out a roar

Once again, the pokemon went down pretty fast thanks to the pokemon of the twins having the advantage and Sopespian was out of pokemon. At Helena's and Harry's orders, Illaria jumped on Sopespian and held him by the throat so he wouldn't escape again while Lucian opened his jaw with the threat of getting a flamethrower in the face being very clear. Where. Is. Our. Friend?" Helena bit, patience completely gone.

"He's all the way up in the observatory with his uncle. We put the key with the actual director and locked him in the basement. The opening is in the underground, here's the key." Sopespian whimpered at seeing the two furious pokemon glaring at him as he pulled out a card. Aidan quickly took it from him and brought it to Harry. "Thank you." The boy muttered. "Illaria, help us take him downstairs." Helena then ordered her pokemon 

Illaria nodded as she slung the man over her shoulder, nails digging into his back as a warning not to pull any tricks. Caspian's pokemon followed them downstairs, keeping a close eye on the guy as well. Lily, Draco, Padma and Luna had managed to beat the grunts in the meantime and Lily's gardevoir took Sopespian over with her psychic. To ensure that none of the other grunts outside had any idea, the gardevoir was ordered to keep him here until the situation was completely solved, Lily taking out her beartic to help her guard him

Getting outside and briefly healing their pokemon with potions as they couldn't go to the pokemon centre, they immediately ran back to the Underground and found the door to the basement. Opening it with the key, they came into a very confusing room. "Why is this room like a maze?" Padma asked. Pushing some buttons, they found out that some of the doors would open and close depending on the button. 

"Look who we have there." An unfortunately familiar voice said and four out of six members of the group immediately groaned. "Should've known you idiots would be here." Padma muttered as she turned to see the annoying. "Idiots?! We're not trying to bring down an organisation far Superior than you." Hermione spat. "And yet, we made it this far, so what does that say about you "superior" organisation?" Draco taunted

The trio immediately growled as they sent out their pokemon. The twins and Draco quickly took them on themselves, Harry taking on Ginny's emolga with Cayden, Helena taking on Ron's hydreigon with Aurora and Draco happily taking on Hermione and her loudred with Vincent. Lily briefly smiled proudly at her children, before she, Luna and Padma had to fght a few more grunts who had heard the sounds of fighting.The twins and Draco soon managed to defeat the moronic trio, who immediately fled the site as had been expected.

They had to push several buttons and fight a few more grunts until they found the director Lee Jordan, who quickly gave them the key to the observatory. Going back to the tower and this time locking the door from the inside, they went up again. Having a feeling she'd need gardevoir and beartic, Lily locked Sopespian in a closetGetting up to the second-to-last floor, they found Molly standing next to a scarred man.

"Alastor! When exactly did you trade reason for madness?" Lily asked and the ex-officer growled. "Since reason got me fired." He spat. "You abused your power. You already had little reason." Lily hissed, before turning to the children. "I've got this. Go and save your friend." She told them and they ran ahead as she kept the two busy with her pokemon. Getting into the elevator, four out of five took deep breaths. 

It was time to save their friend

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Up in the observatory, there were two people

"You know Caspian, you were always a huge disappointment to me." Miraz said in a very cold voice as he looked out over route 35. A bound Caspian was glaring at him, one eye swollen shut and black and blue, a huge bruise on his cheek as well as machamp watching over him . "Funny, I'm sure my father would say the same thing about you." He hissed, before grunting as his uncle backhanded him in the face.

Spitting out some blood from his mouth and wiping it away, Caspian glared at his uncle. "Are you proud of yourself now? You took our family company and decided to make it support that Dumbledore lunatic and move all the way here to try and take over two very peaceful regions and for what? More power?" He asked with a growl. "Your father was a fool to. Telmar. Inc could've been the ultimate company in Hoenn, but he chose to go a different way. I'm here to correct that mistake." His uncle answered with an evil smirk on his face.

"Is that why you killed him?" Caspian asked and his uncle raised an eyebrow. "What? My father's sudden death with no seeming effects, causing my mother to die of grief, letting you take all the power. Wonder how no one else has noticed it. I bet that professor Cornelius began asking too many questions about it and that's why you sent him away." The boy guessed and considering the punch he got, he knew that he was right.

They both immediately looked up at hearing the elevator ding as its doors opened, but the elevator was at the other side of the shaft so they didn't see who was exiting it. "Who's there? Weasley? Moody?" Miraz asked, but no answer came. A small sound was heard as five pokeballs were suddenly rolled out from behind the wall, opening by themselves and letting out five incredibly pissed off pokemon 

They immediately attacked Miraz and his machamp as five children ran towards their friend. "You okay?" Helena quietly asked in concern as Lucian's teeth bit through the ropes. "Helena? Harry? Padma? Draco? What are you doing here?" Caspian asked in shock at seeing them. "What are we doing here? We came to get you, fool! I swear, if we get out of this, I'm so gonna kill you" Harry hissed. "Oh, how adorable. Your little friends coming to save you." Miraz taunted and they immediately turned to face him, identical glares on their faces.

"So, you're the bastard who took our friend?" Helena spat back at him as the five of them, even Luna, created a shield between Caspian and his uncle. Helena stayed kneeling next to him while keeping an arm around his shoulders while her brother and other friends stood in front of them, keeping their pokeballs at the ready. Caspian leaned against her and she could feel him shivering in either pain or fear

"It's okay. We're here now and we're not leaving you." She whispered as she rubbed his back to try and calm him down. "I'm honestly surprised that you even have any friends at all. Who would care about a loser like you?" Miraz asked venomously. "Losers like us. That's who." Draco spat and Caspian gave a tiny smile. Miraz hummed, before looking at the pokemon surrounding him with a calculating look. 

"Alright, how about this. If my failure of a nephew wins from me in a pokemon battle, I'll disband team Phoenix here and now." He said. With a pained grunt and help from Helena, Caspian stood up. "I accept it." He grunted. "Caspian?" Helena breathed,  but he ignored her. "What are your pokemon?" Harry asked, a calculating gaze in his eyes. "Machamp, golem, gyarados, gengar and metagross." Miraz answered, not seeing why this was important. Looking at his friends, Harry gave a barely noticeable smirk and raised an eyebrow 

Immediately getting what he meant, Helena whispered one word to her friends: "switch." Understanding the basic plan, the others all helped Caspian get away from his uncle and create an impromptu battlefield as Harry recalled Caspian's pokemon. "Give us five minutes to make sure he can stand." Draco said. "Three." Miraz replied as he crossed his arms. The group glared at him as they pulled back

Helena and Luna carefully wiped the blood away and gave him some water and a few berries while the other three switched some of his pokeballs for theirs without Miraz noticing what they were doing. "That bastard. He'll pay for this." Helena growled in a low tone at seeing the bruises on Caspian's face. They had just finished when the evil bastard told them their time was up. Caspian slowly stepped forwards

At seeing him immediately stumble and almost fall, Helena quickly ran forwards and supported him. "Unless you really want to do this pokemon battle sitting down, you let me support him." She spat at seeing Miraz about to protest. He scowled at her, but reluctantly agreed as he sent out his gyarados to fight first. "Second from the right." Helena breathed and Caspian sent out Thor. The pokemon briefly looked back at them and Helena immediately glanced at Caspian. Thor gave her a smirk as he turned to face the gyarados

"That's not your pokemon!" Miraz immediately protested. "Actually, it is. It had fainted during the battles on our way to the top and Padma just revived it." Helena quickly lied. With no way to proof she was lying, they were forced to continue. "Discharge." Helena muttered from the corner of her mouth. "Thor, use discharge!" Caspian ordered as best as he could and Thor immediately listened, hitting the gyarados.

With Helena whispering instructions in his ear, Caspian managed to defeat the gyarados. Miraz growled as he sent out his golem. With half of the pokemon being Caspian's actual pokemon, he now sent out his starter Glennstorm, who glared at his opponent with eyes full of hatred. Knowing that this was how own pokemon, the boy stood a bit straighter as he ordered it to use razor leaf

"I taught it bullet seed and solar beam, as well." Helena whispered and he smiled at her as he ordered his pokemon to use both moves. The golem was quickly defeated as well and Glennstorm let out a loud cry. Miraz got more pissed off as he sent out metagross. With a whisper from Helena, Lucian was sent out. "Oh, now you come out?! Instead of a few minutes ago when your trainer needed you." She then said and even the houndoom looked back at her in confusion. She gave him a very quick wink and looked at Caspian 

Looking at his actual trainer and getting a small nod, Lucian prepared himself. A battle was a battle. "That one was definitely not his." Miraz growled. "Caspian carried more than six pokemon with him. Because of his fear for you, he never used the system to store them or send them to the professor. We took care of them after you took him and some pokemon simply evolved during that." Helena explained 

Caspian was incredibly impressed by how fast she came up with the lies. Again with Helena's help and, once he knew the attacks, on his own, Caspian fought the metagross, beating back bad memories of these pokemon intimidating him as a child. Switching his pokemon with those of his friends for the next two battles, he managed to beat all of his uncles pokemon... or so he thought

"So, I believe we're finished." Helena said with a smile as gengar was defeated by Lucian. "Not yet. I've still got one pokemon left." Miraz taunted with a smirk as he pulled out a final pokeball. "You said you only had these five." Padma protested as everyone glared at him. "Yes, I did. Not my fault you actually believed me." The bastard told them and they all growled as he sent out one of the ugliest pokemon they had ever seen. "What the hell is that!?" Helena exclaimed at seeing it. "This is eternatus. A pokemon from outer space." Miraz told them

"I'd like to see one of "your" pokemon fight this beauty." He then taunted them, having figured out that Caspian had borrowed some pokemon. Helena growled as she knew they or Caspian didn't have a pokemon that had the advantage over this one as they didn't know its typing, before noticing a bright glow coming from Caspian's bag that Harry had with him. "Harry, give me the bag." She ordered and he threw it over 

Immediately opening it, his lucky rock floated out as it glowed and shot forwards to hover in-between them and Miraz. It then started to move and grow much bigger in size, a purple light coming from the inside. Everyone stared as tentacles suddenly came out of it and the rock slowly turned into a red/orange and blue pokemon, white eyes staring at Miraz without blinking. It was silent, before Caspian said one word


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"Out of all the rocks you possibly could've picked, it just had to be the one with a pokemon inside." Draco finally exclaimed after several seconds had passed and they all chuckled nervously as Helena pulled out her pokedex and looked up its moves. "Psychic, pursuit, zen headbutt and psycho shift." She breathed and Caspian nodded as he took a deep breath. "Deoxys, use psychic." He ordered in a doubtful voice

He knew that he hadn't officially caught deoxys at all and that it honestly had every reason not to listen to him because of that. He was not its trainer. He was just a boy who happened to have picked up the rock containing the pokemon and took it with him because it looked pretty. He was nothing special.To his surprise, deoxys immediately listened and eternatus let out a cry as it happened to be part poison type.

"It hurt the bloody thing! Do it again!" Padma shouted in happiness at seeing that deoxys did quite some heavy damage to it. "Eternatus, use dynamax cannon!" Miraz harshly ordered his pokemon, before getting an idea and smirking in a very evil way. "Aim it low." He whispered and eternatus opened its mouth and fired a powerful beam straight forwards. "No!" Harry immediately screamed at seeing it go towards his sister and friend. Caspian instinctively shielded Helena from it, turning around as he closed his eyes. 

Within a blink of an eye, deoxys changed to its defence form and shot in front of the two, blocking the powerful beam just in time. "Thank you, deoxys." Helena muttered gratefully, before glaring at Miraz. "You're insane!" She hissed as Draco backed up a few steps. "Deoxys, use zen headbutt! Follow it with another psychic! Take this abomination down!" Caspian ordered, absolutely furious now and deoxys changed forms again

Now in its attack form, it quickly shot towards eternatus. With both attacks in rapid succession, eternatus fainted. "No!" Miraz screamed, before he was wrapped into something. "Servine!" Perseus growled as he wrapped his body around the evil man. Several of the children's pokemon joined him just as the elevator opened and Lily ran in with Severus, Lucius, Narcissa Parvati and her parents and several police officers ran in.

"Harry! Helena!" Draco!" Padma!" They all shouted as they wrapped four out of six children into incredibly tight hugs. "Don't worry. We're fine. Mostly." Helena muttered, her legs wobbling in relief as Lily wrapped her arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "Dad? Shouldn't you be at the indigo league?" Harry asked, his voice muffled against his father's chest as the man almost squeezed him to death. "The elite battles aren't for another week and the battles of today were postponed because of obvious reasons." Severus replied 

"We were so worried about you." Narcissa whispered in relief as she and Lucius clung onto their son almost desperately. The officers walked towards Miraz and his pokemon, deoxys havingmade himself invisible. At Draco's nod, Perseus reluctantly let him go. They named several of his crimes, including embezzlement, kidnapping, child abuse. "Attempted child murder." Luna piped up and silence fell as all the adults stared at her.

Seeing Luna's glancing at her daughter in answer, Lily immediately saw red. "You monster!" She screeched as she stormed towards him and grabbed her pokeball. Severus managed to stop her. "You can't take care of our children if you're in prison for murder as well." He whispered as she tried to break free from his grip. She slowly calmed down at this, before resolutely turning her back to Miraz and running towards her daughter

Helena clung onto her mother as Luna supported Caspian. "Mum, Caspian really needs help." She eventually muttered and Lily looked up. Seeing the injured teen, she turned to the police "Take the prisoner away and someone put that... thing in its pokeball." She ordered and the officers nodded as they took Miraz away, but not before a pissed off Aidan jumped in front of them and scratched the evil man's face, leaving gashes. "We'll see that as self defense." Officer Goldstein decided, understanding why the pokemon was pissed off, before they left

"Come, you six. We really need to get Caspian to a hospital." Lily said as she started to lead them away. "No, wait. Where did..." Helena asked, just as deoxys made itself visible again. "There it is." Padma said as the adults stared at it. "How did you get a deoxys?" Lucius asked as he supported the injured boy. "Caspian's lucky rock. Turns out it was inside that rock the whole time." Harry replied as Caspian looked at it as well

"Are you going to catch it?" Padma asked curiously from where she was rather squished in-between her parents. Mr and Mrs Patil had just been worried sick to hear Goldenrod city had been taken over as their oldest daughter lived there and hearing that their youngest daughter was there as well almost gave them a heart-attack. They both thanked Arceus that both daughters were safe, dean and friends having protected them

"No, I'm not." Caspian answered honestly, immediately surprising them all. "Hold up for a moment. You've got a mythical pokemon right here in front of you, ripe to be caught and you're not going to?" Draco asked incredulously. "It has spent enough time in my bag as it is. It deserves to be free and fly into space where it belongs. That is, as long as it stays out of the reach of raquaza." Caspian replied as he looked at his friends  Draco sighed in answer and shook his head for a second. "I say you're crazy, but it's your decision." He muttered.

"Any idea how we're going to smuggle it out of the bloody building though? The press is outside, waiting for a scoop." Lily said and Helena remembered something. Lee actually told us there was a backdoor that can only be opened from the inside, so we can sneak out like that while you deal with the human mandibuzzes." She said. "Very well, but Caspian has to come with us as there's an ambulance ready." Severus agreed

Caspian turned to look at deoxys, knowing that he had to say goodbye now. "I never thought by picking up that rock, I'd make a new friend. Go with Helena and the others and be free once kitte. Thank you for protecting me and bringing me luck." He said and deoxys morphed hill left two tentacles into a hand and held it out. Caspian shook it, before they trooped into the elevator. A rather awkward silence hovered into the air. 

Once it of the elevator, they split up with the heart children and Parvati's and Padma's parents carefully taking deoxys to the back entrance of the radio building and the other adults taking the injured Caspian to the entrance, carefully protecting his identity from the press as Lily made a statement. Getting outside, the kids turned towards deoxys. "Thanks for everything, deoxys. Maybe, we'll see each other again." Helena said and deoxys nodded before starting to fly away into the sky. The children waved it goodbye until they couldn't see it anymore. 

The next day, the children and their parents visited the finally recovering Caspian in the hospital. "My pokemon?" He asked. "All completely healed and glad that you're finally safe." Harry reassured him as he put Caspian's bag on the bedside table. "Thank you. I'm sorry you had to give up precious time to come look for me, while you just as well could've trained for the Challenging Weeks." The older boy then apologised.

"We weren't going to make it in time anyway as we need one more badge and the next time isn't until March." Helena told him. He gave her a tiny smile, which she returned. "I still can't believe you let deoxys go." Draco said and they chuckled. "It spent enough time cooped up." Caspian told them. "You're a pure-hearted trainer, Caspian." Helena said and he smiled. "Thank you." He replied and she blew a raspberry, making him laugh

"But seriously, what are you going to catch now?" Harry asked and Caspian shrugged. "I guess we'll see." He answered

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All six children looked up from where they were playing a game to see a kind-looking old man stand in the doorway. It was now a few days since the event in the radio tower and many of the parents had reluctantly left again to go back to their jobs. Caspian had been ecstatic to meet his new larvitar, always having waited to have one. "Professor Cornelius." Caspian replied in surprise

The other children, who had unconsciously tensed up at seeing the stranger, slowly relaxed again."Oh, my dear boy." Professor Cornelius breathed as he rushed forwards and gave him a tight hug. Knowing that he had been like a true father to Caspian before getting sent away, the others all turned their backs to give them some privacy. Professor Cornelius then thanked them for saving the boy and they nodded in answer as he explained how he had heard about Miraz getting arrested as a mysterious boy was saved.

Quickly and correctly guessing this boy was Caspian, he had taken the first train towards Johto. They told him what had happened and the old man was amazed that he had actually met deoxys. "How are things with team Phoenix here?" He then asked. "According to our mum, there are still a few members running around, but most have seemingly fled to Kanto." Harry replied.

"What could they possibly be looking for here? Their plan to take over the region has failed. They should just be captured or bugger off." Draco muttered. They all chuckled. "Maybe, they're looking for the legendary pokemon. I just hope they watch out." Helena muttered. "They're smart beasts. They'll be fine and..... professor? Why is your bag glowing?" Padma asked, not having paid attention to it first.

"It can't be...." The professor whispered, before kindly asking them to briefly leave the room one by one and they listened, even if they didn't get it. A few minutes later, they were allowed back in.Professor Cornelius refused to speak about what had happened, but his bag didn't glow anymore. Excusing himself for a minute, the old man went to take a call in the hallway. "The other champion has been found. It seems that the prophecy really is about to come true. Tell Gellert about this development." He whispered, before hanging up and walking back in.

That's when the doctor walked in and said that Caspian still had to stay in the hospital for two more weeks Knowing they'd try to stay with him if he didn't say anything, Caspian told his friends to continue on with their journey They only agreed after multiple reassurances that he would be okay and flew back to Mahogany Town during the next afternoon. They quickly continued on as this town gave them all bad memories.

Walking along the route, they didn't really catch any pokemon as they weren't interested in any of them. They did battle a few trainers and Draco did train his manectric a bit by fishing water pokemon to defeat, but that was it. They eventually reached the ice path and put on their warmer coats and scarves, before going in. Draco had sent his furret and Vincent to the professor so he had an open spot on his team.

The next and final gym of the region was specialised in dragon types, which was weak to ice, fairy and other dragon types. Even with Diaval slowly growing stronger ever single day, Draco wanted to have an ice type as well and Harry had the same idea as he eventually caught a delibird. Draco caught himself a sneasel. He and Helena had also briefly traded their machokes back-and-forth with each other, evolving them into machamps. They decided to keep them away from Caspian for now in case he had bad memories from his uncle 

"Woohoo!" Helena shouted as she and Aurora slid around on the ice. Her brother and friends were trying not to fall, but Helena had done ice-skating when she was young. "Niiii!" Aurora cried. Being in a cave with ice types also was a perfect training for the fire and rock types in the team. Something which Harry, Helena and Draco took full advantage off. It wasn't until they were almost at the end that they ran into someone they hadn't seen in a while.

"Auntie Alessa?" Harry asked in surprise at seeing the woman standing on the ice and she turned to face them. "Oh hey! I didn't see you there! I was planning to visit Lucius and Narcissa before going to Lily and Severus, but I decided to take a small rest here." Alessa Evans said as she tried to stay casual "You're stuck, aren't you?" Helena asked as she knew her aunt all too well after all these years.

On Alessa's belt, a pokeball twitched. "What? No! I'm not... yeah, I'm stuck. Don't tell your mother. She'll never let it live me down." Alessa begged and they chuckled as Harry let out his houndoom. Lucian breathed on the ice underneath Alessa's feet and she broke free. "Thank you." She said as she went to the exit. The children followed her and she gave Harry and Helena a tight hug, not having seen them in a while "Oh, look at you! You're so big and you're actual trainers now." She said and her niece, nephew and their friends all puffed their chests out.

Harry and Helena then introduced Luna to her and Alessa was overjoyed to meet her. "Helena, is that a new necklace?" She asked. "Yeah, it contains this feather we found a while ago. It's very beautiful." Helena answered, trusting her aunt as she showed the older woman the feather Alessa stared at it for a few seconds and only seemed to break out of her thoughts after Helena snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"Ms. Alessa? Are you alright?" Padma asked in concern. "I'm fine. I was just taken away by its beauty. You keep a tight grip on it, little Raven." Alessa told her niece and they nodded "So how was Unova? Tell us everything!" Harry begged as they walked out of the icy cave and into Blackthorn city. "Everything? We'll still be here next week if I have to tell you everything." Alessa replied. They all laughed as they walked into the city and Draco took a deep breath.

This was the first time since July that he was back home. "How about we go to greet the gym leader?" Luna suggested. "You guys do that while I go and rest first for a bit. My feet hurt." Alessa said and they quickly agreed as they split up. Booking a room in the pokemon centre, Alessa called someone "Tom was right. Farren's pokeball twitched at hearing her voice and she has the feather. We need to make preparations before it's too late and team Phoenix gets it." She muttered, looking down at an ultra ball containing a very special pokemon

She actually hadn't been to Unova, but Kanto after getting intelligence that team Phoenix was after the pokemon she had now called Farren. She had managed to catch it before they could, but she had to lay low now. She sighed in frustration as she gripped her hair. "Come on, Arceus. She's a kid! You can't actually be serious!" She hissed. Getting no answer, she growled and threw herself on the bed.

The children were none the wiser as they walked into the Blackthorn city gym and its leader immediately looked up. "There you are! How's your friend?" She asked. "He's healing. The doctor said he had to stay for at least two weeks until he can be let go and he told us to go ahead and greet him again as fully fledged trainers. Care to help with that?" Harry asked and the gym leader chuckled as she stood up

"It would be my pleasure." Narcissa said as she gave them a playful bow. 

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"Aurora, use ice beam!" 

"Niiiiiiinetaaaaaaiiiiiiilllllssss." Aurora cried loudly as she sent a beam towards Narcissa's first pokemon: a dragonair. The pokemon cried out as it was hit. "Dragonair, use hydro pump!" Narcissa ordered, knowing that dragon types would have no effect on the alolan ninetails.  "Dodge it, Aurora." Helena shouted and Aurora jumped out of the way. "Use dazzling gleam." She then ordered and Aurora lit up

The dragonair was soon defeated by the ninetails and Narcissa sent out her next pokemon: dragonite. With it being both a flying and dragon type, it was unfortunately twice as weak against ice types. It only took three very strong ice beam attacks, before it fainted, but it had hit Aurora with a powerful iron tail, so she did get some damage as well. At seeing that her aunt's final pokemon was a dragapult, Helena asked her pokemon wanted to continue on and Aurora grunted affirmatively as she braced herself for the fight

"Alright." Helena said at seeing her pokemon's stubbornness, smiling at remembering how scared and shy she had been when she had just hatched from the egg. It took a few more minutes as dragapult wasn't called a pseudo-legendary for nothing. "Aurora, use draining kiss!" Helena finally ordered and Aurora ran forwards, draining the pokemon's health and finally making it faint. "We did it!"  She cheered, her ninetails immediately running towards her

She quickly hugged her beloved pokemon, Aurora shaking her tails in excitement. "Well done, Aurora." She praised her pokemon, before looking up again as Narcissa joined her and gave her a very tight hug once she had let her pokemon go. "You've done so well and have grown so much. Well done." The woman praised her niece and Helena smiled. "Thank you, aunt Narcissa." She whispered as she closed her eyes

"You really were amazing Lena!" Alessa said with a proud smile, having arrived at the gym in time to see her niece fight her final gym battle and having filmed it. "Thanks aunt Alessa." Helena replied with a smile as the other woman hugged her as well as soon as her friends all had. Because it was almost lunch time, Narcissa invited them all for lunch in their house and they all accepted. Once Narcissa had healed all her pokemon, she led them to their house. Draco hadn't been lying when he had said that they lived right next to the gym

It was a rather big house with many old tapestries hanging on the walls. "Where did you get all of these tapestries?" Luna asked. "They're all family relics. Our family is one of the oldest families in this city and the region itself and it's always been invested in its tales and legends." Narcissa explained. One such tapestry made Padma stare and grab Helena's hand, getting a confused look until Helena followed her gaze and stared as well. 

Her feather was on the tapestry! It was a very beautiful tapestry that was hanging right above the hearth. It depicted the familiar silverfeather glowing in the sky and a shadowy figure reaching for it from beneath. An outline of a bird pokemon with glowing red eyes in the background. Next to tapestry was a similar one, but then with a rainbow feather and a different pokemon. All six children stared at it once they had seen it

"Aunt Narcissa, which tale is this?" Helena finally asked as she turned around to face the woman and Alessa stared at it as well. "Oh, that's the story "the Champions of the sea and sky." It's a legend that's considered to be about as old as the region itself. My father-in-law honestly knows it much better than me. Why do you ask?" The woman asked and the children shared a look, wondering if they should tell her. "If we can't trust my mum, who can we trust?" Draco wisely asked and Helena nodded as she slowly opened her medallion

Narcissa stared at the feather she had seen more times that she could count on a tapestry and now, her goddaughter had it in her possession. "Okay, Abraxas really needs to see this." She muttered to herself. Hearing several stomachs growl, she first made everyone food. During lunch, she kept asking questions about how Helena had found it and if it glowed Once it was done, she led the children to a different cave north of the city.

Alessa stayed behind at the house for now as she already knew the story pretty much inside-out and still hated the fact that her niece was apparently about to be one of the chosen ones of a prophecy made hundreds of years ago. Normally, outsiders weren't allowed inside the famed Dragon's Den underneath the city, but with Narcissa with them, the guards made an exception and quickly let them through

Arriving inside the Den, Narcissa and the kids surfed over a body of water and towards a shrine. After knocking on the door and quickly being allowed in, an older man who looked a lot like Lucius smiled at them and especially at Draco as the boy ran to hug him. "Have you gotten your badge yet?" He asked. "Not yet, grandfather. We're here for a different reason." Draco answered as he turned to Helena. "Sir, we were just at your family home and we saw the tapestries depicting the story of two champions or something. What's the story?" She asked.

"Why do you ask?" Abraxas asked. Looking at Narcissa and getting a nod, Helena showed him the feather. "Extraordinary." Abraxas breathed in awe at seeing it glowing. "Everyone but Helena out." He then ordered. His daughter-in-law tried to protest it, but he insisted. I need to see for myself if she's worthy, Narcissa. Just wait right outside." He compromised and she reluctantly obeyed as she took the other children outside

"Helena, I'm going to ask you a few important questions and I need you to immediately answer them truthfully." Abraxas then said and Helena nodded. "What are Pokémon to you?" Abraxas asked. "Friends, family." She answered with a shrug and he gave her a nod. "What helps you to win battles?" He then asked. "A good strategy and lots of training." Helena replied and he nodded again, a smile growing on his face.

"What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle?" He asked and she shrugged again. "Don't have a preference, although I am starting to feel guilty if we come across a trainer with weak pokemon now that our pokemon are so strong." She admitted and he chuckled. "What is most important for raising Pokémon?" He asked. "Love and patience." Helena quickly answered as if it was very obvious and it kinda was "Strong pokemon, weak pokemon. Which one is more important to you?" He finally asked. "Both." She replied and he nodded for the final time.

"Well done. You really are worthy to hold the silver wing. Here." He said, picking up a pokeball. "We don't usually give our dratini to outsiders, but you are one of my grandson's best friends and I have a feeling that this dratini will help you on your way." He said and she carefully took it over. "Thank you, sir. Will you give a dratini to any of the others as well?" She asked and he hummed in thought. "If they pass the test. You can let them in now." He said

Once everyone was inside, they sat down on the ground and got ready to hear the legend. The story goes that one day, some kind of darkness will grow into the two regions and seed discourse and mayhem across them. When this will happen, two people will find the silver wing and the rainbow wing and use them to call the guardian of the sea and sky, saving the region from the growing darkness and banishing it once and for all." Abraxas said

"Who are the guardians?" Luna asked curiously. "The guardian of the sea is called Lugia and the guardian of the sky is called Ho-Oh. They used to perch above the towers in Ecruteak city, but then the tower of Lugia was destroyed and the pokemon fled the the whirl Islands." Abraxas answered and the children immediately shared a look. "I heard a pokemon cry out around those islands, but no one else did." Helena said. "Then that was very likely lugia sensing your presence. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually appeared to you now." He said

"Unfortunately, there's also the fact that the guardians of the Gard Society, who now guard the Islands and the Tower of Ho-Oh, will very likely stop you from getting to them even with you having the silver wing,  unless you prove yourself to them. No one exactly knows who they are or who belong to it, so keep an eye out." He told them, before telling Draco and Harry to come back once they had their badges

He did do the test with Padma after she told him she didn't do the gym challenge, sending everyone out. Luna didn't need it as she already had a dragon pokemon "Wow Lena! You're a figure in a very old legend." Harry gushed quietly as they walked outside and she chuckled. "Yeah, i am. I wonder who the other one is, though." She said, thinking for a minute, before dismissing it and walking to the gym to see Draco and Harry battle 

In Goldenrod city, Caspian looked at the glowing rainbow feather he had gotten from professor Cornelius, wondering what fate had in store for him

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After Draco and harry had gotten their badges and harry had gotten a dratini of his own as Draco already had Diaval, they stayed in Blackthorn city for another week to watch the remainder of the Challenging Weeks as the twins knew that their parents wouldn't be home. Alessa had to leave again as she had an appointment. Helena had noticed she had reached for one pokeball, only to stop and get another

Their new dratinis, who were named Soren by Harry and Seraphina by Helena immediately found their place in the team. Thomas and Halina were sent to Hagrid to make room for them. The six children plus Narcissa all smiled at seeing Lucius defeat his opponent with his salamence. "They did very good though. It's not often that I see Salamence so beat up." Narcissa commented and they all agreed. The trainer's pokemon had done their best and they should be commended for it as they had made Lucius really work for it. 

A few days after that, Caspian finally got out of the hospital with help of his old professor and immediately smiled at seeing his friends standing outside, each holding a small sign that said "Hooray! You're. Out. Of the. Hospital!" The laugh that escaped him was the first good laugh he had in a while as all five tightly hugged him. Elder flitwick had been right. Friends really were found in the most unexpected of places

They were just talking about what to do next as Severus and Lily had to stay at the plateau for a bit longer, Helena making it clear that Caspian wasn't allowed to separate from them again, the girl got a call on her phone and walked away. "Who was it?" Harry asked once she had eturned. "Aunt Alessa. She said that I and Caspian need to go to the Ecruteak theatre and that some people want to talk to us." She said

"Just you?" Padma asked curiously as professor Cornelius bit his lip, having a feeling that he knew what it was about. "I think it is the preferred way if we come alone, yes." Helena said as she looked up at Caspian and he took a deep breath as he nodded. "Well, if aunt Alessa says so, then it shouldn't be anything bad." Harry muttered and the rest agreed as Caspian and Helena took out their bird pokemon and promised to met them in New Bark town in a day or two as the others would travel and train for the battles ahead. 

Flying to Ecruteak city with professor Cornelius and walking inside the theatre, they both paused at seeing several people standing there on the stage. Gellert and Ariana from Azalea town, Fleur and Bill from Ilex forest, Andromeda, Alessa and even Abraxas were all waiting for them. Helena unconsciously grabbed Caspian hand and he squeezed it. "What's going on?" She asked as professor Cornelius joined the others

"What's going on, Helena, is that we are all members of the Gard society, entrusted with the safety of all legendary pokemon in the world. The eight of us are respectively responsible for the safety of those in Johto and Kanto. For years, they have been dormant and calm, easy to keep an eye on, but since you have started your journey, things have changed drastically." Alessa told them as she took pity on her niece.

"What do you mean?" Caspian asked. "The legendary beasts have fled their tower, there are reports of the waters surrounding the whirl islands getting more unruly and wild and some people are claiming they have seen Ho-Oh flying in the sky, seemingly having returned to the region. And it's all around the same time you have started your journey." Gellert told them. "So, you're saying that I'm responsible for that?" Helena asked. "You have the silver wing and the rainbow wing, don't you?" Bill asked and they both got out their respective feathers

They then looked at each other in surprise as they hadn't known the other had a wing. "You're saying that we're the champions from the story? We're just kids." Helena protested. "We know, Helena, but we don't have time to waste. The remainder of team Phoenix in this region are looking to capture Lugia and Ho-Oh for themselves. They've tried to capture the legendary birds, but we're managed to stop them." Fleur said

"The rare pokemon you caught." Helena realised quietly and Fleur smiled as she threw out her pokeball. "Come on out, Guinevere!" She called. "Artiiiiiic." The blue bird pokemon cried as it got out and Caspian pulled out his pokedex, Helena looking over his shoulder. "Articuno. The Freeze Pokémon. This Pokémon can control ice at will. Articuno is said to live in snowy mountains riddled with permafrost." His pokedex said

"What about the other birds?" Helena asked as Fleur recalled her bird. "I've got Moltres." Andromeda spoke up. "I've got Zapdos." Alessa continued, surprising her niece. "What happens now?" Caspian asked. "Now, one half of our group will lead Helena to the Whirl Islands and the other half will lead you up to towards the top of Ho-Oh's tower. Normally, we'd have a pokemon battle to see if you really are worthy, but with at least three of us having legendary pokemon on our team, that wouldn't be fair. We also simply don't have time." Ariana explained.

"She's right. Team Phoenix is getting closer to the location of especially Lugia every day and if someone has to catch it, then it might be as well its champion." Gellert agreed and Helena shared a look with Caspian. "We wish it wasn't this way as well, but we have no choice. Bill, Fleur, Andromeda and I will go with Helena. The rest will go with Caspian." Alessa said as she put a hand on her niece's shoulder.

Helena took a deep breath and reluctantly nodded in answer. As long as her aunts were there, she would be safe. She and Caspian then gave each other a tight hug as they split up. Helena and her group flew towards Cianwood city and then surfed to the right island. Using their pokemon who could light up, including Thor as several beacons in the dark, the four adults lef the girl towards the deepest part of the caves

Arriving at the lowest level, they met a guard and Helena showed him her silver feather. Hearing voices in the background, they whirled around. "Team Phoenix. They must've followed us. Go!" Alessa ordered and they immediately ran down a steep cliff. Arriving at an opening at the very end, Alessa turned to her niece. "You must now go alone. Hold up the silver wing in the sky and it will come. We will protect you as long as possible. Prove yourself and keep it safe. Go," she ordered and Helena ran in as the four of them took up post in front of the opening.

Walking into the room with her ampharos, Helena saw the biggest waterfall she'd ever seen and the rest of the room was empty. Walking to the edge of the water, she took out her feather from her necklace and held it up in the sky. The feather began to glow and shine as it floated upwards out of the sky. Helena and Thor slowly stepped back as the room began to shake. The girl was pretty sure she saw a shape in the waterfall

With a loud cry, a white and blue pokemon suddenly burst out of the waterfall, making Helena and Thor shield their faces. The feather stopped glowing and floated back top Helena as she heard a voice. "Are you the one who called me?" The voice asked and she realised it was Lugia talking to her through telepathy. "Uhm, I think so." She said in an uncertain tone. "Why?" Lugia asked, just as they heard the sounds of battle outside

"That's why. The evil team Phoenix wants to use you for your own gain and goals and I'm apparently your champion because your feather glowed in my presence add a very old story said it would, so they told me to come here." Helena explained nervously as she was fully aware she was in the presence of a legendary pokemon right now. Thor helped by telling the legendary pokemon a bit more in his own language. "Farren, use thunder!" They heard Alessa call. Helena turned back again, before looking up at Lugia.

"That's the voice of my aunt with Zapdos. She's fighting to give me this chance to talk to you, so please tell me you can help us defeat them." She pleaded. Lugia looked at her as it floated in the air, before listening to the sounds of battle outside and recognising the cries of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. It then looked down at the girl who was apparently its champion. So very young and yet, so full of fighting spirit. 

Long ago, it had fled to the islands after the people had just stood there and let its tower burn without doing anything. It had thought that all humans were disappointments.  But it seemed that this girl was different. Hearing the battles outside getting harsher, Helena bit her lip. "I'm gonna go and help them myself if you don't." She told it stubbornly and Lugia straightened up in answer as it made a decision 

"You'll have to prove yourself first." It said.

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"Thor?" Helena whispered after realising she was really going to have to battle a legendary. 'Mum and dad are going to kill me once they find out. Then they'll kill aunt Alessa for allowing this, then me again.' She thought. "Par!" Thor immediately replied as he got ready to battle. Lugia quickly flew back a bit to create a proper battlefield at seeing this and understanding she was willing to prove herself to it.

Alessa had told her niece that Lugia was both a flying and psychic type, so she kept Illaria's pokeball ready as well."Thor, use discharge!" Helena ordered and Thor immediately let out a flare of electricity that hit the legendary bird. Lugia grunted, before letting out one of its most powerful moves: aeroblast. "Dodge it!" The girl shouted and her pokemon barely managed to jump out of the way the rock it stood on immediately getting destroyed. "Double team!" She then ordered and Thor made many copies of himself to confuse the legendary.

Lugia hit several of them with aeroblast, but none of them were the right one. "Thunder punch now!" Helena shouted "Ampha!" The real Thor shouted as he quickly jumped forwards and punched Lugia in the stomach, his fist covered in electricity. This paralysed the legendary and it had trouble moving "Very clever." It had to admit, before letting out its extrasensory attack and Thor couldn't dodge this one. "Thor! Are you alright?" Helena asked.

"Ampha. Ampharos." Thor quickly reassured her as he stood back up, neither of them realising Lugia was noticing this and seeing that she did care for her pokemon."Use discharge again!" Helena ordered after breathing a small sigh in relief, knowing that her powerful opponent probably wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice. She was glad the aeroblast hadn't hit the spot she was standing, otherwise, she'd be pretty much dead.

Thor hit the legendary bird again, but Lugia wasn't giving up so easily as it let out two more psychic attacks, until Thor was almost defeated and had trouble getting back up."Thor, that's enough! Come back." Helena ordered as she recalled her tired pokemon and now got Illaria out of her pokeball instead. The shiny zoroark immediately let out a very loud roar as she got ready, having heard lugia attack her friend and wanting to avenge him. "Use dark pulse!" Helena then shouted, knowing her pokemon all too well.

Illaria immediately shot forwards and attacked the huge pokemon, not even caring slightly that it was a legendary. Lugia grunted again as it got hit and Helena could see that she was slowly wearing it down, the paralysis helping quite a bit. Apparently knowing a bit about type advantages as well and knowing that its psychic attacks wouldn't do anything to it, Lugia instead used its hydro pump and Aeroblast attacks again

On Helena's orders, Illaria managed to dodge most of the attacks, getting hit by only one hydro pump and getting blasted back. Now pissed off, Illaria let out another roar. "Night slash!" Helena ordered and Illaria slashed the legendary pokemon with her claws. Seeing Lugia was weak now, Helena decided to risk it and threw an ultra ball towards it. They waited tensely as the ball shook as Lugia tried to get out, the light flickering

Outside, Alessa, Bill, Fleur and Andromeda all fought team Phoenix members. "Give it up, already! We will catch the legendary pokemon and we will rule the world." Hermione shouted in a haughty tone as she fought Farren with her loudred. "Lugia should only be caught by its champion and no one else!" Bill protested as he fought against his former brother. "Don't be ridiculous! There is no champion! It's all just a stupid tale that isn't even true!" Hermione scoffed as Farren let out a powerful thunder attack and her loudred fainted

The sounds of their battles had masked the sounds of the fight going on inside and everyone jumped when Helena walked out. "What's going on?" She asked as if she didn't know already. "Where's the legendary pokemon?! Team Phoenix deserves to have it!" Ginny demanded. "You want Lugia?" Helena asked and they nodded, rolling their eyes as if she was stupid. "Okay. Here you go!" She continued as she threw out her ultra ball

The pants of the team Phoenix members turned suspiciously wet as Lugia glared down at them. Alessa, Bill, Fleur and Andromeda all breathed a sigh of relief at seeing that Lugia was completely safe. "Lugia, use aeroblast." Helena ordered casually and her newest pokemon immediately blasted the evil members away. With their mission having failed,  they fled. Helena heard them saying something about regrouping in Kanto 

"You did it." Alessa breathed once they were gone and the pokemon had been put back in their Pokeballs. Helena smiled as she gently put a hand on Lugia's wing once the bird had landed down on the ground next to her. "I did and now....I don't want to fight a legendary ever again." She said and everyone laughed, even the legendary. "Understandable." Fleur agreed, knowing how terrifying it had been to fight and catch articuno. "Are you going to name it?" Andromeda. "If it allows me." Helena answered, looking up at the pokemon. 

"I'm not opposed to it." It said and Helena immediately smiled at it. "Are you male, female or genderless?" She then asked and Lugia replied it was actually a she and Helena thought for a minute. ""Aesira." It means "powerful fighter."" She finally decided. "Ooooh, that's a nice one." Andromeda said and even lugia herself liked it, glad that she had gotten a worthy name. From now on, she'd help Helena to the best of her abilities.

"So, will I have to hide the fact that I've got Aesira now like you?" Helena then asked. "You should probably be aware that if you do reveal it, you'll never get a moment's peace again. Everyone and their cousin will want to meet you or meet Aesira. Team Phoenix will probably hunt you even more now, so be very careful." Alessa answered and Helena nodded as she looked up at her new pokemon. "We'll be careful." She promised

Back in Ecruteak city, Caspian was looking down at the ultra ball containing Ho-Oh. He had been ready for a fierce battle as he didn't have a pokemon that had an advantage over it, except for the young larvitar and he wasn't going to use what's basically a child against a legendary. However, it hadn't been needed as Ho-Oh had touched his head with its own and had apparently seen that he had been pure of heart and had settled back. Caspian had thrown an ultra ball and it had gone in without a struggle. "I did not expect that." He admitted. 

"Ho-Oh actually detests fighting with a passion and will prefer to solve things peacefully." His former professor explained with a chuckle. "That makes sense, I guess. I just never met a pokemon that hated to fight." Caspian muttered as he looked down at the ball again. "You will find that legendary pokemon are unlike any pokemon you have ever seen. Gellert explained, looking at his wife and Ariana smiled back at him. 

"Speaking from experience?" Caspian asked and they chuckled. "You could say that." Ariana said, grabbing the pokeball that contained her latias Inara. Gellert himself had latios who he had named Koa, so that the siblings wouldn't be separated from each other. Caspian smiled at her, just as the other group returned as well. "And?" Caspian asked and Helena looked around, before holding up the ultra ball holding Aesira

"Mum and dad will probably kill us once they found out I fought a legendary." She said as she looked at the ball and he chuckled. "I'm sure your pokemon will protect you."  He chuckled as he rubbed her back and she laughed as well as they went back into the theatre. "You both did very well. Now, you will be responsible for the tower duo and their safety. Team Phoenix will no doubt soon be aware of Ho-Oh having been caught as well and they'll no doubt try to steal them. Well try to help you as much as possible, but be careful." Gellert told them

"No pressure, then. Got it." Helena muttered sarcastically and the adults chuckled. "If you can fight a legendary, than this annoying team should be a piece of cake for you. Especially with their help. Besides, it seems that team Phoenix has officially left the region and you should be fine here." Alessa said and Helena sighed as she knew her aunt was right about it. The adults then soon left again. "What now?" Caspian wondered.

"We did promise to meet in New Bark town tomorrow, so we have another few hours to do whatever we want." Helena reminded him. "Well, I really want to see this safari zone." He said thoughtfully and Helena grinned. "Then let's go there. Use normal pokemon." She said and he chuckled as they flew east. Meeting Fred and George, they were ecstatic to see him safe and sound. As they walked in, Caspian wondered one thing

"What are the others doing now?" 

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"Okay, that Berry tree should be around her somewhere."

Padma was walking on route 42 on her own, having heard there were rare berries growing here. The group had temporarily split up to do their own thing and would meet each other the next day. Instead of going into the mountain, she surfed down the route to try and find it. Her new Vibrava Esmeray was right behind her. She had passed the test as well, but had declined getting a dratini as she would then have two dragon types and she thought that was a bit much.

Abraxas had thankfully understood and had gently waved her out. She had resolutely ignored the tree where they had found Caspian's bag and continued on. "Maybe, it's around..... here." She began, trailing off a bit when she saw suicune standing there in the middle of an open spot as if waiting for her. "Suicune." She breathed as she slowly got closer to it. She reached out and carefully touched the side of its nose. The legendary beast snorted, before turning around and taking a big leap, disappearing into the trees.

"Did you see that? I touched one of the legendary beasts!" Padma said to Esmeray "Vi!" Esmeray cheered, before they both jumped at hearing a voice. "That's not fair! I wanted to meet Suicune!" Colin shouted as he came into the clearing and Padma glared at him. "Are you honestly following me or something?" She asked as Esmeray hovered in front of her, ready to fight if needed.

"Don't be ridiculous. Why should I follow you when I can follow Suicune?" Colin asked in a snobbish tone. Padma growled at him and Esmeray used sand tomb on him. "Oh, I see how it is. Just you wait! I will find Suicune sooner than you next time!" He shouted as he brushed the sand off his clothes and ran away like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Actually, even children would consider it a bit much

"You'd honestly think by this point, it'd be clear that Suicune prefers me rather than him." Padma muttered at the stubborn stupidity. "Brava." Esmeray agreed.  Padma then found the Berry tree and plucked some. She let out all her pokemon and had a little picnic right there with them, giving them their food. She could clearly see her vibrava telling everyone about the encounter they just had and many jaws dropped. Artemis even came to see if she was alright and she petted her head. "I'm fine, Artemis. I promise." She whispered with a smile.

"Lie." Artemis said as she lied down with her head in Padma's lap. Her trainer gently stroked her fur, thinking how incredible it was how innocent pokemon could look, even though they could all inflict  heavy damage if they wanted to. She looked up at the sky as she listened to her pokemon eating and later playing around with each other once they were done. None noticed the red eyes watching them, before their owner leaped into the sky and disappeared 

On route 45, Draco was training his pokemon for a few hours, having decided to stay close at home so that he could easily stop and rest for the night and then leave for New Bark Town in the morning. He had just been ordering Diaval to dodge Perseus' leaf storm attack, when he heard a twig snap. Turning around, he stiffened up at seeing Raikou looking at him, seemingly appraising him. 

Draco stared at him, before getting serious. "Want to battle?" He asked and Raikou growled as seemingly it got ready to fight him. "Perseus, use leaf storm!" The boy ordered as he knew grass was resistant to electric attacks and Perseus immediately let out a huge flurry of leaves. Raikou growled as it was it, before leaping into the air and disappearing. "Seriously? I get one attack in and it already flees?! Unbelievable." Draco said in frustration. "Ser!" Perseus growled in agreement and his other pokemon weren't happy as well

Draco then got out his pokemon dex. "Wasn't there this move that let prevent pokemon from fleeing?" He muttered as he looked through the database. "Ah! Here it is! It's called "mean look" and usually ghost and dark types can learn it...and the zubat line too apparently. Next pokemon we're going to catch will definitely be one of these. I'm not going through the frustration if Raikou tries that every time." He muttered. "Ser!" Perseus agreed

That evening, he eventually went back home and got a nice little surprise in the form of an already returned Lucius. He immediately ran to hug his father and Lucius chuckled as he quickly hugged his son back. Alessa had filmed all three of the final gym battles and then had sent it to the parents. Lucius, Severus and Lily had all been so incredibly proud of their children at seeing them beat Narcissa.

Pulling back after a few seconds, Lucius wanted to see his son's pokemon  Draco proudly showed them to him in the back garden. Lucius smiled at seeing that they were all very healthy and strong pokemon that clearly cared and respected his son. "Well done." He praised as he gave his son another one armed hug and Draco smiled at him. "Well, it isn't finished yet, but someday it will." He said, thinking of a certain legendary beast, unaware of said beast watching him from the mountain range, before disappearing into the darkening sky

Harry had been showing Luna around in Cherrygrove City and the girl immediately loved all the flowers that were literally everywhere. Harry chuckled as he plucked one and jokingly put it behind her ear, making the girl smile at him. They then went to Azalea Town to check if the slowpokes that had been hurt by team Phoenix were getting better and they thankfully were. Newt and Percival thanked him again for helping with team Phoenix 

Going to ilex forest next, Harry chuckled as he remembered something. "This is where we met for the first time and you couldn't find Khelan. Is he alright, by the way? I don't think I've met him ever since you started traveling with us." He commented and Luna smiled. "He's fine. He just comes and goes at his leisure. I'm sure you'll meet him someday and you'll love him as well." She reassured him

"Alright then. As long as the pokemon's okay." Harry agreed with the explanation as he let out his other pokemon and just let them play. A new addition to his team was an Eevee he had gotten from a guy in Goldenrod city as a thank you for stopping team rocket and he really wanted to evolve it into an umbreon. Until that moment, Donovan was already very good friends with both his and Luna's pokemon, who pretty much saw him as their young baby brother. Especially Cayden was very protective over the little pokemon 

Harry and Luna both smiled at seeing their pokemon play with each other, some of them even racing with each other. Luna had a ball from a far-off region that she threw out and the pokemon would go and fetch it. Especially cute little Donovan and her espeon Lucy were very competitive in trying to get the ball, oftentimes playfully fighting each other to try and hinder the other from getting it

Harry and Luna made sure that no actual fight broke out between them as they tried to get it. Harry's pidgeot Amara and Luna's staraptor Caelum shot by overhead in a very powerful race and creating strong winds. Thankfully, when Amara won, there were no hard feelings between them as they happily talked to each other. Luna looked to the left and saw Khelan watching them from a distance. She smiled and blew him a kiss.

He giggled in answer, before flying away again.

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"When do you think our children will come home?" Lily asked Severus as they cleaned their garden of any fallen leaves with the help of their pokemon. "I'm sure it will be soon, Lily. They've defeated Narcissa about a week ago and Harry called to say they were going to greet Caspian coming out of the hospital. Not sure what's taking them so long." Severus replied, just as they heard bird calls overhead

"Mum! Dad! I'm home!" Helena called from above as she and Caspian flew over the garden. Her parent's pokemon immediately greeted her with cries of their own and her parents smiled at seeing them as they landed. Lily and Severus immediately pulled their daughter into a tight hug. "Look at you. You've grown so much and I'm sure that your pokemon have grown too." Her mother said as she pulled and caressed Helena's hair. "You look very happy and healthy as well." Severus commented as he looked his daughter over

Caspian was watching this from the sidelines with a small smile. While he was happy that Helena was back home where she belonged, he knew that he'd never get a reunion like this thanks to his uncle. He wiped his eyes, just as he saw movement in the corner of his eyes and looked up. He was almost immediately pulled into a hug by Lily's gardevoir. "Thank you, gardevoir." He muttered, his voice muffled 

Noticing this, Helena finally pulled back and grabbed Caspian's hand, gently pulling him out of gardevoir's grip and towards Lily and Severus. "Mum, dad. This is Caspian." She properly introduced him to her parents. "Good to see you're all better after everything. Welcome to our home." Lily said warmly as she patted his back "Thank you. I don't mean to intrude." Caspian replied, feeling a bit awkward about it all.

"Ah, nonsense. Any friend of our children is a friend of ours and from what I've heard about your situation from my wife and children, you're welcome to stay with us as long as you want." Severus continued, just as they heard more fluttering of wings coming closer to them. "Mum! Dad!" Harry called as he got off Amara and ran towards them, practically tackling them into a hug. They both laughed as they hugged him back. "Typically Harry." Helena commented with a shrug and the pokemon of her parents all laughed at it

"Came across Padma while in the air, but she went down to her own home first." Harry explained. "I'm sure she'll be here soon." Lily chuckled as Draco landed as well and Padma soon arrived too with her parents. "Good to see you all back here. Now, let's go and eat some lunch." Severus said and they all went inside. Helena and Caspian had already made up a story for their absence and hoped that they'd believe it.

Helena, Caspian. Aren't you going to let those pokemon out?" Lily asked curiously at seeing two Pokeballs still tightly clipped to their clothing while the others were enjoying lunch at well. "I'm afraid that they'll break the house if we' let them out." Helena explained, both her and Caspian having rather sheepish grins on their faces. "Oh, I see. But they'll have to eat sometime, even if they're in their Pokeballs." Lily said worriedly

"We'll let them out later in the forest. They're not very big on people, so it's better if we do it alone." Caspian replied. "What kind of pokemon are they?" Harry asked curiously, joining the conversation as well and they shared a look. "Steelix." Caspian replied, saying the first big pokemon that came to mind. "Milotic." Helena answered with a straight face. "That sounds like amazing pokemon." Severus chuckled and they grinned as well. "Hey, that reminds me. Why did aunt Alessa want to see the two of you?" Harry asked 

Conversation immediately stopped as everyone wanted to know the answer. "She had found a book in ecruteak city that was about the legend in even more detail than even Draco's grandfather dus. We spend the rest of the day in the safari zone." Helena said and everyone thankfully conceded at that. Helena really hated to lie to her friends and family, but sure had been entrusted with keeping Aesira safe and she'd do her best

Besides, she knew her parents would freak out if they knew she was part of a prophecy arms had fought against a legendary pokemon. Once lunch was over, Helena and Caspian took their pokemon and some food and went deeper into threw forest surrounding the town. "Brunnhilde is anyone following us?" Helena asked and her Xatu used her powers to check their surroundings, before shaking her head. 

They then carefully released the legendaries from their Pokeballs on the opposite sides of the clearing in case they would fight as they were always described as polar opposites. "Um, hi there. We've got you some food. We didn't know what you'd like so we took a bit of everything. I thought that since you lived in the sea, you'd mostly eat fish." Helena said rather awkwardly and Aesira gave her a smile, knowing she meant well. "You thought correctly." She reassured her new trainer as she carefully dug into her food and the girl sighed in relief

Months passed and the group split up after catching up with each other. Everyone, even Helena and Caspian although they had met their own legendaries, were shocked to hear about Padma and Draco meeting a legendary ad well. "Man, everyone's meeting legendaries these days, except me, Helena and Caspian." Harry had muttered and said children immediately have him a smile that they tried not to look forced

For the rest of the month November and the biggest part of December, the friends didn't see each other very often as Padma had decided to stay at home and help her parents in professor Hagrid's lab, Draco was scouring the region after raikou once he had caught a Sableye with the move mean look while also training. Even the twins had split up for a while with Caspian going with Helena and Luna going with Harry 

It wasn't until the end of December that Severus and Lily called both their children and invited them, all their friends and their family for a shared Christmas dinner back homes. Flying back to New Bark town immediately after, they all had a lot of fun as they happily caught up with each other. Caspian and Helena still didn't let their pokemon out in the house, no matter how much their friend and family wanted to see them. Going outside to feed their legendaries, the two children saw Luna leaving as well with a plate of food

They shared a rather confused look and shrugged, before shivering in the cold air and running to finish the job.  It wasn't until January that they came together once again and went east to Kanto to travel towards indigo plateau. "Good luck, sweeties!" Lily called as most of their parents waved them out. "We'll see you at the plateau. Do your best on your journey and take care of your pokemon!" Lucius shouted 

"We will! Bye everyone!" Helena happily shouted back as they surfed over the water. Caspian didn't have a water pokemon of his own yet, so he rode behind Helena on her gyarados. "Why don't you ride milotic and let Caspian ride gyarados" Harry asked curiously. "Gyarados is easier to hold onto." His sister immediately answered. "Fair enough." He conceded as they went on and Helena breathed a big sigh in relief.

Of course, things still couldn't be easy for them as when they stopped for a break, they were accosted by a very annoying woman who wanted to have Aurora. "Look, lady. I don't know who you are, but Aurora is my pokemon and I wouldn't trade her for the world." Helena growled as her pokemon got ready to fight. "I'm Dolores Jane Umbridge. Senior Secretary of the silph company's president Cornelius Fudge." The woman bragged. "Senior indeed if she thinks we're just going to give our pokemon to her." Draco muttered sarcastically

His friends all snickered at hearing that and Umbridge saw red as she let out a seviper. "If you won't give it to me, then I'll just have to take it from m you. "She said as she ordered the seviper to attack, but the pokemon of the gang immediately fought back. After a while, the seviper saw that Luna was standing on her own and struck out to her. "Luna, watch out!" Harry shouted as he quickly tackled Luna out of the way

Just then, a brightly glowing ball of light suddenly came out of nowhere and quickly hit the seviper, knocking out it in one fell swoop. "What?!" Umbridge screeched in shock at this turn of events, before she was hit by a glowing pink ball. The children all saw a small figure inside the ball and it was very clearly pissed off as it shot forwards again and knocked the despicable woman away from the gang once again,

It repeated this rather painful looking process several times over until she finally recalled her fainted pokemon and ran away from them into the forest, screaming she'd be back another time to get revenge on them. "She honestly sounds like a cartoon villain." Padma deadpanned and they snickered again as the pink glow disappeared and revealed a small, pink pokemon, the same pokemon Helena had briefly met outside of Olivine city Anne the girl widened her eyes at recognising it. "Hey, I remember you." She muttered to herself.

"Khelan!" Luna shouted from the ground at recognising her very special friend. Khelan immediately flew down towards her, completely calm once more and hugged her head and face as tightly as he could with his tiny arms, making her giggle at the feeling and at seeing the other was safe as she hugged him back. The others all smiled at the adorable sight and at finally meeting Khelan for the very first time

"Oh, so this is the mysterious Khelan. Nice to finally put a face to the awesome name. "I'm Padma and this is Sophie. Nice to meet you." Padma said happily. Khelan quickly flew towards and around her once he was certain that Luna was alright and here quickly smiled at her. "I'm Draco and this is Perseus." Draco spoke up. "Ser!" Perseus greeted him as well.The other children all introduced themselves to the pokemon too

That is, until Khelan suddenly dove into Luna's bag, rummaged in it for a few seconds and came back out with a pokeball it its tiny paws. He then held out the Pokeball to Luna. "I think Khelan wants to officially be your pokemon, Luna." Harry commented with a smile. "Are you sure?" Luna asked uncertainly and Khelan nodded in answer as she took the pokeball over and touched the tiny pokemon with it. Khelan went inside the pokeball without a fuss and it soon clicked, indicating that Luna was now the proud trainer of Khelan 

"Alright, Luna! You caught him!" Harry cheered as Luna looked at the pokeball again and she happily smiled at him. "I sure did. Come on out, Khelan." She said as she let Khelan out again. The adorable pink pokemon flew around in the sky in celebration at finally belonging to Luna. "Welcome to the family, Khelan. But, um... what pokemon are you?" Helena asked as she pulled out her pokedex to look him up.

"You know, I feel like I've seen it before somewhere." Draco muttered as Helena stared at the info and went slightly pale. "What is it?" Padma asked and she pushed a button top key her pokedex day the info on the screen, having put it on silent once and not having changed it back after that. "Mew. The new species pokemon." The pokedex began to speak, but no one listened after that as they all stared at Luna

"YOU'VE CAUGHT MEW?!?!?!" They all shouted at the same time

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After meeting Khelan once more, now fully knowing what he was, they went on

Helena and Caspian were glad that they weren't the only ones with legendary/mythical pokemon. After at least a week of travelling, they arrived at the entrance of victory road. One attendant checked the badges of Harry, Helena and Draco, while Caspian, Padma and Luna all had letters signed by Lucius and Severus to allow them into victory road with their friends. Once both the badges and the letters had been checked, they were allowed to go on

Caspian did notice two different entryways than the one north to victory road, one going west and another one going east. "Where do those two doors go?" He asked curiously. "The one going west is going to Mt. Silver. Its a very big mountain at the edge of Johto and Kanto. There are crazy strong pokemon living there in that mountain. Mum and dad told us that we're not allowed there until we've collected all sixteen badges of both regions. East of us is the road to Kanto itself." Helena explained and he nodded in understanding 

Entering victory road and heading north towards the indigo plateau. The excitement in the group rose as they knew that they were almost there. Harry, Helena and Draco used this cave to really train their pokemon for the biggest challenge ahead. Especially those who had the advantage over the pokemon of the Elite Four were trained even more than usual. It all went pretty well, until one day

"No, Khelan! Don't touch those!" Helena suddenly shouted during lunch at seeing the mythical pokemon float towards the balls containing Aesira and Damon, Caspian's Ho-Oh, but it was too late. With two clicks, the ultra balls opened and let the pokemon out. Everyone stared at the huge birds with their jaws lying on the ground. "A steelix and a milotic, huh? Unbelievable." Padma muttered with a glare to the sheepish Helena and Caspian

"We're really sorry, but we were told not to tell anyone. Team Phoenix was looking for them and we couldn't let the knowledge be spread." Caspian explained. "So you lied to us then?" Draco asked, feeling a bit hurt. "Well, in our defense, we didn't exactly know how to tell you we've got legendaries on our side. We've known Luna longer than we've got Aesira and Damon and she never told us who Khelan was." Helena shot back and her brother and friends all had to concede at that fact as Padma slowly walked closer to the incredible birds

"Hello, I'm Padma. It's an honour to meet you." She respectfully greeted them both. "Likewise." Aesira gently replied and the rest of the group jumped in the air at realising she could talk. "Thank you for selling us out, little brat." Helena said, pointing an accusing finger at Khelan and the usually playful mythical pokemon immediately giggled in answer, not feeling guilty at all and knowing that she didn't mean it at all.

With that unexpected reveal out of the way and after both Helena and Caspian had explained what had happened and how they had caught the legendary pokemon, they eventually continued on, the two children now able to openly train the legendaries as well. "I kinda expected there to be more trainers, but we haven't come across any until now." Padma commented after a while as she looked around at the silent cave.

"The pokemon league actually forbid trainers from stationing in victory road about a year ago as they left a lot of garbage behind whenever they left." Harry explained as they walked on, having heard his mother complaining about the garbage often in frustration "Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Probably some of those stupidly overconfident young adult trainers who think that other people will clean up after them." Draco muttered as he crossed his arms. "Sounds like it." Helena agreed as she looked up at the cave ceiling.

Caspian gently put a comforting hand on her back and she smiled at him. One major thing happening in victory road was that Padma's Eevee and Harry's Eevee both evolved. Sophie became a sylveon and Donovan became an umbreon as Harry had wanted. Both trainers were incredibly happy with their evolved pokemon and it was on the tenth of March that they finally reached the end of victory road

"Good morning, my dear watchers. Rita Skeeter here with a live report from indigo plateau. With only a few more days until the challenging weeks, tension and excitement is rising here at the pokemon league as more and more trainers make their way out of victory road, hopeful on winning the challengers week and maybe be the one to face the Elite four. Look, here comes a group now." Rita Skeeter said as the group walked out. 

Khelan had already gone back inside his pokeball before they left the cave, so the reporter didn't see him s she accosted the group. "Excuse me, children. Rita Skeeter. Who are you six? Have you enjoyed your journey this far? Are you ready for the challenges ahead?" She asked and the children leaned back as she got into their personal space. "I'm Caspian, this is Harry, Draco, Luna, Padma and Helena." Caspian slowly introduced them. If he had learned one thing, it was that the Snape name was rather famous for some reason.

That's why he made sure to name Harry first and Helena last to try and not tip this reporter of that these were the Snape twins. When Skeeter started to ask more questions, he interrupted her. "Look, ma'am. We're tired. Our pokemon are tired. We've just had a long journey behind us and we want to rest. Can we please continue on inside?" He asked and Skeeter looked at the tired faces of the gang. 

"Of course." She said as she let them through. The gang went inside, practically collapsing on the nearest empty couch. "Oh, my feet hurt." Helena muttered. "You'd think that we would be used to it by now, but I have to admit the last climb was hard." Draco agreed with his friend. "Come on. It wasn't that bad, you guys." Caspian chuckled, having been used to travelling in caves. "Easy for you to say." Harry muttered and he laughed.

Officially registering themselves for the upcoming challenging weeks, Draco, Harry and Helena immediately enlisted an incredibly excited Pomona to help them surprise their already arrived parents as neither set ever watched Skeeter on TV and had very likely missed their arrival. Pomona quickly called them to tell a package had arrived from their children and all three nodded in answer, having absolutely no idea what said package was. While the twins and Draco went to reunite, Padma, Luna and Caspian went to look around and rest a bit more

Knocking on the door of the room of their parents, Harry lowered his voice. "Package for Severus and Lily Snape." He said, Draco doing the same thing with his dad's room as Helena tried not to laugh to hard and ruin it. A rather sceptical Lily opened the door and immediately smiled again at seeing her children once more. "Oh, you little brats." She said and they snickered just as Lucius opened the door as well and saw his son. 

"Oh, very funny." He said and Draco burst out into laughter as Severus came to see what was going on and smiled as well. All three children were quickly pulled into very warm hugs by their parents. "We've missed you. Where are the others?" Lily asked. "Looking around. They let us reunite." Helena explained and he mother hummed in understanding as she pulled the girl tighter against her. "Seen Raikou yet?" Lucius asked his son teasingly.

"No. I haven't seen any legendary." Draco replied, looking at Helena and she smiled at him in gratitude. The three children were then led into the rooms so that their parents could hear a (mostly) true retelling of what their children had gone through and Harry proudly showed his parents his newly evolved umbreon. "Good to see you all strong." Lily commented as she rubbed the pokemon's head and he cooed as Severus, Harry and Helena all smiled at the sight. While that was going on, Luna, Padma and Caspian were walking around.

"This is amazing." Caspian breathed in awe at seeing the insides of the majestic looking building. "It really is. I've been here several times, but it always takes my breath away." Padma agreed with them. With a mischievous smile, she led them to a hall with huge portraits hanging on the walls. "All the members of the Elite Four since the beginning." She explained and they both looked at it as they walked further. They eventually reached the final four portraits.

"These are the current ones." She said. "No champion." Luna commented as the other portraits also had those of the champions as well. Padma shook her head as she pointed at them. "That's Lorelei, the psychic maiden and that's Loki, the ice prince. I think you know who dragon Lord and the poison master are." She said with a smirk. Caspian stared at the portrait. He knew Lucius was one member, but the other....

"Severus is one of the Elite Four?" He asked

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After Caspian scolded Harry and Helena for not telling him, excitement rose

Helena did call Hagrid a couple of days before the battles began as she was wondering something before she could begin. "Hey, professor Hagrid. I've got a question. Are there any pokemon... like.... banned from participating in the Elite Four battles? Like they're not allowed" She asked, glancing at Aesira's pokeball. "Well, let me see." The professor said as he typed on his computer and Helena waited patiently until he was done

"Doesn't say anything about pokemon being banned. As long as they're truly yours, they're permitted to enter. Why do ye ask?" Hagrid asked in return. "I've caught a powerful pokemon, but I feel like using her would be cheating, so I'm not sure if I should use it." Helena explained and the professor hummed. "Maybe, you should hold her back until the final battles, if you can reach them." He suggested and she quickly nodded in agreement, trying not to think about her father's reaction if she had to fight him and pulled out Lugia to fight. 

"Alright, I will. Thanks Hagrid." She said with a warm smile. "No problem, Helena. I'll be watching your, Harry's and Draco's battles with great anticipation. Good luck." Hagrid replied before they hung up. "So, you're actually allowed, huh?" She then muttered to Aesira in her pokeballs and it wiggled just a bit as if the legendary pokemon was shrugging in answer. She chuckled, before walking away to prepare

Soon afterwards, it was finally time for the opening ceremony. "Good morning, everyone and welcome to the first Challenging weeks of this year!" A female voice was heard throughout the arena once it was time and everyone in the audience immediately cheered and screamed. "My name is Stella Lynch and together with my brother Leo, I'll be your commentator on this spectacular event." She continued 

"Now, please put your hands together for the unbeatable members of our Elite Four!" Leo called and the cheering doubled as spotlights lit up The middle of the arena. "The psychic maiden who will break you once you're down, Lorelei!" Stella shouted. "The prince who will freeze you over if you're not careful, Loki!" Leo continued from his sister. "The Lord whose dragons will tower over you and burn you to a crisp, Lucius Malfoy!" Stella said again. "And the master who will poison everything that's left, Severus Snape!" They both cheered together

"They don't actually mean those descriptions, do they?" Caspian asked worriedly once the crowd had finished going wild from where he was sitting with Lily, Luna,  Padma, Padma's parents and even a newly arrived Professor Cornelius and Alessa as the latter hadn't wanted to miss this. "Nah. It's just to make them sound even cooler and make an awesome introduction. Don't worry about it." Lily reassured him.

He immediately calmed down as the Elite Four sat down at a big table at one side of the battlefield to watch the battles. There were over 40 challengers and the battles were all spread out. The job of the first week of this amazing event was to first land in the top 20, then in the top 10 and then in the top 4, before the winner was allowed to challenge the Elite Four and that was where challengers always lost

Only Helena and Draco had a battle today, Harry having his tomorrow. While the challengers were waiting to be called for their first battle, someone tapped Harry on the shoulder and he turned. "Neville!" He called and his sister and friend immediately looked up as well. "Hey, Harry, Helena, Draco. Long time no see." Neville said with a laugh as he was almost immediately tackled into a hug by his childhood friends. He had missed them and when he had managed to defeat the Kanto gym leaders, he had waited until they were done as well

He had seen them arrive on TV and had soon flown over to finally participate in this event, hoping that he would fight against one of them. Helena didn't have much time to catch up as she was one of the first to battle and was soon called to get ready. Many other trainers looked at her at hearing her last name and she simply rolled her eyes as she went towards the arena. Caspian was keeping Aesira's pokeball for now

"And now ladies and gentlemen, a rather special challenger. The daughter of our own poison master himself, Helena Snape!" Stella announced her as she walked onto the battlefield, feeling her hearing almost go out at the cheering and screaming. She briefly looked towards her father and he gave her a very brief nod, telling her he believed in her and that she could do it. She gave him a very brief smile

Her opponent was a boy named Koa and he mostly had ground and rock types. Helena's gyarados and Aurora made rather quick work of them, the crowd making sounds of awe at seeing Aurora come out of her ball for the first time. "My word! An Alolan ninetails. This is the first time I've seen one in my life. Look at the beauty, ladies and gentlemen." Stella gushed. In Cianwood city, Remus and Sirius were watching the battle as well and Sirius nudged his husband at hearing this. Remus simply rolled his eyes as he wanted to watch

To Koa's credit, he did take his loss well as he shook Helena's hand and wished her luck in her upcoming battles. Draco was next of the group to battle. "Another Elite Four family member. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Draco Malfoy!" Leo announced and the crowd immediately cheered. Like Helena, Draco first glanced at his father and got a warm smile in return, his father's eyes shining in pride. 

He won as well and was put into the top twenty with Helena and the next day, Harry and Neville as well. Their parents and other family members, both there and watching on the TV, were so incredibly proud of them. The first four days of the challenging weeks were always the busiest with ten battles a day. The next three days were a bit calmer as the battles were a bit more spaced out

The top 20 was harder to beat for the challengers, but the four pulled through. There was this rather funny moment when a rather snobbish girl named Cho had a musharna out and Helena seemingly sent out her machamp Thomas. Everyone stared at this stupid move from someone who had seemed pretty smart before. Lily and Severus were very surprised as well, but had a sneaky suspicion that something was going on here. They were right as a very smug Cho made her pokemon use psychic on the fighting pokemon, only for it to have no effect

"Illaria." Caspian suddenly realised with a grin and Padma, who had been very confused, immediately laughed at the realisation. "Of course." She chuckled as Helena ordered her pokemon to use night slash, soon defeating the musharna. Those suspicions were confirmed when Cho sent out a fighting pokemon as well and "Thomas" was quickly switched out for Aurora. Of course, Helena would use her zoroark

Cho lost and stormed off without doing the usual handshake, even as Helena had started to walk towards her to do just that. She then looked at her father in uncertainty and he shrugged to tell her it wasn't her fault, gesturing her to go back without the handshake. "And challenger Cho Chang shows some less than good sportsmanship by storming off. I'm not sure if we'll see her soon." Helena heard Leo say as she walked off with Aurora.

Harry, Draco and Neville quickly walked towards her and she made a small face. "I kinda feel bad now. Maybe Illaria should've used her own appearance during the battle." She muttered, stroking Aurora's head and she preened at the touch. "Ah, nonsense." Draco immediately scoffed at her words. "He's right. This Cho girl is just a sore loser. Not your fault." Harry quickly agreed. "You won that battle fair and square." Neville said "Nine! Ninetails!" Aurora put in her thoughts and Helena smiled at them. "Thanks guys." She said as they hugged her

Harry was put against a boy named Seamus, who gave him a pretty good battle and really made him work for it. Cordelia had grown incredibly strong and quickly blasted the boy's magmar away with hydro pump, securing Harry's victory. The crocodile like pokemon then immediately hugged her trainer, thankfully having grown out of her biting habits as she'd now grievously injure him if she did bite him.

The first day of the second week was completely dedicated to the five battles of the top ten of the challengers. Those were some of the hardest battles and Helena really had to use all her pokemon to win. 'Well.... almost.' She thought as Caspian was still holding onto Aesira's pokeball.  Looking at the screen at the end of the day, she bit her lip at seeing the agenda of the next day

She was in the top four and would have to fight Neville, Harry having to fight Draco. 

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The next day 

"Are you all ready?" Lily asked the next morning during breakfast. "Bit nervous." Helena admitted and her mother chuckled as she stroked her hair, before Narcissa, Sirius, Remus as well as Alice and Frank Longbottom arrived. They had been busy with their jobs before, but they didn't want to miss this. Several hugs later, the group settled down to eat again. Caspian secretly showed Helena Aesira's pokeball, but she shook her head. 

She didn't want to use a legendary against her friend. Caspian put the ball back in the bag, he, Helena and Luna making sure that Aesira, Damon and Khelan would get their food later on. All four of them knew what the team of the others looked like, so this was going to be a very hard battle. The four of them would make sure that the battles were going to be absolutely remarkable. After breakfast, Lily had to make a few statements to the press, but she quickly promised that she'd be back to see Helena's and Neville's pokemon battle 

The four children all got very tight hugs from their parents before they had to get into the waiting room for challengers. "No matter what happens, we're so incredibly proud of you." Lucius whispered as he and Narcissa hugged their son. "Thanks, dad." Draco replied as he hugged them back. Severus and a returned Lily were having a family hug with the twins and Neville was practically squished between his parents 

Once the adults had left, the four of them were forced to wait until it was time. "Just to be absolutely certain: we're not going to let the outcome of the battles ruin anything, right?" Helena asked. "Of course not. We're not Cho Chang." Draco immediately scoffed and they all laughed. Cho had been forced to pay a fine for running off after the battle without the required handshake. The league took sportsmanship very seriously 

"Yeah, I mean: even if we fight each other after this and you win and go to fight the Elite four, we're still going to be related, so you're going to be able to rub your victory in my face for the rest of time." Harry continued. They all laughed at that, before they heard the first buzzer, which meant that it was time for one of them to move to the other side of the arena. Neville left after wishing Helena luck. "I'm still going to win though." He said as he walked away. "In your dreams! Helena called after him and they all heard him laugh as he left

Soon, the buzzer sounded again and Helena took a deep breath as she stood up to enter the arena, knowing that it was almost done, whether she won today or not. "Good luck!" Harry said. "You can do this." Draco encouraged and she smiled at them as she walked towards the door. Holding the doorknob, she took another very deep breath to prepare herself, before opening the door and walking out into the arena 

"And here we have the daughter of our favourite poison master, who's rumoured to be this time's challenger Victor,  Helena Snape!" Stella shouted and the crowd immediately cheered for her. "But on the other side of the field is someone who has surpassed all expectations and he's most certainly not going to make it easy for her. Give it up for Neville Longbottom!" Leo took over and the crowd immediately obeyed

Helena jokingly rubbed her ear at the noise and Neville laughed, before the referee said they could begin. Neville threw out an Azumarill first and it was quickly met with Thor. "Knew it. Alright, Azumarill. Use mud shot!" Her friend ordered his pokemon and the blue pokemon immediately shot mud towards the electric pokemon. "Dodge it and use thunderbolt!" Helena quickly shouted and Thor jumped out of the way of the mud, before shooting a bolt of electricity towards the Azumarill, who barely managed to dodge it as well as at Neville's orders

"Use dig!" Neville called and the azumarill immediately dug itself underneath the ground. "Jump into the sky the minute you sense something." Helena said and Thor concentrated very deeply. Feeling tremors getting closer, he jumped into the sky just as Azumarill burst out of the ground. The attack still did damage, but not as much as it could have. "Use discharge now!" Helena then ordered

With nowhere to dodge to as Thor was right above it and was already charging himself, Azumarill got hit with the electricity this time and cried out, but refused to give up. It took Thor five minutes to finally knock it out with thunderbolt, but he had gotten some damage as well and was breathing heavily. At seeing Neville sent out his fully evolved starter venusaur, she quickly recalled Thor back into his pokeball.

"You did so well. Go and rest now." She whispered with a gentle smile as she now sent out Brunnhilde instead as she knew venusaur was a grass and poison type. With Brunnhilde being both a psychic and flying type, she actually had the advantage over both types of her opponent. "Alright, castor. Let's do this Use body slam!" Neville ordered and the venusaur immediately tackled Brunnhilde with surprising speed for such a big beast. "Use air slash!" Helena called and with a growl, Brunnhilde quickly obeyed, hitting Castor straight on

The Kanto starter grunted loudly as it was hit, before Neville ordered him to use rock tomb. Brunnhilde cried out as well as the rocks hit her. "You really know how to cover your weaknesses." Helena commented and her friend gave her a playful bow. Behind them and next to the field, their family and friends all smiled at seeing the two still having fun with each other even while fighting each other to win

In a rather surprising twist, Brunnhilde and Castor actually knocked themselves out at the same time after having fought as hard as they could. Both trainers immediately recalled their pokemon and Neville sent out mimikyu. For the first time, Helena actually wasn't sure which pokemon to sent out. She didn't have a  ghost or a steel pokemon, so she sent out Aidan instead as he knew how to pack a punch.

"No advantage this time?" Neville chuckled at seeing her sending out her starter instead and Helena immediately blew a raspberry at him, making him laugh harder. This battle was the longest of them all as neither pokemon had the advantage over the other and really had to fight to try and beat their opponent. Aidan finally managed to get the mimikyu beaten with a powerful lave plume and Neville simply smiled in acceptance, knowing his pokemon had done its best for him. "Thank you, my friend. You tried your hardest." He said 

Seeing that the next pokemon was a pyroar, Helena immediately recalled Aidan and sent out her gyarados to fight instead. "Ah, there's the Helena I know." Neville teased her and she rolled her eyes in answer. Her pokemon won, but pyroar certainly made them work for their victory with its wild charge, electric type moves hurting gyarados four times over. They did eventually manage to defeat it, but gyarados fainted right after. 

At seeing that Neville's next pokemon was an alolan marowak, Helena sent out Illaria to fight, the pokemon now having her normal appearance and the crowd gasped at seeing the rare shiny pokemon. "Marowak, use brick break!" Neville called and his pokemon immediately shot forwards to hit Illaria. "Foul play!" Helena called and Illaria quickly attacked back, both pokemon giving each other a run for their money

Illaria eventually won with a final night slash to the alolan marowak, but immediately sank to the ground afterwards, breathing heavily. She didn't completely faint, but she was absolutely exhausted after the rather long fight and probably couldn't fight anymore. Neville's final pokemon in this battle was a skarmory and Aidan was immediately sent out once more to fight. Neville simply smiled at his childhood friend and her starter pokemon. He knew he wouldn't win anymore, but he was having so much fun that he didn't even care. 

He was right and skarmory was soon defeated by Aidan and his powerful flamethrower, securing Helena's victory. Neville recalled his pokemon and walked forwards to meet Helena, not wanting to be like Cho. "You did great." He praised her and she beamed at him. "Thanks and you gave me quite a run for my money as well." She replied as they shared a hug instead of the normal handshake.

"And with this amazing show of comradeship and friendship, challengers Helena and Neville end this exciting battle and challenger Helena will go on to fight whoever wins the next battle. Give them a big round of applause, ladies and gentlemen!" Stella called and the crowd cheered. Going outside and meeting their very proud friends and family, Helena took a deep breath. She was so close. She now had to fight either Harry or Draco

She couldn't wait.

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That afternoon, it was Harry's and Draco's turn and the crowd was even more excited. It was one thing to have one child of an Elite Four member fighting. To have two children of the two most powerful members fighting each other promised that this was going to be a great pokemon match. Helena was finally able to just sit down and watch it from the audience with her friends and family as her part for today was done

"And now, ladies and gentlemen! A very special feat never before seen in this arena ever. The only son of the dragon lord vs the only son of the poison master. Give it up for both Draco Malfoy and Harry Snape!" Leo announced and the crowd went wild, Helena and co happily joining in as loud as they could. Lucius and Severus were both smiling at their sons from the Elite table, full of pride. Neither of them cared who would win. That they both made it this far during their very first time was already more than enough for them

The referee told them they could begin and Draco sent out manectric Athena to battle first. Harry immediately sent out Cayden in response and the lucario got ready. "Cayden, use bone rush!" He ordered and Cayden immediately ran forwards with a bone appearing in his hands. "Dodge it and use discharge!" Draco then shouted and Zeus jumped out of the way just in time, releasing a wave of electricity when Cayden shot past him

Cayden cried out in pain and growled as he was ordered to try again. He hit Athena this time and the manectric grunted as the very effective ground type move hit her at least three times in a row. Still, she held on and waited for the next command. Draco smirked at Harry as he had a little surprise for him. He knew that cayden was the only pokemon with ground type moves and had taught Athena a new one during lunch

"Use psychic fangs!" He shouted. "Wait, what?" Harry asked in surprise as Athena bit Cayden with glowing fangs. "Oh, very clever. Cayden, hit Athena with bone rush now that she's so close." He then ordered and despite being in pain, his pokemon still listened as it hit the manectric in the face and forced her to let him go. By this point, both pokemon were breathing heavily. "Use one final bone rush!" Harry ordered. "Use wild charge!" Draco shouted as both pokemon charged at each other and met in the middle, resulting in an explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Athena had fainted and Cayden was barely holding on. Draco recalled Athena and smiled at her pokeball. "You did very well. Go and rest now." He muttered as Harry recalled Cayden as well as he could see his lucario was about to faint himself. "Go and rest a bit while you can. I might need you later." He whispered. Having decided to take turns throwing first, he was now and threw out Amara

Draco threw out his weavile in return and Harry narrowed his eyes at this, knowing that ice was very strong against flying types. Still, he knew Amara would do her best for him. And besides, his old friend wasn't the only one who had taught his pokemon new moves. "Amara, use steel wing!" He ordered and his pidgeot immediately shot forwards, hitting the weavile in the stomach and it grunted loudly in pain

"Use ice beam!" Draco ordered and his pokemon listened. "Dodge it!" Harry called and Amara barely managed to fly out of the way of the ice beam, only to be hit by the weavile's next attack which was  icy wind. "Use steel wing again." Harry then said, his pidgeot shooting down again. "Wait until the right moment and then use ice punch." Draco muttered. "Wea." His pokemon replied as she waited. Just as Amara was about to hit her, she punched the bird in the chest with a fist made out of ice while the steel wing still hit

Both pokemon were thrown back by the impact, but quickly righted themselves again to continue the fight on and not giving up. "Our sons really know how to change a disadvantage into an advantage as steel is very effective against weavile." Lucius commented from the sidelines. "We taught them well and they've learned a lot during their journey." Severus agreed with a proud smile on his face as the fight continued 

Weavile eventually managed to knock Amara out with an incredibly well-aimed Blizzard, but the pidgeot had certainly done her best. Harry quickly recalled her as she fell out of the sky before she could hit the ground. "You did great. Thank you." He said gently, before sending out Lucian next. With the houndoom being a part fire type and with weavile already tired and hurt, it only took one fire blast for it to faint as well

Draco sent out gyarados next and its shiny red colour immediately drew oooh's and awww's from the audience. "Two shiny pokemon in one tournament?! I don't think that this has happened before either, ladies and gentlemen!" Stella loudly announced to the crowd. Knowing better than to let Lucian fight a water pokemon and having caught a few new pokemon while they were separated, Harry quickly recalled his houndoom. "Go heliolisk!" He shouted as he sent out a pokemon he had caught in the safari zone one day

"Lisk!" His new pokemon shouted as it balled his tiny claws. "Use earthquake!" Draco immediately ordered and the earth shook, the heliolisk barely able to stay standing. "Thunderbolt!" Harry shouted and the electricity hit gyarados. "They really are equally matched." Helena muttered from the stands, sitting in-between her mother and Caspian. "Both are fighting to win. This will certainly be a hard-won victory." Lily agreed

Heliolisk eventually managed to win with an actually hitting thunder attack, but quickly fainted right after from the third earthquake he had gotten. Harry was now in the slight advantage as he had two pokemon fainted vs Draco's three, but anything could happen. Draco sent out Perseus next and Lucian was sent out again to fight. Draco ordered Perseus to use rock smash and Lucian barely managed to dodge it. 

"Wait, Perseus can learn rock smash?" Harry asked in surprise as usually, the pokemon needed arms and fists to be able to use it. "He uses his tail as you can see." Draco replied and he conceded before the battle continued. Lucian eventually managed to win with a fire blast, before falling to his knees as soon as the battle was over as Perseus had hit him on the head with rock smash. He hadn't fainted, but he was close. Both trainers recalled their pokemon and praised them, before Draco sent out the finally fully evolved Diaval. 

Lucius smiled in pride at seeing the salamence, knowing that his son had proven himself a very capable trainer as it wasn't easy to evolve bagon's line and verged a lot of patience. Harry sent out his second to last pokemon which was a newly caught mawile, which was a steel/fairy type. "Use play rough!" He ordered and it was pretty funny to see the tiny pokemon fight this huge dragon with all her power and be actually effective

"Flamethrower!" Draco called as he knew dragon type moves would be completely ineffective against the tiny pokemon and fire type moves actually would be much more effective. Mawile let out a cry as it got burned, before letting her bigger mouth let out a roar in anger as Harry ordered her to use iron head. Again, it was really funny to see the small mawile give the salamence a headbutt and see the dragon actually grunt in pain

This eventually resulted in another mutual knock-out as Diaval's incredible fire blast hit the mawile at the same time as her moonblast hit him. Draco now only had his machamp, but he didn't mind as he was heading the time of his life. Sending him out, Harry decided to sent out cordelia as his houndoom was still very weak and he wanted to give user some time to fight. "Neither pokemon had an advantage over the other and Harry's other pokemon are exhausted. This will be interesting." Remus commented

It was an interesting fight with both pokemon giving it their all. Machamp hit Cordelia many times, but the johto starter used the opportunity to blast him with water. Machamp eventually fainted and Draco had officially lost. The boy smiled and recalled his pokemon. "You did so well. Maybe, we'll win next time." He praised all his pokemon, before he and Harry met each other and hugged like Neville and helena before them.

Their family and friends cheered for them both when they reunited and many other trainers applauded them as well. Severus and Lucius soon joined them and they both quickly pulled their sons into hugs, completely uncaring of all the people filming and photographing this moment. "I'm so proud of you. Draco. You did so well" Lucius muttered. "Thanks dad. I can't wait to see Helena beat Harry's butt tomorrow." Draco replied

"I heard that!" Harry shouted and they all laughed

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The next day, a very nervous Harry and Helena were eating breakfast with all their friends and family as well as their pokemon. Everyone was incredibly excited to see who would go on to face the Elite four and maybe even fight on long enough to face Lucius and Severus. The latter and Lily were doing their best to make sure their children actually ate something in their nerves, rubbing their backs to comfort them

"You'll both do great. I just know it." Lily eventually told them and they gave her tiny smiles in return. "It will be an honour to battle either one of you in the Elite battle and we're already so incredibly proud that you made it this far in your journey." Severus immediately agreed with his wife as he had one arm wrapped around his son. "Thanks dad." His twins chorused and he chuckled. They were in a private part of the restaurant to give the children some peace of mind away from all the press that was outside, waiting for a picture of the twins

Rita skeeter had been incredibly pissed when she had found out she had literally missed an interview with three children of Elite Four members thanks to Caspian and had tried to get another interview with them, but the adults had stopped her from coming close to them. She had huffed when they had politely, but sternly asked her to leave the children alone and had stalked away as if they had insulted her somehow

Eventually, it was time to go and the group slowly stood up to go to the arena. Most of them already said goodbye to them right there and wished them both luck equally, before leaving to go to the reserved seats on the front row. "Now, we just need to get you past the human mandibuzzes." Lily muttered as she, Severus, Lucius and even an arrived Lorelei and Loki got ready to escort the twins to the locker rooms

Helena agreed as she was putting most of her other pokemon in their Pokeballs, Caspian going to give food to the legendaries in victory road while everyone was distracted by the upcoming pokemon battle and with their friends giving him cover, but Illaria had other plans as she changed into a carbon copy of Helena and snickered at everyone's faces. "Hey, that's not a bad idea." Loki said with a grin as he released his own zoroark. He may be the ice type Elite Four member, but he did have other pokemon in case of an emergency

He ordered his zoroark to change into Harry and it did with a smirk on its face. Severus and Lily then carefully led the fake Harry and Helena away as the press immediately followed them. Once the coast was clear, Lorelei and Loki led the real Harry and Helena to the locker room. "Good luck, Ry." The girl said sincerely and her brother grinned. "You too, Lena." He replied as they shared a very tight hug, before they were separated 

Lily secretly came by soon after to give Illaria back and gave her daughter a very tight hug to wish her luck. "Remember to have fun and that we're already proud of you, no matter what happens." She whispered, knowing Severus was telling Harry the same thing. "Thanks mum." Helena replied, clinging onto her mother until she had to leave to get to her spot in time. Lily looked back once at her daughter and smiled as she left 

A few minutes later, the buzzer finally went off and it was time. "And now, ladies and gentlemen! Something we've never seen before in this tournament. Brother and sister fighting each other to win that special place to fight the Elite Four and become the very best. Give it up for Harry and Helena Snape!" Stella and Leo announced together and the crowd went wild as the twins walked onto the arena. Both their family and friends had split up, so that each twin had a few people cheering for them and they weren't all shifting on one side

The referee first asked them if they had any last words to each other before the fight. "If you use that milotic of yours, I'll kill you!" Harry called to the other side and Helena simply laughed. "What's wrong with a milotic?" Lucius asked in confusion. "No idea." Severus answered with a shrug, equally confused about the odd choice of words. The pokemon battle started then anyway and they all quieted down to watch.

Harry first sent out a pokemon he hadn't used in quite a while: his gengar. Helena seemingly sent out Thomas again. "This is illaria, isn't it?" Harry immediately asked Helena and the snicker "Thomas" let out confirmed that suspicion. He rolled his eyes as he got ready. "Gengar, use brick break!" He ordered and his pokemon immediately hit his opponent with his tiny hands. Illaria let out a cry as her illusion failed

"Dark pulse!" Helena called and Illaria quickly attacked back with all her power. They were rather equally matched, but illaria eventually won with a final night slash. That said, gengar had managed to poison her, so Helena recalled her to let her rest. She then sent out Brunnhilde out and Harry sent out Lucian in return. "Alright, two can play at this game. Brunnhilde, use dazzling gleam." The girl ordered and her xatu immediately shone brightly, temporarily blinding the houndoom. "Use crunch!" Harry ordered and Lucian jumped up and bit his opponent 

"Use dazzling gleam again now it's so close!" Helena quickly called and Brunnhilde immediately lit up again, hurting Lucian quite a bit, but the houndoom wouldn't give up and used dark pulse on Harry's orders. Both pokemon were already breathing rather heavily and with one last faint attack from Harry's pokemon, Brunnhilde soon fainted. Helena recalled her and thanked her, before sending out marowak next instead.

With the houndoom already exhausted, she had Lucian beaten fast and Harry was two pokemon down, sending out Cordelia. As he expected, Helena immediately switched out her marowak for Thor. Luckily, he had taught Cordelia a new move in preparation for this and ordered her to use earthquake. "Jump into the air and use discharge!" Helena ordered and Thor obeyed as he jumped high in the sky and used discharge 

"Use dig to avoid it!" Harry shouted and Cordelia managed to dig herself into the ground just in time as Thor landed on the ground once again. She then shot out of the ground and hit Thor straight on. "Thunderbolt!" Helena ordered and this time, Cordelia was hit and grunted in pain. "Earthquake again." Harry said and Thor couldn't dodge this time. "Use thunder!" Helena called and Thor managed to hit his opponent, despite thunder not exactly being the most accurate move. Cordelia used dig once again and Thor used ischarge, knocking each other out. 

Harry then sent out Cayden and Helena followed this by sending out her gyarados. Harry raised and eyebrow and she shook her head, glancing back towards Caspian. Thankful he didn't have to fight a bloody legendary, Harry immediately ordered Cayden to use thunder punch. "Dodge it and use hurricane!" Helena called and Cayden grunted as he was hit. "Use thunder punch again!" His trainer said and he hit gyarados this time.

"This is going even harder than either of their battles yesterday." Padma muttered as she watched, Sophie sitting next to her legs. "They're both really trying to win." Lily chuckled as Cayden managed to beat gyarados, despite being in the disadvantage. This earned him and Harry a lot of respect and admiration from the crowd. Sending out Aidan instead, the lucario still put up a fight before being defeated by fire blast

Down to two pokemon, Harry sent out heliolisk and Helena kept out Aidan. "Wait, heliolisk can learn surf?" Helena asked after said pokemon used that attack. "Yeah, surprised me too." Harry replied with a shrug. "Huh. Interesting." She muttered to herself, before ordering her pokemon to use flamethrower. Heliolisk eventually managed to paralyse Aidan so badly that he could barely move and Helena quickly recalled him. She gave her brother a look as they both knew which pokemon she was going to send out next and he shrugged again with a grin

He knew that he wasn't going to win with only two pokemon left, but he didn't really care. There was always next time. "Go marowak!" She said as she sent out her ground type pokemon and heliolisk was soon defeated by only a couple of attacks. Harry then sent out Amara and she did quickly defeat marowak in return as she had the advantage. Helena sent out Aurora and both pokemon got ready for the final fight

"Steel wing!" Harry quickly ordered and Amara flew towards the ninetails at top speed, before she harshly hit Aurora in the chest. "Ice beam!" Helena called and Aurora immediately hit the bird back with ice. Amara used steel wing again and Aurora grunted, before using ice fang on Helena's orders. This went on for a while, before Harry's pidgeot was finally defeated by another ice beam attack and fainted to the ground.

"Pidgeot is unable to battle. Challenger Harry has no pokemon left, which means challenger Helena has won and will continue to the elite battles!" The referee announced as the crowd cheered loudly. Helena walked forwards and hugged Aurora. "You did so well.  She praised. "Ni." Aurora replied happily as she leaned against her trainer. They then went to greet Harry. "You got lucky this time, but I'll win next time." He said determinedly. "Better keep my milotic ready then." Helena immediately teased him and they both laughed as they hugged. 

Pulling back, they then looked towards their father. Severus was beaming in utter pride and gave them a nod, telling them they did well. They smiled back, before leaving the arena together. Everyone immediately cheered for them both as they reunited and the twins got hugged countless times. "That was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time." Padma gushed happily and Helena grinned back at her. 

"Here's your milotic if you want to use her from now on." Caspian said quietly once it was his turn. Because Ho-Oh had let himself be caught, he had used a normal pokeball, so he knew the ultra ball was Helena's. The girl took it over and smiled as her parents pulled her and Harry in another family hug. Far away, a man watched the battle on a small TV and hummed at seeing Helena battle with all the power she had. 

"Very interesting." He said before walking away.