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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise 


By Rita Skeeter. 

You read that correctly, my dear readers. For this entire week, the Indigo Plateau is completely closed for trainers, despite it almost being the challenging weeks, which are postponed for a week. They are allowed to stay until it's open again, rest and train for the battles ahead, but they cannot challenge the Elite Four or the champion. When asked for an explanation, the spokesperson cited that "personal reasons" are why trainers can't challenge them. 

What personal reasons? What on earth are they hiding? No one knows much about them as they almost always refuse to do interviews and no one has heard of the champion for years. Do we even have one still? No one has made it past the Elite Four in a long time, so why doesn't the champion go out more? Are they shy? Did they cheat their way to the top? This reporter wants answers! Only two of the Elite Four have been seen. The Pokemon League has offered 5000 dollars for every trainer who has to wait. I will find out what's going on here, my beautiful readers. 

Rita Skeeter signing off

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Harry and Helena! Happy birthday to you!"

Loud cheering was heard in a rather humble house in New Bark Town as the birthday twins blew out their candles. Their proud parents hugged them tightly, Lily giving her son dozens of kisses on the top of his head "Mum! Stop it!" Ten year old Harry muttered and she laughed as she quickly switched children with Severus and hugged her daughter as well. "We're so proud of you, sweetheart." She whispered.

"Thanks, mum." Helena replied, burrowing herself into her mother's chest. Pulling back, she looked around the room. The living room was quite full with honorary family, some of which had crossed the entire region to be here today. Sirius and Remus were talking to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, who had come south from Blackthorn City to celebrate their birthday. Uncle Frank and aunt Alice unfortunately couldn't make it, but they sent their wishes and their son Neville had called from his own Pokemon journey in Kanto.

They still really missed their first childhood friend as they both hadn't seen him in quite a while now, but they completely understood why Frank and Alice had moved to Kanto several years ago. Neville had only started his journey the day before and this time, it was their turn. To be really honest, they were rather nervous about getting their first Pokemon and go on their own journey like their parents had before them.

Luckily, they actually wouldn't be going alone. Of their friend group, they were actually the last ones to turn ten and even though they could've gone on their own journey several weeks to months ago, Padma and Draco had both decided to wait until they had turned ten as well, so they could go together. Helen honestly couldn't wait to start and see what kind of people and pokemon they'd meet on their journey. 

Their honorary uncles and godfathers Sirius and Remus lived in Cianwood city on the complete other side of Johto and had said that they had very special presents for them, but that they first had to get their starter Pokemon. "It's time." Severus said several minutes later after he got off the phone with professor Hagrid, who lived next door and had told him that he was completely ready to receive the twins and give them their first Pokemon. Under a lot of encouragement of their family, the twins left their house to go to the lab. 

Draco and Padma already had theirs naturally, so it was just a matter of them getting theirs. Walking in, the rather large man immediately smiled at them. "There ye are! Come in! Come in!" He said enthusiastically, waving them over to a table where three Pokeballs were waiting for someone to get them. "Are ye ready to get yer first Pokemon friend?" He asked with a grin and both twins happily nodded in answer.

"Very well then. Who wants to go first?" He asked. "Ladies first." Harry replied after they shared a look and Helena stepped forwards. Having seen trainers come and go, she knew exactly which Pokemon Hagrid had. The three balls in front of her each had a sticker on them to keep them apart. A leaf sticker for the grass Pokemon Chikorita. A flame for the fire Pokemon Cyndaquil and a drop for the water Pokemon Totodile.

Taking a deep breath, Helena reached out and grabbed the one with Cyndaquil. "This one." She decided, holding it close to her chest. Her very first Pokemon. Harry chose the one with Totodile. "Very good choices." Hagrid commented with a smile. "Hagrid, what will happen to the Chikorita?" Helena asked, gesturing to the remaining ball. "They'll stay here with me, until a good trainer comes by to take them as well." He told them and they nodded, before he encouraged them to open theirs and meet their new friends 

Deciding to make sure the first meeting went right, the twins went to opposite sites of the lab and finally opened their Pokeballs. "Cynda?" The small, bipedal Pokemon said in confusion as it looked up at the unfamiliar girl in front of it. "Hi there, Cyndaquil. I'm your new trainer. Is that alright?" Helena asked, holding out her hand. Cyndaquil sniffed her fingers, before deciding it liked her and rubbing its face in her hand. 

"Aww, you're absolutely adorable." She immediately cooed as flames sprouted from the Pokemon's back. Suddenly feeling something tackle her to the ground, she fell with a groan, barely being able to avoid Cyndaquil and its flames. "Cyndaquil!" Her new pokemon shouted in concern. "I'm fine, Cyndaquil." She groaned as she got up. Harry quickly ran towards her and picked up his Totodile, who had tackled his sister.

"So sorry, Lena. I was talking to Hagrid when he snuck away. Bad Pokemon!" He scolded, flicking its nose. Totodile tried to bite him. but Harry pulled his arm away in time. Cyndaquil doused its flames and pulled on Helena's leg, wanting to be held as well. "Oh, come here." She said with a smile, picking it up. Hagrid told them that the Cyndaquil was a male and the Totodile was a female and that they could give them a nickname. Helena decided to call her Cyndaquil Aidan. Totodile was named Cordelia by Harry and both Pokemon loved their names.

"Well, guess ye have to show them to yer parents now." Hagrid started, before getting a notification on his computer that he had an email. Apparently, a good friend of his named Charlie Weasley had something for him and he asked the twins to go and get it for him. They shared a look and shrugged, agreeing to it as long as their parents were fine with it. They left the lab with their new Pokemon safely in their arms. 

Everyone was waiting in front of the house to see the newest additions and immediately cooed over the new starters, even if Cordelia literally tried to bite everything and sometimes everyone. Draco's starter, Perseus, a Snivy he had gotten from his parents didn't like her and neither did Padma's Piplup Aqua after Cordelia had bitten her finn and she had cried out in pain. A potion later, she was fine, but she still didn't like her.

That makes me think of when we met, doesn't it, Drogon?" Lily asked her Charizard, who grunted. She was from Kanto and had gotten her starter from Professor Weasley. The twins told their parents of the errand. "I don't see why not. You have your Pokemon now after all." Severus said. Lily wasn't sure yet, her mother instincts telling her it was a bad idea. Still, she knew it was their time and nodded as long as they did it the next day and they agreed. Hagrid sent an email back that Harry and Helena would pick up the package the next day.

Charlie agreed, promising to keep it safe until then. With the starters settled, Remus and Sirius came with their presents: two Pokemon eggs. One was pure white and the other was white with blue patches. Harry was allowed to choose first this time and chose the white with blue one. Helena picked the pure white one. She immediately wondered what kind of pokemon was inside it as she held the very cool egg

Their friends all immediately smiled at how incredibly lucky they were, before continuing to party throughout the rest of the day. That evening, Narcissa, Lucius, Sirius and Remus all went home as three of them had to get ready for work again in the morning. Draco was staying over with the twins as they immediately would start their journey after the errand. Lucius and Narcissa hugged their son, wishing him luck.

"Don't forget to call us often. Call us every time you're in a new town or city, even if I'm busy as I'll at least see you have called me. Don't make me worry about you or I'll immediately send dragonite after you." She told her son sternly as she hugged him once more. "Mum!" He complained in complete embarrassment as the twins snorted at it. His mother smiled at him as she finally left with Lucius on her dragon pokemon and they flew up north while Sirius and Remus went back to Cianwood city to get ready for the next day

Once everyone was gone, the children sat together and let the pokemon meet each other again. Although, Harry needed to keep a tight grip on Cordelia as she even tried to bite the eggs. Aidan was very curious about Helena's egg, carefully touching it and pulling his paw back at feeling the cold. Aqua was a bit overdramatic at touching the white egg as she acted like the egg had completely frozen her over, making Perseus roll his eyes

Lily and Severus both smiled happily at seeing the children excitedly guess what could be inside the eggs, before it started to get late. The children were eventually sent to bed and lights went out soon after "They remind me of us when we were that age." Severus said and Lily laughed, before they went to bed themselves. That night, a young teenager stumbled through the forest surrounding the town, clutching a bag to his chest.

Seeing the town in the distance, he sighed in relief. "Finally. I found it." He whispered